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         Donnell Annie Hamilton:     more detail
  1. Rebecca Mary by Annie Hamilton Donnell ; with illustrations by E by Donnell. Annie Hamilton. 1862-, 1905-01-01

61. Proyecto Gutenberg: ÍNDICE DE AUTORES
Translate this page 1905 Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898 AKA Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898 Donn-Byrne,Brian Oswald 1889-1928 Donnell, Annie Hamilton, 1862- Donnelly, Ignatius
Colección de los consorcios de la biblioteca de Libros Electronicos del mundo Sobre El Proyecto Gutenberg El proyecto Gutenberg es el más viejo productor del Internet de los libros electrónicos LIBRES que contienen sobre 10.000 (los eBooks o los eTexts). ¿Qué libros encontraré en el proyecto Gutenberg? El proyecto Gutenberg es el brainchild del ciervo de Michael , que en 1971 decidía a que sería una idea realmente buena si las porciones de textos famosos e importantes estaban libremente disponibles para cada uno en el mundo. Desde entonces, a centenares de los voluntarios lo ha ensamblado que comparten su visión.
Ahora, más de treinta años más adelante, el proyecto Gutenberg tiene las figuras siguientes (en fecha 8 de noviembre de 2002): 203 nuevos eBooks lanzaron durante octubre de 2002, 1975 nuevos eBooks producidos en 2002 (eran 1240 de 2001) para un total de 6267 eBooks totales de Gutenberg del proyecto. 119 eBooks han sido fijados hasta ahora por

62. Biblioteca Virtual
Messer Marco Polo(.zip 50.16 Kb). Donnell, Annie Hamilton (1862 +?). Rebecca Mary(.zip - 65 Kb). Dostoyevsky, Fyodor (1821 + 1881).
Obras por autor - D
Dana, Marvin (1867 + ?) Within The Law(.zip - 177 Kb) Dana, Richard Henry (1815 + 1882) Two Years Before the Mast(.zip - 355.19 Kb) Dante Alighieri (1265 + 1321) AKA Dante
La Divina Commedia : Inferno(.zip - 79 Kb)

La Divina Commedia : Paradiso(.zip - 81 Kb)

La Divina Commedia : Purgatorio(.zip - 80 Kb)

La Divina Commedia(.zip - 226 Kb)
The Divine comedy of Dante Alighieri : Hell, Purgatory, Paradise Comedy (.zip - 363 Kb)
Darlington, Edgar B. P. The Circus Boys Across The Continent : or, Winning New Laurels On The Tanbark(.zip - 104 Kb)
The Circus Boys In Dixie Land : or, Winning The Plaudits Of The Sunny - 103 Kb)

The Circus Boys On The Flying Rings : or, Making The Start In The Sawdust Life(.zip - 105 Kb)

The Circus Boys On The Mississippi : or, Afloat With The Big Show On The Big River(.zip - 99 Kb)
The Circus Boys On The Plains : or, The Young Advance Agents Ahead Of The Show(.zip - 102 Kb)
Darwin, Charles (1809 + 1882) The Autobiography Of Charles Darwin(.zip - 54.78 Kb)

63. Patrick's People A Pedigree Family History Site
O Donnell, Annie735, born 1886 Aug, Pennsylvania, USA, John-184,born 1878-1879, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, died 1891 or later,
Patrick's People A Pedigree Family History Site
Name List
A B C D ... W , X, Y , Z,
O ROURKE James-[5883] born 1864 Apr 23, Inveresk with Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland O'BIRNE Patrick-[4320] born 1822 or earlier died 1863 or later O'BRIAN Michael-[1741] born 1824 or earlier died 1863 or earlier Sally-[1760] born 1817 or earlier died 1856 or later O'BRIEN Agnes-[1744] born 1841-1842 died 1906 or later Agnes-[4052] born 1807-1811, Scotland died 1841, Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland Alexander-[7118] born 1794 or earlier died 1812 or later George-[462] born 1833 or earlier died 1870 or later Mary-[5698] born 1817 or earlier died 1857 or later O'BRINES Mary Ann-[5788] born 1814 or earlier died 1865 or later O'BRYAN Henry-[1137] born 1807 or earlier died 1855 or later Mary-[1194] born 1826 Apr 16, Aghalee, County Antrim, Ireland died 1855 Dec 21 in pm, 26 North Woodside Road, Glasgow, Scotland bur. Dalbeth Cemetery, Glasgow, Scotland O'BYRNE Ann-[3595] born 1845 or earlier died 1863 or later Ann-[4307] born 1839-1840 died 1863 or later O'COIGLEY James-[3728] born 1761 Aug, Kilmore parish, County Armagh. Ireland

64. Family History Association Of North Queensland Inc. - Index To Remote Graves
1897, Hamilton, Robert A. Gayndah district, Qld. 1944, McCLELLAND, Annie,Mingela district, NQ, 1919, 2, 1940, O Donnell, Jack, Karumba, FNQ, 1924,1,
Family History Association of North Queensland Inc. Index to Remote Graves
Over many years, the Association has built up a collection of items relating to remote graves in North Queensland and, to a lesser extent, elsewhere in Australia. This has recently been collated into book form by one of our members, Mr John Sweet, and is now held at our Library in Baker Street, Townsville. For researchers unable to visit in person, we are prepared to provide extracts from this collection which, in most cases, will include a gravestone inscription and location. In some cases, there are historical notes gathered from newspapers and other local sources and, for several of the entries, we have photographs available of the actual sites. Cost is as follows - Per name - extract of all information held $AUS 2.00 or 4 AUS Stamps Per name - 1 photo plus extract Per name - 2 photos plus extract Photo only Overseas readers may send notes in their own currency or International Reply Coupons to the approximate values as noted, but NOT Bank Cheques please. Orders should be mailed to: The Secretary
PO Box 6120
AUSTRALIA Please clearly state the name/s in which you are interested together with your return address
The extracts can also be emailed, if you prefer.

65. Larissa Cemetery, Cherokee County Texas
Porter, 128-1870 d. 8-12-1886 (son of BD GM) Bone, Annie Donnell d. 11 twins births deaths 4-6-1943 (son daughter of JM MM) Hamilton, WB 1-10-1862 d. 7
Larissa Cemetery
Cherokee County, Texas
From the Pages originally hosted By Larry Cribbs at Cribbs 101
New format by Brenda and David Wooddell, Sr.

Larissa Cemetery is located 2¾ miles west of Mount Selman, Texas, on FM 855. Catalogued June 10-11, 1969, by Mrs. Joe Bardwell, Mrs. Colie Cole, Sharon Moore, Teresa Moore, Mrs. George Cravy and Leonard Owens.
Adams, J.A. "Bert" 12-11-1881 d. 9-30-1951
Adams, Willie S. 6-5-1889 d. 4-2-1928 (wife of J.A.)
Adams, J.W.P. d. 3-10-1917
Adams, S.E. 1-16-1843 d. 12-7-1916 (wife of J.W.P.)
Adams, Edward L. 1883-1961
Alexander, E.R. 8-13-1834 d. 10-11-1920 Alexander, Sophronia Ewing 7-6-1837 d. 4-6-1903 Alexander, A.O. 9-23-1860 d. 12-10-1860 Alexander, infant daughter 12-18-1861 d. 6-30-1862 Alexander, Cynthia A. 7-13-1850 d. 10-17-1853 Alexander, Mary B. 1-19-1858 d. 11-10-1866 Alexander, Mary D.A. 1-13-1830 d. 12-24-1872 Bardwell, Stocker S. 10-19-1897 d. 8-22-1934 Bardwell, Elsie M. 1867-1963 Bardwell, Joseph 11-26-1885 d. 12-14-1965 (Tex-CMM-USNRE-WW I)

66. Index; Genealogy Report For John Kidney
David Kitney (17 Oct 1953) O Donnell, Mary and 06 Feb 1786) Parnett, (? andCaroline Annie Kitney Parsons Frank and Judith Ruth Germson Hamilton (21 Sep
Indexes for John Kidney. C.1665 1. Marriages
2. People
3. Places
Index of Marriages
(?), Ada and Ernest Kitney (circa 1920)
(?), Ettie and Albert (Bert) Ivory
(?), Gladys and Henry (Harry) Kitney ...
Violet (b. circa 1902)
George Sotherden
Lucy Ann
Thomas Henry
Charles (chr. 31 Aug 1856, )
Elizabeth (b. circa 1868, )
George (b. circa 1866, )
Henry (b. circa 1858, ) ...
William (b. circa 1862, )
Elizabeth (b. 1849, d. 28 Apr 1899)
Elizabeth (b. 1849, d. 28 Apr 1899)
Gertrude Ann (b. 25 Jan 1941)
Gertrude Ann (b. 25 Jan 1941)
Nellie Linda
Nellie Linda
Roy M
Aileen Myrna
Aileen Myrna
Linda May (b. 10 May 1965)
Carolyn Mary (b. 21 May 1958)
Carolyn Mary (b. 21 May 1958)
Brendan James (b. 01 Mar 1978)

67. 1860
Kerry (25/12) * Annie Horniman (theatre manager and Fowke * Sir William Rowan Hamilton* Henry Montgomery Mac Domhnaill * Leopoldo O Donnell * William Parsons
* The Church of St Andrew in Suffolk Street, Dublin, is destroyed by fire (8 January)
* Mass meetings organized by the Catholic hierarchy raise £80,000 for the defence of the Papal States; 1,000 Irish volunteers fight unsuccessfully against the Piedmontese at Spoleto and Castelfidardo
* An expedition led by Robert O'Hara Burke, an Irish policeman, leaves Melbourne with the intention of making the first European crossing of Australia (20 August). They will make the crossing, but Burke and William Wills will die on the return journey
* Unusually cold and wet weather commences, which will last till 1862, to be followed by droughts in 1863 and 1864. Severe agricultural depression ensues
* Napier's and Deasy's Land Acts are passed (28 August)
* There are evictions in Partry, Co. Mayo Births * John Henry Bernard (scholar, Archbishop of Dublin and provost of Trinity College Dublin) (27/7)
* Patrick Dinneen (Pádraig Ó Duinnín; priest, lexicographer and editor) in Rathmore, Co. Kerry (25/12)
* Annie Horniman (theatre manager and patron; sponsor of the building of the Abbey Theatre (1904)) in London

68. William Butler Yeats Collection
Horniman, Annie Elizabeth Frederika, 18611937. Kymry See Minchin, Hamilton; L., F.See Pollexfen, George Thomas Mac See Mc Donnell, Francis Quinton, 1883-1951.
State University of New York at Stony Brook
University Libraries
West Campus
William Butler Yeats Microfilmed Manuscripts Collection Bottom Library Homepage Yeats Guide Special Collections Index of Correspondents Numbers refer to box numbers ( not to page number). A box number followed by an asterisk (*) indicates that a letter by that particular correspondent has been attached to or is an enclosure with other correspondence. In addition, please consult the Index to Box List. Most of the order names and mottoes (in capitals) have been drawn from George Mills Harper, Yeats's Golden Dawn
  • [ ], Adda. Box 111.
  • [ ], Dause. Box 113.
  • [ ], Else. Box 120.
  • [ ], Michael. Box 118.
  • [ ], Olga. Box 111.
  • [ ], Rene. Box 120.
  • AE See Russell, George William, 1867-1935.
  • A.H. See Horniman, Annie Elizabeth Frederika, 1861-1937.
  • See
  • Abbey Theatre. Box 45*, 132, 133.
    • See also Blythe, Ernest; Ervine, St. John Grier; Gorman, Eric; Gregory, Lady; Higgins, F.R.; Keogh, J. Augustus; Monck, Nugent; O'Donovan] Donovan, Michael; Robinson, Lennox; Starkie, Walter; Wilson, A. Patrick; Wright, Udolphus; Yeats, William Butler.
  • Aberdeen and Temair, Marquis.

69. DeWeese 2002 CD - Name Index - Generated By Ancestral Quest
Hamilton, TN Shannon Lamar b.1975 Chattanoga, Hamilton, TN. Unknown - Adaline Williamsb.1886 - Alice Donnell b.1883 Anna Brooke - Annette m.1855 - Annie M. b
Descendants of Adriaen Hendricks DE WEES
Name Index
Jacob Anthony
Kimberly Ann
m.1990 - Miami, OK
b.1946 -
b.1940 -
Paul Wesely
m.1964 -
Scott Thomas
m.1990 - Oswego, KS
Sue Webb
m.1883 -
m.1934 -
Buel b.1906 - Caneyville, Grayson, Ky
Garland Stanley
b.1899 - , Grayson, Ky Guffie Lindsey b.1909 - Caneyville, Grayson, Ky Hulbert Gordon b.1902 - Caneyville, Grayson, Ky James Gordon Bennett b.1875 - Caneyville, Grayson, Ky Jewel Noreen b.1900 - Caneyville, Grayson, Ky William
Paul b.1911 - Sarah m.1878 -
Hornton b.1840 - Suzanne b.1950 -
Hannah m.1769 - Berks Co, Pa
Julia F. m.1870 -
Archie b.1916 - OK Connie Arvella Dee Lynn Donald Gene b.1925 - Delhi, OK Doris Dorothy Everett Edward b.1921 - Delhi, OK Faye Frank E. b.1922 - OK George Lee b.1890 - Grace Juanita James Frederick b.1912 - Delhi, OK Jessie A b.1920 - Luther Alford b.1889 - St. Joe, TXf Merle Nell Sarah Seth

70. Washington Genealogy Forum (All Messages)
Re John O Donnell Donegal to Whatcom, Washington - jkcook 4/05 Holtrey 12/05/03JOSEPH - Hamilton Auburn, Washington 11/20/03 Searchign for Annie Tough nee
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1646. CRUTCHER, Annie Long, Papers, ca. DICKINSON, Ida Hamilton Thompson, GenealogicalCollection, ca. Donnell, James Webb Smith, Papers (THS), 18201932. 799.
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Hyperlinked entries indicate that the finding aid is available in PDF format.
Click to Download ..! Note: Please allow the page to finish loading before using the index below. ..INDEX.. Numeric A B C ... Q - Z
Title Dates Mf. #
114TH Field Artillery Battery "C" Reunion Association Papers ABBEY, Seth, Papers (THS) ABERNATHY, Thomas Edward, Papers ADAMS, Adam Gillespie, Papers ... ANDERSON, James Douglas, Papers, Addition (THS) ANDREW JACKSON Collection ANDREWS, Frank Maxwell, Papers ANDREWS Family Papers ANTHONY, Martha Farmer, Collection of Farmer Family Papers ARCHIVO General de Indias Papeles de Cuba, Legajo 1795 ... AVERY, Catherine Berry Pilcher, Papers ca. 1500-1971 AVERY, Catherine Berry Pilcher, Papers, Addition AVERY, Oswald Theodore, Papers Back to the top of the page BAILEY, Lucy Catherine, Papers ... BILLS Family-John V. Wright Papers BIOGRAPHICAL Questionnaires BLACK, Roy Watterson, Collection ca. 1820-1970 BOOKER Family Papers BOONE, Charles Henry, Papers

72. Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Tennessee
More information in Scrapbook. Mrs. Rachel Donnell Caldwell, mother May 9, 1868August29, 1911 Annie Ruth dau. Denetia H. wife of Dr. FB Hamilton, December 2

73. Madison County, Tennessee TNGenWeb Queries
daughter Josephine ELLIS married George Washington Donnell, Sr County D 9/1980 MadisonCounty Annie May Crawford Gloria Hamilton Bronte Lane Wed Jan 8 190827
Madison County, Tennessee Archived Queries
August 1996 through February 1997
Please feel free to enter a query for your lines in Madison County. If your lines are not in this county, please do not enter a query here - NOTE: If your posting does not contain information or dates with any Madison Co. reference or connection it will not be included here - Thanks!
DO NOT enter HTML code within your query.
DO NOT enter information on living individuals - this is strictly a genealogical research query page.
DO NOT enter your query with all caps. It will take a few days or so for a new query to get posted - remember: you can always use the "find" function in your browser to search for any surname.
Thanks and have a great day :)
Jim Curlin Sun Dec 29 15:01:10 1996
Researching Curlins in Obion, Madison, Shelby, Wilson, and Henry Counties. Given names: John, Hugh, Lemuel Prince, Zacheus H., Terrell, and Seth. All were sons of Thomas Curlin and Sophia Curlin originally out of North Carolina. Family first appeared in Tennessee about 1830. Several subsequently moved to Arkansas, Texas, and Kentucky. Particularly interested in Jesse J.J. Curlin, Son of John mentioned earlier. Related families that traveled with them or intermarried are: Perkins, Cooper, Ferebee. We have information on these families in North Carolina and would be glad to share.
Ronald Singleton
Mon Dec 23 07:49:13 1996
Looking for information on William D (Doss) SINGLETON living at 418 W King, Jackson,Tn 1920 census.Wife's name Maranda and a son Cecil SINGLETON b 1909 believed to have died 1988 in Jackson, Tn. Would like any information on any living descendants. Thank you.

74. Clackmannanshire Surnames List M-P
at Partick, Lanark to Margaret Hamilton, , Allan McNeill. to Elizabeth Marshall,1950 s in Rhodesia, Annie Dunleavy. O Donnell, Thomas Joseph, Sauchie, 28-APR-1849,
Clackmannanshire Contents Surname Index Page Surname Submissions
GENUKI Clackmannanshire Surname List: M - P
The Clackmannanshire Surname List is intended for submissions from people with an interest in genealogy and with a specific interest in the county of Clackmannan, Scotland . Submissions should be made by the Surname Submission form provided. You may provide as much contact information as you wish e.g. e-mail, postal address, telephone numbers, web-page etc. - the intention being to enable Clackmannanshire researchers a convenient method of contacting one another. The list was started on the 25th January 1998
Surname Other Names Place Birth Details Occupation Marriage Details Death Details Contact McAinsh ALL Clackmannan Ian McAinsh McAllister miner 31-DEC-1920 to Violet McAllister 19-MAR-19 voilet mcallister McAndrew Felix Tillicoultry circa 1840, Glasgow, LKS Stone Mason to Alice Lindsay Mavis Bailey McArthur Alexander 28-MAR-1871, Clackmannan valeriegray-wilson McArthur Catherine Alloa / Clackmannan 21-May-1869 3-Oct-1890 to Robert Lockie 1-Oct-1947 Tom Lockie McArthur Isabella Alackmannan 27-MAR-1860 mill worker valeriegray-wilson McArthur Jane circa 1876 valeriegray-wilson AcArthur Janet 10-NOV-1872, Clackmannan

75. Genealogy Data
Donnell, James Reuben II Gender Male. Father McSpadden, James Walker I MotherThompson, Annie. Father Ray, Robert Hamilton Mother Orr, Geneva Darline.
Genealogy Data
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McSpadden, Martha E
Birth : 1825
Death : 1854
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: McSpadden, Archibald Thompson
Mother: Dunwoody, Isabel
Family: Marriage: 27 JUL 1847 in Monroe Co., Tennessee, U.S.A.
Spouse: Wright, William M
Death : 1847
Gender: Male
Family: Marriage: 1850 Spouse: McGinley, James Gender: Male Children: McGinley, Joseph R
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McSpadden, Thomas Anderson Birth : 4 JUL 1837 Warren Co., Tennessee, U.S.A. Death : 30 JAN 1926 Bethesda, Independence Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. Gender: Male Parents: Father: McSpadden, William Samuel Mother: Stroud, Sarah Birch Family: Marriage: 15 JAN 1857 in Mary L. home, , Independence Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. Spouse: Luster, Temperance Carolene (Tennessee) Birth : 6 AUG 1839 Death : 14 MAR 1876 Bethesda, Independence Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. Gender: Female Children: McSpadden, William Watson McSpadden, Reuben Albert McSpadden, Mary Cornelia McSpadden, Thomas Alva ... McSpadden, Minnie Josephine McSpadden, Joseph C Birth : ABT 14 MAR 1876 Bethesda, Independence Co., Arkansas, U.S.A. Death : 1876/77 Bethesda, Independence Co., Arkansas, U.S.A.

76. Mote Genealogical Records - Name Index 45
O Donnell Beatrice Gertrude b. 1874 Clarice Jane b. 19 Sep b. 22 May 1864, d. 14 Nov1938 Annie Muriel b b. 28 Jun 1861, d. 19 Sep 1937 Herbert Hamilton b. 1859
Name Index 45 Main Page Master Index Surname Index Recent Updates ... Next Page
Noakes (cont.)
Mabel E
b. 1906
Mabel M
b. 24 Nov 1882, d. 1889
Mable Ann

Madge E

Margaret Annie
b. 1873, d. 28 May 1947
Margaret W

Mary A

Millie C
b. 1887
Mona Eliza
b. 17 Dec 1869 Muriel Olive Katie b. 1889 Oliver Frederick Addison b. 1899, d. 1962 Percy Laban b. 1888 Roland J b. 1903 Shirley Silas J b. 1866 Soloman b. 11 Oct 1832, d. 22 Jul 1911 Solomon b. 11 Oct 1832, d. 22 Jul 1911 Thomas T C b. 1896, d. 21 Oct 1985 Vera J b. 1916, d. 29 Jan 1996 Victoria M d. 1939 Violet L Winnifred Alice Nobes Mary Ann Noble Alfred R d. 1926 Ethel Fanny Elizabeth b. 1881, d. 24 Jun 1948 Florence b. 1884 Gwenda McKeachie b. 14 Mar 1911, d. 11 Jan 1987 Judith Anne b. 28 Feb 1935, d. 20 Mar 1986 Ruby L b. 1898 William Nock Hilary Clifton Horace Clarke Noden Clarence Albert Winifred A. Nolan Bridget Bridgette b. 1819, d. 8 May 1901 Clara b. 1884 Dianne b. 18 Sep 1952, d. 20 Sep 1953 Edith James James b. 1826 John b. 1797 John b. 1828 Margaret b. 1825, d. 1897

77. St. Thomas Cemetery - West Avenue - Mausoleum, St. Thomas, Ontario
Florence Ethel /Beloved daughter of / RA E. Hamilton / 1895 1921 Annie WHITWAM/ 1860 - 1935. Helen Irene MEADOWS / Wife of / Hugh Donnell / 1883 - 1947.
St. Thomas Cemetery
West Avenue
St. Thomas, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada
Monument and Gravestone Inscriptions
MAIN HALL - CENTRE - SOUTH WALL Revised and formatted for the Internet 2 March 2004 by BCJ Use your browser "Find" command in the Edit menu or the shortcut "Control F" to locate your surname in the file below. 1st row east to west Rose Ann BROOKS / Wife of / Andrew GRANT / June 18, 1835 Andrew GRANT , Barrister / January 2, 1862 / May 8, 1831 William SABISTON Francis D. OATMAN / Husband of / Carrie CLINE 2nd row east to west Charles MONTGOMERY Sophia HUTCHINSON / Wife of / Charles MONTGOMERY Gilbert H. HUTCHINSON / Beloved husband of /Alice HUTCHINSON Alice LEE HUTCHINSON 3rd row east to west M0009-1. 3 links emblem / Alfred E. COX /Died Nov. 16, 1828 / Aged 58 years M0010-2.Eastern star emblem Rosetta A. DAVIS / Wife of /Alfred E. COX Donald N MILLER / 1855 - 1934 / Masonic emblem Jane D. POWELL / 1862 - 1863 / Wife of /Donald N / (Eastern star emblem) th row east to west M0013-1. blank Olive O'MULVENNY COOPER / 1888 - 1961 / Margaret SMELTZER / Wife of / William C.

78. IX. Anglo-Irish Literature: Bibliography. Vol. 14. The Victorian Age, Part Two.
Keary, Annie. O’Donnell, JF The Emerald Wreath (1865); Memories of the IrishFranciscans (1871); Poems, 1891. O’Donovan, E. (1844–1883?). Hamilton.
Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Cambridge History The Victorian Age, Part Two Anglo-Irish Literature ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes
Vol. 14. The Victorian Age, Part Two.

been led to the OLD PRESBYTERIANHamilton CEMETERY to Contact Candy O Donnell withany information SMITH, Annie Winston Researching Annie Winston SMITH, b. 12/16
Knock yours down!
Here you can list the names of your "Brick Wall" relatives and information needed. It is a
free service. Please, only request information on relatives that lived in Whitfield County or
the surrounding area. Don't forget to let us know if you make a connection. We would like
to join the "celebration".
BARNES, Jasper
My brick wall is Jasper Barnes and his son Robert Wilson Barnes. They both lived in Dalton before their deaths but came from NC. We can't find out where they came from or find much record to track them to NC. Would like to know Jasper's father's name. Robert died May 30, 1985 at 83 years.
Contact Linda Barnes with any information. ~ 6/30/03 Back to Top
BLACK, Mahala Jane Looking for the parents of Mahala Jane Black who married George Washington Burns. Mahala was born 10 May 1846 in Georgia. She was on the 1870 census in Whitfield Co. Ga. It is quite possible her family was from Whitfield Co., Ga. She is buried in Clark Co. Arkansas along with her husband. Any information on this family would be great. Contact Kathleen Burns with any information. ~ 12/13/03

80. Lane Marriages In Indiana
Hamilton Co., IN Completeto 1850 all spellings *Anna LANE BenjaminDye 25 Apr Jenkins24 Feb 1898 Anna LANE L. A. O rsquo; Donnell 26 May1914 Annie LANE EW
Lane Marriages In Indiana
A work in progress. If you do not find your Lane in this list, it does not mean that they didn't marry in Indiana. If you have Lane marriages or information you would like to add, e-mail me. You may go to Indiana State Library to search pre-1850 marriages. The Indiana State Library Database does not include the following counties: Clay, Jasper, Madison, Newton, Noble and Starke. However, there are a few listed on this page. The marriages here include: Lain, Laine, Lane and Layne. Looking for a particular Lane and do not find it here - see the Lane Database . Not all the marriages contained in the database are on this page and vice versa - check both. When there are two dates after the couple's names, the first is the birthdate of the bride.
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 -

Symbols Used:
(*) Currently being added to the database often with additional family info. To be uploaded someday.
(-) Not found in the 1850 Indiana census. They may be there, I just did not find them.
(=) Many individuals of that name - Happy Hunting.

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