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         Ecology:     more books (100)
  1. The Ecology of Marine Fishes: California and Adjacent Waters by Larry G. Allen, 2006-02-15
  2. Experiments in Ecology: Their Logical Design and Interpretation Using Analysis of Variance by A. J. Underwood, 1997-01-28
  3. Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics, and Culture by Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, Peter Coppolillo, 2005-01-04
  4. Ecology for Gardeners by Steven B. Carroll, Steven D. Salt, 2004-05-01
  5. Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands
  6. Ecology (DK Eyewitness Books) by Steve Pollock, 2005-09-05
  7. Sacred Ecology, Second Edition by Fikret Berkes, 2008-02-29
  8. The Death of Nature : Women, Ecology, and the Scientific Revolution by Carolyn Merchant, 1990-01-10
  9. Evolutionary Ecology and Human Behavior (Foundations of Human Behavior)
  10. Landscape Ecology by Richard T. T. Forman, Michel Godron, 1986-01
  11. Reimagining Political Ecology (New Ecologies for the Twenty-First Century)
  12. The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood by Edith Cobb, 1993-08
  13. Marx's Ecology: Materialism and Nature by John Bellamy Foster, 2000-03-01
  14. The Behavior And Ecology Of Pacific Salmon And Trout by Thomas P. Quinn, 2005-05-30

121. Marine Ecology Home Page
Publishes original contributions in all aspects of the ecology of marine organisms and ecosystems, both pelagic and benthic. Particularly invites articles based on insitu research using underwater observation and experimentation. Published by Blackwell Science Ltd.

122. Ecology Tutorial
Here is a list of interesting sites that deal with the Environment. Fungi take Two. BEATRIX POTTER (1866 1943). Photosynthesis. Ecoregion
Here is a list of interesting sites that deal with the Environment.
  • Fungi take Two
  • Photosynthesis
  • Ecoregion Map ; "Think Globally, Act Locally"
  • Humans and their Brief history
  • Animal SOUNDS (Must have audio card)
  • Some cool Miscellaneous Environmental Information
    The Loss of Biodiversity
    "The most serious threat to the continuation of all life on this planet is the loss of biological diversity: the varied living beings that inhabit the globe." "It is true that the problem of disappearing species represents not only a conservation crisis on a scale never faced before, but also one of the greatest environmental challenges we are ever likely to confront." These quotes from Kennedy (1990, p. 17) illustrate the gravity of the ecological problem facing humankind - the loss of biodiversity. Although there has always been loss of species as part of the evolution of life, the rapidity with which it is currently occurring largely through anthropogenic influences, is the worrying factor.
    Biodiversity at the Species Level - Flora
    Botany is the science that deals with all forms of plant life, including mosses, ferns, conifers and flowering plants, and organisms formerly considered plants: algae, fungi, and lichens . Humans are heavily dependent on plants for oxygen, food, clothing, medicine, and shelter. Yet a surprisingly large percentage of the world's plant species remains unknown, their potential benefits to mankind hidden. Museum botanists are dedicated to documenting the origins and providing classifications of plant life in marine and terrestrial environments and to understanding how humans are affected by and have altered the plant world.
  • 123. Ecology Action Of Texas
    ecology Action in Austin, Texasrecycling paper aluminum glass plastic metal ecology Action Austin Texas Austin recycling centers waste packaging paper plastic
    Ecology Action
    of Texas, Inc.
    Ecology Action is Austin Ninth Street and IH-35 (on the southbound access road). Materials can be dropped off 24 hours a day. We accept: Paper and Cardboard Aluminum Cans and Foil Tin Cans Plastic Bottles (#1 and #2) Glass Bottles and Jars Cardboard Toner Cartridges Cellular Telephones
    Computer Recycling Program Continued! Ecology action is continuing our computer recycling program! For the foreseeable future, we will be accepting computers to be recycled. But before you begin bringing us all your outdated hardware, take a gander at what we can and cannot accept.
    We will accept computer cases and loose hardware, working monitors, and cables and cords without charge. A donation is required to cover our disposal cost on non-working monitors ($15), keyboards and mice ($1). We will only accept computer materials during working hours: M-F 10-6, and Sat-Sun 9-5. We cannot accept printers, scanners, or monitors with cracked screens, or non-computer related circuit boards and electronics. Ecology Action is working with Texas Campaign for the Environment to work towards recycling computers in the most environmentally concious way. For more information about what type of work needs to be done to make computer recycling better for the environment check out their

    124. Untitled Document
    Provides research data and links to MODLand products such as surface reflectance, spectral vegetation indices, land cover, the absorbed fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (FPAR), leaf area index (LAI), net primary productivity (NPP), and land surface temperature.

    125. K-12: Ecology / Environment : REFERENCE AND SEARCH TOOLS
    climate change and El Niño. Text, photos, graphics http// Life History and ecology of ..The New Web Lift to Taxonomy

    Ecology / Environment
    Ecological Terms - Glossary
    Per the authors, "this glossary is not for the faint of heart! The terms and their definitions are important to practicing biologists and paleontologists in various fields." This is Vol #5 from the UCMP Glossary (UC Berkeley). Text

    Environmental News Network
    Text, photos, graphics

    Life History and Ecology of .....
    "The New Web Lift to Taxonomy" is a frames updated version of the earlier "Web Lift to Taxonomy" that "breaks the long table of the old version into several shorter lists." Click on a taxon to receive information on that group. Very informative. Text, photos, graphics
    The New UCMP Web Lift:
    The older, table version:

    126. Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team - Home
    Established in 1993 to plan the longterm conservation of these small seabirds that live along the northern Pacific Coast of North America. Provides examples of some of the types of research and monitoring that are currently being conducted. Biology, status, nesting sites, ecology and demography, population, map, photos and team members.
    Home HOME Marbled Murrelets ( Brachyramphus marmoratus ) are small seabirds that live along the northern Pacific Coast of North America. They are listed as Threatened by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and are on the provincial Red-list in British Columbia. The species is also listed as Threatened in Washington, Oregon and California. Marbled Murrelets are secretive birds with a unique life history and it is only recently that scientists have begun to learn about the details of Marbled Murrelet biology. In response to their Threatened listing, a Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team was established in 1993 to plan the long-term conservation of Marbled Murrelets. The Recovery Team includes representatives of federal and provincial government agencies, industry and non-governmental organizations. Research conducted by members of the recovery team and their colleagues has increased our knowledge of Marbled Murrelet biology. Nest sites have been located and information about Marbled Murrelet distributions and movements has been collected. This new knowledge is fundamental to revising the Recovery Plan for the Marbled Murrelet. This web site provides an introduction to Marbled Murrelet biology and management issues in B.C., and provides examples of some of the types of research and monitoring that are currently being conducted.

    127. GROW BIOINTENSIVE Gardening, Biointensive Mini-farming, Ecology Action, Conservi
    Biointensive gardening, biointensive minifarming, ecology Action, How to Grow More Vegetables, John Jeavons, soil, resource conservation, sustainable
    A Sustainable Solution to Growing Food
    About Ecology Action Soil International Outreach ...
    Afghanistan Initiative

    Timeline, Project Goals, How You Can Help Bountiful Gardens Online Catalog
    All untreated, open-pollinated seeds
    E-mail for information

    Conference Summary

    Detailed coverage of the March, 2000
    Soil, Food and People Conference at UC Davis Common Ground
    Organic Garden Supply and Education Center
    in Costa Rica - September 27 - 30, 2004
    Costa Rica - del 28 septiembre al 1 octubre de 2004 This site contains in-depth information about: GROW BIOINTENSIVE Food-Raising Method GROW BIOINTENSIVE Home Gardening GROW BIOINTENSIVE mini-farming, Ecology Action Research Garden, double-dug raised beds, mini-farming workshops and tours GROW BIOINTENSIVE teacher training, sustainable vegetable gardening

    Network of the Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and ecology.
    Die Website des Programm MGU finden Sie unter

    Sollten Sie nicht automatisch weitergeleitet werden, benutzen Sie bitte den Link.

    129. Quantitative Population Ecology
    Syllabus; Lecture Handouts; Labs; Statistical tables; Internet Resources on Population ecology. Lecture Handouts. 1.1. What is population ecology? 1.2.
    On-Line Lectures
    Department of Entomology
    Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Alexei Sharov Check the review Download the whole web site
    Lecture Handouts
  • Introduction: Population systems and their components.
    What is population ecology?
    Models as analytical tools
    Population system ...
    Petri nets (optional)
    Questions and Assignments
  • Estimation of population density and size.
    Censusing a Whole Population
    Simple Random or Systematic Sampling ...
    Synchronization of outbreaks in space
  • Orientation in software: Microsoft Excel.
  • How to write a scientific paper
  • Population sampling and spatial distribution.
  • Statistical analysis of population change. ...
  • Parasitism and biological control
    Statistical tables
  • t-statistics
  • Chi-square statistics
  • F-statistics, P=0.05
  • F-statistics, P=0.01 ... Alexei Sharov
  • 130. Anthropology
    Anthropology professor at the University of Buffalo who studies social organization, ecology and ritual in Southeast Asia and Africa.
    Department of Anthropology UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO
    Research Interests ... Courses Other Activities
    Robert K. Dentan
    Ph.D., Yale University, 1965
    Office: MFAC, Room 376
    Research Interests
    Cultural anthropology, social organization, ecology, ritual; Southeast Asia, Africa
    Selected Publications
    (in press) Ethnocide Malaysian Style: Turning Aborigines into Malays. In Legislating Modernity, Christopher Duncan, ed. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press (with Kirk Endicott). (in press) Review of Maarit Laitinen Marching to Zion: Creolisation in Spiritual Baptist Ritual and Cosmology. Research Series in Anthropology, University of Helsinki. Suomen Antropologi. 2003 Cautious, Alert, Polite and Elusive: The Semai of Central Peninsular Malaysia. In Kemp, Graham, and Douglas Fry, eds., Keeping the Peace: Conflict Resolution and Peaceful Societies around the World. Routledge, New York
    2003 Freedom and Responsibility among Semai. Paper presented to the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh/Bradford (12 Nov.).

    131. Environmental Information Resources
    topical sections include US Environmental Resources (listed both by Subject and by Name), International Environmental Resources by Country, Environmental Education Programs and Campus ecology Initiatives, Environmental Career Opportunities, Environmental Usenet News Groups, and Environmental Listservs. From George Washington Univ.

    About GreenU
    Committees Contact Info Curriculum Guide ... What's New
    The National Environmental Information Resources Center has been redesigned and renamed Environmental Information Resources. This site has been developed as a project of The GW Green University Initiative , a unique public-private partnership between The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The George Washington University . Find out more about Environmental Information Resources
    Please sign our Log Book. Your comments and input are appreciated.
    Try Online Environment , an interactive environmental education game.
    Environmental Information Resources is organized into the following sections:
    Environmental Information Resources is continuously updated with additional information resources for the community of users. User's information needs and preferences are identified and evaluated, and changes to the system are made accordingly. Please take time to fill out our logbook found in the contact information section of the site so that Environmental Information Resources can best serve your needs.

    132. Social Ecology: Home
    Dear visitor Thank you for your interest in Social ecology. Thank you again for your interest. Sincerely,. Michael C. Gilbert Former CEO, Social ecology.
    Dear visitor: Thank you for your interest in Social Ecology. On June 30th, 2003, after four years of pioneering leadership in nonprofit technology, Social Ecology closed its doors as an Application Service Provider. For recommendations regarding your nonprofit technology decisions, we highly recommend you contact Gilbert Consulting . For regular news and information related to nonprofits, technology, and communication issues, we suggest you subscribe to Nonprofit Online News . If you think you might be interested in licensing Social Ecology's Relationship Management Platform for your own servers or to use for serving other nonprofit organizations, please contact us Or, you may fill out the form below to make any of these contacts. Thank you again for your interest. Sincerely, Michael C. Gilbert
    Former CEO, Social Ecology We require a small amount of information about you in order to send you more information. Please fill in these first few fields and then indicate what you are interested in below. Email Address: First Name: Last Name: For regular news and information related to nonprofits, technology, and communication issues, we suggest you subscribe to Nonprofit Online News.

    133. Staff At The Department Of Theoretical Ecology
    Department of Theoretical ecology. Members, teaching and research.


    Dept. of Ecology

    Welcome to the
    Department of Theoretical Ecology
    Theoretical ecology is the study of the fundamental forces and processes determining the course of evolution and how ecological systems are assembled and maintained. By its nature, Theoretical ecology therefore transgresses almost all levels of biological organization. Since natural systems are complex, the tools of the trade are mathematics, statistics and computer simulations. Theoretical ecology shares the common scientific attitude that we indeed can reveal generalities and the lawful behaviors of nature despite the awesome and overwhelming diversity of life on Earth.
    Teaching Staff Internal
    Address: Theoretical Ecology, Ecology Building, 223 62 Lund , Sweden
    Phone: +46 (0)46 2220000, Fax: +46 (0)46 2223766 Webmasters: Fredrik Haas Last updated: December 2003

    134. Nowicki Lab
    Research at Duke University on the ecology and evolution of animal behavior, particularly of birds.

    Contact information and maps
    Current lab members Former lab members About Steve Nowicki ...
    Nowicki-lab home
    Nowicki Lab
    Duke University

    Sonagram of swamp sparrow song
    click to hear song

    Melospiza georgiana
    Melospiza melodia
    Sonagram of song sparrow song
    click to hear song

    DUKE UNIVERSITY Website developed by Bill Hoese

    135. The Digital Field Trip To The Wetlands
    Learn about wetland ecology, including types, organisms, food webs, bog formation and conservation with Digital Frog International's awardwinning educational CD-ROM.
    What is The Digital Field Trip to the Wetlands?
    This Digital Field Trip uses virtual reality technology to allow students to visit a bog in Ontario without getting their feet wet! It is a truly interactive CD-ROM incorporating animations, narration, games, text, full color photographs and a comprehensive workbook in one easy-to-use package. The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands makes learning biology an enjoyable experience; students have fun and are able to learn independently through exploration and discovery. The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands teaches the principles of wetlands ecology and encourages an awareness of the importance of wetlands conservation. Download a trial version of The Wetlands Demo What does it cover?
    The five modules, Field Trip, Study of a Bog, Wetlands Types, Mechanisms of a Wetland and Our Endangered Wetlands are integrated into one fully interactive learning tool.
    • The Field Trip module uses virtual reality technology to allow the student to explore the Cloud Lake bog in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

    136. Frontiers In Ecology And The Environment
    Frontiers in ecology and the Environment is the new members’ journal of the Ecological Society of America. Frontiers in ecology the Environment.
    Preview June Issue: Contents Dispatches (PDF) May Issue (Full Version - Members Only) Back Issues (Members Only) How to Subscribe General Information Manuscript Submission Instructions to Authors ...

    137. ABCP--Welcome To The African Blackwood Conservation Project Home Page
    A nonprofit organization devoted to replanting this threatened species in Tanzania. Blackwood is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments, and the tree plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah.
    So that
    the song
    of the
    Tree of
    will not
    go silent!
    2003 ABCP Newsletter Rolex Awards Associate Laureate Welcome to the home page of the African Blackwood Conservation Project (ABCP). The aim of this project is to help replenish this valuable tree in Tanzania. Most people will not have knowingly seen blackwood but almost everyone will have heard it, for it is the premier wood of choice for fine concert-quality woodwind instruments such as clarinets, oboes and flutes, as well as being used in the manufacture of bagpipes. Blackwood is also the finest material available today for producing ornamental turning. In its African homeland, it is used to make intricate and highly detailed carvings, and plays a vital role in the ecology of the East African savannah. This website serves to document our efforts to perpetuate this remarkable natural resource. Despite its importance as a world timber there have been few conservation efforts to replenish the species. Although it is not yet on the endangered list the ABCP is taking efforts now to help assure that eventuality will not occur. To learn more about the wood, its homeland, this project, the people who are trying to make it happen and how you can help, click on the links in the banner above or the sitemap below. You may also

    138. Ecology - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    ecology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. ecology is the branch of science History of ecology. One of the first ecologists may
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Ecology is the branch of science that studies the distribution and abundance of living organisms , their habitats , and the interactions between them and their environment abiotic (non-living) elements like climate and geology , and biotic ones like other species. The term was coined in by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel from the Greek oikos meaning "house" and logos meaning "science." Human ecology is a related but distinct academic discipline which studies humankind , the organized activity of this species, and its environment; it overlaps biological ecology, sociology , and other disciplines. Outside scientific contexts, the word ecology is often used as synonym of " the environment ", i.e. the ensemble of all wild organisms that are living mostly in their ages-old environment and manner, with little human interference; and especially of that part of it that is most important to humans economical medical aesthetical ... hedonistic , sentimental, etc.. This sense usually applies when one says that something is good or bad for the "ecology", and in political ecology Others may use the word ecology to mean not a science, but a

    139. Department Of Ecology And Evolutionary Biology
    General departmental information, faculty, seminars, and programs of study.
    Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Rice University, MS 170
    6100 Main Street
    Houston, Texas 77005

    713-348-5232 (fax)

    Rice University

    140. The Soil Ecology Society
    04). The Soil ecology Society (SES) is an international organization of researchers, students, environmental professionals and others interested in the

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