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         Neurobiology:     more books (100)
  1. Cognitive and Behavioral Rehabilitation: From Neurobiology to Clinical Practice (Science And Practice Of Neuropsychology Series)
  2. Emotional Intelligence in Couples Therapy: Advances in Neurobiology and the Science of Intimate Relationships by Brent J. Atkinson, 2005-10-08
  3. Learning to Smell: Olfactory Perception from Neurobiology to Behavior by Donald A. Wilson, Richard J. Stevenson, 2006-05-11
  4. Elements of Molecular Neurobiology by C. U. M. Smith, 2002-11-15
  5. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
  6. The Neurobiology of Spatial Behaviour
  7. Neurobiology of mood disorders (Frontiers of clinical neuroscience)
  8. The Psychopathology of Functional Somatic Syndromes: Neurobiology and Illness Behavior in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Illness, Irritable Bowel, and Premenstrual Dsphoria by Peter Manu, 2004-03-09
  9. Neurobiology of the Immune System (International Review of Neurobiology (Volume 52)) (International Review of Neurobiology)
  10. Neurobiology of Attention
  11. Cell Culture in the Neurosciences (Current Topics in Neurobiology)
  12. Experimental Neurobiology by Bruce Oakley, Rollie Schafer, 1978-04-15
  13. Neurobiology of Aggression and Rage by Allan Siegel, 2004-11-29
  14. Psychophysiological States, Volume 80: The Ultradian Dynamics of Mind-Body Interactions (International Review of Neurobiology) (International Review of Neurobiology) by David S. Shannahoff-Khalsa, 2007-11-02

61. Begell House Inc. - Journals - Critical Reviews™ In Neurobiology
Critical ReviewsTM in neurobiology presents upto-date information from pertinent neurobiological disciplines with relevance to basic neuroscience, clinical
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Chief-in-Editor Dr. Thomas Murray
University of Georgia, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, College of Veterinarian Medicine, Athes, GA 30602-7389
Editorial Board
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Critical Reviews TM in Neurobiology presents up-to-date information from pertinent neurobiological disciplines with relevance to basic neuroscience, clinical neurobiology, and psychiatric considerations. Developmental neurobiology and the neurobiology of the aging are included. The journal integrates wide-ranging, often contradictory literature in a focused manner. Articles satisfy the needs of basic neuroscience researchers, as well as allowing clinicians to keep abreast of the scientific basis of neurology and allied medical areas. The Journal provides a means of placing basic science information into clinical perspective, speaking directly to the issues that have become prominent during the past decade. Critical Reviews TM in Neurobiology provides focus by reviewing significant contributions from a wide range of disciplines in the context of their impact on important clinical problems.

62. Arizona Research Laboratories Division Of Neurobiology
University of Arizona ARL Division of neurobiology GouldSimpson, room 611 PO Box 210077 Tucson, Arizona 85721-0077 USA Tel 1-520-621-6628 FAX 1-520-621-8282

University of Arizona

ARL Division of Neurobiology
Gould-Simpson, room 611

P.O. Box 210077
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0077 USA
Tel: 1-520-621-6628 FAX: 1-520-621-8282
ARL Webmaster

63. StressGen Biotechnologies Corp.
Antibodies, proteins and probes for heat shock proteins, chaperonins and organelle markers; used in stress response, signal transduction, neurobiology and vesicular trafficking research.

64. Department Of Neurobiology And Physiology - Northwestern University
Transduction Mechanisms in Memory Formation . search neurobiology Physiology Northwestern. Welcome News Research Faculty
Susan Losee-Olson named finalist in Employee of the Year competition
full story
search: Northwestern Welcome News Research Faculty ... Administrative
2205 Tech Drive, Hogan 2-160, Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847-491-5521 Fax: 847-491-5211 Calendar: Plan-It Purple Sites A-Z Search
Northwestern Website
... Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and University Policy Statements

65. Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience - The MIT Press
Investigates brainbehavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Contributions address both descriptions of function and underlying brain events and also reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the field covering developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy.

66. Untitled Document
The Department of neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University offers a universitywide predoctoral training program designed to provide broad training
Search the site: Welcome! The Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University offers a university-wide predoctoral training program designed to provide broad training opportunities for students interested in careers in the neurosciences. Students can enter from their undergraduate training or through the MD/PhD program. The graduate program provides a broad educational background in neurobiology, experience in teaching, and the opportunity to pursue original doctoral research in one of over 40 laboratories. The program includes scientists at SUNY Stony Brook, recently ranked number two in the Graham/Diamond study of public research institutions, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, an internationally renowned private research institute, and at Brookhaven National Laboratory, a multidisciplinary research facility of the U.S. Department of Energy.
SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook
NY 11794 - 5230 Tel: 631 - 632 - 8630
Fax: 631 - 632 - 6661

67. Anatomy And Neurobiology: Neuroscience Department At UCI
Provides information on neuroscience research, scientists, graduate education, neuroscience conferences and seminars, and general information on living in Southern California.
Search and Sitemap General Information The Scientists Research Activities ... Contact Us
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.
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68. Department Of Cell Biology, Yale University
Offers graduate and medical students comprehensive training in neurobiology, developmental biology, infectious disease biology, molecular biology of nucleic acids, immunology, glycobiology, molecular biology and molecular medicine.
O ver its brief 30-year history, cell biology has matured into a vigorous, and rapidly expanding discipline. Today, it forms an essential bridge between important basic fields such as biochemistry, developmental biology, physiology, neurobiology, molecular genetics, immunobiology and microbiology. Since cell biology focuses on the functions of cells in diverse contexts, it also provides a natural connection between basic biological research and medicine. C ell Biology's range of interest is exceedingly broad, extending from general issues such as the biogenesis of cellular membranes, the properties of the extracellular matrix, the dynamics of the cytoskeleton, the interactions between the nucleus and cytosol, and the cellular basis of tissue function, to quite detailed questions of molecular function and recognition. True to the interdisciplinary origins of the field, cell biologists tend to rely on a wide spectrum of methodological and conceptual approaches. Currently, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and a variety of morphological tools feature prominently among them. The style of working is more problem than methods-oriented. A typical cell biologist is a hypothesis-driven experimentalist. T he Department of Cell Biology at Yale Medical School has, since its inception in 1974, been exceptionally active and well-recognized both in education and in research. While the main research focus has centered around cellular membranes and their functions, the department also has major activities in neurobiology, developmental biology, infectious disease biology, molecular biology of nucleic acids, immunology, glycobiology, molecular biology and molecular medicine. By pooling together the broad expertise available at Yale with the specific strengths of its own faculty, the Department offers graduate and medical students

69. Committee On Neurobiology - The University Of Chicago
There has never been a more exciting time to study neurobiology. Novel molecular, cellular, systemslevel, and computational techniques
RandomImageLong("images/image1.gif images/image2.gif images/brain.gif images/image4.gif images/image5.gif"); Graduate training program M.D./Ph.D Opportunities Faculty Research Course Descriptions ... The Retreat There has never been a more exciting time to study neurobiology. Novel molecular, cellular, systems-level, and computational techniques are now used to explore the functions of the brain to an extent that was unforeseen only a short time ago. More than ever before, it is critical to work in an environment that fosters an interdisciplinary scientific and technical approach to neurobiology. The University of Chicago's Committee on Neurobiology, with more than 45 neurobiology faculty members using state-of-the-art techniques, is such a place. The Committee on Neurobiology is a large, interdisciplinary program dedicated to graduate education in neurobiology. All students receive concentrated attention from faculty who serve as mentors, advisory committee members and course instructors. Research strengths at UC include molecular neurobiology, cellular neurophysiology, developmental neurobiology, systems neuroscience and computational neurobiology The typical Neurobiology graduate student takes courses in Cellular Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy, Systems Neurophysiology, Molecular Neurobiology, and Cell Biology. A diverse range of specialized courses is also available. In addition to formal classwork, students learn constantly from the large number of seminars on campus, including weekly seminars by major visiting scientists in Neurobiology, Computational Neurobiology and Cell Physiology.

70. Organismal Biology & Anatomy
Biomechanics, developmental biology, ecological and molecular physiology, functional and evolutionary morphology, neurobiology and computational neurobiology, and paleobiology.

Evolution Function Systematics and Comparative Biology ... WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Related Programs: Developmental Biology Genetics
Human Genetics
Computational Neurosciences ... North America uchicago sm ©2000 The University of Chicago 5801 South Ellis, Chicago, IL 60637
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Ingenta all issues neurobiology of Disease remember me. enter. Athens click here to login via Athens. Medicine Neurology Psychiatry Psychology/Psychiatry Neurology Psychiatry, neurobiology of Disease,

72. Welcome To The Department Of Neurobiology And Anatomy
At this site is a departmental newsletter, summaries on faculty activities and educational programs, events calendars, and news announcements.
Home Page Chair's Introduction Department History The Schmitt Program on Integrative Brain Research The Best Way to View this Site News Photos and Abstracts Available: Neuroscience Annual Retreat, May 21, 2004 Dr. David Pinto Receives Sloan Fellowship,
May 3, 2004
Schmitt Symposium: ...
April 23, 2004
The Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy is recognized for its excellence in research programs and for its commitment to teaching and leadership in both graduate and medical education. Over thirty faculty (primary and joint) are actively engaged in research on the structure and function of the nervous system across several levels of inquiry. Areas of interest cover a broad spectrum, including sensory, motor and integrative systems, cell signaling and transmission, development and aging, neurobiology of disease, learning and plasticity, neuro-engineering, and computational neurobiology. Extensive state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodologies are available for investigators, students, and staff, both within labs and across a set of departmental research cores. Close interactions among Departments and Centers sharing interests in neuroscience ensure that this discipline holds a leading presence throughout our unified medical and college campus, while the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy remains central to Rochester's research and teaching programs in the neural sciences. For Ph.D. and M.D.-Ph.D. candidates, this translates into a highly attractive environment leading toward careers as scientist/educators and clinician/scientists of the future.

73. Ingenta: All Issues -- Neurobiology Of Learning And Memory
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Biology/Life Sciences

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory ISSN 1074-7427
in our archives: Volume 64 (1995) through Volume 79 (2003) Publisher: Academic Press see publisher's website see journal home page LATEST NEXT PREVIOUS EARLIEST Volume 79, Issue 1, January 2003 Volume 78, Issue 2, September 2002 Volume 78, Issue 1, July 2002 Volume 77, Issue 3, May 2002 Volume 77, Issue 2, March 2002 Volume 77, Issue 1, January 2002 LATEST NEXT PREVIOUS EARLIEST Publisher: Academic Press terms and conditions

74. Did You Hear The One About The Prefrontal Cortex?
Did you hear the one about the prefrontal cortex?
updated at midnight GMT search nature science update advanced search
Did you hear the one about the prefrontal cortex?
Brain scans reveal the inner workings of humour.
26 February 2001 TOM CLARKE Bursting the bubble: why do we laugh? Different parts of the brain are involved in 'getting' different types of jokes, a study of chuckling volunteers reveals. But when it comes to appreciating a gag, the pleasurable feelings associated with humour all arise in the same place Using a technique called functional magnetic resonance imaging, Vinod Goel and Raymond Dolan of the Institute of Neurology in London scanned the brains of people listening to various jokes. Semantic jokes seem to activate the region of the brain that processes word meaning, called the posterior temporal lobe. Puns, on the other hand, appear to tickle areas that help to process sounds, known as the left inferior prefrontal cortex and insula. But when it comes to responding to a joke of either type, by chuckling or simply feeling inwardly amused, a different brain region appears to swing into action: the median ventral prefrontal cortex. So although getting jokes might be specific to different regions, responding to them happens in the same place. "Irrespective of the kind of joke," says Dolan, "it's the same system that's being accessed."

75. Foundations Of Neurobiology

76. Studies On Consciousness, Mind And Life
Information about Scaruffi's research and teaching activities in Cognitive Science, Psychology of Consciousness and Philosophy of Mind, and links to his papers, and to his annotated bibliography of cognitive science, artificial intelligence, neurobiology, artificial life, linguistics, neural networks, connectionism, cognitive psychology, and consciousness.
Studies on Consciousness, Mind and Life What does Thymos mean My personal website Software consultant My e-mail ... Japanese Version Research Interests:
  • Cognitive Science,
  • Philosophy of Mind,
  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Neurobiology,
  • Theoretical Physics


Independent Workshops

A History of Philosophy
Annotated Bibliography on the Mind

(with links to publishers, libraries, bibliographies, etc.)
Thinking about Thought

(my book on formal theories of Cognition, Mind, Consciousness)
Seminar on The Nature of Mind

Seminar on History of Knowledge

Register to my mailing list
. Every two months or so, I send out news and updates on cognitive science and the likes, reviews of books, announcement of conferences, and the status of my book. News from the scientific world A simple theory of consciousness Statement of work (2000) Research statement (1995) ... THE NEUROSCIENCE OF SOCIAL INTERACTION Recent essays:
  • Language as a neural process
  • Consciousness as multi-track evolution
  • A reductionist explanation of the self
  • The experimental study of consciousness ... U.S.A. Libraries
    Personal Research Statement:
  • The very fundamental idea of my research is that the mental cannot be reduced to the physical and that somehow the property that, under special circumstances, enables a particular configuration of matter (e.g., the brain) to exhibit "consciousness" must be present in all matter, starting from the most fundamental constituents.
  • 77. Institut Für Neuroinformatik [Projects: Experimental Neurobiology]
    Translate this page Experimental neurobiology. Home ThBio Research / Projects ENB, Diese Seite in Deutsch Print-version. SysBio ThBio People Research
    Experimental Neurobiology Home ThBio Research / Projects ENB
    of the at the



    78. BD Biosciences Pharmingen
    Develops, manufactures, and markets high quality, leading edge products for immunology, apoptosis, cell biology, neurobiology, and molecular biology research.
    new COOLjsMenu("menu1", MAIN_MENU) new COOLjsMenu("menu2", UNIT_MENU_PMG) United States Home About Products Support ... Press Releases
    Select One Adhesion Molecules Antigen Presentation Reagents Cell Biology / Cell Signaling Cell Separation Cytokines, Chemokines Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) ELISA Reagents ELISPOT Reagents Flow Cytometry Support Reagents Human Cell Surface Molecules Human Hormones and Infectious Agents Immunoglobulin/2nd Step Reagents Immunohistochemistry Reagents Molecular Biology Mouse Cell Surface Molecules Non-Human Primate Other Non-human Species Rat Cell Surface Molecules
    Analysis in Single Cells Product Info
    Product List
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    Multicolor Flow Cytometry Product Info
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    ... Worldwide
    All trademarks are property of Becton, Dickinson and Company unless otherwise noted.

    79. Department Of Neurobiology & Behavior
    Includes department overview, graduate field, neuroscience, description of courses, seminar dates, and research opportunities.
    Department of
    Neurobiology and Behavior *The Graduate Program in Neurobiology and Behavior provides incoming graduate students with the unique opportunity to explore neurobiology and behavior at the biophysical, molecular, cellular, neural network, neuroethological, or societal level. Whether you are interested in ion channel function, neural development, synaptic transmission, sensory systems, neural networks, animal behavior, animal societies, or chemical ecology, we have individualized programs of study to reflect your research interests. We also offer a large number of laboratory courses that offer incoming students the chance to approach interesting questions in neurobiology and behavior with a powerful set of experimental tools. Other Links of Interest: Training Grant Information Cornell University Home Page The Crawdad Page Office of Undergraduate Biology Ithaca, NY 14853
    Tel: 607-254-4340 Fax: 607-254-4308 Please report problems to: Lori Miller (

    80. Molecular Neurobiology
    Laboratory of Molecular neurobiology Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute.

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