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         World Religions:     more books (100)
  1. The World's Religions: Our Great Wisdom Traditions by Huston Smith, 1991-09-13
  2. Experiencing the World's Religions by Michael Molloy, 2006-12-12
  3. Religions of the World with Sacred World CD-ROM (10th Edition) by Lewis M. Hopfe, Mark R. Woodward, 2006-07-16
  4. World Religions: The Great Faiths Explored & Explained by John Bowker, 2006-02-20
  5. Experiencing the World's Religions: Tradition, Challenge, and Change with PowerWeb: World Religions by Michael Molloy, 2004-07-02
  6. The Illustrated World's Religions: A Guide to Our Wisdom Traditions by Huston Smith, 1995-09-22
  7. World Religions Today by John L. Esposito, Darrell J. Fasching, et all 2005-11-24
  8. History of the World's Religions (12th Edition) by David Noss, Blake R. Grangaard, 2007-04-28
  9. World Religions by Warren Matthews, 2006-02-28
  10. One World, Many Religions: The Ways We Worship by Mary Pope Osborne, 1996-10-01
  11. World Religions in America: An Introduction (3rd Edition)
  12. Introduction To World Religions by Christopher H. Partridge, 2005-04-30
  13. The Illustrated Guide to World Religions
  14. Christianity & World Religions: Wrestling With Questions People Ask, Participant's Book by Adam Hamilton, 2005-08-30

161. Asia Pacific: Perspectives Vol. II, No. 1: Abstracts
Tracing the religions of the Filipinos from the coming of the Spanish catholics and protestant Americans through the 'Aglipay' native church established after independence.
Volume II Number 1 February 2002
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ABSTRACTS Exploring Korean Values
Steven R. Brown and Byung-ok Kil
The contours of the Korean value system are examined both extensively and through an intensive single-case study in which a representative personality is invited to appraise a set of historical figures under various conditions of instruction focused on Confucian and other values. The Q sample is comprised of the names of 50 historical and contemporary figures (e.g., Kim Ok-Gyun, assassinated reformer of the late Yi dynasty; Chun Bong-Joon, religious leader associated with peasant revolts in the late 19th century; Lee Hwang, 15th century Confucian scholar, et al.). Initially, 25 Korean students Q sorted the 50 names from appealing to unappealing, producing two factors. Intensive studies involved Q-sort appraisals in terms of values such as In (Chinese Jen , humanity, virtuousness), Eui (Chinese Yi , righteousness and sense of duty), Yea (Chinese Li , propriety), and others. Discussion considers sources of stability and change in Korean values.

162. Crystal Cloud Graphics World Religion Graphic Index
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Christianity Judaism Islam
Hinduism ... Taoist
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163. Can Public Schools Be Religiously Neutral?
Argues that secular humanism is the religion currently being taught in public schools, and that the schools should therefore be open to all major religions.

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Can Public Schools Be Religiously Neutral?
Paul G. Kussrow and Loren Vannest
The Supreme Court ordered that all religious activities be removed from the public schools (Engel v. Vatale, l962) and in subsequent years strengthened its decision through further restrictions (Abington v. Schempp, l963; Stone v. Gramm, l980; Graham v. Central, l985; Jager v. Douglas, l989). Who can argue against neutrality? We who have a fundamental belief in God can point to the significant decline in standardized test scores, increase in student pregnancy, and violence in our schools since the Court's l962 decision. But the question remains, and has the Court been able to remove religion from the public schools or has only certain types of traditional (God based) religion been removed while non-God religions fill the vacuum? Is a religiously neutral public school education an oxymoron? Can individuals who think and work in what some term government sponsored institutions (public schools) truly be neutral and teach in what others hope will be religiously neutral zones?
What is Truth?

Pr©sentation des conf©rences de la SISR, bulletin bisannuel.

165. Dr. Christopher Evans - Cults Of Unreason - End Flaps And /title Page
A skeptical look at pseudoscientific religions, including Scientology, UFO cults, the Fourth Way, and Theosophy. 1974 book by Christopher Evans.
Scientology Rare Book Library Dr. Christopher Evans - Cults of Unreason End flaps and title page Introduction In the Beginning... Lives Past, Lives Remembered Grow New Teeth Thought Has Mass The Master of Saint Hill Brush with Authority All at Sea Ethics and Uniforms From Psychotherapy to Religion The Coming of the Saucers Jesus is Alive and Well and Living on Venus Myths in the Skies The Pioneers More Mental Marvels Many Masters Divers Holy Monks Yesterday and Tomorrow INDEX Table Of Contents
As organized religion has declined, new surrogate beliefs, many of them based on pseudoscientific rationality, have sprung up. These are what Dr. Christopher Evans calls the cults of unreason, man's attempt to fit technology to a religion-like belief. Evans discusses a number of these new "religions" - Scientology, the flying-saucer cults, the alpha-wave-feedback churches, the Eastern mysticism sects - describing how they were founded, how they operate, and how they are helpful or harmful to their followers. In many of these cults naivete and sophistication work side by side; ideas about advanced psychology and physiology are juxtaposed with remnants of pre-Christian myths and nineteenth-century occultism. All of the cults of unreason have one thing in common: they attempt to satisfy man's need to reach simple, understandable answers to the confusion around him. Dr. Evans wonders if we can expect more and more of these pseudo-religions as the hapless individuals in our society are confronted with newer and even more unwanted life styles and expectations. It is possible that systematized "unreason" is man's only possible response, and as such is not only necessary but welcome.

166. PeNkaLai KatalikkiRen
Love for the Feminine between Sufism and Tantra; Dravidian Shaktism, Tamil poetry; Sufi Shakti Tantra; sacred sex in Islam
r n
A page dedicated to the finer aspects of spiritual eros and the mystical inner paths of Sufi Islam, Yoga, and Tantra, and the Divine Feminine within the heart of these traditions I love women Why "I love women" It is the unifying theme of my presentation here. To me, women are the supreme manifestation of the Divine Feminine in this world. Their presence is a neverending source of beatific magical wonder, grace, and beauty. Of all the glories of nature, and the beauties of art and music, and the upliftment of spiritual meditations, it is women most of all who embody this mystical epiphany, the merciful grace of the Divine Presence. I believe it was this inner reason that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) loved women and openly said so. This site is a response from my heart for the great blessing of women.
Islam and Sacred Sex. Lost Sacred Sex in India and Islam
Islam Liberated Women

The Yoni of Islam
Excerpts from classics of Tamil literature ...
Sufi Orders of Tamil Nadu
Spiritual topics Islam and the Divine Feminine
Islam and Yoga

Islam and Tantra

The Shakti of Islam
The Return of Lilith: Reintegration, the Dark Feminine, and Sufi Islam

167. Redirects For Victorian Web, Postcolonial Web, And Cyberspace, Hypertext, & Crit
Hilde Arntsen, University of Oslo, presents an introduction to the Traditional religions of Zimbabwe, whose people communicate with God through their deceased ancestors. Part of a larger site on all the religions of the nation, including Christiantiy and TraditionalChristian-Syncretic religions.
George Landows' sites are now hosted at the following places:
Victorian Web:

Postcolonial Web:

168. Luigi Cascioli - La Favola Di Cristo
Luigi Cascioli, fait des proc¨s et ©crit des livres pour prouver que Dieu n'existe pas.
  • Atheism against christianity, christ, catholic church, exorcism and satan. Irrefutable demonstration that Jesus never existed. After the recent discovery of Essene documents at Kimberth Qumran (Palestine) it has been possible to prove that Jesus was only the result of an artificial construction operated by falsifiers in the second century.
Ultimo aggiornamento 04-06-2004

169. ClearingHouse Of The Gods Entryway
International Coalition of Reconstructionist religions offering educational resources, networking, and event information.
ClearingHouse of the Gods
A service of the
International Coalition of Reconstructionist Religions
Educational resources, networking, and event information
Click the Temple to Enter
Here are some concepts (in no particular order). If you're interested in any of these things, this site might be a place to learn more: Reconstructionism, Reconstructionist religion, Postmodernism, Historical accuracy in Paganism and Neopaganism, Roman religion, Greek religion, Hellenic Religion or Hellenism, Asatru, Heathen religion, Norse religion, German religion, Celtic faith, spirituality, Eclectic vs. Syncretic religion, Kemetic religion, Egyptian religion, Canar, Discordianism and Subgenius, Druidism, Religio Romana, Romuva, polytheism, pantheism, henotheism, temples, statues, statuary, Classical studies, Bast, Isis, Astarte, Apollo, Pan, Aphrodite, Diana, Lugh, Thor, Odin, Woden, Loki, Aplu, Artemis, Osiris, Set, Freya, Bacchus, Fortuna

170. Religious Movements Homepage: Native American Religion
A gateway to accessing webbased, as well as print, resources about the religions of Native American Indians.
Native American Spirituality
Profile Beliefs Groups Native Americans and Christianity ... Bibliography
I. Profile
The diversity of American Indian tribes precludes a comprehensive examination of their religions and their belief systems. Anthropologists have compiled a huge trove of information detailing practices and beliefs of many different groups; this information remains isolated from popular culture. While there is a proliferation of popularized versions of Native American spirituality, these are often not the products of the tribes or their members. The beliefs and practices of many groups are sectarian derivatives of other native groups, and there is also a significant infusion of Christianity, and more recently, New Age beliefs and practices permeating these traditional beliefs. The origins of contemporary Native American religion, and that of their recent ancestors, can be traced back 30,000 to 60,000 years with the arrival of the first groups of people from northeast Asia. The religion of Native Americans has developed from the hunting taboos, animal ceremonialism, beliefs in spirits, and shamanism embraced by those early ancestors (Hultkrantz, 3, 12). Since these peoples settled in America slowly and in small groups over several thousand years, we still lack precise immigration knowledge. Beyond the directly inherited traditional Native American religions, a wide body of modified sects abounds. The Native American Church claims a membership of 250,000, which would constitute the largest of the Native American religious organizations. Though the church traces the sacramental use of the peyote cactus back ten thousand years, the Native American Church was only founded in 1918. Well into the reservation era, this organization was achieved with the help of a Smithsonian Institute anthropologist. The church incorporates generic Native American religious rites, Christianity, and the use of the peyote plant. The modern peyote ritual is comprised of four parts: praying, singing, eating peyote, and quietly contemplating (Smith, 167-173; Anderson, 41).

171. Fellowship Of The Earth
F.O.T.E. was established to educate and fight against religious intolerance. Site is based upon spiritual growth within individuals as well as a oneness with community. Provides information about earth based religions and beliefs.
Enter Fellowship of the Earth!
"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
~Chinese Proverb
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The Widow's Web

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by Fellowship of the Earth unless noted otherwise.

172. Beliefnet: Religions, Spirituality, Prayer, God, Angels, Politics, Meditation...
Features articles on God, faith, prayer, the nature of spirituality, society and ethics, with numerous resources. All religions respected.
Discussions Quizzes Meditations Prayers ... Soulmatch
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Explains and defends Christianity for Muslims, atheists and agnostics, Eastern religions, and followers of modern philosophies.
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Fundamentals of
Christianity The content of this website is also available for download as an e-book: Acrobat Reader Version Microsoft Reader Version for PC and Pocket PC HTML Version

174. Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry
Information on nonChristian religions and sects of Christianity. Also includes general Christian doctrine and apologetics aiming to help believers answer common challenges to their faith.

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The Bible

The Bible Online

Christian Doctrine

Christian Issues
To the Christian Church

40 Objections
Apologetics Apologetics Dialogues Christian Resources ... Research QUESTIONS About Doctrine About God About Jesus Other Questions BIBLE DIFFICULTIES Genesis - Deuteronomy Joshua - Esther Job - Song of Solomon Isaiah - Malachi ... Hebrews - Revelation RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS About Cult Groups Religious Movements List Christadelphianism Christian Science ... Universalism SECULAR MOVEMENTS Abortion Atheism Creation-Evol. Debate Evolution ... Secular School MORE STUFF Audio Discussion Boards Features More Stuff ... What is CARM? CARM is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Christian organization whose purpose is to equip Christians with good information on doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), cults, Evolution, New Age, and related subjects. What is apologetics?

175. The Crescent And The Cross - Introduction
Includes information on religions of the Ottoman Empire as a case study in tolerance, interethnic, and inter-religious collaboration and conflict.
The Crescent and the Cross - Introduction By: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.
Malignant Self Love - Buy the Book - Click HERE!!! Relationships with Abusive Narcissists - Buy the e-Books - Click HERE!!!
The Web Sam Vaknin Sites READ THIS: Scroll down to review a complete list of the articles - Click on the blue-coloured text!
Bookmark this Page - and SHARE IT with Others! Written: July, 2000
"There are two maxims for historians which so harmonise with what I know of history that I would like to claim them as my own, though they really belong to nineteenth-century historiography: first, that governments try to press upon the historian the key to all the drawers but one, and are anxious to spread the belief that this single one contains no secret of importance; secondly, that if the historian can only find the thing which the government does not want him to know, he will lay his hand upon something that is likely to be significant."
Herbert Butterfield, "History and Human Relations", London, 1951, p. 186
The Balkans as a region is a relatively novel way of looking at the discrete nation-states that emerged from the carcasses of the Ottoman and Habsburg Empires and fought over their spoils.

176. I Love GOD
Sacred texts of various religions and online shop.
Now the two primal Spirits, who reveal themselves in vision as twins,
are the Better and the Bad, in thought and word and action.
And between these two the wise ones chose aright, the foolish not so.
And when these twain Spirits came together in the beginning,
they created Life and Not-Life, and that at the end
worst existence shall be to the followers of the Lie,
but the best existence to him that follows Right.

Kitab I Aqdas

Kitab I Iqan

Epistle to son of wolf
Buddhism Dhammapada Saddharma Pundarika Mahayana Texts Digha Nikaya Christianity Bible (king james version) Deuterocanonical Apocrypha Confucianism Confucian Analects Mencius Doctrine of Mean Great Learning Hinduism Bhagavad Gita Rig Atharva Sama ... Upanishads Islam Quran (arabic romanised) Quran (yusuf ali) Quran (e.h. palmer) Quran (mohd pickthall) Jainism Akaranga Sutra Kalpa Sutra Judaism T orah N eviim ... etuvim Shinto Kojiki Nihongi Sikhism Guru Granth Sahib Taoism Tao Te Ching Chuang Tzu Zoroastrianism Zend Avesta Shop Newsletter Blog ... Contact Last Updated on 11-Jun-2004

177. Temple Of The Magi
Esoteric writings about apocalyptic prophecies, mysticism, theology, Jungian Psychology, and the blending of various religions.

178. Centre D'études Interdisciplinaires Des Faits Religieux
Revue de sociologie et d'histoire des religions publi©e par le CNRS. Articles au format .html et .pdf depuis 1999
CENTRE D'ETUDES INTERDISCIPLINAIRES DES FAITS RELIGIEUX La revue Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 105 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris Tel: 01 45 49 76 59 La revue Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions Sociology of Religion The Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion et Social Compass ), les Archives CEIFR , le GSRL (Groupe de Sociologie des Religions et de la Laïcité), et le Centre Société, Droit et Religion en Europe de Strasbourg. La revue s'est installée en septembre 1995 dans les locaux de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. Danièle Hervieu-Léger en est le rédacteur en chef et Régine Azria le rédacteur en chef adjoint. Nathalie Luca est responsable du Bulletin bibliographique (qui représente 3 à 400 notices par an, réalisées par un ensemble de plus de 100 recenseurs). Anne Luciani Aux termes de leur première présentation , les Archives se donnaient pour objectif de "promouvoir une perspective comparative, élargie à toutes les religions vivantes ou mortes, de favoriser une coopération de toutes les sciences sociales aux fins d'éclairer les facettes multiples du phénomène religieux et d'accueillir l'exposé des développements théoriques de la recherche." Ce programme guide toujours l'activité du comité de rédaction, au-delà des différents renouvellements qu'il a connus. Un objectif plus récemment poursuivi est d'ouvrir le Bulletin Bibliographique à de jeunes chercheurs invités à produire des comptes rendus. La revue est bilingue (français-anglais) et parfois trilingue (espagnol). Elle paraît quatre fois par an (deux numéros thématiques et deux numéros bibliographiques).

179. Indian Matrimonials Indian Dating Of Indians For Marriage Matrimonial
Free matchmaking service for people of all religions. Includes matrimonial search, email, chat and photo scan with secure data transfer.

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Free Services
Simple Search Search by Name Browse Profiles Add Profile ... Slide Show
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REGISTER HERE and create a FREE matrimonial listing!
Welcome to Marriage ! The best and most simplest Indian matrimonials website around. Marriage Maker is a web publishing site were Indians (Including NRI men and women and, non-Indians who wish to marry people of Indian descent) post their matrimonial advertisement and search for marriage partners. Whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, or any other religion, this is your one stop guide to matrimonials. Remember, your Special Someone is out there. So don't be shy, find that person before you lose a chance of Lifetime. Please bookmark this page as we have new members joining every day and you will definitely want to see the new Indian Matrimonial ads!!! Free Indian Matrimonials Search Gender: Male Female Country: Any Country USA India Canada United Kingdom Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin

180. Islam - The Modern Religion..Click The Moon To Step Inside...
Contains links to interesting comparative pages between Islam and mostly Christianity. Did Jesus pray like a muslim? Islam and The Ten Commandments; Women in Islam, Christianity and Judaism; so on and so on.

Islam - The Modern Religion or Q-News

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