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         War General:     more books (100)
  1. The Generals' War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf by Michael R. Gordon, General Bernard E. Trainor, 1995-11-09
  2. Overlord: General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World WarII by Thomas Alexander Hughes, 2002-10-03
  3. Star Wars: General Grievous (Star Wars (Dark Horse)) by Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, et all 2005-12-21
  4. MacArthur's Airman : General George C. Kenney and the War in the Southwest Pacific (Modern War Studies) by Thomas E. Griffith Jr., 1998-11
  5. The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara, Michael Shaara, 1999-04-27
  6. The Warrior Generals: Combat Leadership in the Civil War by Thomas Buell, 1998-03-31
  7. The Generals: Brotherhood of War 06 (Brotherhood of War) by W. E. B. Griffin, 1986-02-01
  8. The Revolutionary War Memoirs of General Henry Lee by Henry Lee, 1998-04-01
  9. Guerrillas and Generals: The Dirty War in Argentina by Paul H. Lewis, 2001-10-30
  10. The War Between the GeneralsInside the Allied High Command by David Irving, 1981
  11. Shanks: The Life and Wars of General Nathan G. Evans, CSA by Jason H. Silverman, Samuel N. Thomas, et all 2002-06-30
  12. Great Generals of the Napoleonic Wars by Andrew Uffindell, 2003-03-01
  13. Civil War Generals: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (American Civil War) by Civil War Society, 1999-07-20
  14. A Politician Turned General: The Civil War Career of Stephen Augustus Hurlbut by Jeffrey N. Lash, 2003-09

161. Confederate States, Civil War Regimental Histories, Directory
Flags Of The Confederacy general information, illustrations. Prisoners of warLinks directory, more. Genealogical Searches for Confederate Ancestors.
Confederate Regimental Histories Directory
Confederate States General Genealogy ALABAMA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry ARIZONA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry ARKANSAS General Artillery Cavalry Infantry CS Army General Artillery Cavalry Infantry FLORIDA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry GEORGIA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry INDIAN UNITS General Artillery Cavalry Infantry KENTUCKY General Artillery Cavalry Infantry LOUISIANA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry MARYLAND General Artillery Cavalry Infantry MISSISSIPPI General Artillery Cavalry Infantry MISSOURI General Artillery Cavalry Infantry NORTH CAROLINA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry SOUTH CAROLINA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry TENNESSEE General Artillery Cavalry Infantry TEXAS General Artillery Cavalry Infantry VIRGINIA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry WEST VIRGINIA General Artillery Cavalry Infantry BRIGADES General Artillery Cavalry Infantry DIVISIONS, CORPS General Artillery Cavalry Infantry
The Confederacy raised between 764 and 1009 regiments over the period of the Civil War. The lack of adequate records precludes a more accurate count. Regardless of the actual number of regiments recruited, the list below is but a small fraction of those that were raised. It is hoped that many other Civil War regiments will find a "webmaster" in the future to preserve their history.
General Information

162. Telegraph | Opinion | High Command Is No Place For Those Who Need Consensus
A month after 911, general Wesley Clark talks about the war on terrorism and lessons learned from NATO's 1999 air campaign against Yugoslavia.

163. Terrorism & Security |
Brigadier general Karpinski was relieved of her command earlier this year Gen. AntonioTaguba, uncovered evidence of war crimes against the inmates, including


Asia Pacific

Global Issues

Also see:
Iraq in Transition

A daily update
World Stories:
for 06/11/2004 Global interest rates up as inflation looms A comic actor's grief resonates with Israelis Panda population jumps, but outlook not black and white Checkpoint Charlie under wraps ... more projects... Most-viewed stories: (for 06/11/04) Remembering Reagan from the Beltway The rise of mourning in America Even as economy recovers, undecideds tilt toward Kerry Already a Sovereign in Iraq ... World posted May 3, 2004, updated 11:00 a.m. US general: Abu Ghraib abuse coverup Officers, soldiers in Iraqi prison abuse scandal tried to hide their actions from Red Cross. by Tom Regan The scandal over the treatment of Iraqi inmates at Abu Ghraib prison continues to grow . The Guardian newspaper reported Monday that US prison guards and interrogators attempted to hide the systematic abuse of Iraqi inmates from the International Red Cross. The allegation by Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, the former head of US military prisons in Iraq, is the first hint that the "patterns of abuse" (as she described it) could go farther than originally expected. Brigadier General Karpinski was relieved of her command earlier this year during the investigation into abuse at the prison. The Washington Post reports that Brig. Gen. Karpinski blamed most of the abuse on a group of

164. CNN - Tom Clancy, General Chuck Horner Return To Desert Storm - May 11, 1999 article about Every Man a Tiger, Tom Clancy's and retired general Chuck Horner's book about the Gulf war.
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Tom Clancy, General Chuck Horner return to Desert Storm
MULTIMEDIA Tom Clancy on the Gulf War vs. the Strike on Yugoslavia
[290k WAV] or [1.7Mb QuickTime] By Jamie Allen
CNN Interactive Senior Writer
(CNN) Long before NATO bombs started falling in the Balkans and controversy started rising from the smoke and flames, there was a popular war (at least from the U.S. perspective) taking place in the Middle East. The Persian Gulf War, it has been said, was the culmination of two elements: the redemption from Vietnam's mistakes, and the prosperous use of Reagan-era military buildup. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his mission to control Kuwait (and a healthy portion of the world's oil supply) didn't stand a chance against the overwhelming U.S.-led allied forces. The 1991 war called a "war" by historians, though the campaign lasted a shorter length of time than the current conflict in Yugoslavia is considered one of the most successful air missions in military history. Bombs seemingly always hit their target, and victory came quickly.

165. McClellan Society's General George Brinton McClellan Home Page
I believe he was, both as a military man and as a manager of a country under militaryoccupation, the greatest general this war has produced. (Theodore Lyman
"I have more confidence in General McClellan than in any man alive."
(George A. Custer, 1862)
"McClellan is naturally a superior man,"
"I know of no one competent unless it be McClellan..."
(MG William T. Sherman, 1861)
"McClellan was too good a man to command an army in this country."
(MG Joe Hooker, December 28, 1863)
"There is nothing too good that I can say of General McClellan. He was a man and a thorough soldier."
(MG Winfield S. Hancock, 1885)
"I believe he was, both as a military man and as a manager of a country under military occupation, the greatest general this war has produced."
(Theodore Lyman, Meade's ADC, writing at Cold Harbor, 1864)
"...there are strong grounds for believing that he was the best commander the Army of the Potomac ever had."
(BG Francis W. Palfrey, historian and veteran, 1882
"...they believed in him, and so did I."
(Nathaniel Hawthorne on the Army and McClellan, 1862
"The one-armed lift the wine to

166. Experiences Of War - National Library Of Scotland
is a National Library of Scotland website exploring World war I through the eyesof three very different characters who took part in it general Douglas Haig
You will require a browser that can read frames to view this site. Experiences of War, a National Library of Scotland web site Experiences of War is a National Library of Scotland website exploring World War I through the eyes of three very different characters who took part in it: General Douglas Haig, the British Commander in Chief; George Ramage, an ordinary soldier; and Mairi Chisholm, who ran a medical post on the Western Front. Photographs, diary entries and other documents tell their stories. An education section contains teaching materials for Scottish schools

167. A Close Shave In The U.S. Civil War
Memoirs of Nova Scotian Samuel James Hingley, who served in 3rd Regiment Infantry, New Hampshire Volunteers, and was wounded in general Butler's Bermuda Hundred Campaign.
During the Civil War I was a member of Co. E., 3 rd Reg.N.H. Volunteers, Infantry. I joined the Reg. at Morris Island S.C. in the autumn of 1863. At Christmas, a Comrade belonging to another Company came to me, and he wished to borrow $5 til next pay as he was hard up . If I could accommodate him he would give me a field glass he was carrying in security till I was paid. I told him, I was glad I was able to help him, gave him the money and took the glass. We drilled here about three weeks and were ordered to Jacksonville, Florida to do front picket duty. Shortly after our arrival my comrade came to me again to borrow $5 on the same terms as before. I let him have the $5 and took the glass again which I suppose to be worth between $15 and $20. About the first of May we started up the River and in due time landed at Bermuda F. Hundreds. We spent about a week erecting forts and breastworks to protect our base. Then we made an advance.
Benjamin F. Butler On the 14 th I had the glass, which was in a thick leather case slung over my shoulder and under my blouse. It hung down in front and just above my belt. A bullet struck it point blank. It nearly knocked me down and quite took the wind out of me. I thought the summons had come to go hence. A hasty examination showed me that the glass had intercepted the bullet, and on looking on the inner side of the case I noticed it had not gone through, although the leather was badly bulged. With a fervent "Thank

168. Bayerlein, Fritz
Site devoted to the general who served in World war I, and in World war II under Guderian and Rommell. Includes biography, portraits, and related links.

169. Counter-Attack: Biography Of Siegfried Sassoon By Michele Fry
Site dedicated to Sassoon and to Great war literature in general. The webmaster is working on a biography of Sassoon for publication.
Navigation Page Siegfried Loraine Sassoon. Siegfried Sassoon Siegfried Sassoon was born at the family home of Weirleigh at Matfield, Kent, England, in 1886, the second son of Alfred and Theresa (née Thornycroft), who subsequently separated when Sassoon was five years old. (Alfred had been disowned by his mother after his marriage to Theresa because she was not a Jew, and Alfred was the first of the Sassoon clan to marry outside the family faith. He died of TB when Sassoon was nine.) Sassoon was educated at Marlborough and then at Clare College, Cambridge. He studied both Law and History at Cambridge before leaving without taking a degree. After leaving Cambridge, Sassoon lived the life of a sportsman, hunting, riding point-to-point races and playing cricket until the outbreak of the War. Although Sassoon wrote poetry before the War he was no more than a minor Georgian poet. His best poem prior to the War was The Daffodil Murderer - a parody of John Masefield's The Everlasting Mercy . Sassoon wrote The Daffodil Murderer one day in December 1913. He had been feeling particularly uninspired about his poetry, and was looking at the books on the shelves in his room out in the Studio when he picked up Masefield's

170. Generals Of World War II
A biographical dictionary of the generals of World war II from all participating nations.
Generals .dk
The Generals of WWII
About the project
This project is an attempt to create a biographical database covering the army generals of World War II of all participating countries. At the moment the database contains 14252 short biographical sketches of the army generals of World War II. However taking into account the scope of the project the information on each general will vary in detail. Some generals have only been identified and listed with their last names, while others is listed with full names and sketches of their military careers. I'm however engaged in a continual quest for further biographical information on the generals and as a result there will be gradually updates. To find information on a specific general use the Search function or just click on The Generals and then choose the country of origin. I hope that you will find this a useful reference tool.
Any comments, suggestions or corrections please feel free to contact me at:
Best Regards
Steen Ammentorp, Librarian DB., MLI.Sci.

171. WebRing: Hub
general ring with several members.

172. Civil War Index Page
Dakota State University. Madison, SD, USA. The American Civil war. Confederate cannons firing at the. 140th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh, April 57, 2002 at Michie, Tennessee

173. The War Of The Rebellion In Cornell University's Making Of America
It will set forth the annual and special reports of the Secretary of war, of theGeneralin-Chief, and of the chiefs of the several staff corps and departments
Author: United States. War Dept. Title: The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Other Title: Official records of the Union and Confederate armies Publisher: Govt. Print. Off. Place of Publication: Washington MoA Volumes: Series I, 1-53; Series II, 1-8; Series III, 1-5; Series IV, 1-4 (1880 - 1901)
Search The War of the Rebellion
simple search boolean search proximity search
Browse The War of the Rebellion by volume
Series I: Contains the formal reports, both Union and Confederate, of the first seizures of United States property in the Southern States, and of all military operations in the field, with the correspondence, orders, and returns relating specially thereto, and, as proposed is to be accompanied by an Atlas. In this series the reports will be arranged according to the campaigns and several theaters of operations (in the chronological order of the events), and the Union reports of any event will, as a rule, be immediately followed by the Confederate accounts. The correspondence, etc., not embraced in the "reports" proper will follow (first Union and next Confederate) in chronological order.

174. First World - Who's Who
Biographies and photographs of prominent figures, including royalty, political leaders, generals and military heroes.
Who's Who
Updated - Saturday, 12 June, 2004 No history of the First World War would be especially intelligible without a Who's Who gallery of its primary protagonists. This section of the website goes some way towards providing background information on the people who shaped events and perceptions. Each biography contained within this section is assigned to one of the following sub-categories: Royalty click here
Monarchs and their heirs Politicians click here
Political figures who prosecuted or opposed the war Commanders click here
Military leaders who oversaw battlefield strategy click here
The new form of battle - war in the air click here
Authors who wrote about the war as they saw it Miscellaneous click here
Miscellaneous biographical sketches Also A-Z Listing click here
Complete listing of all profiles By Country click here
Listing of profiles country by country In addition to the kind of entries you would expect to see - royalty and military commanders (a role often combined in Kaiser Wilhelm II's German army) - there are listings for national politicians - and for one or two literary figures. Whilst there is a separate section of the website dedicated to the prose and poetry that emerged from the war - either during or after - a few notables established a name for themselves as military figures too, such as T.E. Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia) and, of course, the man of many roles and talents, Winston Churchill.

175. The Great War, 1914 - 1918
THE GREAT war. The Great war ended in 1918. For many years afterwards withGreat war history. Other Great war sites wellworth visits are
The Great War ended in 1918. For many years afterwards its causes, and the conduct of all the participants were minutely picked-over, investigated and analysed. Subsequently, numerous books were written on all the War's aspects. Those soldiers who had fought in the trenches returned home and tried to resume normal lives - often by no means easy, especially for those who had been wounded, not only physically but also mentally by the horrors which they had experienced. However, although the momentous events of World War Two and the passage of time gradually dimmed people's memories, there were many who still remembered the events of those awful years. Gradually during the past fifteen years or so there has been, I believe, a re-awakening of interest in the Great War and I should like to use this WWW page to help encourage that trend. I believe that there is still a large amount of unpublished material in existence about the Great War. My intention is to add suitable and appropriate articles sent to me by interested readers to this page. To start things off I have attached a number of my own files which, I hope, some will find useful and interesting.

176. - Star Wars Magazines
Directory to free online magazines and general information websites containing articles and news about the Star Wars movies.
The Magazine Rack's Free Online Magazines are now at Click through the following link for the latest news, articles and columns at You should be automatically taken to the new location in a few seconds. If not, please click the link.

177. Southern Museum Of Civil War And Locomotive History
Take a trip back in time to the Southern Museum of Civil war andLocomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia! With three impressive
A special gallery will feature traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) as well as other sources and will be changed every few months, so visit often!
Eagle Scout Spends Spring Break Contributing to Southern Museum
Southern Museum Employees Write The Southern Railway History Book ... Smithsonian Affiliates

178. Historic Preservation Of The American Civil War
Today, our Civil war battlefields are being destroyed at an alarmingrate. Hallowed ground, where more than 600,000 Americans gave
Today, our Civil War battlefields are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Hallowed ground, where more than 600,000 Americans gave their lives, is being paved over for shopping malls and housing tracts. The same land upon which our nation was formedwhere our ancestors fought and diedis being consumed by fast food restaurants, amusement parks, and other forms of urban sprawl. Edwin Cole Bearss: History's Pied Piper
Click here for other CWPT items not found in the shop!
About Us
Get Involved Newsroom Land Preservation ... Home The Civil War Preservation Trust
1331 H Street N.W. Suite 1001
Washington, D.C. 20005

179. History - Veterans Affairs Canada
South African war In South Africa, on 11 October 1899, war broke out between theBritish Imperialists and the Boers (descendants of Dutch Protestant farmers
@import "/styles/sophisto.css"; Home History Search the Site:
South African War
In South Africa, on 11 October 1899, war broke out between the British Imperialists and the Boers (descendants of Dutch Protestant farmers) who had been engulfed in conflict for over fifty years.
The First World War
Arras, Amiens, Passchendale, the Somme, Vimy and Ypres - where thousands of Canadians fought and died more 80 years ago.
The Second World War
A young nation returns to the battlefield for six terrible years.
The Korean War
A new era of involvement in world affairs sees Canadian troops deployed to the Land of the Morning Calm.
Other Stories
Native Soldiers - Foreign Battlefields and other interesting tales.
Updated: Top of Page Important Notices

180. WebRing: Hub
general ring with several members.

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