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         Wrestling Olympic History:     more detail
  1. Olympic Wrestling (Great Moments in Olympic History) by Barbara M. Linde, 2007-06-30
  2. Wrestling With the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics by Alexander Kitroeff, 2004-02
  3. History of the XXI Wrestling Olympiad by David Neder, 1977

61. Summer Olympics 2000 Afton Welcomes Its Wrestling Hero
which he won by pulling off one of the greatest upsets in olympic history. the childhoodinsults as motivation, won the GrecoRoman wrestling heavyweight gold
ESPN Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: NASCAR ... U.S. Roster Thursday, October 12
Afton welcomes its wrestling hero
Associated Press
AFTON, Wyo. Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner, once a portly kid ridiculed by childhood bullies as "fatso," was heralded as a hero in a homecoming that drew thousands from throughout the surrounding scenic mountain valley. Gardner, a hulking man as big as he is gentle, paraded Thursday through the downtown of this western Wyoming community where he grew up in celebration of his Olympic gold, which he won by pulling off one of the greatest upsets in Olympic history. Rulon Gardner was moved to tears upon his hero's welcome back home Thursday. "This medal is not mine," he said, holding the gold off his 54-inch chest. "This is all of our's." Gardner, who said he uses the childhood insults as motivation, won the Greco-Roman wrestling heavyweight gold last month at the Sydney Olympics by upsetting Russian Alexander Karelin, the Zeus of world wrestling. Karelin had not lost an international match in 13 years until Gardner's 1-0 victory. Gardner, who now lives in Colorado Springs, Colo., where the Olympic training facilities are, became an instant national and international celebrity.

62. The Games - Sydney 2000
Archery; Football (final); Swimming; wrestling; Athletics; Gymnastics; Table Tennis;Badminton; 5,100 officials together for the first time in modern olympic history.
The Games
British Medals - 2000
Medals by Country ... Sydney Table of Events (PDF) DATES The Games of the XXVIIth Olympiad took place between 15 September - 1 October, 2000. HOST CITY Sydney, New South Wales, Australia was awarded the Millennium Games on 23 September, 1993 in Monte Carlo. It was the third of three consecutive bids to be made by an Australian city and was backed by 90% of the Australian population. Australia is one of only five countries to have been in attendance at every summer Olympic Games since they began in 1896. The other countries being Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Greece. Sydney, Australia's largest city, has a population of approximately 3.7 million people. MEDALS A total of 300 medals were awarded at the Sydney Olympic Games.
Olympic Venues
There were two primary Olympic zones for the 2000 Olympic Games: the Olympic Park and the Harbour Zone. Together they accommodated 23 out of the 28 sports.
The Olympic Park - situated at Homebush Bay, about 14km west of the city centre, the park was the centrepiece of the Games. It is located within a 2.5km circle surrounding the Olympic Stadium. Construction on the Olympic Stadium began in September 1996 and was completed in March 1999. The stadium cost $A690 million to build. The Olympic Park was be the venue for 15 of the 28 sports.

63. Sydney Olympic Games History And Facts From Koala Express In Sydney Australia 20
running, and wrestling. The centrepiece of every olympics is the track and fieldstadium. Stadium Australia has built the largest olympic arena in history with
The Greek athletic games, otherwise commonly recognized as the Panhellenic Games, were an integral part of Greek life. They combined religion, sport, and music into extravagant festivals involving peoples throughout Mediterranean. Not only did they attract thousands of participants and spectators to their venues, but they also promoted solidarity among the various Greek city-states. By the Classical period, their influence was felt throughout Greece. There were four main games: the Olympic Games, Pythian Games, Nemean Games, and Isthmian Games. The games at Olympia were the oldest and most famous of these. They all began quite humbly as religious ceremonies. While the games had a small religious aspect throughout their history, this role diminished as time progressed. Mythological evidence suggests that the athletic events originally served as entertainment for humans and gods and were loosely associated with sacrificial offerings. At first they were purely local events most likely spanning two or three days, consisting only of dancing, running, and wrestling. The centrepiece of every Olympics is the track and field stadium. Stadium Australia has built the largest Olympic arena in history with 110,000 spectators able to see the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field program and the final of the men's soccer tournament. Under an agreement brokered by the Olympic Co-ordination Authority, the majority of the cost of the $A615 million stadium is being borne by the private sector with the NSW public having ultimate ownership of the venue. Stadium Australia has already hosted several world-class events including top-flight rugby league and union, American NFL and the FIFA All Stars.

64. Griffin Publishing ::Olympics And Motivationals::
will enhance your appreciation of the history of the and meet the members of theolympic Gold Medal A Basic Guide to wrestling US olympic Committee s Sports
Product List General Trade Please select Education Sports Motivational Readers ... Classroom Accessories
Education Journey to Athens (Grades 1-3) NEW Each booklet contains fun-filled activities such as mazes, puzzles, word finds, and much moreÑall designed around an Olympic theme. Celebrate the return of the Olympic Games to Athens, Greece in 2004 with fun and thought-provoking activities. Students learn about Olympic history and traditions as well as the sports that will be played in the summer of 2004. Journey to Athens (Grades 4-6) NEW Each booklet contains fun-filled activities such as mazes, puzzles, word finds, and much moreÑall designed around an Olympic theme. Celebrate the return of the Olympic Games to Athens, Greece in 2004 with fun and thought-provoking activities. Students learn about Olympic history and traditions as well as the sports that will be played in the summer of 2004. The Olympic Experience in the School
(Grades K-3) NEW Bring the Olympic Spirit to life for students with information and activities that relate to the Olympic Games. Learn about Olympic history, traditions, sports, sites and events. This series of thematic units are cross-curricular, cooperative learning tools that are filled with fun activities that foster team spirit as students go for the GOLD. Explore the Olympic Games with lessons that cover all areas of the curriculum. Students become "Olympic Scouts" who work their way through different tasks, culminating in a classroom Olympic Games.

65. SPORTS FACTS - Freestyle Wrestling - Olympic Games
history Freestyle wrestling OlympicGames. HOME DIARY history LINKS Message Board wrestling Olympics
Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts
Freestyle Wrestling
Olympic Games




Weight: U-48 U-52 U-54 U-57 U-58 U-62 U-63 U-68 U-69 U-74 U-76 U-82 U-85 U-90 U-97 U-100 O-100 U-130 See Also
World C/Ships
Greco-Roman U-48 kg 1972 Roman Dmitriev (Sov) Ognyan Nikolov (Bul) Ebrahim Javadpour (Irn) 1976 Hasan Isaev (Bul) Roman Dmitriev (Sov) Akira Kudo (Jpn) 1980 Claudio Pollio (Ita) Se-hong Jiang (PRK) Sergei Kornilaev (Sov) 1984 Robert Weaver (USA) Takashi Irie (Jpn) Gab-do Son (Kor) 1988 Takashi Kobayashi (Jpn) Bratan Tzanov (Bul) Sergei Karamanchakov (Sov) 1992 Kim Il (PRK) Jong-shin Kim (Kor) Vougar Oroudjov (EUN) 1996 Kim Il (PRK) Armen Mrkchyan (Arm) Alexis-Vila Perdomo (Cub) U-52 kg U-54 kg 2000 Namig Abduvaliev (Uzb) Samuel Henson (USA) Amiran Kartnekov (Grc) Top U-57 kg U-58 kg 2000 Alireza Debir (Irn) Yevgeny Buslowisch (Ukr) Terry Brands (USA) Top U-62 kg U-63 kg 2000 Mourad Oumakhenov (Rus) Serafim Barzakov (Bul) Jae-sung Jang (Kor) Top U-68 kg U-69 kg 2000 Daniel Igali (Can) Arsen Gitinov (Rus) Lincoln McIlravey (USA) Top U-74 kg U-76 kg 2000 Alexander Liepold (Ger) Brandon Slay (USA) Eui-jae Moon (Kor) Top U-82 kg U-85 kg

66. SPORTS FACTS - Greco-Roman Wrestling - Olympic Games
history Greco-Roman wrestling OlympicGames. HOME DIARY history LINKS Message Board wrestling Olympics
Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts
Greco-Roman Wrestling
Olympic Games




Weight: U-48 U-52 U-54 U-57 U-58 U-62 U-63 U-68 U-69 U-74 U-76 U-82 U-85 U-90 U-97 U-100 O-100 U-130 Discontinued See Also
U-48 kg 1972 Gheorghe Berceanu (Rom) Rahim Aliabadi (Irn) Stefan Angelov (Bul) 1976 Alexei Shumakov (Sov) Gheorghe Berceanu (Rom) Stefan Angelov (Bul) 1980 Zaksylik Ushkempirov (Sov) Constantin Alexandru (Rom) Ferenc Seres (Hun) 1984 Vincenzo Maenza (Ita) Markus Scherer (FRG) Ikuzo Saito (Jpn) 1988 Vincenzo Maenza (Ita) Andrzej Glab (Pol) Braton Tzanov (Bul) 1992 Oleg Koutcherenko (EUN) Vincenzo Maenza (Ita) Wilber Amita (Cub) 1996 Kwon-ho Sim (Kor) Alexander Pavlov (Blr) Zafar Gulyov (Rus) Top U-52 kg U-54 kg 2000 Kwon-ho Sim (Kor) Lazaro Rivas (Cub) Yong-gyun Kang (PRK) Top U-57 kg U-58 kg 2000 Armen Nazarian (Bul) In-sub Kim (Kor) Sheng Zetien (PRC) Top U-62 kg U-63 kg 2000 Varteras Samourgachov (Rus) Juan Luis Maren (Cub) Akaki Chahua (Geo) Top U-68 kg U-69 kg 2000 Filiberto Azcuy (Cub) Katsuhiko Nagata (Jpn) Alexei Gluschkov (Rus) Top U-74 kg U-76 kg 2000 Mousat Koudanov (Rus) Matt James Lindland (USA) Marko Yli-Hannuksala (Fin) Top U-82 kg U-85 kg 2000 Hamza Yerlikaya (Tur) Sandor Istvan Bardosi (Hun) Muchren Vachtangadze (Geo)

67. Canadian Olympic Committee
Nearly 3,000 years of olympic history The olympics first started civilization enjoyedmany sports—including running, boxing and wrestling—because they
Cyrenus Boucher
> Facts/History

How the Olympic Games began
Nearly 3,000 years of Olympic history

The Olympics first started nearly 3,000 years ago in Ancient Greece. The ancient Greek civilization enjoyed many sports—including running, boxing and wrestling—because they believed physical activity and competition were very important. Every Greek boy was expected to participate in sports, because the Greeks believed the skills they learned in sports would make them better warriors.
In honour of Zeus
The ancient Greeks also believed religion was very important. Zeus was their greatest god. The ancient Greeks built a shrine to honour Zeus in the Valley of Olympia. Greeks gathered at the shrine to play their favourite sports as part of their religious ceremonies.
In 776 B.C. the ancient Greeks first recorded the results from their sporting events held in honour of Zeus. Every four years after that these Games were held, and because they took place in the Valley of Olympia, they became known as the Olympic Games.

68. ___ | | ___
….wrestling With the Ancients Modern Greek Identity and the olympics makes amajor contribution to the history of the modern olympic movement….Kitroeff
Wrestling With the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics
By Alexander Kitroeff
Publication Date: February 13, 2004
ISBN: 0-9747660-0-3
Price: $32.00
276 pages + five appendixes
Illustrated (16 pages of photographs) Wrestling With the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics
Making the American Team: Sport, Culture, and the Olympic Experience and president-elect, North American Society for Sport History Wrestling With the Ancients necessary, as well as pleasurable, reading.
Passing Off
The Philadelphia Inquirer On February 13, 2004, exactly six months before the opening of the 2004 Athens Olympiad, will inaugurate its publication series with Wrestling With the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics About the Author Alexander Kitroeff is associate professor of history at Haverford College. He was born in Athens and received his D. Phil. from Oxford University. In addition to Haverford, Kitroeff has taught at Queens College (CUNY), Princeton University, Temple University, and New York University. He is coeditor of the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora and a contributing editor to the online journal of

69. Olympic History For Sporting Families
olympic history for Families. his brothers, also Finnish champions, but without olympicsuccesses; the Beloglasov brothers of wrestling (288) Anatoli Beloglasov
Olympic History for Families
The following are families of which more than one member have achieved Olympic successes (from the Full list)
  • The Leahy Brothers, Irish athletes (28620)
  • The Sheldon brothers, American athletes (25920)
    • Richard Sheldon (USA/ATH/1900)
    • Lewis Sheldon (USA/ATH/1900)
    • the Abbagnales, Italian Rowers (982)
    • the Joyners, American Athletic stars (900.5) the Kelly-Costello family (822)
      • Paul Costello , triple gold medallist at double scull (480)
      • John Kelly, sen , his cousin, who shared two of those medals (256)
      • John Kelly, jun, his son, bronze at skiff in 1956 (36)
      • Bernard Paul Costello, Paul's son, silver at the same event in 1956 (50)

70. Journal Of Olympic History Magazine Index
The Problem of wrestling Styles in the Modern olympic Games A Failure of FurtherThoughts on Some Issues of Early olympic history, David C. Young, 29 - 41,
AAF Home All AAF Journals Search Page Journal of Olympic History (formerly Citius, Altius, Fortius) Index 1992-1999 Volume 1 No 1 Table of Contents, 2 Honorary President's Message: Praise to The Olympic Athletes,Erich Kamper, 3 President's Inaugural Message,Ian Buchanan, 4 Message from the Secretary-General,Bill Mallon, 5 - 6 Baseball in the Olympics, Pete Cava, 7 - 15 A Look at Olympic Costs, C. Frank Zarnowski,16 - 32 Olympic Ice Hockey - Goal Scoring Records, 33 Work in Progress, 34 Book Reviews, 35 ISOH Members Biographies, 35

71. - Wrestling
In the aftermath of the greatest achievement in Stanford wrestling history, Gentrywill turn his Illinois Four Illini Head to wrestling olympic Trials.
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June 12, 2004
Wrestling Lineup

Message Boards

CSTV Schedule

NCAA Championships
College World Series

Basketball M W

Cross Country
... Equestrian Golf M W Gymnastics M W Hockey M W Lacrosse M W Rifle Rowing ... Skiing Soccer M W Softball Squash Tennis M W Track and Field Volleyball M W Ultimate Water Polo M W Wrestling Recruiting ... Affiliates Stanford's Gentry makes history at NCAAs By Scott Allen The Stanford Daily STANFORD, Calif. (U-WIRE) The stakes were higher and the stage grander, but for Stanford junior Matt Gentry, the outcome was plenty familiar.

72. Winged Sandals: History: The Olympic Games
Olympics only consisted of the following footraces of approximately 200, 400 and4,000 metres; pentathlon (discus, long jump, javelin, running and wrestling);
@import url(/arts/wingedsandals/css/styles.css);
Some aspects of the modern Olympics come from the ancient Greek Olympics, but there are also a lot of differences between the ancient and modern Games. The ancient Olympics always took place at Olympia, in the south of Greece, every four years in August or September. According to tradition they were started in 776 B.C. and they continued until A.D. 393. They were held to honour the god Zeus, who had a large sanctuary next to the stadium where the competitions were held. The Olympics were very popular and important events. The Greeks even measured their years by reference to the Olympics! Thousands of people came from all over Greece to compete or watch. If there was a war, there was a truce around the time of the Olympics to allow all competitors to go. Most spectators slept in the open or in tents. There was no city at ancient Olympia, just the sanctuary, and sporting venues. The Ancient Olympics: Spectators and Events
  • foot-races of approximately 200, 400 and 4,000 metres

73. RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History - Alberta Community Development
RecFacts 513 Canada s Summer olympic history. The Canadian Medal Count.Team GSB Total Size. Shooting 4 3 2 9. wrestling 0 3 5 8. Yachting 0 2 5 7.
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Location: Alberta Government Home Community Development Home Building Strong Communities Sport and Recreation ... General Index RecFacts 513
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RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
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RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
The Canadian Medal Count
Team G S B Total Size 1896 Athens Did Not Compete 1900 Paris 1 1 2 1* 1904 St. Louis 4 1 1 6 43 1907 London 3 3 9 15 91 1912 Stockholm 3 2 3 8 36 1916 Berlin Games Not Held 1920 Antwerp 2 3 3 8 47 1924 Paris 3 1 4 73 1928 Amsterdam 4 4 7 15 71 1932 Los Angeles 2 5 8 15 102 1936 Berlin 1 3 5 9 109 1940 Tokyo, Helsinki Games Not Held 1944 London Games Not Held 1948 London 1 2 3 106 1952 Helsinki 1 2 3 113 1956 Melbourne 2 1 3 6 99 1960 Rome 1 1 97 1964 Tokyo 1 2 1 4 118 1968 Mexico City 1 3 1 5 143 1972 Munich 2 3 5 220 1976 Montreal 5 6 11 414 1980 Moscow Did Not Compete 211** 1984 Los Angeles 10 18 16 44 436 1988 Seoul 3 2 5 10 354 1992 Barcelona 6 5 7 18 314 1996 Atlanta Totals 38 61 75 174 * No official team sent, but George Orton, a Canadian studying in the United States, won two medals competing on his own.

74. Ancient Olympics In UK Directory: Sport: History
during the Ancient olympics, including wrestling, boxing, and the javelin. HellenicMinistry of Culture The olympic Games Review the history and origin of,10082853,575637,575702,522949

75. HistoryForSale - Olympic, Auto Racing And Other Autographs LOUIS ALBANO
On programs like Wrestlemania, he helped spark the current enthusiasm for TV wrestling. Copyright© 2004 Gallery of history Direct. All Rights Reserved.

76. Brown's Jim Pedro ::
Invitational Judo Championships, and was a FirstTeam All-Ivy selection in wrestling. Americanmale to win any kind of judo medal in olympic history when he





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Baseball - M
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Field Hockey - W Football - M Football - Sprint - M Golf - M W Gymnastics - W Lacrosse - M W Rowing - (Heavy) - M Rowing - (Light) - M Rowing - W Soccer - M W Softball - W Squash - M W Swimming - M W Tennis - M W Track/XCountry - M W Volleyball - W Wrestling - M Athletic Links Making The Grade Student Athlete Center Compliance Corner Tickets ... Wireless Other Links PENN Home Page PENN Relays Online Store Ivy League ... Wrestling Home HEADLINES Wrestling's Feast Earns Second NWCA All-Academic Nod Eight Newcomers to Join Penn Wrestling in the Fall Wrestlers Continue to Climb the Ladder of Success RELATED LINKS FANSonly Newswire Email this to a friend Brown's Jim Pedro Jan. 27, 2004 As a freshman he competed at 142 pounds for the Brown wrestling team, but he has been working on his judo since he was four years old. His father, Jim Sr., was a judo instructor and an alternate for the U.S. team for the 1976 Olympics. He won his first national age group championship in judo when he was six, starting a streak that didn't end until he was 14 and a freshman in high school. Pedro took up wrestling as a sophomore in high school and worked hard to be good at it. As a junior he won the state 121-pound title and as a senior he won the 130-pound state title, while continuing to practice judo at least two nights a week.

horse games, wrestling has an ancient history in Azerbaijan. in Yzorkhanai a veryspecial wrestling ground when the Soviet sportsmen made their olympic debut at

78. Index Of /lutter
Photo galleries of amateur wrestling, olympic wrestling, sombo and veteran wrestlers.
Index of /lutter

79. Wrestling Canada Lutte
National governing body for olympic style wrestling, features events, results, and information for athletes, coaches, and officials.
@import "cawa.css"; /* just some basic formatting, no layout stuff */
Coaching Association of Canada Canada Games Canadian Interuniversity Sport ... Mailing Address 7-5370 Canotek Road
Gloucester, Ontario
Canada K1J 9E6 Ph: (613) 748-5686
Fax: (613) 748-5756 Click here for the CAWA Staff Listing
Featured Article
2004 FISU World University Wrestling Championships - Final Canadian results, Dugrenier wins FISU World Championships
Jun 6, 2004 2004 FISU World University Wrestling Championships - Final Canadian results, Dugrenier wins FISU World Championships
June 6, 2004 - Lodz, Poland The Canadian Women claimed four medals on the final day of competition to capture 4th place at the FISU World Championships. More...
Latest News
Date Article Jun 11, 2004 German Grand Prix - Draw for Canada Jun 10, 2004 Saint-Priest International Cadet Tournament - Canadian Results Jun 8, 2004 Men's U23 Team - Dual Results from the I.R. of Iran

80. Home
Amateur free style wrestling. Includes location, news, events, results, and training information. Bolton, England.
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