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  1. Stephan Erfurt & Richard Serra: Weight and Measure by Richard Serra, Stephan Erfurt, 2000-11-15
  2. Weights and Measures by John L. Brown, 1958
  3. Richard Serra: Weight and Measure 1992: 30 September 1992 -15 January 1993 by Richard Serra, David Sylvester, et all 1995-12
  4. Examination Procedure Outlines For Commercial Weighing And Measuring Devices: A Manual For Weights And Measures Officials
  5. Outlines Of The Evolution Of Weights And Measures And The Metric System by William Hallock, Herbert T. Wade, 2007-09-12
  6. Historical Measures, Weights, Calendars and Moneys of All Nations by W. Woolhouse, 1982-12
  7. Weights and Measures, Prepared Especially for Home Study, Edition 2, 1978-1 by I. C. S. Staff, 1951
  8. Hebrew weights and measures by A. R. S Kennedy, 1915
  9. Commercial weights and measures: U.S. Metric Study interim report (United States Metric Study Substudy report) by Stephen L Hatos, 1971
  10. Vertiges of pre-metric weights and measures persisting in metric system Europe, 1926-1927.-- by Arthur Edwin Kennelly, 1928
  11. The Metric System Of Weights And Measures: An Address Delivered Before The Convocation Of The University Of The State Of New York (1872) by Frederick A. P. Barnard, 2007-10-02
  12. Weights and measures: Selected poems by Paul Christensen, 1985
  13. Modern weights and measures, by Walter Renton Ingalls, 1937
  14. Testing of Measuring Equipment: A Manual for Weights and Measures Officials by Ralph W. Smith, 1951

101. County Weights & Measures - California Department Of Consumer Affairs
My CA This Site. County weights measures. County weights measures Offices. The offices are also responsible for assuring the accuracy of weights and measures.
California Home DCA Home About DCA Consumer Information ... What's New Helpful Consumer Sites
  • DCA Boards/Bureaus Consumer Help State Government Federal Government
    400 R Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    TDD: (916) 322-1700
    email: My CA This Site
    Each county in California has an Office of Weights and Measures (also known as Department of Agriculture or Agricultural Commissioner - varies from county to county) that has jurisdiction over any commodity that is weighed, measured, or counted, including gasoline and food. The offices are also responsible for assuring the accuracy of weights and measures. For additional information on California Measurement Standards click here
    Alameda County
    Orange County Alpine County ... Resource and Referral Guide
    This web site contains PDF documents that require the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. To download click on the icon below.

    102. Weights & Measures - Internet
    weights and measures. Convert a unit of Measure; Scientific and Engineering Unit Converter; Unit Conversion; weights, measures, and Sizes.
    Weights and Measures
  • Convert a unit of Measure
  • Measures
  • Measurements Converter
  • Scientific and Engineering Unit Converter ...
  • Weights, Measures, and Sizes
  • 103. Use Weights And Measures
    1 acre = 0.405 hectare 1 hectare = 2.47 acres 1 acre = 43,560 square feet 1 acre = 4840 square yards 1 bushel (dry) = 1.244 cubic

    104. Agriculture And Weights & Measures
    County Seal. Welcome. to the. San Mateo County. Department of Agriculture. and weights measures. The San Mateo County Department of
    Welcome to the San Mateo County Department of Agriculture 728 Heller Street Redwood City, Ca 94064 Field Offices Half Moon Bay (650) 726-2514 South San Francisco (650) 877-5761 Agriculture
    Africanized Honey Bee
    San Mateo County

    105. China Travel Tips: Weights And Measures
    China Travel Service, weights and measures. Last updated April 14, 2004. Both the local and international standards for weights and measures are used in China.
    Home City Guide China Tours China Hotels ... Search
    Weights and Measures
    Last updated: June 2, 2004
    Essential When Traveling:
    Both the local and international standards for weights and measures are used in China. To make it convenient for foreigners, a list revealing the conversion between the metric system, the Chinese system and the imperial system are offered:
    Linear Measure
    Metric Chinese Imperial Meter Centimeter Li Chi Mile Feet Inch
    Unit of Weight Metric Chinese Imperial Kg Jin Liang Pound
    2.205 pound 1.102 pound 1 pound
    Square Measure Metric Chinese Imperial Hectare Sq meter Mu Acre Sq yard Sq feet
    Measure of Capacity Metric Chinese Imperial Litre Cu meter Sheng Gallon

    of the Travel China Guide Web Site.

    106. City Of Boston - Weights And Measures
    It is the purpose of the weights measures Division to see that both buyers and sellers receive or give correct weight and measures and the correct price.
    Weights and Measures
    Broadly speaking, it is the function of Boston Inspectional Services, Division of Weights and Measures to see that fair practice, or equity, prevails as to the determinations of quantity in all commercial transactions. In other words, it is the purpose of this government service to see that both buyers and sellers receive or give correct weight and measure and the correct price. Every day we take for granted the integrity of determinations involving weight, measure, price or quality in dozens of things we do, usually without being aware of it. When we go to the supermarket to buy our groceries, we assume that we will receive all for what we pay for. Most people assume that the checkout “scanners” will charge the correct price. When we drive our automobile into a gasoline station and order an amount of gasoline, we expect what we receive to be what is indicated on the dispenser and we expect that the octane quality to be what was declared. It is our responsibility to annually inspect all weighing and measuring devices. This includes all scales, ranging from very sensitive diamond scales to truck scales, which can weigh loads up to 200,000lbs, all gasoline meters, all home fuel truck meters, all bulk fuel meters and all taxi meters. It is also our responsibility to conduct price verification inspections at all retailers who employ scanner checkout systems, to inspect packaged products for correct net weight, to inspect gasoline for correct octane quality, to enforce the unit price regulation and to respond to any complaint received regarding weight or measure. These complaints could be short measure on a cord of wood or short measure involving the time charged at a parking lot.

    107. Ministry Of Economic Development New Zealand | Consumer Issues | Weights And Mea
    Ministry of Consumer Affairs Bankruptcy Faulty Goods and Services Consumer Safety Electronic Commerce weights and measures Home. weights and measures.
    Weights and Measures
    • List of Weights and Measures publications
    The Ministry of Consumer Affairs (an operating branch of the Ministry of Economic Development) is responsible for ensuring that market transactions based on weight and measurement are accurate fair and consistent with international standards.
    Latest Information
    See Also

    weights measures. Customary Metric Systems of Measurement A History of Measurement and Metrics. Index Menu Main Menu Shopping Area Message Board.
    A History of Measurement and Metrics
    Main Menu Shopping Area Message Board
    A History of Measurement and Metrics
    Main Menu Shopping Area Message Board

    109. Weights And Measures Office (WMO)
    weights and measures Office (WMO). The role packed goods. Click here to see weights and measures Act. The main functions of WMO are
    Search About Us Productivity Movement Standardisation Strategy National Plans ... Facilities for Hire SPRING Singapore is proud to be an SQC organisation and People Developer Weights and Measures Office (WMO) The role of the Weights and Measures Office (WMO) is to ensure that a uniform and accurate system of weights and measures is used in Singapore. The weights and measures programme aims to protect consumers and traders by regulating the use of weighing and measuring instruments used for sale of goods by weight or measure and pre-packed goods. Click here to see Weights and Measures Act. The main functions of WMO are: (a) License repairers and manufacturers of weighing and measuring instruments used for trade purposes.
    (b) Verify (for accuracy) and stamp/seal (to indicate approval and prevent tampering) all new or repaired weighing and measuring instruments for trade use. (c) Inspect weighing and measuring instruments used for trade purposes for inaccuracies and to ensure that they have not been tampered with. To inspect pre-packed goods or goods sold to ensure that they are not short-weight or short-measure. (d) Investigate complaints pertaining to weights and measure matters from consumers and traders.

    110. Agricultural Commissioner - County Of Sacramento, California, USA
    This is the official web site for Agricultural Commissioner Director of weights and measures, County of Sacramento.
    County Links: Search This Site Only County of Sacramento Advanced Search Text only Home Page About Us ... Contact Us
    Director of Weights and Measures The Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of Weights and Measures carries out the following programs throughout Sacramento County: Agricultural Division
    • Protects the public by enforcing pesticide laws and regulations, monitors applications for safety and environmental compliance, investigates pesticide related illnesses and complaints, and provides education to industry and the public on lawful pesticide usage. Monitors pest conditions and provides for the safe and efficacious control of those pests through issuance of restricted pesticide materials permits or alternative management methods. Monitors and facilitates the eradication of exotic pests harmful to California agriculture, including inspection of wholesale nursery stock and all plant material shipped to Sacramento through the postal, express and freight systems.

    111. Shasta County Dept. Of Agriculture/Weights & Measures Homepage
    Shasta County Department of Agriculture weights measures. Welcome! Welcome to the Shasta County Department of Agriculture/weights and measures Website.
    Shasta County
    Department of Agriculture
    Mission Statement Agricultural Programs Other Ag Links Employment Opportunities ...

    3179 Bechelli Ln, Suite 210
    Redding, California 96002

    112. Nebraska Department Of Agriculture
    weights measures. Steve Malone, Division Administrator. This division s purpose is to assure that equity prevails in the marketplace for both buyer and seller.
    Steve Malone, Division Administrator
    This division's purpose is to assure that equity prevails in the marketplace for both buyer and seller. This division is required to inspect for accuracy nearly 32,000 commercial weighing and measuring devices throughout Nebraska on an annual basis. These devices include large truck scales at local grain elevators, livestock scales, computing scales at supermarkets, and meters used to measure bulk deliveries of refined fuels, liquefied petroleum gases, and service station dispensers. This division also has responsibility for checking the accuracy of packaged products sold by weight, measure, or count.
    Application for Voluntary Registration of Weights and Measures Service Agencies Device Registration Form News Releases Registered Service Agencies Large Scale Service Agencies
    LP Gas Service Agencies
    Small Scale Service Agencies Related Links Staff
    Files in PDF format can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    301 Centennial Mall South
    P.O. Box 94757
    Lincoln, NE 68509-4757

    113. The Orange County Agricultural Commissioner Division Has Moved To Http://www.oca
    Statement To provide quality leadership and service in State enforcement programs that include agricultural services, weights and measures, and pesticide
    We've Moved!
    The Agricultural Commissioner's web site has been moved to . Please update your bookmarks. You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds.

    114. Online Weights And Measurements Conversion / Metric Conversion Has Moved To Www.
    Please update your links and bookmarks.
    Looking for Metric conversions
    Online weights and measurements conversion has moved:
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    20 short hundredweight, 2000 pounds 0.907 metric ton long ton
    20 long hundredweight, 2240 pounds 1.016 metric ton hundredweight cwt short hundredweight 100 pounds, 0.05 short tons 45.359 kilograms long hundredweight 112 pounds, 0.05 long ton 50.802 kilograms pound lb or lb avdp
    also 16 ounces, 7000 grains 0.454 kilogram ounce oz or oz avdp 16 drams, 437.5 grains, 0.0625 pound 28.350 grams dram dr or dr avdp 27.344 grains, 0.0625 ounce 1.772 grams grain gr 0.037 dram, 0.002286 ounce 0.0648 gram Troy pound lb t 12 ounces, 240 pennyweight, 5760 grains 0.373 kilogram ounce oz t 20 pennyweight, 480 grains, 0.083 pound 31.103 grams pennyweight dwt also pwt 24 grains, 0.05 ounce 1.555 grams grain gr 0.042 pennyweight, 0.002083 ounce 0.0648 gram Apothecaries' pound lb ap 12 ounces, 5760 grains 0.373 kilogram ounce oz ap 8 drams, 480 grains, 0.083 pound 31.103 grams dram dr ap 3 scruples, 60 grains 3.888 grams scruple s ap 20 grains, 0.333 dram 1.296 grams

    Volume Weight / Mass Length Temperature. Help for this Utility, Measurement Conversions Popup Version. We are pleased to announce a
    Search Everything: Search Recipes: Bar Measurements Herb Chart Food Equivalencies Food Measurements ... Anglo-American Food Terms
    Buy with confidence. Books Baby Computer Computers DVD Electronics Kitchen Magazines Music Outdoor Software Tools Video Volume Weight / Mass Length Temperature Help for this Utility Popup Version We are pleased to announce a range of measurement conversion tables, utilities and charts: Subscribe to the world's first all digital food and travel magazine.
    We are pleased to announce our newest publication.
    food dining beverages ... contact us

    117. Dictionary Of Units Has Moved
    The Dictionary of Units has been moved. It can now be found at You should be automatically rerouted in 5 seconds.
    Dictionary of Units
    has been moved.
    It can now be found at

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    We apologise for any inconvenience,
    but please do update your link.

    118. A Dictionary Of Units
    A Dictionary of Units Students and teachers alike will appreciate the very helpful Dictionary of Units Web Site. As part of the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching, the site "provides a

    119. Bureau International Des Poids Et Mesures
    Translate this page Welcome to the BIPM website,
    Welcome to the BIPM website Metre Convention and the MRA Committee structure of the Metre Convention The BIPM and the Metre Convention The International System of Units (SI) Scientific work of the BIPM Publications of the BIPM Practical information - Other BIPM sites - Metrologia Key Comparison Database (KCDB) Metrology search engine Bienvenue sur le serveur internet du BIPM Travaux scientifiques Publications Informations pratiques - Autres sites du BIPM - Metrologia

    120. Travel Channel :: Measurements
    In the appropriate box(s) below, enter the temperature, distance, weight, or volume you want to convert then click submit. To enter a new conversion, just
    June 12, 2004 EDT In the appropriate box(s) below, enter the temperature, distance, weight, or volume you want to convert then click "submit." To enter a new conversion, just click in any of the boxes and start over. Weight Kilograms Ounces Pounds Stones Short Tons Long Tons
    Volume Liters Fluid Ounces Quarts Gallons Imperial Gallons Distance Meters Inches Feet Yards Miles Nautical Miles
    Temperature degree(s) F degree(s) C
    By visiting this site, you agree to the terms and conditions
    of our Visitor Agreement . Please read.
    2004 Discovery Communications Inc.
    The leading global real-world media and entertainment company.

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