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  1. Science, Evolution, and Creationism by National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, 2008-01-04
  2. Evolution for Everyone: How Darwin's Theory Can Change the Way We Think About Our Lives by David Sloan Wilson, 2007-12-26
  3. Thank God for Evolution!: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd, 2007-11-01
  4. Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters by Donald R. Prothero, 2007-10-11
  5. The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating by David M. Buss, 2003-07
  6. The Evolution of Cooperation by Robert Axelrod, 2006-12-04
  7. The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism by Michael J. Behe, 2007-06-05
  8. Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution is Wrong by Jonathan Wells, 2002-01
  9. Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Carl Werner, 2007-10-08
  10. Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution by Steve Jenkins, 2002-10-28
  11. Evolution by Jean-Baptiste De Panafieu, 2007-11-15
  12. Evolution by Nicholas H. Barton, Derek E. G. Briggs, et all 2007-06-30
  13. Radical Evolution: The Promise and Peril of Enhancing Our Minds, Our Bodies -- and What It Means to Be Human by Joel Garreau, 2006-05-09
  14. Evolution by Douglas J. Futuyma, 2005-01

161. Icons Of Evolution - Evolution, Darwinism, Darwin, Neo-Darwinism, Natural Select
Biologist Jonathan Wells compares textbook

162. Immunology Index
Articles on the history of immunology, evolution of the immune system, related organs and humoral immunity, with general emphasis on vertebrates. Written by Kevin J. McElwee, Hessen, Germany.
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163. Evolution Of Portable Electronic Books
Charts the development of portable electronic book hardware. Ariadne

164. Early Unix History And Evolution
The evolution of the Unix Timesharing System*. This paper presents a technical and social history of the evolution of the system. Origins.
The Evolution of the Unix Time-sharing System*
Dennis M. Ritchie
Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, 07974
This paper presents a brief history of the early development of the Unix operating system. It concentrates on the evolution of the file system, the process-control mechanism, and the idea of pipelined commands. Some attention is paid to social conditions during the development of the system.
NOTE: *This paper was first presented at the Language Design and Programming Methodology conference at Sydney, Australia, September 1979. The conference proceedings were published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science #79: Language Design and Programming Methodology, No. 6 Part 2, October 1984, pp. 1577-93.
During the past few years, the Unix operating system has come into wide use, so wide that its very name has become a trademark of Bell Laboratories. Its important characteristics have become known to many people. It has suffered much rewriting and tinkering since the first publication describing it in 1974 [1], but few fundamental changes. However, Unix was born in 1969 not 1974, and the account of its development makes a little-known and perhaps instructive story. This paper presents a technical and social history of the evolution of the system.
For computer science at Bell Laboratories, the period 1968-1969 was somewhat unsettled. The main reason for this was the slow, though clearly inevitable, withdrawal of the Labs from the Multics project. To the Labs computing community as a whole, the problem was the increasing obviousness of the failure of Multics to deliver promptly any sort of usable system, let alone the panacea envisioned earlier. For much of this time, the Murray Hill Computer Center was also running a costly GE 645 machine that inadequately simulated the GE 635. Another shake-up that occurred during this period was the organizational separation of computing services and computing research.

165. Netadelica: Genetic Algorithms
A brief experiment in coding a simple genetic algorithm 'bit counter' that compares different evolution parameters.
G e n e t i c A l g o r i t h m s O n N e t a d e l i c a
These pages are embryonic - I'm still learning this stuff. In the absence of tutorial material, they assume you're familiar with the basics of GAs (here's an ultra-brief description if you're interested). Right now, these pages contain the results of my comparisons of different parameters for a very simple GA, a "bit counter".
Comparing Different Parameters for Evolving a Bit Counter
Just about the simplest GA is the "bit counter". Each individual in the population ("member") comprises one chromosome, an n-bit string of binary digits ("0"s and "1"s). Each member's fitness is determined as the number of bits within its chromosome that are turned on ("1"). E.g., for a five-bit string: Table 1: Fitness of Example Bit Counters Member Chromosome Fitness This is unlifelike: genes don't code "for" embryonic or any other development; there's no phenotype involved. We've all got to start somewhere, though. I wrote a program that evolves bit counters using systematically different parameters. For each unique set of parameters, the program perfomed six runs of 30 generations per run. The parameters used were: Table 2: Parameters Varied for Evolving a Bit Counter Parameter Value 1 Value 2 Value 3 Value 4 Mutation N/A Crossover rate N/A Selection method Uniform Fitness-proportionate N/A N/A Crossover method Single-point Two-point Each-bit uniform Each-bit weighted
  • Mutation = 0: no mutation
  • Mutation = 0.001: "normal" mutation

166. - Georgia Considers Banning 'evolution' - Jan. 30, 2004
The state s school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia s science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase biological
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
Georgia considers banning 'evolution'
State Superindendent of Schools Kathy Cox answers questions at a news conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Thursday. Story Tools RELATED Georgia Department of Education YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) The state's school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia's science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase "biological changes over time." The change is included in more than 800 pages of draft revisions to Georgia's curriculum that have been posted by the Department of Education on its Web site. The middle and high school standards are expected to be voted on by the state Board of Education in May, after public feedback. Superintendent Kathy Cox said the concept of evolution would still be taught under the proposal, but the word would not be used. The proposal would not require schools to buy new textbooks omitting the word evolution and would not prevent teachers from using it.

167. Understanding Evolution Home
Start Here! Nature of Science. evolution 101. Lines of Evidence. Relevance of evolution. Misconceptions. History of evolutionary Thought.
Text only version Search Site Index Navigation ... Contact This site was created by the University of California Museum of Paleontology with support provided by the National Science Foundation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

168. Research Group
Center at Rutgers University provides faculty profiles, information on courses and conferences. Also offers an archive of papers. Group/research.html
Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition
Conferences ...
Research Projects
Professor Stephen Stich, Director
Center for Cognitive Science
Busch Campus, Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA Tel. (732) 932-9091 Fax: (732) 445-6715 Recent publications The Research Group on Evolution and Higher Cognition was established to investigate the mechanisms involved in a range of higher cognitive capacities and to explore ways in which theoretical and empirical work on the evolution of the mind can interface productively with more traditional approaches to theory construction in cognitive science. Current projects include:
  • Studies of the cognitive mechanisms underlying
      Mindreading Pretense Moral Cognition Scientific Cognition Research into the ways in which the resources of evolutionary psychology can be brought to bear on issues about
        Rationality Mental Disorder The Scope and Limits of Social Construction

169. Evolution [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. evolution. evolution is not so much a modern discovery as some of its advocates would have us believe.
Evolution Table of Contents (Clicking on the links below will take you to that part of this article)
Ancient Greek Views If the mechanical view is to be found in these philosophers, the teleological occurs in Heraclitus, who conceives the process as a rational development, in accordance with the Logos and names steps of the process, as from igneous air to water, and thence to earth. The Stoics followed Heraclitus in the main lines of their physics. The primal principle is, as with him, igneous air. only that this is named God by them with much greater definiteness. The Godhead has life in itself, and develops into the universe, differentiating primarily into two kinds of elements the finer or active, and the coarser or passive. Formation or development goes on continuously, under the impulse of the formative principle, by whatever name it is known, until all is once more dissolved by the ekpyrosis into the fundamental principle, and the whole process begins over again. Their conception of the process as analogous to the development of the seed finds special expression in their term of logos spermatikos . In one point the Stoics differ essentially from Heraclitus. With them the whole process is accomplished according to certain ends indwelling in the Godhead, which is a provident, careful intelligence, while no providence is assumed in Heraclitus.

170. Science Against Evolution Official Home Page
A California Public Benefit Corporation whose objective is to make the general public aware that the theory of evolution is not consistent with physical evidence and is no longer a respectable theory describing the origin of life.
Science Against Evolution
Official Home Page
Science Against Evolution is a California Public Benefit Corporation whose objective is to make the general public aware that the theory of evolution is not consistent with physical evidence and is no longer a respectable theory describing the origin of life. Why Science is Against Evolution Swap Sheet Ads Monthly Meetings Newsletters ... Topical Index Our web site is updated within a few days of the fourth Friday of every month.
Click here to see what's new this month Our web site tells you about Our Activites Our Organization If you have any questions or comments, we encourage you to send mail to Do-While Jones who maintains this no frills web site
Why Science is Against Evolution
The theory of evolution depends upon three conditions.
  • Life Happens
  • Creative Mutations
  • Lots of Time Let's look at each of these conditions, one at a time.
    Life Happens
    According to the theory of evolution, at some time in the distant past there was no life in the universe just elements and chemical compounds. Somehow, these chemicals had to combine to form Frankencell, which
  • 171. Physics 7 Lecture #9 - Stellar Evolution I
    The complete sequence of events in detail.
    University of California, San Diego
    Physics 7 - Introduction to Astronomy
    H. E. Smith Winter 2000
    Physics 7 - Lecture Summary #9
    Stellar Evolution I - Solar Type Stars
    The actual process of star formation remains shrouded in mystery because stars form in dense, cold molecular clouds whose dust obscures newly formed stars from our view. For reasons which are not fully understood, but which may have to do with collisions of molecular clouds, or shockwaves passing through molecular clouds as the clouds pass through spiral structure in galaxies, or magnetic-gravitational instabilities (or, perhaps all of the above) the dense core of a molecular cloud begins to condense under its self-gravity, fragmenting into stellar mass clouds which continue to condense forming protostars . As the cloud condenses, gravitational potential energy is released - half of this released gravitational energy goes into heating the cloud, half is radiated away as thermal radiation. Because gravity is stronger near the center of the cloud (remember F g ~ 1/distance ) the center condenses more quickly, more energy is released in the center of the cloud, and the center becomes hotter than the outer regions. As a means of tracking the stellar life-cycle we follow its path on the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram.

    172. Language, Neoteny, Heterochrony, And Human Evolution
    Extensive collection of quotations on the evolution of language. Part of the Web Library of Excerpts The Multidisciplinary Implications of Heterochronic Theory.
    Library of Excerpts Language Part I This page contains a collection of excerpts from sources used to support Shift Theory, an alternative theory of human evolution. Click here for an introduction to this new and unique theory of evolution.
    (i) According to the hypothesis, the acquisition of grammatical competence occurs when linguistic information is routed to and processed by spatial centers in the brain.
    (ii) Specifically, it is claimed that linguistic expressions are processed as if they were objects with internal structural configurations. That is, they are processed in terms of certain basic image schemas, namely part-whole and linkage schemas critical to the recognition of the configurations which define complex physical objects.
    (iii) But as Johnson (1987) argues at length, image schemas are basically embodied schemas, high level schemas which function as cognitive models of the body and its interaction with the environment.
    In other words, the Spatialization of Form Hypothesis treats grammar as a form of image-schemaic thought in which words, phrases, and sentences are endowed with an abstract structure grounded in immediate bodily experience of physical objects. It therefore predicts as association between grammar and such cognitive abilities as object recognition, spatial structure, and body awareness, especially modeling bodily movement and position is space." (Armstrong DF, Stokoe WC, Wilcox SE (1995) Gesture and the Nature of Language. Cambridge Univ. Press: Cambridge p. 34-36)

    173. : Kansas News, Sports, Jobs, Homes, Cars
    Wichita lawmaker says schools can't afford to ignore public opinion. The Wichita Eagle
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    174. Evolution - FAQs & Guides - GameFAQs
    A selection of walkthroughs and codes.
    Quick Search Home What's New Systems Features ... Xbox Platform Jumper Arcade Dreamcast GameBoy Game Boy Advance GameBoy Color GameCube Genesis N-Gage Neo-Geo NES Nintendo 64 PC PlayStation PlayStation 2 Saturn SNES Xbox View Complete List A-Z
    Role-Playing Evolution Game Info Codes and Secrets Game Saves Reviews ... Check Prices
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    GameSpot Visit GameSpot for instant access to 1 Evolution review , and 26 screenshots Game Rankings Visit Game Rankings for 40 reviews and previews from around the web.
    Downloads News PC ... About CNET Networks

    175. Allscifi Information Page
    Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of the David Duchovny film, and links to similar movies.
    Evolution Movie Review
    Click here for Movies Television Shows Books Games Or enter a book or movie review and become a paid scholar!
    Starring: David Duchovny,Julianne Moore,Orlando Jones Enter a review
    of your own!
    Message Board
    Evolution Resident Scholar Profiles
    charlene sebastian
    Rach.C Anna Scott Topaz Michael Gookin ... Brian Oliver
    Would you like to be a scholar and make 50 cents per review? Click here to submit a review! Review Summaries of Evolution
    charlene sebastian, Resident Scholar
    When a meteor hits the earth two scientists go to check it out and find rapidily evolving aliens. The two scientists are joined by a trainee firefighter and they go about beating up some aliens and infiltrating the government site set up where the meteor hit with some hilarious consequences.
    Rach.C, Resident Scholar
    Excellent and realistic Sci-Fi movie about a meteor crashing with life forms aborad. Aliens evolve so quickly that they covered over 6 trillion years of our evolution in about one month. It also has a very comedic side love story about two people who start out seeming like they are total oppisites, but then start to like each other.
    Anna Scott, Resident Scholar

    176. Livewire VMX
    Vintage and evolution motocross racing in and around New Zealand.
    THE No.1 HOME OF NZ VINTAGE MOTOCROSS VMX TALK Vintage vs Twinshock I dare you... Is evo2 a real vmx class? ... Visit VMX Talk COMING EVENTS Nelson Classic Scramble th June More Events Click Here WORLD VMX NEWS HEAVEN VMX (Syd, Aust) VIPER (Vic, Aust) VMX Magazine AHRMA (USA) ... CLICK HERE HAMCO INDUSTRIES CLICK HERE Motorad 47- 49 Vivian St Wellington Click Here LAST UPDATED Based in Wanganui, NZ. The only thing that comes close to competing hard on the race track, is reading about your accomplishments the day after the race. We will do our best to provide race coverage, but to ask for your help in providing stories about our racing activities. We encourage anyone and everyone to give us input so we can make this site as interesting as possible for all NZ vintage MX enthusiasts. Just e-mail your input to The latest article in our new "Bikes & Riders" series Husky 390 Automatic Read More..... Although Livewire VMX is not a "modern motocross" site, we do show support for our sport where TVNZ lets us down, so........ Here's the news that didn't get much news time.

    177. Introduction For:
    Dinosaurs, fossils, evolution, creation, the Flood, and our ancient history are all topics of interest here. Site is translated into several languages.
    AUSTRL. BELGIUM BRAZIL CANADA ... WV LANGUAGES Afrikaans Albanian Amharic Arabic ... VIE
    Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word,
    and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
    Internet Search Me!
    CRS Creation Matters

    CRS Quarterly
    ICR Back to Genesis ICR Days of Praise ... ARTICLES Thought-provoking articles about our ancient history and the importance of our creation in God's own image and fall from grace. Each new false religion of the post-Flood period has sought to detract from our Creator and from our responsibilities in this life; evolution's effect is no different and it (macro-evolution) continues to lack any scientific substance. Pray about this! And study as needed, especially since the media continues to report this issue inaccurately. Please study the plethora of Biblical and scientific knowledge standing squarely against this spiritual deception. [ English Introduction ...for other language Introductions, see Left sidebar.

    178. Operation Evolution Taking Evolution To The Battlefield
    Provides scientific facts that evolution is just a joke. Includes a video for sale.
    The Evidence
    For Christians
    Feedback Join our quarterly newsletter.
    Operation Evolution
    Taking evolution to the battlefield. My Pastor said to me, "Evolution is a lie! I don't even need the Bible to prove that!" Well, he had my attention! For years, all I had was my personal beliefs - not factual evidence - that the God of the Bible was responsible for creation. Well, NO LONGER! I want you to consider for a moment what you would say; what you could say to a person who has been taught evolution, compelled to believe an unproved theory and quite honestly, a theory that seems to be easily swallowed hook, line and sinker. Yet this theory has more holes in it than a screen door. Honestly, most Christians don't have the ammunition - the facts - to even deliberate the argument with a novice evolutionist, for instance, a school teacher. For years I didn't have the facts to back up what I believed and, therefore, failed miserably in the evolution debate. I could quote scripture, but I was quoting it to those who had already rejected scripture! For so long, I ached to have some substantial evidence to throw on the table to challenge the untruths of evolution.

    179. Flashdetection
    Filminfos, Multimedia und Spiel zum Film nur Flash.


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