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  1. Units of weight and measure (United States customary and metric);: Definitions and tables of equivalents (United States. National Bureau of Standards. Miscellaneous publication) by Lewis Van Hagen Judson, 1960
  2. The Weights and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 1986 (Statutory Instruments: 1986: 2049)
  3. United States standards of weights and measures, their creation and creators (Smithsonian studies in history and technology ; no. 40) by Arthur H Frazier, 1978
  4. Weights and Measures (Secrets of Science) by Robin Kerrod, Susan Baker, 1991-03
  5. Specifications, Tolerances and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices: As Adopted by the 84th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1999
  6. Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods: as Adopted by the 87th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 2002
  7. Report of the Committee on coinage, weights, and measures to the House of representatives, U. S. May 17, 1866. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  8. WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>West's Encyclopedia of American Law</i>
  9. Glass stamps and weights: Ancient weights and measures illustrated by the Egyptian collection in University College, London by W. M. Flinders Petrie, 1974
  10. Home Learn 5-7 Weights & Measures (Hodder Home Learning: Age 5-7) by Fitzsimmon, 1999-06
  11. Pharmacop&oelig;a germanica. The German pharmacop&oelig;ia. Tr. by C. L. Lochman. With an appendix explanatory of the French metrical system, and tables of weights and measures, etc. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-21
  12. Supervising Inspector of Markets, Weights and Measures
  13. The Weights and Measures of England by Science Museum, 1987-07
  14. Gray's Prescriptionist: a Treatise on the Art of Reading and Compounding Physicians' Prescriptions, With Tables of Weights and Measures, Antidotes

(length) Metric Equivalent US Equivalent acre 0.404 685 64 hectares 43,560 feet^2 acre 4,046,856 4 meters^2 4,840 yards^2 acre 0.004 046 856 4 kilometers^2 0.001 562 5 miles^2, statute acre 100 meters^2 119.599 yards^2 cable 219.456 meters 120 fathoms chain (surveyor's) 20.116 8 meters 66 feet cord (wood) 3.624 556 meters^3 128 feet^3 fathom 1.828 8 meters 6 feet foot 30.48 centimeters 12 inches foot 0.304 8 meters 0.333 333 3 yards foot 0.000 304 8 kilometers 0.000 189 39 miles, statute foot^2 929.030 4 centimeters^2 144 inches^2 foot^2 0.092 903 04 meters^2 0.111 111 1 yards^2 foot^3 28.316 846 592 liters 7.480 519 gallons foot^3 0.028 316 847 meters^3 1,728 inches^3 furlong 201.168 meters 220 yards hand (height of horse) 10.16 centimeters 4 inches hectare 10,000 meters^2 2.471 053 8 acres inch 2.54 centimeters 0.083 333 33 feet

62. Weights & Measures
Our Mission. The mission of the weights and measures Section is to safeguard the public in all matters involving commercial determinations of quantity.
DDA Home Weights and Measures Search: Quick Menu: DDA Home Page Administration Agriculture Compliance Employment Opportunities Food Product Inspection Forest Service Harness Racing Commission Information and Education Land Use Planning and Preservation Marketing Nutrient Management Pesticide Compliance Plant Industries Poultry and Animal Health Throughbred Racing Commission Weights and Measures Farm Market Directory Agritourism Directory Produce Buyers' Guide Potato Growers' Guide Watermelon Growers' Guide Specialty Food Brochure Big Tree and Wood Directories Frequently Asked Questions A Message from the Secretary Interactive Map Server Announcements and Press Releases Delaware Standardbred Breeder's Fund Enforcement Our Mission
The mission of the Weights and Measures Section is to safeguard the public in all matters involving commercial determinations of quantity. Inspection and testing procedures are designed to ensure the accuracy of all transactions whenever merchandise is bought or sold by weight, measure, or count, and to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness, and misrepresentations during such transactions. Key Objectives
  • Make consumers aware of their rights concerning commercial transactions, and publicize the Weights and Measures consumer complaint investigation function.

63. Macaw Weights And Measures
Macaw weights and measures. The following table has been compiled from Rosemary Low s book Parrots in Aviculture ISBN 156465-179
Macaw Weights and Measures
The following table has been compiled from Rosemary Low's book "Parrots in Aviculture" ISBN# 1-56465-179-7
In most cases the weights are those of captive birds. There can be extreme variation in individuals, the weight being influenced by diet, housing, sex, sub-species and age. Where more than 10 or so birds were weighed, the highest and lowest weights were not taken into account if these differed markedly from the norm. Chick weights, with 5 or 6 exceptions, were of chicks hatched in the author's care.
Measurements are from beak to tip of tail. There can be considerable variations in individuals of the same species, especially in those with a wide geographical range.
Common Name
Order of Species
Chick Weight
Hyacinthine Macaw Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Lear's Macaw Anodorhynchus leari Spix's Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii Blue and Gold Macaw Ara ararauna Blue-throated or Caninde Macaw Ara glaucogularis Military Macaw Ara militaris Buffon's Macaw Ara ambigua Scarlet Macaw Ara macao Green-winged Macaw Ara chloroptera Red-fronted Macaw Ara rubrogenys Yellow-collared Macaw Ara auricollis Severe or Chestnut-fronted Macaw Ara severa Red-bellied Macaw Ara manilata Illiger's Macaw Ara maracana Hahn's Macaw Ara (or Diopsittaca) nobilis nobilis Noble Macaw Ara (or Diopsittaca) nobilis cumanensis

64. Bible Weights & Measures
Menu Translations Chinese GB Big5. Bible weights and measures. measures of Length. Rod (Reed), Pace, Cubit, Span, Hand breadth, Finger. Rod (Reed), 9 ft. (Ezek.
Menu Translations: Chinese GB
Bible Weights and Measures
Measures of Length

Pace Cubit Span Hand breadth Finger Rod (Reed) 9 ft. (Ezek. 10.5 ft) Pace 3 paces 3 ft. Cubit 6 cubits 2 cubits 1.5 ft (Ezek. 18 in.) Span 21 spans 4 spans 2 spans 9 in. Hand- breadth 36 hand- breadths 12 hand- breadths 6 hand- breadths 3 hand- breadth 3 in. Finger 144 fingers 48 fingers 24 fingers 12 fingers 4 fingers 0.75 in. A day's journey - 20 mi.; a sabbath day's journey - 3,637 ft.; some distance (a little way) - 5 mi.; mile (Roman) - 4,854 ft.; stadion (furlong) - 606 ft.; fathom - 6 ft.
Monies and Weights
All values are approximate and are based upon a standard of $400 per troy ounce of gold and $5 per troy ounce of silver.
Talent Mina Shekel Gerah Talent 91 lb. (troy) silver $5,460 gold $436,8000 Mina 60 minas 18.2 oz. (troy) silver $91 gold $7,280 Shekel 3,000 shekels 50 shekels 0.364 oz. (troy) silver $1.82 gold $145 Gerah 60,000 gerahs 1,000 gerahs 20 gerahs 0.0182 oz. (troy) silver $0.09 gold $7.28 Drachma - 0.27 oz. (troy) gold $108; Bekah - 0.182 oz. (troy) silver $0.91 Conversion to current value - divide 400 and 5 respectively into the current values of gold and silver. Multiply these factors with the corresponding values found in this chart in the text.

65. Weights And Measures Act
Index of Statutory Instruments. Consolidated Statutes and Regulations weights and measures Act ( RS 1985, c. W6 ). weights AND measures ACT. SHORT TITLE.

Main Page
Glossary Important Note How to link ...
Federal and Provincial Case Law

Annual Statutes Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers Table of Private Acts Index of Statutory Instruments
Consolidated Statutes and Regulations

Weights and Measures Act ( R.S. 1985, c. W-6 ) more
Full Document for Printing [
Updated to December 31, 2003
Search: Weights and Measures Act ( R.S. 1985, c. W-6 ) Go to Advanced Search
Table of Content ( Details
SHORT TITLE INTERPRETATION ... SCHEDULE IV (Section 11) REFERENCE STANDARDS Related Regulations Electronic Registers and Ancillary Equipment Incorporated in Metering Assemblies Specifications Metering Assemblies Incorporating Electronic ATCs Specifications Propane Dispenser Specifications Railway Track Scales for In-Motion Weighing Specifications ... Weights and Measures Regulations Related Information Related Instruments Information (from the Consolidated Index of Statutory Instruments) Coming into Force information (from the Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers) Important Notices

66. Metric Weights And Measures
math and moneyMath—Measurement Metric weights and measures. A millimicron is one thousandth of one millionth of one meter. Most

Metric Weights and Measures
A millimicron is one thousandth of one millionth of one meter Most of the world uses the metric system. The only countries not on this system are the U.S., Myanmar, and Liberia. The metric system is based on 10s. For example, 10 decimeters make a meter (39.37 inches). Units smaller than a meter have Latin prefixes:
  • Deci- means 10; 10 decimeters make a meter. Centi- means 100; 100 centimeters make a meter. Milli- means 1,000; 1,000 millimeters make a meter.
Units larger than a meter have Greek prefixes:
  • Deka- means 10; a dekameter is 10 meters. Hecto- means 100; a hectometer is 100 meters. Kilo- means 1,000; a kilometer is 1,000 meters.
Helpful Hints
Remember: A meter is a little more than a yard . A kilometer is less than a mile . A liter is a little more than a quart
The Metric System
Unit Value Kilometer (km) 1,000 Meters Hectometer (hm) 100 Meters Dekameter (dam) 10 Meters Meter (m) 1 Meter Decimeter (dm) 0.1 Meter Centimeter (cm) 0.01 Meters Millimeter (mm) 0.001 Meters
Unit Value Kiloliter (kl) 1,000 Liters

67. U.S. Weights And Measures
math and moneyMath—Measurement US weights and measures. See the conversion calculator. Linear Measure. 12 inches (in.) =, 1 foot (ft.).

U.S. Weights and Measures
See the conversion calculator
Linear Measure
12 inches (in.) = 1 foot (ft.) 3 feet = 1 yard (yd) /2 yards = 1 rod (rd), pole, or perch (16 /2 ft.) 40 rods = 1 furlong (fur) = 220 yds = 660 ft. 8 furlongs = 1 statute mile (mi.) = 1,760 yds = 5,280 ft. 3 land miles = 1 league 5,280 feet = 1 statute or land mile 6,076.11549 feet = 1 international nautical mile
Area Measure
144 square inches = 1 sq ft. 9 square feet = 1 sq yd = 1,296 sq in. /4 square yards = 1 sq rd = 272 /4 sq ft. 160 square rods = 1 acre = 4,840 sq yds = 43,560 sq ft. 640 acres = 1 sq mi. 1 mile square = 1 section (of land) 6 miles square = 1 township = 36 sections = 36 sq mi.
Cubic Measure
1,728 cubic inches = 1 cu ft. 27 cubic feet = 1 cu yd
Liquid Measure
4 gills (gi) = 1 pint (pt) (= 28.875 cu in.) 2 pints = 1 quart (qt) (= 57.75 cu in.) 4 quarts = 1 gallon (gal) (= 231 cu in.) = 8 pts = 32 gills
Apothecaries' Fluid Measure
60 minims (min.) = 1 fluid dram (fl dr) (= 0.2256 cu in.) 8 fluid drams = 1 fluid ounce (fl oz) (= 1.8047 cu in.) 16 fluid ounces = 1 pt (= 28.875 cu in.) = 128 fl drs

68. Old Babylonian Metrology
Old Babylonian weights and measures. The metrology of ancient Mesopotamia is very complicated, but key to understanding much of the
Old Babylonian Weights and Measures
The metrology of ancient Mesopotamia is very complicated, but key to understanding much of the mathematics as units are often silently converted in the middle of a problem. Units of length, weight, area, capacity and so on and the relationships between them changed frequently in both space and time. However, by the Old Babylonian period, the systems were much simpler than during the Sumerian period. For the large bulk of mathematical problem texts, there is a relatively standardized set of measurements, although there are plenty of exceptions. The tables below give the main units in this standard set, but are by no means comprehensive. For up-to-date and detailed references on the different systems, see the articles by Marvin Powell in RLA and Civilizations of the Ancient Near East Even in the Old Babylonian times, metrology had a rich collection of units. Most of the conversion factors are simple fractions or multiples of the base 60. Key units are the kush (cubit) for length, sar (garden-plot) for area and volume, sila for capacity and mana for weight. At the base of the system is the barleycorn, she, used for the smallest unit in length, area, volume and weight. Akkadian made use of a letter š called a shin, pronounced as 'sh'. The barleycorn is a 'še', pronounced 'shay' and which we shall write as 'she.'

69. Weights And Measures - Metric Conversion
YOUR ONESTOP SOURCE! A DICTIONARY OF weights, measures AND UNITS. Place cursor over book to read a review and to see purchase information. weights measures.
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70. Weights And Measures - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
weights and measures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The definition, agreement History of weights and measures. weights and measures
Weights and measures
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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The definition, agreement and practical use of units of weights and measures have played a crucial role in human endeavor from early ages up to this day. Just to underline the importance of agreed units, the NASA Mars Polar Lander in December crashed on the planet Mars instead of staying in orbit , due to miscommunications about the value of forces: different people used different assumptions about the unit of measure newton versus pound ). Enormous amounts of effort, time and money were wasted. Table of contents 1 History of Weights and Measures
2 Origins of common customary units

2.1 Units of length

2.2 Typographical units
History of Weights and Measures
Weights and measures were among the earliest tools invented by humans. Primitive societies needed rudimentary measures for many tasks: constructing dwellings of an appropriate size and shape, fashioning clothing , or bartering food or raw materials The earliest weights and measures were based on the use of parts of the body and the natural surroundings as measuring instruments. Early

71. Historical Weights And Measures - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Historical weights and measures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many systems of weights and measures have existed throughout history.
Historical weights and measures
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Many systems of weights and measures have existed throughout history. The definitions of some of these units were often vague and inaccurate, and although the roots of many of the units were the same, the actual value of a unit differed from country to country, or epoch to epoch. That fact should not lead to a conclusion that historical units of measure were inaccurate in general. Many units were defined to a high precision, and standards of measurement were in many cases excellent. As a case in point, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built to a precision of 15 mm over sides that are 235 m, over four and a half thousand years ago. Table of contents 1 Mesopotamian system 1.1 Length
1.2 Area

1.3 Volume
... edit
Mesopotamian system
Mesopotamia includes a number of cultures. The Sumerian number system uses a base 60 positional notation , and is the origin for the division of 60 for hours and angles. edit
  • kù? Cubit (Sumerian). Akkadian ammatu . The copper bar cubit of Nippur , the first known standard bar, defines the Sumerian cubit as 51.72 cm around

72. TITLE 15 , CHAPTER 6
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    73. Redirect
    Montana Bureau of weights measures. Responsible for the accuracy of weighing devices (scales), measuring devices (gas pumps), net
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    Click on the above link if your browser does not move you to that page.

    74. Weights And Measures Guidelines For Sales At Farmers Markets
    weights and measures Guidelines for Sales at Farmers Markets, Roadside Stands and Other Commercial Outlets. Produce may be sold by weight, count, or measure.
    Nebraska Cooperative Extension NF97-344 (Revised February 2004)
    Weights and Measures Guidelines for
    Sales at Farmers' Markets, Roadside
    Stands and Other Commercial Outlets
    by Laurie Hodges, Commercial Vegetable Specialist Previous Category Catalog Order Info Retail sale of fruits, vegetables, and other items is regulated by the Nebraska Weights and Measures Act. Vendors may erroneously believe that they are exempt from these regulations because they sell relatively little compared to a supermarket or because they only sell for a few months of the year. They are wrong. The Nebraska Weights and Measures Act applies to all sales. The regulation was established to ensure that buyers receive sufficient and accurate information with which to compare quantity and price. Even if you sell by count, "three ears of corn for $1," for example, compliance with the Weights and Measures Act is necessary. As a vendor, complying with the regulations protects you from perceptions of shortchanging or misrepresenting your product. This NebFact focuses on the sale of fresh produce at farmers' markets, roadside stands, and other seasonal outlets. Method of Sale You may have seen fruits and vegetables made available using several different types of containers or measures. Sometimes these units are not the same as those used in wholesale markets or within specific markets, such as restaurants. These container sizes may not convert directly to common household units used in freezing or canning produce. However, legal weights and measures are required at all times when selling to consumers at farmers' markets, roadside stands, or other commercial outlets. Use the following information as a guideline on how to sell foods directly to consumers. If you have specific questions or a situation that is not clear to you regarding weights or measures, please use the contact information for assistance provided at the end of this publication.

    75. SI - The Metric System For Travelers - Conversion And Equivalents - Meters, Lite
    weights and measures. A Primer for Travelers to Europe.
    A Primer for
    Travelers to Europe Quick Reference Temperature Distance Height ...
    Travel Tips and Planning Tools
    From Industry Week , 1981 November 30 These pages are for you! This is the place to find out how to exchange feet for meters ... and more. You'll find our quick reference section below if you just want a cheat sheet for your trip. If you're interested in a bit more about the important basic units for travelers we have a section on usage and more detailed descriptions etric is much easier to use than our system, so you'll find an added benefit from learning the basics. Our "English System" divides yards into 36 inches, miles into 5,280 feet, and pounds into 16 ounces. If you enjoy working with 36ths, 16ths, 12ths and 5,280ths and memorizing the relationships, you'll miss them in the SI. Everything in metric, alas, is based on dull, dry 10ths, 100s, and so on. Dull, but easy to manipulate. Learn a few basic units and prefixes and you'll master the system. he Metric System or SI for International System (in French) is used by most of the world. Why? The measurements are based on easily-manipulated multiples and fractions of 10;

    76. Trading Standards Net The Consumer Protection Gateway To Advice And Information
    Acres for land registry. Back to the top. weights and measures Act 1985 Part I. Back to the top. weights and measures Act 1985 Part II.
    Weight and Measures legislation

    Weights and Measures Act 1985 Part I (Units and Standards)

    Weights and Measures Act 1985 Part II (Use for trade)
    NWML and legislation
    Ever since the 13th century, weights and measures has played a vital role in trade, both nationally and internationally. Almost all trade is subject to weights and measures legislation and the Weights and Measures Act 1985 was the original raison d'etre of the trading standards service.
    The Act and its associated legislation establishes a hierarchy of standards of weight, area, length, volume, and capacity. Local authorities are charged with maintaining local and working standards which are traceable to national standards, and which are used to ensure all trade equipment is accurate. Any trade equipment is regulated, from 'optics' in bars to bulk fuel metering systems and computerised packing equipment in factories.
    Inspectors of Weights and Measures are appointed by statute and have wide powers of entry to premises and test purchase of goods to check compliance with the law.

    77. Vindolanda Tablets Online | Reference | Weights And Measures
    weights and measures. you are here home Reference weights and measures.
    Weights and measures
    you are here: home Reference Weights and measures
    Auxiliary units
    Military ranks
    Numerals ...
    Weights and measures
    General search
    (Excluding Tablets database) Text: Images: Site map
    Volume and capacity
    The modius and its subdivision the sextarius are the most commonly used measure of capacity and in the Vindolanda texts are used as measure for liquid (e.g. beer, wine) and 'dry goods' (e.g. cereals). There is also a reference to a metreta of beer (186). These units are usually, though not always, abbreviated, modius (plural modii ) to m with a bar above it, sextarius (plural sextarii ) to s divided horizontally by a bar. Again half is indicated by semis , abbreviated to s
    Roman units
    Roman units Metric (litres) Imperial (gallons: pints) 1 modius = 16 sextarii 1 metreta = 100 sextarii We have some information on the volumes of containers in which items brought to Vindolanda as supplies would have been transported. For example many complete amphorae have survived in shipwrecks and burials and barrels too when re-used as linings for wells. This allows archaeologists to calculate the volumes they would have carried. The records of their contents painted on amphorae (tituli dipinti) note capacities close to these assessments. The volumes of some common types of amphora and barrels are tabled here, recorded in Roman and modern metric and imperial units. (NB as well as being a term for a type of container

    78. Welcome To County Of Ventura's Weights And Measures Division
    The Division of weights and measures is mandated by state law to protect the interests of the buyer and seller to ensure honesty and integrity of everyday
    The Division of Weights and Measures is mandated by state law to protect the interests of the buyer and seller to ensure honesty and integrity of everyday business transactions. This protection is accomplished through the enforcement of the laws of the State of California and various federal statutes. Most transactions involving the exchange of goods, property, and service involve some form of weighing and measuring. Protection is provided by the continuous, systematic inspection and testing for accuracy of weighing and measuring devices used in trade in Ventura County, as well as the checking of packaged commodities for quantity and labeling.
    Weights and Measures Fast Find General Complaint Form Service Station Complaint Form Staff Phone Numbers When Buying Firewood Weights and Measures Division
    800 South Victoria Ave.
    Ventura, CA 93009

    79. CCSF | Department Of Consumer Assurance weights measures Agricultural Info Consumer Tips Related Links Department Info Complaint Form. weights measures. Agricultural Information.
    Home Agricultural Info Consumer Tips Related Links Home Agricultural Info Consumer Tips Related Links ... online services

    80. CCSF | Consumer Assurance | Weights & Measures
    General weights measures Information. CASF Logo. Inspection and testing of packaged products for proper weight, measure or count.
    Quantity Control of Packaged Commodities
    Petroleum Products WeighMaster
    Measuring and Weighing Devices Inspection and testing of various commercial devices including scales, gasoline pumps, taximeters, liquified petroleum gas dispensers and electric meters. Investigation of public complaints concerning inaccurate computation of price. Non-commercial devices can be checked for a fee.
    Quantity Control of Packaged Commodities Inspection and testing of packaged products for proper weight, measure or count. This includes routine meat audits, undercover test purchases, and monitoring of price scanners for accuracy. Public complaints regarding incorrect quantity or price are investigated.
    Petroleum Products Inspection of petroleum products for compliance with quality, labeling, and advertising requirements. Consumer complaints concerning service station advertising and gasoline contamination are investigated.
    Weighmaster Audit weighmaster operations and records for compliance with California laws and regulations.

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