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101. Emily's New And Improved Weightlifting Website
Meeting and club information, competition results from the a Canadian olympicstyle weightlifting team.
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  • 102. Olympic History: Weightlifting - Olympics 2000 Olympics history history Select Nation. 2000 Summer Olympics (XXVII). weightlifting.
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    Olympic History: Weightlifting
    No one can really pinpoint the origin of weightlifting. Its history can be traced back to the beginning of recorded history, where mankind's fascination with physical strength can be found among ancient writings. Weightlifting was among the first competitive sports to forge ahead as the 1800s saw athletics began a push toward organization during that time. However, the U.S. was a little slower to catch on. While America was still getting acquainted with the sport, the first European Championships were held across the pond in 1896. Weightlifting was included in the first Modern Olympics in 1896 as an official sport, but was left out of the 1900 Games. Weightlifting returned to the Olympic stage in 1904, and became a regular event in 1920. Three lifts were standard then, the press, clean-and-jerk and the snatch. Over the years, weigh classes were added and the press was taken out of Olympic competition.

    103. Special, History, Sports -- Weight Lifting Hall Of Fame
    Located at York Barbell Company headquarters, this small, very specialized museum is dedicated to the respective heritages of olympic lifting, powerlifting
    Weight Lifting Hall of Fame
    PO Box 1707
    York, PA 17405
    Located at York Barbell Company headquarters, this small, very specialized museum is dedicated to the respective heritages of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strongmanism. The Olympic section highlights American lifters and their accomplishments. Displays feature photographs of star performers, their backgrounds, achievements, and actual trophies earned by the sport's elite in world championships and Olympic games since 1923. Another major exhibit features the strongmen of yesteryear. There was a time when strongmen would demonstrate their might by lifting cumbersome objects and performing incredible stunts. As the sport evolved standards were set and weights were developed, bringing precision to professional competition today. Mr. America is honored here as well, and women are certainly not left out of the picture when it comes to being recognized by this museum. Other exhibits focus on special moments and people of the sport, including Bob Hoffman, probably the most influential man in the world in the iron sports. Tours are fun and educational for individuals and groups.

    104. SLAM! Sports: 2000 Summer Games: Weightlifting
    (AP) Corey Wilkes, an alternate for the US olympic weightlifting team, died after the motorcycle he was riding crashed late Friday night, police said.
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    What Canada Did



    SEARCH 2000 Games
    June 12, 2004 Coach Abadzhiev resigns over doping scandal
    Oct. 5: Full story
    U.S. alternate killed in crash
    Oct. 1: Full story Sydney was shame games in weightlifting Sept. 28: Full story Rezazadeh now world's strongest man Sept. 26: Full story and results More Weightlifting Stories Sept. 25:

    105. Hellenic Weightlifting Federation
    In the history of weightlifting, Levi Laurens from first participated in an International weightlifting Competition in year of the Atlanta Olympics, where he
    In St Louis (1904), Greek weightlifting obtained its first gold medal with Periklis Kakoussis of Panellinios GS. The Greek athlete lifted 111,70kg in two-hand lift, overcoming American Oscar Osthoff who took second place with 84,73kg. Born in 1879, Periklis Kakoussis, after his victory, remained in United States. Although he had many propositions to join American athletic clubs, he chose not to give up Panellinios. He came back to Greece in 1906 to compete at Mid-Olympics, where he took 6 th place.
    Dimitris Tofalos made his debut in 1906. He won the gold medal in two-hand lift after a tough battle with Austrian Josef Steinbach. Both athletes lifted 136kg, and there had to be an additional round to determine the winner. Finally, Tofalos prevailed with 142,8kg. Born in 1877, Tofalos moved to the United States right after the games, where he became a professional wrestler. Founding member of greek-american club “Hermes”, he trained the legendary Greek wrestler Jim Londos. Every year the Greek Weightlifting Federation holds an international tournament dedicated to Dimitris Tofalos and Periklis Kakoussis. Weightlifting has been included in the program of every Olympic Games since 1920. Nevertheless, Greek weightlifters did not manage to achieve any distinction. Balkan and World wars did not allow the sport to develop properly; it was practically impossible for Greek athletes to compete on international level. As a result, weightlifters from France, USA, Egypt, Germany, USSR and Bulgaria dominated.

    106. - Olympics - History
    The first Modern Olympics in 1896 at Athens saw only two weightlifting events, ie, onehand lift (dumb bell) and Two-hand lift (bar bell).
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    Olympics History Swimming: The primitive man, as they say, was compelled to learn swimming to avoid drowning. A little development, in the method of swimming was brought out by the natives of South America. There are evidences of swimming as a competitive sport. As in the case of many sports and games, development and popularity in swimming as a competitive sport came through Modern Olympics. USA, USSR, the GDR and Australia are the makers of superstars in the world swimming. Table Tennis: It is believed that the credit for origin of table tennis goes to England. In the later part of the 18th century cork balls were used. Subsequently they were replaced by celluloid balls. When International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was formed in 1926, rules, which were introduced then, have since been modified. Later on, this game became very popular in Asian and European countries. China is the "Ping-Pong" king in the world of TT, had its Olympic debut in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Tennis: There are different opinions regarding the origin of Tennis. While some link its origin to Persia and Greece, some attribute it to Egypt. There are reasons to believe that French people invented and developed this game in the middle of the 15th century when no nets or rackets were invented as we see today.

    107. Olyquests.html
    Part Two Strength Training Muscle Map USA WeightliftingThe olympic Greece Greek olympics The Ancient olympics The history of the olympic Games Back to
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    108. Olympics Weightlifting Tickets
    Olympics weightlifting Information. Although weightlifting is considered the sport of strength, history has shown that the athlete s strength must be
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    Olympics Weightlifting
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    Within the 28 sports of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, there are a total of 37 disciplines.
    A discipline is a branch of an Olympic sport comprising one or more events. For example, aquatics is an Olympic sport with four Olympic disciplines: swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming.

    109. Sportsletter August 1996
    the Games, NBC aired an olympic Moment profile of goldmedalist Russian weightlifter Andrei Chemerkin. author of Serious Fun, A history of Spectator
    Los Angeles, August 16, 1996
    Vol. 08, No. 04 Dear Reader: American Olympic medal winners came from 40 states plus the District of Columbia. California, with about 12% of the nation's population, produced 28.5% of the U.S.A.'s medalists. Of the 228 American medal winners, 65 cited California as their place of residence. Other top states included Texas (16), Florida (15) and Pennsylvania (11). No other state was in double figures. The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games and several news organizations have published misinformation about Atlanta's 8.6 million ticket sales and how that figure compares to sales in other Olympic cities. ACOG's home page maintains that 8.6 million "topped the sales of the Los Angeles and Barcelona Games combined." The Wall Street Journal (August 4) reports that Atlanta's ticket sales "exceeded Barcelona, Spain and Los Angeles combined." The Los Angeles Daily News (August 6) makes the same claim. A recent AP story (August 4) offers a different twist, stating that Atlanta sold "more than twice the number sold at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics." None of these sources has it right. The official reports of the 1984 and 1992 Games show that 5,720,000 tickets were sold at Los Angeles and 3,021,740 at Barcelona. You can do the arithmetic.

    110. Olympic Council Of Ireland ::::
    olympic Qualification Systems
    My Homepage Home President's Welcome OCI Board Members ... Olympians Database ATHENS 2004,
    J.J. Keane, then one of Ireland's leading sports administrators was elected to the International Olympic Committee in 1922 and it is now generally accepted that the Irish Olympic Council as it was known at the outset, came to existence in 1922 but due to the loss of the minutes of the early meetings of the Council, the exact date is now not known. Ireland was given formal recognition as an independent nation in the Olympic Movement at the IOC session in Paris in 1924 and it was at the Paris Games that Ireland made its first appearance in an Olympic Games as an independent nation. No medals in the sporting events were won by Ireland at the Paris games but Jack Yeats was awarded an Olympic silver medal for his painting "Swimming" in the Olympic Arts division and Oliver St. John Gogarty was awarded a bronze medal for his "Ode to the Tailteann Games" in the Literature division.

    111. Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall
    Nikaia olympic weightlifting Hall. A general view of the Nikea olympic weightlifting Centre, at western Athens Nikea suburb (10/10/2003).
    Olympic Bulletin
    History Olympic Venues Olympic Sports Greece Today ... Information
    Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall
    Venues in Athens
    Agios Kosmas Ano Liossia A.O.S.C. Athens City Centre ... Vouliagmeni
    Venues in other cities
    Ancient Olympia Heraklio Patras Thessaloniki ... Volos The Olympic Weightlifting Hall in Nikaia (NIH), southwest of Attica and north of the port of Piraeus, will host the weightlifting events. The facility features a main amphitheater-shaped indoor hall with a 5,000-spectator capacity The NIH further includes warm-up areas, locker rooms, a first aid and physical therapy facility, rest areas, as well as a hostel capable of accommodating up to 50 athletes. It will also house the offices of the Greek Weightlifting Federation. The project is budgeted at 32.46 euros.
    A view of the interior of the Olympic Weightlifting Hall in Nikaia on the first day of the Tofalos-Kakoussis IWF Grand Prix last December. The 5,000-seat venue will host the weightlifting competition during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.
    A general view of the Nikea Olympic Weightlifting Centre, at western Athens' Nikea suburb (10/10/2003).

    112. Lukol Directory - Sports Events Olympics
    Includes membership, constitution, links, and the Journal of olympic history. Kodak olympic history Photo galleries of the games through history.

    Lukol Directory -
    Sports Events Olympics ... International Olympic Committee
    [Official site] A variety of information involving the candidate and host cities, events, IOC policies, international sports federations, national Olympic committees, and Olympic museum. [Site in French and English]
    Olympic Truce

    Describes the history of the concept of world peace through sports, description of the foundation and news items.
    US Anti-Doping Agency

    USADA, the independent agency, is responsible for managing the testing for U.S. Olympic, Pan Am, and Paralympic athletes, and for preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.
    International Olympic Numismatic Federation
    Official site featuring the collection and study of coins, bank notes, medals and tokens. Contains event information, collector resources and a photo gallery. Around the Rings Online News and photos about the business and politics of the Olympic movement worldwide. Edited by Ed Hula, a radio correspondent for Radio 2UE in Australia and KSL Newsradio in Salt Lake City.

    113. HISTORY
    As far as the olympic Games are concerned, Albania has sent its representatives to the 1972 olympic Games where our weightlifter Ymer Pampuri, competing in

    114. Sports, Events: Olympics
    Austrian olympic history Historical results of Austrian athletes competing at Summer and Winter olympics. Includes medal count tables of all countries.
    Top Sports Events Olympics ... Weightlifting Related links of interest:

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