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  1. Australian Gallipoli Campaign Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Alfred Shout, Albert Jacka, Leonard Keysor, Hugo Vivian Hope Throssell
  2. Decorations of the Royal Air Force: Victoria Cross
  3. The story of the Victoria Cross, 1856-1963, by Sir John George Smyth, 1963
  4. Four Victoria Cross obituaries: four Victoria Cross recipients passed away between November 2001 and February 2002.: An article from: Sabretache by Anthony Staunton, 2002-06-01
  5. John Mulholland and Alan Jordan. Victoria Cross Bibliography.(Book Review) (book review): An article from: Sabretache by Anthony Staunton, 2003-03-01
  6. New Zealand Wars Recipients of the Victoria Cross: List of New Zealand Land Wars Victoria Cross Recipients, John Carstairs Mcneill
  7. Second Anglo-Afghan War Recipients of the Victoria Cross: George Stuart White, James William Adams, O'moore Creagh, James Collis
  8. Thomas Ricketts: Victoria Cross, Andrew Fitzgibbon, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Canadian War Museum, Dominion, World War I, Thomas Flinn, Jack Cornwell
  9. The Book Of The V. C.: A Record Of The Deeds Of Heroism For Which The Victoria Cross Has Been Bestowed (1906)
  10. Rhodesian Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Rhodesian World War Ii Recipients of the Victoria Cross
  11. Military Awards and Decorations of Australia: Victoria Cross for Australia
  12. Australian World War I Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Harry Murray
  13. Liverpool's Heroes: The Stories of 16 Liverpool Holders of the Victoria Cross
  14. Stories of Adventure and Heroism. Comprising: James Greenwood: Silas Horner"s Adventures. robinson crusoe brave british soldiers and the victoria Cross by Greenwood James Daniel Defoe (Anon), 1891

121. VictoriaCross
Victoria Cross (Great Britian). The Victoria Cross is England’s highest awardfor valor. The Victoria Cross is Great Britain s highest award for valor.
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powered by FreeFind The areas below have been recently updated. Signed Books by Heroes Medal of Honor Displays Victoria Cross Displays Knights Cross Displays ... Other Hero Display s Honor Your Vet Displays Wholesale Glass Top Display Cases Book Search Engine Civil War Books ... Contact Cy More to come... Medal of Honor Page Civil War Page Other Heroes Page German Knights Cross Page ... Signed Books Victoria Cross (Great Britian) The Victoria Cross is England’s highest award for valor. Since this award was instituted in 1854, only 1,354 have been awarded. A little, known fact, even to many "experts," is that the metal used to forge every Victoria Cross is tended by the 15th Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps in Donnington. The VC metal rarely sees the light of day as it is secured in special vaults and is removed only under exceptional circumstances; however, recently, this item of national history was transported to the Imperial War Museum in London for the royal opening of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Exhibition. The metal, weighing 358 ounces and looking somewhat like a lump of cheese is all that remains of the bronze cascabels from two Russian cannon captured at Sebastopol, the last great battle of the Crimean War in 1854-55. The cascabel is a large knob at the rear of the cannon. The two cannon, minus cascabels, stand proudly outside the Officers Mess in Woolwich. Items with no picture or description are ones I am still working on. I have 100+ VC autographs.

122. The Victoria Cross: Jervis Bay - Ross Memorial Park: Heritage Resources Saint Jo
The Victoria Cross. As Reported by the Canadian Press, November 17, 1940 VictoriaCross to Captain Fegen. Hero of HMS Jervis Bay, Lost with Ship, is Honored.
The Victoria Cross
Awarded for most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.
Read more about it
at the Veterans Affairs Canada Site
OR, visit the Victoria Cross Reference for a complete, comprehensive listing of all 1354 award winners! As Reported by the Canadian Press, November 17, 1940...
Victoria Cross to Captain Fegen Hero of H.M.S. Jervis Bay, Lost with Ship, is Honored. London, Nov. 17 - (C.P.) - A sturdy Irish captain - Fogarty Fegen - who went down with his ship, H.M.S. Jervis Bay, her guns blazing and her colors flying, was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously yesterday. The Jervis Bay was sunk Nov. 5 as she challenged a powerful German raider in the mid-Atlantic. The "suicide" stand of the armed merchant cruiser allowed at least 33 of 38 ships in the convoy to escape. The Admiralty announced that four ships were sunk by the raider and that one other ship still was unaccounted for. Another ship also escaped from the raider but later fell victim to enemy aircraft. Captain Fegen, 49, went to his death maintaining the great traditions of the Royal Navy. During the First Great War he served as a lieutenant and later was in command of the destroyers

123. Cross Recipients
The highest medals awarded for bravery were the Victoria Cross and theGeorge Cross. These recipients. Victoria Cross, The Victoria Cross.
Cross Recipients Countless acts of bravery and heroism went unnoticed or unrecorded during the World Wars. Where outstanding acts of courage were witnessed and documented, the individuals were honoured by the Commonwealth for their acts of heroism and bravery by several kinds of military medals. The highest medals awarded for bravery were the Victoria Cross and the George Cross. These medals are described below, followed by the stories of some of Canada's Victoria Cross and George Cross recipients.
The Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross, instituted in 1856 by Queen Victoria, is the premiere Commonwealth decoration for heroism in combat. It is awarded in recognition of conspicuous bravery in the presence of the enemy. The decoration, in the form of a bronze cross whose four arms become much wider as they extend from the center, bears the Royal Crest and the words "For Valour." It is suspended from a dark crimson ribbon. Since a Canadian, Lieutenant Alexander Roberts Dunn, won the Victoria Cross in the charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War, ninety-three Canadians have received the award, sixty-nine of them in the First World War and sixteen in the Second World War. The Victoria Cross could not be awarded to a civilian. However, during the aerial bombing on Britain early in World War Two, it soon became obvious that citizens should be rewarded for their numerous acts of conspicuous bravery. In response, King George VI established the George Cross in 1940. It is awarded in recognition of extraordinary acts of bravery by civilian or military personnel.

124. Victoria Cross Recipients
Victoria Cross Recipients. The following list of Victoria Cross recipientsis not complete. These are the Canadian recipients who
Victoria Cross Recipients The following list of Victoria Cross recipients is not complete. These are the Canadian recipients who fought in the First and Second World Wars. The highlighted names in the following lists have a link to a brief account of what the recipient did in order to receive the commendation.
First World War
Algie, Wallace Lloyd
Barker, William George

Barron, Collin Fraser

Bellew, Edward Donald

Bent, Philip Eric
Bishop, William Avery

Bourke, Rowland Richard Louis

Brereton, Alexander Picton
Brillant, Jean

Brown, Harry

Cairns, Hugh
Campbell, Frederick William ... Clarke, Lionel Beaumaurice Clark-Kennedy, William Hew Combe, Robert Grierson Coppins, Frederick George Croak, John Bernard DeWind, Edmund Dinesen, Thomas Fisher, Frederick Flowerdew, Gordon Muriel Good, Herman James Gregg, Milton Fowler Hall, Frederick William Hanna, Robert Harvey, Frederick Maurice Watson Hobson, Frederick Holmes, Thomas William Honey, Samuel Lewis Hutcheson, Bellenden Seymour Kaeble, Joseph Kerr, George Fraser Kerr, John Chipman Kinross, Cecil John Knight, Arthur George

125. Red Cross: Iraqi Abuse Widespread, Routine : IMC Victoria
It says the Red Cross informed the commander of British forces in April 2003 of ``illtreatment by military intelligence 2000-2002 Victoria Independent Media
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... video Pacific adelaide aotearoa brisbane hawaii ... victoria Africa ambazonia nigeria south africa Europe athens austria barcelona belgium ... west vlaanderen Canada alberta hamilton maritimes montreal ... windsor Latin America argentina bolivia brasil chiapas ... uruguay Asia india israel japan mumbai ... palestine United States arizona arkansas atlanta austin ... western mass Process discussion fbi/legal updates indymedia faq mailing lists ... antiwar Red Cross: Iraqi Abuse Widespread, Routine by Pepper Monday May 10, 2004 at 11:11 PM A report by the International Committee of the Red Cross reveals that abuse by the US military of Iraqi prisoners is systemic and widespread. By Alexander G. Higgins of the Associated Press. Red Cross: Iraqi Abuse Widespread, Routine Monday May 10, 2004 10:16 PM By ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS Associated Press Writer GENEVA (AP) - Up to 90 percent of Iraqi detainees were arrested by mistake, according to coalition intelligence officers cited in a Red Cross report disclosed Monday. It also said U.S. officers mistreated inmates at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison by keeping them naked in totally dark, empty cells. While many detainees were quickly released or no longer mistreated after interrogation, high-ranking officials in Saddam Hussein's government - including those listed on the U.S. military's deck of cards - were held for months in solitary confinement, The Associated Press has learned.

126. Winning The Victoria Cross - Land & Sea Tales - For Scouts And Guides - Rudyard
Land Sea Tales. Winning the Victoria Cross. Rudyard Kipling. They enjoyed themselvesimmensely, and the little aidede-camp got a deserved Victoria Cross.
Winning the Victoria Cross
Rudyard Kipling
T HE HISTORY of the Victoria Cross has been told so often that it is only necessary to say that the Order was created by Queen Victoria on January 29th, 1856, in the year of the peace with Russia, when the new racing Cunard paddle-steamer Persia of three thousand tons was making thirteen knots between England and America, and all the world wondered at the advance of civilization and progress. There are many kinds of bravery, and if one looks through the records of the four hundred and eleven men, living and dead, that have held the Victoria Cross before the Great War, one finds instances of every imaginable variety of heroism. There is bravery in the early morning, when it takes great courage even to leave warm blankets, let alone walk into dirt, cold and death; on foot and on horse; empty or fed; sick or well; coolness of brain that thinks out a plan at dawn and holds to it all through the long, murderous day bravery of the mind that makes the jerking nerves hold still and do nothing except show a good example ; sheer reckless strength that hacks through a crowd of amazed men and comes out grinning on the other side; enduring spirit that wears through a long siege, never losing heart or manners or temper; quick, flashing bravery that heaves a lighted shell overboard or rushes the stockade while others are gaping at it; and the calculated craftsmanship that camps alone before the angry rifle-pit or shell-hole, and cleanly and methodically wipes out every soul in it.

127. City Of Chilliwack - Victoria Cross & Inspiration - Piper Richardson - Chilliwac
The Victoria Cross is the British and Commonwealth’s highest decorationfor gallantry in the face of the enemy. Piper Richardson

128. Royal Navy: The Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross. Both Capt Bamford and Sergeant Finch were selectedby members of their own Battalion to receive the Victoria Cross.
Thu 3 Jun 2004 Surface Fleet Fleet Air Arm Submarine Service Royal Marines ... Picture Gallery
You are in:
RM Careers Who are the Royal Marines? The Victoria Cross
Corporal John Prettyjohn RM

2 November 1854 – Crimea
Reported for gallantry at the Battle of Inkerman.
Bombardier Thomas Wilkinson RMA
5 June 1855 – Crimea
Specially recommended for gallantry during the siege of Sebastopol.
Lieutenant George Dare Dowell RMA
13 July 1855 – Viborg, Baltic Sea
Proceeded under heavy fire to bring a cutter’s crew to safety.
Captain Lewis Stratford Tollemache Halliday RMLI 24 June 1900 – Peking Legations Boxer Rebellion Led 20 Marines, engaged the enemy and received severe injuries. He went on to kill three assailants. Lance-Corporal Walter Richard Parker RMLI 1 May 1915 – Portsmouth Battalion Gallipoli Displayed conspicuous gallantry under heavy and accurate enemy fire when leading his men to recover casualties. Major Francis John William Harvey RMLI 31 May 1916 – HMS Lion, Battle of Jutland Whilst mortally wounded, with great presence of mind and devotion to duty he saved his ship. Major Frederick William Lumsden DSO RMA April 1917 – Western Front He personally led four artillery teams and a party of infantry through a hostile barrage to recover six enemy guns.

129. The Royal Scots, The Royal Regiment, Victoria Cross Awards
Queen Victoria instituted a new award, the Victoria Cross, made from the bronzeof Russian guns captured after the siege of Sebastopol in 1855. VC Citations.
The Royal Scots
Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Other Colours/Honours Pages:
Regimental Colour (65K image)

Queen's Colour (59K image)
Awards: Victoria Cross
Queen Victoria instituted a new award, the Victoria Cross, made from the bronze of Russian guns captured after the siege of Sebastopol in 1855. It is given for exceptional gallantry by individuals in the face of the enemy and the honour is the same for all ranks.
Private Joseph Prosser, 2nd Battalion.
Private Joseph Prosser was awarded the first Victoria Cross gained by a member of the Regiment. His medals are shown above, right. Citation:
"On the 16th june, 1855, when on duty in the Trenches before Sebastopol, by pursuing and apprehending (while exposed to two cross fires) a soldier of the 88th, in the act of deserting the enemy. On the 11th August, 1855, before Sebastopol, by leaving the utmost advanced Trench, and carrying a soldier of the 95th Regt. who lay severely wounded and unable to move. This gallant and humane act was performed under very heavy fire from the enemy"
Private H H Robson, 2nd Battalion.

130. The Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross. Of The Victoria Cross (VC) was instituted on 29 January1856 and was made retrospective from 1 August 1854. Prior
The Victoria Cross Of all the orders and decorations open to members of the Australian Defence Force, the Victoria Cross remains the most honoured, the most coveted. It marks its wearer as one possessing supreme courage, a disregard for danger and complete devotion to duty. The Victoria Cross (VC) was instituted on 29 January 1856 and was made retrospective from 1 August 1854. Prior to the Crimean War, there was no recognised gallantry medal, but the individual deeds in that war made the creation of such an award, available to officers and men alike, necessary. The Victoria Cross, according to the Instituting Royal Warrant establishing rules and ordinances governing its bestowal, shall only be awarded for the most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy. In the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. 525 Monday 4 February 1991, the Victoria Cross took its place as the highest Australian award in the Australian System of Honours and Awards. It may be awarded to members of the Defence Force or other persons determined by the Minister of State for Defence. Bars are awarded for further similar acts of bravery. The Victoria Cross may also be awarded posthumously and recipients are entitled to use the letters VC after their names.
The medal ribbon group of Albert Jacka VC.

131. The Victoria Cross
The Victoria Cross. Information about the Victoria Cross is now consolidated ina special segment of the website. Traditions, Facts and Folklore front page.
The Victoria Cross
Information about the Victoria Cross is now consolidated in a special segment of the website. [Traditions, Facts and Folklore front page] ANZAC
The Dawn Service

ANZAC Day Commemoration
The Slouch Hat and Emu Plumes

The Victoria Cross
Words of Remembrance
HOME EDUCATION START PAGE ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Qld) Incorporated

132. Designer Divas Cross & Chain In The Style Of Victoria Beckham
Click here to find the Designer Divas Cross Chain in thestyle of Victoria Beckham and other celebrity fashion.

133. Masonic Recipients Of The Victoria Cross
MASONIC BIOGRAPHIES FAMOUS FREEMASONS. Masonic recipients of the VictoriaCross. The list of 133 names has been removed at the compiler s request.
MASONIC BIOGRAPHIES FAMOUS FREEMASONS Masonic recipients of the Victoria Cross The list of 133 names has been removed at the compiler's request. ANTI-MASONRY GRAND LODGE HOME LINKS ...
Grand Lodge
Updated: 2003/06/11
biography /victoria_cross/masonic_recipients.html

134. BBC NEWS | England | London | Record Price For Victoria Cross
A Victoria Cross awarded to a Second World War airman is sold for £235, 250 at auction. Recordprice for Victoria Cross. Mr Jackson left the medal to his wife.


... Programmes
Last Updated: Friday, 30 April, 2004, 13:10 GMT 14:10 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Record price for Victoria Cross
Mr Jackson left the medal to his wife A Victoria Cross awarded to an airman who climbed onto a Lancaster bomber's wing at 20,000ft to put out a fire has sold for a record price.
It went for £235,250 at the Spink auction house in London on Friday, smashing the old record for a VC of £178,250. The medal belonged to Norman Jackson, from Ealing, west London, who was a warrant officer. It was bought by a private collector and will stay in the country. Spink's executive director Paul Barthaud said: "It is particularly rare because it is an RAF medal and it has a particularly touching history. It was Boy's Own stuff." Mr Jackson was 25 when his crew came under fire from a German fighter on a bombing raid on the town of Schweinfurt in April 1944. Mr Jackson survived a 20,000ft fall He climbed out of the cockpit into a slipstream to try to put out the flames, before falling off and crashing to the ground under a burning parachute. Despite serious injuries, he managed to crawl to a nearby German village and spent 10 months in hospital before being transferred to a prisoner of war (POW) camp.

135. Australian Red Cross
School projects. Fun. State Territory, Survey. SEARCH You can t get AIDS byhugging , March is Red Cross Calling. Working overseas with Australian Red Cross,

136. Our Website Is Now Located At Http
Our website is now located at.
Our website is now located at

137. Our Website Is Now Located At Http
Our website is now located at.
Our website is now located at

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