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         War General:     more books (100)
  1. The Generals' War: The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf by Michael R. Gordon, General Bernard E. Trainor, 1995-11-09
  2. Overlord: General Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World WarII by Thomas Alexander Hughes, 2002-10-03
  3. Star Wars: General Grievous (Star Wars (Dark Horse)) by Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, et all 2005-12-21
  4. MacArthur's Airman : General George C. Kenney and the War in the Southwest Pacific (Modern War Studies) by Thomas E. Griffith Jr., 1998-11
  5. The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara, Michael Shaara, 1999-04-27
  6. The Warrior Generals: Combat Leadership in the Civil War by Thomas Buell, 1998-03-31
  7. The Generals: Brotherhood of War 06 (Brotherhood of War) by W. E. B. Griffin, 1986-02-01
  8. The Revolutionary War Memoirs of General Henry Lee by Henry Lee, 1998-04-01
  9. Guerrillas and Generals: The Dirty War in Argentina by Paul H. Lewis, 2001-10-30
  10. The War Between the GeneralsInside the Allied High Command by David Irving, 1981
  11. Shanks: The Life and Wars of General Nathan G. Evans, CSA by Jason H. Silverman, Samuel N. Thomas, et all 2002-06-30
  12. Great Generals of the Napoleonic Wars by Andrew Uffindell, 2003-03-01
  13. Civil War Generals: An Illustrated Encyclopedia (American Civil War) by Civil War Society, 1999-07-20
  14. A Politician Turned General: The Civil War Career of Stephen Augustus Hurlbut by Jeffrey N. Lash, 2003-09

181. RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: WYVETS
For Veterans and their families, focused on general and genealogical interests and resources for Wyoming veterans from all branches of the armed forces and all wars or other military conflicts, as well as peacetime veterans.
Military: WYVETS Mailing List WYVETS-L Topic: A mailing list for Veterans and their families, focused on general and genealogical interests and resources for Wyoming veterans from all branches of the armed forces and all wars or other military conflicts, as well as peacetime veterans. For questions about this list, contact the list administrator at

182. Civil War Index Page
Dakota State University Madison, SD, USA The American Civil war Confederate cannonsfiring at the 140th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Shiloh, April 5

183. Society Of Colonial Wars In Wisconsin
State society promoting the goals and objectives of the general Society of Colonial Wars. Provides listing of officers, membership requirements, contacts, and links.
Society of Colonial Wars
(founded 1896)
Any male person above the age of eighteen years shall be eligible for membership
provided that he is lineally descended from an an ancestor who during the period
prior to the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775; served as a military or naval officer
or held office in any of the Colonies.
The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Wisconsin
Officers 2003-2006
Jerry P. Hill
, Governor

E-mail - Homepage
5677 North Consaul Place
Milwaukee, WI 53217-4818 Winston Conway Williams , Deputy Governor Email - Homepage 13352 West Bluemound Road Elm Grove, WI 53122 Fr. Michael Theodore E. Parks, First Lieutenant Governor St John's Tower, #708 1840 North Prospect Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 Mr. William Henry Upham III, Secretary 2728 East Bradford Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53202 Thomas P. Curtis, Treasurer E-Mail - N56 W21796 Silver Spring Drive Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-5331 Donald E. Gradeless, Registrar E-Mail -

184. The Mexican American War
MexicanAmerican war. Introduction The American annexation of Texas whose independencethe Mexican had never fully accepted made war with Mexico inevitable.
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Mexican-American War Introduction:
The American annexation of Texas whose independence the Mexican had never fully accepted made war with Mexico inevitable. When the Mexicans refused to meet with a US envoy sent to negotiate a settlement of outstanding issues, President Polk ordered American forces to maneuver close to the Mexican border in disputed territory. The Mexicans attacked and the war was on.
All information taken form " Antebellum: America 1820 - 1860." The Age of Jackson, the Westward Expansion, the Mexican American War and discovery of gold in California are all covered. CD includes: Presidential addresses: Supreme Court decisions. A special section chronicles the Mexican-American War. Major Battles: Battle of Palo Alto Battle of Vera Cruz Battle For New Mexico Battle of Cerro Gordo ... Battle For Mexico City Image Gallery: (Click for enlargement)
The Mexicans attacked.

185. World War I Biographical Dictionary
Biographies and photographs of prominent figures, including royalty, political leaders, generals and military heroes.
Contained within this web folio are brief biographical sketches and photographs of prominent people of the Great War era. The entries are arranged alphabetically by surname. Prefixes, such as von, de, le, etc. are not considered. Friedrich von Bernhardi, for instance, would be found under 'B' and not 'V.'
Dedication: Private Harry Woods
Click on the letter of your choice to move to a specific name list
This web-folio is still under construction. New entries are being added regularly. The authors of these biographies are contributing new entries regularly. If you would like to contribute a biography of someone not represented in this folio, contact Dr. Jane Plotke for details.
Return to wwi/www home page The World War I Document Archive
has been visited times since February 1996. Last updated: June 2002

186. NPR : Gen. Anthony Zinni
be interesting to wonder why all the generals see it the same way, and all thosethat never fired a shot in anger and really hellbent to go to war see it a
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  • News Politics Iraq Books ... Program Stream 24-Hour schedule Listen to an extended excerpt of Gen. Zinni's speech
    Comments of Gen. Anthony Zinni (ret.) during a speech before the Florida Economic Club, Aug. 23, 2002:
    Attacking Iraq now will cause a lot of problems. I think the debate right now that's going on is very healthy. If you ask me my opinion, Gen. Scowcroft, Gen. Powell, Gen. Schwarzkopf, Gen. Zinni, maybe all see this the same way.
    It might be interesting to wonder why all the generals see it the same way, and all those that never fired a shot in anger and really hell-bent to go to war see it a different way. That's usually the way it is in history. (Crowd laughter.)
    But let me tell you what the problem is now as I see it. You need to weigh this: what are your priorities in the region? That's the first issue in my mind.

187. Pressed Piranha Press Presents...
A general Star Wars fanzine for both prequel and classic trilogy fans. Now seeking submissions!

188. Deadlands Main Page
A collection of photos of figures used in the Great Rail Wars and Deadlands RPG and general information on the Deadlands setting.
This page is dedicated to Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Wierd West Setting:
The Deadlands Role Playing Game
The Great Rail Wars
This page is a simple one. Here's what's available:
The Picture Gallery: Miniatures Terrain , and Some Notes on Both New Gizmos: Inventions of the Estemed Professor Dexter Doom, Ph.D. A Marshal's Notebook: The Good and Bad Ideas I've Had as a Marshal Font used on this site: Deadlands/SnowTThom Font E-Mail me with your comments here. This The Weird West Express site owned by Matt DeForrest
Previous 5 Sites
Previous Next ... List Sites hits since 30 August 2000.

189. WebRing: Hub
Ring of general Star Wars sites.

190. World War I, Links To Other Resources
la Grande Guerre. Story Bytes Very Short Stories written on the Generalconduct and events of the Great war. Trenches on the Web
W WI S ites:
L inks to O ther R esources

191. Texts About Kosovo And The NATO War
power has failed and the allies only real option is to get out, writes GeneralSir Michael Rose, former UN commander in Bosnia. NATO s unjust war Markus Gee
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
Alternative information about the NATO war and Kosovo
For a list of the latest texts added, please click here
Peter Handke: The whole planet of Earth's name is Yugoslavia
Harold Pinter: The US is now a highly dangerous force, totally out of control Harold Pinter: We are bandits guilty of murder Eduardo Galeano: The confession of the bombs Mikis Theodorakis: Their sole aim is to turn the heretic Yugoslavia into scorched earth Regis Debray: A traveller's letter to the president of the republic (Now available also in English
15 Questions and Answers
about the Kosovo/NATO conflict, by Michael Albert and Stephen Salom Tips On Talking with Advocates of the Bombing An essay for those who are already strongly and even passionately against the bombing and struggling with how to discuss it fruitfully with its advocates... Report of a visit to Belgrade Extremely important report of British Helsinki Human Rights Group mission to Belgrade, countering nearly all NATO propaganda claims about the situation in Yugoslavia.
About the history of Kosovo and Yugoslavia and the war's origins A collection of articles written in the 80s about Kosovo See what was reported by Western media in the 80s, when the name Kosovo was familiar only to avid students of geography.

192. WebRing: Hub
Ring of general Star Wars sites.

193. Virtual Programming

194. This Day In History

Ronald Reagan


Quest For King Arthur
Did the greatest king who ever lived, ever live?
Wild West Tech
Don't miss Wild West Tech, Tuesdays @ 10pm/9c!
Modern Marvels
Download desktop wallpaper and watch a video preview! Band of Brothers
Mail Call

Save Our History

... Click here to watch this week's THIS DAY IN HISTORY clips in broadband-quality video. MORE GENERAL INTEREST
Medgar Evers assassinated
Indira Gandhi convicted of election fraud
AUTOMOTIVE ... Paris on the verge of invasion WHAT HAPPENED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY. JUN. JUL. AUG. SEP. OCT. NOV. DEC. Automotive Civil War Cold War Crime Entertainment General Interest Literary Old West Vietnam War Wall Street World War II PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DECLARED: June 12, 1898 During the Spanish-American War, Filipino rebels led by Emilio Aguinaldo proclaim the independence of the Philippines after 300 years of Spanish rule. By mid-August, Filipino rebels and U.S. troops had ousted the Spanish, but Aguinaldo's hopes for independence were dashed when the United States formally annexed the Philippines as part of its peace treaty with Spain. The Philippines, a large island archipelago situated off Southeast Asia, was colonized by the Spanish in the latter part of the 16th century. Opposition to Spanish rule began among Filipino priests, who resented Spanish domination of the Roman Catholic churches in the islands. In the late 19th century, Filipino intellectuals and the middle class began calling for independence. In 1892, the Katipunan, a secret revolutionary society, was formed in Manila, the Philippine capital on the island of Luzon. Membership grew dramatically, and in August 1896 the Spanish uncovered the Katipunan's plans for rebellion, forcing premature action from the rebels. Revolts broke out across Luzon, and in March 1897, 28-year-old Emilio Aguinaldo became leader of the rebellion.

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