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         Zoology:     more books (100)
  1. Chemical Zoology
  2. Zoology for High Schools by J. F. & Cameron, J. H. Calvert, 1928

141. Richard S. Fox Home Page
Professor of Biology at Lander University in South Carolina. Includes a collection of anatomical descriptions of 100 species used in invertebrate zoology teaching or research laboratories in North America.
Richard S. Fox Professor of Biology Lander University Greenwood, South Carolina HOME PAGE YOU ARE VISITOR # The information on these pages is provided for the use of current and prospective students at Lander University. Regardless of any language implying the contrary, nothing within this home page constitutes, nor is intended to constitute, an offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind. The information contained herein is not guaranteed to be free of error. While this page resides in the LANDER.EDU domain, it is not a publication of Lander University. Lander University has neither examined nor approved the content of this page.
This page constructed by Richard Fox, . Last modified 11 May 2001 by R. Fox.

142. The International Bryozoology Association (IBA)
This organisation was formed by a small group back in 1968 to encourage research and promote an exchange of ideas on the Bryozoa. Since its foundation is has grown into an association numbering some 200 members worldwide, and covering both the fields of palaeontology and zoology.
The International Bryozoology Association (IBA).
This organisation was formed by a small group back in 1968 to encourage research and promote an exchange of ideas on the Bryozoa. Since its foundation is has grown into an association numbering some 200 members world-wide, and covering both the fields of palaeontology and zoology. Every three years the IBA runs an international conference whose papers are published as a proceedings volume. These books have become definitive works within the field of bryozoology owing to the scope and strength in depth of the articles. Conference information , including Registation Form, can be viewed from this link. The papers presented at previous conferences have been published as individual volumes.
Objectives of the IBA
The objectives of the International Bryozoology Association are:
  • to encourage research on Bryozoa and stimulate others to participate and co-operate through informal meetings and correspondence to provide a forum for exchange of ideas to establish a means and an opportunity for personal contact and interaction in aiming for better mutual understanding to serve as a liaison among bryozoologists introduce new students to the workers in this field
Any individual who supports the objects of the I.B.A. and is willing to contribute to the achievement of those objectives is qualified for membership.

143. Wildlife Conservation Research Unit
Original research on aspects of fundamental biology relevant to wildlife conservation and environmental management. Department of zoology, Oxford University, UK.
Home About Us Research Donations Links ... Search
The mission of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (known as the WildCRU) is to achieve practical solutions to conservation problems. We do this through original scientific research of the highest calibre. Vitally, we also train committed conservation scientists to conduct research, and to put scientific knowledge into practice. We participate in the implementation of many conservation projects and embrace the need to educate and involve a wider public to achieve lasting solutions. Since 1986 WildCRU has grown to become renowned worldwide. Our success is reflected in a range of achievements but most importantly, our work has made a difference. It has and will continue to help to solve problems for the benefit of wildlife, the environment and mankind. Today, we are sited within Oxford University's Zoology Department , with close college links to Lady Margaret Hall and to the University's Field Centre at Wytham. New Darwin Initiative grant awarded to WildCRU for a collaborative project in Patagonia A new phase for WildCRU - read about Tubney House and the New WildCRU Appeal Out now the Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids About Us Research Donations ... Contact
Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PS, UK

144. Muzeum I Instytut Zoologii PAN
Information, including tables of contents, about journals and books published by the museum.

145. AW Crompton Home
Masticatory system in recent and fossil vertebrates (Museum of Comparative zoology, Harvard University).
Welcome to Crompton's Lab
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University Professor AW Crompton Current Research

146. BIOSIS Resources | Conference Calendar For Zoology
Useful resource to biologists, especially those interested in taxonomy and nomenclature.
Pull Down for Destinations BIOSIS Previews Zoological Record MethodsFinder Index to Organism Names Internet Resource Guide for Zoology User Support Search Sitemap Index Help with this Site
BIOSIS Essentials Conference Calendar for Zoology Internet Resource Guide for Zoology Index to Organism Names ... Thesaurus
Conference Calendar for Zoology
*Please note this section is now being updated on Biology Browser and the information on this site may not be current. Please change your bookmark to: The Conference Calendar for Zoology is maintained by the compilers of Zoological Record , the index to world zoological literature published by BIOSIS and the Zoological Society of London. It forms an integral part of the Internet Resource Guide to Zoology , supplying information and links to forthcoming meetings and conferences of interest to zoologists. Conference organizers who would like links to their web sites, or information on their conferences, posted on this site, should contact

147. Royal Museum For Central Africa - Musée Royal De L'Afrique Centrale - Koninklij
World famous collections of geology, zoology, cultural anthropology, and history of Central Africa. Dutch, French, English, and German versions.
The Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) is one of eleven federal scientific estabishments (FSE) in Belgium. As a scientific research institute dedicated to Africa, it occupies an important position on the international scene; as a cultural centre, it is one of the most visited museums in the country. The Museum is home to some truly remarkable collections. Its collection of ethnographic objects from Central Africa is in fact the only one of its kind in the world. It also has in its keeping the entire archives of Henry Morton Stanley which are of great historical value. The RMCA has a film library and a photographic library and a large collection of maps and geological data. Its zoology collection features a large number of type specimens of African fauna, while the Entomology Section boasts some six million insects. The Museum also houses a magnificent collection of tropical wood, which is now the largest in Europe.
Le Musée royal d'Afrique centrale abrite des collections tout à fait remarquables. Ses objets ethnographiques en provenance d'Afrique Centrale constituent un ensemble unique au monde. Il détient aussi les archives complètes de Henry Morton Stanley. Les scientifiques travaillent dans cinq domaines : l'anthropologie culturelle, la zoologie, la géologie, l'histoire, l'économie agricole et forestière. Diverses banques de données sont mises à la disposition du public. Ainsi, Metafro InfoSys gère une immense banque de méta-données visant à répertorier les sources documentaires relatives à l'Afrique Centrale.

148. U Of M Bird Division
Collection of resources for people who conduct research on or need information about birds. Division personnel conduct research on the phylogenetic relationships, evolution, and behavior of a wide variety of birds using museum collections, molecular techniques, and captive and field studies.
The Bird Collection News- New Cases
Type Collection (new!)
Bird Resources ...
Grants and Awards

Bird Division
Museum of Zoology

University of Michigan

1109 Geddes Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079
How to get here
T he University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Bird Division is a collection of resources for people who conduct research on or need information about birds. The two Division curators and various graduate students conduct research on the phylogenetic relationships, evolution and behavior of a wide variety of birds using museum collections, molecular techniques, and captive and field studies. We actively maintain a collection of about 200,000 preserved specimens available for study by systematists and other scientists. We have a sound laboratory for analysis of bird vocalizations. Since 1930 the Bird Division has been the headquarters and provided space for the library of the Wilson Ornithological Society, an international organization devoted to the study of birds. The Division houses the books and periodicals on birds that are part of theUniversity library system, as well as the collection owned by the Wilson Ornithological Society. Together these extensive collections form one of the largest ornithological libraries in North America. For over 80 years the Bird Division has been a major center for ornithological research and graduate studies.

149. Animal Diversity Web (ADW)
Animal Diversity Web (ADW) This is the opening page of the Animal Diversity Web, a database with text and images. Using the search engine, a student can research specific animals. Each of these

150. NRC Research Press: Canadian Journal Of Zoology

151. UW--Department Of Biology
About UW Biology, Undergraduate Programs. Advising. Graduate Program. Courses. Research. People. Resources. News Seminars. Supporting the Department of Biology.
Department of Biology
University of Washington
Box 351800
Seattle, WA 98195-1800
Phone: (206) 543-1620
Fax: (206) 543-3041
General Info:
Undergrad Info:
Grad Info:


153. Athens Users Login
Athens Users Login. EBSCOhost Support. User ID, Password, Minimum browser requirements Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape 4.7. Important

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