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         Wiccan:     more books (100)
  1. The Only Wiccan Spell Book You'll Ever Need: For Love, Happiness, and Prosperity by Marian Singer, Trish MacGregor, 2004-09-30
  2. The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients: A Wiccan Guide to Spellcasting by Lexa Rosean, 2005-10-18
  3. Provenance Press's Guide to the Wiccan Year: A Year Round Guide to Spells, Rituals, and Holiday Celebrations by Judy Ann Nock, 2007-08
  4. Wiccan Beliefs & Practices by Gary Cantrell, 2001-05-01
  5. Wiccan Mysteries: Ancient Origins & Teachings by Raven Grimassi, 2002-09-01
  6. Raising Witches: Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children by Ashleen O'Gaea, 2002-10
  7. The Wiccan Prayer Book: Daily Meditations, Inspirations, Rituals, and Incantations by Mark Ventimiglia, 2006-05-01
  8. A Wiccan Bible: Exploring the Mysteries of the Craft from Birth to Summerland by A. J. Drew, 2003-08
  9. Crafting Wiccan Traditions: Creating a Foundation for Your Spiritual Beliefs & Practices by Raven Grimassi, 2008-02-01
  10. The Art of Wiccan Healing by Sally Morningstar, 2005-07-01
  11. Wiccan Magick: Inner Teachings of the Craft by Raven Grimassi, 2002-09-01
  12. When Someone You Love Is Wiccan: A Guide to Witchcraft and Paganism for Concerned Friends, Nervous Parents, and Curious Co-Workers by Carl, M McColman, 2002-12-01
  13. Sabbat Entertaining: Celebrating the Wiccan Holidays with Style by Willow Polson, 2005-06-07
  14. The Wiccan Mystic by Ben Gruagach, 2007-04-30

161. British Traditional Witchcraft
GALDRAHEIM. COVEN. An initiating, teaching, development and working wiccan Coven. First steps on the wiccan path Beginning on the wiccan path.
GALDRAHEIM COVEN An initiating, teaching, development and working Wiccan Coven Witchcraft-The Craft of the Wise "If it harm none Do what you will" Welcome to the primary contact point for information
about Traditional British Witchcraft
On this website you will find all the information you need to help you begin on or continue to walk the Wiccan path in balance and power. At the bottom of the page you will also find contact details and information about ways that magick can help you in your life- spells, Talismans, readings, etc. Scroll down the page and access all the resources you need-
Teaching materials, details of rituals, the degree and initiatory structures of Traditional Witchcraft, first steps on the path, Coven basics, magick, philosophy, contacts, community and circles, and Wiccan spirituality Galdraheim Coven is led by a core group of three deeply experienced 3rd degree Initiates- The High Priestess, High Priest and an Elder of the Craft, and two 2nd degree Initiates. All of whom were initiated in direct line of descent from Alex and Maxine Sanders- the progenitors of the Alexandrian lines of Traditional initiation.. Galdraheim Coven celebrates the 8 sacred festivals of the year wheel (The Sabbats), holds working circles between the new and full moon (Esbats) to work magick, holds

162. Celestial Web
Eclectic blend of Pagan and wiccan ritual and gift items, Carry handmade candles, incense, soaps, windchimes, herbal products, oils, altar cloths as well as books.
Celestial Web
Celestial Web is an eclectic blend of pagan ritual gifts and items, handmade ritual tools and supplies, Grateful Dead Merchandise, Goddess art and much more! Blessings! Luna
Grateful Dead, Pagan, Wiccan, Witch, Ritual, Altar, Books, Raku ceramics, incense, bath salts, herbals, Feri, Fairy, fae, celtic, shamanism, 3rd road, starhawk, beanie babies, altar cloths, blessed be, so mote it be
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163. Whispered Prayers - Earth Spirituality / Wiccan / WitchCraft Store
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What's New This Week ?

Altar Supplies

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Association Of United Pagans

Sabbat and Full Moon Circles

Modesto Pagan Pride Day
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Shop OnLine
Retail Store Locations: Modesto, CA Store Events Tarot Readings Study Papers ... E-Mail Us Whispered Prayers is a full-line store that specializes in Earth Spirituality products. This includes Metaphysics, Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Aromatherapy, Herbal Healing, and more. We offer World-Wide shipping through our Internet Store and Mail Order Divisions, as well as On - Site shopping at our Retail Store Outlet at 120 San Juan Drive in Modesto, California. ( click HERE for directions and hours If you would like to contact us by phone, please call The links to the left will lead you to the On-Line Internet store , as well other pages that are filled with a multitude of great information. Make sure to sign-up for the Whispers To Chants Newsletter and, if you are in Northern California, make sure to ALSO sign-up for our

164. Moon Maiden's Wiccan Page
A basic collection of information including spells, rituals, runes, candle magick, and herbs.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Within This Site
Wiccan Basics
Candle Magick
Rituals ...
Poetry And if you like this site don't forget to
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165. Alternate Realities: Directory Of Links To: Wiccan, Pagan And Earth Religions Si
Directory of Links to wiccan and Pagan Web Sites. Over 1500 wiccan Sites can be found through this gate. Pagan, wiccan, Witchcraft Sites
Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft Sites
A Mystickal Grove

Anderomeda's Magickal cauldron

Ashira: *Goddess Spirituality*

AvatarSearch - Occult Search Engine
Bosque del Dragón
Branwen's Cauldron of Light

Children of the Moon

Church of The Most High Goddess

Church of all Worlds
NewAge On-Line
(Wiccan/Pagan links) New Avalon: E-zine for the Modern Pagan The Nine Houses of Gaia - Pagan Search Engine Nymue's Wicca Page ... Pagan, Wiccan, Esoteric and Magickal WebZines We highly recommend you visit our friends at " The Witche's Voice ": Vote for this site Search the Occult Web Want to add your URL to the list? First place a link to our Home Page on your site then Send us an email with yours!! Table of Contents © Alternate Realities in Art and Thought

166. The Wiccan Church Of Canada: Oshawa Temple
Church and temple in Lakeview Park and Durham, Oshawa. Site has calendar of their public rituals, free classes and workshops, as well as email contact address. Open membership.
Oshawa Temple Events
Web Site
The Hamilton temple has its own web site at
Public Classes and Rituals
The Oshawa Temple is currently on hiatus and no classes or rituals are scheduled in the immediate future. However, an annual general meeting is slated for October 5th, 2002 at which future events will be decided.
Steering Committee
  • Chair: Bill
  • Secretary: Colleen
  • Treasurer: Lorraine
  • Outreach: Dana
  • Webmistress: Zoe
  • Members-at-large: Rod, Kim, Lynn, Helen
This page last modified: Monday, October 28, 2002 3:19 PM

167. About Wiccan: Terra Mir Bookstore
wiccan Search THIS WEB SITE for subjects, titles and authors. TOP. The wiccan Mysteries Ancient Origins Teachings / by Raven Grimassi.
Search THIS WEB SITE for subjects, titles and authors
Search: All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video Toys Consumer Electronics Home Improvement Keywords: All book descriptions are the property of Amazon
Please visit the Terra Mir Music Store Celtic Folk Music and New Age Music section.
click on the title for purchase *turn off images on browser to load faster Mysteries of the Dark Moon : the healing power of the Dark Goddess / Demetra George Exploring the mystery, wisdom, and power of the dark phase of the moon's cycle this book presents a lunar-based model for moving through the dark times in our lives with understanding, consciousness and faith in renewal

Drawing Down the Moon
: witches, druids, goddess worshippers, and other pagans in America today / Margot Adler Margot Adler takes a fascinating and hones look at the religious experiences, beliefs, and life-styles of the people who call themselves neopagans. This book will interest feminists, ecological groups,a and religious historians as well as followers of the occult. Selector's Note: My mentor Lady Cybele is interviewed on the Family Tradition.

Women's Rituals
: a sourcebook / Barbara G. Walker

168. The Dragon's Wing
wiccan and Pagan articles, information, and correspondences as well as an online community and downloads, such as desktop wallpapers.
What's New
I'm changing how I update the News - I'm only going to keep the five latest additions, and I'm going to keep them dated. If you see one with no date, it will correspond to the date of the item above it (except for the ones below this one). I'm working on changing the layout of the site. I've decided that I'm sick of this one. Fear not - I'm keeping the menu at the top, and the colour scheme... but I might reorganize the menu - the categories aren't working for me. I added a Search function to the page through Google. You've got your choice of searching the web or just this site - pretty neat! October has been added to the Moon Calendar. There are now Almanacs and Datebooks for 2004 available in the Book Shop.
Click Here
to break out of someone's frames About the Dragon's Wing
var site="s13moonie27" Visitors
since June 19, 2002
Web DW
Powered by Google
We at DW remember our friend PhiladelphiaMike , who passed on Nov. 24th, 2002, after battling the flu.

169. Burningbird » Wiccan Barbie
wiccan Barbie. It would seem that Mattel has now come out with a wiccan Barbi, though the Wicca may not survive the honor. Mark writes
@import url( /burningbird.css ); BURNINGBIRD Tilting at windmills since 2001 Main Cue the Aircraft Carrier Wiccan Barbie
Barbie The Hot Pagan Witch
is too good to pass up. It would seem that Mattel has now come out with a Wiccan Barbi, though the Wicca may not survive the honor. Mark writes: I gave the doll to my dog to chew. He had much more fun with it than I ever did. Update Speaking of spending just to spend, Sheila writes about an eBay auction of Beanie Babies that has some extremely funny comments by the person making the sale. (Jeneane wishes Disposable DVDs . Want to know why corporate America has us by the (virtual) balls? Disposable DVDs is a hint. Shelley
As a pagan for the last 40 years of my life I can only say I am disgusted :-( The Dynamic Driveler 1:01 am Talkback: By name By URL Right on, Doug. Yule Heibel 10:42 pm Talkback: By name By URL 7:32 am Talkback: By name By URL The whole concept of Barbie is entirely against wiccan principles. Wiccanism is all about natural beauty, and Barbie is a) completely unnatural in form b) making someone out there a lot of money and c) gives young children a completely wrong idea about what humans should be like, and so encourages self hate and many other destructive emotions. Storm Raven 7:33 am Talkback: By name By URL
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170. WiccaUK - The Pagan Network
Networking for UK wiccans and Pagans, includes a robust discussion forum.
Home Forums Events News ... Radio WiccaUK About WiccaUK


Media Enquiries
WiccaUK Merchandise
Membership Full Membership
Web Membership
Forums Index

Others The Witchtower
WiccaUK Events

Book of Shadows

... Link to Us Contact Us Email Post BM WiccaUK, London, WC1N 3XX Phone Welcome to WiccaUK On the Forums What is WiccaUK? WiccaUK is a membership based association of Wiccans, Witches and Pagans based in the UK. Our aims are to accept tolerance of pagan practices within the UK and to provide a safe and secure networking platform for those who have a genuine interest in Wicca and other Pagan paths. Joining WiccaUK We have two types of membership - Web and Full. Web membership entitles members to full use of our forums and other online resources for free. Full Membership is a paid option which helps support WiccaUK financially and gets you discounted entry to events, access to extra forums and online areas and a chance to have a say in how WiccaUK is run. How is WiccaUK managed? We are run by committee and have a written constitution which sets out how we are run and what we do (and don't) get involved in. All Full Members can stand for election onto the management committee.

171. Magical Blend Pagan Supply Catalog - Wiccan Ritual Items, Pagan Supplies, Occult
Pagan, wiccan, Occult and Magickal supplies. Witchcraft spells and and magickal rituals. Pagan, wiccan, Occult Magickal Supplies.
NEW SECTIONS Visit the store! Favourites Spell Candles Witch Balls Crystal Balls Dream Pillows ... Incense Sticks New Additions 7 Day Plain Candles 7 Day Novenas 50 Hour Votives Pillar Candles ... Crowns Best Selling Books Wicca Divination Tarot Magick ... Nebula Books UserName:
Back in Stock!
Olde English Witch Balls

Enjoy the ancient history and hand made beauty of these hand blown Witch Balls. Delicate glass threads hang within each Witch Ball, making it fascinating to look at while reviving a custom that dates back to 18th century England. The strands capture evil spirits and traps negativity in the environment, making these Witch Balls not only a fun conversation piece but beneficial to the positive energy of your home or office. Hanging these decorative balls in the window is thought to tantalize evil spirits which may be threatening a home's tranquility
Visit our selection of
New for The Magical Blend Online is the addition of several new categories of candles. Check out our new selection of ritual candles, in stock and ready to ship.

172. Raven And Dragon's Wiccan Garden
Spells, rituals, meditations, recipes, and correspondences.

173. Witchcraft, Wicca - Religious Cults, Sects And Movements
witches. Likewise, while all wiccans are witches, not all witches are wiccan. Wicca. misnomer. The terms witch or wiccan apply to both genders.
Witchcraft, Wicca
An Apologetics Index research resource
Witchcraft, Wicca
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About this page

Witchcraft, or Wicca, is a form of neo-Paganism . It is officially recognized as a religion by the U.S. government.
This is a diverse movement that knows no central authority. Practitioners do not all have the same views, beliefs and practices.
Note that while all witches are pagans , not all pagans are witches. Likewise, while all Wiccans are witches, not all witches are Wiccan.
Wicca. A generic term for modern and contemporary witchcraft. It includes all the various types or traditions of modern and contemporary witchcraft, such as Alexandrian, Algard, Dianic, Gardnerian, Georgian, Seax-Wica, and so forth. Source: Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca , by Craig Hawkins . Baker Books, 1996, p. 210
Witch. Individual who practices or concurs with the views or experiences of witchcraft. Most witches view divinity as immanent in nature, seeing all life as sacred, thus denying any sacred/secular distinction. They are nature-oriented and also see no ultimate distinction between matter and spirit - the material and the spiritual. They may believe in or invoke a pantheon of gods and goddesses, but they primarily experience, and/or invoke, and/or worship the Mother or Triple Goddess and her male consort, the Horned God. Witches generally practice multiple forms of divination, participate in trance and other altered states, of conciousness, and perform magical spells and incantations. Most observe seasonal holidays and festivals (e.g. the summer and winter solstices). Most believe in some form of reincarnation. The widely believed notion that a female is a

174. Test
Owned and operated by GwinevereRain teen author, and Wicca practitioner. Learn the wiccan ways from a real Teen Witch through an examination of circle casting, spells, magick practice, tools of the craft. Includes a forum.
What's New? Gwinevere's Books About Gwinevere
*Gwinevere's Site For Teens* This multi-purpose website developed by Gwinevere Rain, New Age/ Metaphysical author was created to inspire and empower young adults. It provides info on her exciting writing ventures and latest books. She is the author of Spellcraft for Teens as well as (March 2004, Prentice Hall).
Right: Gwinevere Rain - November 2003
Enter to Win an autographed copy of
Gwinevere's latest book.
*click here*

Click Here To Visit

The Moonbeam Journey Website
* New Journal Exercises
* Goddess Myths * Book Recommendations * Gwinevere's Blog * Message Board for Teens Site Map The links below are portals to different sections of this site. Be sure to visit the "What's New ?" page (above) to grab the most recent updates. Contribute to Gwinevere Rain's Next Wicca Book *Click Here for Details* Our Moonbeam Journey area has been developed in conjunction with Gwinevere's second book

175. Pissed Off Wiccan For Peace
Pissed Off wiccan for Peace. Friday, May 21, 2004. Pelosi questions Bush s competence - May 21, 2004 The emperor has no clothes, Pelosi, D
Pissed Off Wiccan for Peace Friday, June 11, 2004 Interview with Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright of Durham, England : "Interview with Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright of Durham, England"
Now don't everyone have a heart attack at once but I am linking to the National Catholic Reporter. This Bishop has some really great things to say, if you ignore the homosexuality and abortion thing, I actually agree with some of the stuff he says. It makes tremendous amounts of sense.
I encourage you to read it.
As I like to say, wisdom is wisdom no matter what religion it comes from. :oD
posted by Kimber at 3:29 PM javascript:SquawkBoxCount(108698214249994747) Wednesday, June 09, 2004 An interesting little article I read in the Sierra Club magazine...
Ideological Alamo
A censored textbook sparks a free-speech lawsuit
Dr. Daniel Chiras never thought that writing texbooks would get him branded a traitor. But that's what happend when the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education decided that the latest version of his popular environmental-science text was inappropriate for the state's public schools. Objecting to passages that noted the United States' disproportionate production of greenhouse gases and raised questions about the biblical mandate to have dominion over nature, the board rejected Chiras's book in 2001, lableing it "anti-American" and "anti-Christian". Chiras sued last fall, calling the decision unconstitutional.
With more than 4 million children in public schools and a purchasing budget topping $500 million, Texas buys more textbooks than any state except California - so the board's decision could affect authors, publishers, and students nationwide. "The First Amendment protects school textbooks from being rejected on the basis of points of view, but that's just what the board has done", says attorney Adele Kimmel, who represents Chiras and two Texas students in their lawsuit. "This is blatant censorhsip".

176. Welcome Weary Traveler
Predominantly wiccan, this site gives a synopsis of wiccan foundation, several pages and links devoted to inspirational poems, links to several other spiritual paths including Conversations With God .

177. New Wiccan Publications
New wiccan Publications specialize in simply produced and therefore inexpensive - booklets and guides for the Pagan Community.
New Wiccan Publications specialize in simply produced - and therefore inexpensive - booklets and guides for the Pagan Community. In 2003 our publications now include the following:

178. The Alexandrian Wiccan Web Ring
Joining the Alexandrian wiccan Web Ring Step 1 In the Subject line, put Alexandrian wiccan Web Ring Addition; in the body of the message, put
The purpose of the Alexandrian Wiccan ring is to bring together the various lines of Alexandrian Wicca, in the hope of weaving the ties of kinship between us. This ring is open to any who wish to join, as long as you can provide verifiable lineal descent from Alex and Maxine Sanders.
Don't ask me to write someone else for this information, you are requesting to join the Ring, therefore I require the information from you, from your e-mail address.
Guidelines for submitting sites:
  • the site must be owned and maintained by an Initiate of Alexandrian Lineage;
  • the site must actively promote British Traditional Wicca in its various traditions, rites, and forms;
  • the site must not condemn other forms of Paganism;
  • the site must present the truth about Wicca in a positive manner;
  • Do not submit commercial sites . If I know you, and you have a commercial website, I may ask if you'd like to add it to the Ring.
Joining the Alexandrian Wiccan Web Ring:
Step 1:
Your site must meet the guidelines above;
if it does not, it will not be added. Step 2:
Click on Join the Ring below to put your site in the queue.

179. COGCOA - Home Page
A legally registered wiccan church in Alberta, Canada. Church consists of autonomous covens and solitary practitioners abiding by the articles of faith and bylaws. Available in Esperanto as well as English.
Daily Devotion Helping others will take you about a minute per day. Click through to these sites to donate food, land and medical services. There is no cost to you. Subscribe to cogcoa_public Powered by 117,356th visitor (was 114773).
Welcome to the Covenant of Gaia.
We are a Wiccan church located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can look at the map to see where we are. If you have a question, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. You will probably find your answer there.
Special General Meeting on August 7
There will be a short general meeting before the Lughnasadh circle to elect a vice-president and to correct a typographic error in the by-laws. If you are a full member, please plan to be there. Nominations for the position of vice-president are due by the July 14th board meeting. See the announcement on the members' e-group for details. Nomination forms are also available from the e-group files section.
Bookmark only this page
If you bookmark anything other than the home page (

180. What Wiccan Are You? - Quizilla
What wiccan Are You? What type of wiccan are you? Are you a Fluff Bunny? Are you a Rebel out to piss of your parents? Are you just a Dumbass? Wiccan Are You?/

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