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         Mycology:     more books (100)
  1. Medical Mycology. by R.D.G.Ph. (ed) Simons, 1954
  2. Essays on the Early History of Plant Pathology and Mycology in Canada by Ralph H. Estey, 1994-02
  3. Medical bacteriology including elementary mycology, protozoology, and helminthology by Lionel E. H Whitby, 1953
  4. Manual of Medical Mycology by John Thorne Crissey, Heidi Lang, et all 1995-01
  5. Practical clinical microbiology and mycology: Techniques and interpretations (Stanford series on methods and techniques in the clinical laboratory). 1975 Edition by Wolf et al, 1975
  6. DIY mycology [A book review from: Trends in Ecology & Evolution] by M. Hart, 2005-06-01
  7. Metal Ions in Fungi (Mycology, Vol 11)
  8. Medical Bacteriology, Including Elementary Mycology and Parasitology by Martin Hynes, 1961
  9. Marine Mycology: The Higher Fungi by Jan Kohlmeyer, 1979-08
  11. Industrial mycology
  12. Practical clinical microbiology and mycology: Techniques and interpretations (Stanford series on methods and techniques in the clinical laboratory) by Paul L Wolf, 1975
  13. Human and Animal Mycology (International congress series)
  14. Fungal Protoplasts (Mycology Series, Vol 6) by J. Peberdy, 1985-02-20

121. Loyola Univ. Health Univ. Health Sys- Microbiology & Immunology: Mycology Review
REVIEW OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY. MEDICAL mycology. Dr Tadayo HashimotoMD Professor Department of Microbiology Immunology. DIRECTIONS
Dr Tadayo Hashimoto M.D.
DIRECTIONS: Each of the numbered items or incomplete statements is followed by answers or by completions of the statement. Select the ONE lettered answer or completion that is BEST in each case. You may click answer and explanation button to find out whether answer you select is correct, and if not, why.
Joklik WK, Willett HP, Amos DB, Wilfert CM. Zinsser Microbiology Ryan KJ, Champoux JJ, Drew WL, Falkow S, Neidhardt FC, Plorde JJ, and Ray CG. Sheriis Medical Microbiology
  • Fungi:
  • are prokaryotic cells
  • are susceptible to certain antibacterial antibiotics
  • are Gram positive microorganisms
  • are, in general, smaller than bacteria
  • contain either DNA or RNA, not both. Answer and explanation
  • Dimorphism in fungi refers to:
  • the ability of fungi to produce two types of spores
  • the characteristic of certain fungi to develop male and female hyphae in one colony
  • the ability of fungi to grow in two different forms, yeast and mycelial, depending on environmental conditions
  • the ability of fungi to undergo mitosis as well as meiosis
  • the property of fungi to develop spherical and elongated forms of nuclei Answer and explanation
  • All of the following statements about fungal growth are true EXCEPT that:
  • hyphae result from continuous apical extension
  • all fungi, except for those belonging to the class zygomycetes, are septated
  • 122. Welcome To NSMM, The Nordic Society For Medical Mycology

    123. Journal=01475975
    CDL browse topic mycology, Electronic Journals available to UC Santa Barbara Results16 (of 6) These links lead to more resources related to this

    124. Mycology At Towson University; Dan Wubah
    Welcome to the mycology website. This is an auxiliary page for the Fall,1999 mycology Class at Towson University. Selected mycology links.
    Welcome to the Mycology website This is an auxiliary page for the Fall, 1999 Mycology Class at Towson University. There are 11 students in the class and each student is actively engaged in isolation and identification of fungi. To browse these pages, click on the button to your left (mouse over) SPECIAL! This page is built on a template from Moyra's Web Jewels. Selected mycology links

    125. General Mycology - IB 371
    Fall 2003 Welcome to IB 371, General mycology. This course Blackwell.1996. Introductory mycology (4th Ed.), John Wiley Sons, NY. On
    Home Syllabus Quizler Web Crossing Fall 2003
    Welcome to IB 371, General Mycology. This course provides an introduction to the various groups of fungi and their morphology and biological activities and economic importance.
    The IB 371 web site is organized into five basic parts. You are currently on the Home Page. If you click on Syllabus , you will be able to access, view and print the (1) Lecture outlines, (2) laboratory exercises, and (3) PowerPoint lecture presentations and image galleries for each week. The Quizler button leads to a set of self-tests. There is one self-test for each lecture/laboratory. The self-tests are organized by lecture number. The Web Crossing button takes you to the communication forum for the course. A password is required for this site. All announcements, questions, discussions and communication with the instructor and TA will be handled via Web Crossing. Some assignments will be turned via Web Crossing.
    So now step into the wonderful Kingdom of the Fungi
    Course Information
    Professor Carol Shearer

    126. Mycology Glossary
    Medical mycology Glossary. Click on icon to go to terms beginning with that letter mycologyThe branch of biology that deals with the study of fungi.
    Return to MEDT 315 Homepage
    Medical Mycology Glossary
    Click on icon to go to terms beginning with that letter: A (return to top of glossary page) Acid Fast: A property of cell walls that during a staining reaction retain basic dyes when decolorized with mineral acids. Acropetal: Having be youngest conidia at the apex of a chain. Actinomycete: A Gram positive bacterium that grows vegetatively in a branched filamentous form. Aerial hyphae: Hyphae that grow above the agar surface. Aerobic: Having the ability to grow in the presence of oxygen. Allantoid: Sausage shaped. Anaerobic: Lacking the ability to grow in the presence of oxygen. Anamorph: An asexual or mitotic reproductive stage in a pleomorphic life cycle that also includes a teleomorph or meiotic reproductive stage Aneuploi: A nucleus with a chromosome number that is not an exact multiple of the normal haploid number (2N+1, 2N-1, etc.) Anisogamy: Fusion of motile gametes that are unequal in size; occurs in some Chytridiomycetes, not in any plant pathogenic fungi. Annellide: A conidiogenous cell that gives rise to successive conidia in a basipetal manner. The apex of an annellide becomes longer and narrower as each subsequent conidium is formed and released. An apical ring composed of outer cell wall material, remains as each conidium is released.

    127. Journal Of Medical Veterinary Mycology
    Tidsskriftdatabasen ble lagt ned 1.oktober 2003. Bruk tidsskriftsøk i BIBSYS!

    128. Fungi (Mycology)
    Botanical Web Portal. Fungi (mycology). •, mycology Resources Extensive linkcollection. (German). •, Fungi - Good overview of mycology in Switzerland.

    129. Doctor Fungus
    Doctor Fungus Doctor Fungus is the work of a group of physicians and medical doctors, along with contributions from Web users. The site attempts to provide scholarly and peerreviewed information

    130. Mycoinfo
    Mycoinfo Version 3.0. Mailing Lists. Milestone (Sat, Jan 25, 2003) The mailinglist is operational. There are no subscribers other than myself.
    Mycoinfo Version 3.0
    Milestone (Sat, Jan 25, 2003): The mailing list is operational. There are no subscribers other than myself. There are zero posts to the list, and no archive.
    Also Coming Soon: Myko Web
    North American Mycological Association
    Last Updated: 25-Jan-03

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    132. MycoSite, University Of Oslo, Norway
    Myco Site got a new location. http//
    Myco Site got a new location

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