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         Sri Lanka History Regional:     more detail
  1. Economy, Culture, and Civil War in Sri Lanka.(Book review) : An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Laksiri Jayasuriya, 2006-03-01
  2. Economic cost of Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict: comment. (Communication).: An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Jayatilleke S Bandara, 2003-03-01
  3. The Changing Face of Electoral Politics in Sri Lanka (1994-2004).(Book review): An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-01
  4. Economic Cost of Sri Lanka's Ethnic Conflict.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Gyan Pradhan, 2001-08-01
  5. The management of social protection in Sri Lanka.: An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Ramanie Samaratunge, Chris Nyland, 2007-08-01
  6. Rejoinder.(Letter to the Editor): An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Gyan Pradhan, 2003-03-01
  7. Perspectives for Social Development in Sri Lanka.(Book review): An article from: Journal of Contemporary Asia by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-01

1. Sri Lanka
States. history Gov't regional autonomy. But negotiations in 2003 achieved little. In June, a group of international donors pledged $4.5 billion in reconstruction aid to sri lanka
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2. CBSG Sri Lanka - History, Objectives & Activities
IUCN sri lanka in preparation of the sri lanka Nationally Threatened Species Lists.He was also a participant in the recent regional Consultative Workshop for Sri Lanka.htm
getStarted(1,20,125); C.B.S.G. Sri Lanka Home CBSG CBSG S.A. India SriLanka ... Tools CBSG Sri Lanka was convened in 1997 by Anslem de Silva, a medical doctor from Perideniya University, whose avocation is herpetology.  The host organisation for CBSG Sri Lanka is ARROS, Amphbian and Reptile Research Organisation of Srilanka, also started by de Silva.  CBSG Sri Lanka has initiated and supports several SIGs or Special Interest Groups on Sri Lankan fishes, invertebrates, etc. Activities CAMP for Sri Lankan Amphibians and Reptiles CBSG, Sri Lanka organised a Conservation Assessment and management Plan Workshop for Amphibians and Reptiles at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka on 26 - 30 November 1998, assisted by CBSG, India.  More than 45 participants from 20 organisations were involved in the workshop.  CBSG, India staff, Sally Walker, Sanjay Molur and B. A. Daniel, served as CAMP Facilitators for the workshop.   Sushil Dutt, author of Amphibians and Reptiles of Sri Lanka, also from India provided technical expertise along with John Wilkinson  from the DAPTF office in UK.   The CAMP was sponsored by the Philadelphia Zoo, the Columbus Zoo, and Zoo Outreach Organisation.  A total of 56 Amphibians and 123 Reptiles were assessed using the IUCN Red List Criteria.  A total of 22 threatened amphibians and a massive 75 threatened reptiles  was the result of the five days hard work.  See the list of Sri Lankan Amphibians and Reptiles and their status on the following pages.  A number of projects are envisioned to follow up the information gleaned from this workshop.  The Report is still pending and anticipated next month.

3. Lecture On Global Terrorism By Lakshman Kadirgamar, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister
The wider threat posed to regional and international security by Tamil of the network,both on the security of sri lanka and the world at history of Insurgency.

Note1-Interviews with Krishnan, August 1994 and December 1994, London.
Note 2- Interviews with Ratnasabapathy, August 1994 and December 1994, London
note-3 Interviews with TLO leaders, August 1994, London.
note-4 However, several moderate Tamil activists subscribe to the view that except colonisation none of the other issues harmed the Tamils asa community. In fact P. Rajanayagam, Editor, Tamil Times, and Solicitor, England and Wales, believes that these interventions were symbolic and were used by interested groups from the TULF to the LTTE to generate support. Rajanayagam, personal communication, London, September, 1993. For a complete understanding of the historical tension between the two communities in the spheres of religion, race and language, see "Sri Lanka: The Invention of Enmity"; (Series on Religion, Nationalism, and Intolerance) by David Little, United States Institute of Peace Press, Washington, 1994
note-6 Interview with Balasekeram, August 1994, London.
note-7 With pre-1983 funds, Sri Lankan Tamil militants organized a shipment and an aircraft laden with weapons. Both these consignments were seized by the Egyptian and Greek authorities respectively. See Rohan Gunaratna, War and Peace in Sri Lanka, IFS, Colombo, 1990 p 45. Greek authorities seized 267 cases containing 300,000 automatic rifle bullets and 400 automatic rockets. The papers on board the plane that took off from East Berlin in July 1983 provided a Colombo address for the consignee. A firm in Switzerland was listed as the exporter and a firm in Britain as the broker. About the same time, Egyptian authorities seized IVYB with 92 machine guns, 200 half-pound blocks of TNT, 100 plastic caps, 35,000 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition and 3,200 Browning cartridges. The Colombo bound vessel, manned by two Asians, had false end user certificates from Nigeria.

4. Sri Lanka History
lankan representation in the Executive Council and expanded regional representationin to become a turning point in the modern history of sri lanka and is
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SRI LANKA - HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE SRI LANKA'S HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL HERITAGE covers more than 2,000 years. Known as Lankathe "resplendent land"in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana, the island has
numerous other references that testify to the island's natural beauty and wealth. Islamic folklore maintains that Adam and Eve were offered refuge on the island as solace for their
expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Asian poets, noting the geographical location of the island and lauding its beauty, called it the "pearl upon the brow of India." A troubled nation in
the 1980s, torn apart by communal violence, Sri Lanka has more recently been called India's "fallen tear." Sri Lanka claims a democratic tradition matched by few other developing countries, and since its independence in 1948, successive governments have been freely elected. Sri Lanka's
citizens enjoy a long life expectancy, advanced health standards, and one of the highest literacy rates in the world despite the fact that the country has one of the lowest per capita

5. The Open University Of Sri Lanka
Educational Technology Information Technology regional Services Telephone The OpenUniversity of sri lanka Bugs/Suggestions Site history Design by
The University Search
OUSL Statistics
:: 0USL Bulletins The Library Regional Centers ... Message from Vice Chancellor Faculties

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Telephone: Email: Fax: The University ..... The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) is the only recognized University in Sri Lanka where students, either employed or not, may well quench their thirst in pursuing further education through distance learning techniques. OUSL's academic program enables students to combine theoretical study with meaningful real-world learning experiences Candidates Selected For Registration: Laws Degree Programme-2004/05 document.write(myScroller.toHtml(220,70 )); Mail Address: PO BOX 21, Nawala, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka News/Events Short Course on Fashion Design by Flat Pattern Candidates selected for Bachelor of Management Studies Degree Programme (BMS) - 2004/2005 Current Vacancies SAF Madanjeet Singh Scholarship (Selection Criteria: * Students should not exceed the age 30 years on the date of selection.

6. Regional Asia Sri Lanka
sri lanka is an island nation in south Asia that is sometimes known as Ceylon and lanka. This category is for English language sites relating to sri lanka. Chats and Forums, history, Organizations, Personal Pages, Politics, Relationships, Religion, more..
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Web community for all Sri Lankans to meet and share ideas. Provides true web community interaction, with a host of useful free services.

youth have usurped their place in history and in Negotiating regional powers withthem has no meaning security concerns of the larger sri Lankan nation run
The political structure of Sri Lanka is based on the concept of the center sharing power with the regions. This article explores the security implications of regional power due to the geopolitics of the Delhi/Tamil Nadu nexus, and also the relevance of regional power vis-a-vis the divided leadership within the Tamil community. To the LTTE, regional power is irrelevant because of their dedication to the creation of a separate state. If this is not an immediate possibility, regional power today would be of meaning only if it holds the promise of a separate state tomorrow. As far as the Tamil leadership in Colombo is concerned, the concept of regional power is irrelevant because this leadership does not represent a region to which power can be assigned. As a concept, regional power cannot be considered in isolation. It has to be considered within the geopolitics of the region. For instance, the powers to be assigned to the regions have a direct bearing on the security of Sri Lanka because of the cross border linkages that exist between the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Tamils in Tamil Nadu. Many have commented that these linkages are not a constraint, and that they arise from a "minority complex" among the Sinhala People despite their numerical majority in Sri Lanka. A recent assurance was "... fear that the demand for an "Eelam" or next best alternative is a step in the direction of "Enosis" with Tamilnadu is misplaced" (Ranita Hensman, 10/28/98, Island, "Tamil Homeland Concept").

8. Sri Lanka Telecom - About SLT / Our History
7,800 million regional Telecommunication Development Project completed. SLT alsocompleted Rs. 44 billion infrastructure development project. 2002, , sri lanka
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First Telegraphic Circuit established between Galle and Colombo.
First international telegraph communication established between Ceylon and India. Postal and Telegraph services amalgamated under the control of the Government of Ceylon. First submarine cable laid between India and Ceylon. Government of Ceylon took over Oriental Telephone Company with its manually operated exchange. Central Telegraph Office opened. Installation of Automatic Telephone Exchange at Kahawatta in Ratnapura District. International Telephone Service inaugurated. Telex Service introduced. Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) Service introduced. First Earth Satellite Station (Standard A) commissioned in Padukka. Postal and Telegraph services separated, forming two departments: Telecommunications and Postal
International Direct Dialling (IDD) service introduced.

9. Sri Lanka Introduction - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resou
which bears on India s geopolitical perception of itself as a regional superpower Theelection proved to be the bloodiest in sri lanka s history, but the ballot

  • Country Ranks
    Sri Lanka
    Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies
      < BACK TO HISTORY CONTENTS Figure 1. Administrative Divisions of Sri Lanka, 1988 Sri Lanka was not immune to the spirit of the global and monumental change that swept the world in the late 1980s, promising to usher in a new international order in the 1990s. Indeed, at this writing events on the troubled island nation somehow seemed more under control than they had been in the immediate past. Yet Sri Lanka still had to cope with many of the same daunting and unresolved security problems that it faced in 1983, when a vicious separatist war broke out in the northa situation later aggravated by an altogether different but equally debilitating insurrection in the south. Sri Lanka's descent into violence was especially disturbing because for many years the nation was considered a model of democracy in the Third World. A nation with one of the world's lowest per capita incomes, Sri Lanka nevertheless had a nascent but thriving free-market economy that supported one of the most extensive and respected education systems among developing countries. Sadly, in 1990 the recollection of a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka seemed a distant memory. Prospects for an enduring peace, however remote, lingered as the new decade began. On February 4, 1990, as Sri Lanka celebrated its forty-second Independence Day, the president, Ranasinghe Premadasa, who had assumed power a little over one year before, once again appealed directly to the island nation's more than 16 million people for an end to the long-standing communally based friction between the majority Sinhalese and the largest ethnic minority group, the Sri Lankan Tamils. He also pleaded for a cessation of the internecine struggle among competing groups within the Tamil community and of the open warfare by Sinhalese extremists against the government. The collective strife on the island nation, according to international human rights groups, had over the previous year alone taken as many as 20,000 lives and over the span of a decade killed thousands more. The economy was crippled, the democratic values of the country threatened, and the national memory scarred.
  • 10. :: Ez2Find :: History
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    11. Social Issues - Sri Lanka Explorer
    and Reconciliation by Karunyan Arulananthan; A history of Tamil Report on sri lanka Feb 1996 by AI; Report on Ethnic Conflict and regional Security by Kumari
    Social Issues Discussion Groups

    which gave Tamils a degree of regional autonomy, including had the foremost place in sri lanka, thus almost It is precisely this history that persuaded the
    By Kumari Jayawardhana
    (Date: Oct 1987) The violent ethnic conflict that has ravaged Sri Lanka for a decade resulted in an agreement between the governments of Sri Lanka and India - the `Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement - to establish peace and normalcy in Sri Lanka' (signed on 29 July 1987) and the Provincial Councils Act (providing for regional autonomy) passed in parliament in November 1987. What has begun as an essentially domestic problem, arising from a minority ethnic group's attempts to overcome acts of discrimination and oppression, acquired over time a regional and an international dimension; it had ultimately to be resolved by the intervention of a regional power with the support of all the major world powers, but with opposition from both Sinhala and Tamil militants in Sri Lanka.
    It is perhaps ironic that one of the most unfortunate ethnic wars of recent times should occur in Sri Lanka, an island reputed to have had a peaceful transition from `model colony' to stable Third World state achieving international praise for its excellent quality of life and democratic institutions. These were factors which made Sri Lanka a `country of concentration' for several aid donors, and after 1977, increased private foregin investment. All these expectations were seriously eroded by years of carnage and destruction when the `emerald isle' of tourists literature turned blood red. The civil war not only killed off thousand of innocent people (Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim) and brutalized civil society, giving rise to a climate of chauvinist hysteria and intolerance, but also left in its wake little alternative except outside intervention.

    13. Sri Lanka: History
    throughout most of the island’s history. The sri Lankan Tamils reached theisland approximately ethnic characteristics and seek regional autonomy or

    14. Sri Lanka: Ethnic Conflict & Civil War
    homelands The verdict of cartograpic history (By Dennis N of War and Peace in SriLanka ( This is an 29, 1999 ); Book International regional Implications of
    WWW Virtual Library - Sri Lanka Home Page Search History ... e-mail "Sri Lanka, the so called "paradise on earth" has a dark side too. Some prefer to call this tropical island the "The island of death". The 18 years of tragic conflict has claimed some 60,000 lives and the war has become a way of life in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, more and more people have a vested interest in ensuring that it continues. Fortunes continue to be built on the war. The Sinhalese, who outnumber the Tamils five to one, could long ago have introduced conscription to overwhelm the Tigers by sheer weight of numbers. They have chosen not to. While fashionably dressed teens learn to drive their new Alfa Romeos in Colombo, and the smartly dressed young women are sitting around, sipping wine, giggling and watching male dance-strippers in swanky bungalows in posh parts of Colombo , the burden of war sacrifice falls on the poor, uneducated villagers of southern Sri Lanka, who have provided most of the estimated 18,000 troops killed so far. Funding to the Tigers comes partly from the movement's worldwide chain of businesses, including shipping lines, travel agencies, shops and money changers, augmented by clandestine weapons and drugs smuggling. Over 7000,000 Tamil-speaking Sri Lankans are now living abroad and also fund the tigers. Pundits say expatriates give out of a sense of guilt over their affluence and security abroad, a tendency to romanticise a distant conflict, and fear."

    15. WWW Virtual Library - Sri Lanka - Sri Lankan Society, Culture & Literature
    Indigenous Wanniyalaeto A Case history (Report to sri beings ) Home Page (supportsri lanka s indigenous people Vedda language A regional dialect of Sinhala
    WWW Virtual Library - Sri Lanka Home Page Search History ... e-mail Sri Lankan People and the Ethnic Groups Veddhas Singalese Tamil Malay - "Ja Minissu" ... Caste System in Sri Lank a Rodi Sri Lankan Personalities Gypsies
    • Yakkas ... - The Ancient Sri Lankans ( These Expert Horsemen Developed Hydrolic Civilization in the Country ) (Sri Lanka is said to have been inhabited by Yakkas (demon-worshippers) , Rakshasas and Nagas (snake-worshippers) before the arrival of Vijaya and his men who colonized the island. They were totemic tribes not supernatural beings. There is in north-east India today a state called Nagaland the home of the Naga people.)
    Veddhas - Sri Lankan Aborigines "I was born in the forest. My ancestors come from here. We are the forest beings, and I want to live and die here. And even if I were reborn only as a fly or an ant, I would still be happy so long as I knew I would come back to live here in the forest." - Uru Warige Tissahamy

    16. East Indian & Sri Lankan Theme Wedding & Party Guide
    including a design gallery, history culture RECIPES Wedding cakes, confections,regional foods, etiquette purchase Asian spices; sri lanka Curryingredients
    Ask Ginka
    go shopping pick a nationality pick a religion ... shoes SEE ALSO MY HINDU AND MUSLIM THEME PAGES FOR ADDITIONAL RESOURCES... APPAREL:
    Contains links to traditional East Indian costumes, sewing supplies, textiles, bridal wear and accessories

    17. Regional, Asia, Sri Lanka: Travel And Tourism
    RegionalAsiaTravel and Tourism. sri lanka s attarctions, travel details, entertainment,culture and history. Explore sri lanka by Ari Withanage Explore sri
    Top Regional Asia Sri Lanka ... Weather Related links of interest:
    • Regional:Asia:Travel and Tourism At Srilanka - Travel Guide offering information on its culture, attractions, lodgings, visa regulations, maps and a picture gallery. CDC Health Information for Travelers to the Indian Subcontinent - Official U.S. government health recommendations for traveling to the Indian Subcontinent including Sri Lanka. Provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Explore Asia - Information on Sri Lanka's attarctions, travel details, entertainment, culture and history. Explore Sri Lanka by Ari Withanage - Explore Sri Lanka is a comprehensive information resource on this tropical island in the Indian Ocean, with a vast libraryof text and a gallery of photo images. - Obtain regularly updated information on travelling to Sri Lanka. Fact sheet highlights possible areas of risk for visitors. GoNomad - Sri Lanka - Provides a guide for travelers planning a trip to Sri Lanka with details related to transportation, lodging, and attractions. MD Travel Health - Sri Lanka medical and health information, travel health issues,and medical advice for travellers

    18. Regional, Asia, Sri Lanka, Society And Culture: History
    country. Information Center on sri lanka history About sri lanka,history, culture, economy, the war and services. Lakbima - The
    Top Regional Asia Sri Lanka ...
    Related links of interest: Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor The directory is based on the Open Directory and has been modified and enhanced using our own technology.

    19. South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclope
    SAARC (the South Asian Association for regional CoOperation 1 Members. 2 history.3 Culture. 4 People. 5 Bangladesh; Bhutan; India; Maldives; Nepal; Pakistan; sri lanka.
    South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    (Redirected from SAARC
    SAARC (the South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation) (established when its Charter was formally adopted on December 8 ) is an association of the 7 countries of South Asia containing nearly 1.3 billion people. Table of contents 1 Members 2 History 3 Culture 4 People ... edit
    One of the basic problems faced by SAARC is the friction between India and Pakistan, basically due to their dispute over Kashmir. edit
    List of SAARC summits
  • December 8 at Dhaka November 17 at Bangalore November 4 at Kathmandu December 31 at Islamabad November 23 at Male December 21 at Colombo April 11 at Dhaka May 4 at New Delhi May 14 at Male July 31 at Colombo January 6 at Kathmandu January 6 at Islamabad
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    20. South Asia Bibliographies: Sri Lanka
    HN670.8.A8 S531 1988 sri lanka history and the Main DS489.2 .S74 1990 sri lankayear 2000 Colombo Centre for regional Development Studies in association
    Sri Lanka: an overview
    The Gal Vihara of Polonaruwa (from Sri Lanka by Herbert Keuneman, cited below.)
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