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21. Weightlifting-Powerlifting-Bodybuilding.History And Rules
All about weightlifting. Differences with powerlifting and bodybuilding. IWF Technical rules and history and present of olympic lifting.
Weightlifting in general Contact the Federations
* IWF / EWF / Nat. Federations Home Introduction in Weightlifting Weightlifting - Powerlifting - Bodybuilding It is important to make a clear distinction between the three related sports branches that often get mixed up: weightlifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting. All three competition sports are based on weight training but there are also fundamental differences. What counts in " body-building " is the athlete's appearance, or as de term explains itself: how well is the body builded. So there is only real use from weights in the training sessions, while on the competition itself only the result of this weight-training on the body is displayed. Weightlifting and powerlifting are much closer to each other; in both strength sports the aim is to lift as much as possible while the looks of the athlete's body are of no importance. In power-lifting there are three movements at which the "pure" strength from the participants is tested. With the first movement- the

22. Help Send A Junior Lifter To Camp
NEW, Norik Vardanian son of olympic weightlifting Champion Yurik Vardanian, makes us question, Is history about to repeat itself? .

23. Belgian Weightlifting-KBGV-VGPF. History And Results
history of weightlifting in Belgium The best known Belgian weightlifter is Serge Reding, who collected several World and European medals. On the olympic Games
Weightlifting in Belgium Belgian participation minima
Limits for national, international Championships.
Belgian records

National records
Flemish records Home Weightlifting in Belgium (history of weightlifting in general)
History of Weightlifting in Belgium
The best known Belgian weightlifter is Serge Reding , who collected several World and European medals. On the Olympic Games in Mexico 1968 he even collected a silver medal. But already on the Olympic Games in 1920 in Antwerp the Belgian weightlifter Frans Haes got a gold medal. Louis Williquet got a bronze and Florimond Rooms a silver. On the first World Championships ever, 1891 in London, the Belgian Arthur François got a bronze medal. This bronze medal result was repeated by Gustave Empain in 1903 and Robert Allart in the world championships of 1949.On the European championships 1949 a certain Hugo collected a bronze medal and Robert Allart a silver.

24. Olympic Preview: Weightlifting
Turkey s Naim Suleymanoglu, who is considered the greatest olympic weightlifter in history, weighed just 140 pounds and stood 4 feet, 11 inches tall.
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    Weightlifting First Olympic Appearance: 1896 (men); 2000 (women) by John Gettings
    Did You Know?
    Turkey's Naim Suleymanoglu, who is considered the greatest Olympic weightlifter in history, weighed just 140 pounds and stood 4 feet, 11 inches tall. That combination of size and strength earned him the nickname "The Pocket Hercules."
    Women's weightlifting made its first Olympic appearance in 2000. Both men and women must complete two different lifts in this event. In a "snatch lift", the barbell is pulled from the platform to above the head in one continuous motion. In a "clean-and-jerk" the lift is done in two motions. First, the bar is pulled up to the shoulders as the lifter goes into a squat and follows that with a burst into an upright position. Once there, with the bar resting on their chest, the lifter must extend his/her arms and raise the bar above their head and wait for the referee's signal. The maximum weights the lifter is able to successfully lift using both techniques are added together to determine the winner.

25. Olympics Accommodations & Hotels, Weightlifting - Nikaia Olympic Hall - Athens 2
August 2004 for fans of weightlifting olympic Events. Ancient olympics history Modern olympics history - Modern Winter olympics - The olympic Ideal

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request (Please Click on picture for a Map of Olympic Athens) Athens Housing is your accommodations connection for hotels and private residence short-term rentals near the Nikaia Olympic Hall in Athens in 2004. The Nikaia Olympic Hall of Athens is located in the Athens suburb of Nikaia and it is where all the weightlifting events are going to take place during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. We, at Athens Housing, are making every effort to secure affordable hotel and private accommodations in Athens for August 2004 for fans of Weightlifting Olympic Events. Please feel free to browse through our our accommodations section to find something appropriate. If you see that there is no availability, please submit a form and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to discuss private accommodations and hotel options for you. Athens 2004 Sport Events Tickets Olympic Games Events Schedule List of Olympic Sports - List of Olympic Venues - Ancient Olympics History - Modern Olympics History - Modern Winter Olympics - - Athens City Information - Guide to the Greek Islands The Sporades Islands The Ionian Islands (Eptanisa) The Dodecanese Islands ... Crete - Greece Sightseeing - Best of Greece - Greek History - Greek Boating - Foreign Embassies in Athens Foreign Consulates in Athens Athens 2004 Merchandise - Official Olympic Games Merchandise -

26. Athens Olympics - Venues And Seating
Nikaia olympic weightlifting Hall – southwest Attica, 5,000 olympics history Modern olympics history - Modern Winter olympics - The olympic Ideal

Check Availability Browse Accommodations Buy Olympic Event Tickets ... Submit A Special Request Olympic Venues and Seating The Olympic Village - located at the base of Mount Parnitha, will house all athletes participating in the Olympic Games.
The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games will focus on three principle Olympic areas – Athens Olympic Sports Complex (AOSC), Faliro Coastal Zone Complex (FOSC), and Helliniko Olympic Complex (HOSC). Of the 28 sports on the Olympic Games Program,17 will occur in these three main Olympic venue areas. (AOSC)
The Athens Olympic Sports Complex Olympic Stadium
– 75,000 seats – Athletic events and opening and closing ceremonies
Olympic Tennis Center
main court – 8,000 seats
semi-finals courts – 4,000 and 2,000 seats
13 other courts with 200 seats each Olympic Indoor Hall – 15,000 seats – Gymnastics and Basketball
Olympic Aquatic Center – 11,000 seats – Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, and Synchronized Swimming Olympic Velodrome – 5,000 seats – cycling events
20 miles south of the Olympic Village Peace and Friendship Stadium –
14,000 seats – Volleyball

27. Olympic Games - History
players, two athletes each from Cycling and weightlifting. and is the second largest olympic contingent to first time in Malaysian history, Football qualified

28. Summer - Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting
On olympic history ticket you beautifully. ROME olympic GAMES TICKET STUB, SWIMMING Atlanta 1996Mint olympic Ticket weightlifting Atlanta 1996 Unused
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Atlanta 1996mint Olympic Ticket Weightlifting
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14 Unused tickets: 1996 Olympics Water Polo
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olympic history, weightlifting has been on the programme of the olympic Games every year except for 1900, 1908 and 1912. The olympic

history. weightlifting FOR WOMEN Women took part in the weightlifting for the first time in olympic history. THE PRESENCE OF WADA

31. Untitled
Dragneva takes first women s weightlifting gold Izabela Dragneva of Bulgaria became the first woman s weightlifting champion in olympic history on Sunday when
In the Spotlight
Breaking News: Games pool sees more World Records crumble
Shaz's Team USA Update
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Day 2: Sunday's latest results Day 3: Monday's Top Medal Events
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Basketball: France cruises past New Zealand
Hockey: The great wall of China Rowing: Surprises at Sydney International Regatta Centre Triathlon: Canadian runs down the world ... Weightlifting: Romania kicked out of Games
Sydney 2000
Olympic Aid: Ali and Amy help out
Visit Virtual Sydney: The Spirit of Summertime
Athlete Spotlight: Lenny Krayzelburg
Athlete Spotlight: Jesus Carballo Athlete Spotlight: Jimmy Pedro
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32. Olympics
weightlifting Dimas wins historic third gold. Redgrave, 38, the most celebrated oarsman in olympic history, teamed with Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster and James
In the Spotlight
In the Spotlight: Redgrave wins fifth rowing gold
Team USA Update
Top Stories
Sunday's Top Medal Events
Breaking News: Saturday's Latest Results
Olympic Sports
Basketball: Close competition
Cycling: Paola Pezzo wins second gold medal Diving: Russia upstages China to win gold Football: Europe vs Americas in battle for gold ... Weightlifting: Dimas wins historic third gold
Athlete Spotlight: Shelda Bede (Brazil)

Olympic Interactives
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In the Spotlight: Redgrave wins fifth rowing gold
Briton Steve Redgrave refused to rule out another Olympic campaign after winning an unprecedented fifth consecutive gold medal on Saturday at the Sydney regatta. Redgrave, 38, the most celebrated oarsman in Olympic history, teamed with Matthew Pinsent, Tim Foster and James Cracknell to win the men's coxless fours. Team USA Update The United States of America Olympic Team proved in the pool and on the track today, just what greatness and gold medals are all about.

33. EdGate Summer Games
News, history, and Fast Facts. The IOC weightlifting page discusses olympic weightlifting history, competition, equipment, and glossary.
Brought to you by EdGate and Griffin Publishing Home
About Athens

Healthy Bodies
Spotlight Sport

Weightlifting When the modern Olympic Games began, weightlifting was one of the charter sports. There were no weight divisions at that time, and the first events were a one-handed lift and a two-handed lift. Women were included in the weightlifting events for the first time at the 2000 Olympic Summer Games in Sydney. Click a link to
read more about Scoring Competition
News, History, Fast Facts
More Sports Scoring
The Lifts:
Snatch: In executing the snatch, the contestant grasps the barbell and in one continuous forceful motion lifts it to the full extent of both arms over the head. The legs may be flexed or moved at any time during this lift, but must be returned to the same plane to complete the lift. The competitor must come to an erect position with arms locked. When the feet, body, and bar lie in the same plane, the referees give the down signal. News, History, and Fast Facts

34. NurseWeek: Power Play: Weightlifting Nurse Fueled By Olympic Dreams
For the first time in olympic history, female weightlifting will be featured as an event and Leathers, ranked seventh in the nation in the 75kg (165-pound
Power Play
Weightlifting nurse fueled
by Olympic dreams You've read the article Now tell us what you think. Related sites Olympic coverage USA weightlifting team Start your own workout routine Interview by Curtis Pond
March 9, 2000 Suzanne Leathers, RN, can carry her weight at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Ga., but that isn’t where the real weightlifting begins. Leathers can hang with the best of them in the clean-and-jerk and the snatch, forms of competitive weightlifting that have propelled her to visions of Olympic success. Leathers, who has been lifting weights for seven years, trains rigorously for three hours a day during the week, then works two 12-hour shifts on weekends as an intensive care nurse on the ICU med/surg trauma team at Memorial Health. She says the hospital has been great in allowing her to pursue her dreams, which may come true this month. For the first time in Olympic history, female weightlifting will be featured as an event and Leathers, ranked seventh in the nation in the 75-kg (165-pound) weight class, has a good shot at being one of four weightlifters who will be chosen to compete in Sydney, Australia, this summer.

35. Olympic Games Athens 1896
The revival of the ancient Olympics attracted athletes from 14 6 15 athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, weightlifting, tennis and
@import url(../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History Athens 1896 1st MODERN GAMES
April 6 - 15, 1896 Mascot - none 14 countries, 311 athletes - 230 Greek (no women) 9 sports, 43 events Opening - King George Ist of Greece Torch lit by - none Assigned during the 1st IOC Session 1894 Standing proud: Spyridon Louis, the first and symbolic marathon champion of the modern Olympic era. The modest shepherd was revered in Greece, and went on to feature as flag-bearer to the Greek delegation in 1936. THE RENAISSANCE OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES
The rebirth of the Games
The first Session of the IOC was held in Paris on 23-24 June 1894. It was during the first Session that the city of Athens was selected for the Games of the I Olympiad. The inauguration of the first Games of the modern era, opened by King George I at the foot of the Acropolis on April 5, 1896, was a huge relief for baron Pierre de Coubertin. Greece's instability and economic stature, due to numerous conflicts, proved almost insurmountable obstacles. However, a wealthy Greek architect from Alexandria, George Averoff, donated a gift of one million drachma and in a matter of 18 months a superb white marble stadium, able to hold 60,000 people, was constructed. Baron de Coubertin's dream of reinventing the Games was one he had coveted since 1892 - two years later the official announcement was made and Athens chosen as the site. Baron Pierre de Coubertin invited countries from all over the world to attend the first of the new Olympics in Athens.

36. Sydney 2000 - Weightlifting
WOMEN Izabela Dragneva (BUL) becomes 1st woman weightlifting champion in olympic history. On SEP 21, she is stripped of her gold because of positive drug test.
@import url(../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics Sydney 2000 Weightlifting WEIGHTLIFTING
Naim Suleymanoglu (TUR) fails in his bid for a 4th consecutive Olympic title (1988-1996) in the 62kg category failing after 3 tries in the snatch. SEP 20 - Ivan Ivanov (BUL) is stripped of silver in 56kg category for cheating with drugs. SEP 21 - Sevdalin Minchev (BUL) is stripped of bronze in the 62kg category for drugs. SEP 22 - China boasts world's strongest woman. SEP 23 - Dimas (GRE) becomes 2nd weightlifter in history to win in 3 consecutive Games (see Naim above) - 1992-2000. SEP 24 - Another Greek Kakiasvilis joins Dimas and Naim to win in 3 consecutive Games (1992-2000). SEP 25 - Iran wins 1st Olympic gold since 1968. SEP 26 - Iranian ends Russia/Soviet Union's streak of superheavyweight gold medals since 1956. OCT 1 - Armenian weightlifter Danielyan was stripped of his bronze medal in the 105+kg category.
SEP 16 Halil Mutlu (TUR) (WR) Wenxiong Wu (CHN) Xiangxiang Zhang (CHN)
SEP 17 Nikolay Pechalov (CRO) (OR) Leonidas Sabanis (GRE) Gennady Oleshchuk (BLR)
SEP 20 Galabin Boevski (BUL) (OR) Georgi Markov (BUL) Sergei Lavrenov (BLR)
SEP 22 Xugang Zhan (CHN) Viktor Mitrou (GRE) Arsen Melikyan (ARM)
SEP 23 Pyrros Dimas (GRE) Marc Huster (GER) George Asanidze (GEO)

37. BBC SPORT | Olympics 2004 | Venues Guide | Nikaia Weightlifting Hall
olympic history.


... Question of Sport CHOOSE A SPORT Select Football Cricket Rugby U Rugby L Tennis Golf Motorspt Boxing Athletics Snooker Racing Cycling Disability Sport US Sport Other Olympics 2004 N Ireland Scotland Wales
Last Updated: Friday, 16 April, 2004, 17:59 GMT 18:59 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Nikaia Weightlifting Hall
Weightlifting Athletes: Spectators: Schedule: 14-16 , 18-21, 23-25 Aug (Weightlifting) Paralympic events:
Powerlifting (20-22, 24-27 Sept) The leading weightlifting venue in the world was opened on 9 December 2003 for a Grand Prix event. Aside from the main hall, which has 5,000 seats, the complex includes warm-up and training halls, medical facilities, a press centre, a restaurant, administrative offices. There is also a separate connecting building with guest rooms for 59 athletes. The district of Nikaia is a densely built area near the port of Piraeus, six kilometres to the west of the Athens city centre. During the Paralympics, the venue will host the men's and women's powerlifting events.

38. UK Online - Official ISP Of The Olympics
history. weightlifting formed part of the programme at the first olympic Games of modern times in 1896 coming under the category of Athletics.

39. Olympic Lifting
and history of the olympics lifts. Training for the lifts. A section on other kinds of lifts....... olympic weightlifting
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Sports Strength Sports Olympic Lifting ...
See also: This category in other languages: Japanese German Danish

40. John Grimek's Olympic Lifting And Bodybuilding History 1934 Through 1949
John Grimek s olympic Lifting and Bodybuilding history 1934 through March 3, 1934 New Jersey weightlifting Championships - Ukrainian Sitch Athletic Club

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