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         Sports Dictionaries:     more books (100)
  1. The SAGE Dictionary of Sports Studies by Dominic Malcolm, 2008-04-17
  2. The New Dickson Baseball Dictionary by Paul Dickson, 1999-02-15
  3. Dictionary of American Sports by John S. Salak, 1961-06
  4. New Revised Edition: Webster's Medical Dictionary with Sports Medicine Reference Guide & the Guide to Anatomy by The Lewtan Book Line, 2003
  5. New Revised Edition Webster's Medical Dictionary with Sports Medicine Reference Guide & Guide to the Anatomy Naval Reserve Health Care Team by Anonymous, 1997
  6. Webster's Medical Dictionary with Sports Medicine Reference Guide and Guide to the anatomy New Revised Edition by N. Brysson Morrison, 1994
  7. Skydiving: A Dictionary for the Sport Parachutist by William H. Fitzsimons, Bill FitzSimons, 1990-09
  8. A Who's Who of Sports Champions: Their Stories and Records by Ralph Hickok, 1995-05-22
  9. Latino and African American Athletes Today: A Biographical Dictionary
  10. Outstanding Women Athletes: Who They Are and How They Influenced Sports In America, Second Edition by Janet Woolum, 1998-06-05
  11. Dictionary of Physical Education and Sports Science by Lokesh Thani, 1977
  12. Quick Reference Dictionary for Athletic Training by Julie N. Bernier, 2005-03-01
  13. The Language of Sport by Tim Considine, 1983-10
  14. The Language of Sport

81. Harris Communications - Products For The Deaf, Hard Of Hearing, Seniors, Offerin
Sign Smith Illustrated Dictionary, Sign Smith Illustrated Dictionary, $39.95. sports Sign Series Baseball, sports Sign Series Baseball, $39.95.

82. SPORTS NEWS SPORT NEWS | ;-) Best Search Engines, Referenc
infoplease All Sources. ENTERTAINMENT. AllMovie Guide, movie person keyword
Haven Works .com sports ...
  • MLB WorldSeries NBA WNBA ...
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Hunter S. Thompson Archive

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    ... Columnists SPORTS News:
    • NFL, Arizona Football Fans Mourn Death of Pat Tillman, Who Gave Up Career to Fight for Country. " ... "Pat Tillman overachieved in football, and just about everything else. He worked his way from seventh-round draft pick to starting safety for the Arizona Cardinals, then walked away from millions of dollars to join the Army Rangers and serve his country. This week, he paid with his life. Tillman was killed in an ambush Thursday night in Afghanistan. He was 27." AP via - Rose gambles with confession. " ... "In his "coming-clean" interview with ABC's Primetime , Pete Rose tells Charles Gibson that he no longer gambles." ... "Whether one chooses to believe that or not, his admission he bet on baseball while manager of the Cincinnati Reds is a huge gamble in itself." ... "Rose and Major League Baseball say there is no deal in place assuring the banished superstar reinstatement if he makes a public confession. "I can be sitting out on a limb for the next 20 years," he told Primetime By Mike Dodd USATODAY Inside Out: Terror War Considers Threats From Abroad, But What About From Within?" ... "Since Sept. 11, 2001, the specter of international terror has haunted many Americans, but the capture of suspected serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph serves as a grim reminder of the dangers that could be lurking at home." ... "Rudolph, the 36-year-old outdoorsman arrested this weekend in the mountains of North Carolina, is accused of carrying out a string of bombings including the blast at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics." -

    83. JCU - Sports Science Guide
    610.3 MOS 1994. Anshel, MH Freedson, P. (Eds.). (1991). Dictionary of the sport and exercise sciences. Champaign Human Kinetics. R 613.7103 DIC.
    @import /* hide from IE5 */ url(""); Web Sitemap Search A-Z Index Contacts ... Campus Maps I nformation F or Prospective Students International Students Current Students Visitors ... Jobs at JCU I nformation A bout The University Research
    Sports Science Guide
    Journal Indexes CD-ROM Databases Internet Resources Statistics ... Theses and Style Guide
    This guide is a select listing of information resources in Sports Science. For a more comprehensive view of the collection please consult the online catalogue, Tropicat . A more complete general guide Finding Information and subject guides are available from InfoHelp. The location prefix R denotes the Reference collection.
    Anderson, K.N., Anderson, L.E.Glanze, W.D. (1994). Mosby's medical, nursing and allied health dictionary. (4th ed.). St.Louis, Mo.: Mosby. 610.3 MOS 1994 Dictionary of the sport and exercise sciences . Champaign: Human Kinetics. R 613.7103 DIC

    84. Sport Dictionaries From Grant & Cutler
    You are here Catalogues Specialist dictionaries Sport Allen, JA The international horseman s dictionary (English French German
    Home Catalogues Mail Order Order Form ... Important Price Information You are here: Catalogues Specialist Dictionaries
    Allen, J. A.
    pp.xxi-220, illus., hardback, 1996. Boulet, J.-C.
    pp.234, paper, 1998. Boulet, J.-C.
    pp.525. 3rd ed., 2002. Boulet, J.-C.
    pp.510, paper, 2nd ed., 1995. Boulet, J.-C.
    pp.284, spiral-bound, 1997. Franco, C.
    pp.ix-224, paper, 1999. Hourcade, B.
    pp.ix-203, paper, 1998.
    pp.245, illus., paper, 1993.
    Terms are explained in French. Pickup, I. pp.287, paper, 1995. Schiffer, J. pp.xxv-543, paperback, 2001. pp.xviii-224, paperback, 2000. Zarokhovich, L. pp.128, hardback, 2002. Zykov, C. pp.506, hardback, 2002. Search powered by FreeFind This site employs foreign characters.
    Other Languages
    Other Catalogues

    85. Find, Compare, And Buy Reference Books At
    sports Almanac See Product Details, $1$3 Compare Prices on sports Illustrated 2001 sports Almanac at 2 Stores, Webster s New American Dictionary, Webster s New
    What are you shopping for? in Books All Categories Cars Electronics Kids and Family Movies Music Office Video Games Books Find by Subcategory Almanacs

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    Oscar Wilde's Wit and Wisdom By: Oscar Wilde See Product Details at 3 Stores Thoreau: A Book of Quotations By: See Product Details at 2 Stores Sports Illustrated 2001 Sports Almanac See Product Details at 2 Stores Webster's New American Dictionary By: Michael E. Agnes See Product Details at 3 Stores 1001 Most Useful English Words for Spanish-Speaking People By: Seymour Resnick See Product Details at 4 Stores The Devil's Dictionary Product Rating: Read 4 Epinions reviews See Product Details at 10 Stores Planet Earth See Product Details at 11 Stores Random House Roget's Student Notebook Thesaurus By: Random House See Product Details at 8 Stores Random House Webster's Student Notebook Dictionary By: Random House See Product Details at 8 Stores Imap Toronto Ontario By: Group Map See Product Details at 2 Stores Random House Webster's Student Notebook Spanish Dictionary By: Random House See Product Details at 8 Stores Students Notebook Atlas See Product Details at 2 Stores Webster's American English Dictionary See Product Details at 5 Stores Webster's Thesaurus for Students See Product Details at 3 Stores Webster's Dictionary for Students See Product Details at 3 Stores

    86. Sports
    The Oxford Dictionary of sports Science and Medicine. REF RC1206 .O94 1994. Dictionary of the Sport and Exercise Sciences. REF GV558 /.D53.
    Keyword Author Title Periodical Title Subject LC Call Number GovDocs Number Local Call Number ISSN/ISBN
    You are here: Home Find it Subject Guides Subject Guides ... Reference Sources Find Books eBooks Find Books and Other Material Internet Resources ... Internet Resources This Guide consists of a list of selected resources on sports available in Auraria Library and on the Internet. It also suggests a research strategy or plan of action you can follow while doing research or simply looking for information on a topic. You may choose to use this suggested action plan in other libraries as well, because some of the resources listed here can be found in other libraries. CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC It is important to remember that you should choose a topic which is not only interesting to you but also appropriate to your capabilities and to the time available. Looking through the Library's collection of sports materials may help you decide on a topic. Information about sports can be found in several collections, i.e., reference, periodicals, government documents, media and book collections. Books shelved on the

    87. Stade/ Terrain Des Sports / Parc D'Attractions/ Jeux Du Quartier Francais
    Aviron Badminton Base-ball Basket-ball ...
    - SportWeb, SportCine, TechnoSport, ActuSport, SportMag, Outils...
  • La Bande Sportive - carte du site
    SPORTS ! SPORTS ! - Descriptions et Liens pour tous les sports !
  • BMX, Bodyboard, Flysurf, Funboard, Kitesurf, Rafting, Roller, Skateboard, Ski, Snowboard, Surf, VII, Wakeboard, Waveski, et Windsurf !
    Sports (Guide)
    LE GOLF :
    LE RUBGY :
    LE SKI :
    LE SURF :

    88. Classics : Sports
    Greek and Roman sport / D. Matz, 1991 A dictionary of athletes and events from the 8thc BCE to the 3rd century CE REFERENCE 796.03 M446g.
    @import "/lib/house.css"; The University of Adelaide Library Guides Help ... Help/Feedback The University of Adelaide Library
    North Terrace
    ADELAIDE SA 5005

    a guide to Library Resources
    Last update: 20 April 2004 by Chris Smith Contents:
    Finding books using the library catalogue
    Finding journal articles etc.
    Overviews/Introductory texts ...
    Web resources
    Greek and Roman sport / D. Matz, 1991
    [A dictionary of athletes and events from the 8thc BCE to the 3rd century CE] REFERENCE 796.03 M446g Sport in the ancient world from A to Z / M Golden, 2004 [Arranged in a dictionary format, the volume includes more than 700 entries discussing ancient athletes, festivals, important sites, equipment and concepts] REFERENCE 796.0938 G618sp
    Some starting points for library catalogue searches:
    Athletics Greece Athletics Rome Athletes Greece Athletes Italy Rome ... Sports Rome
    L'Annee philologique is the premier index for Classics - if it's unfamiliar, read

    89. Recreation & Sports - Online Dictionary Software By Babylon
    Builder sports Inves No. of Definitions 70; No. Sources The Caver s MultiLingual Dictionary http//

    90. References
    Silicon Valley Slang, English. sports/Games. Dictionary. Language. sports Glossaries, English. Back to top of page to top. Telecommunications. Dictionary. Language.
    Webb's W rld Translation Res urces
    Links to monolingual dictionaries and other reference materials for translation/interpretation and language studies.

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    Dictionary Language 10 Finance and Investing Glossaries English Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary English Chicago Board of Trade Glossary English Financial Glossary English Financial Risk Dictionary English Financial Terms (Investment) English Finanzlexikon (VRnet: look for "Glossar")

    91. Information Please: On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, Atlas, & Almanac
    Page. in All Infoplease. May 24, 2004 » Home;
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
    Infoplease Tools

    92. Dictionary Search Page
    Page. in All Infoplease. May 16, 2004 » Home;

    93. - Dictionary, Guide, Community And More english dictionary with multi-lingual search. Search in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English. Pronunciation files get rid of

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    English Dictionary - With Multi-Lingual Search Sports Slang Top Slang Sports Slang Cavers Slang Dictionary Every sport has it's own slang/jargon and caving is no exception. I can't vouch for it's usefulness since I wouldn't go caving if you paid me (I'm still looking for the claustrophobe's dictionary). Mountain Bike Slang From Air to Zonk (another word for Bonk), this has the Mountain Bike terms you always wondered about. Not very pretty looking, but to the point and easy to use. O'Bryne Files - Hiking / Mountaineering / Rockclimbing Slang Dictionary This is a useful site for finding out the meanings of various hiking and climbing sports. If you ever wondered why someone was "On Belay", this will explain it to you. This site is Ireland, so some words may be different than in the US, but they tend to point out the differences. Soccer Dictionary A short, concise presentation of Soccer (that's Football for the rest of the world) Terms. Did you know Soccer players dribble and tackle? If you're new to the sport or just aren't sure of a term, this can help. Sports

    94. Purdue PH Info For Staleyr
    rebecca a staley. login alias staleyr qualified name rebecca.a.staley.1 name rebecca a staley campus code west lafayette job
    rebecca a staley
    login alias: staleyr
    qualified name: rebecca.a.staley.1
    name: rebecca a staley
    campus code: west lafayette
    job title (from personnel services): clerk iv
    university department (staff only): admissions
    building: schl
    office telephone number:
    advertised electronic mail address:
    qualified names of other users who may change this entry: toni.r.allen.1 steven.d.baker.2 paul.m.targett.1 patricia.a.nelson.1 barbra.b.steinmetz.1 greg.k.marcom.1 jeffrey.r.duncan.1 nancy.j.strack.1 allen.w.lewis.1
    mail*hub service type: forward a service of the Purdue University Engineering Computer Network Kyler B Laird

    95. : Dictionary
    A sport wager specific dictionary is also available. Sponsored by http//, A sport wager specific dictionary is also available.

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    96. MEXICO CHANNEL © The Best Source Of Information On Mexico

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