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         Gibbs Philip:     more books (16)
  1. The battles of the Somme. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1917-01-01
  2. Now it can be told. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1920-01-01
  3. Thine enemy by Philip (1877-1962) Gibbs, 1950-01-01
  4. The way to victory Volume 2 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-13
  5. More that must be told by Philip Gibbs 1877-1962, 1921-12-31
  6. People of destiny; Americans as I saw them at home and abroad by Philip Gibbs 1877-1962, 1920-12-31
  7. The way to victory Volume 1 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-06
  8. The Battles Of The Somme by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-15
  9. The Struggle In Flanders On The Western Front, 1917 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-08
  10. The soul of the war. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1915-01-01
  11. Men and women of the French revolution. by Philip Gibbs Illu by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1906-01-01
  12. The romance of George Villiers. first duke of Buckingham. and so by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1908-01-01
  13. The romance of George Villiers. first duke of Buckingham. and so by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1908-01-01
  14. People of destiny; Americans as I saw them at home and abroad by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 1920-01-01

61. Listing Of Authors
1940 Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 18101865 Gatlin, Dana Gautier, Theophile Gay,John, 1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gilbert, WS
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Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934
Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877
Adams, Andy, 1859-1935
Adams, Henry, 1838-1918
Adams, John Quincy, 1767-1848
Adams, Samuel, 1722-1803
Adams, William Taylor, 1822-1897 AKA: Optic, Oliver, 1822-1897
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719
Aesop, 620(?)B.C.-563(?)B.C. Aiken, Conrad Potter, 1889-1966 Aikman, William, 1824-1909 Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882

62. Quotes From The Mathematical Quotations Server
Davis, Philip J. and Hersh, Reuben One began to hear Gibbs, Josiah Willard (18391903)Mathematics is a Hesse, Hermann (1877-1962) You treat world history as a
Quotes from the Mathematical Quotations Server
Collected by Mark R. Woodard
Furman University
Abel, Niels H. (1802 - 1829)
If you disregard the very simplest cases, there is in all of mathematics not a single infinite series whose sum has been rigorously determined. In other words,the most important parts of mathematics stand without a foundation.
In G. F. Simmons, Calculus Gems , New York: Mcgraw Hill, Inc., 1992, p. 188. Abel, Niels H. (1802 - 1829)
[A reply to a question about how he got his expertise:]
By studying the masters and not their pupils. Abel, Niels H. (1802 - 1829)
[About Gauss' mathematical writing style]
He is like the fox, who effaces his tracks in the sand with his tail.
In G. F. Simmons, Calculus Gems , New York: Mcgraw Hill, Inc., 1992, p. 177. Adams, Douglas (1952 - )
Bistromathics itself is simply a revolutionary new way of understanding the behavior of numbers. Just as Einstein observed that space was not an absolute but depended on the observer's movement in space, and that time was not an absolute, but depended on the observer's movement in time, so it is now realized that numbers are not absolute, but depend on the observer's movement in restaurants.
Life, the Universe and Everything.

ENGLAND SPEAKS. Record 1 of 1. Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. England speaks,by Philip Gibbs; being talks with road sweepers, barbers, statesmen SPEAKS

Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. Across the frontiers by Philip Gibbs. Illustrationsby Edgar Lander. New York, Doubleday, Doran, 1938. POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 20TH CENTURY

65. Secció D'Informàtica Teòrica :: Math Quotes
Davis, Philip J. and Hersh, Reuben; Mathematics is the only Gibbs, Josiah Willard(18391903); I m very good at Hesse, Hermann (1877-1962); Wir müssen wissen.
Secció d'Informàtica Teòrica Departament de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informàtics
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Inici Agenda Gent Recerca ... [English]
Math quotes
  • If "Number rules the universe" as Pythagoras asserted, Number is merely our delegate to the throne, for we rule Number. In H. Eves Mathematical Circles Revisited , Boston: Prindle, Weber and Schmidt, 1971. Bell, Eric Temple (1883-1960)
    I have always hated machinery, and the only machine I ever understood was a wheelbarrow, and that but imperfectly. In H. Eves Mathematical Circles Adieu , Boston: Prindle, Weber and Schmidt, 1977. Bell, Eric Temple (1883-1960)
    Statistics are the triumph of the quantitative method, and the quantitative method is the victory of sterility and death. The Silence of the Sea Belloc, Hillaire (1870-1953)
    O Logic: born gatekeeper to the Temple of Science, victim of capricious destiny: doomed hitherto to be the drudge of pedants: come to the aid of thy master, Legislation. In J. Browning (ed.) Works . Bentham, Jeremy (1748-1832)

66. Gibbs, Sir Philip. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
2001. Gibbs, Sir Philip. 18771962, English journalist and author
Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Gibbs, Sir Philip

67. Gibbs, Sir Philip
encyclopediaEncyclopedia Gibbs, Sir Philip. Gibbs, Sir Philip, 1877–1962,English journalist and author. As a result of his distinguished
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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68. Gibbs
Gibbs Pronunciation (gibz), key —n. 1. James, 1682–1754, Scottish architectand author. 4. Sir Philip, 1877–1962, English journalist and writer.
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69. Gibbs, Sir Philip
Site Map. encyclopediaEncyclopedia Gibbs, Sir Philip. Gibbs, Sir Philip,1877–1962, English journalist and author. As a result of


Gibbs, Sir Philip Gibbs, Sir Philip, , English journalist and author. As a result of his distinguished service in World War I as a front-line correspondent for the Daily Chronicle (London) he was knighted in 1920. Among his many novels are The Street of Adventure The Middle of the Road (1922), and This Nettle Danger (1939). He also wrote historical studies, astute commentaries on world events, and several autobiographical works, including The Pageant of the Years The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia,
Gibbs, Josiah Willard
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70. Philip Gibbs
Philip Gibbs. 1877 1962. Fleet Street s Finest War Correspondent. Five Yearson the Western Front. two war-time portraits of Philip Gibbs. Excerpts from Books.
Philip Gibbs Fleet Street's Finest War Correspondent
Five Years on the Western Front two war-time portraits of Philip Gibbs Excerpts from Books 'Soul of the War'
'Belgian Army and Refugees in Dunkirk 1914' 'Paris at War 1' Paris at War 2 A British Reporter at Furnes ... 'Press Opinions'
'Now It Can be Told
A British Reporter Visits Vermelles A British Reporter Visits Ypres in 1915
'The Battles of the Somme'
An Introduction - My Story of the War So Far A British Reporter Describes the First Day of the Somme The German Side of the Somme
'Newspaper Dispatches and Magazine Articles'
The Great March Offensive of 1918 The Coming of the Tanks The Beginning and the End of the War 'Dispatches from 1914' ... 'The Liberation of Lille and Valenciennes 1918'
War Time Memoirs Adventures in Journalism Books by Philip Gibbs
Soul of the War 'Now It Can Be Told
See also Bibliography of Old and Modern Great War Books
left :Sir Philip Gibbs in the late 1940's right : interviewing the Pope - an illustration by F. Matania

71. Crystal Clouds Quotations: Source Profile
Size . Gibbs, Sir Philip (1877 1962), Click For External OnlineReference English Journalist. Quotations By This Source. Generosity.

72. Crystal Clouds Quotations:
Gibbons, James Cardinal American Bishop (1834 1921). Gibbs, Sir Philip EnglishJournalist (1877 - 1962). Gibran, Khalil Lebanese Writer (1883 - 1931). Gibson, A.

73. LookSmart - Search Results For "Philip Meadows"
1951) GIBBON, Edward (1737 1794) Gibbs, George (1870 - 1942) Gibbs, May (1877 -1969) Gibbs, Philip Armand Hamilton (1877 - 1962) GIBRAN, Kahlil (1883 - 1931 Meadows

74. Hesketh Pearson Papers, Index Of Correspondents
Mary, 187419679.2 Gerhardie, William Alexander, 1895- 9.2 Gertz, Elmer, 1906-2.6 Gibbs, Charles1.14 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-19621.14 Golum ?, John
Hesketh Pearson Papers
Index of Correspondents
Names in bold appear in the RLIN record.
A. P. Watt Ltd. (Sam Boyce, Penelope Dunn, Caradoc King, Naomi Maister, Martha Lishawa)12.13
Abel Smith, E. M. C.5.14
Adlers and Aberstones (A. Harris)12.13
Agate, James, 1877-19471.14, 2.1
Ainley, Richard, 1910-19671.3
Akadine Press, Inc. (Thomas Meagher, Karen Schwenk)12.13
Aldridge, Robert9.1
Allen, Frank11.8
Alley, D. J.11.8
Amalgamated Press Ltd. (Gordon Stowell)9.1 Andersen, Betty and Gerald11.8 The Author (1949) (Derek Parker)12.13 Bax, Clifford, 1886-19629.1 Beerbohm, Max, Sir, 1872-19569.1 Berridge, Elizabeth12.13 Bhattacharjee, Jyotsna11.9 Biggs, Amy11.3-4 Biggs, Constance ("Consie")11.4 Biggs, Eva9.1 Blackwell, Basil, Sir, 1889- 9.1 Blondal, Gunnar H.9.1 Bonaloul ?, O.11.8 Bree, C.11.3 Bree, Robert11.3 British Broadcasting Corporation (Michael Gill, Edgar Lustgarten, Elisabeth Rowley)2.1, 8.12, 9.1, 12.13 Brooke Bond Tea Company (E. Stanley Nicholas)9.1 Brooks, Collin, 1893- 9.1 Brough, Bess and Peter11.8 Brown, William11.8 Buckland-Plummer, A. P. ("Bucky")

75. Bestsellers On Project Gutenberg Of Australia
1873 1935). 4. The Heirs Apparent, Philip Gibbs (1877 - 1962). 5.A Gentleman of Courage, James Oliver Curwood (187? - 1927). 6. The
Project Gutenberg of Australia
a treasure-trove of literature
treasure-trove n treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. This site is proudly sponsored and hosted by

Level 1, 579 Harris Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007
Australia Home PG Library of Australiana Works in the 'public domain' in Australia Australian Explorers ... Site Map Bestsellers at Project Gutenberg of Australia
This page contains the titles of the top ten bestselling books in both fiction and non-fiction categories for the years 1923 through 1953 (from Publisher's Weekly Project Gutenberg in the U.S. F I C T I O N Black Oxen, Gertrude Atherton (1857 - 1948) His Children's Children, Arthur Train (1875 - 1945) The Enchanted April, "Elizabeth" (1866 - 1941) Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis (1885 - 1951)Available at Project Gutenberg The Dim Lantern, Temple Bailey (187? - 1953) This Freedom, A.S.M. Hutchinson (1879 - 1971) The Mine with the Iron Door, Harold Bell Wright (1872 - 1944) The Wanderer of the Wasteland, Zane Grey (1872 - 1939) The Sea-Hawk

76. HMC | NRA | Persons Beginning BO
18531922) Botanist (1) Boulnois, Philip (fl 1939 of Madras (4) Bourne, Sir AlfredGibbs (1859-1940 Service (2) Bowman, John Gabbert (1877-1962) Chancellor of

BE BH BI ... BY List of persons with surname beginning BO
Boaden, James (1762-1839) Dramatist Critic and Biographer

Boaden, John (1828-1904) Jp

Boar, Arthur (fl 1916-1918) Private, Royal Army Medical Corps

Boase, Bernard Knightley (fl 1899-1926) Commander RN

Boase, George Clement (1829-1897) Bibliographer and Antiquary

Boase, Henry (1763-1827) Banker and Author

Boase, Henry (1892-1974) Ornithologist
Bock, Max (fl 1945), Berlin
Berlin, Germany Boddam, Rawson Hart (d 1812) Governor of Bombay Boddan, John (fl 1898-1902) Railway Fireman Eccles, Salford Salford, Lancashire Boddington, George (1646-1719) MP Merchant Boddy, Evan Marlett (d 1934) Anatomist Bode, Johann Elert (1747-1826) Astronomer Boden, Charles John (1845-1912) Anglican clergyman ... Boden, Derek (fl 1982-1997) Borough Councillor, Bury Whitefield, Lancashire Bury, Lancashire Boden, Frederick Cecil (b 1902) Writer Boden, Frederick Grimke (1893-1918) Pharmacist And Royal Engineer, Mossley Mossley, Lancashire Bodenham, Eliza (fl 1812) Bodenham, Sir Wingfield (fl 1642-1648) antiquary Boderie, Antoine Le Fevre De La (1555-1615) diplomat French Ambassador to England Bodichon, Barbara (1827-1891) nee Leigh Smith, Painter and Campaigner for Women's Rights ... Boeke, Cornelius (fl 1914-1920) Missionary And Pacifist, Birmingham Birmingham, Warwickshire Boerhaave, Herman (1668-1738) Chemist and Physician

77. Biblioteca Virtual
548 Kb). Gibbs, Philip (1877 + 1962). Now It Can Be Told (.zip 404Kb). Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), Sir (1836 + 1911). The Bab
Obras por autor - G
Gaboriau, Emile (1832 + 1873) Baron Trigault's Vengeance (.zip - 288 Kb)
Caught In The Net (.zip - 221 Kb)

The Champdoce Mystery (.zip - 214 Kb)

The Count's Millions (.zip - 278 Kb)
Within An Inch Of His Life (.zip - 341 Kb)
Galsworthy, John (1867 + 1933)
Beyond (.zip - 256 Kb)

A Bit O' Love (.zip - 44 Kb)

The Burning Spear (.zip - 105 Kb)

Complete Project Gutenberg John Galsworthy Works (.zip - 3.34 Mb)
Widger's Quotations From The Project Gutenberg Editions Of The Works Of John Galsworthy (.zip - 32 Kb)
Galt, John (1779 + 1839) The Annals Of The Parish (ou the chronicle of Dalmailing during the ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder) (.zip - 141.91 Kb) The Ayrshire Legatees (ou The Pringle family) (.zip - 115.39 Kb) The Provost (.zip - 121.32 Kb) Gamble, Eliza Burt God-Idea Of The Ancients (.zip -219 Kb) Gardner, William (b. 1861) Life Of Stephen A. Douglas (.zip - 121 Kb)

78. Custer Center Cemetery
Gibbs, Eugene Brother June 27, 1866 Mar 9, 1920. Reed, Philip I., Cpl US Army,Korea, Oct 17 Reeder, George E. Father 1877 - 1962; Frances E. Mother 1882
CUSTER CENTER CEMETERY This is a public cemetery and is accessible from road. Travel 4 1/2 miles northwest of Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska on Hwy 2, then go 1/2 mile east on the gravel road. A lbright, Weltha Mae Rains, 1888-1962 Allen, William H. 1845 - 1925 civil war vet - GAR - marker on grave; Claria Cramer, 1849 - 1926 Andersen, Andrew L., "Father", Jan 1, 1884 - May 24,1969; Emma M., "Mother", Feb 26, 1885 - May 19, 1956 Aubry, Ray died May 17, 1902 "This little one is gone but not forgotten" Aydelotte, George Edward 1857-1924; Adda Mary 1867-1951 (Am. Legion Aux. marker) Aydelotte, Lee H., Apr 12,1904 - Jan 25,1914; John E., May 17,1908 - Apr 19, 1914 B eal, Emery Signa, Feb 4, 1911- July 9, 1913 "We shall go to him for he cannot come to us" Beal, Edna Russom, daughter, 1888-1963 Beal, Elgin L., Dec 28, 1858 - Mar 10, 1914; Margaret J., July 28, 1964 - Jan 20, 1944 Beal, Grover C., 1893-1915 Beal, Emery S., 1884-1964, Eva Lenora 1889-1959 Beards, James O., Cpl U.S. Army, World War II, May 17, 1921 - Mar 27, 1982 (World War II metal marker) Beards, Danny Ray, Nov 2, 1941 - Mar 13, 1942

79. ResAnet Results Summary
RecordGreen, Julien, 1900. Diary, 1928-1957. Selected by Kurt Wolff. Translatedby Anne Green. London, Collins, 1964. RecordGibbs, Philip, 1877-1962.
Sort By: Title Author Date Search Term(s): Subject=EuropeDescription and travel1919-1944 matches found
  • Tremblay, Rémi, 1847-1926. Mon dernier voyage à travers l'Europe / Rémi Tremblay ; préface, Stephen Coubé ; avant-propos de J.N. Dupuis ; avant-mot d'Émile Vaillancourt. Montréal : Éditions E. Garand, c1925.
  • Devine, E. J. (Edward James), 1860-1927. Our tour through Europe / by E.J. Devine. Montréal : Published by the Canadian Messenger, 1923.
  • Brailsford, Henry Noel, 1873-1958. Across the blockade; a record of travels in enemy Europe. London, Allen, 1919.
  • Green, Julien, 1900-. Diary, 1928-1957. Selected by Kurt Wolff. Translated by Anne Green. London, Collins, 1964.
  • Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962. European journey : being the narrative of a journey in France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany and the Saar in the spring and summer of 1934; with an authentic record of the ideas, hopes and fears moving in the minds of common folk and expressed in wayside conversations. London : Heinemann [1934]
  • Nichols, Beverley, 1899-1983. No place like home / Beverley Nichols. London : J. Cape [1936]
  • 80. BR-2Brighton(new), Brighton Twp., Lorain County ,Ohio
    CLAWSON Oscar L., 1868 1965 Saloma P., 1876 - 1963 HUNT Philip C., 1903 - 1960Margaret G Charles D., 1877 - 1962. Gibbs Luther S., Oct 1, 1803 - Aug 27, 1870
    Brighton Twp, Lorain Co., Ohio Copied from Lorain County's out-of-print publication,
    Cemetery Inscriptions of Lorain County, Ohio 1980, pps. 95-104,
    by Volunteer, Marge Simpson, 1999.
    Any additions or corrections to the book are noted in red. Located on the west side of SR 511, 1/4 mile south of SR 18. On Dec 13, 1850
    the Brighton Township Trustees bought 2 acres of land on the North and South
    Center Road (Rt. 511) from Austin Kingsbury and his wife Altamira for a
    burying ground. This cemetery contains a large Civil War Memorial, which also
    lists Mexican War and War of 1812 soldiers. Justus Battle, a Revolutionary War
    soldier is buried here, as is Hugh Mosher, the “Fifer” in “Spirit of ‘76”. p. 95

    JOHNSTON Charles S., 1862 - 1911 Margaret G., 1865 - SABIN Baby girl, 1963 - 1963 EDWARDS Frank,1853 - 1921 Emma R., 1855 - 1927 EDWARDS Leona M. McCONNELL,1893 - 1971 Edwin E., July 6, 1888 - Dec 31, 1950, OHIO CPI, 56 INF 7 DIV WWI. p. 96

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