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  1. One looks at Russia / by Henri Barbusse ; translated from the French by Warre B. Wells by Henri (1874-1935) - Related name: Wells, Warre Bradley (1892-?) Barbusse, 1931-01-01
  2. Nous Autres.. (French Edition) by Barbusse Henri 1874-1935, 2010-09-29

1. Under Fire (Le Feu), Henri Barbusse, 1917
The Story of a Squad. By Henri Barbusse. ( 18741935) Translated by The first chapter and last give much of the tone of Barbusse's perspective on the war
Under Fire
The Story of a Squad
By Henri Barbusse
Translated by
Fitzwater Wray
New York
681 Fifth Avenue
Printed in the United States of America
the memory of
the comrades who fell by my side at
January, May, and September, 1915
  • The Vision
  • In the Earth
  • The Return
  • Volpatte and Fouillade ...
  • The Dawn
    Le Feu was published in Paris in 1916. We have used the English translation of 1917 here. Some of the British words used will probably need translation as well. A few missing quotation marks have been replaced; the em dash is rendered as two minus signs without space on either side. We have not preserved the page numbers. The book is rather long to read online. If your time is limited you may wish to skip to chapter 20 and read from there. The first chapter and last give much of the tone of Barbusse's perspective on the war. The year he died, Barbusse published a book on Stalin. For more online information about World War I, please see the excellent web site,
  • 2. Henri Barbusse, Forgiveness Of Sin, Empty Tomb
    A New Identity. ( Easter Sunday Homily) French writer Henri Barbusse (18741935) tells of a conversation overheard in a dugout full of wounded men during the First World War.
    A New Identity
    (Easter Sunday Homily) French writer Henri Barbusse (1874-1935) tells of a conversation overheard in a dugout full of wounded men during the First World War. One of them who knows he has only moments to live says to another man, “Listen, Dominic, you’ve led a bad life. Everywhere you are wanted by the police. But there are no convictions against me. My name is clear, so, here, take my wallet, take my papers, my identity, my good name, my life and quickly, hand me your papers that I may carry all your crimes away with me in death.” Jesus makes a similar offer this morning. In the reading from Acts of the Apostles, Peter describes all that happened regarding Jesus, how he was unfairly judged, sentenced to a cruel death, then – beyond all expectation – came back. He commissioned Peter and the other apostles to transmit the astonishing offer: “Everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins through his name.” (Acts 10:43) Peter himself understood the joy of forgiveness. In a sense he had committed the worst sin of all – he denied that he even knew Jesus. Not once but three times. Not in front of some cruel tyrant, but before a serving girl. Peter wept bitterly. His shame could not be greater. After Jesus returned to Peter, he communicated forgiveness – and the authority to forgive others. (Jn 20:23) When Jesus forgives, it's not just a change of legal status, but a new identity. St. Paul says, "For

    3. WORLD WAR I History (e-Book, E-Books, EBooks, EBook)
    Barbusse, Henri, 18741935. Under Fire The Story of a Squad fiction Churchill, Winston, (Sir) 1874-1965. The River War An Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan
    nn n n eBooks: World War I (period) AUTHOR TITLE EDITION FORMAT PRICE PUBORG Encyclopedia of the First World War [history military] On-Line n/c World War I: Biographical Dictionary Html n/c BrighamYU US Naval History: A Bibliography: World War I, 1917-1918 Html n/c USNavyHst l en, Mehmet Arif, 1893-1958 Vetluga Memoir NetLibrary UPrFlorida Adams, Michael C. C., 1945- The Great Adventure NetLibrary IndianaUPr American Red Cross The Work of the American Red Cross During the War: A Statement of Finances and Accomplishments for the Period Html n/c UKansas Anderson, Isabel, 1876-1948 Presidents and pies; life in Washington 1897-1919 [social life, customs] Graphic Html n/c Libr Congress Anon.

    ANGELL, NORMAN, SIR, 18741967. ANNE, QUEEN OF GREAT BRITAIN, 1665-1714 BARBIER, AUGUSTE, 1805-1882. Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935. BARCLAY, ROBERT, 1833-1876
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    5. Cast Of Characters
    Wild Heart's. Cast of Characters. This page is intended as a helpful resource to readers of Wild Heart. Barbusse, Henri (18741935) French novelist and journalist who served in World War I
    Wild Heart's
    Cast of Characters
    This page is intended as a helpful resource to readers of Wild Heart . Because the number of people listed here is large—ranging from historical figures who lived centuries ago to members of Natalie's innermost circle—the biographical data given is necessarily brief. Aldington, Richard (1892-1962) — English poet, novelist, and biographer. His first novel, Death of a Hero (1929), was a bitter indictment of war. A leading Imagist, he helped edit the Egoist and was married to the poet H.D. Antheil, George (1900-1959) — Avant-garde American composer known best for his 1925 work, "Ballet Mécanique." Arliss, George (1868-1946) — British stage actor, successful film star, winner of the 1929-30 Best Actor Oscar. Barbusse, Henri (1874-1935) — French novelist and journalist who served in World War I. His anti-war novel, Under Fire , vividly portrayed the horrors of war. Barnes, Djuna (1892-1982) — American novelist, dramatist, poet, short-story writer, and artist. Integral member of the "Lost Generation" of expats living in Paris in the 1920s. Many critics considered her the most talented American writer of her time. Her novel Nightwood is a classic.

    6. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > B > Barbusse, Henri, 18
    There is no description available for this text. Author Barbusse, Henri,18741935 Keywords Authors B Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935; Titles W.

    7. Wray, Fitzwater, Translator
    Wray, Fitzwater, Translator Barbusse, Henri, 18741935 Henri, 1874-1935 Barbusse

    8. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > B
    Gan300 AD; Barber, H. (Horatio), 1875; Barbour, A. Maynard (AnnaMaynard); Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935; Barclay, Florence L. (Florence

    9. The Lied And Art Song Texts Page
    domain). Authorship by Henri Barbusse (18741935) , copyright ©. permissionBased on a text in French by Henri Barbusse (1874-1935) , copyright ©.

    10. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg
    Maynard (Anna Maynard) Barbusse, Henri, 18741935. Barclay, Florence L. ( Florence Louisa), 1862-1921. Baring, Maurice, 1874-1945. Barker, Nettie Garmer

    11. Project Gutenberg
    Adams, Andy, 18591935. Adams, Henry, 1838-1918 Maynard (Anna Maynard) Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935. Barclay, Florence L
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    Project Gutenberg Part 1 Authors Use Control-f to find keywords This is Project Gutenberg. This list has been downloaded from: "The Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page" ( PROJECT GUTENBERG ETEXTS AUTHORS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER Last Updated: Saturday 30 March 2002 by Pietro Di Miceli ( The following etext have been released by Project Gutenberg. This list serves as reference only. For downloading books, please use our catalogs or search at: Or check our FTP archive at: and etext subdirectories. For problems with the FTP archives (ONLY) email, be sure to include a description of what happened AND which mirror site you were using. THANKS for visiting Project Gutenberg. * (No Author Attributed) A Young Girl Abbott, David Phelps, 1863-1934 Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926 AKA: Square, A Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877

    12. Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949. Papers: Guide.
    publisher and contributing editor of The Nation (19321935), a founder of the National Association for the Advancement 132) Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935 1 letter from; 1933
    bMS Am 1323
    Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949. Papers: Guide.
    Houghton Library, Harvard College Library
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138
    Descriptive Summary
    Repository: Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University
    Location: b
    Call No.: MS Am 1323
    Creator: Villard, Oswald Garrison, 1872-1949.
    Title: Papers,
    Quantity: 163 boxes and 6v. (37 linear ft.)
    Abstract: Papers of American author, journalist, editor, and social reformer Oswald Garrison Villard. Includes materials that are unsorted and uncataloged.
    Administrative Information
    Acquisition Information:
    Bequest of Oswald Garrison Villard; received: 1949.
    Historical Note
    Villard, a journalist and author, was president of the New York Evening Post (1897-1918), editor and owner of The Nation (1918-1932), publisher and contributing editor of The Nation (1932-1935), a founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and of Yachting Magazine, and owner of the Nautical Gazette. His father was Henry Villard, railroad promoter and financier; his mother was Fanny Garrison Villard, social reformer, suffragist, and philanthropist; and his grandfather was the abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison.
    Includes the following series:
    • Letters addressed to Oswald Garrison Villard Uncataloged papers
    Scope and Content
    Over half the collection consists of professional correspondence concerning The Nation, The New York Evening Post, and the progressive political issues with which Villard was involved. Also contains correspondence with family members, much of it pertaining to his work or business affairs; minutes, ledgers, financial reports, and stockbooks of The Evening Post and some business records of The Nation; diaries, 1884-1941, and datebooks; 15 boxes of speeches; scrapbooks of Villard's articles; and notes and manuscripts for his various writing projects in history and biography. Includes material on various peace societies, civil liberties, blacks in Harlem, the NAACP, the blockade during the Civil War, Puerto Rico, and The New York Philharmonic. Also contains drafts and manuscripts of his father's memoirs, tributes to his mother and grandfather, family records, photographs, medals, memorabilia, clippings, and printed material.

    13. Henri Barbusse, Perdón Y El Poder De Perdonar
    Translate this page El escritor francés, Henri Barbusse (1874-1935) cuenta algo que sucedióen las trincheras durante la primera guerra mundial. Un
    Nueva Identidad
    (Homilia Pascua de Resurrección) El escritor francés, Henri Barbusse (1874-1935) cuenta algo que sucedió en las trincheras durante la primera guerra mundial. Un hombre herido y al punto de morir, le dijo a su compañero, “Domingo, sé que has vivido una vida mala. Los policias te buscan por todas partes. Pero no hay nada en contra mía. Mi nombre es limpio. Entonces toma mi cartera, mis papeles, mi nombre, mi vida – dame tus papeles para que yo llevara tus crimenes al sepulcro conmigo.” Jesús nos da una oferta semejante esta mañana. En la primera lectura de los hechos de los apóstoles, Pedro describe todo lo sucedido en cuanto a Jesús: como fue condenado injustamente, sentenciado a una muerte cruel, y luego – más allá de todas expectativas – volvió. Comisionó a Pedro y los otros apóstoles a tranmitir su ofrenda encreible: “Cuantos creen en él reciben, por su medio, el perdón de los pecados.” (Hch 10:43) Pedro mismo experimentó la alegría del perdón. En un sentido, él, cometió el pecado más grande – negó que había conocido a Jesús. No solamente una vez, sino tres veces. Y no antes un déspota cruel, sino una sirvienta. Después lloró amargamente. Su verguenza no podía haber sido mayor. Pero cuando Jesús resucitó, la primera cosa que comunicó a Pedro fue el perdón – y el poder de perdonar en su nombre. (Jn 20:23) Y cuando Jesús perdona no es solamente un asunto legal sino un cambio de identidad. San Pablo dice, “Uds. han muerto y su vida está escondida con Cristo en Dios.” (Col 3:3)

    14. Quellcode
    Den vid krigsutbrottet 40årige Henri Barbusse (1874-1935) frikalladesförst från tjänst i kriget. Han lyckades dock sedan som
    English Deutsch
    Henri Barbusse: Le feu
    Le feu Elden beskriver med melodramatisk socialrealism de franska storslagen vid bl a Artois 1915 Elden. En halvtropps dagbok . Den är, som någon litteraturvetare skrivit, ett "dokument om män och krig, och poesi om landskapet". Snart därefter kom sedan den mer skönlitterära krigsskildringen Klarhet Elden Le feu finns i fransk Le livre de poche-pocket ... tredje slaget om Artois
    "På det ställe, där vi sjunkit ned, invänta vi dagen. Den kommer, småningom, isande och skum, olycksbådande, och sprider sig över de blygrå vidderna.
    -Fransman? Sedan: -Deutsch? En tid trodde jag, att krigets hemskaste helvete var granaternas lågor, sedan tänkte jag länge, att det var kvävningen i de underjordiska skyddsrummen, som för evigt sluta sig över en. Men nej, helvetet är vattnet."
    Henri Barbusse; Elden. En halvtropps dagbok , 1917, del II, s 226-231.) (Se ytterligare Barbusse-utdrag Nils Fabiansson

    15. Välispersonaalia
    tagasi Henri Barbusse. (18741935) prantsuse kirjanik, kellele tõidlaialdase menu I maailmasõja ajal kirjutatud romaanid Le Feu
    Henri Barbusse
    prantsuse kirjanik, kellele tõid laialdase menu I maailmasõja ajal kirjutatud romaanid "Le Feu" ("Tuli", 1916) ja "Clarté" ("Selgus", 1919). Barbusse algatusel loodi Prantsusmaal rahvusvaheline kirjanike koondis "Clarté", mis kujunes revolutsiooniliseks nii oma sõjavastaste ideede, kui ka kirjandusliku uuenduslikkuse poolest, koondades enda ümber dadaiste, sürrealiste jt maailmasõja järel tekkinud kirjanduslikke liikumisi. Barbusse'i toimetusel (1919-1923) anti välja ajalehte, hiljem ajakirja "Clarté" (1919-1928). Rühmitusse kuulusid paljud kaasaegsed rahvusvahelise mainega kirjanikud (A.France, G.Duhamel, G.Brandes, S.Lagerlöf, G.B.Shaw, S.Zweig jpt).

    16. Joyce, James, 1882-1941
    Unconscious Comedians. http//, txt,htmeng. Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935,1001875. Under Fire the story of a squad. http//, txt,htm-eng.
    Joyce, James, 1882-1941 Ulysses txt,htm-eng Mallarme, Stephane Un Coup de Des jamais n'abolira le Hasard msr,pdf-fre Saki, 1870-1916 Unbearable Bassington, The txt,htm-eng Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy), 1831-1904 Unbeaten Tracks in Japan txt,htm-eng Gissing, George, 1857-1903 Unclassed, The txt,htm-eng Stewart, Calvin Uncle Josh Weathersby's Punkin Centre Stories (1903) msr,plm,htm-eng Stewart, Cal, 1856-1919 Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories txt,htm-eng Gaskell, Elizabeth Uncle Peter (1853) msr,plm,htm-eng Harris, Joel Chandler, 1848-1908 Uncle Remus, his songs and his sayings txt,htm-eng Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896 Uncle Tom's Cabin txt,htm-eng Stowe, Harriet Beecher Uncle Tom's cabin, or Life among the lowly (1852) msr,plm,htm-eng Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904

    17. Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871
    That Mainwaring Affair. http//, txt,htmeng. Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935,1001875. Under Fire the story of a squad. http//, txt,htm-eng.
    Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871 On The Economy Of Machinery And Manufactures txt,htm-eng Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871 Reflections on the Decline of Science in England txt,htm-eng Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750 Brandenburg Concerto No 2 F Major Bwv 1047 txt,htm-eng Bacheller, Irving, 1859-1950. Eben Holden, a tale of the north country txt,htm-eng Bacon, Francis The Essays msr,pdf-fre Bacon, Francis New Atlantis (1626) msr,plm,htm-eng Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Essays Of Francis Bacon txt,htm-eng Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 New Atlantis txt,htm-eng Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Valerius Terminus; of the interpretation of nature txt,htm-eng Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626 Valerius Terminus; of the interpretation of nature (Annotated) txt,htm-eng Bacon, John Mackenzie, 1846-1904 Dominion Of The Air; the story of aerial navigation, The

    18. Under Fire: The Story Of A Squad
    Barbusse, Henri, 18741935 . Under fire the story of a squadElectronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library.
    Barbusse, Henri, 1874-1935 .
    Under fire: the story of a squad

    Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia Library
    The entire work
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  • Header ...
  • Chapter 1 I The Vision
  • Chapter 2 II In The Earth
  • Chapter 3 III The Return
  • Chapter 4 IV Volpatte and Fouillade
  • Chapter 5 V Sanctuary
  • Chapter 6 VI Habits
  • Chapter 7 VII Entraining
  • Chapter 8 VIII On Leave
  • Chapter 9 IX The Anger of Volpatte
  • Chapter 10 X Argoval
  • Chapter 11 XI The Dog
  • Chapter 12 XII The Doorway
  • Chapter 13 XIII The Big Words
  • Chapter 14 XIV Of Burdens
  • Chapter 15 XV The Egg
  • Chapter 16 XVI An Idyll
  • Chapter 17 XVII In the Sap
  • Chapter 18 XVIII A Box of Matches
  • Chapter 19 XIX Bombardment
  • Chapter 20 XX Under Fire
  • Chapter 21 XXI The Refuge
  • Chapter 22 XXII Going About
  • Chapter 23 XXIII The Fatigue-Party
  • Chapter 24 XXIV The Dawn
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    A Discourse of Trade 1690 Barbusse, Henri, 18741935. Under fire the storyof a squad December, 1916 Barclay, Florence Louisa Charlesworth, 1862-1921.
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    Bacon, Delia Salter
    Bacon, Francis
    Bacon, L. Barnitz
    Badger, Joseph E., Jr.
    Bailey, James Montgomery
    Bailey, Temple
    Bailey, Thomas Aldrich
    Baker, Ray Stannard

    20. L'Oeuvre De Gustave Try Publie 'Le Feu' Notes D'un Combattant Par Henri Barbusse
    Henri Barbusse (18741935) was a French writer and his best known novel was LeFeu. Barbusse served in the war as a private in an infantry regiment and was
    All Prints Shipped FREE to U.S. Destinations Toll Free: M-F 11am - 8pm EST Home Catalog Contact Help ... WWI Posters Infamous WWI poster reproductions featuring recruiting and propaganda from the World War I era. Items in this collection are haunting reminders of the grim face of war. L'Oeuvre de Gustave Téry publie 'Le Feu' notes d'un combattant par Henri Barbusse Image Number (use when ordering by phone): Buy Now 8.5x11 Glossy (10.2" x 6.7" viewable) Buy Now 11x14 Glossy (12.6" x 8.2" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Art Paper (22.6" x 14.8" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Laminated (22.6" x 14.8" viewable) Buy Now 18x24 Glossy (22.6" x 14.8" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Art Paper (34.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Laminated (34.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Glossy (34.6" x 22.6" viewable) Buy Now 24x36 Art Canvas (31.9" x 20.8" viewable) * All viewable sizes shown are approximate. Canvas products have larger borders due to framing requirements. This is a reproduction poster. We love posters - big and colorful. We also like nostalgia. Our goal is to bring a taste of the old and some of the new in an affordable format for everyone.

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