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41. Olympic Weightlifting - QWA - Links
Schedules, Results, Records, Hall of Fame European weightlifting Federation (European governing body for olympic weightlifting) history, Records, Results

Home Masters Lifting Lifters on the Web ... Best Lifters New! 2004 National U16 and U18 Championships New!
Links to other Olympic Weightlifting Websites Enter Email Address and Press OK to Subscribe to QWA mailing List Australian AWF International Lifter Results Database
Database of Australian reps performances in international competition Cougars Weightlifting Club (Qld) (Queenslands Largest Club)
Photos Album, Best Lifter Profiles, Coach Profiles, Information, Newsletter
Nudgee Weightlifting Club (Qld)

Photos, Information
St Laurence's College Weightlifting Club (Qld)

Photos, Information NSW Weightlifting
News, Results, Records, Board, Clubs, Links SAWLA (SA) South Australian Weightlifting
Calendar, Honour Board, Results Records and Rankings, Pictures Dedication Page Victorian Weightlifting Association
Articles, Coaching Staff, Records, Rankings, Events, VIS program Australian Sports Drug Agency (ASDA) (Australian Sports Drug Agency) Drug Testing, Drugs in Sport, Media Centre Australian Sports Commission Government website for sport in Australian ASC - Coaching in Australia Government website on Australian Coaching International Oceania Weightlifting Federation - Records, Results, Rankings Photo's, Information, Calendar

42. Olympic Weightlifting - QWA - Articles - Weightlifting Renaissance
weightlifting Renaissance. 1983, and through 1984, I carried on some good training with Trevor Walz on his olympicstandard set history conspired to repeat itself

Home Masters Lifting Lifters on the Web ... Best Lifters New! 2004 National U16 and U18 Championships New!
Weightlifting Renaissance By Mal Irwin Many years ago, I considered myself the up-and coming champion of the future. However, as is usually the case, sadly, study and work intervened to distract me from training. To be quite honest, I never forgot about my lifting career; just never had the time or often, the place. Bar and weights cannot be carried on aeroplanes. My full-time training effectively ended in 1974, at the age of twenty-one. I carried on whenever I had the chance, eventually selling my own Archer weights when I decided I would be too busy to ever train again. Bodyweight bloomed to 83kg, from trying to live the life of a professional geological consultant. My wife has a photo of me next to a bottle tree in the Domain at Sydney, forming parallel curves. However, life provide little opportunities to catch up on what was thought lost. I got a The end result, and the best, was a third at the 1986 States, with a 105+137.5 as a light 82.5kg (78kg, exactly). In the interim I had picked up a seventh Intervarsity Title at 75kg with 102.5 and 132.5 in Newcastle. One month later, my first son was born, weighing 4.7kg and restless. So the lifting went somewhat on hold, with squats in the garden shed, and power cleans on the lawn. It got so bad that I dislocated my elbow hanging nappies at 5 am one day after power jerks the night before. And as they say, the rest is history! Far from making 137.5 for the Master’s (that is the old 303lbs), I over did my overhead work to strain the supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder. For nearly two months after achieving 130 at the 1994 States, I could not clean a weight, let alone do overhead work. Nonetheless after the lowly start in 1993, I consider that 100 and 130 were not bad weights at age 41. I had managed to do these lifts several times in "comebacks" through my twenties and early thirties. The question is can I repeat them in the late forties, let alone the fifties?

43. Weightlifting
Home olympic Games Sports weightlifting weightlifting. history Rules Equipment Technique Athletes Calendar Qualifications Glossary olympic
The official website of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fran§ais
Olympic Games Vision and Mission ...
Key Dates
09 July 2004
The Olympic flame returns to Greece
Interesting Facts
Hyundai (Grand National Sponsor) will provide a fleet of environmentally- friendly electric cars to accommodate certain 2004 transport needs. Athens Guide Torch Relay Tickets Sport Events ... Sports Weightlifting Javascript must be enabled to view this page, although the important information on the page is also available to browsers that do not support scripts.
History Rules Equipment Technique ... Sports Entry Forms
Although Weightlifting is considered the sport of strength, history has shown that the athlete's strength must be accompanied by skills developed from a knowledgeable trainer. Weightlifting consists of two movements executed in a standard order: first the snatch and then the clean jerk. There are both men and women Weightlifting events. Each athlete has the right to three attempts for each movement. The athlete’s best performances in both movements are put together to determine the final placement.   ATHENS 2004 Weightlifting
During the ATHENS 2004 Games, Weightlifting will be held in the

44. Adidas-Salomon - Adidas' Olympic History
Comaneci registers the first 10 in gymnastics history. Los Angeles Edwin Moses takes olympic GOLD with earns his second of three GOLDS in weightlifting.

45. Olympic Start At 1
web sites dealing with the sport of olympic weightlifting.; Seoul olympic Sports Promotion Provides a look at the history and purpose of
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Search results for Olympic websites and resources NebulaSearch Directory search results for Olympic
  • International Olympic Committee - [Official site] A variety of information involving the candidate and host cities, events, IOC policies, international sports federations, national Olympic committees, and Olympic museum. [Site in French and English]
  • Special Olympics Colorado - Site for information on programs, services and fundraising options for SOCO.
  • O WOW - Olympic Weightlifting On the Web - List of all of the web sites dealing with the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Becky's Olympic Pins - Personal website of a collector of Olympic pins.
  • 4th European Youth Olympic Days - [Poprad-Tatry, 1999] Official website of the 4th EYOD held in Slovakia. General information, events and venues, results, photogallery.
  • Olympics section
  • 46. Weightlifting - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    with leading weightlifters in olympic Games are Russia, Iran and Bulgaria. External links. Edit this page Discuss this page Page history What links here
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    (Redirected from Weight-lifting Server will be down for maintenance on 2004-06-11 from about 18:00 to 19:00 UTC. Weightlifting is a sport where competitors attempt to lift heavy weights mounted on steel bars. Weight-lifting contests have been common since ancient times (and were apparently included in the ancient Greek Olympics ), and were a part of the original Olympic games in 1896. Women's weight-lifting began in the 1980s and was added to the Olympic program in 2000. Weights are mounted on a steel " barbell " which weighs 20 kilograms for male competition and 15 for female competition. The weights themselves are rubber-coated steel discs, color-coded for their different weights, and held in place by 2.5 kg collars. Identical weights are placed at each end of the barbell. The barbell has patterns engraved on it to assist the lifters to get a steady grip on the bar. Competitors start with the weighted barbell placed in the middle of a 4 x 4 metre wooden floor, coated with non-slip material. Competitors compete in one of eight (seven for women) divisions determined by their body mass. The men's classes are 56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kg, 85 kg, 94 kg, 105 kg and over 105 kg. The women's classes are 48 kg, 53 kg, 58 kg, 63 kg, 69 kg, 75 kg, and over 75 kg. In each weight division, competitors compete in both the

    The genealogy of lifting traces back to the beginning of recorded history where man s innate weightlifting became a regular olympic event in 1920.
    T he genealogy of lifting traces back to the beginning of recorded history where man's innate fascination with physical prowess can be found among numerous ancient writings. A 5,000-year-old Chinese text tells of prospective soldiers having to pass lifting tests. Ancient Greek sculptures also depict lifting feats. The weights were generally stones, but later gave way to "dumbbells." The origin of the word dumbbells comes from the practice of removing clappers from bells, rendering them soundless during lifting. As sportsmen strove to organize athletics in the 19th century, weightlifters were on the cutting edge. European immigrants to America, particularly Scots, brought with them a strong competitive heritage that included weightlifting. As Americans nursed their infant sport, European athletes forged ahead, holding a European Championships. In 1896, the first modern day Olympics were held and weightlifting was included as an official sport. Weightlifting did not appear in the 1900 Games, but returned to the Games program in 1904. Weightlifting became a regular Olympic event in 1920. Three lifts were standard by 1932: the press (subsequently eliminated in 1972), the snatch and the clean-and-jerk. In 1932, there were five weight classes; today there are eight. The U.S. men, after reigning as World and Olympic Champions through the 1930s, '40s and '50s, were ranked 15th in the world in 1996 after a successful Olympic Games performance in Atlanta, Ga.

    48. USOC Athlete Tips - Tara Nott, Weightlifting
    She is the first American woman to earn a weightlifting gold medal (2000 Sydney olympic Games) and she is the only athlete in history to train at the US
    Tara Nott, Weightlifting Tara is Nott just another woman. She is the first American woman to earn a weightlifting gold medal (2000 Sydney Olympic Games) and she is the only athlete in history to train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in three different sports. She began her athletic career as a gymnast, before becoming an All-American women's soccer player. When she missed making the 1996 U.S. Olympic soccer team, Nott started weightlifting to keep in shape; at the time women's weightlifting was not even an Olympic sport. Women's weightlifting made its debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and Nott took home the gold. Tara trains four hours, seven days a week, and her hard work and dedication have paid off. She is a holds five American records, is a four-time National champion and is one of only U.S. women who can clean and jerk twice her own body weight. Get Off My Land!* Tips for Squatting
    Tip #1

    Position feet shoulder width or a bit wider apart. Toes should be slightly turned out. Tip #2
    Place the bar on the back of your shoulders. (This should be done using a squat rack that you can back out of with the bar on your shoulders) Also place your hands on the bar slightly wider than shoulder width to help support and stabilize the bar.

    49. - United States - New - Sports - All Sports - Sports Reference - Events
    sm_43471.html Features an introduction to the sport of weightlifting at the Games, summarizing the rules of the event and providing a short olympic history.

    50. Olympic Resources
    olympics; olympic weightlifting; 1980 olympic hockey; history of the olympics; olympics 2004; international olympic committee; olympic
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  • 51. What Is Olympic
    Federation (IWF) and International olympic Committee (IOC best superheavyweight lifters in history have lifted weightlifting has separate competitions for men
    What Is Olympic-Style Weightlifting All About? The sport of Olympic-style "Weightlifting" is one of the world's most misunderstood and under-appreciated sports. Part of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 (with a women's event having been added in 2000), Weightlifting is the only Olympic sport in which heavy weights are used. The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognize only two weightlifting events, which must be done in all competitions in the following order: a) the two hands snatch (snatch), and b) the two hands clean and jerk (C&J). The overall winner of any weightlifting competition is the athlete who lifts the highest amount of weight in the snatch and C&J (i.e., the heaviest weights successfully lifted in each event are combined) . This combined score is called the "Total." While awards are given at major competitions for each event as well as the Total, recognition in the sport of weightlifting goes to the athlete who lifts the greatest total weight in competition. When a weightlifting aficionado speaks of the "World Champion" in weightlifting, he or she is generally speaking about the winner in the Total. In the snatch , the bar is pulled in one explosive motion from the floor to full arm's length overhead. In order to make the lift easier to perform, athletes typically bend their legs quickly while the bar is rising in order to catch the bar at arm's length. The combined attributes of great strength and blinding speed are needed to accomplish this challenging event effectively. The best lifters in the world (in the lighter weight classes can lift as much as 2.5 times their bodyweight in the Snatch). The best superheavyweight weightlifters in history have lifted nearly 500 lb./227.5 kg. in this lift.

    52. European Weightlifting Championships 2003
    The organisation of the championships in weightlifting dates from the year when the firts olympic Games of years that have passed are rich history showing the
    Latest update: (GMT +3) Home The Venue Entry Lists Schedule ... Links Organisation: Executive Committee President Yannis Sgouros Vice-President Nikos Skiadas Members Dimitris Mavromatidis George Zazanis Vagelis Mostrous Petros Katsikarelis Antonis Tamoutsidis Simon Mamtsadelis Kostas Mavrakakis Vassilis Gerakaris Anastassios Lagas Manolis Kotsolakis Ioanna Moraiti Athens 2004 Representatives Makis Assimakopoulos George Iliou Member Vassilis Klados Welcome Address by Yannis Sgouros With the organization of the European Championships that will be held in Loutraki between 12-20/4/03, the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation completes the circle of great events hosted in our country since, up to now, we have organized World Championships of all categories but this is the first time we organize a Seniors Men’s and Women’s European Championships.
    The European Weightlifting Championships have a great importance, for the European Federation and for World Weightlifting in general, while for the Hellenic Weightlifting Federation, Greek Sports and the Loutraki-Perahora Municipality it constitutes a big organizational goal.
    For our country the organizational aspect of the European Championships is directly connected with the high level of Greek Weightlifting today and also with the efforts we make for the organization of the 2004 Olympic Games.

    Eight years earlier, the olympic weightlifting – lightweight event was settled in the going off course, a decision unique in olympic history according to
    CBCCat = "Sports,News,Arts,Kids,Interactive"; Sports = "Hockey,Baseball,Football"; News = "Canada,World,SciTech,Local,Consumers,SpecialReports,Business"; Arts = "ArtsNews,Infoculture,Music,Books,ArtsFeatures"; Kids = "CBC4Kids,PreSchool,Teachers"; Interactive = "MessageBoards,Forums,Games,Media"; 05:39 PM EDT Jun 12


    Olympic meddling
    Salé and Pelletier The story of pairs figure skaters Jamie Salé and David Pelletier is now officially a part of the sometimes strange and unusual history of the Olympic Games.
    Here's a look back at some other medals that were won under less-than-normal circumstances.
    The never-ending wrestling match (well almost) When:
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Final Placings:

    2. Anders Ahlgren (Sweden) 4. August Rajala (Finland) Better 71 years late than never When: Where: Stockholm, Sweden What: The Decathlon and the Pentathlon Jim Thorpe of the United States won the gold in both events. But the medals were revoked and his name was removed from the results when it was discovered that he had received a small payment for playing minor league baseball in 1909 and 1910, therefore violating the amateur status regulations. The International Olympic Committee gave the medals back to his family in 1983.

    54. Weight Lifting Links
    Team Savannah One of the most sucessful teams in USA weightlifting history. Half of the 2000 olympic Team and the Woman s Coach came from this Team.
    WEIGHT LIFTING USA Weight Lifting WEIGHT LIFTING USA Weight Lifting USA Weightlifting Senior National Championships. USA Weightlifting National Junior Championships. USA Weightlifting World Team Tryouts. USA Weightlifting National Collegiate Championships. USA Weightlifting American Open. USA Weightlifting Olympic Tryouts. Powerlifting NBC Sports - Weightlifting The Pumping Station The Real Records ... Pacific WeightLifting Association : The PWA covers the State of California from south of Fresno to the Oregon Border. Florida Weightlifting Page : Information about Olympic WeightLifting in the State of Florida and the 1998 American Open Midwestern State University Strength Research Laboratory : Wichita Falls, Texas, site of the 1999 National Collegiates. Motor City Barbell : USAW Michigan Olympic Weightlifting Homepage. Ohio Lifting News : The Web page for Lifters in and around Ohio. Washington Weightlifting : Washington LWC President AL Reed's site with information about Washington State Weightlifting. Anderson/Cohen Weightlifting Center : The Anderson/Cohen Weightlifting Center is the home of Team Savannah High Altitude Sport's Training Center : Located in Flagstaff at Northern Arizona University, the site of the 1998 US Senior National Championships.

    55. RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History - Alberta Community Development
    RecFacts 513 Canada s Summer olympic history. The Canadian Medal Count. Team GSB Total Size. Diving 1 0 1 2. Judo 0 1 1 2. weightlifting 0 2 0 2. Golf 1 0 0 1.
    Contact Us
    Location: Alberta Government Home Community Development Home Building Strong Communities Sport and Recreation ... General Index RecFacts 513
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    RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
    All About Us
    Get Involved Contact Us Site Map Print
    RecFacts 513: Canada's Summer Olympic History
    The Canadian Medal Count
    Team G S B Total Size 1896 Athens Did Not Compete 1900 Paris 1 1 2 1* 1904 St. Louis 4 1 1 6 43 1907 London 3 3 9 15 91 1912 Stockholm 3 2 3 8 36 1916 Berlin Games Not Held 1920 Antwerp 2 3 3 8 47 1924 Paris 3 1 4 73 1928 Amsterdam 4 4 7 15 71 1932 Los Angeles 2 5 8 15 102 1936 Berlin 1 3 5 9 109 1940 Tokyo, Helsinki Games Not Held 1944 London Games Not Held 1948 London 1 2 3 106 1952 Helsinki 1 2 3 113 1956 Melbourne 2 1 3 6 99 1960 Rome 1 1 97 1964 Tokyo 1 2 1 4 118 1968 Mexico City 1 3 1 5 143 1972 Munich 2 3 5 220 1976 Montreal 5 6 11 414 1980 Moscow Did Not Compete 211** 1984 Los Angeles 10 18 16 44 436 1988 Seoul 3 2 5 10 354 1992 Barcelona 6 5 7 18 314 1996 Atlanta Totals 38 61 75 174 * No official team sent, but George Orton, a Canadian studying in the United States, won two medals competing on his own.

    56. WebList - Exercise
    Muscle Memory http// Tim Fogarty s archive of the history of bodybuilding; photos, records of contest results olympic weightlifting
    Trygve.Com Weblist

    57. SPORTS FACTS - Weightlifting - Olympic Games
    Tony Hinchliffe s Sports Facts history weightlifting olympic Games.
    Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts
    Olympic Games




    On This Page
    Women See Also Commonwealth Games MEN (Flyweight) U-52 kg 1972 Szygmund Smalcerz POL Lajos Szucs HUN Sandor Holcreiter HUN 1976 Alexander Voronin URS Gyorgy Koszegi HUN Mohammad Nassiri IRN 1980 Kanybek Osmonalyev URS Bong-choi Ho PRK Gyong-si Han PRK 1984 Zeng Guoqiang CHN Pei-shun Zhou CHN Kazushita Manabe JPN 1988 Sevdalin Marinov BUL Byun-kwan Chao KOR He Zhuoqiang CHN 1992 Ivan Ivanov BUL Lin Qisheng CHN Tihar Ciharean ROM U-54 kg 1996 Halil Mutlu TUR Zhang Xiangsen CHN Sevdalin Minchev BUL (Bantamweight) U-56 kg 1948 Joseph de Pietro USA Julian Creus GBR Richard Tom USA 1952 Ivan Udodov URS Mahmoud Namdjou IRN Ali Mirzal IRN (7. Maurice Magennis) 1956 Charles Vinci USA Vladimir Stogov URS Mahmoud Namdjou IRN 1960 Charles Vinci USA Yoshinobu Miyake JPN Esmail Elm Khan IRN 1964 Aleksey Vakhonin URS Imre Foldi HUN Shiro Ichinoseki JPN 1968 Mohammad Nassiri IRN Imre Foldi HUN Henryk Trebicki POL 1972 Imre Foldei HUN Mohammad Nassiri IRN Gennady Chetin URS 1976 Norair Nourikyan BUL Grzegorz Cziura POL Kenkichi Ando JPN 1980 Daniel Nunez CUB Yurik Sarkisian URS Tadeusz Dembroczyk POL 1984 Wu Shude CHN Run-meing Lai CHN Masahiko Kotaka JPN 1988*Oleg Mirzoian URS He Yingqiang CHN Liu Shubin CHN 1992 Byung-kwan Chun KOR Liu Shoubin CHN Luo Jianming CHN

    58. Berger, Isaac Ike
    At the 1960 Rome Games, Ike participated in the longest weightlifting competition in olympic history. Berger, who was the defending

    59. Summary Of Olympic Games Sports
    awarded the first olympic gold medal in the history of softball weightlifting Nikaia olympic weightlifting Hall weightlifting has been included in the olympic
    Home General Information Olympic Games Schedule Wave Dates-How to Reserve ... Cartan's Canada site Athens 2004 Summary of Olympic Games Sports AQUATICS – DIVING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Diving started developing at the end of the 19th century in Europe and was included into Olympic competition at the St. Louis Games in 1904.Olympic diving competition includes the 10m platform and the 3m springboard for men and women, and 10m platform and 3m springboard synchronized for men and women. AQUATICS – SWIMMING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Swimming counts among the most popular sports disciplines of the modern Olympic era. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly together with freestyle and medley relays make up the official Olympic Games competition program. Athletes compete in two individual events and also in a number of relays. AQUATICS – SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING
    Athens Olympic Sports Complex

    Synchronized Swimming was developed and organized as a sport after 1950.The Los Angeles Games in 1984 marked its

    60. Weightlifting In Athens 2004 Olympic Games Accommodation - Residences, Lodgings,
    The weightlifting in Athens 2004 olympic Games are more than an They are an opportunity to be part of a story that is as old as history itself.
    Home Greece Hotels in Athens Contact
    In 2004 the Olympic Games return to the place where they were born, where they were revived and where they will be renewed. The Weightlifting in Athens 2004 Olympic Games are more than an opportunity to participate in the greatest celebration of humanity. They are an opportunity to be part of a story that is as old as history itself. And when it comes to making history, there is really no place like home. Our network is offering quality accommodation in hotels or lodgings in Athens or all over Greece In order to locate accommodation at reasonable prices for visitors and spectators, our Accommodation Department is working closely with the public and private sector, making every possible effort to maintain control over the availability and price of hotel rooms in and around Athens, during Games-time. Enjoy the Greek hospitality with us ... more Home Contact Info ... Athens 2004 Olympic Games Accommodation - Residences, lodgings, Apartments, Houses,Rooms, Villas, Hotels, residence, apartment, room, villa, hotel for 2004 Olympics in Athens, Crete hotels, Weightlifting in Athens 2004 Weightlifting in Accommodation Olympic Games Athens 2004 Weightlifting in Accommodation Olympic Games Weightlifting in Athens 2004 Weightlifting in Accommodation Olympic Games Athens 2004 by Greek internet services and description for this tourist guide for Greece

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