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  1. For Valour - The Story of the Victoria Cross by Eric, Illustrated by John T. Kenney Leyland, 1961-01-01
  2. Beyond the Five Points: Masonic Winners of the Victoria Cross and the George Cross by Phillip Robert Stephen May, 2001-10
  3. The Victoria Cross in Zululand and South Africa: Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift (Pamplet series) by William John Elliott, 1990
  4. Terrier, V.C: A black-and-tan hero who won the Victoria Cross by Julia Lowndes Tracy, 1916
  5. Victoria Cross Noticeboard.: An article from: Sabretache by Anthony Staunton, 2005-06-01
  6. For Valour: Victoria Cross and Medal of Honor Battles (Cassell Military Paperbacks) by Bryan Perrett, 2005-01-19
  7. The Victoria Cross by Morice Gerard, 1901
  8. Triquet's Cross: A Study of Military Heroism by John MacFarlane, 2009-09
  9. Canadian Victoria Cross Recipients
  10. Anglo-Zulu War Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Alfred Henry Hook, Redvers Buller, List of Zulu War Victoria Cross Recipients
  11. British World War I Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Albert Ball
  12. Australian Recipients of the Victoria Cross: List of Australian Victoria Cross Recipients, Mark Donaldson, Neville Howse, Keith Payne
  13. Gallipoli Campaign Recipients of the Victoria Cross: Australian Gallipoli Campaign Recipients of the Victoria Cross
  14. Victoria Cross: Victoria Cross. Victoria Cross for Australia, Victoria Cross (Canada), Dickin Medal, George Cross, Richard Ernest William Turner

101. Samuel Wassall, Victoria Cross Hero
The Victoria Cross. Invitation to Buckingham Palace. The Career ofSamuel Wassall. Award published in London Gazette 17th June 1879.
SAMUEL WASSALL, VC Samuel Wassall was born at number 11 Court, Alcester Street, Deritend, Aston, Birmingham, on 28th July 1856. He was the son of Thomas Wassall, a wire-worker, and his wife Elizabeth (formerly Silk). Samuel was apprenticed to a dyer before enlisting into the 80th Regiment (Staffordshire Volunteers), at Dudley, on 28th November 1874, being posted one week later. The Victoria Cross Invitation to Buckingham Palace The Career of Samuel Wassall Award published in London Gazette 17th June 1879 ... Back to the Main Menu

102. The Victoria Cross
1994. Victoria Cross. The initial awards of the Victoria Cross during the CrimeaCampaign were on occasions, made for several actions, that of our own Lieut.
Introduction Varna Landings Menchikov ... Victoria Cross V ictoria C ross The article below is plagiarised from 'The Crimean War' by A lambert and S Badsey pub. 1994. The Crimea War was over. But there was one further celebration still to take place. In January 1856 Queen Victoria personally approved the design and inscription for a new medal, to be given to all ranks of the Royal Navy and Army 'for Valour'. It was to be cast in bronze from metal taken most from Russian guns captured in the Crimea, with a dark blue ribbon for the Royal Navy and a dark red one for the Army On 24Febru ary 1857, the official London Gazette announced the award of the Victoria Cross for the first time to 58 soldiers, 24 sailors and 3 marines, all for acts of heroism during the Crimean War. The Gazette's announcements were repeated in the Times and other newspapers. On 26 June, in Hyde Park, Queen Victoria herself presented the first Victoria Crosses to sixty two of these men. The parade in Hyde Park showed a characteristically Victorian attitude towards class and status. The men stood together without regard for rank during the ceremony, and the open nature of the award was emphasized by the fact that brevet Major Sir Charles Russell (Bart) and private Anthony Palmer, both of the Grenadier Guards, received the cross for the same action in the Sandbag Battery on 7th November 1854. But command of the parade was given to Colonel the Honourable Henry Percy of the Grenadier Guards, who had also won his Victoria Cross in the Sandbag Battery, during the battle of Inkerman on 5th November. A further 26 Victoria Crosses were later awarded, all to soldiers, for deeds committed during the Crimean War, making 111 recipients in all.

103. The Victoria Cross - World War Two
World War Two, saving private ryan, Second World War, WW.II. bottom. The VictoriaCross Canadian Victoria Cross Winners in WW II Ian Bazalgette. David Currie.
World War Two, saving private ryan, Second World War, W.W.II [bottom]
The Victoria Cross:
The Victoria Cross was instituted in 1856, but was made retroactive to the autumn of 1854 to cover the period of the Crimean War. In fact, one of the fist Victoria Crosses Awarded was to a Canadian, Lieutenant Alexander Roberts Dunn, who won his Victoria Cross during the charge of the Light Brigade on 25 October 1854, at Balaclava. At first, the ribbon was blue for the Navy, and red for the Army, but by Royal Warrant of 22 May 1920, signed be the secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill, "the ribbon is red for all services and when it only is worn, a small replica of the cross is fixed in the centre." With the view of putting everyone on a perfectly equal footing for winning the decoration, it was ordained that neither rank nor long service nor wounds nor any other circumstance, save the brave act itself, should be held to establish a sufficient claim to the honour. In the case of conspicuous bravery on the part of a body of soldiers or sailors (and later airmen), officer and other ranks had the privilege of selecting one or more of their number for the honour. In earlier wars, particularly the Indian Mutiny, a number of awards were decided in this manner. Later, the practice died out almost completely. A Bar to the Cross could also be awarded for another act of equal bravery. There have only been three of these ever awarded; none to a Canadian. In total, there have been 1,351 Victoria Crosses awarded to date to members of the Armed Forces of the British Commonwealth. Ninety-five Canadian soldiers have won the Cross since 1854, giving Canada more VCs per capita than any other Commonwealth Country. Only one has been awarded to a member of the regiments' predecessors: L/Cpl William Henry Metcalf, MM (of the 16 Battalion CEF - later the Carleton Light Infantry) at Arras, France on 2 September 1918.

104. FORGOTTEN HEROES By Con Costello
Victoria Cross and the FORGOTTEN HEROES. By Con Costello. Victoria Cross by Nationality.Sort by Nationality, Total Awards. English, 614 awards. Irish, 190 awards.
and the

The highest British decoration for “conspicuous bravery or devotion to the country in the presence of the enemy”, which was instituted by Queen Victoria towards the end of the Crimean War in 1856, and is known as the Victoria Cross has been awarded to many Irishmen, including three who were born in this county. Cast in bronze, from Russian guns taken at Sevastopol, the decoration is in the form of a Maltese cross, bearing in the centre the royal crown surmounted by a lion, and the words “For Valour”. The recipient’s name is engraved on the back of an attached bar, decorated with a laurel. Lance Corporal Abraham Boulger , the first Kildare man to receive the decoration, was born at Kilcullen about 1827, During his service with the 84th Regiment in India he was said to have been “critically engaged daily with the enemy, either in pitched battle with his regiment or as scout and skirmisher. Twelve actions were fought, and in all of these he took part. At Lucknow he stormed a bridge, and was the first man to dash into a masked battery”. For these actions Boulger won his reward, and following further distinguished service as a Sergeant-Major, including participation in the storming of Tel-el-Kebir, he was given the honorary rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. After he retired in 1887 he returned home, where he died thirteen years later. Bishopscourt, near Kill, was the birthplace of Brigadier-General Charles Fitzclarence in 1865. It was the home of his mother, Lady Maria Henriette Scott, eldest daughter of the 3rd Earl of Clonmell, who had purchased the mansion in the year that he married the Hon. Anne de Burgh, daughter of General Sir Ulysses de Burgh, of Bert, Athy; another daughter of Clonmell’s was married to John la Touche of Harristown. Lady Maria Henriette married Capt. George Fitzclarence R.N., Knight of the Medjidie in 1864, whose grandfather was the eldest illegitimate son of King William IV.

105. Victoria Cross --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Victoria Cross Encyclopædia Britannica Article. , Australian Red Cross,Victoria State branch of this international voluntary organization.

106. Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross Awards. The highest award for gallantry in the British Armyis the Victoria Cross which was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1856.
Reference Books
V ictoria Cross Awards. The highest award for gallantry in the British Army is the Victoria Cross which was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1856. Here are the details of two members of West India Regiments who won the award while serving with the unit.
Private Samuel Hodge
4th West Indian Regiment.
Campaign Gambia (West Africa) Age Deed On 30 June 1866 at Tubabecelong, near the River Gambia, West Africa , at the storming and capture of the stockaded town, Private Hodge and another man, who was afterwards killed, volunteered to hew down the stockade. After the colonel had effected an entrance Private Hodge followed him through the town, opening with his axe two barricaded gates and so allowing the support troops to enter. On reaching the other side of the town Private Hodge was acclaimed as the bravest man in the regiment, but he was very severely wounded. Remarks Later achieved rank of Lance-Corporal
Details of the award: London Gazette, 4th January 1867 Lance-Corporal Samuel Hodge VC, 4th West India Regiment.

Victoria Cross Holders Scotland website. Information on holders of the VictoriaCross relating to Scotland. Victoria Cross HOLDERS SCOTLAND. Did you know
Did you know...

Feel free to link directly to this homepage from your own website. If you have any further information, feedback or corrections relating to any of these 158 awardees that you would like to submit then please email.
Stuart Patterson

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06 August 2003

108. PPCLI Website - Victoria Cross Winners -
Victoria Cross Winners. Victoria Cross Winners. During the battle at Parvillershis actions won him the Victoria Cross (Posthumously awarded 13 August 1918).
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History Victoria Cross Winners Victoria Cross Winners
VC Holders
Hugh McKenzie was born in Liverpool, England on the 5th of December1885. Lieutenant McKenzie was one of the Original Patricia's, having joined the Regiment at its conception. He later became part of the 7th Machine Gun Company and was promoted Lieutenant on the 28th of January 1917. For his actions during the Battle of Passchendaele on the 30th of October 1917, Lieutenant Mckenzie was awarded The Victoria Cross (Posthumously). The Citation accompanying the award reads as follows: George Mullin was born on the15th of August 1892 in Portland, Oregan, USA. He enrolled with the 28th Infantry Battalion, joining the Princess Patricia's Light Infantry in the field on the 1st of March 1915. He was promoted to Lance Corporal on the 6th of May 1915 and to Sergeant on the 2nd of June 1916. For his actions during the Battle of Passchendaele on the 30th of October 1917, he was awarded The Victoria Cross. The Citation accompanying the award reads as follows: "While machine gunners officer Hugh MacKenzie drew the German fire, Sergeant Mullin actually performed the incredible feat of taking the pill box single-handed. He rushed a sniper post in front and destroyed the garrison with bombs and crawling on top of the pill box, shot the two machine gunners with his revolver. Sergeant Mullin then rushed to another entrance and compelled the garrison of ten to surrender. His gallantry and fearlessness was witnessed by many and although rapid fire was directed in his purpose, he not only helped to save the situation but also indirectly saved many lives. "

109. Victoria Sampler Designs Counted Cross Stitch Needlework Patterns, Leaflets, Mat
Victoria Sampler Designs Needlework and counted Cross stitch patterns, leaflets,materials and supplies from The Silver Needle, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Counted cross stitch patterns, supplies everything for needlework!
Thank you for taking the time to wait for this large page to load. We trust it's worth the wait...

Victoria Sampler has beautiful, delicate, and sometimes very intricate designs. She blends colors beautifully, and challenges you with a wonderful variety of hardanger, pulled thread embroidery, and lots of cut and drawn work, too. Always a touch of silk ribbon, always special silks and threads, her instructions and leaflets are beautifully done. Thea offers classes on-line for her designs... a great help if you're not sure you're on the right track with something! The details for "Cyber-classes" are right on the leaflets!
Good Friends Sampler
Such a gorgeous piece with such a neat friendship story behind it... the two designers, Thea and Yvonne. have created something you'll want to stitch for one of your special friends! Stitched on 28ct Antique White in the prettiest rich purple, fuschia and green silk Mori, Waterlilies and Silk 'n Colors colors, there are lavender, pink and white beads and pearls, along with a generous amount of hand-dyed silk ribbon included in the thread pack. Lots of hardanger and special stitches, all of it is beautifully diagramed inside the leaflet. You have two choices for your finished piece... each incorporates the intricate hearts and verse. Available as a leaflet with the accessory pack, which has enough thread for one of the pieces. Just stunning!!!
Good Friends Sampler w accessory pack - $36.50

110. Project Gutenberg - Author Index: C
Cross, FJ. Beneath the Banner. Cross, Victoria. Tomorrow? Crowquill, Alfred.The Giant Hands or, The Reward of Industry. Cruttwell, Charles Thomas.
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C, A and F T Gregory
Cabell, James Branch
Cabell, James Branch et al
Cable, Boyd (Ernest Andrew Ewart)
Cable, George W.
Cable, George Washington
Caesar, Caius Julius
Caesar, Gaius Julius, ca. 100-44 BC
Cahan, Abraham
Caine, Hall
Caine, Hall, Sir
Cairns, John
Calamity Jane
Caldecott, Randolph

111. Victoria Crosses Won By The Regiment
Victoria Cross s. Below is a list of all the men of the Regimentwho have won the Victoria Cross. Where possible I have provided
R HQ Home
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Photo Gallery Ex-members
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Clubs / Assoc ... RHamps Website Shop PRI Shop Our shop Picture Retouching Miscellanous Biography's Memorabilia Research Museum Military Links R. Hampshire links Military Links Add your URL Victoria Cross 's Below is a list of all the men of the Regiment who have won the Victoria Cross . Where possible I have provided a picture and information on how they won the award. China 1860 Lieutenant Edmund Henry Lenon. V.C. 67th Regiment Taku Forts China. O n 21 August 1860 at the Taku Forts, China, Lieutenant Lenon, with a lieutenant Rogers, Royal Marines, and a private John McDougall of the 44th Regiment, displayed great gallantry in the ditches and entering the North Taku Fort by an embrasure during the assault. They were the first of the English troops established on the walls of the Fort. Private Thomas Lane. V.C. 67th Regiment Taku Forts China. On 21 August 1860 at the Taku Forts, China, Private Lane and a lieutenant Nathanial Burslem, of his regiment displayed great gallantry in swimming the ditches of the North Taku Fort and attempting,during the assault and before an entrance had been effected by anyone, to enlarge an opening in the wall, through which they eventually entered. In doing so, they were both severely wounded.

112. The Victoria Cross:
THE VICTORIA CROSS Founded by Royal warrant on the 29th January 1856, it was originally intended to be awarded solely to members of the Royal Navy and British Army who, serving in the prescence of the enemy, should have performed some signal act of valour or devotion to their country. ROYAL REGIMENT OF FUSILIERS VICTORIA CROSS WINNERS RORKES DRIFT ROYAL ANGLIAN REGIMENT VICTORIA CROSS WINNERS SGT ROBERT BYE VC

113. Indian Mutiny
Victoria Cross awarded during the Indian Mutiny. DOWLING AWARDED VictoriaCross FOR THREE ACTS OF COURAGE AT SIEGE OF LUCKNOW. A terrifying
Victoria Cross awarded during the Indian Mutiny DOWLING AWARDED VICTORIA CROSS FOR THREE ACTS OF COURAGE AT SIEGE OF LUCKNOW A terrifying rebellion broke out in India against the rule of the British during 1857 lasting until 1859. This was started by Indian troops in the service of the British East India Company ('John's Company') and it resulted in the power of the company being handed over to the British Crown. The causes of the mutiny were many but it was not a purely racial matter as many native Indians fought alongside the British. Indiscipline among native regiments and reactions to that indiscipline were also key trigger factors. The main focus of the Mutiny was around the capital city of Delhi, where major conflicts were fought, but the most significant battle was fought at Lucknow. The city of Lucknow, capital of Oudh, saw great heroism and fortitude. Governor Sir Henry Lawrence had decided not to try to disarm the rebels with his one British Regiment (32nd Foot (The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry) and four Native units. This mistake and an aversion to removing tall religious structures within his perimeter left his forces vulnerable once under the siege which started on 30th June 1857. Every day that passed increased the ordeal for the British community trapped within the perimeter of the Residency. On the second day of the siege Lawrence himself was mortally wounded by a shell which crashed through the wall of his bedroom. During the middle of July there were about 10 deaths of Europeans a day. Outside battle casualties and sickness meant every man, even if wounded, was eventually on duty permanently. The women also played a valuable part in resisting the rebels but moral was savagely hit by the death of children in the battle conditions. Tremendous effort kept the British flag flying to keep hope in the hearts of those under fire.

114. GGFG - Governor General's Foot Guards
Special Feature Queen s Medal. Victoria Cross Recipients. By Maj RM Foster, CDGovernor General s Foot Guards. The Victoria CrossThe Victoria Cross.
Home Regiment Cadets Recruiting ... Special Feature: Queen's Medal Victoria Cross Recipients By Maj R.M. Foster, CD
Governor General's Foot Guards The Victoria Cross
For most conspicuous bravery or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy. A cross pattee, 1.375 inches across, with a dark brown finish. Made from cannons captured from the Russians during the Crimean War. The obverse displays the Royal Crown surmounted by a lion guardant. Below the crown, a scroll bearing the inscription: FOR VALOUR. The reverse side has raised edges with the date of the act engraved within a raised circle. There have been 1,351 Victoria Crosses and 3 Bars awarded worldwide, 94 to Canadians (Canadian-born or serving in the Canadian Army or with a close connection to Canada). For more information see: Canadian Department of Veteran's Affairs Web Site Captain (Acting Major) O'Kill Massey Learmonth, VC, MC
2nd Battalion, CEF
For the action at Hill 70 on 18 August 1917. "For most conspicuous bravery and exceptional devotion to duty. During a determined counter-attack on our new positions, this officer, when his company was momentarily surprised, instantly charged and personally disposed of the attackers. Later he carried on a tremendous fight with the advancing enemy. Although under intense barrage and mortally wounded he stood on the parapet of the trench, bombed the enemy continuously and directed the defence in such a manner as to infuse a spirit of utmost resistance into his men."

115. Victoria Cross
Regiment, Victoria Cross. Back. The Victoria Cross. The Victoria Crossis Australia s highest award for Bravery in battle. Originally
10/27 Battalion, Royal South Australia Regiment Victoria Cross Back The Victoria Cross The Victoria Cross is Australia's highest award for Bravery in battle. Originally cast from the metal of Russian Cannons captured during the Crimean War in 1854-6. The Royal South Australia Regiment claims no less than 10 winners of this highly valued medal.
A list of winners and a brief synopsis of their citations appears below.
Lieutenant Arthur Seaforth Blackburn
10th Battalion was awarded the Victoria Cross on the 23rd July 1916 at Pozieres, France.
Blackburn joined the 10th Battalion on the 19th August 1914. He took part in the landing at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915, and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in August 1915. He went with the Battalion to France, where he took part in an attack on the Somme near Pozieres. He was to join the 9th Battalion with his company to support an advance under heavy gunfire. Blackburn made four successive bombing parties, many of whom were killed. The enemy strongpoint was destroyed and over 350 meters of trench was captured. For this exploit, Lieutenant Blackburn was awarded the Victoria Cross. Corporal Phillip Davey , 10th Battalion was awarded the Victoria Cross on 28th June 1918 at Merris, France. Davey joined the 10th Battalion on 22nd December 1914. He joined the Battalion with the first reinforcements two weeks before the landing at Gallipoli. He contracted enteric fever while there and was evacuated home. In June 1916 he re-embarked for France with the 18th Reinforcements, and arrived at the Battalion on 3rd October of that year. He was promoted Corporal on the 24th April 1918.

116. Victoria Cross, VC, RN, Wilkinson, HMS Li Wo, Thresher, Gould, Roberts, Miers, T
BRITISH Victoria Cross at SEA 1940-1945 Royal Navy (21 in total),Fleet Air Arm (2), Royal Marines (1), RAF Coastal Command (4).
return to
Naval History Homepage
Royal Navy (21 in total), Fleet Air Arm (2), Royal Marines (1), R.A.F. Coastal Command (4)
with Table of awards arranged by Force and Theatre and World Location Map
back to
Campaigns of World War 2

Lt-Cdr Gerard Roope RN

Capt Bernard Warburton-Lee RN

Lt-Cdr Richard Stannard RNR
Lt Robert Gray RCNVR
see "The Victoria Cross at Sea" by John Winton, 1978 for fuller details of each recipient and award Note that the George Cross is the highest British award for valour not in action RN only Atlantic
W Europe, incl UK Mediterranean Indian Ocean/SE Asia Pacific Surface warship (4) Capt Sherbrooke , HM Destroyer Onslow, Battle of the Barents Sea Lt-Cdr Roope , HM Destroyer Glowworm, Norway Capt Warburton-Lee , HM Destroyer Hardy, Norway PO Sephton , HM Cruiser Coventry, Crete Submarines (9) Lt Cameron Lt Place , midget submarine attack on "Tirpitz"

117. Research Guide U4: The Collection Of Victoria Crosses In The National Maritime M
Maritime Museum. Introduction. This guide outlines the careers of theholders of the Victoria Cross held in the museum s collection.
Low graphics version Site map About us Contact us Search NMM Home Planning a visit What's on News ... Shop You are here: NMM Home Enquiries / Research guides Go back one level Research guides Frequently asked questions Tracing people ... Contact us
Research guide U4: The collection of Victoria Crosses in the National Maritime Museum
This guide outlines the careers of the holders of the Victoria Cross held in the museum's collection. Manuscripts and books can be consulted in the Museum's Caird Library which is open from Monday–Saturday 10.00–16.45, Saturday by appointment only.
E-mail: Reference number given in italics refer to the Museum's Library and manuscripts catalogue which is available to view online. Manuscripts , partly stored in out-stations, can be ordered and viewed in the Library. Please contact the Manuscripts department in advance if you wish to view specific material, giving at least 14 days notice.
E-mail: See also: © NMM London Page index
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    118. Victoria Cross Awarded To Captain Sir William Peel : National Maritime Museum
    Victoria Cross Awarded to Captain Sir William Peel, Victoria Cross Awardedto Captain Sir William Peel By Hancocks Son Date 1857 Repro ID D9723.
    Low graphics version Site map About us Contact us Search NMM Home Planning a visit What's on News ... Shop You are here: NMM Home Planning a visit What's on News Learning ... Shop
    From our collections
    Victoria Cross Awarded to Captain Sir William Peel
    Date: 1857
    Repro ID: D9723
    Captain Peel, who led a Naval Brigade during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, was one of the first officers to receive the newly-created Victoria Cross in 1857. The Victoria Cross was cast in bronze from the metal of a Russian cannon captured at the Crimea and was Queen Victoria's own idea. Originally the ribbon was blue for the Navy and red for the Army until 1918 when the Royal Air Force became a separate organisation and the red ribbon was adopted for all three services. Buy a print See also: Related websites Collections online Maritime Art Greenwich Journal for Maritime Research SeaBritain 2005 ... PortCities UK
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    119. Victoria Cross: Comics: Crusade Fine Arts
    View artwork from Victoria Cross. Born in Wales of a German motherand a career army officer, Victoria Elizabeth Cross spent her

    View artwork from Victoria Cross
    Born in Wales of a German mother and a career army officer, Victoria Elizabeth Cross spent her adolescence bounding about the far-reaching corners of the Empire. Victoria's father, Royal Field Artillery Officer, Captain Arthur Cross was instrumental in the formation of the Royal Flying Corps (officially changed to the Royal Air Force or RAF in 1918) ultimately rising to the rank of Air Commodore. Chapter 1 - Fists of Steel
    Chapter 2 - The Spanish Civil War
    Chapter 3 - Operation Wounded Condor
    Chapter 4 - Guernica
    Chapter 5 - Do you dream of lions?
    Chapter 6 - No Parasan'!
    Chapter 7 - Slashing to the Sea
    Chapter 8 - Operation Tarik
    As a child, Victoria marveled at her father's fantastic stories of blood and honor. Arthur's influence upon his tomboy daughter was so great that the determined girl remarkably obtains a flying license at the age of 15. The spirited teenager dreamed of a life in the RAF, but alas this was an impossibility due to her "unfortunate gender." But the dark clouds of world depression and social unrest shroud the inter-war years in a blanket of turbulence. Fearing the rise of world communism could endanger the British way of life and economy, allocations for a new defense are implemented. So, at the age of 21, the Air Commodore's daughter is recruited for Britain's foreign intelligence service Military Intelligence, Section 6 or simply MI6. Founded in 1909, the role of MI6 is similar to that of the CIA in the United States.

    120. Maj. Fred Tilston Wins Victoria Cross For Attack In Germany
    Tilston hears he will be awarded the Victoria Cross for valour. Home Conflictand War Maj. Fred Tilston wins Victoria Cross for attack in Germany. Mar.
    March 1, 1945: The Hochwald Forest in Germany is the scene of an incredible act of Canadian bravery. In his first and last attack as commander of 'C' Company of the Essex Scottish Regiment, Maj. Frederick Tilston acts more like an action hero than an officer. After a 500-metre dash behind a barrage of artillery shells and through a belt of wire three metres deep, Tilston leaps into the enemy trenches. Next Printer-friendly page Send this page to a friend Firing his Sten gun from his hip, Tilston clears the trench and then races toward the forest. He clears out a machine gun post using a hand grenade, and leads his remaining men into hand-to-hand combat. Tilston has been wounded in the head and the hip, yet he consolidates his troops and holds the position against counterattack. Six times he makes an insane dash to a neighbouring company to get more bullets and grenades for his men. Previous Next Printer-friendly page Send this page to a friend On his last trip, Tilston is hit in the other leg and crumples to the ground. When medics finally arrive, his only words are, "We held." Days later, as he recuperates in an English military hospital, Maj. Tilston hears he will be awarded the Victoria Cross for valour. In this interview from the hospital, Tilston tells CBC Radio about his experiences since that day in Hochwald. Previous Did You Know?

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