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         Work At Home Parents:     more books (67)
  1. Success Marketing Strategies For Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Business by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  2. Show Me The Money: The Financial Side of Selling Work For Stay At Home Parents Online by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  3. The Quick and Easy Earn More Money, Accounting & Finance and eCommerce for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by William Z Davis, 2007
  4. Time Management Principles For Selling Work For Stay At Home Parents Online by Jassen Bowman, 2007
  5. The Guerilla Marketing, Building Effective Lead Capture Web Pages, Sales Letters for Work For Stay At Home Parents Businesses by J Bowman J Orr, 2007
  6. The Secret Make An Extra Income, Sales Models and eCommerce for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Biz Package (3 CDs) by Phillip Z Moore, 2007
  7. Mentor Manager, Mentor Parent: How to Develop Responsible People and Build Successful Relationships at Work and at Home by Linda Dowling, Cecile Culp Mielenz, 2002-09-01
  8. Parents September 2005 - Potty Problems, Find Great Child Care, Stop A Trantrum in 10 Seconds, 25 Simple Ways to Soothe Your Baby, Raise a Millionaire Money Lessons to Teach Now, School Sucess 162 Ideas for an A+ Year, Work At Home Scam Alerts
  9. Stay-at-home parents: how to structure a hundred-hour day. (includes list of information resources and related article on managing home life and work life)(Cover Story): An article from: U.S. Catholic by Joan Flynn Fee, 1996-01-01
  10. From High Heels to Bunny Slippers: Surviving the Transition from Career to Home (Capital Lifestyles) by Christine Conners, 2006-03-28
  11. Helping with Math at Home: Ideas for Parents (Supporting School Mathematics: How to Work with Parents and the Public) by Ruth E. Parker, Mathematics Education Collaborative, 2006-03-17
  12. The Working Parents' Handbook: How to Succeed at Work, Raise Your Kids, Maintain a Home, and Still Have Time for You by Katherine Murray, 1996-05
  13. Helping with Math at Home: More Ideas for Parents (Supporting School Mathematics: How to Work with Parents and the Public) by Ruth E. Parker, Mathematics Education Collaborative, 2006-03-17
  14. Taking Charge: Caring Discipline That Works at Home and at School by Joanne Nordling, 2007-01-05

61. The Entrepreneurial Parent -- A Community And Career Resource For Parents Lookin
A community and career resource for parents on the home career track. Learn how to balance work and family under one roof build your career skills, run a
Just Released!
Find out what 111 Entrepreneurial Parents have to say about the
EP work-life!
Order this latest edition of the best-selling Work from Home book series
author Lisa Roberts now
Based on the survey results of over 700 EPs...
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Need some direction?
Find out:
Order your copy online or at Amazon today!
The Entrepreneurial Parent is a community and career hub for parents looking to balance work and family on their own terms. We're here to address the needs of EPs Entrepreneurial Parent community you've been looking for. Welcome!
Genece Hamby, EP of the Month
Have you recently lost your job? Are you considering self-employment now? The Layoff Survival Guide is filled with over 100 resources and practical strategies to help you better manage the transition from Pink-Slip to Paycheck OR
from Pink-Slip to Entrepreneur!

62. Your Family -- Cooking Tips For EPs
Win $100 in prizes! Cooking Tips for work@home parents. Yes it s true that you have easy access to the kitchen but you re still
@ The Entrepreneurial Parent
SITE CONTENTS-At A Glance! Home Site Map Search Site Your Family Index Your Career Index Your Business Index EPnews (FREE, Subscribe Now!) Expert Articles Resource Center NAEP Membership Member Profiles EP Gift Shop Home Career Counseling Advertising Rates Lisa's Book EP Member Store Business Services Family Services EP Bookstore Who are EPs? EP Showcase Join EP Join NAEP Member Listings Ask the EP Experts Survey/Poll Discussion Forums EP Volunteers Media Room About the Founders Contact Us Link to Us EP Awards EP Mailing Lists Subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter or join our daily discussion
Win $100 in prizes!
Cooking Tips for Work@Home Parents
Yes it's true that you have easy access to the kitchen... but you're still a working parent and don't have much time to cook! How do you make the most of your flexible schedule when it comes to mealtime?
H ere are the "Top 10 Cooking Tips" for Entrepreneurial Parents: 1. Shop in the morning.

63. Home Based Working Moms. Work At Home, Home Business Center
homeBased working Moms TM is a professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to work from home.
Are you looking for a legitimate way to generate income from home? Learn more about how to launch a Homeowner Referral Network (HRN) in your area.
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No Selling/ Stocking or MLM 100% Risk-Free

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Committed to bringing working moms closer to their children. Home Based Working Moms Refer A Friend Select Channel Join HBWM! Work-at-Home Kit Member Directory Home Biz Central Mom's Assistant Canadian HBWMs Members Area Free Prizes Message Boards Our Fans Advertise Media/Press Home Biz Resources Parenting Resources At Home Careers Contact Us About Us Home Join Now! HBWM Central

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64. Home Based Working Moms Founder: Association For Parents Who Work At Home
this time, Spencer also found there was a strong need for support, information and networking among parents who were working at home or wanting to work at home
Committed to bringing working moms closer to their children. Home-Based Working Moms Work-at-Home Kit Select Channel Join HBWM! Work-at-Home Kit Member Directory Home Biz Central Mom's Assistant Find Work Canadian HBWMs FAQs Members Area Free Prizes Message Boards Our Fans Advertise Media/Press Home Biz Resources Parenting Resources At Home Careers About Us Contact Us Home Join HBWM! Refer A Friend! HBWM Central

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Advertise / Media Ad Rates Ad Policy For Media / Press About About Us Contact Us Testimonials Media Coverage ... FAQs Get HBWMs Very Popular eNewsletter HTML Text AOL Paid Surveys - Join Free Now Make YOUR home page We Sincerely Appreciate Your Referrals! About the Founder Lesley Spencer founded HBWM (Home-Based Working Moms) in 1995 shortly after the birth of her first child. With the strong motivation of her newborn daughter, she quit her full-time job and started her home business in public relations and marketing. During this time, Spencer also found there was a strong need for support, information and networking among parents who were working at home or wanting to work at home. She felt an organization like HBWM would be the perfect way to allow parents to share ideas, network and support one another. Members have given her the assurance that HBWM is making a difference, and she hopes it can help many more parents realize their goal to spend more time with their children.

65. Home Based Business Opportunity - Work At Home Moms
parents also has homebased business tips, business tools, business marketing and advertising resources, software and ebooks for work and stay at home parents.
Welcome to Home Based Parents
The #1 Website Dedicated To Home Based Parents with Home Based Businesses!
Looking for quality avenues to market YOUR home based business
Than you are at the RIGHT home biz website!
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66. Work-at-Home Parents
workat-home parents, Small Office home Office (SOHO), Small Business, parents who work at home, work at home dad. work-at-home parents
Work-at-Home Parents
Small office home office soho

Bizy Moms

Provides work-at-home mothers with listings of ideas, opportunities, advice and articles for starting a home-based business.

Moms on the go
Dedicated to providing the support mothers need while working at home.

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67. Jugglezine - Work-At-Home Parents Troubleshooting Guide
workAt-home parents Troubleshooting Guide Tips on sharing an office with people you really love TEXT BY DEBRA WIERENGA ILLUSTRATION BY MARINA SAGONA MAY 4,1516,7,00.html
Letters to the Editor
and About Jugglezine View articles by topic... Design Issues Lifestyles Technology Time Management Work Working at Home Sort by Author Sort by Date Work-At-Home Parents' Troubleshooting Guide
Tips on sharing an office with people you really love
TEXT BY DEBRA WIERENGA ILLUSTRATION BY MARINA SAGONA MAY 4, 1999 What type of tightrope walk does your home/work balance most closely resemble? (Choose one) One with a safety net One with no safety net One I do while juggling 3 balls One I do while juggling 3 balls, 4 fire batons, 5 machetes and a bowling ball I'm no fool: I leave the tightrope walking up to my partner.
Agree? Disagree? Stop sounding off to your computer screen! Instead, share your point of view on this subject with our readers.
There are a number of articles (entire books, even) out there giving practical and sober advice about how to set up a home office if you are telecommuting or self-employed. They tell you about the equipment you'll need, the space, the furniture, the number of phone lines and electrical outlets. As a home-working parent, though, I find that these how-tos fail to inform one on the really crucial issues, such as the importance of having a mute button on your phone and a couch in your office, the benefits of stocking one file drawer with assorted Matchbox cars, and how many pens you will need if you share your work space with a four-year old (a lot more than you think).
Actually, I wish I had a sharp, red, never-been-used-for-coloring-firetrucks Pilot Razor Point pen for every time I've read the cautionary sentence: "

68. Welcome Home: Inspiration And Support For Stay At Home Moms
and children, but many parents find the idea of approaching other parents at the park Hear from real stay at home moms how they make it work Real Stories
Site Directory: About Us Advertise with Us Couponing Coupon Codes/Deals ... Work at Home Bargain Shopping: Amazon Babies R US Baby Center Sales Best Deal Magazines ... Wal*Mart Subscribe to the HOTTEST money-saving newsletter around! Be the first to get the scoop on hot deals, money-saving tips, bargain alerts and hints from real moms.
Enter Your Email:
Ideas, support and inspiration for stay at home moms! Stay at Home Parents Did you know... In 1998, 35% of married couples with children under the age of six have a wife that was not in the labor force. Staying home isn't what it used to be. You are now in the minority. But don't forget... you're giving your children your most precious gift... your time! Starting a Playgroup by Julia White Find other moms nearby for friendship and support! Leaving a Crazy Lifestyle Behind by Lucynda Koesters Is Staying Home the Right Decision for You? by Kim Danger Making the decision to stay home with your kids isn't one you should take lightly. Make sure you know how staying home will affect your life, both positively and negatively.

69. ParentCenter | Bulletin Board: Work-at-Home Parents
Board workat-home parents Do you work at home? What works? TOPIC, LATEST. To create a new Topic within work-at-home parents, click Create Topic.
Work-at-Home Parents
Do you work at home? What works? What doesn't? Whether you telecommute, have your own company, or want to consider working at home, talk about the issues that matter to you. If you have legitimate job opportunities or referrals, please post them on our Job Referrals and Opportunities board.
Please make sure the posts conform to our community guidelines
See list of all bulletin boards

To create a new Topic within Work-at-Home Parents , click Create Topic
SEARCH THE BOARDS To search the entire site, use the search form at the top left of the page.
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Four years ago, while pregnant with her second child, software engineer Cheryl Demas did something that surprised even herself: She quit her job to stay at home. But she didn't want to stop working. While rooting around the Internet for job possibilities, says Demas, ''I discovered there were thousands of women who would like to be at home with their kidsand they're intelligent, well-educated women.'' She had an idea: Why not create a Web site that would offer resources and support for work-at-home moms? Today, Demas' site generates half a million page views a month through its business directory, book list, and classified ads. A popular feature is Demas' monthly humor column, which recently described her lifelong quest to be No.1 in line at Disney World. And the site supplies answers to frequently asked questions such as ''How can I convince my boss he should let me work from home after my baby is born?'' Answer: ''Show him how he benefits, too.'' Demas' site is just one of many Web resources for working parents as they alternately glide and stumble through their frenetic lives (table). Think about it: Using the Web, you can nab a freelance job, track down some advice about the nanny tax, and solicit tips on parenting. You can do your banking, unload a stock, or window-shop online. And, if you're feeling lonely in your home office, or guilty about the time you spend on business trips, you can click on to sites that let you chat with like-minded souls.

71. Family And Home Network, Publisher Of Welcome Home Magazine
athome fathers, and those who work part-time or work at home. Our message boards provide opportunities to connect with other at-home parents for discussions
A National Nonprofit organization founded in 1984 SUBSCRIBE ABOUT US GET INVOLVED CONTACT US ... SEARCH New to our web site?

What's New
Members Section Welcome Home ... Art Gallery last updated:
March 1, 2004 Transitioning to home Benefits of being there Affordability Earning money at home ... Husbands and Wives New!
FAHN Asks Government to Adopt Wholehearted Family Policy
Family-friendly Jury Duty Legislation Focus on At-Home Infant Care Legislation
Transitioning Home circle group guides!
Become a member - join in our work and access the member-only portion..... read more Sell this book for Your Next Fundraiser!
8 Benefits of Subscribing

Subscriber's Log in Let Welcome Home encourage, inform and inspire you each month and join our work on behalf of nurturing parents subscribe today Family and Home Network , 9493-C Silver King Court, Fairfax, VA 22031

72. Tips For Working Parents And Carers Juggling Work And Home
Find information, advice and tips for working parents and carers on juggling work and home, parental leave and just getting through. Click Here!,,204,00.html
var cimsCid = ''; var cimsUid = '204'; iv_hideTacoda = true; Search iVillage for: Home Join free Horoscopes Quizzes Related Channels: Money Health Relationships more ... You are here work-life balance
Career shift

Deal with stress
All experts

iVillage News
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'What has the EU ever done for us?'

16 ways to juggle work and children

A week in the life of a nanniless working mum
Working mothers at risk from too much guilt
Work/life balance Flexible working Working parents Job-sharing Stuck in a rut? ... Change your life iVillage Channels Community Services About iVillage Beauty Health Horoscopes Money ... Terms of Service advertisers

73. - A Parent Resource With Parenting Advice, Stories And Articl
Discussions include parenting for toddlers through teens, work at home discussions for parents, educational questions, and much more. Need a Job?
Thank You Mom! By Michelle Gonzalez A poetic tale about raising an independent child. Recommended Reading
50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships Click Here
Starting A Daycare - A Comprehensive Start-Up Guide Kit Click Here
The Internet Resource Guide - Untangling the Web for individuals with Special Needs Click Here
Internet Shopping Secrets Click Here
Books in Print
Link to Us! The Spring Young Writers Contest is nearly here! Cash prizes will be awarded for the best poem and short story in two categories. Click Here to for details. For Kids Preschool K - 6th
For Parents
Bulletin Boards
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Parents in Business: Find a home business Find a Job Webmaster Resources Current Articles: Why Potty Training should be spelt RELAX A New Pet for the Holidays? Say it isn't SO! Volunteerism is Good for Everyone Protecting our Children ... Talking to Kids about September 11th Read past articles in the Article Archives Special Needs Resources for Parenting children with physical or mental disabilities.

74. Search Results - Homeschool SuperSearch - Search Engine For Teachers, Parents, S
line of Usborne products. We also offer a wonderful business opportunity for workat-home parents see our website for details!

75. Parenting And Parenthood Information -
Breastfeeding at work. Books Videos/DVDs Websites. Child Care, parents and Parenting. Insurance Kids and Money. work at home work family balance.
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  • Room-by-room lists of safety tips and reminders. Drug-Proof Your Teens This Summer
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  • 3 things you can do to keep your teens drug-free
  • 4 steps your teen can take to stay out of harm's way
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    Tips and articles sent to you weekly from our experts. Buyer beware! Check our 2004 Resale Round-Up of Unsafe Items before you buy at yard sales. Activities Health Crafts ... Work family balance Check out the resources calendar from your local parenting publication.
  • 76. Work At Home Scams
    They target stayat-home parents, students, seniors, immigrants, and poeple with disabilities who may be housebound. If you re considering a work-at-home offer
    Work at Home Scams
    Radio Public Service Message - 60 secs. Work at home offers? You find them in the classifieds. Maybe you've seen them posted on telephone poles. And more and more, they're on the Internet. Luring consumers with guarantees they can't deliver.
    They promise high income, no risk, and a chance to make your own hours. They target stay-at-home parents, students, seniors, immigrants, and poeple with disabilities who may be housebound.
    If you're considering a work-at-home offer, the Federal Trade Commission says, "get all the details and the refund policies in writing." And don't fall for a high-pressure sales pitch.
    The Federal Trade Commission wants to help you recognize and report fraud. For more information, call the FTC toll-free at 1-877-FTC-HELP. That's 1-877-FTC-H-E-L-P.
    A message from the Federal Trade Commission - working for the consumer. January

    77. Disabled Parents Network -  Home Page
    The BBC is planning a new series looking at working parents and childcare and focusing on the balance between work and home life.
    Disabled Parents Network
    A national network: helping each other and bringing about change Disabled Parents Network (DPN is a national organisation of and for disabled people who are parents or who hope to become parents, and their families, friends and supporters. Home Page About DPN Being a Disabled Parent Contact Us ... Why don't you join DPN and become part of a growing network of disabled parents! Latest News Inside DPN Talking Point Access to maternity care in Dudley for women from disadvantaged groups. The Select Committee on Good Health is about to begin a review on access to maternity care in Dudley for women from disadvantaged groups, including disabled women. Click here for further details. At Work during your pregnancy? Click here for further details. Pregnancy and Birth - A Guide for Deaf Women
    Published by the RNID in association with the NCT, Pregnancy and birth - a guide for deaf women provides clear information on the key things a pregnant woman needs to know, from planning a baby through to baby's first few days.

    78. Working & Single Parents - A To Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
    Resources for parents who want to wrok at home The workAt-home Mom s Guide to home Business Stay at home and Make Money The work-At-home Mom s Guide to home
    Homeschooling books and supplies at discount, no sales tax, and now free shipping!
    A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Concerns I am Ann Zeise , your guide to the best and most interesting and useful sites and articles about home education on the web. Search
    This Site
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    Working Outside Special Situations
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    Telecommuting Success : A Practical Guide for Staying in the Loop While Working Away from the Office
    by Michael J. Dziak
    This book "goes beyond the basics andleaves no detail unmentioned when it comes to creating a successful telecommuting career," says Gil Gordon, telecommuting pioneer and consultant, in this book's foreword.

    79. Parentline Plus 0808 800 2222 - Parents - Balancing Work And Home
    Balancing work and home Being a parent, managing a job, running a home and having some sort of social life for yourself means that there are never enough hours
    Balancing work and home
    There are pros and cons to every option. If you are employed, full-time or part-time, you may:
    Have a better standard of living and have fewer money problems
    Have friends and a social life outside the home
    But you may also feel:
    Overwhelmed with too much work and are missing out on family life
    Feel too tired or busy to enjoy your social life
    You may not always feel in control but there are things you can do and think about to help manage the balance between work and home.
    Think it through

    "During the week I had to rely on ready cooked meals – the time I saved then allowed me to help the boys with their homework." Take control Talk it through with a friend (or helpline) to help you find out what you think the balance is now. Would you prefer to work more, less or the same as now? Would you like to change how you manage the balance? Talk about what worries you: What makes it difficult? What would make it easier?

    80. BUSY Parents Parenting Publication: Home Business Notary, Writing, Parties, Chri
    For The BUSY Parent eBooks With A Purpose Start earning up to $25 an hour. Mobile Notary, home Daycare, or Mystery Shopping businesses. work From home Or
    Home Christian Parenting Party ... Contact Us NEW ISSUE REVIEWS 30 Second Reviews: Books, movies, music, and products. BUSINESS
    The extra money I brought home helped pay off our debt. Plus there is extra spending money for little things life offers and I can buy little surprise gifts whenever I want!! More business articles SPONSOR Toll Free Telephone Numbers
    Great Service. Great Price. For just $2 per month and 6.9 cents per minute your home business can have its very own toll free telephone number! Click to advertise WRITING Copywriting Business
    In Karon's exclusive interview, she shares great insight into starting your own business and writing copy. More writing articles BUSINESS EXERCISE 3 A Day: What three ways can you promote your business every day? SPONSOR Home Daycare eBook
    Working from home doesn't have to mean selling, cold-calling, or inventory—if you love children! Click to advertise QUOTE "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
    Harriet Beecher Stowe PARTNER
    Meet your needs while doing something good for the parenting community. Buy from us and

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