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  1. Wiccan widow gets memorial plaque for war-hero husband.(Roberta Stewart): An article from: Church & State by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  2. Pentacle quest success! Bush administration approves Wiccan symbol for use on memorial markers of fallen service personnel.: An article from: Church & State by Rob Boston, 2007-06-01

141. Cerridwen Ravencat's Wiccan Grimoire
Personal web site of the former HPS of the (now dissolved) Coven of the Sacred Oak. Basic information for the beginning with is available here.
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Cerridwen Ravencat's Wiccan Grimoire
presented by Coven of the Sacred Oak Merry Meet! I am Cerridwen Anathema Ravencat , and this is my Wiccan Grimoire. I have been a practitioner of Wicca for seven years including serving two years as High Priestess of Coven of the Sacred Oak . This is my way of sharing the knowledge gained through years of practice. CONTENTS:

The Rede Poem

The Witches' Rune

The Charge of the Goddess
Celtic Triads
Hope you find something of interest. Blessed Be!
In memory of the Burning Times. Never again. . . . Merry did we meet, merry do we part, and merry shall we meet again! Email me: Places To Go:
Book of Shadows of Riders of the Crystal Wind

Facade (Free Tarot and Rune Readings)

Earth Spirit
This Spirit Ring site is owned by Cerridwen Ravencat
Click for the [ Next Page Skip It Next 5 Sites Previous Page ... Skip Previous Want to join the ring? We'd love to have you! Click here for info Credit Card MerchantAccounts for Small Businesses!

142. WiccaSearch.Com: Wiccan Pagan & Magick Searches
Magick, Paganism And The Occult! Extensive Occult Magick wiccan And Wicca Web Site Listings The Home Of Wicca And wiccans On The Web.

143. Asher's Circle
Personal site of Rayna Asherwolf. Basic information on wiccan and even a few spells and pictures too.
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Asher's Circle Women's Needs Me, Myself, and I Poetry The Wiccan Facts ... Contact Me Welcome to Asher's Circle This is me, the real Asher. These two pictures tell a story of change. The on one the right was taken 6 years ago, and the one above was taken a few days ago. I'm a different person but have changed for the better. I don't look much different do I? Welcome to my personal site. This site has information about me and my beliefs, along with pictures. I hope you enjoy it.
What's New? Got a NEW section called "Women's Needs" for women who have survived abuse, check it out. Hard to believe that I've had this website for 3 years now. I've added a new few things. I haven't gotten around to changing all the old stuff yet so you'll have to wait on that. Updated: 3-31-04 Asher You are Guest Number: Sign My GuestBook Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook
Trixie's fantasy

144. Halloween Witches: Witchcraft & Wiccan Resources @
Welcome to the Coven An it harm none, do as thou wilt. Purchase your Herbs or any of the items for sale through this web site and
Related links at Mystical Realm Halloween Herbal Ecstasy ...
Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2002
View my book suggestions for
View all Wiccan Book Selections
Halloween : Customs, Recipes, Spells

by Silver Ravenwolf
Master Tool List ... Student Witch-High Witchcraft last updated 08/25/2003 Caryn's Main Haunt Halloween Hall Mystical Realm Links to Out There ... Feedback Welcome to
the Coven
An it harm none,
do as thou wilt

Purchase your Herbs or any of the items for sale through this web site and our share of the proceeds benefits animal rescues around the US! Also, visit the
Spell Candles and more at the Candle Shop Tarot Unlimited Tarot Readings Tarot Decks and Books HARRY POTTER Coming Release Date November 16 Pre-Order for Christmas NOW!

145. Untitled
Pagan Church in Farmersville, Texas. Contact information and other useful information. Shamans, Pagans, wiccan and all interested in following The Great Spirit and Honoring Mother Earth.
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 The Art of Living Spiritual Center Home Page Contact Page MERRY MEET TO ONE AND ALL.
HTTP:// BRIGHT BLESSINGS AND WALK IN THE SPIRIT'S LIGHT "MAY WE ALL LIVE AS ONE TRIBE" To contact our Minister: click on the email below TAKE OUR QUIZ. My Survey Do You believe in a Higher Power? ... EMAIL DLANA NOW.

146. UK Psychics - Pagan & Wiccan Links
Join UK Psychics Mailing List. PAGAN wiccan LINKS. The Museum of Witchcraft Janet Farrar Gavin Bone David Goddard Magic Avebury

The Museum of Witchcraft
David Goddard

Magic Avebury

Isle of Avalon
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  • 147. New Page 1
    An information database for pagans and wiccans in the St. Louis area, including local events and resources, area covens, chat room, local links, and information on Wicca.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    148. Celtic, Pagan & Wiccan
    AccessNewAge Esoteric Web Link Index back to Index Page Celtic, Pagan wiccan. You can also find information from other wiccan/pagan traditions. .
    Access: NewAge Esoteric Web Link Index back to Index Page
    90 - LINKS - 90
    Informational Sites
    ADF Home Page

    "ADF is a national religious organization devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidism." Lots of information. Worth a long visit.
    Also filed under: Organizations

    Australian Gothic and 3D art, information and card images from over 150 Tarot and Divination decks, original poetry, fiction and book reviews, Pagan/Wiccan links and more.

    Amunet is associated with the egg concept of creation. Eggs are a symbol of the " twice born" in their double birth of laying and hatching. Beautiful site. Lots of useful info, astrology, gems, oils, etc., and excellent links.
    Also filed under: People Asiya's Shadows Explores in-depth the symbolism, lore, and magick of the four elements, Sabbats, and Esbats. Includes a Book of Shadows with rituals, God and Goddess info, magickal techniques, correspondences, and commentaries. Brewers' Witch BBS Home Page, The Deep in the heart of Texas. Houston's techno-pagan resource. Welcome to the Lone Star State. Lots of info. Celtica Celtic: language, music and tourist links developed by Rowan Fairgrove. Very thorough.

    Una interpretazione del sentiero wiccan fornita da Karen Martin
    WICCA Chi timidamente evita la Tenebra, ottiene solo un sollievo temporaneo, fino al momento in cui la Tenebra stessa avanza e lo coglie quando è meno preparato! In principio la Grande Tenebra, Diana, su divise in due forze uguali ed opposte, notte e giorno. La notte dominata dalla Luna, Diana, mentre il giorno dal Sole, suo fratello Lucifero. La luna, prese le sembianze di un gatto, sedusse il Sole e dalla loro unione nacque una figlia, Aradia, la Regina di tutte le Streghe! Ognuno ha la propria religione, e quindi le proprie credenze, i cristiani credono in Dio, unico e onnipotente che ci osserva dall'alto dei celi, i satanici a Satana, e la religione delle streghe è la Wicca, essi negli Dei, credono nella madre Luna e nel padre Sole. I Wiccan credono che gli Dei sono sempre accanto a noi che si identificano con la natura. Gli Dei sono sempre con noi, in ogni istante della vita. La Wicca è una religione molto antica, una religione pagana, celebra la santità della Natura. I Pagani onorano il Divino in tutti i suoi aspetti, sia femminili che maschili, come parte di un tutto sacro. Cercano l'unione tra lo spirito e la Divinità armonizzandosi con la Natura, esplorando il proprio "io".

    150. Sirona Knight: The Wiccan Spell Kit
    The wiccan Spell Kit by Sirona Knight Citadel Press, 2002 ISBN 0806522445 Religion Spirituality, 120 pages Boxed edition with paperback, $24.95 Order Now.
    The Wiccan Spell Kit
    by Sirona Knight
    Citadel Press, 2002
    ISBN: 0806522445
    120 pages
    Boxed edition with paperback, $24.95
    With The Wiccan Spell Kit
    Along with the spell manual, The Wiccan Spell Kit includes:
    • Sage smudging wand Miniature witch's broom Lavender essential oil Tumbled clear quartz crystal Pentacle
    Other books by this author:
    Exploring Celtic Druidism
    Dream Magic
    The Witch and Wizard Training Guide Goddess Bless ... A Witch Like Me SIRONA KNIGHT has considerable strength as a writer, researcher, and teacher. She is a Third Degree Craftmaster of the Celtic Gwyddonic Druid Tradition, has a master's degree in Stress Management from California State University, and is a certified hypnotherapist. She has written a number of books on Wicca and Celtic spirituality, including Exploring Celtic Druidism Dream Magic The Witch and Wizard Training Guide , and A Witch Like Me . Knight has been a Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine and a featured writer for New Age Retailer and Aquarius magazines. Her home is on ten wooded acres in the Sierra Foothills of northern California, where she lives with her spiritual and writing partner, Michael, her son, Skylor, their dogs (beagles), and a family of cats.

    151. Drawn To The Rhythm
    Personal information, wiccan Rede, BoS and links.
    ~Merry Meet Welcome. I have changed the name, but it is still the same place. You will still be able to find all the things that were here before. I wanted to change the name for 2 reasons. One, it's one of my favorite songs from Sarah McLachlan, and two, I am Drawn to the Rhythm of the earth and all she has to offer us. You can click on the epagan auctions banner above to check out what I have up for bid there. You can also check out the ebay link below to see what I may have up for bid there. If your not a member of ebay or epagan auctions, you will have to set up a user name to start bidding. Good luck. I have been a bit busy these days, but I am trying to finish the "Pagan Ways" link. I just a few titles to finish typing, and it will be ready to go. Please check back if your interested in learning about the rest I will be posting. I will also try and add an Indiana pagan site for resources for all my Indiana Pagan friends that may be interested. That should be up in the next month or so. Even if your not in Indiana, some of those resources can be found in your town. Check back soon to see what it will have for you. Enjoy your spiritual journey.

    152. Generic Template
    wiccan History. Learn here about the history of Wicca. 1959. All was not peaceful within the thenfledgling wiccan community, however.
    Free Web space and hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
    Wiccan History
    Learn here about the history of Wicca
    Book of Shadows Main Page
    Book of Shadows - Page 2 Book of Shadows - Page 3 What's New Page ... Guest Book Page You'll find on this page a brief essay on the history of the Wiccan Religion plus links to other sites with information concerning the history of Wicca. The essay was found at: Jaguarmoon . Notice that although all these sites agree on some points, most of them disagree on other fairly major points. The main disagreement seems to stem from whether Wicca is a direct descendant of ancient witchcraft or a relatively recent religion dating back no more than approximately 60 years. My opinion? It doesn't matter one wit. Wicca is a genuine, spiritual, fulfilling religion, just as valid as any of the mainstream religions. History of the Wiccan Religion
    The actual origins of the Wiccan religion are shrouded, but whether by time or by secrecy, none can definitively say. There are theories afoot as to our origins that claim the religion is well over 10,000 years old, perhaps as many as 35,000. There are also theories that place the beginning of Wicca in the hands of Gerald Brosseau Gardner in England during the late 1930's and early 1940's, giving Wicca an age of no more than 60 years.
    Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on your point of view), the secrecy that has surrounded the Craft has contributed to a lack of solid documentation in our history. Conversely, that secrecy has also allowed practitioners of our religion to survive, so the heart of Wicca could forward to the modern day. Regardless of your point of view, the lack of documentation has hampered, if not crippled, efforts to reconstruct our past.

    153. Index
    Information on many aspects of the wiccan/Pagan faiths. You will find Spells, Book of Shadows, ritual tools, meditation and dance. We also offer spell kits and herbal pillows.
    Welcome to Juniper Mae's Wiccacentral!
    Here you will find everything devoted to the nature religion: information for new Witches, magic spells, spirit animals, meditation, and wonderful Wiccan products to help you on your journey. Please come in! Enter Here or click the witchy woman on the rocket!

    wiccan email is now blocked or deleted immediately. We received this comment by email on August 31, 2001 by a wiccan NO DEMONS ALLOWED. wiccan WITCHCRAFT.
    WITCHES, WE DON'T READ YOUR NASTY EMAIL, but bounce it back to you.
    Satan/devil/lucifer is NOT a Christian "thing". He is mentioned in the Bible four thousand or more years BEFORE Jesus!
    Witches: You are wasting your time sending nasty email. We do not read it, but we do return curses one hundred fold.
    Wiccans claim to be "good" witches. With the kind of nasty email they send us, I find that very hard to believe. Wiccan email is now blocked or deleted immediately.
    We received this comment by email on August 31, 2001 by a wiccan:
    "I am about to put a curse on one of your fellow christians for tormenting me about my religion!"
    We returned the curse 100 fold!
    In the name of Jesus, I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I repent. I renounce being involved in witchcraft. Come into my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. THE BLOOD OF JESUS CLEANSES YOU FROM ALL SIN AND GUILT (1 JOHN 1:7). JESUS IS THE DELIVERER!!

    155. GuardianStar's Place
    A personal look at wiccan ways with basic information about this path.
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    156. Find Wiccan On Updated! Search Results: Wiccan
    Resources Wicca ..Welcome to the CoGWeb, the WWW home page of the Covenant of the Goddess, an international organization of cooperating, autonomous wiccan

    157. Gay Witch Net
    Rituals and essays on witchcraft from the perspective of a gay man. Nonwiccan. Includes essays, FAQ, links, and contact information.
    Welcome to Gay witch net Click the image to enter
    This site best viewed in IE 5+
    You may not distribute these materials in any form without my prior written permission, or the permission of the original author. All graphics used on this site were obtained with permission from the artist,
    are from free web graphics archives, or were created for or by me.
    Absolutely do not reuse art from this site without written permission. Some content may not be suitable for minors under the age of 18.
    If you are offended by witchcraft, paganism, or discussion of homosexuality, please click HERE to exit and take you to another site..
    Vote for this Top 100 Mystical Site

    158. Sophos Counters Welsh Virus Writer's "caused No Damage" Claims
    For instance, W32/RedesiB deliberately attempts to wipe the user s hard drive of all data on 11 November 2001, displaying the text Bide ye the wiccan laws ye
    PRODUCTS SUPPORT VIRUS INFO Virus analyses ... Articles 20 January 2003
    Sophos counters Welsh virus writer's "caused no damage" claims
    Sophos experts have countered Welsh virus writer Simon Vallor's claims that the viruses he spread were not damaging. Vallor, 22, is to be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court in London on Tuesday 21 January for spreading the computer viruses W32/Redesi W32/Gokar and Admirer. The prosecution claims that over 27,000 computers in 42 countries were infected by his viruses. But in a newspaper interview published last week Vallor, a web designer from Llandudno, was reported to have said: "The one upside I suppose is it didn't have a damaging payload. It wasn't going out to delete data or overwrite files. It was a nuisance, there's no denying that but it wasn't damaging. It could have been worse." However, an analysis by Sophos experts of the viruses created by Vallor has found this to be incorrect. For instance, W32/Redesi-B deliberately attempts to wipe the user's hard drive of all data on 11 November 2001, displaying the text "Bide ye the Wiccan laws ye must, In perfect love and perfect trust."

    159. Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
    Exegesis on the wiccan Rede Ours, called the wiccan Rede, is one of the most elegant statements I ve heard of the principle of situational ethics.
    Exegesis on the Wiccan Rede by Judy Harrow originally published in HARVEST - Volume 5, Number 3 (Oimelc, 1985) second publication: THE HIDDEN PATH - Volume X, Number 2 Beltane, 1987) All religions began with somebody's sudden flashing insight, enlightenment, a shining vision. Some mystic found the way and the words to share the vision, and, sharing it, attracted followers. The followers may repeat those precise and poetic words about the vision until they congeal into set phrases, fused language, repeated by rote and without understanding. Cliches begin as great wisdom - that's why they spread so fast - and end as ritual phrases, heard but not understood. Living spirituality so easily hardens to boring religious routine, maintained through guilt and fear, or habit and social opportunism - any reason but joy. We come to the Craft with a first generation's joy of discovery, and a first generation's memory of bored hours of routine worship in our childhood. Because we have known the difference, it is our particular challenge to find or make ways to keep the Craft a living, real experience for our grandchildren and for the students of our students.

    160. Wiccan Magick
    wiccan magick spells, recipes and crafts.
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