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  1. Lessons From The Life Of Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790 (1891) by Benjamin Franklin, Ebenezer Carlton Sprague, 2010-09-10
  2. Benjamin Franklin 1706; 1790 by C. Charles Burlingame, 1949
  3. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN (1706-1790): An entry from Gale's <i>World of Earth Science</i>
  4. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN (1706-1790): An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Communication and Information</i> by WAYNE A. WIEGAND, 2002
  5. On marriage : advice to a young man on early marriage ; advice to a young woman on her marriage / Benjamin Franklin & Jonathan Swift by Benjamin (1706-1790) & Swift, Jonathan (1667-1745) Franklin, 1930-01-01
  6. Dr. Benj. Franklin and the ladies : being various letters, essays, bagatelles, & satires to & about the fair sex ... [Doctor Benjamin Franklin and the ladies] by Benjamin (1706-1790) Franklin, 1939-01-01
  7. The Ingenious Dr. Franklin; Selected Scientific Letters of Benjamin Franklin, edited by Nathan G. Goodman by Benjamin (1706-1790) Franklin, 1931-01-01
  8. The Life Of Dr. Benjamin Franklin;
  9. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's almanac, and other papers by Franklin. Benjamin. 1706-1790, 1920
  10. Ben Franklin, 1706-1956. by Benjamin (1706-1790)] American Philosophical Society. [FRANKLIN, 1956-01-01
  11. Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin. by 1706-1790] HOLLEY, O. L. [FRANKLIN Benjamin, 1879-01-01
  12. Franklin on Franklin / [edited by] Paul M. Zall by Benjamin (1706-1790) Franklin, 2000
  13. Benjamin Franklin : his autobiography : with a narrative of his public life and services / by H. Hastings Weld ; with numerous designs by J.G. Chapman by Benjamin (1706-1790) Franklin, 1849-01-01
  14. The Writings of Benjamin Franklin. Collected and Edited with a Life and Introduction by Albert Henry Smyth. by Benjamin (1706-1790). Franklin, 1970-01-01

1. FRANKLIN, Benjamin (1706-1790) Biographical Information
Franklin, Benjamin, 17061790. Franklin, Benjamin, ( uncle of Franklin Davenport), a Delegate from January 17, 1706; attended the Boston Grammar School one year; was instructed

2. Benjamín Franklin
(17061790) Fil³sofo, pol­tico y cient­fico estadounidense. Biograf­a con enf¡sis en temas de electricidad, magnetismo y ³ptica.
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Benjamín Franklin
Links Autobiografía de Benjamín Franklin (inglés)
¿Qué es la luz?/Propagación de la luz

Primeras Observaciones De Los Fenómenos Eléctricos y Magnéticos

Integrantes del Grupo VIA
  • Vanessa Heilbron Nº 6
  • María E. López Nº 9
  • Maricleer Rivera B. Nº 12
  • Jorge Fernández Nº 24
  • Constantino Karnakis Nº 28
  • Fotis Liakópulos Nº 30
  • Edwin Ríos Nº 35

3. Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Scientific Biog
Franklin, Benjamin (17061790), American printer, writer, politician, diplomat,and scientist. He invented bifocals and the Franklin stove.
Branch of Science Scholars Nationality American
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)

American printer, writer, politician, diplomat, and scientist. He invented bifocals and the Franklin stove. He also experimented with Leyden Jars In 1752, he flew a kite attached to a silk string in a thunderstorm, and showed that a metal key tied to the thread would charge a Leyden jar (Incidentally, the next two people who attempted the experiment were killed in the effort.) His experiments with Leyden jars showed that they discharged more easily if near a pointed surface. He thus suggested the use of lightning rods. He named the two kinds of electricity positive and negative, unfortunately assigning negative charge to what later was found to correspond to material with an excess of electrons
References Franklin, B. Oeuvres, 2 vols. Paris: Quillau-Esprit, 1773.

4. FRANKLIN, Benjamin (1706-1790) Bibliography
Franklin, Benjamin, 17061790. Extended Bibliography. Brands, HW The First AmericanThe Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin. New York Doubleday, 2000.

5. Colonial Hall Biography Of Benjamin Franklin, Page 1
The biography of Benjamin Franklin, founding father and signer of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Franklin. 17061790. Benjamin Franklin was born at Boston, on the 17th of January, 1706 .
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6. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Outlines: Outline Of American Literature: Dem
An Outline of American Literature. by Kathryn VanSpanckeren. Democratic Origins andRevolutionary Writers, 17761820 Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790). *** Index ***.
FRtR Outlines American Literature Democratic Origins and Revolutionary Writers, 1776-1820 > Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
An Outline of American Literature
by Kathryn VanSpanckeren
Democratic Origins and Revolutionary Writers, 1776-1820: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Index Benjamin Franklin, whom the Scottish philosopher David Hume called America's "first great man of letters," embodied the Enlightenment ideal of humane rationality. Practical yet idealistic, hard-working and enormously successful, Franklin recorded his early life in his famous Autobiography . Writer, printer, publisher, scientist, philanthropist, and diplomat, he was the most famous and respected private figure of his time. He was the first great self-made man in America, a poor democrat born in an aristocratic age that his fine example helped to liberalize. Franklin was a second-generation immigrant. His Puritan father, a chandler (candle-maker), came to Boston, Massachusetts, from England in 1683. In many ways Franklin's life illustrates the impact of the Enlightenment on a gifted individual. Self- educated but well-read in John Locke, Lord Shaftesbury, Joseph Addison, and other Enlightenment writers, Franklin learned from them to apply reason to his own life and to break with tradition in particular the old-fashioned Puritan tradition when it threatened to smother his ideals. While a youth, Franklin taught himself languages, read widely, and practiced writing for the public. When he moved from Boston to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Franklin already had the kind of education associated with the upper classes. He also had the Puritan capacity for hard, careful work, constant self- scrutiny, and the desire to better himself. These qualities steadily propelled him to wealth, respectability, and honor. Never selfish, Franklin tried to help other ordinary people become successful by sharing his insights and initiating a characteristically American genre the self-help book.

7. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Biographies: Benjamin Franklin
FRtR Biographies Benjamin Franklin A Biography of Benjamin Franklin17061790. A Biography of Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790. *** Quote ***.
FRtR Biographies Benjamin Franklin A Biography of Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
A Biography of Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
Quote Franklin was born in 1706 at Boston. He was the tenth son of a soap and candlemaker. He received some formal education but was principally self-taught. After serving an apprenticeship to his father between the ages of 10 and 12, he went to work for his half-brother James, a printer. In 1721 the latter founded the New England Courant, the fourth newspaper in the colonies. Benjamin secretly contributed 14 essays to it, his first published writings. In 1723, because of dissension with his half-brother, Franklin moved to Philadelphia, where he obtained employment as a printer. He spent only a year there and then sailed to London for 2 more years. Back in Philadelphia, he rose rapidly in the printing industry. He published The Pennsylvania Gazette (1730-48), which had been founded by another man in 1728, but his most successful literary venture was the annual Poor Richard 's Almanac (1733-58). It won a popularity in the colonies second only to the Bible, and its fame eventually spread to Europe.

8. The Infography About Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Search The Infography Franklin, Benjamin (17061790). Framing Effects in MarketingCommunications Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) Free Online Scholarship (FOS).
Search The Infography:
Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Ben Franklin.
Six Superlative Sources
Wright, Esmond. Franklin of Philadelpha. Harvard University Press, 1986. Van Doreen, Carl. Benjamin Franklin. Viking, 1938. Labaree, Leonard W., et al. The Papers of Benjamin Franklin. Yale University Press, 1959- . (34 vols to 2000.) Franklin, Benjamin. Writings. Edited by J.A. Leo Lemay. The Library of America, vol. 37. Viking, 1987. Cohen, I. Bernard. Franklin and Newton: An Inquiry into Speculative Newtonian Experimental Science and Franklin's Work in Electricity as an Example Thereof. American Philosophical Society, 1956. Sellers, Charles Coleman. Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture. Yale Univ. Press, 1962. Search The Infography
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Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790)
Free Online Scholarship (FOS)
About The Infography
published by Fields of Knowledge
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9. PAL: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Paul P. Reuben. Chapter 2 Early American Literature Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790). Top Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) A Brief Biography
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature
A Research and Reference Guide - An Ongoing Project Paul P. Reuben Chapter 2: Early American Literature - Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
Ben Franklin on TIME Magazine Cover: A Special Report July 7, 2003 A BF Timeline A Documentary History The Autobiography ... Home Page
Source: Portrait of Ben Franklin Top Primary Works Dogood Papers Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity Poor Richard's Almanack (first annual edition), 1732-57; The General Magazine and Historical Chronical Plain Truth Proposals Relating To The Education Of Youth In Pennsylvania Experiments And Observations on Electricity The Way to Wealth Causes Of The American Discontents Political, Miscellaneous, And Philisophical Pieces Benjamin Franklin's Experiments; a new edition of Franklin's Experiments and observations on electricity. Edited, with a critical and historical introduction, by I. Bernard Cohen. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1941. QC516 .F85 Letters and papers of Benjamin Franklin and Richard Jackson, 1753-1785. Edited and annotated, with an introduction, by Carl Van Doren. Philadelphia: The American Philosophical Society, 1947. E302.6 .F75

10. Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 Franklin, Benjamin, 17061790. Benjamin Franklin An American Life. Benjamin Franklin An American Life Walter,_Benjamin,_1706-1790
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
Benjamin Franklin : An American Life Walter Isaacson
Franklin, Benjamin,
Statesmen ... United States - Revolutionary War

11. 1706-1790
Franklin, Benjamin, 17061790 Quotations Quotations, American Satire, American Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 Humor Reference Form - Essays .
Benjamin Franklin : An American Life
Walter Isaacson
Franklin, Benjamin,
Benjamin Franklin : An American Life
Walter Isaacson
Franklin, Benjamin,
... United States - Revolutionary War

12. Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin.
Franklin, Benjamin, 17061790. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. ElectronicText Center, University of Virginia Library. The entire work.
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
The entire work 405 KB
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  • 13. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
    American Literature on the Web Benjamin Franklin (17061790). General ResourcesBenjamin Franklin (University Archives and Records Center, UPenn);
    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

    14. The American Revolution (Benjamin Franklin)
    Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin (17061790). Benjamin Franklin was bornin Boston, Massachusetts on 17 January 1706, the 15th of 17 children.
    Battles Important People Important Places Historical Viewpoints ... Home Born: January 17, 1706 in Boston Massachusetts
    Died: April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Father: Josiah Franklin (1657-1744)
    Mother: Abiah Folger (1667-1752)
    Married: Deborah Read (Common Law)
    • William Franklin (1731-1813) Francis Folger Franklin (1732-1736) Sarah (Sally) Franklin (1743-1808)
    These few words cannot be expected to do justice to a man who led, by any standards, a full and varied life. Indeed in these days of specialization it is difficult to take seriously a man whose life encompassed meetings at the American Philosophical Society (which he founded), debates in the Pennsylvania legislature, investigations into the nature of electricity, representing the interests of the Colonists to the English Parliament, negotiating the Treaty of Paris and many inventions, physical and social, that are still apparent today. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 17 January 1706, the 15th of 17 children. His dad was an English tallow chandler and soap boiler who had emigrated 20 years earlier.

    15. Biografias- Benjamín Franklin
    Translate this page Biografías Franklin Benjamín. Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790),. Biografia. Franklin,Benjamin (1706-1790), filósofo, político y científico estadounidense
    var logDomain = "starmedia"; var logChannel = "gratisweb"; var logPath = "usuarios"; var logPage = "usuarios"; var noPopUp = true; var noLayer = true; Home Buscar Chat contáctanos Quienes somos e-mail aquimequedo. cjb .net Suscribirse SELECIONE BIOGRAFIAS FRASES CÉLEBRES CITAS CON GIF PARA REFLEXIONAR ... ENLACES ESCRIBEME Nombre Emai l Escríbeme, comentarios sugerencias recomendaciones, aportes, chistes frases. links.. etc.. etc.. Biografías Franklin Benjamín Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790), filósofo, político y científico Benjamín Franklin, hijo de un humilde fabricante de velas, nos sugiere siempre la invención del pararrayos Pensamiento de Benjamin Franklin El dinero nunca hizo a un hombre feliz ni lo hara. No hay nada en su naturaleza que pueda producir felicidad. Cuanto más tiene un hombre, más quiere. En vez de llenar un vacio, lo crea. Si satisface un deseo, dobla o triplica aquel deseo en otra manera. El proverbio del hombre sabio, sobre el que podemos descansar, nos aconseja: "Mejor es lo poco con el temor de Dios que lo mucho con problemas."
    Benjamin Franklin Pensamiento de Benjamin Franklin Hay dos clases de personas en el mundo, las que son felices y las que son desgraciadas.

    16. The Energy Planet :: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) :: Nederlands
    Scroll naar boven, Benjamin Franklin. Franklin, Benjamin Encarta Encyclopedia,1997 Franklin, Benjamin World Book Encyclopedia, 1970 Bibliografie.
    Introductie Grafisch materiaal Interactief Media Lab Tijdschema ...
    Bekijk het gastenboek
    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)





    Traditionele energie
    Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin is bij veel mensen bekend als één van de grondleggers van de Amerikaanse republiek, filosoof, wetenschapper en schrijver. Gedurende zijn roemrijke leven heeft Franklin veel voor de mensheid gedaan, maar zijn meest bekende bijdrage is die van bliksem en het verband met elektriciteit. Het verhaal van Benjamin vliegerend in een stormbui is vele malen verteld over de hele wereld, maar er zit meer achter dan alleen een vlieger en een sleutel.
    Het Leven Van Benjamin Franlin Benjamin Franklin werd geboren op 17 januari 1706 als zoon van zijn vader, Josiah Franklin, en zijn moeder, Abiah Folger. Franklin was de tiende zoon in een zeer groot gezin van in totaal vijftien. Tussen zijn achtste en tiende jaar werd Benjamin, zoals zoveel kinderen, van school gehaald om te leren werken in het bedrijf van zijn vader. Benjamin’s broer, James, nam hem in de leer bij de drukpers. Tijdens zijn leerjaren besloot Franklin echter om zijn opleiding uit te breiden met andere onderwerpen naast alleen het boekdrukken. Tijdens deze periode las Benjamin veel boeken, waaronder, Pilgrims Progress, Parallel Lives, Essay on Projects, Essays to do Good, en Spectator. Franklin en zijn broer gaven ook een krant uit. Overdag bezorgde Benjamin de krant en ’s nachts schreef hij artikelen voor diezelfde krant.

    17. Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin 17061790 Representing Pennsylvania at the ContinentalCongress. Born January 17, 1706. Birthplace Boston, Ma.

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    Elbridge Gerry Benjamin Franklin
    Representing Pennsylvania at the Continental Congress Born: January 17, 1706 Birthplace: Boston, Ma.

    18. Famous Authors Quotes By Categories
    Benjamin Franklin (17061790) Categories Franklin (1

    19. Benjamin FRANKLIN (1706-1790)
    Benjamin Franklin (17061790). The following timeline includes excerptspublished with consent from Independence Hall Association (IHA).
    Grand Master's Apron Detail see also St. Keverne Church Pews
    with consent from
    Life of Benjamin Franklin by Jared Sparks
    Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

    Falmouth Packet Archives 1688-1850
    home Beaumarchais Lord BYRON William DOCKWRA ... Edmund DUMMER (-1713) Benjamin FRANKLIN (1706-1790) Lafayette Thomas PAINE (1736-1809) Samuel Pepys (1633-1703) Sir William SYMONDS ... Samuel KELLY Benjamin FRANKLIN (1706-1790) The following timeline includes excerpts published with consent from Independence Hall Association (IHA) of Philadelphia, owners of The Electric Franklin See 30 November, 2000
    In an attempt to view Benjamin Franklin's life in relation to Postal Packet history, this timeline necessarily includes references to Freemasonry and Postal administration in England and North America. Judging by some of the dates and Franklin's excellent contacts, we can deduce these subjects are not necessarily unrelated.
    A review of the role of the mason's in American History reveals the influential role of the Free and Associated Masons in our history. The research quickly demonstrates the importance of the lodges from the time of the revolution.

    20. Good Reading At
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