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         Work At Home Parents:     more books (67)
  1. Home but Not Alone: The Parents' Work-At-Home Handbook by Katherine Murray, 1997-05
  2. Home But Not Alone: The Parents' Work-at-Home Handbook
  3. Home But Not Alone: The Parent's Work-At-Home Handbook
  4. Being There: The Benefits of a Stay-At-Home Parent by Isabelle Fox, Norman M. Lobsenz, 1996-03
  5. Work For Stay At Home Parents Internet Business Building Bootcamp by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  6. The Ultimate Get More Biz, Godfather Principles and eCommerce for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Jason Z Davis, 2007
  7. The Ultimate Earn More Money, Inner Game and Sales Models for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Trey Z Davis, 2007
  8. Unraveling The Inner Game To Work For Stay At Home Parents Sales Success Online by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  9. The Quick and Easy Earn More Money, Success Principles and Sales Models for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by John Z Davis, 2007
  10. The Best How To Earn Extra Money, Success Principles and Biz Networking for Work For Stay At Home Parents Businesses 3 CD Power Pack by Luke Z Thomas, 2007
  11. Proven Success Secrets For Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Business by James Orr, 2007
  12. The Special Earn More Money, Biz Networking and Accounting & Finance for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Montezuma Z Davis, 2007
  13. Proven Success Secrets For Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Business by James Orr, 2007
  14. The Techie Stuff: Setting Up Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Storefront by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007

121. 4Parents Network - Helping You Navigate The Ages & Stages Of Parenting
Dedicated group of webmommy entrepreneurs working together to bring resources to parents.
We are a dedicated group of web-parent entrepreneurs who are working together to bring you the resources you need as a parent. We hope you will visit each of our partners and sign up for their ezines! We are Parents 2 Parents, Parents 4 Parents...The 4 Parents Network!
E-mail address




~ The 4 Parents Network, Division of EWS Publishing Company, Inc. 2004~
What's All New? [ here's your click!
  • 24 ways to get something for nothing and practically nothing!
    There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there are many other things that are free for the asking. The best advice I can share from my years of teaching is ask, ask, ask. You have nothing to lose by asking for what you need. The worse they can say is no. We have a list of 24 things that can be yours, FREE! Read More
  • Tips for Making Cleaning Quick, Easy and Fun Most of us are not lucky enough to have someone do our housecleaning for us. But that doesn't mean that we have to dread the thought of tackling our chores. Read More
  • Socal Mom's Family Film Reviews Read More
  • Teach Your Children Positive Self-Image With Fitness While the statistics are disheartening, the good news is that there's a lot that can be done to help our children have positive self-images. Here are a few suggestions.

122. Hoagies' Gifted Education Page
Resources for parents and educators of gifted children, including articles and research, books, organizations, online support groups, AND academic programs.
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page Parents

What's New?
Updated June 11, 2004 Gifted 101 and
Gifted 102
Conferences and
Mailing Lists, Boards...
Search You are visitor since March 17, 1998.
Send suggestions and corrections to or Feedback
Carolyn K.

Last updated June 08, 2004

123. Welcome To
A reading room for parents of premature infants and children by the coauthor of Your Premature Baby and Child.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

124. SNAP
A postadoption service in British Columbia (Canada) which assists special needs adoptive families, professionals and the community through support and education. Site includes news, resources and membership information.

125. Single Parents Books With Review
Information resources for the single parent at any stage of single parenting.
What's NEW
New Sites

New Articles

Cool Sites

Hot Articles

Single Parent Zones

Book Review

FREE Web Access

Shopping Mall
Community Center
Discussions Local Events Voice Chat Personal Ads ... Members From The DeskTop Add URL Advertise on SPN Contact Us FeedBack ... Keys to Single Parenting Here's help for parents who must cope with the details of raising children in the often-demanding contemporary environment. Detailed advice covers such subjects as making the transition to single parenthood, helping children recover from the trauma of parents' separation, and more. From Father's Property to Children's Rights: The History of Child Custody in the United States Mary Ann Mason - Single Parent's Almanac, The: Real-World Answers to Your Everyday Questions by Linda Foust - The Single Parent's Almanac" shows parents how to balance their children's needs with their own desires, responsibilities, and goals. It throws out life preservers to parents who need some guidance in the areas of taking care of themselves, surviving the holidays, dating, and sex. The Courage to Be a Single Mother: Becoming Whole Again after Divorce Sheila Ellison - Addressing an unfortunately common situation, this unique book guides newly divorced mothers through the paralyzing doubt, guilt, fear, and anger to the practical rebuilding of their lives. "The goal is not to look backward pointing fingers," writes Ellison, "but instead to point our hands and hearts forward to new possibilities."

126. Meet The Parents
Official site by Universal Pictures, with screensavers, cast biographies, screenings, and production notes. Available in flash or standard.

127. Creative Parents
Supports creativity in parenting and other aspects of parents' lives careers, hobbies, timemanagement. Developing a virtual community of creative parents. Articles, reviews, games,interviews.
See more Articles.
"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will each have one apple.
But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." George Bernard Shaw, 1856-1950
Creative Parents is a Registered Trademark of Istar Schwager Articles Interviews Reviews Activities ... Dr. Istar Schwager. Dr. Istar Schwager, founder of Creative, is an educational psychologist, parenting expert and media consultant whose work has reached millions of parents and children.
Interview with



"You can always make something out of nothing"
Interview with Caldecott Gold Medal Winner Simms Taback
The Movie Mom Interview with Nell Minow and link to current reviews Author Alice Hoffman- On Writing with Kids by Marcy Zipke "Welcome to Holland" (A "Must Read" for All Parents) by Emily Perl Kingsley Interview with KINGSLEY on parents' changing expectations Istar's Interview about Harry Potter on Washington Post Live Online's Families and So On.

128. Children's Partnership
Undertakes research and policy analysis, publishes reports and multimedia materials, and forges new alliances among parents, policymakers and the private sector to achieve tangible gains for children.

129. Mom2Many - Parents Of Multiples Across Canada
An internet community for Canadian parents of multiples featuring articles, classified ads, auctions, discussion forums.
Canada bans baby walkers
On Wednesday, April 7, Canada became the first country to ban the selling, reselling, advertising and importing of baby walkers. Anyone found violating the ban faces fines of up to $100,000.
Discussion Forums
Mom2Many's discussion forums were hosted by an outside company which has decided to discontinue the service. I am working to get new discussion forums set up. Stay tuned! Twins Talent Agency
Click here
for new casting opportunities from Twins Talent Agency. Pamper your baby without breaking your budget!
Here's an awesome new book called Free Stuff for Baby! by a Canadian mother of a five year-old singleton and two year-old twins. It is loaded with tons of freebies for Canadian babies and moms, as well as a list of great web resources for parents (Mom2Many made it...phew!). Now available from for only $20.95 a super investment! Click here to order! Mail Order Mama
Ann Douglas, Canada's favorite parenting author (and mine!), has gone and done it again! Ann's just announced the launch of Mail Order Mama , the first mail-order catalogue for the truly discriminating mama and mama-to-be! You can order Ann's wonderful books through Mail Order Mama too. There's something for everyone so check it out at

130. A Single Parents View
Offers parenting resources, chat rooms and forum, and helpful stories from other single parents.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
A Single Parents View Parenting Resources Helpful Links A story for single mothers About My Family ... Contact Me Welcome to my parenting site! My name is Julie, and I am a single mother. I have a profound respect for all other single parents, both mothers and fathers alike. Our job is not an easy one. With a great balance of hard work and much love for our children, we can make our future doctors and lawyers very respectable individuals. Every day if we as parents can take 5 individual minutes to tell our children how proud we are of them, and how much we love and care for them, wouldn't this world be a better place to live in ! I love being a parent, and would not give it up for anything. My parenting philosophy... Parenting is a very exciting, and very thought provoking choice. A child is like a chalkboard, and from the very beginning everything you place on the chalkboard will either be remembered by everyone that sees it, or erased like it was never there. Memories should be good and all new writing upon your chalkboard should be understandable and commendable. For children are our future, and we should put every ounce of energy into them. Anyone can be a "mom" or "dad", but it take a special person to be a "mother" or "father." Serve as the best example for you children, for they are our future. They see how you act and react, be there when they need you.

131. Parents With Disabilities
Site for people with disabilities, who are thinking about becoming pregnant or adopting, and for parents with disabilities with children of all ages confronting issues in health care, schools, recreation and worship.

132. Healing Hearts For Bereaved Parnts-Grief Support For Parents
A site devoted to providing information and support to parents who are suffering with grief as the result of the death of their child or children.
Please take a moment to visit The Grief Store . It's a super resource for books,
videos and other materials relating to grief.
My Heart's Missing Link
The only heart
with a name and your story behind it.
Grief Support for Families
HEALING HEARTS for Bereaved Parents is dedicated to providing grief support and services to parents who are suffering as the result of the loss of their child or children. The volunteers at HEALING HEARTS are here to help. We have known the pain that the death of a child brings. We have struggled with and worked on our grief and finally have made peace with that sorrow. Our purpose is to offer understanding, suggestions for coping, support, friendship, and most of all hope to all bereaved parents. Parents who have lost a child as a result of miscarriage or stillbirth are equally welcome as those who have lost children to illness, accident or violence. A monthly newsletter with information about grief and ways of coping is also published, FREE of charge for the first year, to all who are interested in receiving it. There is no need to attend a HEALING HEARTS session to become a subscriber. Just take a moment to complete the

133. Options For Working Parents Home
Offers childcare resource and referral services and a childcare assistance program. Located in Providence, RI.
Where Rhode Island families turn for child care support Commerce Center
30 Exchange Terrace
Providence, RI 02903
A non-profit program of the
Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
PARENTS ° CORPORATE PARTNERS ° PROVIDERS Established in 1984, Options for Working Parents is a non-profit program of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce committed to addressing child care concerns and assisting employers, parents, providers of service, and the community in meeting those concerns. Learn more about us. For Parents For Providers For Corporate Partners ... Just For Fun!
Options for Working Parents releases Economic Impact Study on the Rhode Island Child Care Industry. Click here for more information. Vote for your 2004 Child Care Champion! Rhode Island Child Care Current Job Postings 6th Annual Child Care Champion Awards April 20, 2004

134. Redirection...
Magazine qu©becois traitant de divers sujets familiaux tels sant©, loisirs, finances, ou presque tout concernant la maison et l'immobilier.
Familles d'aujourd'hui Familles d'aujourd'hui

135. Talking To Your Parents - Or Other Adults
Whether it's an everyday issue like schoolwork or an emergency situation, communicating with parents and other adults can be helpful. This article explores the benefits of talking things over and explains how to deal with communication breakdown.

Teens Your Mind Families
Your classmate said "yes" to a date, and tonight's the big night. Suddenly you're feeling nervous - and could use a word of encouragement. You got the lead in the school play and you can't wait to tell someone how excited you are. You didn't make the final cut for the team and need some moral support. Who's the first person you go to at moments like this? If you're like most guys and girls, you're more likely to share your feelings with a friend than your parents. When you were a child, your mom and dad were the first people you shared your good news with - and your problems. So what happened? Why is it that talking with your parents was so easy then and yet it's so hard now? Changes That Affect Communication During Adolescence
It's not just your body that develops during puberty . Your mind is growing too. And this emotional development impacts your relationships - all of them. Just as you've noticed how some friendships deepen whereas others end, the long-standing relationships you have with people like parents are going to change, too. It's all about establishing the unique identity and interests that will turn you into an independent, self-reliant adult. According to Dr. D'Arcy Lyness, an adolescent psychologist in Pennsylvania, people's minds develop in several ways during their teenage years. Not only is this a time when you develop better problem-solving skills and the ability to make responsible choices, you're also examining different values and beliefs and engaging in more self-discovery than at any other time in your life.

136. Circumcision Information For Parents
Links to basic information for parents about circumcision, care of both the intact and circumcised penis, protection from wrongful circumcision and legal recourses.
Information for Parents
This menu page provides links to basic information for parents about circumcision, care of the intact penis, care of the circumcised penis, protection from unwanted wrongful circumcision, and legal recourses. Off-site links will open in a new window. CIRP also recommends the following websites, which also provide useful information for parents in an easy to understand format:

137. Dr. Ruth A. Peters
For over twenty years, Dr. Ruth A. Peters has specialized in treating children, adolescents and families in her private practice in Clearwater, Florida. Her focus has been upon teaching parents how to control their difficult children, as well as how to motivate kids to reach their academic potential.


Seminar Topics: ... Attention Deficit Disorder / Hyperactivity: Causes and Solutions
Ruth A. Peters, Ph.D.
For over twenty five years, Dr. Ruth Peters has specialized in treating children, adolescents and families in her private practice in Clearwater, Florida. Her focus has been upon teaching parents how to control their difficult children, as well as how to motivate kids to reach their academic potential. During the past ten years, Dr. Peters has repeatedly been featured on national television including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NBC's Today, CNN Morning News, MSNBC and Lifetime Live She has served as Parenting Contributor to ABC's Good Morning America as well as NBC's Later Today show. Currently, Dr. Peters is a contributing psychologist for NBC's Today , as well as a consultant to Sylvan Learning Systems, Target and America Online . She is also a weekly contributor to MSNBC's web site, providing a parenting column on child behavior management.

138. Oregon Parents United Home Page
An Oregon Information and Referral Source for K12 Disabled Children
What's New lE-mail Oregon Parents United Last Updated 06/12/2004 About OPU About OPU Join OPU Our stories Contact Us Resources Effective Service Providers How-Tos Articles Links News Events What's New Statewide National ...
Awareness Design by Cher
Welcome to Oregon
Parents United
  • Advocacy Information Source for Parent/Student A Parent Support Group An Oregon Information and Referral Source for K-12 Disabled Children.
News! OPU Branches Out Announcing OPU/Advocacy - A "new" Advocacy list in Oregon. How to join The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is conducting Verification Visits to States regarding their systems for early intervention and special education for children with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) . The specific purpose of these visits is to review: (1) the accuracy of the special education and early intervention data that the State collects and reports each year to OSEP; (2) the effectiveness of the State’s systems for identifying and correcting noncompliance with IDEA requirements; and (3) the Statewide assessment program. We will be visiting Oregon during the week of July12, 2004. [

139. ACT's Information For Parents: Resources
Educational planning and career development assistance for parents.
Helping Your Child Explore Career Options Plan for College Prepare for Work Resources
Information for Parents
Parent Resources
Educational Planning
Career Development
ACT provides links to other websites for informational purposes only. ACT is not responsible for the content in other sites, and links from the ACT website to other sites are not intended to imply endorsement of them by ACT.
Contacting ACT Site Index

140. Children's Educational Games Products And Resources By Vickilew
Articles, information, and interactive webbased games for moms and young children to play together.
Vickilew's "I Gotta Go!" provides a FUN and SUCCESSFUL approach to Potty Training. Sweet Dreams is the highly acclaimed and doctor approved CD that helps your child fall asleep. Welcome! Happy, healthy children and happy, close families mean the world to us. Our company is dedicated to you. You are the greatest influence and inspiration to your special child and family. At Vickilew, we have one simple mission: to empower you to be the best parent you can be! Read More... Vickilew Site Directory

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