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         Young Adult Literature Specific Authors:     more detail
  1. Writing Through Children's and Young Adult Literature, Grades 4-8: From Authors to Authorship by Mary Strong, Mimi Neamen, 1993-09
  2. Teaching the Selected Works of Mildred D. Taylor (Young Adult Novels in the Classroom) by Chris Crowe, 2007-01-30
  3. Supplementing Literature Programs by Eble Mary M., 1993-06
  4. International Plays for Young Audiences: Contemporary Works from Leading Playwrights
  5. The Pigman & Me (Bantam Starfire Books) by Paul Zindel, 1999-10

1. Vandergrift's YA Literature Page
VANDERGRIFT'S young adult literature PAGE. Kay E to the examination of young adult literature. Focus on specific Works and/or authors in Light of Feminist Criticism
Kay E. Vandergrift
Special Interest Page Pathfinders Young adult readings 100 list ... Cyber library Young adult literature is often thought of as a great abyss between the wonderfully exciting and engaging materials for children and those for adultsjust as young adults are often ignored in planning library facilities and services. There is, however, a wealth of fiction created especially for teens that deals with the possibilities and problems of contemporary life as experienced by this age group. These contemporary problem novels reflect the troubled times in which young readers are coming of age, but young people also need to laugh at themselves and at their world and to escape that world in flights of fancy. With greater freedom in both content and form, young adult literature is moving into a closer connection with adult literature, and fluent readers in this age group may read primarily adult books. Societal changes and the mass media have, in some ways, pushed young people to an earlier maturity, or at least a facade of maturity. What might once have been thought appropriate for a fourteen-year-old is now appropriate for a considerably younger reader. Often, however, what is perceived as knowledge or maturity is only at a surface level, and young readers need a great deal of time for the distancing and reflection possible through literature. Nicole St. John wrote about teenagers as "inexperienced adults," and literature provides a safe haven to accrue experience.

2. Reading Online - Electronic Classroom: Web Watch
Sites devoted to young adult (YA) literature on the World users to find a specific book without scanning the entire writing this piece, both authors were at Ohio University, Athens
Web Watch
Focus on Young Adult Literature David Gill

University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Deborah L. Gill

Pender High School
Note: If you enjoy this web watch, you might be interested in other Reading Online pages related to young adult literature. Click here for a list of links.
Sites devoted to young adult (YA) literature on the World Wide Web (WWW) are plentiful. Some are maintained by publishers and feature such elements as plot synopses, teaching guides, and sample chapters. Others provide reviews of new and classic novels for young adults and are designed to give readers direction in choosing material that matches their interests. Still other sites are devoted to the study of YA literature as a genre and as a teaching tool. What follows is an annotated list intended to provide a representative sample of the sorts of resources in YA literature that are available on the WWW. Included are on-line versions of traditional print resources along with sites maintained by commercial organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. The list is presented in simple alphabetical order by site name.

3. Children's And Young Adult Literature
Resource Guide Children's and young adult literature. This guide provides both print and online sources can also search for authors from specific time periods or literary movements


Contact Us
Library Hours
Resource Guide: Children's and Young Adult Literature
This guide provides both print and online sources of information useful to teachers and librarians, including author's biographical information, reviews of children's books, and literary scholarship of children's and adolescent literature.
I need to find...
information about a specific author or illustrator ... about children's literature..
NOTE : Library resources listed are available through the Hagerty Library, unless otherwise noted
I need to find information about a specific author or illustrator.
I know my author is... American American Writers For Children Before 1900
Ref PN 451 D5x, Vol. 42 American Writers For Children, 1900-1960
Ref PN 451 D5x, Vol. 22 American Writers For Children Since 1960: Fiction
Ref PN 451 D5x, Vol. 52 American Writers For Children Since 1960: Poets, Illustrators And Nonfiction Authors
Ref PN 451 D5x, Vol. 61

4. Multicultural Children's And Young Adult Books
and young adult literature from the United States than other nations simply because the site authors are most specific Multicultural Children's literature Awards includes a
Page Updated May 26
Author Cynthia Leitich Smith

Cyn's Books, Articles, Stories

Cyn's Teacher/Reader Guides

Cyn's Writing Life
Contact Cyn

Of Interest
Arte Publico Press

Children's Book Press

Cinco Puntos Press

Lee and Low
... Polychrome Publishing Corporation Excellent multicultural children's literature resource; click for free catalog and e-newsletter
Race, Culture, Religion, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
in Children's and Young Adult Books
Please note that this page tends to highlight proportionally more children's and young adult literature from the United States than other nations simply because the site authors are most well acquainted with that category. However, we welcome and encourage site visitors to let us know about great resources for books from around the world. For Grown Ups Experts Communities Young Adult ... Awards overview communities Multicultural Reading from Cynthia Leitich Smith Children's Literature Resources: an annotated bibliography of some of our favorite titles; great for curriculum building, collection diversification, and reading group planning. Featured in quick-print format for easy printing and distribution (write

5. Adolescent Literature Lesson Plans And Resources
Web English Teacher young adult Fiction An alphabetical index (by and other studymaterials for literature from my for more than 100 specific authors from my
Lesson Plans and Resources for Adolescent
and Young Adult Literature This site contains links to lesson plans and resources for adolescent and young adult (grades 7-12) literature, including short stories, mysteries, and English literature. Since there is considerable overlap between authors and titles for children and adolescents, go to my site for children's literature if you do not find what you need on this page. This page was last updated 5-11-04.

6. Young Adult Literature And Research
Lists of Books for young adults, authors, journals and other On Book Lists and Articlesabout young adult literature; list serves, etc in a specific area of

Young Adult literature R
emember that there is not much difference between children's literature and YA literature as a classification. If you can't find what you are looking for below, check out the Children's literature or travel to the link for teachers and/or graduate research Lists of Books for Young Adults, authors, journals and other material

7. Young Adult Literature And Research
Books for young adults, authors, journals and other material about young adult literature. A search engine for finding discussion groups, list serves, etc in a specific area of

Young Adult literature R
emember that there is not much difference between children's literature and YA literature as a classification. If you can't find what you are looking for below, check out the Children's literature or travel to the link for teachers and/or graduate research Lists of Books for Young Adults, authors, journals and other material

8. Owens Library Middle School & Young Adult Literature WWW Resources
in young adult literature (YAL) as well as links to other Web sites pertaining to YAL. Subjects include authors, award to books on specific subjects such as health
How do I get...? Books we don't have Articles we don't have Help with research Info about the library Library Catalog Search for Articles Course/Subject Resources Reference Resources ... Citing Sources Young Adult Literature WWW Resources TIP: Press Ctrl/f and enter a root word, word, or phrase in the Find what: box and click on Find Next to search for a topic on this page. For example, type chem to search for chemistry, chemical, chemicals, etc. ALAN Review
Assembly on Literature for Adolescents National Council provides exciting and informative links in many areas of young adult literature. Index to Internet Sites: Children's and Young Adult's Authors and Illustrators
This site, sponsored by the Internet School Library Media Center, offers links to biographies, interviews, birthday information and name pronunciation guides. The site is arranged by reading level, with links by author name.

9. UGF Library -- Young Adult Literature
heading "young adult literature" or "young adults Books and Reading" for more materials on this subject. authors how to use specific books in the classroom
UGF Home
Young Adult Literature University
Library RESEARCH TOOLS Online Catalog Databases Online Articles eJournals ... Research Guides LIBRARY SERVICES Borrowing Materials Distance Education Off Campus Users Interlibrary Loans ABOUT THE LIBRARY Hours Staff Equipment Giving to the Library ... What's New
University of Great Falls
1301 20th St South
Great Falls, MT 59405

This list contains some of the items on young adult literature available at the UGF Library. Check the online catalog under the subject heading " Young Adult Literature
" or " Young Adults Books and Reading
" for more materials on this subject. AUTHORS Biography Index INDEX TABLES Reference REF PN 451 D57 1999 REF PN 451 M37 1993 Authors of Books for Young People REF PN 452 W35 1971 Contemporary Authors REFPN 451 C6 Junior Book of Authors [series] REF PN1009.A1K8

10. Teacher Oz's Literature And Drama
For specific poets, check out the specific authors page. the Need to Read ISLMC GeneralChildren s and young adult Resources young adult literature; Middle
Updated November 2, 2003
"He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven"
Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams.
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
by William Butler Yeats Thalia - The Greek Muse of Comedy Melpomene - The Greek Muse of Tragedy Erato - The Greek Muse of Love Poetry and Mimicry LITERATURE (Plus, a few odd and "nowhere else to put them links") The Modern Library: 100 Best - find what scholars consider the top 100 books written in English during the 20th Century(you can also vote for your favorite)! Top Humanities Websites: Literature BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library: Home Page VoS - Voice of the Shuttle - Literature (in English) VoS - Voice of the Shuttle - Literatures (Other Than English) ... Literature - What Makes a Good Short Story? More info on specific authors can be found on my Authors page.

11. Author Resources @Web English Teacher
etexts and lesson plans related to specific authors. young adult Fiction and Children sLit are included on General resources in literature are also available
Index to Literature Sites The alphabet bar below links to biographical and critical information, e-texts and lesson plans related to specific authors. Special collections are listed below the alphabet bar. Young Adult Fiction and Children's Lit are included on separate pages. General resources in Literature are also available. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P ...
  • Elie Wiesel
    Search WWW Search Web English Teacher
    Web English Teacher presents the best of K-12 English/Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities.
    This page updated April 4, 2004.
  • 12. EMC - Children's And Young Adult Literature
    Locate the authors’ name or title of your Lesson Plans for specific Children sand young activities Lesson plans for children s and young adult literature.
    Finding Reviews of Children's and Young Adult Books
    • Print Resources Online Databases Web Sites ... Other Children's Literature Web Sites
      Finding Reviews of Children's and Young Adult Books
      Print Resources for Reviews
      Starred items are especially recommended
      Title: Children's Literature Review
      Location: EMC Reference 1 st Floor North
      Call Number: EMC Ref. Z 1037.A1 C5
      Description: Excerpts from reviews on books for children and young people. This excellent resource provides literary criticism, interviews with an author and critiques of individual titles. There is a biography of every author whose work is reviewed. To search this index go to the back of the last volume in the set and find your author's name. You can also search this multi-volume set by title. Title: Book Review Digest
      Location: Reference 1 st Floor South
      Call Number: Ref. Z 1219.C96
      Description: Citations to and excerpts from reviews of children's books Title: Book Review Index
      Location: Reference 1 st Floor South
      Call Number: Ref. Z 1035.A1 B6

    13. Baylor University Libraries -- Selectged Children's Literature Internet Resource
    Criticism young adult literature and ReaderResponse Criticism; young adult literatureand Feminist Criticism; Focus on specific Works and/or authors in Light
    Selected Children's Literature Internet Resources
    • BookWire Publishing for Young Readers Links to review sources, publishers, and library pages for literature for young readers.
    • Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site A collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom and collections of books and activities about particular subjects, curriculum areas, themes and professional topics. Information about integrating various areas of the curriculum, such as US history and math, with the language arts. They've taken many of Carol Hurst's back articles and sections from her professional books for teachers and librarians and reformatted and interlinked them to create an interactive collection of information. You may also want to examine Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Newsletter
    • Children's Literature: A Guide to the Criticism
    • Children's Literature Web Guide An attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. Most of the information that you can find through these pages is provided by others: fans, schools, libraries, and commercial enterprises involved in the book world.
    • Internet Public Library - Ask the Author The Internet Public Library provides an Ask the (Children's) Author service where you can ask questions, via e-mail, to selected children's authors. You can also find biographical information as well as read earlier questions and answers.

    14. Alibris: Young Adult Literature
    a survey of the field, discussion of specific techniques, marketing view cover, UsingYoung adult literature in the English Sketches by Notable authors of Books adult literature
    You'll find it at Alibris: Over 40 million used, new and hard-to-find books! CART ACCOUNT WISHLIST HELP ... SEARCH search in
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    by title / ISBN
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    ... help browse BOOKS
    Browse for subject " Young adult literature " matched 164 titles. Sometimes it pays off to expand your search to view all available copies of books matching your search terms. Page of 7 sort results by Top Selling Title Author Used Price New Price Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul more books like this by Canfield, Jack When Jack Canfield first published CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL in 1993, no one could have predicted that this modest collection of inspirational stories would give rise to a publishing franchise that has drawn hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the U.S. and spawned a series of books, each aimed at a specialized audience, which has shown no... buy used: from buy new: from The Christmas mystery more books like this by Gaarder, Jostein

    15. T&L 430 Preface - Teaching Literature For Young Adults
    might like to know the latest releases of the same authors. bibliography of at least15 works of young adult literature based on Identify a specific grade level

    Teaching Literature for Young Adults
    If you were asked to describe adolescents, words and phrases that might come to mind include "unsettled," "emotional," "volatile," "growing physically," "sexually aware," and even "developing cognitively." This variety of descriptors underscores the transitional and unpredictable nature of those being described. They are maturing, growing, thinking individuals who are somewhere between childhood and adulthood, but who are not necessarily making the same transitions at the same time. Their reading levels and tastes differ accordingly, making it impossible to lump them into one group: they must be considered as individuals. Teaching adolescents requires an awareness both of their individual development and of their age group characteristics. As Bushman and Haas tell us in their adolescent-focused text: If we agree that the research and theory about young adulthood is accurate and that it gives us important information on what happens to young adults during preadolescence and adolescence, then it is important that teachers know about young adult literature and how it meets the interests and needs of these young people who are confronting a range of experiences in their physical, intellectual, moral, and reading development. (2001, 2)

    16. The Children's Literature Web Guide -- Review
    children s literature and young adult literature, and also for parents and curiousyoung readers wanting more information on specific authors, selected reviews
    TITLE: The Children's Literature Web Guide ACCESS: The Children's Literature Web Guide maintains a collection of Internet resources for young readers and others interested in children's literature. The site was established in 1994, and is managed by David K. Brown, Director, Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, University of Calgary. In the Introduction section, Brown hopes that users of this site will be "tempted away from the Internet, and back to the books themselves!" The site is organized into four main categories: Features, Discussion Boards, Quick Reference, and More Links. Under Features, users can browse What's New to keep up-to-date on newly-added links and updates to the entire site. The Web-Traveller's Toolkit annotates selected children's literature web sites and is a good starting point for further exploration. The Discussion Boards provide a forum for comments on recent award-winning books, readers seeking answers to various children's literary topics, and postings on conferences and programs. Quick Reference offers information on awards given to children's literature, and links to children's best seller's lists, as well as "top picks" lists from professional organizations and publications. Also part of Quick Reference is the Doucette Index, which "provides access to books and websites that contain useful teaching suggestions related to books for children and young adults, and the creators of those books." While the books indexed are those held by the Doucette Library of Teaching Resources, this index identifies specific resources that may be available in other libraries. More Links contains good collections of links to authors and illustrators, resources for parents and teachers, and lists of publishers and booksellers.

    17. Paint The Wind, By Alberta Hannum Illustrated With Paintings By
    American Indian Children s and young adult literature of researchers concentratingon specific tribes within tribal affiliations of the authors listed above
    Paint the Wind, by Alberta Hannum
    Illustrated with paintings by Beatien Yazz,
    New York, Viking Press, 1958.
    American Indian Children's and Young Adult Literature
    Author Research
    Scope and Purpose
    The Purpose of this project is to identify American Indian Authors who are represented in the American Indian Children's and Young Adult Literature Collection of the University of Washington Libraries. The research conducted will be available to be used for studies associated with the collection. This project follows the continued development of the collection. The scope of this project entailed identifying which authors, of the over 1,300 represented in the American Indian Children's and Young Adult Literature Collection, are affiliated with an American Indian tribe, what those tribal affiliations are, resources used in this identification and verification, if possible, by the American Indian tribes identified. To date, 66 American Indian authors of children's materials (approximately 4% of the total collection) in this collection have been identified and are listed below . A bibliography of all sources used follows as well as a Microsoft Excel and PDF file containing all titles in the collection with known author information included and sources cited for each author when available. This research and documentation was completed by Samantha Harris as a Directed Fieldwork project towards the Masters of Library and Information Science, University of Washington Information School, Winter, 2004.

    18. Guide To Research In The S-Collection
    quite common for contemporary authors to have scholarly journals and are usuallysubjectspecific. researching children s and young adult literature are ERIC
    Guide to Research
    Children's and Young Adult Literature
    • About the School Collection
    • Finding Books
    • Location and Organization
    • Information on Authors and Illustrators ...
    • Finding Articles about your Topic
      GENERAL INFORMATION About the School Collection The School (S)-Collection at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was created in 1941 with an initial collection of approximately 3000 titles. Since 1980, the collection has been housed in room 106 of the Education and Social Science Library (ESSL) . The S-Collection consists of more than 90,000 catalogued and 40,000 uncatalogued titles of children's and young adult literature. The S-Collection is one of the most comprehensive collections of children's literature in the nation, second only to the Library of Congress. Location and Organization The most current and most frequently used materials are located in room 106 of the Education and Social Science Library. To get to the S-Collection, turn left after entering the ESSL and head towards the doorway next to the circulation desk. Continue down the hallway and through the Curriculum Collection to the S-Collection All books in the S-Collection have an S in their call number. Further shelving information is as follows:

    19. Literature For Children And Young Adults: Awards
    Recipients are authors and illustrators of African descent whose distinguished bookspromote Return to specificcategory Contents. young adult literature Awards
    EDUCATION RESOURCES Literature for Children and Young Adults
    Literature Awards and Notable Books
    Booklists of Awards Web Resources Education Featured Topics BOOKLISTS of Award Winners Booklists of well-known awards for children's literature. These award programs are administered by the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) of the American Library Association (ALA). Includes links to titles in Western Libraries' Children's Collection. Caldecott Medal Winners
    Awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book of the year. Caldecott Honor Books
    Awarded annually to other children's books deemed worthy of attention. Coretta Scott King Awards
    Honors African American authors and illustrators for outstanding contributions to children's and young adult literature. Newbery Medal Winners
    Awarded annually to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children.

    20. Literature
    V young adult literature. Women s Resources on the Internet Biography and literaturelinks are good sources of information. specific authors AND WORKS.
    Literature General Sources guides to literature and criticism on the Internet.
    Children's Literature

    Internet collections of literary works
    full-text works on the Internet.
    Internet collections of literary works by genre or time period

    Specific authors and works

    Online Full Text Periodicals

    Miscellaneous sites
    Explicator index and the Literary Calendar. GENERAL SOURCES Literary Resources on the Net Especially helpful with American and English literature. Librarians Index to the Internet Literature link. MIT Libraries Literature Resources Internet resources dealing primarily with American and English literature. Literary Market Place - keyword search capabilities for publishers, literary agents, trade services, and resources. Online Literary Criticism Collection search by author, work, or period to find links to online criticism, biographical information, and links to web sites about specific authors or works or literature. Voice of the Shuttle searchable site of humanities web pages Top of page CHILDREN'S LITERATURE
    The Surlalune Fairy Tale Page
    A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies featuring 26 annotated fairy tales, including their histories, similar tales across cultures, and over 1,000 illustrations.

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