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         Wrestling Olympic History:     more detail
  1. Olympic Wrestling (Great Moments in Olympic History) by Barbara M. Linde, 2007-06-30
  2. Wrestling With the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics by Alexander Kitroeff, 2004-02
  3. History of the XXI Wrestling Olympiad by David Neder, 1977

41. Michigan Athletes Have Made Olympic History
had won by the largest margin for any weight class in olympic history. the firstUS athlete ever to win an olympic gold medal in GrecoRoman wrestling.

42. International Wrestling Institute & Museum, Inc In Newton, IA - Details | Museum
in 1831; olympic history, from 1896 to present; Collegiate history, from 1928 topresent; Dan Gable s olympic uniform and shoes; wrestling cards dating back to museums
OVERVIEW IWIM is all about education, history and tourism. Its mission is to entertain the public while educating it about the grand history of what is known as Mankind's Oldest Sport. Wrestling dates back at least 5,000 years and plays a key role in The Epic of Gilgamesh, the oldest piece of extant literature in the world! It is also mentioned in the Bible and in the great epics of ancient Greece. ... COLLECTIONS ADMISSION subject to change URL LOCATION 1690 W 19th St S, PO Box 794, Newton, IA, USA
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43. Wrestling
wrestling Info history wrestling is one of the most popular forms of martial thesixth century BC in southern Italy, won the boys wrestling olympic Games in
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44. Brute Wrestling: What Winners Wear!
Retired after 25 years service. olympics. Bronze medalist in Freestyle wrestlingat the 1952 olympics. Chairman of the US olympic wrestling Committee 196468.
A Wrestlers Dream Brute is steeped with wrestling heritage, dating back to its founder, retired Naval Captain Josiah (Joe) Henson. Captain Henson founded Bruteís parent company, Henson Company, in 1967. Due to its rapid growth, Captain Henson formed a corporation with Iver Magnussen, who was highly successful as a competitor, a coach, and molder of men. Magnussen was the eventual founder of the wrestling company ñ The Mat Corner. Magnussenís accomplishments were cut short by his untimely death at the age of 46. Captain Hensonís legend has remained a quiet one because the man himself does not seek attention. But after reading this, we hope youíll agree he belongs alongside of Americaís wrestling greats.
Pictured here in his F9F-8 aboard
the U.S.S. Wasp Education and Military Career
  • 1945 graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was a Trustee from 1973-1980.
    Undefeated during collegiate competition.
    Captain, U.S. Navy (Pilot). Retired after 25 years service.
  • Bronze medalist in Freestyle wrestling at the 1952 Olympics.

45. Go For The Gold
year period by which the Greeks recorded their history. For the first 13 olympic Games,the only jumping, javelin, sprint, discus, and wrestling) was added to
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Origin and History of the Olympic Games The Modern Olympic Games The Olympic Principles and Traditions Politics and the Olympics Olympic Controversies ... The Olympics in Photos
Origin and History of the Olympic Games
The Rise of the Games
The Olympic Games originated long ago in ancient Greece. Exactly when the Games were first held and what circumstances led to their creation is uncertain. We do know, however, that the Games were a direct outgrowth of the values and beliefs of Greek society. The Greeks idealized physical fitness and mental discipline, and they believed that excellence in those areas honored Zeus, the greatest of all their gods. One legend about the origin of the Olympic Games revolves around Zeus. It was said Zeus once fought his father, Kronos, for control of the world. They battled atop a mountain that overlooked a valley in southwestern Greece. After Zeus defeated his father, a temple and immense statue were built in the valley below to honor him. This valley was called Olympia, and soon religious festivals developed there as people came to worship Zeus and to approach as nearly as possible his great strength. It is believed that these religious festivals eventually led to the famed Games of the Olympics. Although we do not know just when the Games were first played, the earliest recorded Olympic competition occurred in 776 B.C. It had only one event, the one-stade (approximately 630-foot or 192-meter) race, which was won by a cook named Coroebus. This was the start of the first Olympiad, the four-year period by which the Greeks recorded their history.

46. History Of The Olympics + Cartoon Fun By Brownielocks
swimming, diving, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling, and yachting alink to it.) olympic Museum olympic Stories olympic history Sport s Journal
Brownielocks and The 3 Bears
Cartoon Fun
The History of the Olympics Since the Olympic games go way back to the early Greeks, to do an entire history on one page is a bit overwhelming. So, I'll give you a brief summation of how it all began, and then provide some further links for additional information. So, how and why did it all begin? In ancient Greece, they often combined religious festivals with sporting events, to honor certain gods. The Greeks held the following: The Pythian Games
The Nemean Games
The Isthmian Games
The Olympic Games It was the last one, the Olympics, that were held for the Greek God Zeus and were also the most popular with the people. The first game is said to be held at Olympia, Greece in 776 B.C. and has been held every 4 years since = 1,168 years! Then, Greece came under the rule of the Roman Empire and the Olympic games were declined, to the point where they actually declined in 393 B.C. by the Christian Roman Emperor, Theodosius I, who objected to what he felt were some "pagan rites" associated with the games. In the beginning, the Olympic games were confined to just one day and one event. That event was a footrace that was the length of the stadium. Soon, additional races were added as the popularity grew, as well as discus and javelin throws (tosses), broad jumps, boxing, wrestling, chariot racing and a pentathlon. The pentathlon was composed of 5 different track and field competitions.

47. Olympic Games Athens 1896
The revival of the ancient Olympics attracted athletes from 14 nations April 6 15athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, weightlifting
@import url(../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History Athens 1896 1st MODERN GAMES
April 6 - 15, 1896 Mascot - none 14 countries, 311 athletes - 230 Greek (no women) 9 sports, 43 events Opening - King George Ist of Greece Torch lit by - none Assigned during the 1st IOC Session 1894 Standing proud: Spyridon Louis, the first and symbolic marathon champion of the modern Olympic era. The modest shepherd was revered in Greece, and went on to feature as flag-bearer to the Greek delegation in 1936. THE RENAISSANCE OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES
The rebirth of the Games
The first Session of the IOC was held in Paris on 23-24 June 1894. It was during the first Session that the city of Athens was selected for the Games of the I Olympiad. The inauguration of the first Games of the modern era, opened by King George I at the foot of the Acropolis on April 5, 1896, was a huge relief for baron Pierre de Coubertin. Greece's instability and economic stature, due to numerous conflicts, proved almost insurmountable obstacles. However, a wealthy Greek architect from Alexandria, George Averoff, donated a gift of one million drachma and in a matter of 18 months a superb white marble stadium, able to hold 60,000 people, was constructed. Baron de Coubertin's dream of reinventing the Games was one he had coveted since 1892 - two years later the official announcement was made and Athens chosen as the site. Baron Pierre de Coubertin invited countries from all over the world to attend the first of the new Olympics in Athens.

48. Commonwealth - Wrestling
of Greece a renowned Pale wrestler, (Greek traditional wrestling) won the Elliothas his place in history as the first olympic weightlifting champion but
var nEditorialCatId = 326; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Commonwealth - Wrestling What's New Join Now HOME PAGE 2003 -Commonwealth Wrestling Championships ... Tools History of Wrestling HISTORY Wrestling has been popular throughout recorded history. Origins of the sport can be traced back 15,000 years through depictions in cave drawings in France. Early Egyptian and Babylonian reliefs depict wrestlers using most of the holds known to the present-day sport. In ancient Greece, wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature; wrestling competition, brutal in many aspects, was the supreme contest of the ancient Olympic Games. The ancient Romans borrowed heavily from Greek wrestling, but eliminated much of its brutality. During the Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century) wrestling remained popular in Europe and enjoyed the patronage of many monarchs. Royal houses in Japan also supported the sport. Early North American settlers brought a strong wrestling tradition from England to their new home. The colonists also found wrestling to be popular among Native Americans. Amateur wrestling flourished and was a popular activity at country fairs, holiday celebrations, and military exercises.

49. Study Abroad 2003: Olympic History In Greece
6. Ancient Games The ancient olympic program included track and field events,boxing, wrestling, a combination of boxing and wrestling, and chariot races. website/study abroad/Olympic1.htm
The Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Florida presents Spring Break 2003 Study Abroad: Athens Olympia Legacy of the Ancient Games The Modern Olympic Games: Links to the Past (continued) Ancient Games: The ancient Olympic program included track and field events, boxing, wrestling, a combination of boxing and wrestling, and chariot races. Modern Games: The modern Olympic Games program is based on most of the events contested in Olympia. Ancient Games: Cultural events including art displays and poetry reading were held at Olympia. Modern Games: A Cultural Olympiad is organized by the host city that brings together artists, musicians, and singers. Ancient Games: Athletes trained vigorously and were assisted by sports trainers and coaches. Athletes were required to train at Olympia. Modern Games: Contemporary athletes receive state-of-the-art sports medicine and train arduously to prepare for elite competition. Ancient Games: Ancient Olympic champions were awarded an Olive wreath and enjoyed monetary rewards for their achievements.

50. Olympic History
at Olympia, Greece, beginning in 776 BC Though boxing and wrestling were added later winstriple jump (the first medal in modern olympic history); American flag

51. 15th World Senior Female Wrestling Championship - Chalkis 2002
Rogge in Lausanne, I presented many reasons why GrecoRoman wrestling should notbe excluded from the olympic Games, such as the olympic history of the sport

52. What Are The Modern Olympics? (Lesson Plan)
olympic history. The first modern olympic Games took place in 1896 with athletes tennis,shooting, swimming, track and field, weight lifting, and wrestling.
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What Are the Modern Olympics?
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Byers 21 in overtime Sunday to take the lead in their best-of-three series to decidea spot on the US olympic wrestling team in Athens. olympic history. 1896.
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Diving Dumais wins springboard at U.S. Olympic Trials Troy Dumais will compete in the three-meter springboard competition at the Athens Olympics after the 24-year old took first place in the event Friday at the 2004 Olympic Trials. Rausch suspended by the USADA The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has suspended weightlifter Robert Rausch for testing positive for hydrochlorothiazide, a banned diuretic under the rules of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). Figure skating scoring system changes in light of 2002 controversy The International Skating Union announced sweeping changes for a new judging system, replacing the one used from the 2002 Olympics, which was warped with controversy. PHOTOS: < Prev Next >> Dumais wins springboard at U.S. Olympic Trials Rausch suspended by the USADA ... McGrady to miss Olympics; O'Neal next? Olympic News Wire Lynx All-Star weighs in on future of WNBA Katie Smith's basketball resume includes an appearance in the NCAA championship game, an Olympic gold medal and four straight WNBA All-Star berths. She's also the all-time leading scorer in the history of women's professional basketball.

54. SLAM! Sports: 2000 Summer Games: History Of The Games
the discus and javelin throw, jumping, wrestling and running a column in front ofthe eternal olympic flame that A brief history of the Modern Games shows that
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What Canada Did



SEARCH 2000 Games
The Ancient Olympic Games

The Olympic Games were first held in 776 BC at Olympia in Ancient Greece as part of a religious festival. They were one of four game festivals held in Ancient Greece: The Isthmians, The Nemeans, The Pythians and The Olympics. The Olympic Games were so important to the Ancient Greeks that wars were stopped while they were held.
for Olympic posters Ancient Olympic champions were highly revered. They received a crown made from olive leaves, were entitled to have statues made of themselves placed at Olympia, and were believed to bring their hometowns into favour with the Greek gods. It was also common for champions to have all their meals paid for at the public's expense or to get front-row seats at theatres.

55. Jim Lucus, Some Wrestling History
Some wrestling history. During this time Jim defeated three olympic champions. Jimtook a 20 year hiatus from wrestling but when his then 6th grade son went out
J im L ucas Some Wrestling History
Jim Lucas Jim's wrestling career commenced as a Freshman in high school where he was a lowly fourth string on a lowly ranked team. Within two years, Jim became a highly ranked wrestler in California making two US Junior teams. He culminated his high school career by placing 4th in the CIF State Championships in 1970. He went on to wrestle at top 20 Division I powerhouse San Jose State making All-PCAA honors in 1972, 1973 and 1974. Between 1971 and 1975 Jim was on four US dual match teams competing against premier teams from Japan, Russian, Bulgaria and Germany. During this time Jim defeated three Olympic champions. Jim took a 20 year hiatus from wrestling but when his then 6th grade son went out for the team there was no coach. Jim took the reins of the team and coached them to three consecutive runner up placings in the highly competitive Coast County Athletic League in Santa Cruz. Jim also started wrestling again during this time. He won a few local tournaments going against competitors half his age. He placed 2nd at the AAU Masters Grand Nationals in 1997, and placed in the top three of the USA Wrestling Veterans National Championships from 1998 - 2001. Jim also placed in the top ten at the Veterans World Championships during that same timeframe. Jim is the only veterans wrestler from California to have made All-America five years running. Jim is now coaching at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz where his team recently captured its first league championship in school history with a record nine wrestlers qualifying for the Central Coast Sectional Championships.

56. History Of Wrestling At The University Of Northern Iowa
For the history of UNI wrestling for a certain time period 1991 was the first yearof the National wrestling Coaches Association olympic and Pan American Games.
Rod Library-Special Collections
The History of Wrestling at the
University of Northern Iowa
UNI's first wrestling squad
In 1923, the first intercollegiate wrestling team in UNI's history took to the mat. Although this green team only competed in one meet, a successful 16-8 victory over Cornell, they had started a winning tradition that has carried on throughout the years. The Panthers have recorded 580 victories since that first year, with only twelve losing seasons. Early wrestling match in West Gym
The UNI wrestling team has had six head coaches since 1923, and two temporary coaches. Four of the head coaches, McCuskey, Koll, Patten, and Briggs, are alumni, and three, McCuskey, Koll, and Patten, wrestled for the school while earning their degrees. Choose one of the following to read a short biographical sketch of the coach: Paul Bender
David McCuskey

Clyde "Buck" Starbeck
(1943 temporary coach)
Bill Koll

Ed Lyons
(1958 temporary coach)
Chuck Patten

Don Briggs

Mark Manning

Brad Penrith
Historical Look at UNI Wrestling
For the history of UNI wrestling for a certain time period or under a particular coach, click on one of the following (pages for Coaches Patten and Briggs are currently under construction):

57. UK Online - Official ISP Of The Olympics
wrestling. Previous Sport Weightlifting, history. wrestling was partof the Ancient olympic Games and is probably as old as the human race.

58. Olympic Timeline
The olympic Games in history. The olympic Games were celebrated 320 times everyfour years in beginning in 776 BC Though boxing and wrestling were added
The Olympic Games in History
A brief look at humankind's most enduring sports spectacle
The Ancient Olympic Games
The Olympic Games were celebrated 320 times every four years in the sacred stadium at Olympia, Greece, beginning in 776 B.C. Though boxing and wrestling were added later, the first Olympic event was a sprint. The prize was an olive leaf and deification by poets, as well as recognition as a hero forever.
The Modern Olympic Games
Athens 1896
In 1892, French educator Baron Pierre de Coubertin proposes a renaissance of ancient Greek competition. In 1896, his dream is realized as England, Greece, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United States open Games. James B. Connolly wins triple jump (the first medal in modern Olympic history); American flag is raised and Star Spangled Banner played, beginning tradition of honoring victor and his/her country.
Paris 1900
Games opened to women. First female winner: Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain in singles tennis. Margaret Abbot of Chicago wins a gold medal in golf. Alvin Kraenzlein of U.S becomes first to win 4 gold medals.
St. Louis 1904

59. Wrestling With The Past: The Latest Olympic Challenge
wrestling with the Past The Latest olympic Challenge who was chosen to light theolympic flame at the and Asian, as well as European, culture and history.
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Lili Cole is a senior program officer at the Carnegie Council.
Wrestling with the Past: The Latest Olympic Challenge Lili Cole
From record-breaking victories to the scandals of failed drug tests, today's Olympics have no shortage of dramatic moments. But at last month's Games in Sydney, such dramas were eclipsed by Cathy Freeman becoming the first Aboriginal Australian to win an individual gold medal (in the 400-meter race). Freeman, who was chosen to light the Olympic flame at the start of the games, was in tears as the home crowd treated her to rapturous applause. It was a moment not just of personal triumph but of great symbolism for the "new Australia," which bases its identity on Aboriginal and Asian, as well as European, culture and history. Throughout Australia's history as a nation, the Aborigines have been victims of deep poverty and discrimination. Aboriginal demands for social and economic justice have intensified in recent years, and activists had threatened to disrupt the Games with their calls for official apologies and reparations. Instead, Aborigines succeeded in highlighting their culture and presence in Australia. Olympic organizers used Aboriginal motifs and imagery in ceremonies and graphic designs, and Freeman gave a triumphant face and voice to the long-marginalized Aborigines. As Sir Gustav Nossal, chairman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation , said, "The Olympics did more in two weeks to promote reconciliation than [Australian] governments have achieved in years."

60. Summer - Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting
On olympic history ticket you beautifully STUB, SWIMMING Atlanta 1996Mint olympicTicket Weightlifting Atlanta 1996 Unused wrestling olympic Ticket
Cards Fan Shop Memorabilia
... Summer > Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting
Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting
Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting Slc Olympic Ticket Women Ice Hockey Olympic Opening Ticket Stub Prefontaine Map Atlanta Olympics Centennial Olympic ...
1972 Olympic Ticket Stub 9/6 Prefontaine WOW
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14 Unused tickets: 1996 Olympics Water Polo
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