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         Work At Home Parents:     more books (67)
  1. Home but Not Alone: The Parents' Work-At-Home Handbook by Katherine Murray, 1997-05
  2. Home But Not Alone: The Parents' Work-at-Home Handbook
  3. Home But Not Alone: The Parent's Work-At-Home Handbook
  4. Being There: The Benefits of a Stay-At-Home Parent by Isabelle Fox, Norman M. Lobsenz, 1996-03
  5. Work For Stay At Home Parents Internet Business Building Bootcamp by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  6. The Ultimate Get More Biz, Godfather Principles and eCommerce for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Jason Z Davis, 2007
  7. The Ultimate Earn More Money, Inner Game and Sales Models for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Trey Z Davis, 2007
  8. Unraveling The Inner Game To Work For Stay At Home Parents Sales Success Online by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007
  9. The Quick and Easy Earn More Money, Success Principles and Sales Models for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by John Z Davis, 2007
  10. The Best How To Earn Extra Money, Success Principles and Biz Networking for Work For Stay At Home Parents Businesses 3 CD Power Pack by Luke Z Thomas, 2007
  11. Proven Success Secrets For Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Business by James Orr, 2007
  12. The Special Earn More Money, Biz Networking and Accounting & Finance for Work For Stay At Home Parents On-line Businesses 3 Course Pack by Montezuma Z Davis, 2007
  13. Proven Success Secrets For Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Business by James Orr, 2007
  14. The Techie Stuff: Setting Up Your Work For Stay At Home Parents Online Storefront by James Orr and Jassen Bowman, 2007

181. OutProud - For Parents Of Gay Children
Information guide for parents trying to understand their gay children. Initial shock, questions and answers, concerns and personal stories.
Can We Understand?
THE INITIAL SHOCK When You First Find Out
It is often a shock for parents to find out that their child is homosexual. Whether you are a mother or a father, whether you have a son or a daughter, whether you long suspected something of the kind, or were completely surprised, finding out for sure can be a shock. The feelings that shake you are very strong and confusing. You may hardly be able to talk about it at first without tears and anger. Every family is different and every case individual: one parent may find out by chance, another may be told face-to-face, a third may receive a phone call or a letter; the child may be a teenager or an adult, self-accepting or upset with what he or she is; parents may be ready to listen, or react by drawing back. For all, however, there are some underlying concerns and questions: COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS Parents Usually Want to Know: Q. Why did he or she have to tell us? A. Many parents think that they would be happier if they didn't know. What you must realize, however, is that if you did not know, you would never really know your child. A large part of his or her life would be kept secret from you, and you would never really know the whole human being. The fact that your son or daughter told you is a sign of his or her love and need for your support and understanding. After all, who should know if not you? No other minority is asked to hide from their own parents what makes them "different"!

182. If You Had Controlling Parents
Dedicated to education about and prevention of unhealthy parental control.
This Site Is Dedicated to Providing Support and Resources
For Adults Raised with Unhealthy Control
Learn more about

this bestselling book from HarperCollins Publishers
The Signs of Unhealthy Control Differences between Healthier and Controlling Families ... Site Map Con·trol·ling par·ent (ken-tröl'lîng pâr'ent): Adult or guardian who uses excessively perfectionistic, overbearing, authoritarian, confusing, or manipulative methods of childraising. An estimated 15 million American adults living today grew up with controlling parents. See also, lit The Great Santini, Mommie Dearest.
Just Published!
A new book from the author of If You Had Controlling Parents
Secrets You Keep From Yourself
How to Stop Sabotaging Your Happiness

Learn More At SecretsWeKeep.Com
Site map
This site is designed for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for psychotherapy or a visit to a mental health professional. If you are experiencing abnormal anxiety, depression, or serious emotional or situational difficulties, please seek professional help immediately. Click here for s uggestions on finding a therapist
If You Had Controlling Parents: How to Make Peace With Your Past and Take Your Place in the World
P ublished by HarperCollins Publishers Send comments to:

183. Nanuet Parents Information Network
By and for parents to find resources and share information to help their children with special needs.

Welcome to the Nanuet Parents Information Network!
You are visitor number
The Nanuet Parents Information Network is a website by and for parents to find resources and share information to help their children with special needs. Any new info or links you want to share,please send to webcommittee with attachment or add to guestbook. We hope you enjoy our site.
click here to send mail!
Just click on any of the titles below and you will automatically link to the listed website. The Nanuet Parent Information Network does not maintain these sites and has no responsibilities for their content. LEGAL LINKS
Special Ed Advocate
A wealthful of information on special education advocacy.
Council of Parents and Attorneys.
Disability Rights and Educational Defense Fund
Disability Legal Defense
ED Law
Special Education Legal Site
The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
Legal advocacy for the civil rights people with mental disability
The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
Online educational materials The (GEM) project The Gateway to Educational Materials US EDUCATIONAL LINKS US Department of Education The Offical Site of the US Department of Education US Office of Special Education OSEP National Disability Council EDUCATIONAL RECORDS LINKS Family Policy Compliance Office Information on FERPA FERPA Regulations Family and Privacy Rights Regulations about educatinal records Educational Records More on your childs records...

184. GrandsPlace
For grandparents and special others who step in and raise the children when parents are unable to care for their children. Dedicated to the support of these special people and the children they love.
For Grandparents and Special Others Raising Children
You are not alone! According to The US Census 2000, there are 2,350,477 grandparents in the USA that are responsible for raising one or more of their grandchildren. Countless other grandparents and other concerned relatives are dealing with situations in which they wish their grandchildren lived in safer, healthier environments. At this site we hope to provide a safe and accepting environment where caregivers can join together and give each other the support and comfort we need. Please understand, we are not a legal service. We do not have a lawyer on our staff and cannot provide any legal, binding information on a given situation. What we can provide is a caring, knowing, and sympathetic ear because we have been there or are there. To See the latest Census Figures Click Here
The First GrandRally Photos Are In!
Click Here
Subscribe to the GrandsPlace News!
This free bi-monthly e-mail news letter contains articles related to parenting these special children of ours, recipes, household hints, and keeps you updated to the happenings at GrandsPlace. To Subscribe just

In the message body area type
subscribe grandsplacenews
Leave the subject line of the message blank.

185. Apepa
Pr©sentation de l'autisme en images. Dossiers en ligne   t©l©charger.
APEPA asbl
Sous le Haut Patronage de son Altesse Royale la Princesse Mathilde

Ce site est maintenu par l'APEPA asbl en collaboration avec l'
Il y a autant d'autismes que d'autistes
Pervasive Developmental Disorder * interactions sociales;
* communication verbale et non verbale;
Interactions sociales
Communication verbale et non verbale
En images L'Apepa Dossiers ... Contactez nous! L'autisme en images
Indique ses besoins en utilisant la main de l'adulte
Ne joue pas avec les autres enfants Utilisation echolalique du language Fait tourner des objets Manque de contact oculaire Manque de jeux imaginatifs Certains peuvent avoir des talents, mais pas au niveau du raisonement social L'autisme En images L'Apepa Dossiers ... Contactez nous! Association de Parents pour l'Epanouissement des Personnes Autistes les objectifs de l'APEPA sont: - la promotion et le maintien sous toutes ses formes (y compris la recherche) de l'aide aux personnes autistes; - l'information et le soutien des familles;

186. Pratt's Educational Resources For Teachers & Parents: Redirection Page
A directory of links to lesson plans, activities, and homeschooling in all subject areas. Emphasis on elementary, but some links are appropriate for older students.
'); document.writeln(' Click Here!
The URL to my education page is now located at Hosted by

187. Canada Cooks - Canadian Parents Online - Canadian Recipes
Recipes for toddlers.
Toddler Recipes

188. Canada Cooks - Canadian Parents Online - Canadian Recipes
Recipes for children, or which children can make such as a Mother's Day breakfast.
Kids Recipes

189. Association Des Parents Et Amis Des Enfants De Marie Abadie (APAEMA)
Cette association a ©t© cr©©e pour sauver l'h´pital de jour Marie Abadie de la fermeture, et le maintenir ouvert. Cet ©tablissement accueille pour soins et ©ducation sp©cialis©s des enfants de deux ans et demi   douze ans ayant une double pathologie psychique et somatique. Paris.
Notre site a été complètement reconstruit a changé d'adresse veuillez penser à changer vos liens (vous n'aurez plus de pub)

190. FinAid! The SmartStudent Guide To Financial Aid
Comprehensive site dedicated to providing objective guidance on financial aid to students and parents.
The SmartStudent TM Guide
to Financial Aid
Discover scholarships that match your profile! (But beware of scholarship scams.)
Don't know a PLUS from a Perkins? Look here for the right loan for you.
Prepaid tuition and section 529 plans. Which is the best way to save?
From ROTC to aid for veterans, find a job and money for your future. Find everything from grants to grad school funds and tax benefits.
Paperwork demystified find forms and instructions here.
'Ask the Aid Advisor' for personalized help.
These tools will tell you how much money you need.
Get online info about testing, college admissions and jobs.
Free Student Aid Seminars
Need money for college? Use FastWeb's to find all the awards for which you qualify. Loans Scholarships Savings Military Aid ... About FinAid Mark Kantrowitz, Publisher A Monster company.

191. Know! Keeping Kids Substance-Free
Based in Central Ohio. Provides information and support to parents looking for ways to keep their kids off alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.
Sign up for our free
parent tips e-mail.
Enter e-mail address:
Want kids to make the right choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs? By age 11, every kid is at risk. But you can make a difference. It’s easier than you think. And Know! is the place to start.
At Know! , we’re empowering central Ohio kids to be substance-free – and empowering parents and the community with practical advice. Join Know! today. Take the Know! Pledge , and make a difference in their lives.
Know to support Know!
at Wild Oats
Click here
for more information!
What is Know!? Know! the Truth Help them Know! ... Contact Us
A collaborative effort of the United Way of Central Ohio, Columbus Medical Association Foundation, ADAMH-the Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Board of Franklin County, the Columbus Health Department and Columbus Public Schools. All Rights Reserved. © 2001 United Way of Central Ohio

192. Meet Hopeful Adoptive Parents At
Short profiles and links to websites belonging to couples and individuals looking to adopt.
Hopeful Adoptive Parent?
Getting Listed Information
DBM Articles About DBM Mailing Lists Books Adoption Information "Dear Birthmother" Letters Dear Birthparent: If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and have just started researching your options, the term "birthmother" or "birthparent" may sound quite odd to you. Birthparents are people who have made or are in the process of making an adoption plan for their child to be raised by adoptive parents. Traditionally, hopeful adoptive parents have written "dear birthmother letters" letters of introduction to perspepective birthmothers. We realize that today birthfathers are also quite often active in the process of making an adoption plan for their child, but the term dear birthmother letter seems to have stuck. Below you will find a listing of hopeful adoptive parents and links to their website with their personal letter to you. Often we have also included a quote or a description of the individual or couple from their letter, to help you to get a picture of the types of parent(s) who await a baby to adopt. We hope that your search for the perfect parents for your child will be a successful one. Congratulations to our new adoptive families
Our Success Rate
Northern California Email
We have both always wanted to have children in our family, and we feel that we can provide a very loving, supportive, fun, and happy life for your child. We believe that raising a child is a great honor, and we both look forward to sharing our future with children.

193. ISoccerMom; Moms, Parenting, Soccer Other Sports Their Connections.
Soccer information and soccer magazine for Soccer Moms, Soccer parents and Soccer Kids.

Teaches kids some customary facts, words, quotations, and creative skills that will prepare them for life.
KidStacy.Com - Teaching Kids Manners
Teaching good manners
Good manners are important skills for all of us to acquire. Knowing how to behave in a variety of social situations makes us feel more comfortable and that comfort frees us to enjoy and learn from experiences. Kids need good manners just like the rest of us. They encounter social situations that are awkward for them, just like adults do. Kids get the same kind of comfort that adults get from knowing what fork to use and how to excuse themselves from a conversation. So, how do we help our children learn manners? Perhaps the best way to teach children manners is to model good manners for them. Starting with the very basics, teach children to say, “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome”. Use these words when you talk to your children. By doing so, you will not only be modeling good manners, but respect as well. Manners are a way of communicating respect, so teaching children to query and respond respectfully will increase their likelihood of receiving a favorable and respectful response. Greeting elders and responding to elders with the terms “sir” and “ma’am” seems to have fallen out of style. Yet, children who are taught to do this never fail to get noticed. Using these terms when addressing elders communicates respect for them. Children who are respectful will receive respect.

195. Non-Custodial Parents' Participation In Their Children's Lives: Synthesis Of Lit
Government report examining evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation.
Non-Custodial Parents' Participation in Their Children's Lives:
Evidence from the Survey of Income and Program Participation
Volume II
Synthesis of Literature
Christine Winquist Nord and Nicholas Zill Westat, Inc. Subcontractor to the Lewin Group, Inc. Prepared for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation U.S. Department of Health and Human Services August 14, 1996
Table of Contents
A SYNTHESIS OF THE LITERATURE Introduction Children's Development The Role of the Father
Ways in Which Family Structure May Affect Children's Lives
Loss of a Parent
Role as Parents Quality and Nature of their Relationships with their Children Consequences for Children's Lives Why Some Fathers are Absent from Their Children's Lives Predictors of Remaining Involved Can Other Adults Substitute for Biological Fathers? Custody Arrangements, Child Support, and Parental Involvement
Adjustment of Custodial Parent and Parenting Skills
Custody Arrangements, Child Support, and Adjustment of the Custodial Parent Parental Conflict
Custody Arrangements, Child Support, and Parental Conflict

196. Www_pastnh_org
Education and awareness of young drivers' inexperience driving and speeding.
    Please visit our other pages
    Go to.... Statistics The Latest News Our High School Assembly project Memories of ones we've lost Stories and Poems Contract for Parents and Teens A message from the fathers Speeding Is Deadly Brochure A Paramedics Story The loss of a twin sister
PAST is a non-profit organization that began in August of 1996. We are devoted to the education and awareness of teen drivers. CONGRATULATIONS! You finally have your license. What's the first thing you want to do? PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE THE LAST THING YOU DO!
"Where the Friendship Ended"
    Jason and Ernie were the best of friends and typical sixteen year olds that went everywhere together. They had girlfriends, loved to skateboard and loved music. But on a beautiful August afternoon, the boys did their last thing together, they died! As most kids their age, they thought they were invincible, that nothing would ever happen to them. But it did. While traveling at a speed in excess of 90 mph, they struck an oncoming van. As you can see from this picture, their car was torn in half right behind the dashboard.
    Neither of the boys were wearing seat belts and they were ejected from the vehicle. Can you imagine anything more terrifying than flying through the air at over 90 mph with nothing but the road to stop you? Ernie was killed instantly and Jason died in the helicopter on his way to the hospital. The driver of the van, Scott Bishop, a father of 2 small children, is now a quadriplegic.

197. New Parents Network
A nonprofit organization providing weekly multi-lingual parenting tips, PSA's for radio, TV, newspapers, and kiosk software reaching low-income families in clinics.


Parenting Info

Add Info

About NPN

Welcome to New Parents Network! This site is a work in progress so check back often for new information. There are many ways to communicate parenting information: links, audio, photos, videos, brochures, simple tips, posters and maps. New Parents Network has gathered general information, as well as Tucson, Arizona-specific information, as a prototype for global expansion. To get started, please choose your language: English Para comenzar, elija por favor su idioma
Here is an example of the multi-media formats available on our site: Crib Safety Information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Soft bedding may be hazardous to babies
La Seguridad de su Bebé en La Cuna por la U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Cuando ud. acuesta a su bebé debe colocarlo en su cuna en un colchón firme y plano sin almohadas u otros productos blandos y mullidos Got info? Click here for a printable flyer announcing our service and post it in your workplace! Place your mouse on the link, right click and select "Save Target As" to save a copy to your computer.

198. Welcome To Help Keep Kids Safe - Safety Information For Kids, Teens, Parents And
Offers safety tips and statistics for children and teens on topics ranging from firearms to food. Also includes games, contests, and a guide for parents and teachers.

Help Us Support The Atlanta Ronald McDonald Houses
$50 Gift Certificates for Teachers! Win a College Scholarship!
Site best viewed with Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. Click here to download

199. Berkeley Parents Network: Advice About Household Management
Offers advice on topics such as health and safety, household organization, cleaning and laundry. Includes subscription information.
Berkeley Parents Network
Subscribe Post Reviews ... Search
Advice about Household Management
Berkeley Parents Network Advice > Advice about Household Management
  • Getting rid of guns I inherited
  • Garden Pests rats, raccoons, etc.
  • Household Pests ants, spiders, etc.
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Microwaving
  • Mold and Mildew Household Organization
  • Organizing Kids' Artwork
  • Dividing and/or sharing old family photos
  • Junk mail - how to stop it
  • Organizing Photo Negatives ...
  • Storing Baby Clothes for the next baby Messy Family Members
  • Chores
  • Teen's Messy Room
  • Packrat Spouse
  • Messy House Household Finances
  • Allowance
  • Declaring bankruptcy
  • Household Food Budget
  • How Long to Keep Financial Records? ...
  • Working at Home How to ...
  • Dislodge a tape stuck in the VCR
  • Get Medicine into Kids
  • Get rid of pop-up ads
  • Wipe a hard drive ...
  • Getting Rid of Smoke Smell fireplace, tobacco
  • Laundering Baby Clothes
  • Removing Bad Odors cat pee
  • Removing Oil from Clothes
  • Removing food stains from baby's clothes
  • Removing Stains choc, rust
  • Related Pages
  • Eating feeding a family
  • family rules, etc.
  • Pets
  • reviews
  • reviews
  • Home Reviews Advice Subscribe ... Search Please send questions and comments to Berkeley Parents Network Last updated: Jun 1, 2004
  • 200. SNAP Online: Special Needs Advocate For Parents
    SNAP provides information, education, advocacy, and referrals to families with special needs children of all ages and disabilities.A directory of attorneys and speakers bureau is also available.

    COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER WHO WE ARE ... BULLETIN BOARD Special Needs Advocate for Parents
    11835 W. Olympic Blvd. #465
    Los Angeles, CA 90064

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