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         Microbiology:     more books (100)
  1. Microbiology by Lansing M. Prescott, John P. Harley, et all 2004-01
  2. Microbiology: A Human Perspective by Eugene W. Nester, 2005-12-01
  3. Microbiology & Immunology: Board Review Series by Arthur G Johnson, Arthur G. Johnson, 2001-12-15
  4. Principles of Modern Microbiology by Mark L., Ph.D. Wheelis, 2007-10-29
  5. Sherris Medical Microbiology : An Introduction to Infectious Diseases by Kenneth J. Ryan, C. George Ray, 2003-07-14
  6. Cases in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases by Peter H. (editor); Shapiro, Daniel S. (editor); Smiley, M. Lynn (editor) Gilligan, 2002
  7. Microbiology: Alternate Edition with Diseases by Body System plus access to Microbiology Place with Research Navigator (The Microbiology Place Series) by Robert W. Bauman, 2005-01-15
  8. Marine Microbiology: Ecology & Applications (Advanced Text) by C. B. Munn, 2003-12-31
  9. Freshwater Microbiology: Biodiversity and Dynamic Interactions of Microorganisms in the Aquatic Environment by David Sigee, 2005-02-04
  10. Microbiology: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review (Pretest Series) by James D. Kettering, 2007-03-23
  11. Wine Microbiology: Practical Applications and Procedures by Kenneth C. Fugelsang, Charles G. Edwards, 2006-11-14
  12. Microbiology Lab Manual by John P Harley, 2007-02-05
  13. Study Guide to Microbiology: An Introduction, Eighth Edition by Berdell R. Funke, 2004-01
  14. Microbiology Recall (Recall Series) by Alfa Omar Diallo, Vinay Chandrasekhara, 2004-09-01

81. Pennsylvania State University Pathology And Laboratory Medicine
Providing a residency program and clinical services including toxicology, hematology, histocompatibility, microbiology, radio-immunoassay studies and cytogenics.

82. ASM Journals Online
Applied and Environmental microbiology. Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology. Clinical microbiology Reviews. Eukaryotic Cell.
Activate your 2004 online subscription now The Society's 11 journals cover the spectrum of microbiology, from molecular and cellular biology to biomedical research and technology. Links to Other ASM Pages:
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... Minireview Collection of all Journals For faster access to ASM Journals Online from these locations use this URL:

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia,
Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK. (More Information) by the
American Society for Microbiology

83. Medical Microbiology & Immunology
, faculty, graduate program and students, seminars, course information, institutes and research centers, and related links.......
Faculty EDUCATION Graduate Education Medical Ed Net Infectious Disease Research Training Graduate Students ... Contact Us The Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Graduate education is research-oriented and prepares students for careers in either academia or industry. Our current graduate curriculum includes a training program that emphasizes the microbial pathogenesis of human diseases, immunoregulation, and the molecular biology of animal viruses.
Please browse through our Web site to become better acquainted with our department and the research interests of our faculty members.
If you are interested in graduate study in our department, please refer to the Education section, Graduate Program component, and fill out our on-line pre-application form. If you have additional questions, please contact the Departmental Graduate Advisor, Dr. James Samuel at (979) 862-1684 [phone], (979) 845-3479 [Fax], or at

84. NRC Research Press: Canadian Journal Of Microbiology
Infectious Diseases / Bacterial Diseases / microbiology (Hardin MD From the University of Iowa, the *best* lists of Internet sources in /HEAD microbiology and infectious disease, including bacterial infections.

85. Allied Laboratory Services, A UKAS Accredited Microbiology And Chemistry Laborat
A UKAS accredited microbiology and chemistry laboratory providing analytical and technical support for the food industry.
Welcome to our website Services Available Technical Support (via Information Request Allied Laboratory Services Limited For more information on our services please email: All comments about the website are welcomed by the Webmaster s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

86. Microbiology And Immunology Website
ONLINE, ISSN 13480421. PRINT, ISSN 0385-5600. Last Updated 20-April-2004 What s new. 2004/04/20, Vol. 48 No. 4 was uploaded. 2004/03/19, Vol. 48 No.
ONLINE ISSN 1348-0421 PRINT ISSN 0385-5600 Last Updated : 20-May-2004
What's new Vol. 48 No. 5 was uploaded. Vol. 48 No. 4 was uploaded. Vol. 48 No. 3 was uploaded. Vol. 48 No. 2 was uploaded. Information
  • PDF file of the full paper of this journal is available from Vol. 46, No. 1.
  • PDF file of the full paper from Vol. 47 No. 8 is linked to J-STAGE/JST.
  • Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later as a plug-in for the Web browser must be installed to browse PDF files. Edited by
    Japanese Society for Bacteriology

    Japanese Society for Virology

    Japanese Society for Immunology
    Published by
    Center for Academic Publications Japan
  • 87. MCB -- Archive Of Issues By Date
    Archives back to 1992 of this authoritative source of fundamental knowledge and new developments in the molecular biology of eukaryotic cells. Abstracts and full articles in PDF from the American Society for microbiology.
    Archive of All Online Issues: 1 Jan 1992 - 15 Jun 2004
    Visit PubMedCentral
    for more online archival issues. (All issues since journal origination may not be posted as of this date.)
    Current Issue: Recent Issues:
    June 2004

    Vol. 24, Num. 12
    June 2004

    Vol. 24, Num. 11
    May 2004

    Vol. 24, Num. 10
    May 2004

    Vol. 24, Num. 9
    Full Text and Abstracts: 1 Jan 1998 - 15 Jun 2004 PDF and Abstracts: 1 Jan 1995 - 1 Dec 1997 Abstracts only: 1 Jan 1992 - 1 Dec 1994

    J. Bacteriol.
    J. Virol. Eukaryot. Cell Microbio. Mol. Bio. Review ... All ASM Journals by the American Society for Microbiology

    88. Centre For Applied Microbiology And Research
    Overview of CRO offering independent biosafety testing of equipment, culture of thermophilic organisms, vaccine efficacy testing, premarket GMP manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic and reference at Porton Down, England.
    CAMR is a Special Health Authority whose role is to conduct research on microbial hazards associated with healthcare and to develop and manufacture diagnostic, prophylactic and therapeutic products. Details of the Centre's objectives, key achievements, business strategy, as well as our annual reports and accounts can be found on our Corporate pages within the main website. If you want to order, or find out more about the supply of cell cultures from our strategic business unit, the European Collection of Cell Culture, then please contact ECACC . Otherwise for more information please contact CAMR The main website is supported by browsers Internet Explorer 4.0 and and later. Click on the links to gain access to the latest versions of these browsers.

    89. Microbiology At UMass Amherst
    microbiology Department News This is an official page of the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus, Department of microbiology. Copyright © 2004.
    :: Microbiology Department News ::
    Derek Lovley Receives Award from American Society for Microbiology
    April 2004: Derek R. Lovley American Society for Microbiology (ASM). Dr. Lovley was presented the award at the 104th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, May 23-27, 2004, in New Orleans. Read more...
    Microbiology Faculty Member Receives CVIP Grant
    May 2004: Elizabeth Stuart , Associate Professor of Microbiology, has received a $10,000 grant from the Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property (CVIP) Technology Development Fund to further her study on the use of flow cytometry to detect chlamydia. Dr. Stuart was one of 5 faculty to receive a CVIP grant. Read More...
    Staff Member Receives 2004 Chancellor's Citation
    May 2004: In a ceremony on May 12, Linda Diette was presented with the Chancellor's Citation Award for 2004. The award is given each year to ten University staff members who have demonstrated exemplary and outstanding service to the University. Ms. Diette has served as the Microbiology Department's lead bookkeeper for 31 years.
    Seminar Schedule
    Academic Calendar Department of Microbiology
    203 Morrill Science Center IVN
    University of Massachusetts
    639 North Pleasant Street
    Amherst, MA 01003

    90. HotJobs - A Yahoo! Service Karen Cerveny's Resume
    MS in molecular genetics and microbiology. Seeking a fulltime research associate position that will maximize leadership, organizational, and technical skills.
    4100 N. Highway A1A # 331 Fort Pierce, FL 34949-8332 Karen Cerveny Objective
    To obtain a full-time research associate position that will maximize my leadership, organizational, and technical skills. Education
    University of Florida
    December 2001 Gainesville, FL May 1999 Gainesville, FL Experience
    Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
    August 2001 - Present Aquaculture Laboratory Assistant Ft. Pierce, FL PCR analysis of commercial shrimp samples Detection of viral (both RNA and DNA) disease in shrimp for shrimp farms around the world DNA extraction via mini-preps September 1999 - August 2001 Graduate Research Assistant Gainesville, FL
    Thesis Research: Analyzed the ability of V. vulnificus phage to treat and prevent disease caused by V. vulnificus in mouse model. Infected and treated mice with subcutaneous, intravenous, and intraperitoneal injections of bacteria and phage. Performed necropsy on mice. Conducted histopathological analysis of skin lesions to determine if phage therapy had a microscopic effect on the vasculature of infected mice. Created an invertebrate animal model of infection and treatment which included: generating spontaneous antibacterial V.v. mutant, designed a water purification/ circulation center, dissection and tissue homogenization of infected /treated oysters

    91. Biozone: Bio Links
    Biozone's Bio Links contains over five hundred links covering such topics as biology, biotechnology, diseases, evolution, and microbiology.
    New Links recently added to the database General Resources: Animal Behaviour: Animal Biology: Fertility NZ: Contacts
    (NZ) Family Planning Association
    Biodiversity: Biotechnology: Australia New Zealand Food Authority - GM Foods
    Cloning and Stem Cell Technology

    Otago School of Medical Sciences: Transgenic cows producing Myelin

    Cloning Fact Sheet

    Cell Biology: Aquaporins Conservation: Rainforest Destruction
    International Whaling Commission

    The Changing Face of New Zealand's Whaling Policy

    Ecology: Evolution: Evolution for Teaching
    Genetics: DIRC Fact Sheet - Cystic Fibrosis The Lung NET: Cystic Fibrosis Cystic Fibrosis South Australia Website Health and Disease: CDC - Avian Influenza WHO: Avian influenza Meningococcal Disease (NZ) MOH FAQs: Meningoccocal Disease ... (NZ) University of Otago Human Evolution: A Look at Modern Human Origins Human Impact: Microbiology: Plant Biology: Botany online: Plant hormones Plant Hormones Resource Management:

    92. Department Of Microbiology - University Of Illinois
    Copyright © 2004, Department of microbiology and the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. All rights reserved.
    Your browser does not support script
    Welcome The Department Contact Us The Department of Microbiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been consistently ranked as one of the best microbiology departments in the United States. There are 17 research laboratories, approximately 60 graduate students, and 20 post-doctoral fellows in the Department. Thus, it is large enough to provide a stimulating research environment but small enough to allow close interactions between the faculty and graduate students. The Department of Microbiology is a part of the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), which includes the Departments of Biochemistry, Cell and Structural Biology, and Molecular and Integrative Physiology. The Department is part of an umbrella program in MCB that encompasses 80 different research laboratories. Students admitted into any of these departmental graduate programs can select faculty thesis advisors from over 60 active research laboratories in the school. Close ties are also maintained with the School of Integrative Biology, the School of Chemical Sciences, the College of Medicine, and the College of Veterinary Medicine. University of Illinois
    Department of Microbiology
    601 South Goodwin Avenue
    Urbana, IL 61801

    93. Food Poisoning Microorganisms
    Food microbiology online course complimenting 'The microbiology of Safe Food' book. Resource portal for undergraduates and professionals. poisoning microorganisms.html
    Back to Food Microbiology home page site map
    Chapter 5: Food poisoning microorganisms
    ICMSF C. jejuni Salmonella E. coli ... FDA Bad Bug book
    ICMSF The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF 2002) has revised its previous categorisation of microbiological hazards in foods. These are tabulated below. The severity of the illness and duration should be compared with the information on p. 142-192 in the book 'The Microbiology of Safe Food'. Additionally a number of these organisms are permitted above the cells in 25 gram testing specification for ready-toeat food. For details see the PHLS (UK) guidelines in Table 8.20, p.333 for ready-to-eat foods and the various EU and FDA sampling plans in Chapter 8. For more inforamtion on microbiological criteria jump to the relevant page microbiological criteria ICMSF microbiological hazards categorisation (p144, Table 5.2). For Cases see Table 8.1, p.301 Categorisation of common foodborne pathogens (ICMSF 1986) Moderate, direct, limited spread, death rarely occurs B. cereus, C. jejuni, Cl. perfringens, St. aureus, Y. enterocolitica, T. saginata, T. gondii

    DIVISION of MEDICAL microbiology, The Services. All material on this site is copyright of the Division of Medical microbiology. Queries
    The Division of Medical Microbiology is involved in all activities pertaining to the promotion of improved health care and prevention of infections.
    This includes training of medical students, science students and medical technologists,
    as well as applied research. Virological investigations are undertaken by the
    Queries should be addressed to the Webmaster.

    95. The Charles T. Campbell Eye Microbiology Lab, UPMC | University Of Pittsburgh Me
    Laboratory procedures for detecting pathogens from ocular infections, antibiotic susceptibility data for bacteria, antimicrobial therapy, research articles and abstracts.
    W elcome to the Charles T. Campbell Eye Microbiology Lab website. Our goal is to provide pertinent information to assist ophthalmologists and physicians of all specialties in the treatment of eye infections. It is our intent to continually improve and update the information on our site. Our initial endeavors are to provide information on the best testing methods for detecting ocular pathogens, current antibiotic susceptibility data, and standard antibiotic therapies of ocular infections. We welcome your suggestions as to how our website may better serve you. Please contact us to voice your opinion. Ocular Microbiology and Immunology Group
    Ocular Microbiology and Immunology Group (OMIG)
    University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences Contact UPMC

    96. Medical Microbiology. Table Of Contents
    94. microbiology of the Circulatory System Lawrence L. Pelletier. 95. microbiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract Sherwood L. Gorbach. 96.

    97. Microbiology Homepage
    Jerome Knutson, University of Minnisota Crookston, has created a good introductory microbiology course.
    General Information
    Microbiology is a three-credit semester course that can be used to partially complete the general education requirements for Baccalaureate degrees at the University of Minnesota, Crookston.
    Selected Web pages will be used as reading assignments for the course and laboratory handouts will be provided. All students will purchase Microbiology Perspectives (Prentice Hall - 1999). This course will discuss microbe morphology (structure), growth requirements, transmission of microbes, and control of microbes. Basic lab techniques related to asepsis, culturing and identification of microbes, economically important microbes, body defenses, diseases, and food/water/agricultural microbiology will be emphasized.
    The instructor integrating these pages into a semester syllabus intends to: 1. Present a course that contains current, accurate, and stimulating reading for microbiology students; 2. Provide a new technological approach to replace the traditional textbook; 3. Encourage student involvement with the Internet sources related to microbiology and;

    98. Department Of Medical Microbiology
    Information about the tasks of the Department, which include teaching, research, laboratory diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections, and external quality control in medical microbiology for Switzerland.

    Gloriastr. 30/32

    PO Box
    Tel: ++41-1-634-2700
    FAX: ++41-1-634-4906
    Home Deutsch


    ... "Links"

    The Department (Institute) of Medical Microbiology is part of the School of Medicine of the University of Zurich. The tasks of the Department include teaching, research and laboratory diagnosis for bacterial and fungal infections.
    • Research Activities
      • Mechanisms of host-pathogen-interaction
      • Molecular basis of bacterial pathogenicity
      • Biochemical and genetic basis of resistance to antimicrobial agents
      • Molecular diagnostics
    • Teaching Teaching is offered to third-year medical, dental and microbiology students of the University of Zurich as well to second-year pharmaceutical students of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.
    • Diagnostics Diagnostic divisions are accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service of the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology and Accreditation (ISO 17025) under the accreditation number 266. The institute is responsible for organizing a quality control scheme. The scheme is open to clinical microbiological laboratories.

    99. Microbiology
    microbiology Homepage microbiology is a threecredit semester course that can be used to partially complete the general education requirements for Baccalaureate degrees at the
    This site is discontinued Click on the green URL to access and bookmark my new updated site.

    100. Graduate (Ph.D.) Program In Immunology, Microbiology, And Vaccine Biology At The
    An interdisciplinary PhD program, offering students the flexibility to conduct cuttingedge research in any one of over 60 laboratories.

    IMV Homepage


    PhD Student Class, 2004

    PhD Student Class, 2003
    Graduate Studies Homepage
    Graduate Program in Immunology, Microbiology and Vaccine Biology
    The Graduate Program in Immunology, Microbiology and Vaccine Biology is an integrated graduate program that provides predoctoral training and Ph.D. research opportunities in the areas of Immunology, Microbiology and Vaccine Biology. This graduate program is based at the University of Rochester Medical Center (Rochester, New York) and it is administered principally by faculty from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology and the Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology . Other participating Departments and Centers include the Departments of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Chemical Engineering, Dermatology, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry, the Center for Oral Biology and the University of Rochester Cancer Center. This doctoral program seeks to provide an outstanding training environment for the predoctoral education of the next generation of immunologists and microbiologists who will be working in academic institutions, industry, government laboratories and private research foundations. This environment includes: outstanding Ph.D. research opportunities; concerned, skilled, and interactive research mentors whose research addresses a wide diversity of scientific questions; state-of-the art research facilities; newly redesigned graduate level lecture courses; advanced topical seminars; and opportunities to attend and actively participate in scientific meetings providing a wide range of faculty expertise and research opportunities.

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