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  1. The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan by W. S. (William Schwenck), Sir, 1836-1911, Sullivan, Arthur, Sir Gilbert, 2006-11-03
  2. The BAB BALLADS. Much Sound and Little Sense. With Illustrations by the Author. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir. 1836 - 1911]. Gilbert, 1869
  3. HER MAJESTY'S SHIP PINAFORE; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor. An Entirely Original Comic Opera, in Two Acts. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir. 1836 - 1911]. Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1879-01-01
  4. A treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan - [Uniform Title: Operas. Selections; arr.] by Arthur, Sir (1842-1900) & Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck) (1836-1911 Sullivan, 1941
  5. H. M. S. PINAFORE; or, The Lass That Loved a Sailor.An Entirely Original Nautical Comic Opera in Two Acts.Price One Shilling. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911].Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1878
  6. The story of The Mikado. told by Sir W.S. Gilbert; illustrated b by Gilbert. W. S. (William Schwenck). 1836-1911., 1921-01-01
  7. [Window Bill for]ROBERT The DEVIL, Or the Nun, the Dun, and the Son of a Gun!Boxing Night, December 26th. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911]. Gilbert, 1868
  8. The SORCERER.An Entirely Original Modern Comic Opera in Two Acts.[with] Original Opera Comique Program for The SORCERER. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911].Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1877
  9. A RESPECTFUL OPERATIC PER-VERSION Of TENNYSON'S PRINCESS, In Two Acts, Entitled PRINCESS IDA; or, Castle Adamant.Price One Shilling. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911].Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1884
  10. An ENTIRELY NEW And ORIGINAL JAPANESE OPERA, In Two Acts, Entitled The MIKADO; or, The Town of Titipu.Price One Shilling. [with] Original Savoy Theatre Program for The MIKADO. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911].Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1885
  11. An ENTIRELY NEW And ORIGINAL SUPERNATURAL OPERA, In Two Acts, Entitled RUDDIGORE; or, The Witch's Curse!Price One Shilling. by W[illiam]. S[chwenck, Sir.1836 - 1911].Sullivan, Arthur [1842 - 1900]. Gilbert, 1887
  12. Gilbert and Sullivan: Lost Chords and Discords by Doris Caroline, Abrahams, 1977-11
  13. Gilbert and Sullivan Production (The Theatre Student Series) by Peter Kline, 1972-03
  14. The Gilbert and Sullivan Lexicon in Which Is Gilded the Philosophic Pill: Featuring New Illustrations by Harry Benford, 1999-05

61. Backstage - An RSLP Funded Theatre Collections Database
18531917; Tree, Maud; Beerbohm, Max, Sir, 1872-1956; Tree, Viola; Shaw, GB (GeorgeBernard), 1856-1950; Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), 1836-1911; Wilde, Oscar

62. Topsy-Turvy. Regie: Mike Leigh. GB 1999. Filmkritik
Translate this page Topsy-Turvy behandelt Leigh die Partnerschaft des Librettisten WS Gilbert (1836-1911)und des Komponisten Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900), oder Sir Arthur, nachdem

Regie: Mike Leigh. Kritiken
Die Kritiken zu den neuen Filmen Aktuelles
Newsletter, die neuen Filme der Woche, News Archiv
Lexikon der Regisseure

(kleines Lexikon kurzer Kritiken) Linx
(zu allem, was im WWW mit Film zu tun hat) Mitarbeit
Jede/r ist zur Mitarbeit an JUMP CUT eingeladen Werbepreise
In Topsy-Turvy behandelt Leigh die Partnerschaft des Librettisten W. S. Gilbert (1836-1911) und des Komponisten Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900), oder Sir Arthur, nachdem er 1883 geadelt wurde. Als Dritter im Bunde tritt der Impresario und Manager D'Oyly Carte (1844-1901) auf. zur englischen Fassung The News Gazette
Weitere Jahiel-Kritiken: Urteile amerikanischer Kritiker bei Rotten Tomatoes: 88% positiv!

63. G.B. Shaw Collection, Index Of Correspondents
Sir, 1904 49.8 Gielgud, Val Henry, 1900- 37.1 (from Shaw) Gilbert de Voisins,1877-193949.8 Gilbert, TR49.8 Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), 1836-1911
G.B. Shaw Collection
Index of Correspondents G-H
A-B C-D E-F G-H I-K L-M N-P Q-S ... W-Z Index entries followed by the notation (from Shaw) indicate people to whom Shaw wrote. Box and folder numbers followed by a number in parenthesis indicate the number of items by (or to) that person. The absence of a parenthetical notation indicates there is just one item. So in the example
Jones, Henry Arthur, 1851-192938.10 (35 from Shaw, 1), 40.5 (filed with Magny, Jules), 50.7 (2)
there are thirty-five items from Shaw and one other letter included with these in box 38, folder 10; a letter from Jones filed with letters from Jules Magny in box 40, folder 5; and 2 letters from Jones in Box 50, folder 7. Entries followed by the ± symbol are not from the Hanley Collection. Names in bold appear in the RLIN record. Gable, Shirley, Mrs.49.7
G-Acado, Manuel Azner49.7
Gailey, Raymond H.49.7
Galaviz, Luis49.7
Galpin, E.T.49.7
Galsworthy, John, 1867-193349.7
Galton, Frank Wallis, 1869- 37.1 (3 from Shaw)
Gamble, George49.7
Gane, Charles37.1 (from Shaw)
Ganesh, K.49.7

64. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Topsy-Turvy At
operettas of lyricist Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (18361911) and composer Sir ArthurSeymour leisurely strolls through the world of WS Gilbert and Arthur

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Product Rating: Action Factor: Special Effects: Suspense: An Epic of Costumes, Music, and Foppish Gentlemen
by in Movies, Jul 10 '01 Pros: Fantastic musical sequences with drama, costumes, performances, wit
Cons: Long, boring at times
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Product Rating: Action Factor: Special Effects: Suspense: TOPSY-TURVY: Gilbert and Sullivan as Stan and Ollie?
by in Movies, Jan 05 '00 Pros: Director Mike Leigh's underplaying stock company conveys a great sense of time and place. Cons: In terms of a biopic, perhaps too much music at the expense of the story. As seen in Mike Leigh's TOPSY-TURVY, William Schwenk Gilbert and Arthur Seymour Sullivan, the team who wrote and staged world-beloved operettas from TRIAL BY JURY (1875) to THE GONDOLIERS (1889), were in their personal and professional lives . . .... Read the full review Product Rating: Action Factor: Special Effects: Suspense: I Get the Distinct Impression Mike Leigh Really Wanted to Film The Mikado by Sloucho , Mar 06 '01 Pros: It will teach you the value of paying attention to Aruzenchin and Mangiotto.

65. Author Oscar Wilde, From The Oldpoetry Poetry Archive
Sir William was a renowned surgeon who found himself embroiled in a Tom Robertson(18291871), Tom Taylor (1817-1880), WS Gilbert (1836-1911), and Arthur Wing Wilde
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  • Poetry Oscar Wilde next poet
    I was from Ireland, and I lived from 1854-1900. Print or Buy my poetry? View comments Add to favorites? Oscar O'Flahertie Fingal Wills Wilde, born in Dublin, Ireland , was the second son of Sir William and Lady Jane Wilde. Sir William was a renowned surgeon who found himself embroiled in a sensational scandal in 1864 when Mary Travers, a former patient, informed a local newspaper that she had been chloroformed and raped. Lady Jane was a poet who stood six feet tall and claimed to be "above respectability." She loved to make a sensation and passed this passion on to her youngest son.
    After Trinity College, Dublin, Wilde attended Magdalen College, Oxford, where as a disciple of Walter Pater he founded the Aesthetic Movement, which advocated "art for art's sake." His aesthetic idiosyncrasies such as his wearing his hair long, dressing colourfully, and carrying flowers while lecturing Gilbert and Sullivan parodied in the operetta Patience (1881).

66. BrothersJudd Blog: GILBERT OBIT:
The Passing of Gilbert (18361911) (HL Mencken, May 30, 1911 Gilbert died yesterday perhaps 15 years too late. ended in 1896, when he and Sir Arthur Sullivan
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  • Home Reviews Links Blog Daily Glossary Orrin's Stuff Email ... THE YARN OF THE "NANCY BELL"
    October 26, 2002
    The Passing of Gilbert (1836-1911) (H. L. Mencken, May 30, 1911, The Baltimore Evening Sun)
    How THE COMMON American conception of the English, as a stodgy and humorless folk, could so long withstand the fact of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas must ever remain one of the mysteries of international misunderstanding. Here, indeed, was wit that Aristophanes might have fathered; here was humor that Rabelais might have been proud to own. And yet it was the work of a thorough and unmitigated Englishman of William Schwenck Gilbert, to wit a man born in the heart of London, and one who seldom passed, in all his 75 years, out of hearing of Bow Bells.
    Gilbert died yesterday perhaps 15 years too late. His career really ended in 1896, when he and Sir Arthur Sullivan wrote "The Grand Duke", their last joint work. They had quarreled before and made up. Now they quarreled for good. Sullivan, searching about for a new partner, found that there was but one Gilbert. Basil Hood, Comyns Carr and Arthur Wing Pinero tried their hands and failed. And Gilbert himself, seeking a new Sullivan, learned that a new Sullivan was not be found. Edward German came nearest but "The Emerald Isle" was still miles from "The Mikado."
    The Gilbert and Sullivan partnership, in truth, was absolutely unique. One looks in vain for parallels. Beaumont and Fletcher, Meilhac and Halevy, the Goncourts these come to mind, but differences at once appear. Sullivan, without Gilbert, seemed to lose the gift of melody, and Gilbert, without Sullivan was parted from that exquisite humor which made him, even above Mark Twain, the merrymaker of his generation. The two men, working together for 15 years, found it impossible, after their separation, to work alone. Sullivan, cast adrift, took to the writing of oratorios and presently died. Gilbert settled down as a London magistrate and convulsed the world no longer.

67. World Literature
Steele, Sir Richard, 16721729, Funeral, The, 1701, Drama, Search,2, Gilbert, WS, 1836-1911, Gondoliers, The, 1889, Comic opera, Search,2,
World Literature, Series 2 - Alphabetized by Titles
Author Dates for Author Title Date of pub. Type of Work Search in Google S AC KL W G U P Edgeworth, Maria Absentee, The Novel Search Huysmans, Joris Karl (Charles Marie Georges Huysmans) Against the Grain Novel Search Sophocles 495?-406 B.C. Ajax c.440 B.C. Drama Search Jonson, Ben Alchemist, The Drama Search Dryden, John All For Love Drama Search Remarque, Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front Novel Search Warren, Robert Penn All the King's Men Novel Search U Shakespeare, William All's Well That Ends Well c.1602 Drama Search Conrad, Joseph (Teodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski) Almayer's Folly Novel Search James, Henry Ambassadors, The Novel Search U Plautus, Titus Maccius c.254-184 B.C. Amphitryon c.185 B.C. Drama Search Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales Tales Search Terence (Publius Teretius Afer) c.190-159 B.C. Andria 166 B.C. Drama Search Racine, Jean Baptiste Andromache Drama Search O'Neill, Eugene Anna Christie Drama Search Bennett, Arnold Anna of the Five Towns Novel Search Galt, John Annals of the Parish Novel Search Scott, Sir Walter

68. World Literature
Etherege, Sir George, 16341691, Man of Mode, The, 1676, Drama, Search,2, Gilbert, WS, 1836-1911, Gondoliers, The, 1889, Comic opera, Search,2,
World Literature, Series 2 - Alphabetized by Authors
Author Dates for Author Title Date of pub. Type of Work Search in Google S AC KL W G U P About, Edmond Francois King of the Mountains, The Novel Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Persians, The 472 B.C. Drama Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Seven Against Thebes 467 B.C. Drama Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Suppliants, The 490 B.C. Drama Search Ainsworth, William Harrison Jack Sheppard Novel Search Ainsworth, William Harrison Old St. Paul's Novel Search Aldington, Richard Death of a Hero Novel Search Alegria, Ciro Broad and Alien is the World Novel Search L Aleman, Mateo Guzman de Alfarache Novel Search Amado, Jorge Violent Land, The Novel Search L Amicis, Edmondo De Romance of a Schoolmaster, The Novel Search Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales Tales Search Andreyev, Leonid Seven Who Were Hanged, The Novel Search Ariosto, Ludovico Orlando Furioso Poem Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Birds, The Drama Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Lysistrata 411 B.C. Drama Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Plutus 388 B.C. Drama Search Austen, Jane

69. Part 1: The Correspondence, Diaries, Literary Manuscripts And Prompt Copies Of W
Literary Manuscripts and Prompt Copies of WS Gilbert (18361911) from the SeymourSullivan, to libretti by Sir William Schwenck The papers of WS Gilbert are Add
Part 1: The Correspondence, Diaries, Literary Manuscripts and
Prompt Copies of W S Gilbert (1836-1911) from the British Library, London
19 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm plus guide "The world will be a long while forgetting Gilbert and Sullivan. Every Spring their great works will be revived. … They made enormous contributions to the pleasure of the race. They left the world merrier than they found it. They were men whose lives were rich with honest striving and high achievement and useful service."
H L Mencken, Baltimore Evening Sun , 30 May 1911 If you want to understand Victorian culture and society, then the Gilbert and Sullivan operas are an obvious starting point. These productions were massively successful in their own day, filling theatres all over Britain. They were also a major Victorian cultural export. A new show in New York raised a frenzy at the box office and Harper's New Monthly Magazine (Feb 1886) stated that the ‘two men have the power of attracting thousands and thousands of people daily for months to be entertained.’ Some of the topical references may now be lost, but the basis of the stories in universal myths and the attack of broad targets such as class, bureaucracy, the legal system, horror and the abuse of power are as relevant today as they ever were.

70. My Maiden Brief (1863) By W.S. Gilbert
My maiden brief. by WS Gilbert (William Schwenk Gilbert, 18361911). from CornhillMagazine (1863-dec), pp. Walker! said I to the property clerk. Sir! .
The following is a Gaslight etext.... A message to you about
My maiden brief
by W.S. Gilbert
(William Schwenk Gilbert, 1836-1911)
from Cornhill Magazine (1863-dec), pp. 725-32 L ATE on a certain May morning, as I was sitting at a modest breakfast in my "residence chambers," Pump Court, Temple, my attention was claimed by a single knock at an outer door, common to the chambers of Felix Polter, and of myself, Horace Penditton, both barristers-at-law of the Inner Temple. The single knock raised some well-founded apprehensions in both our minds. "Walker!" said I to the property clerk. "Sir!" "If that knock is for me, I'm out, you know." "Of course, sir!" "And Walker!" cried Polter. "Sir!" "If it's for me, I'm not a home!" Polter always rejoiced if he could manage to make the conversation partake of a Maddisonian Mortonic character. Mr. Walker opened the door. "Mr. Penditton's a-breakfasting with the Master of the Rolls, if it's him you want; and if it isn't, Mr. Polter's with the Attorney-General." "You don't say so!" remarked the visitor; "then p'raps

71. English Poetry Second Edition, Table Of Contents
+ Garrick, David, 17171779. + Garth, Samuel, Sir, 1661-1719. +Gilbert, Thomas, d. 1747. + Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), 1836-1911.

?, Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), 18361911. ?ISBN?,?, 1. Sullivan, Arthur,-Sir,-1842-1900.

73. Backstage - An RSLP Funded Theatre Collections Database
Carte, Richard D Oyly, 18441901; Carte, Bridget D Oyly, Dame; Sullivan, Arthur,Sir, 1842-1900; Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), 1836-1911; Anderson, Percy, d

74. Gilbert & Sullivan Bio-Bibliography
served as chairman of the Sir Arthur Sullivan The lives of William Schwenck Gilbert(18361911) and Arthur WS Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan themselves, in youth
or where to read more about the events in the film Topsy-Turvy
Gilbert and Sullivan / Their Lives and Times
by Leslie Baily
(London: Thames and Hudson, 1973; New York: Viking, 1974. 119 pages plus bibliography, chronology and index. 143 illustrations). Book jacket: It is properly Gilbertian that one product of the earnest and orderly Victorian age which continues vigorous and popular should be the topsy-turvy art known as Gilbert and Sullivan opera. In this lively and authoritative biography Leslie Baily sets its fascinatingly contrasted progenitors in the context of the world in which they worked and from which they drew their inspiration. W.S. Gilbert was in many ways a typical Victorian gentleman, yet his satirical absurdities often made his contemporaries uneasy; while Arthur Sullivan rose from a working-class background to become the foremost British composer of the day and the darling of smart society. With Richard D'Oyly Carte, whose business acumen allied to progressive taste catalyzed their talents, these two wrought a revolution in the theater, and Mr. Baily traces the story of their partnership from the inauspicious failure of Thespis through the dazzling succession of triumphs at home and abroad to the final series of disastrous quarrels. Text and illustrations combine to give a vivid picture of an age, and of the men who created a unique confection of mock-heroic satire, geniality, and authentic lyricism which, far from fading with the age that engendered it, still retains a special prize in the culture and affections of the English-speaking world.

75. Gilbert, Sir William Schwenck
Gilbert, Sir William Schwenck 18361911, English playwright and written in collaboration with the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan In 1871, Gilbert began his collaboration with Arthur
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    Gilbert, Sir William Schwenck Gilbert, Sir William Schwenck, , English playwright and poet. He won fame as the librettist of numerous popular operettas, written in collaboration with the composer Sir Arthur Sullivan . While on the staff of the magazine Fun, he first became known as the author of Bab Ballads, amusing but often bitter and cynical poems, published in that magazine and collected in 1869. His first play Dulcamara was produced in 1866. It was followed by several fairly successful comedies, dramas, and burlesques. In 1871, Gilbert began his collaboration with Arthur Sullivan, lasting about 20 years, which resulted in the popular operettas for which they are famous. The first of their joint works was Thespis (1871) and the last was The Grand Duke (1896). Their most famous operettas are

76. [minstrels] The Major General's Song -- W.S. Gilbert
history, King Arthur's and Sir Caradoc's; I answer hard modern MajorGeneral. W.S. Gilbert. from 'The Pirates WILLIAM SCHWENCK Gilbert (1836 - 1911) William Schwenck Gilbert, born
[88] The Major General's Song
Title : The Major General's Song Poet : W.S. Gilbert Date : 13 May 1999 SONGMAJOR-GENERAL Length : Text-only version Prev Index Next Your comments on this poem to attach to the end [ microfaq The Major General's Song W.S. Gilbert ... But here is one which gives both the words and the music as sung by Lehrer himself. They did misspell his name, but I have informed them about this. If you right click on the link that you find there for the sound and open a new window, you can see the words as you hear the song sung, which to me is wonderful for a chemistry class presentation. Thanks again for the good work you have made available. By the way, the word rhyme is misspelled a couple of times in your article in case you want to edit it also. Best wishes, Ken French smitht@ martindemello@

77. William S. Gilbert Biography
(1836 1911). To The Genealogy of Sir WS Gilbert, Dramatist and Poet., by CR Everett,FSG; To Newspaper Article on Gilbert by the famous American journalist HL
Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
William Schwenck Gilbert, born in London in 1836, was the son of a retired naval surgeon. Except for a kidnapping by Italian brigands in Italy at age two, and a ransomed release, he appears to have had a very normal upbringing. Beyond ordinary schooling, he took training as an artillery officer and was tutored in military science with hopes of participating in the Crimean War. Unfortunately for him, but not for us, he did not graduate until after the War was over. Gilbert subsequently joined the militia and was a member for 20 years. After finishing his military training Gilbert worked in a government bureau job which he hated. Upon receiving a nice inheritance from an aunt, Gilbert indulged his fancy and became a barrister. Called to the bar at age 28, Gilbert's law career, with no "rich attorney's elderly, ugly daughter" to help him escape mediocrity, lasted just a few years. Before leaving his law practice, however, he married the daughter of an army officer. Gilbert had shown a proclivity for caustic wit and sarcasm from an early age and it was this talent that put him on the path to greatness. Beginning in 1861, Gilbert contributed dramatic criticism and humorous verse (unsigned) to the popular British magazine

Gilbert. Gilbert, Sir WILLIAM SCHWENK (1836 ), English playwright of William Gilbert (a descendant of Sir Humphrey Gilbert whimsical draughtsmanship. W. S. Gilbert was educated
GILBERT, SIR WILLIAM SCHWENK Divinitas and Deus that led to the condemnation of Gilberts doctrine. De sex principiis and commentary on the De Trinilate in Migne, Patrologia Latina, lxiv. 1255 and clxxxviii. 1257; see also Abb Berthaud, Gilbert de in Porre (Poitiers, 1892); B. Haurbau, De in philosophie scolastique, pp. 294-318; R. Schmids article Gilbert Porretanus in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyk. f. protest. Theol. (vol. 6, 1899); Prantl, Geschichte d. Logik, ii. 215; Bach, Dogmengeschichte, ii. 133; article SCHOLASTICISM. SIR JOSEPH HENRY GILBERT GILDAS

79. Literary Encyclopedia: Gilbert, Sir W. S.
Gilbert, Sir WS. (1836 1911). Domain Literature, Musical Theatre.Playwright, Librettist. Active 1856 - 1911 in England, Britain, Europe.

80. Sarah Grand & W. S. Gilbert
Sarah Grand Frances Elizabeth McFall (18541943) novelist and SirWS William Schwenck Gilbert (1836-1911) playwright and lyricist.
playwright and lyricist photographs by Stereoscopic Co., London, reproduced in Notables of Britain (London, 1897) Volumes that assembled photographs of the famous sometimes made for what we might call strange bookfellows. Here, the figures so incongrously sharing a page opening are "Sarah Grand" (i. e., Frances McFall), the notorious "New Woman" novelist who supported radical causes from marriage reform to animal rights, and W. S. Gilbert, the socially conservative librettist for Princess Ida (1884), which used Tennyson's "The Princess" to make fun of higher education for women, and Patience (1881), which satirized the male Aesthetes and their female followers. Notables of Britain was only one of many published collections that allowed bookbuyers to feel that they were receiving "inside" glimpses of Genius, however arbitrarily defined and juxtaposed. Similar titles available to consumers in the 1890s included Portraits and Autographs: An Album for the People (1890) which, for the price of one shilling and sixpence, allowed the purchaser to take home not only reproductions of photographs of everyone from "Her Majesty the Queen" to "Mr. William Morris," but reproductions of their signatures and even of snippets of their letters. Such volumes fueled the mania for studying faces, while also feeding the new passion for collecting autographs, as well as for analyzing handwriting (the latter hobby having replaced phrenology as a way of accessing the hidden truths of personality).

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