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         Defoe Daniel:     more books (100)
  1. Defoe. Edited by John Masefield by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  2. Defoe. representative selections edited by John Masefield. by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1913-01-01
  3. The novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe Volume 6 by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  4. Works, with a memoir of his life and writings Volume 2 by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  5. Representative selections. Edited by John Masefield by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  6. Proposals for printing by subscription. a compleat history of th by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1707-01-01
  7. Religious courtship, being historical discourses on the necessity of marrying religious husbands and wives only; as also of husbands and wives being of the same opinions in religion with one another. With an appendix: Of the necessity of taking none but religious servants, and a proposal for the better managing of servants by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  8. Works. With the author 's pref. and an introd. by G.H. Maynadier by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1903-01-01
  9. The life and adventures of Robinson Crusoe. With a memoir of the by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1853-01-01
  10. Of royall educacion [sic] a fragmentary treatise. Edited for the by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1895-01-01
  11. The life and strange surprising adventures of Robinsoe Crusoe of by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1900-01-01
  12. Counter queries. by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1711-01-01
  13. The life, adventures, & piracies of the famous Captain Singleton. Edited by George A. Aitken by Daniel, 1661?-1731 Defoe, 2009-10-26
  14. A farther case relating to the poor keelmen of Newcastle. by Defoe. Daniel. 1661?-1731., 1712-01-01

41. Book Categories: Art And Music
Gita Wolf. 145/. -. Later Stuarts 1661-1714. Boswell Taylor. 50/-. 1970. 40/-. 1997. Moll Flanders. Daniel Defoe. 75/-. 1993. More Favourite Fairy Tales. Andrew Lang.
Click here to order a book now. Book Author Price (in Rs.) Year 100 Greatest Amazing Animals Andrew Charman 2000 Challenging Chess Puzzles Marin Greif A Child's Garden of Verses Robert Louis Stevenson Swapna Dutta A Little Princess Frances H. Burnett A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare A Race to Win and Other Stories Shevlin Sebastian A Twist in the Tail Alan McConnell Duff A Vision of India - Profiles in Excellence Swarn Khandpur Adventure Series 1: Three Books in One Enid Blyton Animal Stories Ganesh Bagchi Around the World in 80 Days Jules Verne Bible Stories Enid Blyton Books are Exciting W. Murray Captains Courageous Rudyard Kipling Chandrakanta Babu Devki, Nandan Khatri Children and Parents H.A. Peine, Roy Howarth Collins Gem Flags Carlo P. Shaw

42. History Of Prose Style -- Homepage
1660s THOMAS TRAHERNE. Centuries of Meditations. 1661 JOHN TILLOTSON. From a sermon On the Poor Man s Contentment. ; 1724 Daniel Defoe. from Roxana.
History and Development
A Reader
Prepared and Compiled
What's New Old English Middle English ... 20th cent. This is a listing of links to electronic texts, for use in Towson University's graduate course in History and Development of Prose Style. All but one of the readings are short excerpts that I have transcribed myself. I make absolutely no claim for their accuracy. It is a work in progress, intended as an ad hoc teaching resource, and prepared in the absence of an adequate published anthology. It is currently supplemented in my course by the Oxford Book of Essays and by library resources. As a result, many obvious selections are not included here, and in general there are fewer selections from later periods that are more adequately covered elsewhere. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please e-mail me at
Note: Class readings for each period are assembled together in packets, and are also listed separately. Separately listed readings that are not (yet) in the packet are marked by an asterisk.
  • Old English [preformat ASCI]
  • 43. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Z Anon.
    SITE Gallica Bibliothèque nationale de France SUBJECT Mathematics NOTES Dpr of the 1661 Amsterdam edition AUTHOR Defoe, Daniel see Francis William Newman.
    A B C D ... Anon D AUTHOR C. M. D.
    TITLE Relatio de ossibus Jossensibus
    SITE Akademiebibliothek
    SUBJECT Natural history
    NOTES Dpr from Miscellanea Berolinensia ad incrementum scientarum , vol. 4 (1734) pp. 388 - 391
    TITLE De jure prothomiseo
    NOTES Dpr of the 1533 Lyon edition; downloadable pdf and tiff formats
    TITLE (the same as the preceding item?) URL SUBJECT Law NOTES Dpr of the 1499 Venice edition; downloadable pdf and tiff formats AUTHOR D'Anania, Giovanni Lorenzo (d. 1607) TITLE De natura daemonum libri IV URL SITE Biblioteca Universidad Complutense SUBJECT Demonology NOTES Dpr of the 1581 Venice edition AUTHOR D'Arco, Nicolo (1479 - 1546) TITLE Numeri URL SITE Poeti d' Italia in Lingua Latina SUBJECT Poetry NOTES Html format AUTHOR D'Hallencourt, Carolus Franciscus, Bishop

    44. Bibliografia Lidia De Michelis
    mercantile di Daniel Defoe, Melegnano, Montedit. frye, n. (1973 1957, The Anatomy of Criticism, Princeton, Princeton University Press. FULLER, R. (1661), The
    Lidia De Michelis BIBLIOGRAFIA
    AUBREY, J. (1680-81), Brief Lives , London. BAJETTA, C. M. (1998), Sir Walter Ralegh poeta di corte elisabettiano, Milano, Mursia. BEER, A. (1997), Sir Walter Ralegh and his Readers in the Seventeenth Century: Speaking to the People; Basingstoke, Macmillan. BIGNAMI, M. (1993), Daniel Defoe. Dal saggio al romanzo , Firenze, La Nuova Italia. BIGNAMI, M. (1997), "Daniel Defoe's Military Autobiographies: History and Fictional Character", in BIGNAMI, M. (ed.) (1997), Wrestling with Defoe. Approaches from A Workshop on Defoe's Prose , Bologna, Cisalpino. BIGNAMI, M. (1998), Introduzione a DEFOE, D., Le memorie di un cavaliere , traduzione e note di M. BIGNAMI, Milano, Mondadori. BREWER, J. and BERMINGHAM, A. (eds) (1995), The Consumption of Culture 1600-1800. Image, Object , Text, London and New York, Routledge. BREWER, J. (1997), The Pleasures of the Imagination. English Culture in the Eighteenth Century , London, HarperCollins.

    45. Timeline 1661-1699
    a part of the Clarendon Code (16611665), was 1686 May 24, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (d.1736), German physicist left his island after 28 years (as per Defoe).
    The Seventeenth Century: 1661-1699 Return to
    1661 Mar 9, Cardinal Jules Mazarin (58), the chief minister of France, died, leaving King Louis the 14th in full control.
    (AP, 3/9/01)(MC, 3/9/02) 1661 Mar 24, William Leddra became the last Quaker to be hanged in Boston. Quakers were last hanged on Boston Common. Charles II ordered the executions stopped.
    (WSJ, 4/4/01, p.A18)(MC, 3/24/02) 1661 Apr 23, English king Charles II was crowned in London.
    (MC, 4/23/02) 1661 Apr 29, Chinese Ming dynasty occupied Taiwan.
    (HN, 4/29/98)
    (SC, 5/25/02) 1661 May 27, Archibald Campbell (~53), Scottish politician, was beheaded.
    (MC, 5/27/02) 1661 Jun 3, Gottfried Scheidt (67), composer, died.
    (MC, 6/3/02) 1661 Jun 5, Isaac Newton was admitted as a student to Trinity College, Cambridge.
    (MC, 6/5/02) 1661 Aug 6, Holland sold Brazil to Portugal for 8 million guilders.
    (MC, 8/6/02) 1661 Sep 1, In the 1st yacht race England's King Charles II raced his brother James. [see Oct 1] (MC, 9/1/02) 1661 Oct 1, Yachting began in England; King Charles II outsailed his brother James. [see Sep 1] (MC, 10/1/01)

    46. Books 707 - 750
    715. July 1996, Blaise Pascal, Pensées, 1661, 204 pp. 716. Aug. 728. Apr. 1997, Henry Fielding, Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Wild, 1743, 290 pp. 729. Apr.
    The following is a chronological index of the books read by Art Garfunkel since June 1968. Mar. 1996 Russell Baker Growing Up 348 pp. Mar. 1996 Gustave Flaubert Flaubert in Egypt 222 pp. Apr. 1996 Robin, Liza, Linda, Tiffany You'll Never Make Love in this Town Again 251 pp. Apr. 1996 Robert Graves I, Claudius 468 pp. Apr. 1996 Stephen Birmingham "Our Crowd" 446 pp. June 1996 Peter I. Pressman and Yahsar Hirshaut Breast Cancer 265 pp. July 1996 Lester C. Thurow The Future of Capitalism 327 pp. July 1996 Honoré de Balzac A Murky Business 223 pp. July 1996 Blaise Pascal Pensées 204 pp. Aug. 1996 Deepak Chopra Quantum Healing 273 pp. Aug. 1996 Maxim Gorky My Childhood 451 pp. Aug. 1996 Paul Theroux Riding the Iron Rooster 188 pp. Aug. 1996 René Descartes Discourse on Method and The Meditations 188 pp. Aug. 1996 Deborah Tannen You Just Don't Understand 298 pp. Sept. 1996 Pliny the Elder Natural History 76a.d. 385 pp. Sept. 1996 James Clavell Shogun 1152 pp. Oct. 1996 Xenophon Conversations with Socrates c.401b.c.

    47. BSR (Bibliothèque Sonore Romande) - Liste Des Cds (mp3)
    Translate this page 1, 12564, Defoe, Daniel, Robinson Crusoé, 1, 1, 12642, DUFREIGNE, Jean-Pierre, Louis XIV 2 Les passions et la gloire 1661-1670, 1,

    48. Victoria University Library - Northrop Frye Collection
    1077. Defoe, Daniel. A Journal of the plague years and other pieces. Edited by Arthur Wellesley Secord. 177 p. Annotated no. 1661. Donne, John.
    List of Works Annotated by Northrop Frye Index A B C D E F G H ... Back to Northrop Frye Collection home D Dante Alighieri. The Convivio . London: Dent, 1931,c1903. 445 p.
    Annotated no. 919 La Divina commedia . Rev. ed. Edited by C.H. Grandgent. Boston: D.C. Heath, 1933. xlii, 1003 p.
    Annotated no. 917 The Divine comedy . Introduction by Professor C.H. Grandgent. Translated by [John Aitken Carlyle and Philip Henry Wicksteed]. New York: Modern Library, 1932. xiii, 601 p.
    Annotated no. 1156 The Inferno . London: Dent, 1962,c1900. 401 p.
    Annotated no. 921 The Latin works [De vulgari eloquentia ; De monarchia ; Epistles and ecologues ; Quaestio de aqua et terra] . London: Dent, 1934,c1904. 427 p.
    Annotated no. 924
    The Paradiso . London: Dent, 1962,c1899. 418 p.
    Annotated no. 922 The Purgatorio . London: Dent, 1956,c1901. 443 p.
    Annotated no. 923 The Vita nuova and Canzoniere . London: Dent, 1939,c1911. 357 p.

    49. Garth, Sir Samuel
    Garth, Sir Samuel, 1661–1719, English poet and physician, b. Yorkshire. Events). Modern panegyrick and Defoe s Dunciad. (poet Daniel Defoe) (Studies in
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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    50. Bibliography For Ann Finch
    Murry, John Middleton. Anne Finch, Countess of Winchilsea (16611720). New Adelphi, NS. Defoe, Daniel. A Tour Thro the Whole Island of Great Britain.
    This page is moving to . Please change your bookmarks. You will be taken there automatically in 30 seconds. If you are impatient, you can click here to be taken there immediately.
    Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources
    on which my book, I on Myself Can Live, is based. I include:
    a list of all the manuscripts which contain handwritten copies of Ann's poems, both those which were openly attributed to her in print and those which were not. In an appendix to my book I will include a list of the unattributed poems and arguments for attribution. For now the list and arguments may be found in my chronology of Ann's poems (which includes all Ann's poems, a brief description of them, their earliest printing history, all the various anthologies they have appeared in, and their sources if they are translations or imitations or allusive). a list of all 20th century editions of Ann's poetry, none of which are complete. (I have now been able to include the most recent partial edition of Ann's poetry by Barbara McGovern and Charles Hinnant.) a list of those secondary sources which directly relate to Ann or her family members and close friends and the places where she lived. Here are also those critical and scholarly essays and books which have been written about her or her life thus far.

    51. Upto WW2
    Samuel Pepys visited it in 1661 and again in 1667. In his book A Tour Through The Whole Island of Great Britain (172426) Daniel Defoe describes a vineyard in
    Although there are over 400 vineyards in the UK covering over 2000 acres, this industry has grown up over mere decades. The earliest wine growing enterprises in England in Roman and Medieval times died out and did not evolve into the present wine industry, which began in the 1950s. Now the industry is a commercially viable proposition with an interesting and challenging future ahead of it
    The Earliest English Wine
    Tjhere have been findings of Vinifera vines in Essex and Sffolk dating to the Hoxnina Interglacial (the warmer period of time that falls between periods of glaciations - pretty similar to the Interglacial that we are experiencing now). There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not wine was cultivated in Prehistoric Britain. As an ex-Archaeologist I can say with some certainty that the evidence in gavour is not conclusive, and that much is being made of very little material information. The presence of a cultivated grape pip in the context of other prehistoric domestic refuse in Dorset has, amongst other finds, is the type of evidence that has led to this speculation. Until something more conclusive than a single grape pip turns up, the presence of an English wine-producing industry in prehistoric times will remain speculative.

    52. ±è³²ÁßÀÇ ¸ñȸ ¾ÆÅ°ºê
    Milton, 160874)/?(Paradise Lost) 005 (Jhon Bunyan, 1628-88)/? ?(Pilgrims Progress) 006 ?(Daniel Defoe, 1661-1737)/?

    53. ±è³²ÁßÀÇ ¸ñȸ ¾ÆÅ°ºê
    Milton, 160874)/?(Paradise Lost) 005 (Jhon Bunyan, 1628-88)/? ?(Pilgrims Progress) 006 ?(Daniel Defoe, 1661-1737)/?

    54. DüþLE Edebiyat Dergisi - Özel Dosya
    1636, Floransa 1640, Roma - 1661, Madrid. Dönemin en ünlü iki adi, 1719, Robinson Crusoe nun yazari Daniel Defoe ve 1726, Gulliver in Seyahatleri nin

    55. Blackwell Synergy - Cookie Absent
    GH Healey (ed.), The Letters of Daniel Defoe (Oxford, 1955), 125212 and Defoe s An Historical Account Historical Notices of Scottish Affairs, 1661-1688 (2
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    56. Krown & Spellman Booksellers: Browse By Author
    Roxana. The Fortunate Mistress. Defoe, Daniel. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Degge, Simon. Traduits en Vers..Paris Florentin Lambert,1661. Scupoli.
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    57. History Heads | An Interview With Justin Champion
    one of the great figures in Daniel Defoe s Journal of Defoe conjures up an image of Solomon Eagle walking In 1661, they tried to encourage Christ s rule by

    Text Only
    TV Listings ... OUT-TAKES
    An interview with Justin Champion
    This interview with Justin Champion (JCh) was carried out by Juniper Communications (JC) for the Channel 4 programme The Great Plague . Justin Champion is a reader in the history of early modern ideas at Royal Holloway College, University of London. Contents
    The evidence of parish records
    The recorders of history

    Solomon Eagle and other apocalyptic figures

    The effect of the plague on London
    Sex and drugs

    The evidence of parish records JC : When you looked at the church wardens' and vestry minutes, what was it that moved you the most? JCh : The major response to having looked at these crusty fragments of ordinary lives is the ubiquity of death. Death is everywhere. Death destroys families. I would hate to think of the social catastrophe that would take place in a 21st- century sophisticated culture if a quarter of London's population went down with some mysterious disease in the space of three months. We saw the hysteria and scape-goating that happened in the early years of AIDS ... Well, this community had to cope with something as powerful, if not more powerful, and they coped both emotionally and physically. I think that's what my research brought home to me.

    58. Descriptions And Depictions Of Historical Scottish Clothing
    Illustration in Daniel Defoe s novel Life of Mr. Duncan Campbell, 1720, ND. was apparently engraved (so not a depiction of a belted plaid or kilt), 1661, 1661, ND.
    Medieval Scotland Scottish Clothing Resources Historical Scottish Clothing Project
    Books and Articles with Descriptions or Depictions of Historical Scottish Clothing
    Historical Scottish Clothing Project
    Descriptions and Depictions of Historical Scottish Clothing
    by Sharon L. Krossa Last updated 27 Sep 2003 Index to This Page:

    59. Biblioteca Argentina Para Ciegos - Catálogo Braille - Novelas
    Translate this page Defoe Daniel, Robinson crusoe, 10, 964. Defoe Daniel, Robinson crusoe, 3, 3360. Fast Howard, Espartaco, 9, 1661. Fast Howard, Silas timberman, 5, 2058.
    Volver al Catálogo Página Principal AUTOR TITULO TOMOS Abalos Jorge W Shunko Acevedo Díaz Eduardo Cancha larga Adamson Joy Una leona de dos mundos Aguinis Marcos La cruz invertida Aira César Ema la cautiva Alarcón Pedro de El sombrero de tres picos Alarcón Pedro de El capitán veneno Alarcón Pedro de El final de norma Alarcón Pedro de El escándalo Alas Claudio de La herencia de la sangre Alcott Louisa M. Bajo las lilas Alcott Louisa M. Mujercitas Alcott Louisa M. Señoritas Alcott Louisa M. Una guirnalda de flores Alcott Louisa M. Hombrecitos... Aldecoa Ignacio El fulgor y la sangre Aldington Richard Los siete contra reeves Alegría Fernando Lautaro joven libertador del arauco Alighieri Dante La divina comedia Allende Isabel De amor y de sombra Allende Isabel Paula Alvarado J. A. Cuatro ahijadas en iramar Alvarez Gregorio Mar de fondo Amado Jorge Mar muerto Amado Jorge Tieta de agreste Amado Jorge Cacao - sudor Amicis Edmundo de La carrozza di tutti Amorim Enrique El paisano aguilar Amorim Enrique El caballo y su sombra Anand Mulk R. Intocable Andreiev Leónidas Sergio petrovich Andreiev LeónidasS Judas iscariote Andreiev Leónidas El diario de satanás Andreiev Leónidas Los siete ahorcados Andreiev Leónidas Lázaro - judas Andreiev Leónidas El gobernador Andric Ivo Un puente sobre el drina Andric Ivo La señorita Andric Ivo Sucedió en bosnia Anet Claude Mayerling Anthony Evelyn Ana bolena Ardel Henry Sola Arias Abelardo Polvo y espanto Arias Abelardo El gran cobarde Arias Abelardo Intensión de buenos aires Arias Abelardo De tales cuales Arlt Roberto El juguete rabioso Arlt Roberto

    60. Aprill
    Peeter Urm (1949). 26. aprill, Daniel Defoe (1661), Edgar Aavik (1913). Eugéne Delacroix (1798), Jüri Kaarma (1950). Anita Loos (1893), Heitti Polli (1951).
    Muu maailm Eesti 1. aprill Nikolai Gogol (1809) Edmond Rostand (1868) Sergei Rahmaninov (1873) Edgar Wallace (1875) 2. aprill Hans Christian Andersen (1805) Andres Vanapa (1924) Rein Zobel (1928) Max Ernst (1891) Kenneth Tynan (1927) 3. aprill Washington Irving (1783) Henry van de Velde (1863) Juri Nagibin (1920) 4. aprill Bettina von Arnim (1785) Ilmar Jaks (1923) Thomas Mayne Reid (1818) Tiit Kaljundi (1946) Maurice de Vlaminck (1876) Robert Sherwood (1896) Tristan Tzara (1896) Marguerite Duras (1914) 5. aprill Rein Heiduk (1930) Nadar (1820) Henn-Kaarel Hellat (1932) Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837) Albert Roussel (1869) Giuseppe Marotta (1902) Arthur Hailey (1920) 6. aprill Raffael (1483) August Weizenberg (1837) Aleksandr Herzen (1812) Teet Kallas (1943) Gustave Moreau (1826) Hans Richter (1888) 7. aprill Gerard Dou (1613) Peeter Ulas (1934) William Wordsworth (1770) Gino Severini (1883) Gabriela Mistral (1889) Johannes Mario Simmel (1924) Rauno Lehtinen (1932) 8. aprill Giuseppe Tartini (1692) Udo Ivask (1932) Richard Neutra (1892) Olavi Pesonen (1909) 9. aprill

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