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         Gibbs Philip:     more books (16)
  1. The individualist : a novel by Philip, 1877-1962 Gibbs, 2009-10-26

21. Brooklyn Public Library /All Locations
Alma.; Central Library; 947 G443 B 1963 Crimean blunder; the story of war with Russiaa hundred years ago.; none ; 947 C443 C 1960 Gibbs, Philip, 18771962.,1927/search/aGibbs, Margar
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Nearby AUTHORS are: Prev Next Mark Year Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar.
Bedford, Central Library, Central Library ; 973.8 G Gibbs, Montgomery.
none ; 914 A649 E Gibbs, Nancy.
Mad genius : the odyssey, pursuit, and capture of the Unabomber suspect / Nancy Gibbs...[et al] with the editorial staff of Time magazine.; Bedford, Boro Park, Brklyn Hts, Brower Pk, Canarsie, Central Library, Clinton Hill, E Flatbush, Flatlands, Homecrest, Kensington, Mapleton, New Lots, Saratoga, Spring Ck, Ulmer Park ; 364.1523 M Gibbs, Norman Henry, 1910-
Grand strategy.; none Gibbs, Peter.
The Battle of the Alma.; Central Library ; 947 G443 B none ; 947 C443 C Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962.
Across the frontiers [by] Philip Gibbs. Illustrations by Edgar Lander.; Central Library Central Library Central Library ; FIC The battles of the Somme, by Philip Gibbs.; none ; 940.9 G443 B additional entries
Gibbs, Philip Hamilton, Sir, 1877-1962 See Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962
Gibbs, R. M. (Ronald Malcolm)

The Aborigines / R.M. Gibbs.; Kings Hwy ; 994.0049 G

22. Brooklyn Public Library /All Locations
2 Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. 25 Gibbs, Philip Hamilton, Sir, 1877-1962 See Gibbs,Philip, 1877-1962 1 Gibbs, RM (Ronald Malcolm) 1996 1 Gibbs, Rafe.,1927/search/aGibbs, Philip
KEYWORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Nearby AUTHORS are: Prev Next Mark Year Entries Gibbs, Mary Ann.
Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar.
Gibbs, Montgomery. Gibbs, Nancy. ...
Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962.

Gibbs, Philip Hamilton, Sir, 1877-1962 See Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962
Gibbs, R. M. (Ronald Malcolm)
Gibbs, Rafe. Gibbs, Randy J. ... Next

23. Stories, Listed By Author
Gibbs, NM (chron.) * Letter, (lt) Argosy (UK) Apr 1934. Gibbs, Sir Philip (Hamilton)(18771962) (chron.) * The Artist’s Model, (ss) Cosmopolitan Sep 1929;
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Stories, Listed by Author
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GAY, ROBERT M. (chron.)
GAY, RUFUS (chron.)
  • Alias Steve McQueen, (ss)
GAY, W. A. (chron.)
GAYER, O. B. (chron.)
GAYLORD, FAY C. (chron.)
  • Lend Beauty to the Farm Home by Landscaping the Barn and Other Outbuildings, (ar) Farm Life Sep 1928
GAYLORD, JOE (chron.)
GAYLORD, LAURA C. (chron.)
  • Letter from New York, (cl) Escort
GAYN, MARK (chron.)
GAYNOR, JANET (chron.)

24. Chronological List, Part 33
ort) (18701942); Gibbs, GEORGE S. Gibbs, JM; Gibbs, NM; Gibbs, SirPhilip (Hamilton) (1877-1962); Gibbs, RALPH E. Gibbs, ROBERT E
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Chronological List, Part 33
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25. Free EBooks - Alphabetical List - GLOBUSZ PUBLISHING
Gibbs, Philip, 18771962 Now It Can Be Told. Gibran, Kahlil, 1883-1931Madman, The. Gide, Andre, 1869-1951 AKA Gide, André, 1869-1951
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  • Gaboriau, Emile, 1832-1873

Gerard, James W. Gibbon, Edward, 17371794. Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962. Gibran,Kahlil. Gide, Andre, 1869-1951. Gilbert, WS (William Schwenck), Sir, 1836-1911.
Alphabetical List A B C D ... Library

27. Victorian And Edwardian Collection,G
Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. The custody of the child a novel. Gibbs, Philip,1877-1962. The new man a portrait study of the latest type.


Launceston Reference Library
Victorian and Edwardian Collection
Popular Fiction

28. Background
Gibbon, Edward (17371794), Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire - V6,1,380. Gibbs, Philip (1877-1962), Now It Can Be Told, 1,030. Gilbert Contents.htm
Background Antique White White aquamarine chocolate gold red yellow hotpink lime cadet blue dark goldenrod deep pink dark salmon salmon tan wheat tomato springgreen turquoise HTML-ONLY CD1 Sorted by Author The Best Works of 413 Authors with 750+ TITLES HTML Author Title Size Abbott, John Stevens Cabot (1805-1877) David Crockett Abbott, John Stevens Cabot (1805-1877) Napoleon Bonaparte Abhed¯ananda, Swami (1866-1939) Reincarnation Adams, Brooks (1848-1927) Siege of Washington, D.C. Adams, Brooks (1848-1927) The Emancipation Of Massachusetts Adye, John Miller - Sir (1819-1900) Indian Frontier Policy; an historical sketch Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) An Old - fashioned Girl Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Jack and Jill Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Jo's Boys Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Little Men Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Little Women Alcott, Louisa May (1832-1888) Rose in Bloom Alighieri, Dante (1265-1321) THE DIVINE COMEDY Allen, Emory Adams (-1853) As A Man Thinketh Allen, James (1864-1912) Prehistoric World, The: or, Vanished races

29. Background
D, History, Creasy, Edward Shepherd Sir (1812-1878), Fifteen Decisive BattlesOf The World, D, History, Gibbs, Philip (1877-1962), Now It Can Be Told, Contents.htm
Background Antique White White aquamarine chocolate gold red yellow hotpink lime cadet blue dark goldenrod deep pink dark salmon salmon tan wheat tomato springgreen turquoise The FreeELiterature CD Library of The Best Works of 413 Authors With 750+ TITLES in Mobi Pocket And MS Reader Files Sorted By Subject A GENERAL WORKS H SOCIAL SCIENCES Q SCIENCE B PHILOSOPHY. PSYCHOLOGY. RELIGION ... Z BIBLIOGRAPHY. LIBRARY SCIENCE. INFORMATION LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION LOC Subject Author Title A GENERAL WORKS AC Collections. Series. Collected works AC Voyages and travels Bigges, Walter (d. 1586) Drake's Great Armada AC Essays Fiske, John (1842-1901) The Unseen World and Other Essays AC Voyages and travels Herodotus, (- d 424 BC) An Account Of Egypt AE Encyclopedias AG Dictionaries and other general reference works AI Indexes AM Museums. Collectors and collecting AN Newspapers AP Periodicals AP Mystery Dickens, Charles (1812-1870) A House To Let AS Academies and learned societies AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories AZ History of scholarship and learning. The humanities B PHILOSOPHY, PSYCHOLOGY, RELIGION

30. Search Truman Presidential Museum & Library Photographs
18831967 (3) Austin, Warren Robinson, 1877-1962 (1) Ayers David A. (1) Fleming, PhilipB. (Philip Bracken), 1887 Gerecke, Bill (1) Gerye, Ed (1) Gibbs, Chester V

31. Truman Library Photograph Search
Gant, Leo J., Gerye, Ed, Gibbs, Chester V Crowley, Leo, Fleming, Philip B. (PhilipBracken), 1887 in Photograph Austin, Warren Robinson, 18771962 Date July 17

32. England Speaks (in VSCCAT)
this year of grace, 1935. Illustrations by E. Lander. Author Gibbs,Philip, 18771962. Published New York, The Literary Guild
England speaks
  • England speaks, by Philip Gibbs; being talks with road sweepers, barbers, statesmen, lords and ladies, beggars, farming folk, actors, artists, literary gentlemen, tramps, down-and-outs, miners, steel workers, blacksmiths, the man-in-the-street, highbrows, lowbrows and all manner of folk of humble and exalted rank with a panorama of the English scene in this year of grace, 1935. Illustrations by E. Lander.
  • New York, The Literary Guild [1935]
  • 341 p. front., plates. 24 cm.
LC Card no:
  • System ID no:
    • AAQ-9859
    Johnson State College
    • CALL NUMBER: 914.2 G355e Book Available
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  • 33. HMC | NRA | Persons Beginning GI
    1980) missionary, teacher and writer (1) Gibbs, Norman Henry (19101990) Historian(3) Gibbs, Sir Philip Armand Hamilton (1877-1962) Knight Author (3) Gibbs

    GE GH GI ... GY List of persons with surname beginning GI
    Gib, Adam (1714-1788) Secession Minister

    Gibb, Andrew Dewar (d 1974) Professor of Law

    Gibb, B (fl 1938) Assistant District Commissioner In Palestine

    Gibb, Charles John (1824-1916) Physician

    Gibb, Sir George Duncan (1815-1873) 4th Baronet Physician

    Gibb, John Hassard Stewart (1859-1933) Colonel Worcestershire Regiment

    Gibb, Phelan (1870-1948) painter
    Gibbon, John (fl 1800-1900), Southport
    Southport, Lancashire Gibbon, Joshua (fl 1823-1826) Collector Of Music Memorabilia, Tealby Tealby, Lincolnshire Gibbon, Matthew Charles Howard (d 1873) Richmond Herald Gibbon, Perceval (1879-1926) Author and Journalist Gibbon, R J (d 1981) Antiquary Gibbon, Robert Geoffrey (b 1901) Vicar of Somerford Keynes Antiquary ... Gibbons, Henry (1798-1891) Farmer, Bledlow Bledlow, Buckinghamshire Gibbons, J H (fl 1900-1901) Staff Sergeant, Royal Army Medical Corps South Africa Gibbons, Joshua (1778-1871) papermaker Gibbons, Stella Dorothea (1902-1989) afterwards Webb, Poet and Novelist Gibbons, W (fl 1796-1802) Sailor Gibbons, William (1649-1728) Physician ... Giblin, John F (fl 1943-1999) Metallurgist, Liverpool Liverpool, Lancashire Gibson, A. (20th cent), Barrow On Humber

    34. Inventory Of The Garber Letter Collection
    ALS, 1 p., May 10, 1919, London, to Straus. Gibbs, Philip Hamilton (18771962)Author, Journalist. ALS, 3 p., April 6, 1911, np, to Horace Blackly.
    Case Western Reserve University. Legal Information Contact Library Webmaster University Library CWRU Home Page Search Welcome to CWRU! Admissions Academics University Departments Computing Resources University Libraries Research Student Life Alumni Relations News of CWRU Newsstand CWRU Directory Master Plan University Library Career Planning and Placement Undergraduate Admissions School of Graduate Studies Office of University Communication
    Inventory of the Garber Letter Collection
    Scroll down or select a letter to move to the portion of the index you desire. Click on letter at head of category to return to alphabet bar A B C D ...
    Gale, Norman (1862-1942) Poet.
    • ALS, 4 p., n.d., n.p., to Mr. Keary (?)
    Galesworthy, John (1867-1933) English Novelist and Playwrite.
    • ALS, 1 p., March 1, 1932, Biarritz, to Mr. Glenn. (?)
    • 3 Autographed photos.
    Gallichan, Walter M. ( -1946)
    • ALS, 2 1/2 p., March 13, 1918, London, to ?
    Gardiner, Samuel Rawson (1829-1902) English Historian.
    • ALS, 2 p., November 4, 1869, n.p., to ?
    Garnett, David (1892-1981) Author.
    • TLS, 1 p., March 2, 1977, le Verger de Charry, to Dr. Garber.

    35. Book People: Additions To The IPL Online Texts Collection 04-25-01
    of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 19331945 LC Subjects United StatesPolitics andgovernment1933-1945 United StatesEconomic policy Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962.$1.html
    Book People Archive
    Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 04-25-01
    • From:
    • Subject: Additions to the IPL Online Texts Collection 04-25-01
    • Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 09:05:55 -0400

    36. GIBBS, Sir Philip, Autographs, Letters, Documents, Manuscripts
    Gibbs, Sir Philip (18771962). Author and journalist. Autograph LetterSigned to FG Cardew, 2 pages 8vo, with envelope, (slight
    GIBBS, Sir Philip (1877-1962). Author and journalist.
    Autograph Letter Signed to F.G. Cardew, 2 pages 8vo, with envelope, (slight traces of former mounting), Overponds, Surrey, 24 February 1925.
    An amusing letter, explaining to Cardew, who had written Gibbs informing him that his name had appeared in Gibbs's latest novel, that it is necessary to use real names in his novels.
    'I am sorry you are amazed because I used your name in my novel "The Reckless Lady". ... The trouble is one has to use real names and whatever one chooses it is sure to be objectionable to a man who owns it. I once did use my own name in a novel but the critics thought the idea unpardonable! ...' The Reckless Lady was published in 1925.
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    John Wilson Manuscripts Limited, Painswick Lawn, 7 Painswick Road, CHELTENHAM GL50 2EZ, UK

    Tel: +44(0)1242 580344 Fax: +44(0)1242 580355

    37. Literature Autographs, Letters, Documents, Manuscripts
    very short time ). £32 / $59 / €49 No 5323 Gibbs, Sir Philip(18771962). Author and journalist. Autograph Letter Signed to
    Literature This is our less expensive material and the descriptions are necessarily rather brief. Longer descriptions and illustrations are not provided for this category. There is very little material beyond the letter "L", but cataloguing is continuing, albeit rather slowly. Please ask if you have specific interests which are not found.
    You may also search for any word in the entire stock. Z Divert to more significant selection for this category ABBOTT, Jacob (1803-1879). American writer for the young.
    Final six lines and signature of an Autograph Letter Signed.
    A'BECKETT, Arthur William (1844-1909). Humorous writer.
    Autograph Letter Signed to a Doctor sending Punch and promising his 'Scotch book', 1 page 8vo, 17 Feb 1877.
    ADAMS, William Davenport (1851-1904). Journalist.
    Letter Signed to Forman thanking him for new of the new play, 1 page 8vo (traces of old mounting), Globe Office, no date.
    ADCOCK, Arthur St John (1864-1930). Journalist and novelist.
    Autograph Letter Signed to Cooper thanking him for a subscription, 1 p 8vo, Rickmansworth, 3 Nov 1909.
    ADOLPHUS, John Leycester

    Charles. The Gen Book RSL GAR Gibbs, Philip, 18771962. The battleRSL 823.91220 GIB within a novel Glassop, Lawson, 1913-1966.

    39. The Lost Continent Of - Why, I'd Say It Was High Time We Explored It Ourselves,
    Hamlin, 18601940 Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865 Gautier, Theophile Gay,John, 1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gift Book
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    1940 Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 18101865 Gatlin, Dana Gautier, Theophile Gay,John, 1685-1732 Gibbon, Edward, 1737-1794 Gibbs, Philip, 1877-1962 Gift Book PROJECT GUTENBURG AUTHORS.TXT

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