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  1. Memoirs of The Union's Three Great Civil War Generals
  2. A Complete Life of General George A. Custer, Volume 1: Through the Civil War (Complete Life of General George A. Custer) by Frederick Whittaker, 1993-03-01
  3. A genius for war: The German army and general staff, 1807-1945 by Trevor Nevitt Dupuy, 1977
  4. The Vietnamese War: Revolution and Social Change in the Mekong Delta, 1930-1975 (Pacific Basin Institute Book) by David W. P. Elliott, 2006-10
  5. Airborne: World War II Paratroopers in combat (General Military)
  6. War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals by David Halberstam, 2001-09-18
  7. Civil War: Fantastic Four by J. Michael Straczynski, Dwayne McDuffie, 2007-05-09
  8. Command Of Honor: General Lucian Truscott's Path to Victory in World War II by H. Paul Jeffers, 2008-06-03
  9. One of Custer's Wolverines: The Civil War Letters of Brevet Brigadier General James H. Kidd, 6th Michigan Cavalry by James Harvey Kidd, 2000-12-01
  10. The Last Siege, The Final Truth (Star Wars: Clone Wars, Vol. 8) by John Ostrander, Jan Duursema, et all 2006-03-29
  11. War on the Western Front: In the Trenches of World War I (General Military)
  12. Revised Core Rulebook (Star Wars Roleplaying Game) by Bill Slavicsek, Andy Collins, et all 2002-05-01
  13. General Wadsworth: The Life and Wars of General James S. Wadsworth by Wayne Mahood, 2003-08-01
  14. Shiloh: The Battle That Changed the Civil War by Larry J. Daniel, 1998-06-12

121. History - Veterans Affairs Canada
Extensive series of articles on Canadian participation in WW I, WW II, Korean war, and related links.

122. — Banned By CENTCOM
say — an international war crimes tribunal would even now be empanelled, preparingto indict PFC England and her comrades, general Miller, Undersecretary
@import "/includes/style.css"; Front Page War Stories Index of Evil Counts ... About June 11, 2004 President Bush and Torture Yesterday at the G8 summit a reporter asked President Bush at a press conference whether torture is ever justified. President Bush was visibly annoyed at the question. The irritated answer from the religious Christian comes: "Look, I'm going to say it one more time... The instructions went out to our people to adhere to law. That ought to comfort you," the AP reports Given that much of the controversy over American use of torture centers on memorandums sent to the White House stating that torture ordered by the President would "be legal" and adhere to the law that does not comfort me, nor does it comfort anyone else. Bush doesn't answer the question. He doesn't say whether he thinks torture is ever justified. He doesn't say whether he's ordered torture or looked the other way when torturers went about their dirty work. He says that "the instructions went out to our people to adhere to the law." The President himself is admitting, in so many words, that torture ocurred with at least the implicit blessing of the White House, because his Attorney General, his Department of Defense and his White House Counsel's Office said that it would "adhere to the law".

123. Page Not Found
Personal page with a lot of information on general Buller and the Tugela campaign. Also has a selection of Peter's Boer war cartoons.
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124. The History Guy: The Mexican-American War
3. US general Zachary Old Rough and Ready Taylor used his fame asa war hero to win the Presidency in 1848. A true irony is that
The History Guy The Mexican-American War Home Military History Historical Personalities Email ... Search the History Guy Website The Mexican-American War was the first major conflict driven by the idea of "Manifest Destiny"; the belief that America had a God-given right, or destiny, to expand the country's borders from 'sea to shining sea'. This belief would eventually cause a great deal of suffering for many Mexicans, Native Americans and United States citizens. Following the earlier Texas War of Independence from Mexico, tensions between the two largest independent nations on the North American continent grew as Texas eventually became a U.S. state. Disputes over the border lines sparked military confrontation, helped by the fact that President Polk eagerly sought a war in order to seize large tracts of land from Mexico. Page Menu Click on the menu bar below to navigate this page. Name of Conflict Belligerents Conflict Dates Conflict Type ... Click to search for books on This War or any topic of your choice. Links on Conflict NAME OF CONFLICT: Mexican-American War ALTERNATE NAMES: U.S.-Mexican War, Mexican War (US), The War with Mexico (US)

125. Guardian Unlimited | Special Reports | Wake-up Call
The biggest war game in US military history was rigged to ensure that the Americans beat their Middle Eastern adversaries. Julian Borger interviews Lieutenant general Paul Van Riper, the leader of the enemy forces, and explains the strategy of the Pentagon that should be tested in the game. The Guardian, UK.,2763,787017,00.html
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In this section I ain't marching any more US voters reject Iraq war in poll Richard Norton-Taylor: A torturer's charter Damage inquiry at ancient Babylon ... Mainstream parties welcome resolution Wake-up call If the US and Iraq do go to war, there can only be one winner, can't there? Maybe not. This summer, in a huge rehearsal of just such a conflict - and with retired Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing Saddam - the US lost. Julian Borger asks the former marine how he did it

126. The Unofficial Locomotive General And Kennesaw Civil War Museum
The Unofficial Locomotive general and Kennesaw Civil war Museum America s Most Historic4 4 - O Steam Locomotive Interactive Virtual Tour and Photo Archive .
The Unofficial
Locomotive General and Kennesaw Civil War Museum
America's Most Historic
4 - 4 - O Steam Locomotive
"Interactive Virtual Tour and Photo Archive" The Tour Downloads FAQ Merchandise ... Search Welcome to the "Unofficial" Kennesaw Civil War Museum Online!
is OPEN! Grand Opening March 30th 2003
Kennesaw Special Events!
  • Summer Concert Series, 2004 Summer Concert Series: Kennesaw City Depot Kennesaw, GA Presents:
    in Concert!!
    American Music Southern Style Saturday June 5th at the Depot 8pm
  • Kennesaw's Fireworks Show and Summer Concert with BlueStorm Recording Artist Roger "Hurricane" Wilson Saturday July 3rd at the Depot 8pm
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    "The genius of Buster Keaton is fully developed, as he plays Johnnie Gray - the engineer of his beloved train called The General" - LikeTelevision All Aboard! English Live Steam! Photos, Videos and a Scale Replica of the General from England! We hope you enjoy our online presence and look forward to the Great years ahead! Visit our site often for News Updates, and Relevant, Interactive, Historical features. Visit Our New Video Archives!
    An essay on the war with emphasis on general Kearny's command and the events in Arizona.
    NOTE: The following treatise is rather long (15K). You may wish to use your browser to save it and review or print it out later. It is mostly about the Mexican War as it affected the Arizona region.
    Mineral Creek in PinalsNamed by Gen. Stephen W. Kearny
    The writing of nineteenth-century American history is often dominated by the great and furious events of the Civil War of 1861-1865. This is only rightly so, as that war shaped subsequent American life in ways that reverberate down to even our own time. There was, however, another war in that century, nearly forgotten today, that also had an enormous impact on America: the Mexican War of 1846-1848. In many ways, the Mexican War was, indeed, the forerunner of the Civil War, for most of the great warriors of 1861-1865 actually had their first taste of battle, and tested their character, in the Mexican War. But, even more importantly, as a direct result of the Mexican War the United States acquired dominion over lands that nearly doubled its previous size. The future states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and California were all obtained as a direct result of the war. Much of the future economic wealth of the United Statesindeed, its very status as a truly

    128. The Seven Years' War, 1756-1763: Newfoundland And Labrador Heritage
    Part of a general heritage site for this area. Brief account of the war and its impact on the locality.
    French Presence in Newfoundland
    Anglo-French Warfare

    Nine Years War

    Spanish Succession

    Seven Years War
    Treaty of Paris

    American Revolution

    French Revolution

    Military Garrisons

    The Seven Years' War, 1756-1763 Britain was at war with Spain, and with France, between 1739 and 1748. The results of that contest was inconclusive, and there was no fighting in Newfoundland - no doubt because the French had lost their base at Placentia. However, Anglo-French relations remained tense, particularly in North America, and a long-expected war broke out in May, 1756. Once they had established naval superiority at sea, the British made a series of impressive gains at the expense of France and, later on, of Spain. Slaving stations in West Africa, sugar islands in the Caribbean, and large parts of India all came under British control. Towards the very end of the war, in 1762, French forces attacked St. John's. If successful, the expedition would have strengthened France's hand at the negotiating table. Though they took St. John's and raided nearby settlements, the French forces were eventually defeated by British troops under Colonel William Amherst. The war ended with the Treaty of Paris, signed in 1763. It contained important clauses relating to Newfoundland, including the cession to France of the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

    129. Art Of War By SunTzu [SunZi] -English Hypertext
    waxing. To Chinese text To Top VII. MANEUVERING 1. Sun Tzu saidIn war, the general receives his commands from the sovereign. 2
    Translated from the Chinese
    By LIONEL GILES, M.A. (1910)
    [This is the basic text of Sun Tzu on the Art of War. It was extracted from Mr. Giles' complete work as titled above. The commentary itself, which, of course includes this work embedded within it, has been released as suntzu10.txt (or This is being released only as an adjunct to that work, which contains a wealth of commentary upon this text.] The Art of War has 13 chapters. You can click on the Chapter Number to go to that chapter directly. Each chapter is hyper-linked to its corresponding Chinese text. You may switch back and forth between the English and the original Chinese text, by clicking on the link at the end of each chapter.
    [To Chinese text

    [To Chinese text

    [To Chinese text

    [To Chinese text
    [To Chinese text

    [END - Sun Tzu on the Art of War, text-only]

    130. Times Online - World
    Before the war started, general Wesley Clark explained the possible scenarios, the basic unpredictability of war, and the need to ask if taking down Saddam brings us closer to our goal, and what's next. ask what's next after Saddam.,,5470-600290,00.html
    NI_IFRAME('Top'); ARCHIVE CLASSIFIED SHOPPING PROMOTIONS ... WEATHER Search document.write(epaperButton); document.write(closing); WORLD Iraq Ronald Reagan US Elections 2004 EU Constitution ... Rise of China TIMES ONLINE Home News Britain World ... Site Map SPECIAL REPORTS Investor's Centre
    Business Travel

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    Urban Confidence
    UK Business Week

    War on Terror archive
    March 05, 2003
    It should be over in two weeks ... but that could be just the start
    By Wesley Clark
    WHEN the long-anticipated fight against Iraq begins, it may not last long. A reasonably optimistic timeline might look like this: simultaneous airstrikes, Shia revolts and manoeuvres of the coalition ground force on the first day; by Day Four, substantial allied ground forces are near Baghdad; by Day Seven the defences around the capital have fallen; by Day 14 most organised resistance has been defeated, except for isolated elements in the city. But war is the most unpredictable of human activities. British soldiers moving to the front in the glorious days of August 1914 could not have imagined the endless trench warfare to follow. And American GIs in Korea, thrilled by the rapid collapse of North Korean forces after the landings at Inchon, dreamt that they would be home by Christmas 1950, yet the war lasted almost three more years. And then there was Vietnam ... NI_MPU('middle');

    131. DRUDGE REPORT 2004®
    I ve been very consistent I ve been against this war from thebeginning, the former general said in Detroit on October 26.
    Support The DrudgeReport; Visit Our Advertisers
    **World Exclusive**
    Two months ago Democratic hopeful Wesley Clark declared in a debate that he has always been firmly against the current Iraq War.
    "I've been very consistent... I've been against this war from the beginning," the former general said in Detroit on October 26.
    "I was against it last summer, I was against it in the fall, I was against it in the winter, I was against it in the spring. And I'm against it now."
    But just six month prior in an op-ed in the LONDON TIMES Clark offered praise for the courage of President Bush's action.
    "President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt," Clark wrote on April 10, 2003. "Can anything be more moving than the joyous throngs swarming the streets of Baghdad? Memories of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the defeat of Milosevic in Belgrade flood back. Statues and images of Saddam are smashed and defiled."
    Even the most ardent Clark supporter will question if Clark's current and past stand on the Iraq war is confusion or deception, after the DRUDGE REPORT reveals:

    132. General Friedrich Von Bernhardi, The Next War
    From 1898 to 1901 he was chief of the war historical section of the general Staff;in 1909 he became the commanding general of the Seventh Army Corps.
    General Friedrich von Bernhardi, The Next War
    [Friedrich von Bernhardi (1849-1930), born of Estonian-German parents, was the outstanding military writer of his day. From 1898 to 1901 he was chief of the war historical section of the General Staff; in 1909 he became the commanding general of the Seventh Army Corps. Germany and the Next War was the second volume of Vom heutigen Kriege On War Today ). Bernhardi wrote under the direct influence of the Second Morocco crisis and can scarcely disguise his impatience and alarm over the government's lack of determination. Criticism of Germany's current leadership is implicit throughout the excerpts translated here. Bernhardi's ideas did not correspond to the official views of the kaiser's government or even the general staff, but they were fully in keeping with those of the extreme nationalists in the Pan-German League. War was, according to men of these views, a right and a duty, a biological imperative sanctioned by the findings of Darwin. The choice was expansionism or certain death, "world power or decline." Invoking a higher morality, geopolitics, the logic of history, and citing Bismarck as the ultimate authority, Bernhardi advocated aggressive war, for which the nation had to be prepared materially and psychologically. Negotiating conflicts of interest between the Great Powers could not be considered a serious option. It was rather a sign of weakness. He preached the necessity of war with an urgency bordering on panic. His book caused a sensation at home and abroad and was in its ninth edition by the outbreak of the world war. Source: Friedrich von Bernhardi

    133. Vote To Impeach George W. Bush
    Petition for American citizens to ask their congresspersons to impeach Bush and several members of his administration for starting a preemptive war against Iraq. Former U.S. Attorney general Ramsey Clark has written the articles of impeachment.
    The ImpeachBush Resource Center is now open: lawn signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. . . Join the over
    who have already voted
    Click here to cast your vote in the referendum to Impeach Bush Now!
    Click here for a paper ballot for collecting signatures to send to the campaign. (pdf format) The VoteToImpeach ad has appeared in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and in other newspapers around the country. This educational campaign that has reached millions has been made possible by the many donations, large and small, of people across the country. With your help, we will be able to continue to focus attention through the mass media and through grassroots activism. You can view the updated VoteToImpeach ad here. If you are interested in placing the ad in your community or city, we have set up answers to frequently asked questions View the
    Articles of Impeachment

    134. Military Motor Bus
    London general Omnibus Company provided buses for the use of moving troops in France. Some of the buses were captured by the Germans, but the rest remained in France until the end of the war in November, 1918.
    Military Motor Bus
    Teaching History Online
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    First World War Bibliography
    First World War Glossary ... Email
    In 1908 the British Army began testing the feasibility of using commercial motor buses as troop transport in the event of an emergency. The manoeuvres using twenty-four buses were very successful and it was decided that they would be used in future wars.
    In August 1914, Winston Churchill , the First Lord of the Admiralty, asked the London General Omnibus Company to provide buses for the use of moving troops in France. The company asked for volunteers from among their conductors and drivers and eventually 75 crews were chosen and then recruited into the Royal Marines . In September 1914, 75 Diamler buses and crews were shipped to France. Some of the buses were captured by the Germans but the rest remained in France until the end of the war in November, 1918.
    Daimler Motor Bus
    A mazon Books
    Discounts on thousands of popular books at up to 40% off.

    135. The Generals Of The American Civil War
    American Civil war. In the Union Army, for most of the war, therewere only two general ranks, brigadier and major. In 1864 the
    1,008 officers were appointed to the various general ranks on both sides during the American Civil War. In the Union Army, for most of the war, there were only two general ranks, brigadier and major. In 1864 the rank of lieutenant general was reactivated and given to Ulysses Simpson Grant. The three grades were distinguished by their insignia: one star for brigadier general, two for major general and three for lieutenant general. In the Confederate Army, by 1862 there were four grades of general: brigadier, major, lieutenant and full general. All wore the same insignia making it impossible to identify a general´s rank by his uniform. This site contains pictures of 425 Confederate and 583 Union general officers. Here you´ll find just the pictures and names. For additional information with small biographies of all these generals you can visit the site of Kerry Webb About this Site Civil War Links Thanks ... Email Updated 4-28-2004 Click here to see the newest additions Click on the galleries below to see the pictures UNION GENERALS A B C D ... Z CONFEDERATE GENERALS A B C D ... Z Pictures of Brevet Generals can be found HERE

    136. Civil War In Georgia
    Includes topics that range from causes for Georgia's secession, the state's Civil war Constitution, maps and battles on general Sherman's march to the sea.
    The Civil War in Georgia Causes of Georgia's Secession Georgia's Civil War Constitution Battles Maps of Georgia Associated with the Civil War Era ... Official State Documents (from Univ of North Carolina's "Documenting the American South" website) Photographs and images Civil War clip art Civil War Museums and Historic Sites Confederate Monuments and Memorials in Georgia ... The Civil War in Georgia (page of Darin Briskman) Guide to Atlanta History Center Library/Archived Civil War Manuscript Collection Georgia Confederate Pension Applications (Secretary of State) "The Great Locomotive Chase" Miscellaneous Documents ... The Civil War in Georgia, An Illustrated Travellers Guide
    General Information on the Civil War
    American Civil War: Resources on the Internet
    Chronology of Civil War Civil War in Miniature (page of R.L. Curry) Civil War Pages Civil War Web Sites (15th New York Volunteer Cavalry home page) United States Civil War Center
    Go to Georgia History page
    Go to GeorgiaInfo table of contents

    137. > News > Military -- Retired General Assails U.S. Policy On I
    Retired general assails US policy on Iraq. envoy to the Middle East under the Bushadministration for a time before his reservations over the Iraq war and its
    document.write(''); Choose Category All of SignOnSanDiego News Sports Entertainment Yellow Pages Classifieds Web Community Events
    After the Fires In Iraq War on Terror ... Internet Access
    Retired general assails U.S. policy on Iraq
    Warnings ignored, says retired Marine
    By Rick Rogers
    UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER April 16, 2004 Retired Marine Gen. Anthony Zinni wondered aloud yesterday how Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld could be caught off guard by the chaos in Iraq that has killed nearly 100 Americans in recent weeks and led to his announcement that 20,000 U.S. troops would be staying there instead of returning home as planned. "I'm surprised that he is surprised because there was a lot of us who were telling him that it was going to be thus," said Zinni, a Marine for 39 years and the former commander of the U.S. Central Command. "Anyone could know the problems they were going to see. How could they not?" At a Pentagon news briefing yesterday, Rumsfeld said he could not have estimated how many troops would be killed in the past week. Zinni made his comments during an interview with The San Diego Union-Tribune For years Zinni said he cautioned U.S. officials that an Iraq without Saddam Hussein would likely be more dangerous to U.S. interests than one with him because of the ethnic and religious clashes that would be unleashed.

    138. U.S. Marines In The First World War
    A selection of images, contemporary documents and general information about the contribution of the US Marine Corps to the Allied war effort in World war I.
    WWI Marine by Samuel J. Woolf
    Marine Corps Art Collection
    Day by Day


    with the

    4th Brigade of Marines

    first 8 sections
    now open
    Helmet with affixed EGA device
    dug from Belleau Wood ?
    Marine Corps Recruiting in the World War
    Paris Island in the World War
    ~ Ready for viewing, though some sections still under construction ~
    The Lafayette Journal , Indiana, 12 June 1918
    Courtesy of Erick Eastes
    1st Field Hospital of the 2nd Division A.E.F. in Bezu le Guery, near Belleau Wood
    Over 6000 American, French and German soldiers were treated here from the fighting at Belleau Wood. ~ Ready for viewing, though some sections still under construction ~
    Sixth Machine Gun Battalion
    4th Brigade of Marines, 2nd Division A.E.F. Documents, photographs, biographies, etc. Advertisement for the 1926 motion picture What Price Glory? about the U.S. Marines in World War I, based on the play by Laurence Stallings, who lost a leg while leading a platoon in the final charge at Belleau Wood.
    Belleau Wood, the Village of Belleau, and the Aisne-Marne Cemetery
    ~ New material added Armistice Day, 2000 ~
    The Earliest Belleau Wood Museum
    Built in the years following the Armistice

    139. News
    Indonesian general accused of war crimes moves a step closer to the presidency.By Kathy Marks, AsiaPacific Correspondent. 22 April 2004.

    140. "Broken Engagement " By Gen. Wesley Clark
    President Bush s approach to Iraq and to the Middle East in general has been of DefensePaul Wolfowitz, one of the main architects of the Iraq war, argued that
    Respond to this Article May 2004
    Broken Engagement
    The strategy that won the Cold War could help bring democracy to the Middle East if only the Bush hawks understood it. By Gen. Wesley Clark During 2002 and early 2003, Bush administration officials put forth a shifting series of arguments for why we needed to invade Iraq. Nearly every one of these has been belied by subsequent events. We have yet to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; assuming that they exist at all, they obviously never presented an imminent threat. Saddam's alleged connections to al Qaeda turned out to be tenuous at best and clearly had nothing to do with September 11. The terrorists now in Iraq have largely arrived because we are there, and Saddam's security forces aren't. And peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which prominent hawks argued could be achieved "only through Baghdad," seems further away than ever. Advocates of the invasion are now down to their last argument: that transforming Iraq from brutal tyranny to stable democracy will spark a wave of democratic reform throughout the Middle East, thereby alleviating the conditions that give rise to terrorism. This argument is still standing because not enough time has elapsed to test it definitivelythough events in the year since Baghdad's fall do not inspire confidence. For every report of a growing conversation in the Arab world about the importance of democracy, there's another report of moderate Arabs feeling their position undercut by the backlash against our invasion. For every example of progress (Libya giving up its WMD program), there's an instance of backsliding (the Iranian mullahs purging reformist parliamentarians).

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