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1. Dr. Grammar - Fun With Words
The Wordplay Website (Anagrams, Palindromes, spoonerisms, oxymora, and more) Words, Words, and More Words (Sandra

Frequently Asked

... Publicity
Dr. Grammar - Fun with Words
Richard Lederer's Verbivore web site says the following of itself: "Welcome to the web site woven for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores. Carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants and vegetables; verbivores devour words. If you are heels over head (as well as head over heels) in love with words, tarry here awhile to graze or, perhaps, feast on the English language." Tarry at Lederer's site, the first listed below, but graze among the others for word and phrase origins, language problems, word games, word oddities, and discussions of words in the news. There is only one rule, rule 35, HAVE FUN.
Richard Lederer's Verbivore
[He's been called Conan the Grammarian. Enough said?]
Judi Wolinsky's Word Play

Improper Punctuation
George Carlinisms

Punster's Home Page

Phrase Finder

Cliche Finder
... Mark Israel's alt.usage.english FAQ
[Contains word and phrase origins, suggested readings and web sites, dictionaries, usage battles/suggestions, etc.] Evan Morris' The Word Detective Martha Barnette's

2. Dictionaries
Tongue Twisters, Etymology, Word Puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora (Oxymorons), Malapropisms, Pangrams, Mnemonics, Acronyms

3. Backflip Publisher Roynka Folder Braingames
Palindromes, Tongue Twisters, Etymology, Word Puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora(Oxymorons), Malapropisms, Pangrams, Mnemo

4. Encyclomedia Epochalyptica
FunWith-Words . . . spoonerisms, oxymora, etymology, mnemonics, cockney slang
words words words words Magazines worth searching for
. . . America has the First Amendment, but Canada has Vice
Big Daddy
. . . . . U.S. won independence, but UK has Big Daddy
Life Sucks Die
. . . Good Ol' Yankee spirit is alive and well
Writers on some school-type literary shit
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
. . wrote Journey to the End of the Night
Marquis DeSade
. . . imprisoned for having too many orgies
Ralph Waldo Emerson
. . . transcendentalist who inspired Thoreau
William Faulkner
. . . . . . . author of
William Gaddis

Andre Gide
Ibsen James Joyce . . . . . author of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake Herman Hesse Johann Hölderlin Rolf Jacobsen D.H. Lawrence ... Alberto Moravia . . . Italian who wrote about sex and alienation Henry Thoreau . . . read his major works here online! Kurt Vonnegut Jr. . . . accessible and often comical sci-fi David Foster Wallace . . . author of Infinite Jest and its footnotes Oscar Wilde . . . served two years for "homosexual practices" Poets accomplish their goals by any means necessary e.e. cummings

5. Photo3
foreign language translators, word games, and other sites examples of anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymora, etc.
Writer's Block R's Rambling
School Daze

Reese's Piece

Photo Gallery
... Library Spot - easy to navigate library
Internet Archive
- features a Wayback Machine for surfing more than 10 billion archived web pages
- news links and lists for research
- investigate latest rumors and indetify hoaxes
Visual Thesaurus
- a ballet of unfolding synonyms and definitions
- find out how stuff works
Power Reporting
- research portal with thousands of tools Nolo - "everyday law for everyday people" Online Conversion - satisfies all conversion needs AllExperts - strictly a links site, which compiles sites on every area of the writer's life ProfNet - links reporters with expert sources for no charge American Online Columnists - links to more than 700 newspaper and magazine columnists Mr. Magazine - keeps tabs on recently launched consumer magazines - search by keyword 150,000 magazines, journals, and newsletters

6. DMo224
My Favorite Truisms, spoonerisms, oxymora . Two wrongs don t make aright. Two Wrights made an airplane. And three rights make a left.
Thru The Fog The Journal Of One Passing Thru the Fog... Read my reviews View my events Join join ... Signout About me...
Country: United States
State: West Virginia
Birthday: February 24, 1901
Gender: Male
Personal URL:
DMo's TagBoard Name
URL or Email Messages( smilies TB Luv My Weather My Postings Archive.... June 2004 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Dreams My Interesting Posts, maybe Life Is Not Fair Communication Darkness Do You Love? ... Take Time Sites I Read... Subscribe to DMo224 Get trial subscription beckylynn BelleAdoure ... Read my weblog My Links.... Webmaster-Talk Forums Nature's Healing Todays Host God Bless Our Heroes ... In Association with My Programs (with star ratings) AutoHits ***** AutoVisitors **** AutoSurf Hits ***1/2 Ask Miky's ***** ... Webmaster Quest ***** Click here My Stuff.... Make the best of today, for tomorrow it's a memory! Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. To share happiness is to double happiness. To share sorrow is to half sorrow! Pretty is skin deep and lasts for a short while, but beauty eminates from within, glows without, and lasts forever. Separation is a sorrow, but it's preparation for tomorrow.

7. Language
plans ESL Self Study QuizzesFun With Anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, oxymora, cockney slang, much more
Language, ESL, English
These are some excellent links for people who wish to learn English (and some other languages).
A search ofthe internet will show many other good web pages for this purpose. Activities for ESL students Over 1000 activities, quizzes and puzzles. Babelfish Type in a word or paragraph and translate into all major languages. Great books online; Gray's anatomy, Shakespeare, classics, more. Find quotes here Venerable encyclopedia. Search it! Comenius The monthly idiom area of this site is very useful. Dave's Internet Cafe Look up words. Ask Dr. Dictionary about grammar, etc. Digital Library The Online Books Page; Read 14,000 plus books online Encarta MSN's Encarta program is encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary, and much more. . Delightful K-4 Perfect interactive picture dictionary; A-Z Click-on's. Multi-language. Encyclopedia Wikipedia, the free online multilingual encyclopedia

8. Recreation Humor Wordplay Oxymora
of tongue twisters The Wordplay Website TONGUE TWISTERS, Anagrams, Palindromes,Etymology, Word Puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora(Oxymorons), Malap ..

9. Anagrammi - MavicaNET
tongue twisters, etymology, word puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora(oxymorons), malapropisms, pangrams, mnemonics, acronyms
selCatSelAlt="Deselect category"; selCatDesAlt="Select category"; selSitSelAlt="Deselezionare sito"; selSitDesAlt="Selezionare sito"; STELLA ART GALLERY Andy Warhol
Tom Wesselmann

Jean-Michel Basquiat

MavicaNET - Catalogo di Ricerca Multilingue MavicaNet Lite - Light version

Belarusian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Irish Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian (cyr.) Serbian (lat.) Slovak Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Stili di vita Hobbistica Giochi Giochi di parola Anagrammi Questa categoria necessita di un redattore. Desidera diventare un redattore

Categorie sorelle... Enigme e rombicapi Parole incrociate Quiz Siti Nessun filtro selezionato... Ricerca in Internet Notizie Lavoro Istruzione Personali Organizzazioni Elenchi e indici Umore e divertimenti Pubblicazioni Chat e Forum Shopping Anagrammi Totale dei siti: 40

No Sorting Quality Title Rating Language Last Edit Time - Russian
URL: shown in filters: Umore e divertimenti Íà äàííîì ñàéòå ëåæèò äåìî-âåðñèÿ online èãðû è áàçà äëÿ íåå.

10. Jörg Zuther's Word Weird Web Index
the Wordplay Website find there anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymora,mnemonics, word puzzles, tongue twisters, net lingua and much more
TU Berlin
Dept. Mathematics Page Index Home ... Legend I started running this site some years ago. Unfortunately, business and moving kept me busy so that this page has not developed as much as I wanted. Even worse, it seems that my time budget will also be tight in the future. Hence, only a slow growth of this page can be expected. Hopefully, my labour on this site will be backed by countless comments, hints, and corrections. (I also appreciate improvements and corrections of my English texts which may contain some expressions appearing strange to a native writer. ;-) Send them all to
Index of This Page
  • Collections of Links to Word-Related Sites Formal Word Play
      Anagrams Palindromes ... Miscellaneous
      Collections of Links to Word-Related Sites
      • Word Play Judi Wolinsky's alphabetically ordered list of more than 100 sites concerning words. Many funny ones.
      Formal Word Play
      'Formal' word play means operations on text that don't refer to the semantic contents of the text in the first line. The operation of anagramming a piece of text is purely formalistic. Nevertheless, to find good anagrams (funny or strange sounding ones) one has to be selective upon a possible semantic content of the anagrams. For example, 'ars magna' is an interesting anagram of 'anagrams', whereas 'mgrnsaaa' is just stupid.
  • 11. Anagrammes - MavicaNET
    tongue twisters, etymology, word puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora(oxymorons), malapropisms, pangrams, mnemonics, acronyms
    selCatSelAlt="Deselect category"; selCatDesAlt="Select category"; selSitSelAlt="Annuler le marquage du site"; selSitDesAlt="Marquer un site"; STELLA ART GALLERY Andy Warhol
    Tom Wesselmann

    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    MavicaNET - Catalogue de recherche multilingue MavicaNet Lite - Light version

    Belarusian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Icelandic Irish Italian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian (cyr.) Serbian (lat.) Slovak Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vie pratique et privée Jeux Jeux verbaux Anagrammes Personne n'édite pas cette catégorie. Veillez-vous devenir notre Rédacteur

    Catégories "soeurs" Brainteasers, riddles Mots Croisés Quiz Sites Les filtres ne sont pas choisis Ressources du Web Nouvelles Emploi Instruction Personnages Organisations Guides et annuaires Humour et loisirs Publications Chats et Forums Shopping Anagrammes Sites au total: 40

    Sans Triage Par Qualité Par Titre Par Taux Language Ordre Inverse - Russian
    URL: shown in filters: Humour et loisirs Íà äàííîì ñàéòå ëåæèò äåìî-âåðñèÿ online èãðû è áàçà äëÿ íåå.

    FunWith-Words URL Includes examples of anagrams, palindromes,spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymora, etymology, tongue twisters and more. for fun&y

    13. DMo224
    My Favorite Truisms, spoonerisms, oxymora . Two wrongs don't make a right

    14. The Writer's Mall! - Includes examples of anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms,pangrams, oxymora, etymology, tongue twisters and more. ORGANIZATIONS.
    BOOKMARK The Writer's Mall , AND Tell Your Friends about it TOO! Return to The Art of Writing NEW! FREE WRITING CLASSES Grammar Fitness
    Understanding Poetry

    Thinking Like an Editor: How to Get Published

    IMPROVE YOUR CRAFT Writer's Digest - Information, inspiration and instructioon from selected Writer's Digest articles and our newsstand-only special interest publications.
    - Give and get feedback on all types of writing in a highly structured site with lots of icons usage.
    The Writer's BBS
    -Straightforward, with no graphicsvisit 50 discussion and critique forums for all types of writing.
    My Writer Buddy
    - Join a discusssion and critique group, or find a specific person to be your writer buddy.
    WriteCraft Writers Resource Center
    - Started by writers tired of praise critiques, who wanted a group with "teeth and backbone".
    - A community dedicated to the writing and reading of meaningful personal experiences.
    - Outlet for those looking for feedback on the quality of their work.

    15. Language Resources
    Tongue Twisters, Etymology, Word Puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora(Oxymorons), Malapropisms, Pangrams, Mnemonics, Acronyms
    Reciprocal Link Generator HindiFast Translation Services
    language resources
    Home Page air travel and cruises asian websites bed and breakfast ...
    American Institute For Foreign Study...

    114 Pages Found, 11 Links Found, 636 Score,
    Center for Applied Linguistics...
    The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) aims to promote and improve the teaching and learning of languages, identify and solve problems related to language and culture, and serve as a resource for in...
    137 Pages Found, 130 Links Found, 431 Score,
    CESL at SIU-C...
    This is the main page for the Center for English as a Second Language at SIU-Carbondale...
    48 Pages Found, 29 Links Found, 285 Score,
    Comenius English Language Center...

    58 Pages Found, Links Found, 14316 Score,
    English as 2nd Language...
    About's guide to English as a second language (ESL EFL) provides teacher and student resources including: beginner, intermediate, lower and upper intermediate, and advanced level grammar, lesson pl...
    122 Pages Found, 22 Links Found, 852 Score

    16. The Gow School For Dyslexia And Learning Differences
    Fun With Words This page revels in the quirks of the English language, such asanagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, pangrams, oxymora, and tongue twisters.

    17. Dan Pollock's Site Of The Day Archive From January 2002
    (; 01/07/02 fun-with-words - Anagrams, spoonerisms, Puzzles,oxymora, and much more fun with words. (; 01/06/02 - the

    finger me





    Hosted by:
    site of the day archive from january 2002
    Welcome to the January 2002 Site of the Day archives. To see this today's site, and this month's archive, click here . Also, if you know of any sites I should feature, email me at or post a note on the message board
    january 2002

    18. Stories To Make You Think
    and more. - A great site, with spoonerisms, palindromes,pangrams, oxymora,and other word play. Word with You
    Stories To Make You Think
    An Internet Hotlist on Thought-Provoking Stories created by Marilyn McPhie
    Riddles and Riddle Stories Palindromes, Spoonerism and Word Play ... Logic Problems, Justice Issues and Puzzlers
    In addition to using books and magazines to find out about thought-provoking stories, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.
    The Internet Resources
    Riddles and Riddle Stories
    Palindromes, Spoonerism and Word Play
    • Goonerisms Spalore! - Oodles of spoonerisms'tairy fales,' 'true' stories and more.
    • - A great site, with spoonerisms, palindromes, pangrams, oxymora,and other word play.
    • Word with You - A daily on-line column featuring a cartoon and little-known facts about a familiar word or phrase.

    19. Humor The Wordplay Website Anagrams, Palindromes, Tongue Twisters,Etymology, Word Puzzles, spoonerisms, oxymora, Malapropisms, Pangrams

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    20. »»Reviews For Oxymora««
    Wordplay More Pages oxymora Page 1 2. Book reviews for oxymora sorted by the authorexplains how to use homophones, homographs, and spoonerisms for comical
    Oxymora Reviews
    Related Subjects: Wordplay
    More Pages: Oxymora Page 1 Book reviews for "Oxymora" sorted by average review score: Pun and Games: Jokes, Riddles, Rhymes, Daffynitions, Tairy Fales, and More Wordplay for Kids Published in Paperback by Chicago Review Press (July, 1996) Authors: Richard Lederer and Dave Morice Amazon base price:
    Used price:
    Collectible price:
    Buy one from zShops for: Average review score:
    Fun for all ages In this highly entertaining book, punmaster Richard Lederer reveals the tricks of the punster's trade while challenging readers to create original wordplay of their own. In sixteen chapters, with titles such as "Calling on the Homophone," "Puns That Babylon," and "Tairy Fales," the author explains how to use homophones, homographs, and spoonerisms for comical effect while exploring knock-knock jokes, Tom Swifties, and other types of jokes and riddles based on the deft manipulation of sound and meaning. The author presents a clear and simple explanation of each form, provides numerous examples, and then invites readers to create original jokes, rhymes, and puzzles of their own. Language-lovers of all ages will appreciate the wealth of wit and humor presented on these pages. Great for my 3rd Grader My third-grade daughter couldn't put this book down! Absolutely loved the "Pun Fun" section and the "'Let's play a Game' said Tom Swiftly" section. The booked is marked up and dog-eared.

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