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  1. Bravest of the Brave: The Story of the Victoria Cross by John Glanfield, 2005-12-01
  2. Supreme Courage: Heroic Stories from 150 Years of the Victoria Cross by General Sir Peter de la Billiere, 2005-09-01
  3. Awarded for Valour: A History of the Victoria Cross and the Evolution of the British Concept of Heroism (Studies in Military and Strategic History) by Melvin Charles Smith, 2008-07-15
  4. COMPLETE VICTORIA CROSS, THE: A Full Chronological Record of All Holders of Britain's Highest Award for Gallantry by Kevin Brazier, 2010-06
  5. Victoria Cross Heroes by Michael A. Ashcroft, 2007-05-03
  6. Forgotten Voices of the Victoria Cross by Roderick Bailey, 2011-05-24
  7. The Victoria Cross (Shire Library) by Peter Duckers, 2008-03-04
  8. The Whale of the Victoria Cross by Pierre Boulle, 1983-11
  9. Valour Reconsidered: Inquiries into the Victoria Cross and Other Awards for Extreme Bravery by Hugh A. Halliday, 2010-01-01
  10. In the Face of the Enemy: The Complete History of the Victoria Cross and New Zealand by Glyn Harper, 2006-01
  11. A Girl of the Klondike by Victoria Cross, 2010-07-06
  12. Extraordinary Heroes: The Amazing Stories of the George and Victoria Cross Recipients (General Military) by Ruth Shepphard, The Imperial War Museum, 2010-11-23
  13. Our bravest and our best: The stories of Canada's Victoria Cross winners by William Arthur Bishop, 1995
  14. The Book of the V.C.: A Record of the Deeds of Heroism for Which the Victoria Cross Has Been Bestowed, from Its Institution in 1857 to the Present Time by Arthur Lincoln Haydon, 2010-04-02

1. VICTORIA CROSS, New Zealand Troops Who Have Won The
VICTORIA Cross Victoria Cross is the highest British decoration awardedto members of the NZ armed forces for valour while on active service.

2. Ballarat Volunteer Computerises Red Cross Victoria » ABC Ballarat
Ballarat volunteer computerises Red Cross Victoria. Reporter Jarrod Watt. Friday,3 October 2003. Richard Stone and Paul Murphy; volunteers, Red Cross Victoria.
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Ballarat volunteer computerises Red Cross Victoria
Reporter: Jarrod Watt Friday, 3 October 2003 Red Cross Victoria chair Richard Stone accepts the first of the new PCs from IBM's state manager for Victoria, Michael McMahon. Hear how the Red Cross is to receive over a dozen new computers with thanks to volunteers who worked during the Canberra bushfire crisis. In the thick of the Canberra bushfires a couple of Red Cross volunteers on another 12-hour shift trying to reunite or locate friends and relatives came to one basic conclusion: there had to be a better way. "[During the Canberra fires] we were asked by the police to start up the state inquiry centre on behalf of the ACT, and over a period of about 5-7 days we received some ten thousand phone calls, and we registered some 4,000 people who had been evacuated from their homes. It was a huge operation," says Richard Stone, chair of the Victorian branch of the Red Cross.

3. Australian Red Cross Victoria
Events, Jobs, unsubscribe/advanced email lists. Victoria COSS Members Directory.Organisation, Australian Red Cross Victoria. Phone, (03)9685 9999. Fax, (03)96859898.
Australia's Councils of Social Service working together Home Contact Cosses Only Advanced
Newsroom Events Jobs unsubscribe/advanced email lists
Victoria COSS Members Directory
Organisation Australian Red Cross Victoria Phone Fax Email Types of services Community Services Provider [ List similar organisations
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Migrants [ List similar organisations
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4. Blue Cross - About Us
Victoria animal hospital. Sheppard House 1 5 Hugh Street Victoria London SW1V1QQ Tel 020 7932 2370 Fax 020 7821 2371 Chief Veterinary Surgeon Jess Gower.
news about us services shopping ... pet care info
Victoria animal hospital
Sheppard House
1 - 5 Hugh Street
London SW1V 1QQ
Tel: 020 7932 2370 Fax: 020 7821 2371
Chief Veterinary Surgeon: Jess Gower Opening hours*
Monday: 9.30am - 12noon and 2.30pm - 4pm.
Tuesday: 9.30am - 12noon and 2.30pm - 4pm.
Wednesday: 9.30am - 12noon.
Thursday: 9.30am - 12noon and 2.30pm - 4pm.
Friday: 9.30am - 12noon and 2.30pm - 4pm. Saturday and Sunday: Closed *Please telephone to make an appointment. Photos of the hospital's official reopening About The Blue Cross veterinary service High-quality pdf map (over 1MB)

5. Victoria Cross - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Victoria Cross. Only three people have won the Victoria Cross twice, Noel GodfreyChavasse, Arthur MartinLeake and New Zealander Charles Hazlitt Upham.
Victoria Cross
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Victoria Cross, Source: Veterans Affairs Canada The Victoria Cross (official post-nominal letters "V.C.") is the highest award for gallantry that can be awarded to members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces of any rank in any service and civilians under military command. The original inscription on the cross was "FOR BRAVERY" but this was amended to "FOR VALOUR" on the recommendation of Queen Victoria who thought some might erroneously consider that only medal winners were brave in battle. The VC was first issued on January 29 , recognising acts of valour during the Crimean War of . All VCs are cast from the bronze of two Chinese cannons that were reputedly captured from the Russians at the of siege of Sevastopol . Some historians doubt the cannon were at Sevastopol. The medal takes the form of a Maltese cross , or cross patte, 1.375 inches wide, bearing a crown surmounted by a lion, and the inscription . The ribbon is crimson, 1.5 inches wide. Since its inception it has been awarded 1354 times. The largest number of VCs won in a single day was 24 on

6. DUSA News - Australian Red Cross Victoria
Australian Red Cross Victoria. Red Symons did it you can do it too!He’s part of a team of special red cross volunteers who give
Student Campaigns Crossfire - Student Magazine Campus Newsletters ...
DUSA Personnel Only
Updated: October 23 2003 17:04

ABN: 95 022 653 791
Australian Red Cross Victoria
Red Symons did it - you can do it too! In 2003 Red and the Red Cross calling team helped the red cross raise almost $2 million, much needed money that helps us maintain and improve local services for people in crisis. Help us so we can (to name just a few of our services),
  • Provide shelter, food and clothes for people in crises such as house fires. help fire and flood victims and feed hungry fire and emergency services personnel when disaster strikes, transport the sick who can't drive to their doctor's appointments. help refugees and others find lost family members support asylum seekers run programs to ensure older and at risk people receive daily phone calls just to check they are ok provide first aid training undertake our pioneering role in international humanitarian law
To get involved email us now with your name and contact details:

7. Imperial War Museum London - Victoria Cross And George Cross
Victoria Cross and George Cross Exhibition. See the Exhibits and Firearms homepagefor more facts and information on the Victoria Cross and George Cross.
Victoria Cross and George Cross Exhibition The Victoria Cross and George Cross room houses the Museum's collections of these supreme awards for military and civil gallantry. The centrepiece of the display is the 13-pounder 'Nery' gun and the three VC's won by its crew during the Battle of Mons. The stories of Boy First Class Jack Cornwell, Lieutenant J D Smyth (later Brigadier the Rt Hon Sir John Smyth), Corporal Charles Garforth, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire and other First and Second World War VC's are told. Slide Show
Click a number to choose an image
Among the George Crosses are those won by resistance hero Wing Commander FF Yeo-Thomas, the 'White Rabbit', and by Lieutenant Robert Davies, who saved St. Paul's Cathedral by defusing a bomb which fell close by during the Blitz. Related exhibits include a telescope used by Lieutenant Augustus Agar VC and a beret belonging to Colonel 'H' Jones VC. See the Exhibits and Firearms homepage for more facts and information on the Victoria Cross and George Cross Art Galleries

8. First World - Encyclopedia - Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross Updated Sunday, 23 February, 2003. The Victoria Crosswas - and remains to the present day - the highest British
Victoria Cross
Updated - Sunday, 23 February, 2003 The Victoria Cross was - and remains to the present day - the highest British military award for gallantry, awarded for "most conspicuous bravery, a daring or pre-eminent act of valour, self sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy". Established during Queen Victoria's reign in February 1856 some 633 Victoria Crosses (known as the V.C.) were awarded during the First World War. Two of these comprised Bars - that is, an award of a second Victoria Cross to a current holder: to Arthur Martin-Leake in 1914 and Noel Chavasse in 1917 respectively. Of these Chavasse earned both V.C.s during the First World War, although the second was posthumously awarded. Of the 633 V.C.s awarded during the First World War 187 were issued posthumously to men killed during their act of heroism. Prior to the outbreak of war in 1914 522 V.C.s had been awarded; by contrast just 182 were issued during the Second World War. There are two instances of the Victoria Cross being awarded to father and son (although never during the same conflict). No woman has ever been awarded the V.C.

9. Victoria Cross
Victoria Cross, Education on the Internet Teaching The Victoria Crossis Britain s highest award. Established in February 1856 by Queen
Victoria Cross
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The Victoria Cross is Britain's highest award. Established in February 1856 by Queen Victoria , the medal is is awarded for "most conspicuous bravery, a daring or preeminent act of valour, self sacrifice or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy. A total of 633 members of the armed forces were awarded the Victoria Cross during the First World War . Of these, 187 had been killed during their act of heroism.
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10. Victoria Cross
VICTORIA CROSS. The highest award for gallantry in the field has beenawarded to less than twenty members of the Regiment. For individual
Serving Soldier Careers News Units ... What's New Victoria Cross
Royal Highland Fusiliers

Journal Entries


Regimental History
... Victoria Cross
The highest award for gallantry in the field has been awarded to less than twenty members of the Regiment
For individual citations please click on image. Pte G Rogers 1858 Lt W Edwards 1882 Capt A Hore-Ruthven 1898 Pte G Ravenhill 1899 Cpl J Shaul 1899 Pte C Kennedy 1900 Pte G Wilson 1914 Lt W Brodie 1914 L/Cpl W Angus 1915 Pte R Lauder 1915 Sgt J Turnbull 1916 Lt W Honey 1917 2/Lt J Craig 1917 2/Lt S Boughey 1917 L/Cpl J Hamilton 1917 Sgt T Caldwell 1918 Lt-Col W Anderson 1918 (No image held) Cpl D Hunter 1918 Capt F Blaker 1944 Fus D Donnini 1945
Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, personnel must confirm details through the chain of command or with their Administrative Office before taking any action or making any commitment. Last Reviewed: 4 May 04

11. Victoria Cross - Encyclopedia Article About Victoria Cross. Free Access, No Regi
encyclopedia article about Victoria Cross. Victoria Cross in Free onlineEnglish dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Victoria Cross. Cross
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Victoria Cross
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition The Victoria Cross (official post-nominal letters "V.C.") is the highest award for gallantry that can be awarded to members of the British The word British has several different uses. See the article on Britain for more details.
  • In a geographical context, it usually applies to a person or object from Britain, which usually means the island of Great Britain, or possibly the British Isles collectively.
  • In a political context, before the 1801 Act of Union, it applies to a person or object from the Kingdom of Great Britain; following that act, it often applies to the United Kingdom. This will certainly be the case when speaking of a person's nationality.

Click the link for more information. and Commonwealth The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of independent sovereign states, mostly formed by the United Kingdom and its former colonies. It was formerly known as the British Commonwealth , and many still call it by that name, either for historical reasons or to distinguish it from the many other commonwealths around the world. It is celebrated by Commonwealth Day on the second Monday in March.

12. The Victoria Cross - World War Two
The Victoria Cross Victoria Cross. In total, there have been 1,351 Victoria Crossesawarded to date to members of the Armed Forces of the British Commonwealth.
World War Two, saving private ryan, Second World War, W.W.II [bottom] The Victoria Cross: Victoria Cross   The Victoria Cross was instituted in 1856, but was made retroactive to the autumn of 1854 to cover the period of the Crimean War. In fact, one of the first Victoria Crosses awarded was to a Canadian, Lieutenant Alexander Roberts Dunn, who won his Victoria Cross during the charge of the Light Brigade on 25 October, 1854 at Balaclava. The Cross was created to recognize very outstanding deeds of gallantry in the presence of the enemy. It was to consist of a Maltese Cross (in fact, a cross paté) of bronze made from the metal from one of the Russian guns captured at Sebastopol, with the Royal Crest in the centre and underneath a scroll bearing the words "For Valour". On the reverse side of the cross is engraved the date of the act of bravery, while the name of the recipient is engraved on the back of the clasp. At first the ribbon was blue for the Navy and red for the Army, but by a Royal Warrant of 22 May, 1920, signed by the secretary of State for War, Winston Churchill, "the ribbon is red for all services and when it only is worn, a small replica of the cross is fixed in the centre".

13. VICTORIA CROSS - Meaning And Definition Of The Word
Search Dictionary VICTORIA CROSS Dictionary Entry and Meaning. WordNetDictionary. Definition n a British military decoration for gallantry. Cross
English Dictionary Computer Dictionary Thesaurus Dream Dictionary ... Medical Dictionary
Search Dictionary:
VICTORIA CROSS: Dictionary Entry and Meaning
WordNet Dictionary Definition: [n] a British military decoration ... gallantry See Also: decoration laurel wreath medal medallion ... ABOUT HYPERDICTIONARY

14. Victoria Cross Awards Prior To WWI
The preWW I recipients of the highest decoration for valor and conspicuous gallantry given by the United Kingdom.
Victoria Cross Awards 1854-1914
A Series of Informational Articles
Edited by Stephen Herold
The foundation of the Victoria Cross by Queen Victoria in 1856 marked the recognition by hitherto aristocratic governments of the value of the brave fulfillment of duty by ordinary soldiers. As such it is a significant social as well as military event. Given only for the most conspicuous gallantry, it remains perhaps the most prestigious and valued decoration for exceptional service in the service of country. The following articles present the history of this decoration up to the beginning of the First World War.




There are some other, more complete and very impressive pages on the VC:

Victoria Cross UK Grave Sites

Lists all Victoria Cross holders with grave sites in the United Kingdom with details on grave locations, as well as the award details and biographical info.
Victoria Cross Reference
A complete and detailed reference to all VCs. A massive quantity of information. The Australian and NZ Victoria Cross Web Site Australian and New Zealand VCs, with details.

15. Victoria Cross Reference
Comprehensive information on the Victoria Cross (including all 1354 recipient details), the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British
Victoria Cross Reference Search Feedback/Questions Log In ...
20 Jul 03 What's New?
Message Forum




Location of Deed
Recently Updated
15 Mar 03 News
The Medal
Facts Statistics ... Feedback/Questions Created by Mike Chapman The Victoria Cross is the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Site Update News 20 Jul 2003 All 1354 VC's Fully Detailed Feedback/Questions Did you know... Since 1945 the Victoria Cross has been awarded only times (the last two times being in the Falklands War in 1982). On the 3 Jun, the following VCs were earned: Henry COOPER 1855; Taganrog, Crimea George CHAFER 1916; The East Yorkshire Regiment; Meaulte, France Maurice ROGERS 1944; The Wiltshire Regiment; Anzio, Italy Today's Most Viewed Maurice ROGERS George CHAFER Henry COOPER William LENDRIM ... Herbert JONES Recently Updated William LENDRIM 3 Jun 2004 Robert JONES 2 Jun 2004 Samuel FRICKLETON 27 May 2004 Alfred HOOK 18 May 2004 Albert JACKA 16 May 2004 Sidney GODLEY 14 May 2004 Adam WAKENSHAW 5 May 2004 Alfred ABLETT 4 May 2004 Keith ELLIOTT 30 Apr 2004 Edward LAWSON 28 Apr 2004 More...

16. Cross, Victoria  APNP
in your community, call our Physician Finder (920)3615480. Cross, Victoria APNP. Associated Family Physicians Pages/CrossV.htm
CHN Medical Group
Physicians and Allied Health Professionals
225 Memorial Drive
Berlin, WI 54923
For more information on physician services
in your community, call our Physician Finder: Cross, Victoria APNP Associated Family Physicians
225 Memorial Drive
Suite #1200
Berlin, WI 54923 Associated Family Physicians
Wautoma Medical Complex
Hwy 22 North Wautoma, WI 54982 Berlin Phone: Wautoma Phone: Vicki graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in nursing. She is licensed to practice nursing and prescribe medications, and is certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

17. The Blue Cross Animals Society Of Victoria
Since its early beginnings almost 50 years ago, the Blue Cross has carried out vital work to bring relief to all kinds of animals found abandoned, injured, starving or neglected by their owners. It operates a 'no kill' shelter.
Our Shelter Is Under Threat of Closure This is a report on a metting i had with Mr John McCrory representing the Minister of Agriculture, and Mr Malcome Scheele representing the City of Manningham Local Laws, under whose jurisdiction the Blue Cross now operates. Under the new Code of Practive for Animal Shelters, minimum standards have been set for accomodating animals, and this is a step in the right direction, but therecommended minimum size for dog pens of twenty-four square feet or 8 feet by 3 feet, is disgusting. At Blue Cross our kittens have much bigger pens than this. The Code of Practice was drwn up on the recommendation of the MAJOR animal welfare shelters, i.e. RSPCA and Lost Dogs Home, and from their point of view is a giant step forward. it ensures that dogs will have a minimum space, will have hygienic conditions and will have protection from the elements. This is exactly what is said about battery farmed hens and this act is treating welfare shelter dogs in the same manner. The likely outlook for them will be the mandatory eight days in cramped quarters whichs erve as their bedroom, recreation area and toilet, and then, unless they are among the lucky very few who are re-homed, join the queue for euthanising. When the Code of Practice was drwan up, no consideration was given to Blue Cross - the only shelter which houses its dogs in comfortable, clean kennels at night and allows them to spend their days in spacious outdoor exercise areas with a compatible canine companion. In fact, no provision was made for exercising the dogs apart form a consolation ten minutes per day under human supervision, and with no other dogs. On no account are welfare dogs allowed to socialise or mix with other dogs!

18. Victoria Cross Medals
Victoria Cross Decorations Internet Resources Military Books. Victoria Cross Reference. Information on every Victoria Cross award. Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914. By Name of Recipient
Victoria Cross Resources
Colin McKenzie's Pages - Albert McKenzie VC at Zeebrugge Military Books Victoria Cross Reference
Information on every Victoria Cross award Recipients of the Victoria Cross Prior to 1914
By Name of Recipient.
- A Short History of the Victoria Cross Victoria Cross - A Welsh Victoria Cross. C.S.M John Henry Williams V.C.
Scots at War - Royal Air Force. David Lord's VictoriaCross
Flt. Lt. David S.A. Lord VC. DFC. Sept 1944, Arnhem, RAF Dakota pilot.
Sergeant Frederick Hobson, VC. 20th Canadian Infantry Battalion, C.E.F. Warrants Governing the Victoria Cross
Warrants Issued in Connection With the Victoria Cross.
War Department, February 5th, 1856 , through to 1902.
Links to VC recipients 1854 -1904. Featured Site The Military Webring VictoriaCross Awards to 1904 The VictoriaCross Canadian VC winners, WW2 The Canadian Great War Homepage VICTORIA CROSS WINNERS. Lt. Hugh McKenzie, DCM 7th Canadian Machine Gun Company, CEF Passchendaele, Belgium 30 October 1917 (Posthumous) THE CITATIONS Commemorating the Sixteen Canadian Servicemen awarded the VictoriaCross during the Second World War 1939-1945. First Presentation of the Victoria Cross in 1857 On Friday, June 26th, 1857 Queen Victoria distributed the first Victoria Crosses at Hyde Park.

19. Victorian Cross Country Committee
Body responsible for the organisation, administration, and development of Cross country skiing in Victoria.

20. Victoria Falls - Scenic Tour - Karibu "Southern Cross" Safari - July 1999
Botswana Scenic Tour Karibu Southern Cross Safari - July 1999.Sorry, but for best performance, this site requires a browser
Botswana - Scenic Tour
Karibu "Southern Cross" Safari - July 1999
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