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         Zoology:     more books (100)
  1. CRC Handbook of the Zoology of Amphistomes by Otto Sey, 1990-11-21
  2. After Man: A Zoology of the Future by Dougal Dixon, 1983-10
  3. Zoology (Quickstudy Reference Guides - Academic) by Randy Brooks, 2001-04
  4. Invertebrate Zoology by Robert D. Barnes,
  5. Kingdom Zoology by Joel A. Freeman, 1991-06
  6. General Zoology Laboratory Manual to accompany Zoology by Stephen A Miller, 2004-04-02
  7. Zoology: High-School Science Fair Experiments by Steven H. Dashefsky, 1994-12-01
  8. The Centre for Fortean Zoology 2007 Yearbook
  9. Centre for Fortean Zoology Yearbook 2008
  10. Quantitative Zoology: Revised Edition (Dover Books on Biology, Psychology, and Medicine) by George Gaylord Simpson, Anne Roe, et all 2003-12-12
  11. Surgeonfishes of the World (Bishop Museum Bulletin in Zoology) by John E. Randall, 2002-06
  12. Laboratory Studies in Zoology by Jr., Cleveland P Hickman, Frances M Hickman, et all 2000-08-03
  13. Postembryonic development of three species of freshwater Harpacticoid Copepoda (Smithsonian contributions to zoology) by Marjorie Estelle Carter, 1972
  14. Principles of Systematic Zoology by Ernst Mayr, Peter D. Ashlock, 1991-01

Department of zoology at the University of OxfordUniversity of Oxford Department of zoology. Research in the Department of zoology. Local scientific meetings. Graduate. Contacts. Oxford University. zoology Library.

42. ScienceDaily Magazine: Your Source For The Latest Research News In Science, Heal
Free, advertisingsupported online magazine that provides news about the latest discoveries and hottest research projects in everything from astrophysics to zoology.
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43. E-PBZ: Available Issues
Has presented current research in environmental, adaptational, and comparative physiology and biochemistry since 1928. Original research results represent a variety of areas, including thermoregulation, respiration, circulation, osmotic and ionic regulation, environmental acclimation, evolutionary physiology, and metabolic physiology and biochemistry.
PBZ Electronic Edition Journals Division Homepage
Available Issues
Full Text
The available issues of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology Electronic Edition begin with Volume 72, number 1 (January/February 1999).

44. The Department Of Zoology At Miami University
Graduate and undergraduate programs exploring the diversity of animal biology from DNA to ecosystems.
June 06, 2004 Search Zoology:
The Department of Zoology
Joni Robinson, Administrative Assistant About Graduate Undergraduate ... Careers 6500 hits since May 06, 2002.

45. Journal Of Zoology
Home Journals Journal of zoology. Journal of zoology. Edited by Ian Boyd University of St Andrews, UK Juliet CluttonBrock The

46. CFZ (Centre For Fortean Zoology) - Cryptozoology, Mystery Animals
Centre for Fortean zoology (CFZ) news / features on cryptozoology, mystery animals, zooform phenomena, related fortean or cryptozoology stories.
About the CFZ CFZ Work CFZ Resources CFZ Interactive ... Contacts CRYPTOZOOLOGY UPDATE The team have returned from Sumatra! See the expedition pictures...
Issue 33 of is now available. buy it online

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join the cfz
25 May 2004
At the beginning of the 21st Century monsters still roam the remote, and sometimes not so remote, corners of our planet. It is our job to search for them. The Centre for Fortean Zoology [CFZ] is the only professional, scientific and full-time organisation in the world dedicated to cryptozoology - the study of unknown animals. Have fun exploring our site and find out how you can join the world's biggest, fastest growing and best mystery animal research group CLICK ON THE LOGO BELOW TO JOIN THE CFZ TODAY!
Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, arguably the First Lady of Cryptozoology is dead. Our tribute to the lady who discovered the coelecanth, the only known dodo egg, and (nearly) the flying snake of Namibia will be here soon. NOW AVAILABLE
The CFZ Yearbook 2004. This is the eighth of our critically acclaimed Yearbooks, and we think it may be the best yet!

47. Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Department of zoology. General Information. zoology Faculty, Staff, Students. Undergraduate Program and Graduate Program.
Your browser does not support java script. Certain visual behaviors will not display. content Search SIUC
Department of Zoology
General Information
Undergraduate Program and Graduate Program
Class Web Materials (present term only)
Student Organizations and Student Awards
Zoology Seminar Series
Zoology History, Classes Offered, and Newsletters
SIUC Information ...
Online Zoological Information
Comments and questions related to departmental information:
Comments and questions related to departmental web pages:
Comments and questions related to web server:
SIUC / College of Science / Zoology
Last updated: 2-Apr-04 / ghw
Index A-Z
Apply Now From the Chancellor Visitors ... SIUC Home Comments: Webmaster
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48. Index
Welcome to UCT's Department of Zoology on line! The Zoology Department at UCT is the oldest such university department in South Africa, having been founded in 1903, and is situated in a modern building on the upper campus. The department houses 22 academic, 14 technical and support and 20 research staff. In addition there are 4 post doctoral research students, more than 80 masters and doctoral candidates, 15 honours students and some 570 undergraduates. ( A comprehensive orientation guide intended to assist new staff, students and visiting scientists to find their way around the department can be found here The Zoology Department incorporates the Marine Biology Research Institute (MBRI), the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (PFIAO), the Freshwater Research Unit (FRU) and groups involved in physiological, biochemical, ecological and ethological research. It has the largest postgraduate school, and is the most productive department in terms of publication output, in the University. Scientists in the MBRI work on the ecology and physiology of rocky and sandy shore organisms, fisheries and mariculture issues, marine parasitology, pollution, invertebrate systematics and the biology of the Benguela upwelling system. The PFIAO is the foremost centre of ornithological research on the African continent and has a strong programme in conservation biology. Research in the FRU centres on the ecology of freshwater ecosystems and particularly the management of river systems.

49. Institute Of Zoology - Boku - Vienna ...
Part of the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. Information for students and researchers, staff pages.

50. Animal Diversity Web
and others, Sponsored in part by the Interagency Education Research Initiative, the Homeland Foundation and the University of Michigan Museum of zoology.
Overview News Conditions of Use ADW Staff ... Report an Error Featuring
Gambel's quail
Callipepla gambelii
Browse Kingdom Animalia Amphibians

... and others
Sponsored in part by the Interagency Education Research Initiative,
the Homeland Foundation and the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology
The ADW Team gratefully acknowleges their support! Report Error Comment

51. ABSEARCH Home Page: Natural Resources, Wildlife, Ecology, Conservation Biology,
Databases of publications abstracts in wildlife, fisheries, ornithology, ecology, fire ecology, conservation biology, mammalogy, ichthyology, herpetology, and zoology.

Online Searching Order Now! About ABSEARCH
Online Searching Order Now! About ABSEARCH ... Contact Us

52. University Of Alberta Museum Of Zoology
Collections includes vertebrate specimens from around the world and faunal surveys. Focus on Alberta. Primarily research and teaching collection.
Collections Feature Creatures Animal Terms Wayne's Page ... E-Mail the UAMZ
Room Z1011
Bio Sci Bldg Web Master

53. Flora And Fauna Of The Great Lakes: Collection Home
Provides access to materials including including books, images and databases selected from Fish and Mammal Divisions of the University of Michigan Museum of zoology and the Fungus Collections of the University of Michigan Herbarium.
This web site provides access to materials selected from Fish and Mammal Divisions of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and the Fungus Collections of the University of Michigan Herbarium. It is a working prototype of a system that could provide integrated access to all of the Museum Divisions' collections and additional content such as field notes and other supplementary information. It is intended to facilitate access to the collections for the general user as well as the specialist interested in searching across domains. A summary of the project components is available. [go to summary of collections]
There are four searching options:
  • a collection-based interface to the image and database components that allows you to designate any single collection or group of collections to search. [go to collection search]
    a map-based interface that searches all databases simultaneously by county. [go to map-based search]
    a simple search across all the content in the entire project, including the books, images, and databases. [go to all content search]
    a collection-based interface to the full-text fungus monograph component that allows you to designate one or more texts to search.
  • 54. MSU ZOOLOGY: Integrative Animal Biology
    Welcome to the Department of zoology at Michigan State University. Department of. zoology The Integrative Study of Animal Biology. Michigan State University.
    Department of
    The Integrative Study of Animal Biology
    Michigan State University
    Department O v erview
    Welcome to the Department of Zoology at Michigan State University. Zoology is the branch of natural science that deals with the integrative study of animal biology. It is concerned with every level of biological organization from the gene to the biosphere, and with the structure, physiology, behavior, genetics, development, distribution, ecology and evolution of animals in all taxonomic groups. Research and course work within the department cover an enormous array of organisms, as well as diverse investigative techniques. Students in the department obtain a broad education in biology while also specializing in the particular aspects of zoology that interest them most. Training in zoology can help students to prepare for a wide variety of careers including biomedical research, medicine, dentistry, biotechnology, veterinary science, marine biology, wildlife conservation, environmental science, work in zoological parks and aquaria, behavioral biology, and teaching. We invite you to explore this website to find out more about the programs offered through the Department of Zoology. If you would like more information, simply contact the department:

    55. School Of Zoology

    56. Department Of Zoology
    Covers department profile, courses, facilities, faculty, and admissions.
    Established in :1950
    Courses Facilities Faculty ... Admissions(2003-2004) The postgraduate department of Zoology was established in 1950.
    During the last 50 years, the department has made its identity in the frontier areas of Life Sciences and now it has developed into a full fledged centre of teaching and research in modern biology. The department at present runs teaching programmes in Zoology at M.Sc., M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels.

    57. Extreme Eukaryotes (web)
    Eukaryotes in extreme environments. (5 February 1998). Compiled by Dave Roberts. (Department of zoology, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD, UK).
    Eukaryotes in extreme environments
    (5 February 1998) Compiled by Dave Roberts (Department of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, London SW7 5BD, UK)
    In March 1995, I broadcast an appeal through the Biosci newsgroups for Microbiology and Protista for information about eukaryotes in extreme environments. The scope of the enquiry was intended to cover active growth not survival through some form of encystment. A very warm thank you to all those who contributed to my search. Below is a summary of my findings, originally posted in November 1996 and updated thereafter. I intend to maintain this page and to add further categories as time, opportunity and information permit, so please email me with other observations and citations. The major headings under which the data are organised are:
    The majority of eukaryotes found living in extreme environments are microbial and a central problem in the study of all microbial eukaryotes is the lack of reliable cultivation methods. Only a tiny fraction of the organisms that can be observed in environmental samples can be cultured in the laboratory, even from mesophilic environments. Extreme environments are generally more difficult to replicate in the laboratory and more difficult to keep stable. The ability to bring these fascinating creatures living into the laboratory is currently the biggest stumbling block to advancing knowledge.

    58. Chatterbee's Homework Help Center
    Homework help on hundreds of topics ranging from Art to zoology.
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    59. Zoology, La Trobe University
    OPEN. LTU. Department of zoology. La Trobe University © copyright 2000. All rights reserved. Melbourne, Victoria, 3083, Australia.
    Third Year Components 2004 NOW OPEN Department of Zoology La Trobe University
    Melbourne, Victoria, 3083, Australia
    A uthorised by P. Frappell, Head of Dept. last modified 25 October 2003

    Teaches and researches in several interrelated areas animal evolution, aquatic ecology, behavioural ecology, conservation biology, environmental physiology, neurobiology, population genetics and wildlife management. Information on undergraduate and postgraduate study, staff, research, publications, facilities and Te Roopu.

    l Undergraduate l Postgraduate l Staff l Research l Te Roopu l Contact Us l Home
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    Today's featured staff member.. NZ Teacher's Helpline ... webmaster

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