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  1. Life of Stephen A. Douglas by William Gardner. by Gardner. William. b. 1861., 1905-01-01

41. Mount View Cemetery Records - G
George E. son of JW E. Gardner d. April 10, 1881 age 11, 1882 William d. July 27,1884 age 67yr 1mo 15da Willie Jacob d. 1878 age 62yr 6mo Zillah B. b. 1861 d
Mount View Cemetery records - G
The following records for Mount View Cemetery have been compiled from three sources: A typed record from 1947 on microfilm at the LDS library, a DAR list compiled by walking through the cemetery and writing down tomb stone markings and a cemetery list from Oak Lawn Cemetery. (Oak Lawn Cemetery was the first cemetery in Olean. All burials before 1900 would have been there. Since the area around Oak Lawn had become residential by the 1890's and the cemetery was in poor condition, all graves were removed to the then new Mount View Cemetery in 1906.)
All three cemeteries had similar listings, but each had records that the other did not, so combined this list seems to be more extensive. Any corrections or notations would gladly be accepted. The hard copy is housed with the Olean Historical and Preservation Society where the rest of the alphabet is currently being copied for use on the computer.
B C D ... Z
A.J. (Doc) d. June 1, 1891 age 58
Franklin P. b. 1852 d. 19? Husb. of Katherine
Katherine E. b. 1853 d. 1936 Wife of Franklin

42. Bickle Family Genealogy Forum
William and Alvard Bickle Betsy Frakes 6/07/00 Re William and Alvard Re JamesBickle b.1861 Lidford Devonshire E - Philip John Bickle 5/09 Jan Gardner 12/27
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43. William & Martha Wright In Chatham Co. NC - Descendants?
William Martha had the following children Charles b?, Jane b.1851, James b.1854,John b.1857, Austin b.1861 ? b.1864. Charles Wright married Eliza Gardner
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Eugina b.1867, James b.1869
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44. China And Japan, By James D. Johnston, Added Notes
B., Captain USN (d Dec 1861), commanding ship de Bourboulon, Alphonse, Count (b 1809),French minister of King Kamehamaha IV (qv) Gardner, William Henry, (1800
The phrase "rats and mice, and such small deer" is quoted (more or less) from King Lear , III, iv, 151, reading "But mice and rats and such small deer have been in Tom's food for seven long year." An archaic meaning of "deer" was a small mammal.
Dr. S, who was remarkably handsome, according to Chapter 1, appears to be Dr. John W. Sandford, Jr, Assistant Surgeon, in Chapter 11.
Paul and Virginia refer to characters in a romantic novel Paul et Virginie , written by Jacques Henri Bernardin de Saint Pierre, and published in 1787. Apparently the characters in this novel are entirely fictional, making it problematic how their tombs occurred.
Crapeaus may be a misspelling in French for the plural form of Crapaud, apparently Crapaux. Crapaud literally means "toad," but it apparently also means extremely low class. To be of a lower race than toads (crapaux) is an expression meaning "to be the lowest of the low."
Yusef is apparently a stereotypical name for a coachman. Compare John Ross Browne, Yusef, or the Journey of the Frangi

45. Roster And Genealogies Of The 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry - Name Index
b. 1843, d. 1862 Moses J. b. between 1827 and 1828, d. 1861. Simon H. b. 1841, d.before 1903 William G. (1Lt) b. 1838, d. after 1906 William Gardner b. 1838, d
Name Index 9 Main Page Master Index Surname Index
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Smith (cont.)
Sidney Jr.
b. between 1831 and 1832, d. 1861
Stephen W.
b. 1836, d. after 1906
b. between 1838 and 1839
b. between 1839 and 1840
Thomas B.
b. between 1823 and 1824, d. 1899
William 1st
b. between 1836 and 1837
William 2nd
b. between 1833 and 1834
William H.
b. between 1829 and 1830 Snell Henry b. between 1836 and 1837 Snow Albert H. b. 1842, d. 1863 Alfred b. between 1840 and 1841, d. 1862 Charles D. b. between 1842 and 1843, d. circa 1894 James M. b. between 1834 and 1835, d. before 1879 John G. b. 1839, d. 1862 John Gould b. 1839, d. 1862 Thomas b. 1842, d. 1919 Thomas H. b. 1842, d. 1919 Thomas Jr b. 1842, d. 1919 Soder Frederick b. between 1833 and 1834 Southland John W. b. between 1836 and 1837, d. 1894 Southwick Charles F. (Cpl.) b. 1837, d. before 1902 Charles Frederick b. 1837, d. before 1902 Jerome P. b. 1845, d. 1867 Thomas A. b. between 1838 and 1839 Specht Christopher b. between 1836 and 1837, d. 1901 Spencer Jonas b. between 1842 and 1843, d. circa 1909

46. E. B. Coffin Collection NC 1062
M. (Bruce), 18571923; Herbert, 1859-1932; Edward Baker, 1861-1948; George Levi forJune 10th, when he recorded $251.00 cash to William B. Gardner in payment
Collection NC 1062 E. B. COFFIN, 1861-1948
Edward Baker Coffin was born at Yankee Jim's in Placer County, California. His parents, William Lindsey Coffin (1830-1895) and Ann Amelia Gardner Coffin (1830-1921), were originally from Nantucket, Massachusetts; William first came to California in 1850 and worked as a house and sign painter. He returned to Nantucket in 1853 to marry Ann Gardner, then moved back to California with Ann and their infant son Wallace (1854-1937). The Coffins had an additional seven sons while at Yankee Jim's: Brewster M. (Bruce), 1857-1923; Herbert, 1859-1932; Edward Baker, 1861-1948; George Levi, 1864-1945; Nelson, 1867-1947; Frank, 1871-1937; and Charles A., 1873-1946. In 1875 the Coffin family moved to Reno, where William continued to develop his painting business. The Coffin's fourth son, Edward, married Ida Pullman of Elko. Ida had been a student at the Whitaker School for Girls in Reno and the University of Nevada; prior to her marriage she taught grammar school. Edward was a grocer and book keeper and also a Reno City Councilman. These Coffins were the parents of four children: Chester LeRoy, Mila Lucille, Thelma, and Harold Pullman. The Coffin family was a large one and based on their papers, a close knit family. They retained close ties with their Massachusetts kin, as a number of the girls in the third generation spent time with their eastern relatives. From these papers, the family may be traced into the fourth generation.

47. Descendants Of Thomas McKinney - Name Index - Generated By Personal Ancestral Fi
Gardner. William Luther Willie Barton. b.1823 James Jemina b.1780 Margaret Elizabethb.1848 Mary b.1850 Mary Maude b.1870 Mary Vandalia Vandy b.1861 Mattie Lee
Descendants of Thomas McKinney
Name Index


Nancy m.1831
Nervesta C.
Vernon County Sheriff
Braxton M.
Dallas Ruehamer

Dorothy Louise

Paul Buford
Paul Daniel
Harold Edward
Ida b.1875
Nola m.1920
James b.1833
Eloise b.1907
Delores Lucille
Jane m.1872
Vera Lee
Sylvia Louise
Sophia m.1862
Raymond Leo
Rena b.1905
Maude Susan b.1896
William M. b.1873
Archie Boyd Clarence Ersel ... Henderson m.1870 Homer Raymond (Ray) Robert (Bob) Samuel (Sam) ... Silas
Keith Minister Lorraine
Charles Larry Watts b.1889 Easter Pauline James Pelham b.1919 John Steel b.1926 Louise Mable Lois b.1936 Mary Elsie Sallie Mae b.1915 Shurford Wilburn b.1917 William Grover b.1914
[Unknown] Aaron b.1833

48. Puckett - Name Index - Generated By Personal Ancestral File
William A. m.1898. Gardner. 1870 Robert Robert Weldon b.1829 Sally Samuel Amos b.1873Sarah Sarah F. b.1830 Sarah Ruth b.1906 Sarah Whitfield b.1861 Shippy Allen
Descendants of John Puckett
Name Index

Mary "Polly"

Elizabeth b.1672
Lisa K.

Michelle J.
Mary J. m.1852
Aaron Scott
Cory Adam

Kasey Jo
Kylee d'Nae
William A. m.1898
Signora "Sadie" b.1876
Charles "Chuck"
Ida Blanche m.1877
Margaret Malissa d.1938 Sarah Elizabeth m.1891
Emily Dayle Van Vanessa Nicole
Vienna Frances m.1845
Mary Frances m.1866
Betty Jo
Edward L. m.1859 Mary Agnes Mathilda Jane b.1838
Mary Elizabeth b.1841
John T.
Anne d.1679
Georgia Ann m.1892
Gerry Lynn b.1947
Judith m.1720
Asil Pete Sara Reilly Traci d'Nae Troy Dean
Susan E. "Mary"
James Dabney
Mathena Catherine d.1956
Linda Ruth Paul R.
Champion m.1794
Jane m.1835
[Unknown] b.1865 Abraham b.1704 Ada b.1875 Allen Newbell b.1825

49. A Href= Gensf.gif IMG SRC= Gensf.gif ALIGN= Middle Border= 0
She married William Stanton on 5 February 1886. She married John Gardner Stanton on5 April 1879 Freeman H. Stanton (M) b. 04 Mar 1847, d. 06 Nov 1861 Pedigree
Stanton and Bonner Families
Person Page 121 Main Page Master Index Surname Index
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William H. Macomb (M)
Last Edited=19 Jan 1998 William served in the military. He married Mary E. Stanton on 17 January 1844. He resided in 1891.
Francis E. Berier (M)
Last Edited=19 Jan 1998 He married Julia Ann Stanton on 14 May 1850.
Alexander Macomb Stanton (M)
b. 27 Nov 1834

Last Edited=19 Jan 1998 Alexander was born on 27 November 1834. He was the son of Genl. Henry Stanton and Alexandrine Macomb . He married Caroline Cammann on 2 June 1859. Catherine Matilda Stanton (F) b. 12 Oct 1836, d. 16 Dec 1842 Pedigree Last Edited=19 Jan 1998 Catherine was born on 12 October 1836. She was the daughter of Genl. Henry Stanton and Alexandrine Macomb . Catherine died on 16 December 1842. Francis Stanton (M) b. 01 Nov 1838, d. 01 Oct 1859 Pedigree Last Edited=19 Jan 1998 Francis was born on 1 November 1838. He was the son of Genl. Henry Stanton and Alexandrine Macomb . Francis died on 1 October 1859. Alexandrine Stanton (F) b. 31 Jan 1841

50. WDC GenWeb - John Gardner B. 1624 Eng > VA
Genealogy of Virginia and West Virginia families, their ancestors and descendants where ever they came from and went Southampton Co VA * Obediah Gardner b. 1820 Southampton Co VA, d. Mar 4 1861
WDC GenWeb - Descendants of John Gardner
* John Gardner b. 1624 England, d. Feb 21 1683 Isle of Wight Co VA m. Mary -, b. England * James Gardner b. Isle of Wight Co VA, d. 1754 Isle of Wight Co m. Elizabeth - * Joshua Gardner d. 1793 Southampton Co VA * John Gardner * Matthew Gardner d. 1797 Southampton Co VA m. Mary -, d. 1782 Southampton Co * Penelope Gardner m. John Lawrence * Judah "Judy" Gardner m. James Vick * James Gardner b. 1720 Nansemond Co VA, d. 1792 Southampton Co VA m. Sarah - * Honour Gardner b. Southampton Co VA m. Benjamin Lawrence Aug 23 1787 Southampton Co * John Gardner b. 1740 Isle of Wight Co VA, d. 1786 Southampton Co VA m. Ann Darden * David Gardner b. Southampton Co VA, d. 1800 Southampton Co * John Gardner b. Southampton Co VA, d. 1800 Southampton Co * Jesse Gardner b. 1782 Southampton Co VA, d. 1845 Southampton Co m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Vaughan 1809 Southampton Co VA b. 1790 Southampton Co * Randolph Gardner b. Southampton Co VA * Dempsey Gardner b. Southampton Co VA *

51. Descendants
Maryetta, 14 Oct 1863 in Lehi, Utah, Utah m. 27 Dec 1883 to Hyrum Ozro Gardner- d. 18 Oct 1943 in Delta, Millard, Utah. William James, b. 16 Apr 1869 in
With Hannah Miles Levi,
b. 18 Jun 1833 in Charleston, Orlean, Vermont - d. 18 Jun 1833 in Charleston, Orlean, Vermont Lucina, b. Feb 1835 in Charleston, Orlean, Vermont - d. Feb 1835 in Charleston, Orlean, Vermont Abigail Dow b. 5 Nov 1837 in Far West, Caldwell, Missouri - m. 21 Apr 1857 to Fredrick Kessler - d. 2 Oct 1907 in Farmington, Davis, Utah Mason, b. 14 Mar 1841 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois - d. 14 Mar 1841 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
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With Lydia Leavitt
Sariah Hannah
b. 28 Jul 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois - m. 23 Dec 1862 to Peter Lyman Lott - d. 23 Jun 1930 in Lehi, Utah, Utah Levi William, b. 23 Aug 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois - d. Feb 1846 in Montrose, Lee, Iowa
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With Sally Adams
b. 9 Jan 1847 in , , , Canada Julia Maria b. 20 Feb 1849 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa - m. 1 Jan 1866 to Jacob Daniel Cox, to Frederick W. Jones

52. Battery B, 4th U.S. Light Artillery - Majors Of The 4th U.S. Artillery
Gardner, JOHN L. Born in Massachusetts. GRAHAM, William M. Born in the Districtof Columbia. RAWLES, JACOB B. Born in Michigan. Appointed from Michigan..
Officers of the 4 th U.S. Light Artillery Majors.
These officers are listed in the order that they held this position in the 4 th U.S. Artillery.
Click on the for the available photo.
EUSTIS, ABRAM. (See record under head of Lieutenant Colonel.) WILSON, WILLIAM. [Born in . Appointed from Maryland.] Lieutenant, Artillerists and Engineers, 17 July 1794. Resigned, 24 September 1799. Lieutenant, 2 nd Artillerists and Engineers, 16 February 1801. Transferred to regiment Artillerists, 1 June 1802. Captain, 3 May 1808. Transferred to 1 st Artillery, March 1812. Transferred to Corps Artillery, 12 May 1814. Transferred to 3 rd Artillery, 1 June 1821. Major, 4 th Artillery, 8 May 1822. Died, 15 September 1825. Brevet Rank: - Brevet Major, 3 May 1818 for ten years faithful service in one grade. CRANE, ICHABOD B. (See record under head of Lieutenant Colonel.) FANNING, ALEXANDER C. W. (See record under head of Lieutenant Colonel.) BELTON, FRANCIS S. (See record under head of Lieutenant Colonel.) GARDNER, JOHN L. [Born in Massachusetts. Appointed from Massachusetts.]

53. Harry (Henry) William GARDNER, B 1858 - Bugbrooke, Northants
Family Group. Husband. Harry (Henry) William Gardner Born 12 DEC 1858 Bugbrooke, Northants Marr 10 JUN 1889 - Bugbrooke, Northants Died - Father Richard Gardner Mother Elizabeth COLLINS Other

54. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Chalfant To Chamberlin
Chamberlain, William (b. 1834) Brother of Mellen Chamberlain and Chamberlain, WilliamP. of Keene, Cheshire County Chamberlin, Gardner J. (b. 1872) of Syracuse
Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
Index to Politicians: Chalfant to Chamberlin

55. The Political Graveyard: Index To Politicians: Shorten To Shuja
Shoudy, William H. Mayor of Seattle, Wash., 188687. Shoun, John B. of Elizabethton,Carter County, Tenn. Great-grandfather of Richard Gardner Shoup.
Questions? Return to The Political Graveyard main page
Index to Politicians: Shorten to Shuja

56. Unplaced - Samuel Gardner
v. EMMA Gardner, b. abt. 1867, Census 1870 a. 3 b. MA (Emma G.); 1880 a. 13 b. William C. Gardner, b. abt. 1871, 1880 census a. 9 b. MA. 18.
Main htmlAdWH('7008303', '234', '60'); Main htmlAdWH('7002795', '234', '60'); Main Descendants of Samuel Gardner, possible father of Merlin Gardner of Duxbury, MA
complete to date Dec. 8, 2000 Generation No. 1
. SAMUEL1 GARDNER b. abt.1765 (just my estimate on bd - could this Samuel be the s. Nathaniel and grs. of Samuel?) (still not sure these are Merlin's parents) . He m. ABIGAIL TABOR Nov. 04, 1791 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA (Src: Attleboro VR). She b. abt. 1765 in Providence, RI (Src: Duxbury VR), and d. April 02, 1849 in Duxbury, MA a. 84 (Src: Duxbury VR).

Child of SAMUEL GARDNER and ABIGAIL TABOR is: . i. MERLIN GARDNER, b. May 31, 1791, Attleboro, Bristol, MA a. 59 on 1850 Census. Generation No. 2 MERLIN 2 GARDNER (SAMUEL1) b. May 31, 1791 in Attleboro, Bristol, MA (Src: Attleboro VR) ; Census: 1850 a. 59, b. MA, brickmaker; 1860 a. 69; 1870 a. 79 . He m. PEGGY CHANDLER Oct. 05, 1809 in Duxbury, MA (Src: Duxbury VR), d. PELEG CHANDLER and MERCY DARLING. She b. Oct. 10, 1791 in Duxbury, MA listed as Pegg Chandler (Src: Duxbury VR); Census: 1850 a. 58, b. MA; 1860 a. 68; 1870 a. 78. Census: 1850-1860 res. Duxbury, Plymouth, MA (complete to date)

57. L-Births - Massachusetts - Gardner Project
Gardner, Lucca, ch. Thomas, and Joanna (Carter), b. June 23, 1755 in Hingham. Gardner,Lucetta J., ch.W. (William) Curtis and Sally W., Sept. 15, 1832.
Main htmlAdWH('7008303', '234', '60'); Main htmlAdWH('7002795', '234', '60');
GARDNER Surname Project
Massachusetts Births
- L*
Births Marriages Deaths Abbreviations ...
Gardner Surname Project for Massachusetts
  • Gardner, Laban , d. Joseph and Abigail, h. Mary Gardner, h. Phebe Beale, 26th, 9 mo. 1763. (Nantucket VR)
  • Gardner, Laban Lincoln, s. Jesse and Delight (Lincoln), b. Dec. 7, 1816, d. July 10, 1818 Hingham.
  • Gardner, Laban Lincoln, s. Jesse and Delight (Lincoln), h. Catherine Burell, b. Aug. 18, 1823 Hing.
  • Gardner, Larkin Turner, s. Galen and Lydia (Sylvia), March 1830, Charlestown. (History of Revere)
  • Gardner, Larkin T., twin s. Galen and Sylvia, b. Mar. 7, 1830 in C. (Charlestown VR2)
  • Gardner, Latham , s. Alexander and Anna (Allen), h. Priscilla Gardner, 1st, 10 mo. 1760. (Nantucket VR)
  • Gardner, Latham, m., s. Henry and Hannah (Mooers), 19th, 9 mo. 1817 [see Anna F.] (Nantucket VR)
  • Gardner, Lauretta, d. Mason and Ruth, Mar. 8, 1813. (Swansea VR) (w. Samuel
  • Gardner, Laurinda, d.

58. Mary-Anne's Genealogy Page
b.1871; Elizabeth b.1873; Joseph b.1875; William b.1878; Amy b.1883; Florence b.1887;Ethel b.1890; Elsie b.1893. Associated names Singleton, Blake, Gardner.
Below is a list of names being researched and the first families in Australia. If you see a connection to any of these families I would love to hear from you. Names being researched are: Angel Antaw Baldwin Barnes ... Wilkes Angel Head Rixon Murray Antaw The Antaw's joined our family with a marriage and were around the Narrabri area in about the 1890. Associated names: Hansen Baldwin Edwin Baldwin was born in the Hawkesbury in 1805, the son of a convict. He married into the Clark family in 1826 in Wilberforce. He was later sent to Norfolk Island for cattle rustling. Associated names: Singleton Clark/e Barnes
Bellamy Singleton Blake Thomas was born c.1809 in Portsea, England (son of Thomas Blake and Mary Sayers). He arrived in Australia about 1837 as a convict. Thomas was convicted on 27th February, 1834 at the Meath Assizes and was sentenced to seven years. He received a Ticket of Leave on 24th May, 1839. He met Ann Walsh and from birth certificates they were supposedly married in Newcastle in 1840, but no registration has been found. They had nine children: Anne b.c.1841; Elizabeth b. 1843; Margaret b. 10 October 1845; Fanny b. 9 August 1847; Mary Jane b. 4 September 1849; William Thomas b. 13 October 1851; Emily b. 20 December 1953; Louisa b.c. 1855; Sarah b. 14 April 1859. Sadly Ann died three days after giving birth to Sarah. Thomas d. 6 August 1877 at Gogodery Creek, Molong. Associated names: Gardner Hibbert Singleton Breasley Daniel Breasley m Julia Ann Shaw b. c.1833 in Dublin Ireland (daughter of Jeremiah Shaw and Julia Ann Kavanagh). They had five sons: Thomas b. 20 October 1849; George Andrew b. 2 August 1851; Daniel Kingsmith b. 5 September 1852; John Samuel b. 4 February 1855; and William b.c. 1855. Associated names:

59. Georgia 8th Infantry Regiment
Towers, John R.Colonel; Gardner, William Montgomery-Lieutenant Parrish, William F.(orParish) - Musician Guards – Floyd County; Company B – Oglethorpe Light
The Civil War in Georgia
Georgia 8th Infantry Regiment
      The 8th Georgia Regiment was organized for the War in late May and early June, 1861. Most of the units' members had seen pre-War militia service. The regiment was mustered in at Camp Bartow, Howard's Grove, Richmond, Virginia in June of 1861. Francis S. Bartow was its first commander. The 8th Georgia participated in many engagements during the War, and was known as the "Fighting 8th." President Davis supposedly wrote: "The 8th is known." The 7th Georgia along with the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 59th made up Gen. 'Tige' Anderson's Brigade in Hood's Division of Longstreet's Corps. Henry Persons ( is writing a regimental history of the 7th Ga.
    • Bartow, Francis S: Colonel
    • Gardner, William MontgomeryColonel
    • Lamar, Lucius M.-Colonel
    • Towers, John R.-Colonel
    • Gardner, William Montgomery-Lieutenant Colonel, Brig. General
    • Cooper, Thomas L Lieutenant Colonel
    • Towers, John R: Lieutenant Colonel
    • Lamar, Lucius M.- Major, Lieutenant Colonel
    • Magruder, E. J. – Major, Lieutenant Colonel

Moore, John B. / 5th Sergt. Clark, Daniel Clark, Joseph Clinton, Jackson A. Cobb,William G. Deal John C. Fitchett, Jonathan Gassaway, John W. Gardner, John J
C. S. A.
York District
(Before the Reorganization)
This company was organized in York District and joined for duty and was enrolled therein, 13 APR 1861, and was mustered into Confederate service at Orangeburgh by Barnard E. Bee, Lieut. Col., S. C. I., Mustering Officer, 4 JUN 1861.
      Jackson, Andrew / Captain
      Black, John / 1st Lieut.
      Black, Alfred P. / 2nd Lieut.
      Thompson, George W. / 3rd Lieut.
      Harvy, James M. / 3rd Lieut. Gill, J. J. L. / 1st Sergt. McCarter, Harvey S. / 2nd Sergt. Bell, James A. / 2nd Sergt. Cobb, William G. / 3rd Sergt. Bell, James A. / 4th Sergt. Howe, James H. / 4th Sergt. Moore, John B. / 5th Sergt. McCarter, Samuel L. / 1st Corporal Hardin, Elisha / 1st Corporal Quinn, James H. /3rd Corporal Hardin, Abraham / 3rd Corporal Watson, William / 4th Corporal
      Adams, Joseph A. Adkins, Thomas Armstrong, Robert J. Barber, James R. Bird, Edward Brown, William Clark, Daniel Clark, Joseph

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