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  1. THE LAW OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. by John A. O'Keefe, 1966
  2. Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices: As Adopted by the 88th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 2003
  3. Jewelers' And Silversmiths' Weights And Measures by United States Bureau Of Standards, 2007-09-12
  4. How Much and How Many, the Story of Weights and Measures
  5. Lifting Industry Weights Measures & Sign by Sc&ra, 1999
  6. Contributions to Arabic metrology, II: Early Arabic glass weights and measure stamps in the Benaki Museum, Athens, and the Peter Ruthven Collection, Ann Arbor, (Numismatic notes & monographs) by George Carpenter Miles, 1963
  7. An Archeological Dictionary; or Classical Antiquities of the Jews, Greeks and Romans Alphabetically Arranged: Containing An Account of their Manners, Customs, Diversions, Religious Rites, Restivals, Oracles, Laws, Arts, Engines of War, Weights, Measures, Money, Medals, Computation and Division of Time by Rev T Wilson, 1782
  8. Report of the secretary of the Treasury on the construction and distribution of weights and measures. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  9. The Grocers' Manual Containing the Natural History and Process of Manufacture of All grocers' Goods.Also, Their adulterations and How to detect Them; Rates of Tare, as Allowed by custom and Law, Tables of weights, measures, Moneys, Etc...
  10. Common school arithmetic on the analytic system: With an appendix of the metric system of weights and measures by Shelton Palmer Sanford, 1872
  11. Senior Inspector of Markets, Weights & Measures
  12. The Metric System of Weights and Measures By the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics(Twentieth Yearbook)
  13. A dictionary of English weights and measures;: From Anglo-Saxon times to the nineteenth century by Ronald Edward Zupko, 1968
  14. Weights and Measures (SparkCharts) (SparkCharts) by SparkNotes Editors, 2002-10-14

81. Cyndi's List - Weights & Measures
Internet weights measures. College of Chemistry University of California at Berkeley - Common Equivalent weights and measures; A
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Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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    General Resource Sites
    • The Official Land Patent Records Site. This site has a searchable database of more than two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908, including scanned images of those records. The Eastern Public Land States covered in this database are: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin. Images of Serial patents, issued between 1908 and the mid-1960's are currently being added to this web site.
    • Focuses on pre-metric English weights, measures, and coinage with particular emphasis on Cornwall and southwest England.

82. Heirloom Weights & Measures Conversion Chart - Home Cooking
Help converting those heirloom recipe weights and measures handed down from Grandma, plus recipes and conversion charts for weights and measures.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Home Cooking Home Essentials ... Food Hangman Game zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Recipes Food Reference Food Media Ethnic Recipes and Foods ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Need help figuring out weights and measures in Grandma's heirloom recipes? This chart will help you understand those oftimes cryptic instructions. Grandma's Kitchen Heirloom Recipes Measurements 1 wineglass 1/4 cup 1 jigger 1.5 fluid ounces 1 gill 1/2 cup 1 teacup a scant 3/4 cup 1 coffeecup a scant cup 1 tumbler 1 cup 1 pint 2 cups 1 quart 4 cups 1 peck 2 gallons - dry 1 pinch or dash what can be picked up between thumb and first two fingers; less than 1/8 teaspoon 1/2 pinch what can be picked up between thumb and one finger 1 saltspoon 1/4 teaspoon 1 kitchen spoon 1 teaspoon 1 dessert spoon 2 teaspoons or 1 soupspoon 1 spoonful 1 Tablespoon more or less 1 saucer 1 heaping cup (about) Temperatures Very slow oven below 300 degrees F.

83. NJ Office Of Weights And Measures
Office of weights and measures. The state office also oversees the operations of the county and local weights and measures offices.
Consumer Affairs Menu Alternative Dispute Resolution Bureau of Securities County and Municipal Offices Map Charities Registration Section Consumer Bowl Consumer Information Consumer Web Resources Criminal History Review Unit Disciplinary Action 2000 Disciplinary Action 1999 Elder Fraud Investigations Unit E-Mailing List Feedback Highlights How to File a Complaint Kid's Page Legalized Games of Chance Lemon Law Licensing Boards Licensee Searches Mailing List Office of Consumer Protection Online Complaint Form Press Releases Recalls Regulated Business Rule Adoptions Rule Proposals Ticket Scalping
Office of Weights and Measures
The Office of Weights and Measures represents one of New Jersey's oldest efforts at consumer protection and traces its origins to the Code of Hammurabi, the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution. Created in 1911, after an "epidemic" of fraud which shortchanged the states' citizens, the Office of Weights and Measures is responsible for ensuring that all commercial weighing and measuring devices accurately measure the commodities sold to consumers.
Dealing with High Gas Prices
Consumer Brief Most Frequently Asked Questions Registration Application for Commerical Weighing and Measuring Devices ... Fees and Cost Per Device Divisional:

84. Subject Bibliography: Weights And Measures (109)
weights and measures (109). Examination Procedure Outlines for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices A Manual for weights and measures Officials. BOOK.
Home Legal Information Help Site Search ... Other GPO Services
Weights and Measures (109) Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods. BOOK. 2002. Intended as a procedural guide for compliance testing of net content statements on packaged goods. Issued with perforations. 0-16-051249-2 S/N 003-003-03774-5 $17.00 Examination Procedure Outlines for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices: A Manual for Weights and Measures Officials. BOOK. 2002. 0-16-067353-4 S/N 003-003-03746-0 $23.00 (Out of Stock) Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI). BOOK. 1995. Provides assistance in the use of the International System of Units, including the reporting of results of measurements. The International System of Units is the modern metric system of measurement used throughout the world. 0-16-060853-8 S/N 003-003-03329-4 $8.00 International System of Units (SI). BOOK. 1991. This booklet is the United States edition of the English translation of the sixth edition of 'Le Systeme International d'Unites (SI)', the definitive publication in the French language issued in 1991 by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures). Translation approved by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. Includes appendices on: Decisions of the CGPM (Conference Generale des Poids et Mesures) and the CIPM (Comite International des Poids et Mesures); Practical Realization of the Definitions of Some Important Un 0-16-036353-5

85. Trading Standards - Weights & Measures
weights and measures. Our weights and measures Service offers you the chance to get items checked, on a regular basis by an organisation you can trust.
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Trading Standards
Crossing the boundaries service Public Weighbridges Feedback
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Acrobat Reader
Weights and Measures If your business involves weighing and measuring when you provide goods or services to your customers, then ensuring weights and measures equipment is accurate is a major factor in the quality of the service you provide. Our Weights and Measures Service offers you the chance to get items checked, on a regular basis by an organisation you can trust. Click here for a price guide. We offer a wide range of quality calibration and metrological services, certificated to ISO9001, to businesses, sports centres, medical centres and the public. All the work done for you is traceable to National Standards and supervised by our Inspectors of Weights and Measures, who are also able to give free legal advice. In addition, we are able to test permanently installed systems, for example weighbridges, allowing us to offer you a total service for all your needs. If you need a service that we cannot offer here in Worcestershire then we may have the answer. By working closely with four other authorities nearby, namely Warwickshire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire and Oxfordshire in a partnership called

86. South Dakota Department Of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety weights and measures Program Jeannette Schipper 118 West Capitol Pierre, South Dakota 57501 EMail Address jeannette.schipper@state
Department of Public Safety
Weights and Measures Program
Jeannette Schipper
118 West Capitol
Pierre, South Dakota 57501
E-Mail Address: jeannette.schipper@
Phone: Fax:
Mission Statement:
The Weights and Measures Program is responsible for checking the accuracy of all commercial weighing and measuring equipment in South Dakota, including gas pumps, scales, fuel meters, LPG meters and large capacity scales. To Obtain South Dakota Administrative Rules, Contact: Central Supply Services
701 E Sioux
Pierre SD 57501 or Click Here to access On-Line SD Home Page Department of Public Safety Feedback Help

87. FCIC - The Handbook - State Weights And Measures Offices
This link provides contact information for each state s weights and measures offices, which regulate and enforce laws regarding the labeling, weight, measure
Tips on: Before You Buy After You Buy Cars Education ... Our Partners
Useful addresses, phone numbers, and websites
State Weights and Measures Offices State Weights and Measures offices enforce laws and regulations about the labeling, weight, measure or count of such packaged items as food and household products. These offices also check the accuracy of weighing and measuring devices, for example, supermarket scales, gasoline pumps, taxicab meters and rental car odometers. Some city and county offices have weights and measures functions in addition to the state offices listed below. Contact the state office or check our local telephone directory under the governmental listings for your local weights and measures office. The office might be listed under either the city or county bureau of standards, agriculture or consumer protection. Alabama
Weights and Measures Division
Department of Agriculture
PO Box 3336
Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
Toll free in AL: 1-800-321-0018
Fax: 334-240-7175
Web site:

88. Conversions - Weights And Measures
Search, weights and measures. (Math General weights and measures). Unit Conversion. Tables Lengths Distances Areas Volumes Metric Prefixes.
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Weights and Measures Math General
Unit Conversion

Metric Prefixes
Online Converters
Online Unit Converters Length... Area... Liquid... Volume... Energy... Acceleration... Mass... Pressure... Velocity Online Number Base Converter Contact us Partnership Link to us ... Legal Notices . Please read our Privacy Policy

89. LookSmart - Directory - Weights & Measures
YOU ARE HERE Home Library Reference weights measures. weights measures Learn about different systems for measuring weight, distance and time.
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IN the directory this category
YOU ARE HERE Home Library Reference
- Learn about different systems for measuring weight, distance and time. Includes conversion calculators.
Directory Categories
Directory Listings About
  • Greenwich Mean Time
    Go to the source for the correct time, Greenwich, England, home of world time since 1884. Find the time in major cities in all time zones.
    Institute of Chemistry, FU Berlin - Conversion of Units

    Convert temperature, measurement, heat and energy units, as well as time, velocity and currency.
    International Organization of Legal Metrology

    Global organization responsible for standardizing weights and measures offers a publications guide and details about its certificate system.
    Office of Weights and Measures

    Ensures equity in marketplace measurements. Examine conference details, lab metrology, and national type evaluation program information. Univ. of NC - Dictionary of Units of Measurement Find an alphabetical guide to measurement units and a list of standard abbreviations. Includes a metric system converter.
  • We're always looking for ways to improve your search experience.

    90. Canada Science And Technology Museum
    The means and devices to measure these fundamental quantities reflect the highest standards of science and technology and often show great ingenuity.

  • A Closer Look
  • A Sampler of
    Scientific Instruments

  • Curator's Choice ...
    Selling Objects

    The science of measurement is called metrology and this Collection Profile describes a few of the Museum's measuring devices. Metrology is a sub-discipline of physics and is fundamental to all science since all measurable quantities may be traced to the seven fundamental quantities that are the base of metrology. The means and devices to measure these fundamental quantities reflect the highest standards of science and technology and often show great ingenuity. This ingenuity is also shown in other measuring devices and you will also discover some of these in this Collection Profile. Table of Contents:
    Randall C. Brooks
    , PhD, 2001
    Curator, Physical Sciences and Space © 2004 Canada Science and
    Technology Museum
    Comments to:
  • 91. Daily Bible Study - Biblical Weights And Measures
    Biblical weights and measures. Discover the amazing truth of the Gospel. Eternal life. Biblical weights and measures. Bible, American British, Metric. Length.
    Biblical Weights and Measures
    Bible American
    British Metric Length
    cubit 18 inches 0.5 meter span 9 inches 23 centimeters handbreadth 3 inches 8 centimeters Weight talent (60 minas) 75 pounds 34 kilograms mina (50 shekels) 1 1/4 pounds 0.6 kilogram shekel (2 bekas) 2/5 ounce 11.5 grams pim (2/3 shekel) 1/3 ounce 7.6 grams beka (10 gerahs) 1/5 ounce 5.5 grams gerah 1/50 ounce 0.6 gram Dry Capacity cor (homer) (10 ephahs) 6 bushels 220 liters lethek (5 ephahs) 3 bushels 110 liters ephah (10 omers) 3/5 bushel 22 liters seah (1/3 ephah) 7 quarts 7.3 liters omer (1/10 ephah) 2 quarts 2 liters cab (1/18 ephah) 1 quart 1 liter Liquid Capacity bath (1 ephah) 6 gallons 22 liters hin (1/6 bath) 4 quarts 4 liters log (1/72 bath) 1/3 quart 0.3 liter Note: This table of weights and measures is based upon the best available information from ancient sources. It is not intended to be absolutely precise. Fact Finder: What were the approximate dimensions of Noah's Ark
    Genesis 6:15-16 By The Book Index Daily Bible Study Home Page
    Plus much, much more on the same CD!
      Bible Maps
      • Over 70 detailed full-color Bible study maps.

    92. Illinois Dept. Of Agriculture - Weights & Measures
    Horse Racing. Kids Section. Grants MouseOver for Sub Menus. Fairs - MouseOver for Sub Menus. Links. Site Map. weights measures Certification.
    RandomImage("/images/template/Centerpic.gif /images/template/Centerpic1.gif /images/template/Centerpic2.gif /images/template/Centerpic3.gif /images/template/Centerpic4.gif /images/template/Centerpic5.gif /images/template/Centerpic6.gif /images/template/Centerpic7.gif /images/template/Centerpic8.gif /images/template/Centerpic9.gif"); Rod R. Blagojevich
    Charles A. "Chuck" Hartke
    The Bureau of Weights and Measures serves a valuable consumer and commercial protection function within the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The bureau's pursuit of equity in the marketplace is evident by the variety of services provided to Illinois citizens.
    Accurate measurement and delivery of wholesale and retail commodities, monitoring the quality of motor fuel products sold within the state, quality grading of consumer eggs and egg products, and maintaining laboratories for metrology standards and grain moisture measurement are the statutory obligations of the bureau. Device inspections, egg grading, and metrology calibrations are performed at nominal fees, generating revenue in financial support of the program.
    The bureau licenses anyone who sells, installs, or repairs commercially used weighing or measuring devices through the Registered Serviceperson Program.

    93. Georgian Index - Weights And Measures
    Click to jump MIMAnet Homepage. Georgian Index weights and measures. Regency weights and measures. Avoirdupois a weight system used
    Georgian Index
    Weights and Measures
    Regency Weights and Measures
    Avoirdupois - a weight system used for all English and American commodities except precious stones, precious metals and drugs.
    Unit Symbol equivalent Inch 1/36 of a yard Nail a 16 th Foot 1/3 of a yard, 5 1/3 nails, 12 inches Yard 3 feet, 16 nails, 36 inches fathom 6 feet, 24 nails
    Unit Symbol equivalent grain .036 drams or .002285 ounces dram 27.343 grains or .0625 ounces Ounce 16 drams or 437.5 grains Pound 16 ounces Stone fourteen pounds Short ton 2000 pounds Long Ton 2240 pounds
    Volume both liquid and dry
    Unit Symbol equivalent definition minum 1/60 fluidram .003612 cubic inches fluidram 60 minums .216734 cubic inches fluidounce 8 fluidrams 1.7339 cubic inches gill gi 5 fluidounces 8.669 cubic inches pint 4 gills 34.678 cubic inches quart 2 pints 69.355 cubic inches pottle 4 pints or 2 quarts gallon 4 quarts 277.420 cubic inches peck pk 2 gallons 554.84 cubic inches Bushel bu 4 pecks 2219.36 cubic inches
    Unit Symbol equivalent definition Mile 320 rods, 1760 yards 5280 ft rod 5.5 yards

    94. State Of Utah Department Of Agriculture And Food
    weights measures. (801) 5387156. We also respond to numerous consumer complaints dealing with violations of the weights and measures laws.

    West Nile Virus Info

    Life and Landscape

    The primary focus of this program is to ensure that equity prevails in the market place, and that commodities bought or sold are accurately weighed or measured and properly identified.
    All weighing or measuring devices used in a commercial application are subject to inspection to ensure their accuracy. This includes the weight or measure of foods, non-food products, services, scanners, or commodities purchased in the State of Utah. We also respond to numerous consumer complaints dealing with violations of the weights and measures laws. Most items purchased each day are sold by weight, measure, or count. Inspection of weighing and measuring devices for correctness and accuracy helps to protect both consumers and retailers from unfair business practices.
    Weights and Measures Frequently Asked Questions
    Types of Devices Tested
    Large Capacity Scales (over 1000 lbs.)
    These devices include scales used for weighing livestock, coal, gravel, vehicles, and similar items; inspections are conducted at auction yards, ranches, ports of entry, mine sites, construction sites, gravel pits and railroad yards.
    Small Capacity Scales (up to 999 lbs.)

    95. RxDesktop | Weights And Measures, RxDesktop | Weights And Measures
    weights and measures. The apothecaries and avoirdupois systems of measurement are used in the United States; and, in spite of the

    RxDesktop Home
    Contact Us
    Weights and Measures
    The apothecaries' and avoirdupois systems of measurement are used in the United States; and, in spite of the predominant use of the official metric system in pharmacy and medicine, some physicians continue to use the apothecaries' systems of measuring volume and weight in their prescriptions. The pharmacist, therefore, must have a practical knowledge of the common systems of measure.
    Weight: Convert Grains Ounces Pounds Milligrams Grams Kilograms to Grains Ounces Pounds Milligrams Grams Kilograms Fluid: Convert Minims Fluidrams Fluid ounces Pints Quarts Gallons Milliliters Liters to Minims Fluidrams Fluid ounces Pints Quarts Gallons Milliliters Liters Temperature: Convert
    This Web site is sponsored by Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Inc.
    Taro Related Links

    96. Minnesota Commerce : Weights & Measures
    A variety of consumer publications from this division plus the handy online measure or weight conversion tool. weights measures. weights measures Topics

    97. Minnesota Commerce : Weights & Measures
    weights measures Find out who ensures the accuracy of all the commercial weighing and measuring equipment used in Minnesota, serving Minnesota?s consumers

    98. Amtrak
    weights AND measures. weights and measures, Size and Weight Categories Amtrak Express shipping service is available at more than 100 stations nationwide.
    SITE MAP HELP CONTACT US SEARCH ... Amtrak Guest Rewards MasterCard
    W E I G H T S A N D M E A S U R E S
    Weights and Measures Size and Weight Categories Amtrak Express shipping service is available at more than 100 stations nationwide. Stations are designated as a Regular Express Station (REX, smaller stations) or a Heavy Express Station (HEX, larger stations where staffing, dwell time and equipment allow the handling of larger and heavier shipments). HEX Stations handle both REX and HEX shipments. Type of Service Maximum Weight
    (See note 1) Maximum Size Regular Express (REX) Per Piece
    50 lbs (34kg) Per Shipment
    500 lbs (227kg) Per Piece
    36" x 36" x 36"
    (90 x 90 x 90cm) Heavy Express (HEX) Per Piece
    100 lbs (45kg)
    (See note 2) Per Shipment
    500 lbs (227kg) (See note 2) Per Piece 48" x 48" x 48" (120 x 120 x 120cm) Per Pallet 500 lbs (908kg) (See note 3) Per Shipment 500 lbs (3632kg) (Note 3) Per Piece 60" x 48" x 60" (150 x 120 x 150cm) Notes
  • There is a minimum chargeable weight of eight pounds per cubic foot (refer to cubic dimensional weight section) Pieces weighing over 100 lbs. (45 kg) must be shipped on a pallet.
  • 99. Weights & Measures
    c/o Courthouse 35 West Main Street Bloomsburg, PA 178150380, weights measures 570-389-5600. Paul Shultz Sealer of weights and measures (part time).
    c/o Courthouse
    35 West Main Street
    Bloomsburg, PA 17815-0380
    Paul Shultz
    Sealer of Weights and measures
    (part time)

    page date: 02/02/04 Home Adult Services Agriculture Extension Office Area Agency on Aging ... Voter Registration/Elections

    100. Vanderburgh County: Weights & Measures Home Page
    weights and measures Department. Welcome to the Vanderburgh County weights and measures Department. weights by weight, measure or count. The
    @import url(/vander/css/vander.css); Firewood Regulations Tables of measures Tips and News Other Links ... Home Page Weights and Measures Department Welcome to the Vanderburgh County Weights and Measures Department Weights and Measures Department
    204 S.E. 6th Street
    Evansville, Indiana 47713-1214
    Phone: (812) 435-5745
    Fax: (812) 435-5077

    The Vanderburgh County Weights and Measures Department is one of the government’s most important functions affecting industry and commerce. The enforcement of Weights and Measures enables farmers, manufacturers, processors, merchandisers and consumers to buy and sell confidently, knowing that when one pays for a pound or gallon of a certain commodity, that one is, in fact receiving a pound or gallon of that item. The Department is the enforcement agency that governs all weighing and measuring devices used commercially and all commodities sold by weight, measure or count. The Indiana labeling laws also are enforced by the local Weights and Measures Department.
    The department consists of one (1) Chief Inspector and three (3) Deputy Inspectors who test and ascertain that all measuring devices such as gasoline and fuel pumps, taxi cabs, Laundromat, dryers, recycle, feed seed and grain scales; propane and medical oxygen scales are inspected at least once each year or as often as may be deemed necessary for accuracy in the marketplace. The department also has one (1)

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