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  1. Universal dictionary of weights and measures, ancient and modern; reduced to the standards of the United States of America. By J. H. Alexander. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-20
  2. Physics Formulas and Tables. FREE Laws of Science and Weights and Measures chapters in the trial version by MobileReference, 2007-06-20
  3. The Measures, Weights And Moneys Of All Nations: And An Analysis Of The Christian, Hebrew And Mahometan Calendars by W. S. B. Woolhouse, 2007-06-25
  4. British Weights and Measures: A History from Antiquity to the Seventeenth Century by Ronald Edward Zupko, 1977-10
  5. Weights & Measures (Quickstudy: Compact) by J. Ashely, 2002-12-01
  6. State weights and measures laboratories: Program handbook (NIST handbook)
  7. Incorporating stakeholder preferences for land conservation: Weights and measures in spatial MCA [An article from: Ecological Economics] by M.P. Strager, R.S. Rosenberger, 2006-06-10
  8. Weights and measures: An informal guide by Stacy V Jones, 1963
  9. Cassell's New French-English English-French Dictionary with Key to Pronunciations and an Appendix of Proper Names, Weights and Measures, Etc.
  10. How Much and How Many - The Story Of Weights and Measures by Jeanne Bendick, 1960
  11. The grocers' manual: A guide book for the information and use of grocers, containing a full description of all the goods sold by the trade, also rates ... tables of weights, measures, interest, etc by Peter H Felker, 1879
  12. Weights and Measures Act 1985
  13. Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and Engine Fuel Quality: As Adopted by the 84th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 1999
  14. Uniform Laws and Regulations in the Areas of Legal Metrology and and Engine Fuel Quality: As Adopted by the 89th National Conference on Weights and Measures, 2004

41. Czech Professional Genealogy Researchers - Family Lines
Providing ancestral investigation in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. Fluent in Latin, German and ancient Czech. Proficient in handwritten text and ancient weights/measures.
Services Prices Gift Contact us On the following pages we do not provide only our personal presentation, but we try to mediate you the Czech genealogy on a little higher level. That could help you to acquaint yourselves with genealogical materials that can be used by researchers in the Czech Republic.
Of course, we expect that not all of your questions, that you have, can be answered here. For that purpose please visit our FAQ.
On our pages there are references to other genealogical websites, somehow related with the Czech genealogy, that we consider to be helpful for you. Please enjoy it.

b People usually do not know much about their Czech ancestors. As a starting point, please try our lists of emigrants b Looking for pictures of places left by your
ancestors ? Click here !
You can contact us

Family Lines
Eduard Kovalda P.O.Box 7 284 01 Kutna Hora Czech Republic b

42. Weights And Measures
weights and measures. This website is dedicated to the memory of the British Imperial weights and measures. I had to learn these
Weights and Measures
This website is dedicated to the memory of the British Imperial Weights and Measures. I had to learn these at school, as part of my "tables". While metric measures are simpler, these old measures are still part of our language, and will always be part of our literature. Anyway, it will be hard for any of my generation to think naturally in anything else! I am happy to use metric units, yet it would be sad if these old units were forgotten. There are also some rough conversion guides. The U.S. Customary systems are similar to the British Imperial System, but I mention where they differ. Please email me (Jo Edkins) with any comments or any errors that you spot. I would like to acknowledge corrections, additions and improvements emailed to me by several people, who are helping to make this webpage what it is. And that is? Click below to find out! Length and area Money Printing - paper, font size Weight Weather - temperature, wind speeds Oddities and others Capacity Nautical - fathoms, knots - plus angles Metric System See my other educational webpages Other weights and measures websites:
Roman weights and measures
and other data
Traditional British and American units of volume

Glossary of Ancient Weights and Measures
from Hemyock Castle
UK units, US units and unit systems from antiquity

43. Measurement Canada
Administers and enforces the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act and the weights and measures Act.
Français Contact Us Help Search ... Site Map Measurement Canada Services CFTM Approvals Electricity ...
View all headlines
This site includes: Welcome to Measurement Canada's site. Consult our Help Page for hints to help better navigate our site. The What's New area shows a list of the changes implemented to documents and other announcements of interest as they pertain to services provided by Measurement Canada. The registration program for the downstream petroleum sector was launched on April 5, 2004. Subscribe to Measurement Canada's On-Line Subscription mailing list service and automatically receive a notification of changes. Minor revisions have been made to the Accreditation Standard S-A-01:2002 and its Guide effective 2004-06-07. Have you ever wondered if the scale used to weigh your meats, fruits and vegetables, the gasoline pump used to fuel your car, or the meter used to measure your electricity or natural gas is accurate? Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada, ensures that you can make these, and other types of measurement transactions, with confidence. Our programs and services include evaluating and certifying the accuracy of measuring equipment, investigating complaints received from businesses and consumers who feel they have not received accurate measurement, and certifying measurement standards. We also authorize companies to verify measuring equipment on our behalf and assess the performance of these companies.

44. State Weights And Measures Offices
Image of FCIC Handbook title bar linking to the Consumer Action Handbook Table of Contents. Please note! The link or bookmark you
Please note! The link or bookmark you used to get to this site is no longer valid. In a few seconds we will redirect you to the new page. Please note the address of the new page and update your bookmarks or let the webmaster of the site you just left know about the address change. We appreciate your interest in Federal consumer information. If you are not promptly redirected to the proper page (and on some browsers this doesn't always work), click here to go to our home page and find the information. This service is provided by the Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration. If you have a comment or question, e-mail Consumer Action Handbook

45. S.O.S.Scale Co. Has Solutions To Industrial Weighing - Houston TX
Sales and service for industrial weighing applications from truck scales to lab balances for industrial use and weights and measures officials.
Fax Your Specs
7831 Secretariat Ln
Houston, TX
HOME Our mission is to provide solutions to industrial weighing application with superior products and outstanding service. At S.O.S Scale Company Inc., we firmly believe in providing our customers with innovative, superior quality products that are competitively priced. We offer the most aggressive, complete array of customer services ever made available to the weighing industry. Furthermore we will always do whatever it takes to fully satisfy our customers.
We carry a complete line of :
  • Industrial scales Precision laboratory analytical balances Crane scales Top loaders Counting scales Bench scales Checkweighers Shipping scales.

46. Getting What You Pay For, Weights And Measures Tips For Consumers
Getting What You Pay For weights And measures Tips For Consumers. Graphic Omitted. weights and measures Tips for Consumers TABLE OF CONTENTS.
What You
Pay For
Weights And Measures Tips
For Consumers [Graphic Omitted] Getting What You Pay For...
Weights and Measures Tips for Consumers TABLE OF CONTENTS Know Your Rights and 3
Read the 3
Pay Only For The 4
Use Unit 5
Check the 9
When Buying 10 When Buying Heating 13 When Buying 14 Look for 16 Do Your 17 Metric is 19 How Did You Do? 21

47. Special Page On Anglo-saxon Units
Catalogue of traditional British units with historical notes. Proot/met/spvolas.html
How the system emerged, and its long history. Its (very) many different units. Whys and whens. Summary of this page :
  • mil (= 25.4 micron)
  • 1000 mils = 1 inch (= 25.4 mm exactly ) and 12 lines = 1 inch
    • 3 inches = 1 palm
    • 4 inches = 1 hand
    • 9 inches = 1 span
    • 18 inches = 1 cubit
  • 12 inches = 1 foot (= 0.3048 m exactly
  • 3 feet = 1 yard (= 0.9144 m exactly
  • 5.5 yards = 1 rod or pole or perch (= 5.0292 m) - see below
  • 40 rods = 1 furlong (= 201.168 m) know originally as "furrow long" - see "acre"
  • 8 furlongs = 1 mile (= 1609.344 m exactly or 1760 yards)
  • 3 miles = 1 league (= 4828.032 m)
Remarks : in Old England, the mile - derived from the Roman "mille passus" or 1000 double steps - was originally 5000 feet long as in the Roman definition (1 "passus" = 5 feet). Later, it took 5280 feet to accomodate exactly 8 furlongs, the most popular measure of the time. Actually, the usual happened : the foot and the rod went slowly their separate ways, being used by different industries (the weaver and the farmer ...) Things had to be straightened up and, as the foot and the rod were already entrenched, we find these strange figures : 16.5 ft/rod and 5280 ft/mile. This was voted by the House under Queen Elizabeth I in 1595.
It should be noted that the furlong comes from the Greek and Roman stadion , which they themselves inherited from more ancient times. It seems to be the optimal length for the traditional plough.

48. College Of Chemistry - University Of California At Berkeley
UCB Home Page, link College of Chemistry, link Department of Chemistry, link Department of Chemical Engineering. Useful Links Common weights And measures.

Useful Links
Common Weights And Measures
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49. Pacific Scale Company Home Page
All about weighing scales with links, addresses phone numbers to Federal and State weights measures Departments.
Weigh the load as you handle it. Minimizes trips to a fixed scale.
Accumulate feature on some models.
Bulk weighing of liquid or dry materials
Load cell mounts designed to resist earth quake and high wind.
Have a weighing problem where an "Off the shelf" scale just doesn't quite fit ? Give us a try !
A link to federal and your state Weights and Measures sites.
About scales and other interesting subjects
For more information: Pacific Scale Co. Inc. P.O. Box 1606 Clackamas, OR 97015 US Email: Fax: 503-657-5561

50. College Of Chemistry - University Of California At Berkeley
Useful Links Common Equivalent weights and measures. Units Metric Equivalent US Equivalent acre 0.404 685 64 hectares 43,560 feet

Useful Links
: Common Equivalent Weights and Measures Units Metric Equivalent US Equivalent
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Units Customary UnitsEnglish Customary weights and measures. Distance In all traditional measuring systems, short distance units are based on the dimensions of the human body.

52. Weights And Measures
Provides an overview of traditional measurement systems; articles, quotations, and talking points for alternatives to and reasons for rejecting metric.
Update June 2002) Areas of interest include: Ancient and Historical Metrology
Traditional Imperial Units , their preservation and continued use
including Recent Discoveries Metrication : alternatives to, and reasons for rejecting Metrication (some of these date from the decimalisation of the pound sterling)

53. Units Of Measurement
Since 1875, in fact, the United States has subscribed to the International System of weights and measures, the official version of the metric system.
How Many?
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement
For information on a specific unit, click on the first letter of its name: A B C D ... Z "What countries besides the U.S. have not adopted the metric system?"
This question comes from U.S. students, who've been assigned by their teachers to find out. Many of the teachers think the answer is "Liberia and Burma" (make that Myanmar). Let's give Liberia and Myanmar a break! All countries have adopted the metric system, and most countries (if not the U.S.) have taken steps to eliminate most uses of traditional measurements. However, in all countries people still use traditional units sometimes, at least in colloquial expressions. Becoming metric is not a one-time event that has either happened or not. It is a process that happens over time. Every country is somewhere in this process of going metric, some much further along than others, but no country should forget its traditional units completely. At least, that's the philosophy of this dictionary! How can I convert from international units (IU) to milligrams or micrograms?

54. Online Calculators, Conversion Tools, Measurements And Weights
A directory of resources that will calculate a variety of weights and measures.

55. Hemyock Castle - Glossary Of Ancient And Traditional Weights And Measures - And
Hemyock Castle. Glossary of Ancient weights and measures. The definition, meaning and origin of traditional weights and measures. Page Contents
Home Accommodation Visit Events ... Contacts
Hemyock Castle
Glossary of Ancient Weights and Measures
The definition, meaning and origin of traditional weights and measures.
Page Contents:
Lengths - Imperial and Traditional:
Definitions of Imperial and Traditional terms for length measures.
28th part of a cubit. Width of a finger. Approx.
To half-inch:
To steal (slang). Rhyming slang for "pinch."
10 lines. 1000 thou. or mils. Width of man's thumb, length of 3 barley corns (Anglo-Saxon).
3 inches. Width of man's palm.
4 inches. Width of man's hand; used for height of horse at its withers (shoulders). Formerly, approx 5 inches.
6 inches. 6.5 inches until 12th Century.
9 inches. Width of man's spread fingers.
Natural foot:
9.8 inches (approx). Anglo-Saxon.
Roman foot:
11.6 inches (approx). Roman.
12 inches. Length of (large) man's foot.
2 spans, 28 digits. Elbow to middle finger tip. Approx 18 inches.
Military pace:
30 inches. Single step.

56. Jonah Goldberg
Column by neoconservative columnist Jonah Goldberg on Tesco's decision to restore imperial weights and measures, and on metrication as an ideological tool of the EU and WTO.
Clicking on banner ads enables JWR to constantly improve Jewish World Review August 1, 2000 / 29 Tamuz, 5760 Jonah Goldberg JWR's Pundits World Editorial
Cartoon Showcase

Mallard Fillmore

Michael Barone
Consumer Reports

Presidential campaign could use some anti-metric mania UP TO NOW, all four of the recognized candidates for president Bush, Gore, Nader and Buchanan have had at least one need in common. They've all wanted for an issue that communicates real disdain for globalization without having any major consequences for peoples' pocketbook preferably something that resonates with the average person without scapegoating an industry or community that could fight back. Well, just in time for the major conventions, Britain has given us the perfect international equivalent to flag-burning. I'm referring, of course, to that heinous measure of tyranny, the metric system. Britain's leading supermarket chain, Tesco, declared this month that they would return to "imperial" weights and measures, i.e. good old-fashioned pounds, pints, inches, ounces and feet. The reaction from the British public and press has been hysterically positive. Tesco took this step in part because a survey of customers revealed that about nine out of 10 people still used the old-fashioned measurements in their heads. Tesco's decision follows in the wake of numerous small grocery store owners who have become national heroes by standing up to the European "food police" by defying what British press calls the latest "diktats" from Brussels, the capital of the European Union. Some British politicians, witnessing this unchoreographed national fervor, have been stoking the issue by encouraging other stores to follow suit.

57. The National Conference On Weights And Measures - Splash Page

58. Unit Conversions And Calculations From MegaConverter MegaCalculator MegaKidstuff
Best Place to Figure What Equals What. megaConverter is THE resource for units, weights, measures, calculators and converters.
If you have a Javascript enabled browser, you will need to turn Javascript on in your options. If your browser is not Javascript capable, you will not be able to use this site.

59. The National Conference On Weights And Measures - Main Page
NCWM 89th Annual Meeting Information Registration Brochure. Registration Form Only. July 1115, 2004 Hilton Pittsburgh Towers Pittsburgh, PA.
NCWM 89th Annual Meeting
Registration Form Only

July 11-15, 2004 Pittsburgh, PA Pub 16 Information NTEP Conformity Assessment Newsletter Article Pub 14, Admin. Policy, Section S ...
Fair Measurement Appropriation

under NCWM News and Resources

60. Inch
An assortment of articles asserting the superiority of British weights and measures to the French decimal system, including nineteenth century sources.
Metrication - the persecution begins

Metric Martyrs - Press release: 8th August 2001

Perspectives Magazine
Recommended reading

The world is slowly being forced by governments, civil servants and multi-national industries into adopting the metric measurement system in place of the traditional systems which have been in use for centuries, for millenia in fact. The use of metric units has been legally acceptable in the UK since 1897 and in the USA since 1866 and yet the traditional system prevails in spite of this option. If metric were an improvement on traditional measurements then it would have been universally adopted long ago. The truth is that metric offers no advantages to people in their daily lives and will never be used unless it is forced upon us by criminalising the use of imperial measurement, something which is happening now in the UK and has happened in every other country where metric is used. In fact, the people of other countries have never voluntarily adopted metric, it has always been imposed upon them against their will by politicians and bureaucrats.
These few pages are offered by way of a defence against this compulsory conversion and against the criminalisation of ordinary people exercising their right to choose.

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