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1. Stock Market Teaching Theme
More Hands On activities. Concept Web; Make A stock market KWL; Make A stock market Venn Diagram; teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is
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  • 2. - Newsday In Education
    The stock market Game. activities GALORE! activities Galore! fastpaced and engaging as MTV and is designed to teach 4th 12th graders about the principles of selecting stocks

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    Saturday, June 12, 2004 SMG WORLDWIDE The Stock Market Game
    Activities Galore! Order Form
    Dear Educator: We are offering excellent teaching aids to assist with your classroom approach to the SMG WORLDWIDE. Each guide or video is available to you for $5.00 plus $2.50 postage and handling, except Learning from the Market and the SMG Teacher’s Guide to the Internet, which are $15.00 including shipping and handling. If you wish to order, please complete the attached coupon and mail to Gail Angelo, NIE, 235 Pinelawn Road, Melville, NY 11747-4250. Please make checks payable to Newsday In Education. Purchase orders are not accepted. The Stock Market Game Guide , prepared by the Advisory Council of the Foundation for Teaching Economics in cooperation with the Securities Industry Association, consists of 18 lessons that give students a broad understanding of a newspaper’s financial pages, the organization and importance of the market for stocks, the role of profit and many other concepts. These lessons provide opportunities for students to practice basic skills of reading, discussing, problem solving and calculating while learning about economics. This guide can be easily adapted for fourth grade through college.

    3. E.L. Easton - Business English - The Vocabulary Of The Stock Market
    Materials for teaching and Learning English WRITE SPEAK LISTEN QUIZZES teach BIZ ENGLISH. Investment Terms freedom / Suze Orman. activities. activities stock market vocabulary
    @import url(../ele.css); /*IE and NN6x styles*/
    Business English
    The Stock Market
    Bears lose money, bulls make money, pigs get slaughtered.
    Business 422: Investments / Siaw-Peng Wan / Elmhurst Univ.


    Investing / Bloomberg Univ.
    "Portfolio Selection"
    Harry Markowitz
    Museum of American Financial History

    Financial Calculators Financial Planning Asset Allocation Smart Money When will I be a millionaire? CNNMoney Calculators Northwestern Mutual Calculators CNNMoney Calculators Altamira Financial Services Calculators Smart Money Calculator savings / CNNMoney Calculators Suze Orman Worksheets steps to financial freedom / Suze Orman Activities Activities stock market vocabulary / worksheets for the classroom Activities Money Skills for Students / VISA Activities "Guidelines for Safe Investing" / ESL audio Activities Young Investor Activities Australian Academy of Science Activities Spanish-English / Money Skills for Life / VISA Activities Education-World Activities game / SMG Worldwide Quizzes Quiz stock market history Quiz stock market history Quiz money trivia / BGS Group Inc.

    4. Activities
    activities, History Language Arts Internet Field Trips, Jeopardy Games, Preschool/Elementary Publishing on the Web Ask and Expert, Science/Math stock market Maker teach your
    Online Activities Activities are going on in the classroom all the time. Creating activities is a main strategy for classroom teachers to integrate the Web with their student's learning. Here are some sites to find online activities. Geography General Activities History Language Arts ... Typing Internet Treasure Hunts CyberBee Treasure Hunts Cybersurfari : The Internet Treasure Hunt. Black History, Past to Present (A treasure hunt) Tracking Alexis de Tecqueville Interactive Educational Activities for the Classroom Science/Math Who Wants to Win $1,000,000: This is a math and science game based on the TV show with a very similar name. Question topics include physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and geometry. Batter's Up Baseball: This site requires students to correctly answer Math problems in order to advance runners around the bases and score runs. You will need to Flash plugin to play this game. Science Education at Jefferson Lab : General emphasis on Math/Science for all grade levels.

    5. Education World ® : Curriculum: Play A New Stock Market Game-for Teachers Only!
    this tournament is designed to teach you the will have access to the site s activities, lessons, glossary kinds of information about the stock market and the
    EdWorld Internet Topics
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    Home Decor
    Walden University

    Graduate degrees
    in Education
    Host Department
    Web Hosting Alberghi Finanza ... Copy DVD Register To Win a $100 GiftCard Visit Vacanze Accessori Computer Career Education ... Mobile Wireless Phones ARTICLE GUIDE Related Reviews National Budget Simulation Young Investor Web Site BizWorld Related Categories Teacher Resources : Lesson Plans : Classroom Learning Games Teacher Resources : Mathematics Related Articles Other Articles This Week ... Technology Curriculum Article C U R R I C U L U M A R T I C L E
    Play a New Stock Market Game-for Teachers Only!
    Do you need a break from soggy bathing suits and sandy sneakers? Why not spend a little time on the stock market this summer? Join the MainXed Teacher Stock Market Tournament! If you've ever considered using an online stock simulation game in your classroom but aren't sure you know enough this tournament is designed to teach you the game and the ins and outs of the stock market in a non-threatening environment. You could win big prizes too! Do you often find yourself wondering why the coolest Web sites are just for kids? Students seem to have all the online fun! Why oh, why is youth wasted on the young? Well, wonder and whine no more! It's summertime and that makes it

    6. Spreadsheets Teaching Theme
    stock market. More activities. Fitness Web Quest; Millam99WebQuest; stock market Math; Water Cycle Web Quest. teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with
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  • 7. Teach Me To Trade Stocks | Stock Market Trading System And Software | Investing
    Wall Street stock market Investing Software Start beating the trend with our investing resources, tools, training, education capital. For every type of investor. This simple yet powerful We will teach you every step of the way stake uneducated about investing in the stock market. For most of and performing some regular activities, investing doesn't have to be
    The Official Investing Software Tools and Education, of the U.S. Investor Clubs
    Take Back Control of Your Money.
    It's so much easier than you may think. Risk-Free
    GUARANTEED You WILL become a successful online investor, starting THIS MONTH Otherwise, our trading secrets, investment training, and $2,995 worth of mentoring are yours absolutely FREE
    From: Kyle Lawless
    Monday: 8:42 AM Dear Friend:
    If you're like me, you're very skeptical of big claims - like the one I just made. Good, I don't blame you. After all, it usually means you're about to be talked into or conned into some theoretical investment venture that "might" work…if you're extremely lucky.
    I will even partner with you, stake my own money on your success! If you are like I was, you most likely have never traded or invested in a stock on your own. This is not uncommon, almost 97% of people depend on someone else to look after their money

    8. Using The Internet In Economics Lessons
    teaching Page to develop lessons and activities using the web project used frequently to teach both economics IDEA stock market project HS For a stock market
    Using the Internet to Teach Economics:
    An Idea Page
    Students at all levels get excited about using the web and can benefit from using the web for up-to-date information. Recommended grade levels are shown, but you should tailor the project to your students. At the end, we even have a couple of web projects for K-4 As students become more advanced at web use, they can begin to create their own pages. Any of the following ideas can be developed for advanced students by having them work in teams to create a Web Virtual Collection or Exhibition on the topic to share with others. Reminder: One of the most important things you can do for your students is help them learn to evaluate information! Have them ask: Who provided this information? What are his or her qualifications? Is this information consistent with what experts say? Does this information reflect a particular viewpoint? What are the other viewpoints? What can I learn from this web page? Here are some sources of information on this: Evaluating World Wide Web Information
    Evaluating information found on the Internet

    Criteria for evaluation of Internet Information Resources
    For these exercises, the search tools of the Web will be very useful. Any of the following projects can be enhanced by finding more supporting information. The students can do most of this! A web site that links all of the major search sites is found at

    9. The Math Forum - Math Library - Stock Market
    to teach the principles of saving and Klopfer, Chiu; ThinkQuest Junior activities, examples, problems situations in investing (a stock market simulation game
    Browse and Search the Library
    Math Topics Applications/Connections Professional ... Math of Inv't/Finance : Stock Market

    Library Home
    Search Full Table of Contents Suggest a Link ... Library Help
    Selected Sites (see also All Sites in this category
  • Good News Bears (GNB) Stock Market Project - Resource for Science Education (RSE)
    An interdisciplinary Web-based Interactive Stock Market Learning Project specifically designed for middle school students and teachers. Students learn to recognize and use terms related to market activities; use research tools on the Web to make informed decisions in developing stock portfolios; track and manage portfolios of stocks; recognize the effect that economic indicators, company management, political climate, foreign relations, and other variables have on the stock market; analyze stock data in relation to the fluctuating indicators. Includes Stock Market Math, a project where students learn to calculate commissions and costs for buying and selling stock. more>>
  • The Stock Market Game (SMG2000) - Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education (SIFEE)
  • StocksQuest
    An educational and interactive site offering free global stock games, especially for educators and contest organizers. Integrated into this global stock market simulation are lesson plans, stock guides, and online investing resources. See the MyStocks Tour.
  • 10. Math Forum: Teacher2Teacher - Q&A #4152
    Fun activities to teach about the stock market, saving money, banking, etc. Level Late Elem. (35). Math topic stock market. Ed. topic activities.......

    11. SMG - The Stock Market Game
    Welcome to the. stock market Game. sponsored by the. Texas Council on Economic Education. It is our pleasure to make this exceptional educational program available across the state in conjunction with many of your local newspapers. teachers use the stock market Game and related activities to teach and reinforce required skills in many subject areas
    Welcome to the
    Stock Market Game
    sponsored by the Texas Council on Economic Education
    It is our pleasure to make this exceptional educational program available across the state in conjunction with many of your local newspapers. We hope you will join the over 500,000 students across the country who participated in the SMG during the past year
    SMG Program Dates
    Fall 2004 Dates: September 27 - December 3
    Spring 2005 Dates: February 7 – April 15
    What is the Stock Market Game?
    The Stock Market Game is a ten-week Internet based stock trading simulation offered in the fall and spring. It was developed by the Securities Industries Foundation for Economic Education in the 1970’s. It encourages students to learn about the American economic system and the stock market while applying math, social studies, business, language arts and technology skills. How Does the Stock Market Game Program Work?
    After registering teams of up to 5 students at

    12. Stock Shakers Investment Advisory Group
    Cut Up to 9,500 Jobs 051302 market conditions volatile - A letter from stock Shakers Dot Weak - Newsletter Stages of learning activities can teach
    stock quotes stocks info equities news investing trend direction market timing wall street stock market free quotes stock picks market analysis street bias 401k I.R.A. mutual funds ira retirement portfolio stockshakers investment advisory group for free financial info including equities markets commentary quotes tips trading systems options free stock market research mutual funds stock picks for investing and retirement planning
    Stocks T


    Equities Market Data
    Symbol Lookup

    Markets Overview

    Market Momentum

    Market Indices
    ... Support Page 52 week highs nsye nasdaq amex otcbb 52 week lows nyse nasdaq amex otcbb Volume nyse nasdaq amex otcbb percent advances nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb percent declines nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb price advances nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb price declines nyse nasdaq amex $2 - $5 range ... otcbb Links Nurple Dot Com Pennystocks Writer Friend Love Music? ... Market Critic Stock Shakers Investment Analytics Bookmark Stocks Shakers Now!

    13. Advisor Of The Year - Stock Market Simulation
    EconomicsWisconsin is the provider of the Wisconsin stock market Simulation During that period of time, many innovative classroom activities have been developed
    Distinguished Advisor Award
    Economics Wisconsin is the provider of the Wisconsin Stock Market Simulation. Students throughout Wisconsin have participated in our program since 1989. During that period of time, many innovative classroom activities have been developed by teacher advisors to effectively and creatively integrate the Game into the classroom. Visit the Stock Market Simulation web page to learn more about the program. The Distinguished Advisor Award is designed to provide recognition to a full-time teacher advisor for outstanding classroom use of the Simulation and for stimulating creative integration of the Simulation into Wisconsin classrooms. Entry Deadline: May 15, 2003 2001 Distinguished Advisor Award Winner; left to right: Jack Knudert, Secretary, State Dept. of Financial Institutions, Loras Kruser, Principal, Shullsburg H.S., Rober J boyle, Conomics Teacher, Shullsburg H.S., Mrs. Jeannie boyle, Mary VanVolkinburg, 1st VP Advertising Mgr., Corp. Office, Robert W. Baird. Economics Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Council on Economic Education
    161 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 3143

    14. Math
    Hotel Infinity, puzzles and activities. Edustock Edustock is an educational web page designed to teach young and old alike, what the stock market is, and how
    Math Recommended by or authored by PUSD Teachers
    All Students Middle School Math Workshop Helpful links
    For All Students Math Student Led Conferences - from Liz Farnum (You can edit as you wish)
    Helpful Links
    SASinSchool - This software is loaded on the servers (our "intranet") at all the middle an high schools. To learn how to get it on the internet, since it is password protected, type <sas.pusd> into the URL window. Excellent student activities. Riverdeep Denise or Linda for details.
    Awesome Library of Math Resources Awesome Library of Math Resources - Huge, huge, huge, find projects, games, simulations, lesson plans, flash cards worksheets, and worksheets generators. Awesome Library of Math Resources Kings List of Online Math Activities - Hands on interactive sites to use with kids, easy to use. Knot a Braid of Links - Amazing site allows you to search or browse math websites recommended by the Canadian Mathematical Society. Math Forum at Drexel - Leading center for math education on the internet.

    15. High School Business Education
    games, handouts, tutorials, and other activities for teaching accounting Edustock a ThinkQuest project designed to teach what the stock market is and how it
    Accounting, Finance, Banking, and Economics
    Entrepreneurship General Business Resources Business Law ... Other Resources
    General Business Resources
    BCPS Office of Business Education ...calendar, career completers, Essential Curriculum, course descriptions, and more General
    Business Education Lesson Plans and Resources ...a growing set of links to all areas of business education, professional organizations, job searches, and business curriculums
    Curriculum Resources and Information.
    ..helpful business education links from the Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education
    ...a list of annotated links to various business-related resources

    CNN Financial Network
    ..all the latest financial news
    New York Times - Business Section


    Smart Money
    $$$: Accounting, Finance, Banking, and Economics
    Accounting Education Links
    ...a list of annotated links to enhance accounting education instruction
    American Accounting Association - Classroom Activities studies, games, handouts, tutorials, and other activities for teaching accounting

    16. Kansas Stock Market Game/Online Investing Simulation
    is a fun way to teach serious skills Economic Education coordinated all SMG activities until the emphasis on learner outcomes, the stock market Game™ becomes
    Kansas Stock Market Game
    Prices cut for school year 2004-2005. Team fees reduced to $15/team!!!!
    General Kansas SMG Information Information for Current SMG Advisors Summary of the Kansas SMG™ SMG Team Certificate/Medals Form Register your teams now!

    or Download
    "How to Register" Adobe File
    Top 300 Ticker Symbols for 2003-2004 FREE Workshops for Advisors Additional Education Resources ... Rankings A Brief Summary
    The Stock Market Game™ is a classroom-based teaching tool designed to promote a better understanding of our economic system while stressing math, social studies and reading as they relate to the SMG. The SMG is a fun way to teach serious skills and concepts that students will use for the rest of their lives.
    Teams view their portfolios at any time on-line, which include current holdings, brokerage fees, margin interest and team rankings. The competition is divided into elementary, middle and high school regions in the state. There is also a college/adult region for anyone who wishes to participate outside of the K-12 classroom.
    SMG has been in existence since 1977 and is owned and operated by the Securities Industry Association foundation

    17. USA TODAY Latest News
    the suggested activities for the curriculum areas you teach, as well information every 15 minutes for classrooms involved in simulated stock market activities.

    About Us
    Become a
    Publication ...
    Tips for Using
    USA TODAY in
    Class FAQ Contact Us
    1-800-757-TEACH HOMEPAGE EDUCATION NEWS Tips for Using USA TODAY in the Classroom Familiarize yourself with USA TODAY and its four, color-coded sections: News Money Sports and Life Identify the features of each USA TODAY section. Note that many features - such as USA SNAPSHOTS, the Weather page, the Editorial page and the NEWSLINE, MONEYLINE, SPORTSLINE and LIFELINE columns - appear in the same place each day. Locate those features that you might want to use with your curriculum. In addition to the Weather page and USA SNAPSHOTS, Nation, Washington and the World, the Editorial Page and ACROSS THE USA: News From Every State are a few of the consistent features that cross curriculum areas. Familiarize your students with USA TODAY, and help them identify each section's features. Depending on the grade level, it may help students to hold and work with one section at a time. Note USA TODAY's concise way of presenting information. Point out that the Cover Stories of each section are the only stories that continue - or "jump" - to the next page. "Refers" at the bottom of some stories show readers where to find related articles or columns. "Ears" at the top of the front page direct readers to stories inside the newspaper.

    18. The University Of Northern Iowa Center For Economic Education
    concepts, as well as improve their ability to teach that knowledge are delivered through noncredit in-service activities, workshops, and Iowa stock market Game.
    Contents You are encouraged to browse through the entire document, however, if time is short, you can click on a link and go directly there. Why Economic Education? The Goal of the Center What We Do Teacher Training Programs ... More About the University of Northern Iowa
    Why Economic Education? Very few Americans obtain a comprehensive education in economics. Yet our understanding of economics and related issues determines both our effectiveness as voting citizens and how well we manage our personal affairs. As the world becomes increasingly complex, managing national, state and personal economic matters will become even more crucial. Click here to view a brief powerpoint presentation about the Center
    The Goal of the Center Helping Iowans learn more about how our economic system works is the goal of the University of Northern Iowa Center for Economic Education. The Center promotes and facilitates the integration of economics beginning in the grade schools and continuing through college. It focuses on the implementation of a solid comprehensive economic education program using quality and proven curriculum materials and training teachers in their use. The desired result is knowledgeable future leaders and decision-makers who are able to effectively participate in the economic, political and social life in Iowa.
    What We Do The University of Northern Iowa's Center for Economic Education (UNI-CEE), established in 1975, is part of a nationwide network of the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE). The UNI-CEE, in conjunction with this network is working to increase the quantity and enhance the quality of economic education programs from kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond.

    19. Vocabulary University® Stock Market Game Word Find
    to stock market Words and put stock market words in the school, city, state and grade if you teach. Don t forget to complete other activities and educational
    Stock Market Game Word Find This activity is NOT interactive but answers are in a link under the puzzle
    You have permission to make a hard copy for further vocabulary study. Words for our Stock Market Game Word Find are listed alphabetically below
  • analyze, appreciation, commission, commodities, derivatives, diversify, dividend, enterprise, execution, expectations, fiduciary, fluctuate, gazette, invest, investigate, leverage, market, performance, portfolio, preservation, profit, regulate, research, rival, tabloid, yield Feel free to make a copy for home or the classroom!
    If you would like to see the ANSWERS click here We have five exercises using these 26 puzzle words: Post your story
    Don't forget to email your own story using these stock market words to Post-my-story
    To see examples of other vocabulary stories from previous sessions click here.
  • 20. Vocabulary University® Stock Market & Finance Vocabulary Puzzles And Exercises
    city, state and grade you teach, if applicable stock market Game Contextual Stories more coming soon Don t forget to complete other activities and educational
    17 Stock Market Words in a "Fill-in-the-Blanks" Puzzle.
  • analyze, commission, commodities, dividend, enterprise, fluctuate, gazette, invest, investigate, leverage, market, performance, portfolio, profit, regulate, rival, tabloid, 1. The Securities and Exchange Commission's primary job is to companies to ensure no illegal acts occur to hurt the investment public. 2. The institutional investor would pay a to the brokerage firm that bought him/her the greatest research idea. 3. Investors find that the daily stock sheets priced in a are much easier to handle than prices in a broadsheet newspaper. 4. The new tax law has forced companies to realize the importance of paying shareholders a 5. Professional investment manager's primary job is to deliver positive on the investment funds with which they have been entrusted. 6. A good investment trader will hope that stocks he picks will so that he can buy and sell many and over a short period. 7. Until someone sells a stock at a price above what he/she pays for it, that person has not created a that you have to report to the IRS.
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