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         Bamford Mary E:     more books (42)
  1. Out Of The Triangle A Story Of The Far East by Mary E. Bamford, 2010-09-10
  2. Thoughts of My Dumb Neighbors by Mary E. Bamford, 1887-01-01
  3. The Denby Children at the Fair by Mary E. Bamford, 1904
  4. Out of the Triangle, A Story of the Far East; and Other Stories (Dodo Press) by Mary E. Bamford, 2006-05-10
  5. Out of the Triangle (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition) by Mary E. Bamford, 2008-06-04
  6. Up and down the brooks; by Mary E. Bamford, 2010-09-10
  7. Ti: A Story Of San Francisco's Chinatown by Mary E. Bamford, 2010-09-10
  8. The Bible Makes Us Baptists, formerly In Editha's Days : A Tale of Religious Liberty by Mary E. Bamford, 2001-12-01
  9. Out of the Triangle - Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition by Mary E. Bamford, 2009-05-18
  10. Up and Down the Brooks by Mary E. Bamford, 1891-01-01
  11. Out Of the Triangle & Other Stories by Mary E. & Others Bamford, 1897
  12. My Land and Water by Mary E. Bamford, 1886-01-01
  13. Out of the Triangle Squash of the Esvido by Mary E Bamford, 1897
  14. The second year of the look-about club by Mary E. Bamford, 2010-08-06

1. Mary E. Bamford
Mary E. Bamford. eBooks Out Of The Triangle. Quick Start; eBook Readers. Info; Contact webmaster. Read about Mary E. Bamford at;
@import "/resources/manybooks2004.css"; Title Author
Mary E. Bamford
Out Of The Triangle
Mary E. Bamford at Images of Mary E. Bamford from Google

2. Project Gutenberg Edition Of Out Of The Triangle
Project Gutenberg Presents. Out of the Triangle. by Mary E. Bamford. Project Gutenberg Release 3660 (January 2003) Author names above are linked to additional Gutenberg titles

3. Bamford, Mary E. (Norwegian Writers' Web)
CHANGE INFORMATION on Bamford, Mary E.? ADD AUTHOR. Bamford,Mary E. Etext Project Gutenberg Text.

4. Out Of The Triangle A Story Of The Far East By Bamford, Mary E .
Free download of the Project Gutenberg eBook Out Of The Triangle A story of the Far East by Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen)

5. Bamford, Mary E. (Litteraturnettet)
ENDRE INFORMASJONEN om Bamford, Mary E.? LEGG TIL FORFATTAR. OM VIRUS OG SPAM. Bamford,Mary E. Etekst Project Gutenberg Tekst. SØK ETTER Bamford, Mary E.

6. Out Of The Triangle A Story Of The Far East
Out Of The Triangle A story of the Far East Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen) Mary E. (Mary Ellen) Bamford

7. Browse Top Level > Texts > Project Gutenberg > Authors > B > Bamford, Mary E. (M
There is no description available for this text. Author Bamford, Mary E. (MaryEllen) Keywords Authors B Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen); Titles O.

8. A Roadside Remembrance
A Roadside Remembrance Overland monthly and Out West magazine.; 7; 42; 641; Bamford, Mary E. Mary E. Bamford

9. Bamford, Mary E. - University Of Maryland
Bamford, Mary E. Out Of The Triangle A story of the Far East UniversityLibraries, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Bamford, Mary E.
Out Of The Triangle: A story of the Far East

University Libraries
University of Maryland , College Park, MD 20742-7011 (301)405-0800
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10. A Mountain Grave
A Mountain Grave Overland monthly and Out West magazine.; 2; 11; 505; Bamford, Mary E. Mary E. Bamford

11. Fiction - University Of Maryland
Irving Bacon, Francis Bacon, John Mackenzie Badger, Joseph E., Jr Balzac, Honorede Ball, Hugo Ballantyne, RM Balzac, Honore de Bamford, Mary E. Bangs, John
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Abbott, Edwin
Adams, Andy
Adams, Henry
Aesop ...
Azuela, Mariano B
Bacheller, Irving
Bacon, Francis
Bacon, John Mackenzie
Badger, Joseph E., Jr ...
Butler, Joseph C
Cabell, James Branch
Cahan, Abraham
Caine, Hall, Sir
Campandella, Tommaso ...
Crofts, Freeman Wills D
Dana, Marvin
Dante (Alighieri, Dante)
Darlington, Edgar B.P.
Daudet, Alphonse ...
Duncan, Sara Jeannette E
Earls, Michael
Eastman, Charles A.
Edgeworth, Maria
Edwards, Owen ...
Evans, Chris F
Fairy Tales (Various Authors)
Farjeon, Eleanor
Farnol, Jeffery
Ferber, Edna ...
Freeman, Mary G
Gaboriau, Emile
Galsworthy, John
Galt, John
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn ... University of Maryland , College Park, MD 20742-7011 (301)405-0800
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12. Project Gutenberg Titles By Bamford, Mary E.
Project Gutenberg Titles by. Mary E. Bamford. Out of the Triangle.You can also look up this author on The Online Books Page, which, Mary E.

13. EbooksLib, Votre Source Pour Des EBooks De Qualité
ABCDEFGHIJKLM Extrait de « Out Of The Triangle ». Par « Bamford, Mary E. »

14. Lowell Deaths B 1931
This list is compiled from the City Clerk's Reports Published in Local Newspapers. Balamotis, Andromake. Baldwin, Ellen. Ball, Mary E. Ballou, John A. Ballou, Josephine. Bamford, Mary E. Bancroft, Jennie J
Home Page
Special Collections Resources Vitals ... Index
Compiled from The City Clerk's Reports
Published in Local Newspapers
B C D ... W ][X][Y][ Z Name Date of Death Age at Death Bachelder, Elvira
Bailey, Ella
Bainbridge, Oliver W.
Baird, William
Balamotis, Andromake
Baldwin, Ellen
Ball, Mary E.
Ballou, John A. Ballou, Josephine Bamford, Mary E. Bancroft, Jennie J. Banks, Walter A. Banville, Marie Banville, Yvan Baranow, Pawel Baribeault, Theotime Baril, Emma Baron, Barrett, Anna A. Barrett, Nellie Barry, Margaret M. Barsorian, Sarah Bartlett, Ella L. Bartlett, Frances S. Bartlett, Irene Bartlett, Walter E. Basnett, Emma E. Battersby, John Baxter, Anna E. Bean, Daniel F. Bean, John J. Beane, Mary F. Beaucage, Arthur C. Beauchesne, Cecile Beaulieu, John Beaumont, Joseph Bechard, Mary Bedard, Josephine Bedard, Robert Beland, Ovila Belanger, Ernest Bell, William Bellerose, Joseph Bellfuile, - Bemish, Mary J. Bengtson, Ada Bennett, Joseph Benson, Edward T. Berard, John Bernard, Lillian E.

15. Oakville Cemetery Index
ACHESON, James E. 1. Bamford, Mary J. 14. BLEVINS, Alfred B BAYNE, Ida Marie. 12. BLEVINS/LEWELLING, Mary E. 3. ALLEN, William, H

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Oakville Cemetery Index Page

In 1845, a group of sturdy folks of the pioneering spirit left Pennsylvania for the Oregon Territory. The following year they reached Linn County and took up their Donation Land Claims at a point about 10 miles Southwest of the present location of the City of Albany. Because of the grove of oak trees on the hill where the United Presbyterian Church stands, the community was named Oakville. Dr. W.B. Maley, a physiician, set apart a spot on the grounds of their land for the burial of their dead. A log building served as a church and schoolhouse of the community for a few years.
Name Pg Name Pg Name Pg ACHESON, Allen Morrow BAMFORD, James BELL, John S. ACHESON, Edna Rae BAMFORD, Martha Reid BLEVINS, Alfred ACHESON, James E. BAMFORD, Mary J. BLEVINS, Alfred B ACHESON, Jennie E BANKS, Mary A. BLEVINS, Andre' J ACHESON, Lucinda BARKER, Jane BLEVINS, Eliza ACHESON, Mathew BARKER, John T. BLEVINS, Isaac ACHESON, Nancy BARKER, Thomas

16. Out Of The Triangle By Mary E. Bamford
Out Of The Triangle. by Mary E. Bamford. Please select a format. Readabout Mary E. Bamford at;
@import "/resources/manybooks2004.css"; Title Author
Out Of The Triangle
by Mary E. Bamford
Please select a format Plucker . iSilo iSiloX . Doc Rocketbook zTXT PDF PalmReader . Read online (120 pages) Random excerpt: agony toward the desert, and cried aloud, "O my brother, my brother Timokles! How shall I live without thee?" The soft ripple of the lake beside him seemed like mockery. The tears rolled slowly down his cheeks, as he looked toward the pitilessly unresponsive desert of the west and southwest. Then Heraklas, helpless in his misery, raised his hands with the palms outward before him, after the custom of an Egyptian in prayer, and addressed him whom the Egyptians thought the maker of the sun, the god Phthah, "the father of the beginnings," "the first of the gods of the upper world." "Hail to thee, O Ptahtanen," began Heraklas, "great god who concealeth his form, . . thou art watching when at rest; the father of all fathers and of all gods. . . Watcher, who traversest the endless ages of eternity." The familiar words brought no comfort. Between him and the shimmering desert came the memory of his brother's face, and Heraklas forgot Ptahtanen, and cried out again in desperation.

17. 1907-1908 Guthrie City Directory
Blanche R BALL, Mary J Bamford, Blanche HOGE, Nellie ANDERSON Bamford Mary J, tchr Banner School, b 1402 W Warner av. Bamford Susie (c), seams, r 521 E Grant av
Home Cemetery Queries Researchers ... LCGS This site is proud to be a part of the USGenWeb and OKGenWeb Project.
Click here to break out of frames
Many thanks to the Oklahoma Territorial Museum for allowing us
to copy this directory from their collection for use on this web site. Transcribed and submitted by: Joyce Simpson This directory is in four parts: Miscellaneous Info. (skip to that section ), Alphabetical list of Names (skip to that section ), Householders Directory (skip to that section ) and Classified Business Directory (skip to that section
A personal canvass of every ward, street, block and house, the careful compilation of every day's return, the checking of every name twice, the careful grand revision after all the field work is done, all the painstaking and minute investigations and corrections employed to insure accuracy and completeness are no small nor easy task. This directory contains the names of all adult citizens of Guthrie, with their occupation, place of business and dwelling; also a list of House Holders arranged in numerical order by streets. Pages 9 to 33 contain what is technically termed "Miscellaneous Information," such as the government of the city and county, embracing names of officers, etc. Then follow in regular alphabetical order the list of Asylums and Hospitals, Banks, Cemeteries, Churches, Clubs, Colleges and Schools, Grand Army of the Republic, Newspapers, Postoffice, Railroads, Societies, Street and Avenue Guide. A classified business directory of all persons doing business in Guthrie will be found in the last section of the work. This classified business directory will be appreciated as a useful purchaser's guide; both by the residents of Guthrie as well as by others who look to this market for supplies.

18. Search Results Books: Mary E Bamford
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  • All 2 results for: Mary E Bamford Sort by: Bestselling Avg. Customer Rating Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Publication Date: Newest First Publication Date: Oldest First Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Out of the Triangle ~Mary E. Bamford Hardcover - September 1, 2002 Usually dispatched within 4 to 6 weeks Our Price: Out of the Triangle ~Mary E. Bamford

    19. Genealogy Data
    Gender Male. Bamford, Mary E. Birth 1840. Gender Female. Bamford, Martha M. Birth 1842. Gender Female. Bamford, John E. Birth MAY 1844
    Genealogy Data
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    McLean, Mary Ethel
    Birth : 11 NOV 1902 Milltown, Charlotte Co., NB
    Death : 9 APR 1989 Calais, Washington Co., ME
    Gender: Female
    Family: Marriage: 6 SEP 1933 in Calais, Washington Co., ME
    Spouse: Chandler, Kenneth William
    Birth : 9 DEC 1911 Calais, Washington Co., ME
    Death : 26 JUN 1987 Calais, Washington Co., ME
    Gender: Male
    Parents: Father: Chandler, Roy
    Mother: Sprague, Violet Children: Chandler, Bailey Birth : living Gender: Male Chandler, Violet May Chandler, Sarah Jane Birth : living Gender: Female Chandler, Kenneth Willard Birth : living Gender: Male
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    Beek, Roland Kenzie I Birth : living Gender: Male Parents: Father: Beek, Borden Mother: Young, Ethel Louise Family: Marriage: living in Calais, Washington Co., ME Spouse: Chandler, Violet May Birth : living Calais, Washington Co., ME Gender: Female Parents: Father: Chandler, Kenneth William Mother: McLean, Mary Ethel Children: Beek, Violet Susan Birth : living Gender: Female Beek, Roland Kenzie II

    20. Project Gutenberg - Author Index: B
    Balzac, Honoré de and Alexander Amphiteatrof. FolkTales of Napoleon TheNapoleon of the People; Napoleonder. Bamford, Mary E. (Mary Ellen).
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    Babbage, Charles
    Babbitt, E. C.
    Bacheller, Irving
    Bacheller, Irving, 1859-1950.
    Bach, Johann Sebastian
    Bacon, Delia
    Bacon, Dolores
    Bacon, Francis
    Bacon, John Mackenzie
    Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron

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