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         Sweden Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Guide to the Cinema of Sweden and Finland (Reference Guides to the World's Cinema) by Per Olov Qvist, Peter von Bagh, 2000-03-30
  2. Report to the Department of State on the forests and forest- culture of Sweden by C. C Andrews, 1872
  3. Physical culture in Sweden by Georges Demeny, 1897
  4. How to Feel At Home in Sweden
  5. Four music cultures: Tradition and change in Tanzania, Tunisia, Sweden and Trinidad : English summary of Fyra musikkulturer : tradition och förändring i Tanzania, Tunisien, Sverige och Trinidad by Krister Malm, 1981
  6. Report - Swedish Salmon Research Institute by Arne Lindroth, 1974
  7. A bibliographic guide to Swedish literature,: Suggestions for readings and studies about Sweden, its literature and culture in general by Alrik Gustafson, 1961
  8. Technology policy trends and information services in Sweden and China: A comparison (Technology & Culture occasional report series) by Xuechen Sun, 1983
  9. Neolithic of South Sweden: Trb, Grk, & Str by Mats P. Malmer, 2002-12
  10. The Early Neolithic Funnel-Beaker Culture in South-west Scania, Sweden: Social and Economic Change 3000-25000 B.C. by Mats Larsson, 1985
  11. Sweden a Short Description of the Country and Its Culture by Swedish American Line Editors, 1928
  13. Rescue And Research: Reflections of Society in Sweden 700-1700 (Arkeologiska Undersokningar Skrifter)
  14. Sweden at the Edge: Lessons for American and Swedish Managers (Innovations in Organizations Series)

41. Embassy Of Italy In Sweden - Culture - International Projects Involving Italy An
Embassy » culture » International Projects involving Italy and sweden. IIAS, International Institute for Asian Studies
Embassy Culture International Projects involving Italy and Sweden IIAS , International Institute for Asian Studies EU-Cina , educational program to spread knowledge of the European Union and its member states in China See also "Science History : The Starry Messanger and the Polar Star" - Scientific Relations between Italy and Sweden from 1500 to 1800
Stockholm 1997: Dario Fo gets the Nobel prize in literature

42. Scandinavian Fest, ScanFest Nordic Heritage Festival
Held in New Jersey, this annual Nordic heritage festival celebrates and promotes the culture, customs, and traditions of sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Estonia.
Site Map Program Kids' events Nordic Craft Demonstrations ... Vikings Home Participants Directions Tickets Norway ... Estonia 20th annual
The Sunday before Labor Day
September 5, 2004
The NJ Convention and Exposition Center at the Raritan Center, Edison, NJ
For our 20th Anniversary event, Scandinavian Fest is pleased to announce the relocation of ScanFest '04 to an all-indoor venue. The NJ Convention and Exposition Center at the Raritan Center was chosen as the site for ScanFest '04 because of its better ability to accommodate our visitors, performers and vendors. Scandinavian Fest invites you to an all-day celebration of the
culture, history and ethnic variety of the Nordic area -
Denmark with Faroe Islands and Greenland, Estonia, Finland with Åland, Iceland, Norway, Sápmi and Sweden with Scania.
August 31, 2003 proclaimed as Scandinavian-Nordic Day in New Jersey by James E. McGreevy, Governor of the state of New Jersey.
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell also sends greetings to ScanFest '03' Photo by Kristin Hubinsky Web Site partially updated 4/11/2004
Home Craft Gallery Exhibitor Gallery ask ScanFest Support ScanFest - Now !!!

43. Ladonia, Proud, Free And Interactive!
Artistically inspired republican monarchy located in southern sweden. About the nation's history, culture and citizenry.

About Ladonia

Ladonia Herald
Proud, free and interactive
OMFALOS AT MODERNA MUSEET The fact that the Ladonian national sculpture Omfalos with it's national, international and juridical background now is standing at Moderna Museet in the swedish capitol stockholm can seem absolutely absurd.
Read more about it here
LADONIA HERALD Lars and Lars. Smiling State Secretary Lars Vilks is currently on exhibition at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. We see him here with smiling Lars Nittve, museum director. He has also been seen with glamourous politician Gudrun Schyman. See this, and the new president Kicki, in the latest Herald.
Lars Vilks and Lars Nittve. ELECTIONS Election for president ended on the 17th of April 2004. New president in Ladonia is Countess Kicki Hankell who received 20 votes. Vice president is Daniel Jiménez who got 15 votes.
Kicki Hankell and Daniel Jiménez, new president
and vice president in Ladonia THE LADONIA HYMN Walter Ehresman, minister of dubious anthems, has composed the Ladonia Hymn, "Ladonia for thee I fling", It is here performed by Herman Heer of Harakka, Helsinki, Finland. He has made this performance "as a peacoffering to the ladonian people". Behind the seven singers you can see the official Ladonia flag. See the Performance here WAR REPORTS See our reports from the wars here!

44. Sweden - Culture Shock!
sweden culture Shock! Buy from Mapsworldwide, sweden - culture Shock! Search Mapsworldwide. Advanced search.
Kuperard - Sweden - Culture Shock! - Sweden - Culture Shock! ... Buy from Mapsworldwide home faq view cart checkout now ... Contact Us
Sweden - Culture Shock!
Search Mapsworldwide Advanced search Sweden Guide Books Full Sweden list Can't find the item you need? If we do not have a cover scan, this image may be of another map in the same series. Notes
'In this book you will find lots of information on the myths and realities of Swedish people, politics, geography, culture and everyday living. I hope that it will be helpful to anyone planning to move to or travel within Sweden, or to anyone who just need to know more about the country.' -Charlotte Rosen Svensson in Culture Shock! Sweden.
Published by: Kuperard Format: Paperback, 200 pp, 198 x 130 mm New editions of books, maps and guides are regularly produced. Wherever possible we ship the latest version. ISBN: Price:
Other currencies . Please note that you will be billed in UK Pounds. Don't forget the insect repellant,

45. Soul Sphíncter
This is the blog of Jim, an Australian living in sweden. A student and practicioner of digital culture with an interest in narrative, especially in relation to eLiterature and 3D virtual worlds.
“Make ready the ground upon which the barbarian nomads of the future will encamp in their mechanized caravans” T.S Elliot (1948) This is the blog of Jim, an Australian living in Sweden. I am a student and practicioner of digital culture with an interest in narrative, especially in relation to eLiterature and 3D virtual worlds. Other major motivators in life are Art, what could be loosely termed 'Music', and my family. Home Archives Contact
moon phases

Wednesday, June 09, 2004 :::
Home again and jetlagg is killing me. I awaken at 5am feeling really good and by lunch time I am so tired I can't see properly. I am trying to establish the old/new rhythm but I also have a bit to do so I can't just sleep all the time either. Summer is here in the north of sweden. Really pleasant it is to. Clear skies and sunshine and everything covering the earth is really really green. I have been completing the details for the Wallenberg Stipendium (scholarship) and begining a little webdesign course that will last about 5 weeks through the summer holidays. Also have some activities planned for when I feel more human as to the biorhythmic status.....until next time-
::: posted by Jimmi at 7:24 PM
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Encourages and promotes an exchange of technology, trade and culture with sweden, while providing members with a news and resources on services.
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47. Business Culture Page
Business culture in sweden. Unlike the situation in most other countries, Swedish business culture strongly favors compromising. Punctuality.
Business Culture in Sweden
Often, Swedish businessmen don't expect businessmen from other countries to differ much from themselves in management, behaviour, clothing etc. Most of them would be surprised if they were told that their business culture differs greatly from the international norm.
Management Style
Swedish management is based on the idea that the individual is both willing and able to do a good job. A Swedish manager tends to think of himself as a coach rather than a commander, and he often delegates tasks and authority to his staff. Swedish organizations, employees on all levels have the freedom to make decisions and solve unexpected problems without asking superiors for permission.
A good manager, according to Swedish standards, is a person who takes advantage of the natural creativity and motivation of his staff. He should lead the emploees not through his power or formal position, but through the principles of cooperation and agreement. Being a good listener is considered to be another important quality. In discussions with his staff, a professional manager should use reason and base his views on facts. Getting emotional when discussing a problem is considered rather inappropriate.
Power Distance
The power distance in Swedish companies is among the smallest in the world, according to a study of 40 countries in 1984. 'Power distance' can be defined as "the extent to which people in a hierarchical situation feel they can and should control the behavior of others, and the extent to which those others are conditioned by reflexes of obedience". In Swedish companies, the concept of power distance is largely replaced by personal responsibility.

48. Scandinavian Club
Organization for student swith an interest in the languages and culture of Norway, sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Information about their film series, related CU courses, study abroad, and web resources on Scandinavia.

49. SWEDEN.SE - The Official Gateway To Sweden - Suède, Schweden, Suecia - Home
The official site of Svenska Institutet, the Swedish Institute. Information on culture, trade, travel and tourism.
11 Jun 2004 Delicacies set to a folk music melody Lisa Förare Winbladh To understand the Swedes, you must know their berries. Why do normally thrifty people pay through the nose for the first, pale Swedish strawberries? And how can a secret wild strawberry patch make grown men weep, without a single schnapps under their belt?
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Map of Sweden

Sweden Facts Capital: Stockholm Language: Swedish Population: 9 million Currency: 1 krona=100 öre Area: 450,000 km2 (174,000 sq. mi) Political system: Parliamentary democracy More Sweden Facts 11 Jun 2004 Delicacies set to a folk music melody by Lisa Förare Winbladh To understand the Swedes, you must know their berries. Why do normally thrifty people pay through the nose for the first, pale Swedish strawberries? And how can a secret wild strawberry patch make grown men weep, without a single schnapps under their belt? Read more More Articles News 11 Jun 2004 New report on quality of Swedish higher education 10 Jun 2004 Sweden at CommunicAsia 9 Jun 2004 Swedish companies optimistic about revenues 8 Jun 2004 Sweden first to accede to new international disarmament agreement More News Subscribe Sweden News from AFP 11 Jun 2004 Swedish prices rise 0.2 percent in May

50. HepTown
Retro and swing society in southern sweden, promoting retro culture and music, producing records and running ance events.

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51. Culture: A Short History Of Sweden
Short facts from Smorgasboard.
A Short History of Sweden
Swedish history comprises more than 10,000 years and starts after the last glacial period. After the melting of the inland ice, the climate became warmer, and settlers seem to have arrived to the northern parts of the country from the east as well as from the south. They lived from hunting, fishing and collecting.
To make a long story short, agriculture was introduced during the Stone Age, and there was a subsequent Bronze Age followed by an Iron Age. The long process of creating political unity started about 1100 A.D.
During the course of its history, Sweden has, of course, received many important influences from abroad. Most prominent was probably the German influence during the Middle Ages, when the Hanseatic League dominated trade in northern Europe. French culture, on the other hand, was adopted at court and among the upper class in the 18th century, while German cultural influence had a revival in the 19th century.
The period from about 1750 to 1850 saw a far-reaching modernization of agriculture. If you compare a map of a rural area from the 18th century with one from today, you will get an idea of what happened in this period. On the old map, living houses, barns etc. belonging to several families were standing close together in a village, perhaps with a church in the middle of it. The cultivated area was split up into several small lots, the result of centuries of inheritance and marriages. The new map, on the other hand, shows separate farms far apart, where each farm has a few large fields around it. The old village has been split up and the farming land redistributed among the families. In addition, pasture-land that used to belong to the villagers collectively has been divided into individual lots and cultivated.

52. Funäsdalsfjäll - Turistinformation I Funäsdalen
Information about the southernmost bare mountain area in sweden, local culture, sports and outdoor activities.

Sista minuten Webkamera
Kontakta oss

På Funäsdalsfjälls hemsida söker du information via "skyltarna" på ledkorset, i det orangefärgade huvudet eller via direktlänkarna längs högra kanten.

53. Travel To Sweden - Culture Shock! Sweden
sweden below. culture Shock! sweden. Swedish culture Shock! I have had many Swedish friends during college, and I ve been to sweden twice.
Home Travel to Europe Review:Culture Shock! Sweden
Travel to Sweden review all the media and related products you need to make your travel to Sweden more than perfect. Check out "Culture Shock! Sweden" below.
Culture Shock! Sweden
Format: Paperback
Author: Charlotte Rosen Svensson
ReleaseDate: May, 2003
Publisher: Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.
good information, but..........

the information gained by reading this book is very good, and should be useful for anyone living in or visiting Sweden for a long time. It will be somewhat useful for my proposed short trip this summer, particularly since my partner will be involved in academic issues and a conference during our trip. I suspect there is a better book to prepare for a short visit, but I haven't found it yet. Some parts of the Swedish character as portrayed ring *very true*, especially the idea that they have the best way figured out. I've seen that my whole life with my relatives who are first generation American from Sweden, and it even persists into the second generation. (but maybe that's me too! :-) ) The writing style strikes me as being written for a simpleton. I can't figure out why, since the vocabulary is not excessively limited. The reading level may be lower than that to which I am accustomed, but I'm not even sure if that's it. Maybe the author is out of practice with English, and she is from Britain, making the style seem stilted to my US ear? I read a lot, so that doesn't seem possible either....

54. Embassy Of Sweden - The Swedish Environmental Technology Network
3003-2004. Swedish pop culture reaches far and wide. What is typically Swedish? Because of globalization, it is becoming more and
Svenska Saturday 12 Jun 2004 7:26 AM GMT +1 Home Contact us Sweden Abroad Navigation The Embassy
Address Book

Development Cooperation

Visit Sweden

Back Print version The Swedish Environmental Technology Network The Swedish Environmental Technology Network is a business sector program within the Swedish Trade Council. The business concept of the Swedish Environmental Technology Network is to promote and support new business possibilities in the environmental technology area, through joint actions. Read more about it on EU Film Festival 2004 Swedish Film at the EU Film Festival 2004 Göran Persson in Thailand Prime Minister Göran Persson will visit Thailand, India and Singapore between 7 and 13 January. The purpose of the visits is to deepen and broaden political and economic relations. Alongside political discussions on bilateral, regional and international issues, there will be a series of events aimed at strengthening trade and investment between Sweden and the three countries. Back Print version

55. Cultural Exchange: Europe In Vietnam / Sweden. CulturE-ASEF
Cultural centers, organizations, and associations for cultural exchange with sweden, events, projects, cultural studies at institutions of higher education.
deutsch Home Asia Vietnam ... Europe in Vietnam Sweden Sweden
in Asia
Tips, Sponsor Links Institutions, Associations Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi For cultural events of Sweden in Vietnam, see the current news and information. [en] Would you like to see your link here? More about... Home Asia Vietnam ... Vietnam: Art - Information system in Universes in Universe Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe site search email imprint updated: June 2004

56. Cultural Exchange: Asia In Sweden. CulturE-ASEF
sweden. Asia in sweden. Individual ASEM countries Events. Second AsiaEurope Film Development Plan Meeting. 28 - 31 January 2004, Gothenburg, sweden.
deutsch Home Europe Sweden Asia in Sweden Individual ASEM countries: China Japan Museums, Collections Tips, Sponsor Links Events Second Asia-Europe Film Development Plan Meeting 28 - 31 January 2004, Gothenburg, Sweden. Co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation and the 27th Goteborg Film Festival. The meeting was the occasion of the official launch of the SEA Images Website, for the promotion of Asia-Europe film exchange. [en] [de, en, es] Would you like to see your link here? More about... Home Europe Sweden ... Asia-Europe Foundation and Universes in Universe site search email imprint updated: June 2004

57. Powell's Books - Sweden (Culture Shock! Country Guides) By Charlotte Svensson
, Saudi Arabia. sweden (culture Shock! Country Guides) by Charlotte Svensson. Available at Burnside, Quimby Warehouse. Free Shipping!

58. Kulturpolitik I Europa: Svenska / Sweden - Cultural Policy Database - European C
Cultural Policies in Europe a Compendium of Basic Facts and Trends Cultural Policy Database - european culture policy. Kulturpolitik
Cultural Policies in Europe: a Compendium of Basic Facts and Trends - Cultural Policy Database - european culture policy
Kulturpolitik i Europa/Cultural Policies in Europe: en sammanställning av fakta och trender rörande kulturpolitik i de flesta länder i Europa. Ny information och nya länder tillkommer hela tiden. Materialet är resultatet av ett ett gemensamt projekt mellan Europarådet, forskningsinstitutet ERICarts i Bonn och ett nätverk av samarbetspartner i de enskilda länderna. För den svenska beskrivningen, "landprofilen" 1999-2002, svarar Gudrun Vahlquist, Statens kulturråd. Vid tidigare versioner har medverkan skett med Maja Söderberg (1999) och med Brita Lundh, Kulturdepartementet (1999-2001) Cultural Policies in Europe: a compendium of basic facts and trends is a transnational project initiated by the Council of Europe and has been running since 1998 as a joint venture with the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts).
It is a unique (on-line and off-line) information system which provides easy access to data, facts, trends and summaries of current debates on national cultural policy developments in Europe. Politiques culturelles en Europe: un recueil de faits et tendances est un projet transnational lancé par le Conseil de l'Europe, et est mené depuis 1988 en partenariat avec l'Institut européen de recherche pour les politiques culturelles comparées et les Arts (ERICarts). Il constitue un unique système d'information, à la fois consultable sur internet et en publication écrite. Celui-ci procure un accès simple aux données, faits, tendances et résumés de débats actuels sur les développements des politiques culturelles nationales en Europe

59. The Swedish Institute - THE ARTS AND CULTURAL HISTORY
THE CULTURAL HERITAGE IN sweden—Preserving the Past for Posterity This is a further title in Swedish Institute s series of paperbacks about Swedish culture.
THE ARTS AND CULTURAL HISTORY Traditions and Customs History, Politics and Society Swedish as a Foreign Language Swedish Portraits ... Other Items A GUIDE TO SWEDISH ARCHITECTURE
Five authors guide us around nearly 400 of Sweden's most noteworthy buildings and describe their architecture. Castles and cathedrals are presented side by side with traditional timber buildings and modern residential developments in an eye-opening journey from south to north. Drawings and colour photos make the book as useful before as after a visit. All the authors are architects and experts in their fields. 436 pp. Soft cover. Price: SEK 269.
136 pp. Price: SEK 246.
English, 2002
Spanish, 2002
What's happening in Swedish dance at the moment? Dance critic Bodil Persson gives the reader a powerful visual presentation of contemporary dance in Sweden, starting with a number of prominent choreographers. Richly illustrated in colour. Soft cover. 40 pp. Price: SEK 59. English, 2003

60. Culture Smart! Sweden (Culture Smart)
culture Smart! sweden (culture Smart). culture Smart! sweden (culture Smart) by Charlotte J. DeWitt, Graphics Arts Books. See Larger J. DeWitt/

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