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         Biotechnology:     more books (100)
  1. Biotechnology: DNA to Protein -- A Laboratory Project in Molecular Biology by Teresa Thiel, Shirley T. Bissen, et all 2001-08-18
  2. Spirulina Platensis (Arthrospira): Physiology, Cell-Biology and Biotechnology by AVIGAD VONSHAK, 2007-04-16
  3. Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry)
  4. Recombinant DNA and Biotechnology: A Guide for Teachers
  5. Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology by Gary Walsh, 2003-09-19
  6. Bodies, Commodities, and Biotechnologies: Death, Mourning, and Scientific Desire in the Realm of Human Organ Transfer (Leonard Hastings Schoff Lectures) by Lesley A. Sharp, 2006-09-15
  7. Strategic Alliances as Social Facts: Business, Biotechnology, and Intellectual History by Mark De Rond, 2003-07-14
  8. European Responses to Biotechnology: Research, Regulation, and Dialogue.: An article from: Issues in Science and Technology by Patrice Laget, Mark Cantley, 2001-06-22
  9. Microfluidics for Biotechnology (Microelectromechanical Systems) by Jean Berthier, Pascal Silberzan, 2005-10-31
  10. Enzymes: Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Chemistry by Trevor Palmer, Philip L., Ph.D. Bonner, 2007-12-31
  11. Development and Manufacture of Protein Pharmaceuticals (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)
  12. Academia to Biotechnology: Career Changes at any Stage by Jeffrey M Gimble, 2004-09-15
  13. Navigating Through a Stipulated Freedom: Discovering a Guiding Biblical Compass For the Journey of Biotechnology by Paul J. Kirbas, 2007-08-01
  14. Secrets to Success in Industry Careers: Essential Skills for Science and Business by L. Borbye, 2007-11-08

121. - Food Biotechnology
Food biotechnology. To preview or view articles from this product, choose from the Table of Contents. Agricultural and Environmental biotechnology Abstracts.
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122. Genentech - A Biotechnology Research Company
biotechnology industry specialized in developing proteinbased products. (NYSE DNA).
@import "/gene/common/advanced.css";

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Data from over 150 abstracts will be presented on Genentech's oncology products at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology on June 5-8 in New Orleans.
20 min delay
Genentech seeks significant returns to its stockholders based on the continuous pursuit of excellent science to develop biotherapeutics for unmet medical needs.
Saturday, Jun 5, 2004

Saturday, Jun 5, 2004

Phase III Study of Tarceva in Relapsed Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Shows Significant Improvement in Survival Saturday, Jun 5, 2004 Early Clinical Data Evaluating the Combination of Avastin and Tarceva Yield Initial Promising Results in Several Cancers Saturday, Jun 5, 2004 Wednesday, Jun 2, 2004 Pivotal Avastin Study in New England Journal of Medicine Showed Significant Improvement in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

123. Biotechnology Industry Business Information Trends Drug Development Investing
Information on the business of biotechnology. Check out these guidelines and recommendations for engaging in biotechnology business activities.
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Wednesday June 02, 2004
Financing Technology's Frontier
Leaders of start-up and early stage biotechnology companies are often unfamiliar with the diverse financial factors involved developing nascent businesses into mature ones. It is encouraging to see topics which are often ignored by other texts on biotechnology business development included in this book. By explaining the array of financial decisions and actions pertinent to biotechnology business development, "Financing Technology's Frontier" prepares entrepreneurs and financers for success.

124. Business
Offers assistance to commercialize Cuban biotechnology. Site includes research profile, news and links to other Cuban biotechnology sites.


Negotiation Policy

Negotiation Portfolio

Third World Academy of Sciences awards Two Cubans
(May 20, 2004)
Cuban Biotech consolidated in 2003
(January 20, 2004)
Worldwide media recognizes Cuban biotechnology successes
(November 28, 2003)
Production underway on Cuban vaccine against meningitis, pneumonia and otitis
(November 26, 2003)
CANCERVAX seeks OK to license Cuban cancer drug
(November, 26, 2003) Cuba sells its medical expertise (November 21, 2003) Oncoscience AG will develop a Cuban humanized antibody (November 12, 2003) The CIGB receives final approval for the vaccine against Hib (November 12, 2003) Recent Cuban discoveries on the Hepatitis C virus (October 27, 2003) PUNTO FOCAL CIGB

125. BioWorld Online, The Worldwide Biotechnology News And Information Source
BioWorld Online is the news service of record for the biotechnology industry and is updated every business morning. BioWorld Online

Biotechnology News

Financial News

Company Profiles

BioWorld Pubs: Full Listing
BioDefense Resource Guide

Biotechnology VC Directories
U.S./Canadian Edition

European Edition

BioMedical Devices

... BioWorld Stock Index For the week ending 06/04/04 AMEX Biotech Index Close 06/04/04 NASDAQ Biotech Index Close 06/04/04 Today's Issue of BioWorld Today Sunday, June 6, 2004 CuraGen, TopoTarget Form HDAC Inhibitor Deal Worth Up To $100M As it transforms itself from a genomics discovery company to a product development company, CuraGen Corp. in-licensed a promising cancer compound from the Danish firm TopoTarget A/S. (BioWorld Today) BIO 2004 Conference Coverage and Exclusive Photos BioWorld is providing free conference coverage of BIO 2004 in San Francisco. There are more than 17,000 people expected to attend BIO 2004, among them the world's leading biotechnology executives, scientists and policymakers, to hear the latest announcements affecting the industry. Because of the conference's importance, BioWorld is providing the biotechnology community access to all BIO-related coverage in BioWorld Today , along with exclusive conference photos, free of charge June 5th to June 25th.

126. I-bio UK : Information Biotechnology
ibio - the easy way to access a wide range of information on UK biotechnology. Whatever you're looking for, this government-led site can provide you with a rapid and comprehensive breakdown of relevant material and where to find it.

127. Biotechnology - Academic Info
Academic Info biotechnology Gateway Directory of Online Resources Home Search Index Contact Test Prep Degree Programs Student Center Study
Academic Info
Biotechnology Gateway - Directory of Online Resources
Home Search Index Contact ... Sciences Biotechnology Table of Contents
General Links

Digital Library


See Also
Biological Sciences


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128. Wirehead Hedonism Versus Paradise-engineering
Treatise and thinking points regarding biotechnology and paradise engineering.
Wirehead Hedonism
The future of mankind ?
A rodent wirehead
"The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heaven"

Satan, in Milton's Paradise Lost
       Within a few centuries, it will be technically if not ideologically feasible to abolish suffering of any kind. If we wish to do so, then genetic engineering and nanotechnology can be used to banish unpleasant modes of consciousness from the living world . In their place, gradients of life-long, genetically pre-programmed well-being may animate us instead. Millennia if not centuries hence, the world's last aversive experience may even be a precisely dateable event: perhaps a minor pain in an obscure marine invertebrate. Far-fetched? Right now, the abolitionist project sounds fanciful. The task of redesigning our legacy-wetware still seems daunting to most of us. Rewriting the vertebrate genome, and re-engineering the global ecosystem, certainly pose immense scientific challenges. The ideological obstacles to a happy world, however, are more formidable still. For we've learned how to rationalise the need for

129. BioABACUS Search
BioABACUS biotechnology ABbreviation and ACronym Uncovering Service. A searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in biochemistry
Bio ABACUS is a searchable database of abbreviations and acronyms in Biotechnology that contains terms in such categories as: Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Computers and Internet, Diseases, Grants, Journals, Laboratories, Medicine, Molecular Biology/Genetics, Neuroscience, Other Organizations, Professional Societies and US Government. The data provided include the name of the term, its meaning, the category in which it is mostly used and, when available, a link in which additional information for the term can be found Last updated: February 10, 2000 Bio ABACUS Citation Browse non-journal records by category: Biochemistry Bioinformatics Resource Cell Biology Company Computers Computers Databases Computers Hardware Computers Software Developmental Biology Diseases-Human Grants Internet Laboratory Academic Medicine Molecular Biology/Genetics Net Etiquette Neuroscience Non-Profit Foundation/Organization Plant Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Professional Society Statistics Study-Section-NIH University US-Government Agency US-Government Corporation US-Government Department US-Government Lab Bio ABACUS Search II - search for journal names and abbreviations Search for:
Journal Abbreviation Journal Name
In: Entire list of journals
List of journals with homepages Bio
ABACUS Search I - enter acronyms or non-journal abbreviations to find their meaning, OR enter words to find their associated abbreviations/acronyms

130. The Center For The Study Of Technology And Society - Biotechnology
A field that brings together agriculture, genetics, cloning, health, medicine and reproductive technology. The Center is a nonprofit research and educational group based in Washington, D.C.
Special Focus Pages:
Genome Patents
Designer Babies
Top News DEBATE:
Our Biotech Future (National Review, issue dated 5 Mar 01) OPINION: Eugenics Coming Soon to a Country Near You (National Review, 27 Feb 01) Gene Therapy Prevents Cancer in Mice (BBC, 26 Feb 01) Adopting Frozen Embryos (NY Times, 25 Feb 01 - free registration required) Goats Engineered to Produce Spider Silk in Their Milk (Forbes, issue dated 19 Feb 01) Online Rush to Buy Human Eggs (BBC, 16 Feb 01) Doctors Believe "Brain Pacemakers" Can Treat Wide Range of Illnesses (Wall St. Journal, 16 Feb 01 - free subscription required) The Human Body is Not "Built to Last" (Science Daily, 13 Feb 01) Consumers Want Engineered Food Labeled (Washington Post, 13 Feb 01) A New Genetic Window on Curing Diseases (Washington Post, 11 Feb 01) ESSAY: Implications of the Human Genome Project for Medical Science (Journal of the American Medical Association, 7 Feb 01)

131. New York Biotechnology Association
New York biotechnology Association NYBA The Cures Start Here ™ Enter Site This website is made possible by our sustaining members
This website is made possible by our sustaining members:

132. Production Robotics, Inc.: Accelerated Automation / Leonard Ginsburg
Contract engineering and manufacturing service to clients in the biotechnology, diagnostics, microsurgery, pharmaceutical packaging, food processing, electronics manufacturing and automotive industries.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames. For more information, please contact:
Production Robotics, Inc.
2353 E. 12th Street
Oakland, CA 94601
Fax: 436-3450
Thank you for visiting our website.

133. Biotechnology
biotechnology. We urge you to join in our efforts to strengthen US regulation of agricultural biotechnology products. Our current priorities are to
biotechnology Among food animals, only engineered fish are under active consideration by US regulators. Other engineered plants, animals, and microbes are farther down the research pipeline but few are poised for introduction in the near future.
To protect human health and the environment from engineered products, we need strong federal oversight and active citizen participation. We urge you to join in our efforts to strengthen US regulation of agricultural biotechnology products. Our current priorities are to:
  • Convince the federal government to establish regulations to protect the food supply and environment from contamination by engineered pharm and industrial crops
    Persuade the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct rigorous reviews of ecological risks and require strong resistance-management plans before approving crops producing Bt toxins
    Press the federal government to strengthen oversight of environmental risks of engineered fish
    Urge the Food and Drug Administration to require safety testing and labeling before biotech foods are allowed on the market.

Program Overview

Antibiotic Resistance


Sustainable Agriculture
Biotechnology Archive
Reports Gone to Seed Special Features Environmental Effects of Genetically Modified Food Crops Recent Experiences Pharm and Industrial Crops Updates Vatican Invites Dr. Mellon to Biotechnology Workshop

134. Covance: Services/Products: Clinical: Phase I
Specializing in reimbursement planning, development, and implementation of economic support strategies and health outcomes research for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics, and health services industries.

135. Human Genome Calendar
Genome biotechnology Meetings Calendar. maintained by HGMIS for the US Department of Energy Human Genome Program.
Human Genome Project Information Genomics:GTL Microbial Genome Program home ... skip navigation
maintained by HGMIS for the U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program Calendar of Training Courses Submit a Meeting HGP Meetings and Reports Dates and meeting status may change, check with contact person listed. Jun 04 Jul 04 Aug 04 Sep 04 ... Aug 06
June 2004

136. Who Are B & K Universal?
Describes services in breeding, and biotechnology in laboratory animals. Offers equipment and products for laboratory testing on animals, and for the care of these animals. United Kingdom.
Your browser does not support Javascript
See how we
meet the
standards Telephone:
UK (01964) 527555
The total need
concept Today the company continues to set standards for the future through its activities in the growing area of biotechnology, particularly focused upon the provision of animal management services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.
Grimston, Aldbrough, Hull HU11 4QE, England Telephone: +44 (0)1964 527555 Fax: +44 (0)1964 527006

137. SWBIC - Southwest Biotechnology And Informatics Center
SWBIC provides a singlepoint access to a vast store of widely distributed biotechnology information as well as developing new educational and bioinformatics

- Solve mysteries using forensic techniques.
DoD Biotech Resources

Minority Student Resources

Bioinformatics Tools

Search Internet Resources
... [Educational Resources]
Parentage testing services are offered by SWBIC's Genetic Testing Laboratory
The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center (SWBIC) is part of New Mexico State University. It's goal is to provide information about biotechnology and to support research and education in this field at NMSU and other universities. This website is divided into three main sections:
The Educational Resources section includes workshops, on-line courses, educational classroom resources, and the games Outbreak! Origin: Unknown , and iDNAfication
The Internet Resources section consists of an easily navigable and searchable database of more than 4000 annotated links to various internet sites with bioinformatics tools, research information, educational resources, careers, industry information, and much more.
The Products and Services section includes bioinformatics databases and tools, clip art, and the SWBIC Industry Register.

Visit " About SWBIC " to learn more about our organization and feel free to comment on the website using the "Contact SWBIC" link below; your input will be greatly appreciated! You may also request that a link be added to Internet Resources or the Industry Register. May your use of our site be enjoyable and profitable. Please visit us again.

138. TGR BioSciences - Biotechnology Development
Support for development of discoveries of novel bioactives to the stage of commercialisation through license agreements or the formation of new companies.

139. Biotechnology Institute ::: Home
The biotechnology Institute is a national nonprofit organization, based in the Washington DC-area. Scientists Decode Rat Genome. biotechnology News Wires.
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Make the Biotechnology Institute your homepage

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Your World Magazine is the only regularly published magazine on the subject of Biotechnology for students in grades 7-12. -In The News- Scientists Deciper 21,000 Genes "Beefing Up" Plant Dwelling Bacteria NASA-Supported Researchers Discover Weird New Phase of Matter DNA for "Made in USA"? ... Scientists Decode Rat Genome
Biotechnology News Wires
Nature Biotech Newswire
Yahoo Newswire
PR Newswire
BBC Newswire
Annotated Links
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140. Welcome To TVM!
Investment focus European and U.S. communications technology, information technology and biotechnology

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