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         Frederic Harold:     more books (16)
  1. An Examination of Political Pessimism in the Works of American Novelist Harold Frederic, 1856-1898 (Studies in American Literature) by Jean S. Filetti, 1998-12
  2. The market-place by Harold Frederic ; illustrated by Harrison Fi by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1899
  3. The new exodus a study of Israel in Russia by Harold Frederic .. by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1892-01-01
  4. The damnation of Theron Ware, or, Illumination by Harold, 1856-1898 Frederic, 2009-10-26
  5. THE NEW EXODUS : A STUDY OF ISRAEL IN RUSSIA by Harold, 1856-1898. Frederic, 1892
  6. Gloria mundi ; a novel by Harold Frederic. by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1898-01-01
  7. The deserter and other stories. A book of two wars. by Harold Fr by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1898-01-01
  8. The damnation of Theron Ware; or. Illumination by Harold Frederi by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1896-01-01
  9. An Examination of Political Pessimism in the Works of American Novelist Harold Frederic, 1856-1898. by Jean S Filetti, 1980
  10. Seth's brother's wife. A study of life in the greater New York by Harold, 1856-1898 Frederic, 2009-10-26
  11. Seth 's brother 's wife. by Frederic. Harold. 1856-1898., 1898-01-01
  12. Illumination .. by Harold, 1856-1898 Frederic, 2009-10-26
  13. Reluctant Expatriate: The Life of Harold Frederic (Contributions to the Study of World Literature) by Robert Myers, 1995-08-30
  14. The Damnation of Harold Frederic: His Lives and Works by Bridget Bennett, 1997-04

41. ★ Reviews For Frederic,_Harold
An Examination of Political Pessimism in the Works of American Novelist Harold Frederic,18561898 (Studies in American Literature (Edwin Mellen Pr), Vol 29).,_Harold/Frederic,_Harold_2.html
Related Subjects: Author Index Reviews Page 1 Book reviews for "Frederic,_Harold" sorted by average review score: The Damnation of Theron War Published in Audio Cassette by Audio Book Contractors (2000) Authors: Harold Frederic and Flo Gibson Amazon base price: Average review score: No reviews found. Deserter And Other Stories (The Works Of Harold Frederic - 14 Volumes) Published in Library Binding by Reprint Services Corp (1999) Author: Harold Frederic Amazon base price: Average review score: No reviews found. Deserter and Other Stories, a Book of Two Wars Published in Hardcover by AMS Press (1940) Author: Harold Frederic Amazon base price:
Used price: Average review score:
No reviews found. An Examination of Political Pessimism in the Works of American Novelist Harold Frederic, 1856-1898 (Studies in American Literature (Edwin Mellen Pr), Vol 29) Published in Hardcover by Edwin Mellen Press (1998) Author: Jean S. Filetti Amazon base price:
Used price: Average review score:
No reviews found. Frederic Remington Published in Hardcover by Doubleday (1982) Authors: Peggy Samuels and Harold Samuels Amazon base price:
Used price:
Collectible price: Average review score:
No reviews found.

42. HTML Translation Of SGML/EAD Document By Tim Green
et les Russes . Arrangement. 1 file only. Access OPEN BEAULIEU,A LEROY, FL 18831885, AUTHOR; Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898, WRITER;
British Library of Political and Economic Science
Russian Print, c1890-c1900
Extent: 1 file
Biographical History
Scope and Content
Printed papers and notes relating to the political situation in Russia in the 1890s, including reports and circulars of Society of Friends of Russian Freedom; press cuttings of articles on Russia by Jaakoff Prelooker; 'The Treatment of Russian Undergraduates', typescript by unnamed author; notes for a lecture on Harold Frederic's book 'The New Exodus: a study of Israel in Russia; notes on A Leroy Beaulieu's book 'L'Empire des tzars et les Russes'.
1 file only
Access: OPEN

43. Abacci EBook Categories: F
Foxes, 2. France, 22. France History - Revolution And Napoleonic Empire (1789-1815),1. Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898, 1. Frederick, 1. Frederick II, 1740-1786, 1.

44. Stories, Listed By Author
Frederic, Harold (18561898) (chron.) * Brother Sebastian’s Friendship,(ss) Argosy (UK) May 1942. * The Copperhead, (sl) Scribner
The FictionMags Index
Stories, Listed by Author
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FRANK, PAT (chron.) (continued)
  • Stranger in the Sky, (ss) The Saturday Evening Post Dec 7 1957
  • Target: Treason, (ss) Colliers Jun 22 1946
  • Colliers Sep 20 1941
  • This One Is on the House, (ss) Playboy May 1958
  • Victory, (ss) Country Home Magazine Sep 1939
  • Write Finis, (vi) Colliers Dec 17 1949
    FRANK, R. A. (chron.)
  • 45. Index Stories, Listed By Author, Part 6
    FRAZIER, IAN (1951 ); FRECHTMAN, BERNARD; Frederic, Harold (1856-1898);FredericK the GREAT; FredericK, KC (1935- ); FREDETTE, JEAN
    Miscellaneous Anthologies
    Index: Stories, Listed by Author, Part 6
    Previous Table-of-Contents

    46. Academia - An Online Magazine And Resource For Academic Librarians - Published B
    2002; $10.95 Paper; ISBN 0375759077 Damnation of Theron Ware Or Illumination;Author Frederic, Harold, 18561898; Publisher Modern
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    November 2002
    Table of Contents
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  • Author: Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951
  • Publisher: Library of America
  • Publication Date: September 2002
  • $40.00 Cloth
  • ISBN: 1931082081 Candide
  • Author: Voltaire, 1694-1778
  • Publisher: Modern Library
  • Publication Date: January 2002
  • $23.95 Cloth
  • ISBN: 0679642587 Charles Dickens
  • Author: Smiley, Jane
  • Publisher: Viking
  • Publication Date: June 2002
  • $19.95 Cloth
  • ISBN: 0670030775 Childhood, Boyhood and Youth
  • 47. OLIS
    ,......Title, The new exodus a study of Israel in Russia /. Author, Frederic,Harold, 18561898. Publisher, New York Arno Press, 1970.

    48. Book Information Page -- Greenwood Publishing Group
    Although known internationally at the time of his death, Harold Frederic (18561898),is best known today as the author of The Damnation of Theron Ware.

    49. Index
    Translate this page Leggett, Francis Gutenberg Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 Gutenberg Frazer, JamesGeorge, Sir, 1854-1941 Gutenberg Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898 Gutenberg Freeman
    VYH¼ADÁVAÈ E-KNÍH - ANGLICKÉ TITULY - AUTOR - pís. F Fa-hsien, ca. 337-ca. 422 Gutenberg
    Fabre, Jean-Henri, 1823-1915 Gutenberg
    Fairless, Michael, 1869-1901 AKA: Barber, Margaret Fairless, 1869-1901 Gutenberg
    Farjeon, Eleanor, 1881-1965 Gutenberg
    Farnol, Jeffery, 1878-1952 Gutenberg
    Farrand, Max, 1869-1945 Gutenberg
    Farrar, John Gutenberg
    Father Ryan AKA: Ryan, Abram Joseph, 1839-1886 Gutenberg
    Fee, Greg Gutenberg
    Ferber, Edna, 1887-1968 Gutenberg
    Ferguson, William Blair Morton, 1882- Gutenberg Ferri, Enrico, 1856-1929 Gutenberg Feuillet, Octave, 1821-1890 Gutenberg Field, Edward Salisbury, 1878-1936 Gutenberg Field, Ellen Robena Gutenberg Field, Eugene, 1850-1895 Gutenberg Fielding, Henry, 1707-1754 Gutenberg Fielding, Sarah, 1710-1768 Gutenberg Filson, John, ca. 1747-1788 Gutenberg Fish, Carl Russell, 1876-1932 Gutenberg Fisher, Joseph, the younger, of Youghal Gutenberg Fisher, Sydney George, 1856-1927 Gutenberg Fiske, John, 1842-1901 Gutenberg Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940 Gutenberg Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880 Gutenberg Flecker, James Elroy, 1884-1915

    50. Index
    Camelias, La _ 8bit text (with accented letters), by Dumas, Alexandre, fils 1824-1895Damnation Of Theron Ware, The, by Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898 Damsel In
    VYH¼ADÁVAÈ E-KNÍH - ANGLICKÉ TITULY - Dielo - pís. D Daddy-Long-Legs, by Webster, Jean, 1876-1916
    Daisy Miller, by James, Henry, 1843-1916

    Daisy chain, The; or, Aspirations, by Yonge, Charlotte Mary, 1823-1901

    Damaged Goods, by Brieux, Eugene, 1858-1932
    Dynamiter, The, by Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894

    51. Blood, Benjamin Paul, 1832-1919. Papers: Guide.
    1s.(2p.). (11) Frederic, Harold, 18561898. ALs to same; Albany, 9 May1883. 2s.(8p.) damaged by fire. (12) Gurney, Edmund, 1847-1888.
    MS Am 1452-1452.1
    Blood, Benjamin Paul, 1832-1919. Papers: Guide.
    Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
    Descriptive Summary
    Repository: Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
    Location: b
    Call No.: MS Am 1452
    Call No.: MS Am 1452.1
    Creator: Blood, Benjamin Paul, 1832-1919.
    Title: Papers,
    Quantity: 1 box (.5 linear ft.)
    Abstract: Correspondence and compositions of American philosopher and poet Benjamin Paul Blood.
    Administrative Information
    Acquisition Information:
    Gift of Horace M. Kallen , 66 West 12th Street New York 11, New York; received: 1955 May 24 and 1954 November 8.
    Historical Note
    Blood was an American philosopher, mystic, and poet.
    Organized into the following series:
    • I. MS Am 1452: Letters to Benjamin Paul Blood II. MS Am 1452.1: Correspondence and compositions
    Scope and Content
    Contains letters, mostly to Blood, often in response to his writings; a few letters and typescript manuscripts by him; a galley proof of an article by William James, "A Pluralistic Mystic," about Blood; and many clippings of Blood's articles, interviews, poems, and letters to the editor that appeared in local newspapers in his native Amsterdam, N.Y.
    Container List
    • Series: I. MS Am 1452: Letters to Benjamin Paul Blood

    52. Howells Family. Papers: Guide.
    1 letter; 1885. (160) Frederic, Harold, 18561898. 3 letters; 1885-1898.(161) Freeman, Mary Eleanor (Wilkins), 1862-1930. 1 letter; 1900.
    MS Am 1784-1784.13
    Howells family. Papers: Guide.
    Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
    Descriptive Summary
    Repository: Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
    Location: b
    Call No.: MS Am 1784
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.1
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.2
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.3
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.4
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.5
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.6
    Call No.: MS Am 1784.7 Call No.: MS Am 1784.8 Call No.: MS Am 1784.9 Call No.: MS Am 1784.10 Call No.: MS Am 1784.11 Call No.: MS Am 1784.12 Call No.: MS Am 1784.13 Creator: Howells family Title: Papers, Date(s): 1850-1954 (inclusive). Quantity: 52 boxes, 2 v., 2 portfolio boxes (26 linear ft.) Abstract: Correspondence, compositions, and diaries of American novelist William Dean Howells as well as papers of his wife and children.
    Administrative Information
    Acquisition Information: The collection of correspondence and manuscripts of William Dean Howells and his family began in 1937 when the Harvard College Library purchased an important group of letters to William Dean Howells from Miss Mildred Howells and her brother Mr. John Mead Howells. The remaining papers have been presented to The Library by Miss Howells and her brother in small lots over the years from 1938 to the present. In this inventory the distinction between manuscripts acquired by purchase in 1937 and the later gifts has been made clear by cataloguing the two groups separately within each "collection." The accession numbers for the gifts appear with the item. In the cases where interfiling of gift and purchase was deemed appropriate, the old catalogue number "800.20" listed with the item indicates a manuscript acquired by purchase.

    53. PROJECT GUTENBERG - Catalog By Title - M
    MarketPlace, The AUTHOR Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898 LANGUAGE English SUBJECTFiction _ Business NOTES 2 PG ENTRY 298 - POSTING DATE Jul 1995 ZIP.

    54. This Is Project Gutenberg This List Has Been Downloaded From The
    F. Scott Francis Scott, 18961940 Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880 Fox, John, 1863-1919Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898 Freeman, EA

    55. Bibliography Of American Literature, Table Of Contents
    + Fox, John William Jr. 18621919. + Frederic, Harold 1856-1898. + Freeman,Mary Eleanor Wilkins 1852-1930. + Freneau, Philip Morin 1752-1832.

    56. Lawrence Hutton Correspondence
    16, Ford, James L., 18541928. 17, Frederic, Harold, 1856-1898. 18,French, Lillie Hamilton, 1854-1939. 19, Frohman, Daniel, 1851-1940.
    Laurence Hutton Correspondence
    A Brief Guide
    Manuscripts Division
    Department of Rare Books and Special Collections
    Princeton University Library
    A D G ... V
    Box/Folder Listing
    Box/Folder Correspondent Abbey, Edwin Austin, 1852-1911 Abbott, Angus Evans, fl. 1896 Acton, John Adams, fl. 1878 Agassiz, Alexander, 1835-1910 Akers, Charles, fl. 1878 Alden, Henry Mills, 1836-1919 Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 1836-1907 Alexander, George, 1858-1918 Alexander, James W., 1839-1915 Alexander, John White, 1856-1915 Alexis, Willibald, 1798-1871 Allen, Charles Dexter, 1865-1926 Allen, James Lane, 1849-1925 Alma-Tadema, Laura, d.1940 Anderson, Mary Anthony, Andrew Varick Stout, 1835-1906 Archer, William, 1856-1924 Aspinwall, Lloyd Austin, Louis F., fl. 1884 Authors Club, fl. 1882 Avery, Samuel P. Bacon, Henry, 1866-1924 Badeau, Adam, 1831-1895 Baird, W.C., fl. 1887 Baldwin, James Mark, 1861-1934 Bambugh, William Cushing, fl. 1902 Bancroft, Sir Squire B., 1841-1926 Bangs, John Kendrick, 1862-1922 Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter, 1809-1889 Barnes, James, 1866-1936

    57. Scribner Photographs
    Du Chaillu, Paul, 18351903. Fisher, George Park, 1827-1909. Frederic, Harold,1856-1898. Frost, AB, 1851-1928. Froude, James Anthony, 1818-1894.
    Photograph Files
    A. Countries Box/Folder Africa Africa - Art, Misc. Africa - History Africa - Sculpture Africa - Algeria, Angola Africa - Burundi, Dahomey Africa - Congo Africa - Ethiopia Africa - Ghana Africa - Kenya, Lagos Africa - Liberia Africa - Mali Africa - Morocco Africa - Morocco, Marrakesh Africa - Morocco, Fez Africa - Nigeria Africa - Rhodesia Africa - Sengal, Sierra Leone Africa - South Africa, Boer War Africa - Sudan Africa - Swaziland Africa - Togo, Tunesia Africa - Uganda, Upper Volta, Zambia, Zanzibar Albania Antarctic Arabia Arctic Australia Austria Austria - Art, Misc. Belgium Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Brazil - Industry British Guiana Burma Canada Canada - 1899 and earlier Canada - General Canada - Industry Canada - Alberta, Canadian Rickies Canada - British Columbia Canada - Montreal Canada - New Brunswick (Prov.) Canada - Newfoundland Canada - Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island Canada - Ontario (Prov.) Canada - Ottawa Canada - Quebec Canada - Quebec (Prov.) Canada - Quebec, 1899 and earlier Caroline Islands Ceylon China China - Art, Misc. China - History China - Painting China - Sculpture China - Shanghai China - Peking China - Pottery Republic of China Costa Rica Cuba Cuba - Stereoscopic Views Czechoslovakia Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt Egypt - Ancient Life Egypt - General Egypt - Painting Egypt - Pottery Egypt - Pyramids Egypt - Sculpture England - Art, Misc.

    58. World Literature
    Frederic, Harold, 18561898, Damnation of Theron Ware, The, 1894, Novel, Search,2, Fry, Christopher, 1907-, Lady s Not for Burning, The, 1948, Drama, Search,2,
    World Literature, Series 2 - Alphabetized by Authors
    Author Dates for Author Title Date of pub. Type of Work Search in Google S AC KL W G U P About, Edmond Francois King of the Mountains, The Novel Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Persians, The 472 B.C. Drama Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Seven Against Thebes 467 B.C. Drama Search Aeschylus 525-456 B.C. Suppliants, The 490 B.C. Drama Search Ainsworth, William Harrison Jack Sheppard Novel Search Ainsworth, William Harrison Old St. Paul's Novel Search Aldington, Richard Death of a Hero Novel Search Alegria, Ciro Broad and Alien is the World Novel Search L Aleman, Mateo Guzman de Alfarache Novel Search Amado, Jorge Violent Land, The Novel Search L Amicis, Edmondo De Romance of a Schoolmaster, The Novel Search Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales Tales Search Andreyev, Leonid Seven Who Were Hanged, The Novel Search Ariosto, Ludovico Orlando Furioso Poem Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Birds, The Drama Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Lysistrata 411 B.C. Drama Search Aristophanes c.448-385 B.C. Plutus 388 B.C. Drama Search Austen, Jane

    59. World Literature
    Frederic, Harold, 18561898, Damnation of Theron Ware, The, 1894, Novel, Search,2, Strindberg, August, 1849-1942, Dance of Death, The, 1901, Drama, Search,2,
    World Literature, Series 2 - Alphabetized by Titles
    Author Dates for Author Title Date of pub. Type of Work Search in Google S AC KL W G U P Edgeworth, Maria Absentee, The Novel Search Huysmans, Joris Karl (Charles Marie Georges Huysmans) Against the Grain Novel Search Sophocles 495?-406 B.C. Ajax c.440 B.C. Drama Search Jonson, Ben Alchemist, The Drama Search Dryden, John All For Love Drama Search Remarque, Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front Novel Search Warren, Robert Penn All the King's Men Novel Search U Shakespeare, William All's Well That Ends Well c.1602 Drama Search Conrad, Joseph (Teodor Jozef Konrad Korzeniowski) Almayer's Folly Novel Search James, Henry Ambassadors, The Novel Search U Plautus, Titus Maccius c.254-184 B.C. Amphitryon c.185 B.C. Drama Search Andersen, Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales Tales Search Terence (Publius Teretius Afer) c.190-159 B.C. Andria 166 B.C. Drama Search Racine, Jean Baptiste Andromache Drama Search O'Neill, Eugene Anna Christie Drama Search Bennett, Arnold Anna of the Five Towns Novel Search Galt, John Annals of the Parish Novel Search Scott, Sir Walter

    60. HMC | NRA | Persons Beginning FR
    James (18141884) 1st Baronet Builder (1) Freckelton, Thomas Wesley (1827-1903) Unitarianminister (1) Frederic, Harold (1856-1898) Journalist (1) Alexandrina

    FE FF FI ... FY List of persons with surname beginning FR
    Fraenkel, Eduard (1888-1970) Classical Scholar

    Fraenkel, Heinrich (1897-1986) Author

    Frame, Ronald (b 1953) author and playwright

    Frampton, Sir George James (1860-1928) Knight Sculptor
    Frampton, Thomas Shipdem (1840-1923) Anglican Clergyman Antiquary

    France, Anatole (1844-1924) see Thibault Jacques Anatole Francois (
    France, Gerald Ashburner (1870-1935) MP

    France, Pierre Mendes- (1907-1982) Prime Minister of France

    Francillon, James (1802-1866) Judge and Legal Writer
    Francillon, John (1744-1816) entomologist ... Francis, David Lloyd (fl 1920-1990) Missionary Papua New Guinea Francis, Sir Frank Chalton (1901-1988) Knight Director and Principal Librarian of British Museum Francis, George Grant (1814-1882) Antiquary Norfolk Norfolk Francis, Hywel (b 1946) lecturer and MP Francis, I (1708-1765) Holy Roman Emperor Francis, John (1780-1861) sculptor Francis, John Oswald (1880-1956) Dramatist ... Frank, Hannah (fl 1875) Domestic Servant Shropshire Shropshire Frank, Leslie (fl 1949) Coxswain Frank, Leslie (fl 1949) Naval Rating Aboard Hms Amethyst China Frank, Richard (1698-1762) Antiquary

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