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         Gibbs Philip:     more books (16)
  1. The battles of the Somme. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1917-01-01
  2. Now it can be told. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1920-01-01
  3. Thine enemy by Philip (1877-1962) Gibbs, 1950-01-01
  4. The way to victory Volume 2 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-13
  5. More that must be told by Philip Gibbs 1877-1962, 1921-12-31
  6. People of destiny; Americans as I saw them at home and abroad by Philip Gibbs 1877-1962, 1920-12-31
  7. The way to victory Volume 1 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-06
  8. The Battles Of The Somme by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-15
  9. The Struggle In Flanders On The Western Front, 1917 by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 2010-10-08
  10. The soul of the war. by Philip Gibbs. by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1915-01-01
  11. Men and women of the French revolution. by Philip Gibbs Illu by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1906-01-01
  12. The romance of George Villiers. first duke of Buckingham. and so by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1908-01-01
  13. The romance of George Villiers. first duke of Buckingham. and so by Gibbs. Philip. 1877-1962., 1908-01-01
  14. People of destiny; Americans as I saw them at home and abroad by Gibbs Philip 1877-1962, 1920-01-01

41. Mtbethel
27, 1896, aged 78.0.5. Hoffman, Rachel A. See Philip F. Bell. Hoffman, W. Hoagland. SeeJohn D. Gibbs. On adjoining stones Cora, 18731956; Jennie, 1877-1962.
Mt. Bethel Methodist Cemetery
The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 52, No. 3 September 1977
This cemetery is located in Mansfield Township, Warren County, on Mt. Bethel Road.
A - M
( N-W
  • Albert, David, M., "father," b. Apr. 23, 1830, d. Apr. 12, 1907; wife Silvinia Gulick, "mother," b. Oct. 8, 1828, d. July 26, 1915. Albert, Henry, d. May 12, 1869, aged 69 yrs., wife Elizabeth, "our mother," d. Nov. 21, 1866, aged 76.9.25. Anderson, Benjamin A., d. Oct. 14, 1864, aged 68.11.14; wife Margaret, d. Mar. 31, 1891, aged 87.5.21; dau. Catharine, see Benjamin Coleman; dau. Mary, d. Jan. 20, 1847, aged 10.11.13; son Joseph, d. Jan. 6, 1852, aged 12.9.17. Anderson, Catharine. See Benjamin Coleman. Anderson, Frank R., "father," 1877-1936; wife Nellie E. Danley, "mother," 1882-1962. Anderson, Furman, b. Mar. 15, 1828, d. Mar. 27, 1871, aged 43.0.12. Stone adjoins and is identical to one for Wm. P. Anderson. Anderson, Nelson, "father," 1844-1903; wife Elizabeth, "mother," 1850-1930. Anderson, Wm. P., b. May 18, 1826, d. Jan. 3, 1905, aged 78.5.15. Jr. O.U.A.M., N.J. marker. Stone adjoins and is identical to one for Furman Anderson. Anthony, Amanda C.

42. Literary Autograps
LA89. LA-90. LA-91. LA-92. Gibbs, Sir Philip (1877-1962). English journalist,editor, war correspondent, and author. ALS, 2 2 pp, Surrey, Nov. 20, 1951.
129 Jay Street, Schenectady, NY 12305 (518) 393-8069
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Literary Autographs (Page 1 of 3) This category was last updated on 4/26/04 LA-1. Abbott, Jacob (1803-1879). Noted children's book author; noted for the "Rollo" series and the "Marco Paul" books. Single page ALS, Saratoga Springs, Aug. 30, nd. To Rev. H. Winslow, Union Hall, Saratoga. With an early Saratoga post mark. Very good. $85.00 LA-2. Adams, Charles Follen (1842-1918). Poet. Eight line quotation from his poem Leedle Yawcob Straus. (1876). Signed and dated at Roxbury, April 25, 1907. Near fine. $40.00 LA-3. Adams, J.W. Two letters, Syracuse, July 27, 1846 (3 pp.) and August 6, 1846, both to Henry C. Murphy, and both concerning DeWitt Clinton’s Memoir on the Antiquities of the Western Parts of the State of New York. Adams contends that some material is taken from his manuscript, in the first letter, he claims he cannot check on the matter because he has just moved and his books "are all in a heap...if I have left it among my pamphlets at my house, it will be a hopeless task to attempt to find it." By the second letter, he has found it, and notes that his work is cited. Both letters are neat and readable; very good-near fine. $170.00 LA-4. Ade, George. Author. TLS, Aug. 15, 1925. A reply to an inquiry concerning his fables in slang. On his letterhead, with a fine bold signature. $25.00

43. Daudet, Alphonse, 1840-1897
Novelle _ 8bit text (with accented letters). http//,txt,htm-ger. Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962, 1003188. Now It Can Be Told.
Daudet, Alphonse, 1840-1897 Nabob, The txt,htm-eng Haggard, H. Rider (Henry Rider), 1856-1925 Nada the Lily txt,htm-eng Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Name of the Dead, The txt,htm-eng Terry, Frank Naming the Indians (1897) msr,plm,htm-eng Carr, Annie Roe Nan Sherwood At Pine Camp: or, The Old Lumberman's Secret txt,htm-eng Zola,Emile Nana msr,pdf-fre Zola, Emile, 1840-1902 Nana txt,htm-eng Muhlbach, L. (Luise), 1814-1873 Napoleon And Blucher txt,htm-eng Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 Napoleon Bonaparte txt,htm-eng Vaknin, Sam Narcissism Book Of Quotes txt,htm-eng Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 Narrative of A. Gordon Pym txt,htm-eng Truth, Sojourner Narrative of Sojourner Truth, The txt,htm-eng Rowlandson, Mary White, ca. 1635-ca. 1678 Narrative of the Captivity and Removes of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

44. Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873
Translate this page History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire Volume 6. http//,txt,htm-eng. Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962, 1003188. Now It Can Be Told.
Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Baron Trigault's Vengeance txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Caught In The Net txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Champdoce Mystery, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Clique Of Gold, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Count's Millions, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 File No. 113 txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Honor Of The Name, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Monsieur Lecoq txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Mystery of Orcival, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Other People's Money txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Widow Lerouge, The txt,htm-eng Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873 Within An Inch Of His Life txt,htm-eng Galbraith, Anna M. (Anna Mary), b. 1859 Four Epochs Of Woman's Life, The ; a study in hygiene

45. LHCMA - List Of Collection Names
Bartholomew, Gen Sir William Henry (18771962) detailed catalogue Lewis (1911-2000)Gelb, Norman Gibbs, AM Sir Goldschmidt, Lt Col Kenneth Philip Parlane (1916
King's College London
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives
List of collections
Entries are arranged in two series, alphabetically by surname for private paper collections and alphabetically by subject title for television documentary archives, oral history projects, collated research materials, miscellaneous and microform holdings. Highlighted names, or titles provide links to individual Summary Guide entries, by clicking on the surname or title. More information on these is provided in the Summary Guide introductory page. Collections with on-line detailed catalogues have a link after the collection name. More information about these catalogues is provided on the Detailed catalogues introductory page.
Updating: We are in the process of updating our Summary Guide entries. Some collections will not yet have an online entry. Researchers will want to check regularly for new additions. If you have comments on any of the entries, please feel free to send us your Feedback
A b c d e ...
media, microforms and miscellaneous

46. Carroll Family Tree
Father Menace Lowe2570 (1877-1962) 1 2 MRIN817 Father Philip Lowe-15161 (1870-1945)1 2 MRIN6343 1. *Rufus Franklin Gibbs-16154 ( - ) 1 2 MRIN6692

Carroll Family Tree
Anna Lowe-[9119]
Sex: F Individual Information Birth: 15 May 1832 - Scott County Tennessee Christening: Death: 8 Sep 1916 - Anderson County, Tennessee Burial: Sep 1916 - Frost Bottom Cemetery Cause of Death: AFN #:
Parents Father: Michael Lowe Jr.-[11172] (1795-1879) [MRIN:4960] Mother: Catherine Rainey Massengale-[17988] (1800-1832) Spouses and Children *Isaac M Duncan-[9120] (6 Mar 1831 - 26 Jun 1887) [MRIN:4135] Marriage: Apr 1854 - Scott County Tennessee Children: 1. Levena Joanna Duncan-[19087] (4 Jan 1855 - 6 Nov 1914) John Columbus Duncan-[9123] (20 Aug 1865 - 22 Aug 1942) Michael D. Duncan-[19039] (8 Jun 1857 - 16 Jan 1889) Prudence Duncan-[19143] (28 Jan 1862 - 1914) ... Andrew Duncan-[3660] (25 Dec 1872 - 23 May 1956)
Arlie Lowe-[10886]
Sex: M Individual Information Birth: Christening: Death: Burial: Cause of Death: AFN #:
Spouses and Children *Jo Ann Seiber-[3731] ( - ) [MRIN:1883] Marriage:
Arlis Lowe-[938]
Sex: M Individual Information Birth: 7 Jun 1907 - Tennessee Christening: Death: 1 Jun 1984 - Clinton Anderson County Tennessee Burial: Jun 1984 - Anderson Memorial Gardens Cause of Death: AFN #: Events Notes 1. Social Security Death Index: 410-03-0914

47. European Journey (in MARION)
Illustrations by E. Lander. Author Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. PublishedGarden City, NY, Doubleday, Doran company, inc., 1934.

48. Liddell Hart Centre For Military Archives, King S College London
BARTHOLOMEW, Gen Sir William Henry (18771962). BATTEN, Lt Col John Forbes (b 1893). Gibbs,AM Sir Gerald Ernest (1896-1992). GOLD, Col Philip Roland (1912-2002).

49. Oakdale City Cemetery - Part 6
Leonard, 18751903 Toll, Alma Pfabe, 1877-1962 Toll, Ellwood Bess, Florence M., 1897-1954Barner, Philip E., 1896 1944 Turner, Clara G. 1882-1948 Gibbs, George F
Scott Co, Iowa USGenWeb Project Oakdale Cemetery
Part 6
LDS film 973091
Transcribed by Bill Gertz Sheets, Jacob H., GAR
Fuller, David, S., GAR
Rust, Walter E., GAR
Collier, G. W., d. 1887
Rust, Walter E., GAR
Stoltenberg, Heinrich, GAR
Page, S. G., GAR
Peterson, Edward, GAR Myers, Joseph, GAR Lenhart, Gzar H., GAR Guthrie, William, GAR Speed, Jacob, GAR Cowdery, S. F., GAR Mitchell, Daniel, GAR Twiggs, Alonzo, GAR Parke, Elias, Sgt, GAR Snyder, Curtis L., GAR Stone, Ruben Pruyn, Marcellus, GAR Coleman Samuel, GAR Foy, John D., GAR Tichenor, John D., GAR Wise, Aguust, GAR Hunt, Elmore W., GAR Kelly, Thomas, GAR Crow, William H., GAR Griffin, John, GAR Lueschen, John L., GAR Pitts, Lindsey, GAR Crumpton, Francis W., GAR Welch, Leander, GAR Howard, Milton, GAR Hatcher, Edward, GAR Schiser, John, GAR Ganson, Sanford H., GAR Jones, Samuel W., GAR Garrow, Stephen, GAR Johnson, George M., GAR Macey, Johnathan, GAR Hurto,Samuel, GAR Yarrow, Carl F. M., GAR Grose, Tayolr, 1847-1928, GAR Harris, Charles H., GAR Brown, Henry P., GAR

50. Migrations Project - Surname Page
Amy Elizabeth BLAY / HOWES, 18771962, London, England. Annie GEORGE, 1853-1883,NY. Philip GEORGE, 1757-Abt. Lilla May Gibbs, 1866-1934, Tuscola, Douglas County,IL.

51. Migrations Project - Surname Page
Lilla May Gibbs, 18661934, Tuscola, Douglas County, IL. Sarah RHODEN, 1877-1962,Carter County, KY. Philip Armand SANTINI, 1804-1882, Tomino, Corsica, France.

52. Taylors Of Darke Co., OH
1925) spShirley DORN 6 William Philip SCOTT (1927 1906) 5 Lulu Arzilpha YORK(1877-1962) sp-William James TAYLOR (1791-1874) sp-Elizabeth Gibbs 2 TAYLOR
The Henry TAYLORs of Darke Co., Ohio
(6 generation outline)
For further information e-mail Wally Garchow at:
For further information e-mail Wally Garchow at:
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Brandon Davidson Day ... York

53. Proyecto Gutenberg: ÍNDICE DE AUTORES
Translate this page 1810-1865 Gatlin, Dana Gatty, Alfred, Mrs., 1809-1873 Gautier, Theophile Gay, John,1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gide, Andre
Colección de los consorcios de la biblioteca de Libros Electronicos del mundo Sobre El Proyecto Gutenberg El proyecto Gutenberg es el más viejo productor del Internet de los libros electrónicos LIBRES que contienen sobre 10.000 (los eBooks o los eTexts). ¿Qué libros encontraré en el proyecto Gutenberg? El proyecto Gutenberg es el brainchild del ciervo de Michael , que en 1971 decidía a que sería una idea realmente buena si las porciones de textos famosos e importantes estaban libremente disponibles para cada uno en el mundo. Desde entonces, a centenares de los voluntarios lo ha ensamblado que comparten su visión.
Ahora, más de treinta años más adelante, el proyecto Gutenberg tiene las figuras siguientes (en fecha 8 de noviembre de 2002): 203 nuevos eBooks lanzaron durante octubre de 2002, 1975 nuevos eBooks producidos en 2002 (eran 1240 de 2001) para un total de 6267 eBooks totales de Gutenberg del proyecto. 119 eBooks han sido fijados hasta ahora por

54. RBML Collections: Colles, William Morris, 1855-1926.
George Manville, 18311909.; Fletcher, JS (Joseph Smith), 1863-1935.; Freshfield,Douglas William, 1845-1934.; Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962.; Gilchrist, Murray
Columbia University Rare Books and Manuscript Library - Manuscript and Archival Collections
Creator: Colles, William Morris, 1855-1926. Title: Papers,1888-1928. Physical Description: 2.5 linear ft (ca. 2,400 items in 6 boxes). Call Number: Location: Columbia University.Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Subjects:
Biographical Note
English literary agent. Colles was the founder and managing director of The Authors' Syndicate, Ltd.
Scope and Contents

18751956) Charles Emmett Earles (1877-1962) Emma Adelaine Jane Gibbs ( -1973) LynnMcKinley Gibbs (1959-1985) 1982) Perry Graham (1886- ) Philip Graham (1896
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Rebecca Elizabeth Duncan

Reed Duncan

Reed R Duncan
Wyatt Lynch Duncan
D'Arcy Dunlop
Susan Dawson Dunlop
Clara Ann Dunn
Pearl Dunn

Priscilla Dunn
Laura Ann Dyer
Mary Dysart
Archie Eaches
Frank S Eaches

Fronie Eaches

George Eaches
... Virgil Eaches
Eura Eanes George William Eanes James Abraham Eanes John W SR Eanes ... Zula Eanes
Abbie Earles Albert Gordon Earles Charles Emmett Earles Emma Adelaine Earles ... Wilmoth Jane Earles
Alfred S Earls Alleyne Earls Cloyd Earls Edgar Earls ... Sampson Haven Earls
Susanna East
Barnabus Eastridge John Eastridge Mary E Eastridge William Eastridge
Elizabeth Edmison William Edmison
Eleanor Edwards Francis Theodore Edwards
Anna Maria Eiler
Archibald Elkins Elizabeth Elkins Lydia Elkins Mary Elkins ... Nancy Elkins
Mary Ann Eller
Eliza Anne Elliot Jack Elliot
Adeline Kate Elliott Bayes Elliott
Lattie Elmore
Mary Elswick
Hollis Elzea
Anna Maria Epperly Brady Epperly Christian Epperly Dora T Epperly ... William Isaac Epperly
William Ervin
Delilah Eskew
Annie Evans Martha Jane Evans
George J Eveson
William SR Faint William Herbert JR Faint
Bob Faircloth
Sarah Falkner William Falkner
Sarah Farley
Billy Sunday Farmer George Farmer Gordon A Farmer Henry Clay Farmer ... Parthena Farmer
Mattie Farrington
Eliza Fawcett James Fawcett Richard Fawcett
Mary Fegerson
Judith Ann Fehar
Flora Fender

56. Edgewood Cemetery, Todd County, Ky
HAMPTON, Betty (18771962) HAMPTON, Alice Belle (Aug. 7, 1847-July 7, 1914) (husband)BACON, H. Philip (1913-1993). 8, 1985) (wife)* Gibbs, Judy Laster (Feb.
Last Updated Tuesday, 16-Oct-2001 17:58:28 MDT EDGEWOOD CEMETERY is located on Cemetery Road, Trenton, Ky. This is the city
cemetery of Trenton. Recorded by Tim Pulley October 17, 1994. SECTION 1 on right next to main enterance. DENTON, Walton (May 17, 1885-May 21, 1960)*
DENTON, Katie (March 1, 1884-Sept. 18, 1960)* HIGDON, Eva (1913-1984)*
HIGDON, Davis (1913-1921)*
HIGDON, Olive (1880-1918)*
HIGDON, Paul (1903-1981)*
HIGDON, Wesley (1877-1928)* GARDIN, Ralph (Confederate Soldier) (age 80, no dates) STOCKWELL, Eva Fox (1877-1933)
STOCKWELL, Eugene C. (1864-1929) ADAMS, Mildred Payne (Nov. 26, 1919-Feb. 28, 1976)
ADAMS, James C. (SSGT WWII Army BSN) (July 14, 1912-Dec. 19, 1973)
ADAMS, Finis H. (Nov. 29, 1889-Oct. 2, 1950)*
ADAMS, Delia Bowling (July 17, 1894-Feb. 7, 1978)* CROUCH, Claude D. (1890-1961)* CROUCH, Johnnie S. (1898-)* CHILES, John G., Dr. (Oct. 20, 1832-Sept. 12, 1919) CHILES, Leann W. (Nov. 25, 1837-Oct. 31, 1911) CHILES, Henry W. (Sept. 9, 1858-Aug. 29, 1912) CHILES, John Lea (Feb. 17, 1874-Oct. 30, 1942) MC ELWAIN, Elizabeth C. (Oct. 21, 1861-March 15, 1937)

Carrie Lucille (18771962) Frederick Jane ( - ) John ( - ) John Christian (1808-) Keziah ( - ) Margaret ( - ) Marvel (1818- ) Philip (1801- ) Rosan Gibbs.


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Mildred Agnetta (1917-1976)
Melvin A
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Nancy Jane (1864-1899)
Nelson ( - )
Daniel Garrett
David William

Donald Gerard
John Patrick William ... Timothy John
Elizabeth ( - ) Mary ( - )
Henry ( - ) Michael ( - )
Margaret ( - )
Frances Annette James Cecil (1928-1989) Scott Wilson Shelley Lynn
Charles T. ( - ) Flossie ( - ) Louis ( - )
Sylvester (1865- )
Eva Lee ( - )
Bessie ( -1961)
Eugene Ludwig ( - )
E. J. ( - )
Robert ( - )
Jacob ( - )
Angelia ( - ) Lelia ( - )
Will ( - )
Frances ( - )
Elizabeth (1809-1895)
Gene ( - )
Nicholas ( - )
Nellie Blanche ( - )
Charles ( - )
Emmanuel (1859-1929) Melva (1890-1981)
Carol Ann
Michael ( - )
Clarissa Lovena ( - ) James ( - ) Olevia Ann (1873-1940) Thomas Jr. ( -1982)

58. Art Prints, Art Posters Wallpapers Store
John Gibbs Publications sells posters and postcards of Grosz, George (1893-1959)Guston, Philip (1913-1980 Edo M?ter, Gabriele (1877-1962) Namatjira, Albert
Poster Store To purchase any of the products below click on the image. All transactions are safe and secure with satisfaction guaranteed. This store is brought to you in association with - The World's Largest Poster and Print Store. The Starry Night, 1889
Vincent van Gogh

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Meditative Rose, 1958
Salvador Dali

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Farbstudie Quadrate Mit Konzentrischen Ringen
Wassily Kandinsky

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59. Peckham Collection
Gibbs, Philip, 18771962 Now it can be told / London edition has titleRealities of war. Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 The soul of the war.
University of North Carolina at Asheville
D.H. Ramsey Library
Special Collections/University Archives
Cover: Roger Ingpen. The Fighting Retreat to Paris , London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1914. Title Howard H. Peckham Collection Identifier Creator Howard H. Peckham Subject Keyword Howard H. Peckham ; WWI ; Subject LCSH Peckham, Howard H.
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1914-1918 Aerial Operations
World War, 1914-1918 Africa
World War, 1914-1918 Amphibious Operations
World War, 1914-1918 Artillery Operations
World War, 1914-1918 Battlefields, France World War, 1914-1918 Biography World War, 1914-1918 Campaigns World War, 1914-1918 Campaigns, France World War, 1914-1918 Campaigns, Middle East World War, 1914-1918 Campaigns, Western Front World War, 1914-1918 Caricatures and Cartoons World War, 1914-1918 Chemical Warfare

60. Record Unit 7320 - National Museum Of Natural History, Division Of Mammals, Biog
Bibliography to 1916. Folder, 9, Bluntschli, Hans (18771962). Folder, 14,Gibbs, Wolcott (1822-1908). Folder, 57, Krutzsch, Philip H. (1919-?).
Finding Aids to Official Records of the Smithsonian Institution
Record Unit 7320
National Museum of Natural History, Division of Mammals,
Biographical File, 1860-1973 and undated
Descriptive Entry
This collection contains a variety of materials documenting the lives and careers of scientists from a wide range of fields, including mammalogy, ornithology, ichthyology, herpetology, botany, entomology, paleontology and geology. Also included are files on conservationists , taxidermists, historical figures, explorers, frontiersmen, and hunters. The files include biographies, news clippings, press releases, correspondence, and photographs. The amount of documentation varies with the individual. Of particular note is extensive material on United States National Museum taxidermist William L. Brown. Included are reminiscences of his fifty-one year career at the Museum; photographs taken on the Beach Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Expedition, 1937; and correspondence concerning the Fenykovi elephant. Box 1 of 17 Folder Abbe, Cleveland (1838-1916). Includes obituaries; biographical memoirs; and a news clipping, 1916 and undated.

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