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         Spanish American War History:     more books (100)
  2. Relations of the United States & Spain: The Spanish-American War (History - United States Series) by French Ensor Chadwick, 1992-07
  3. History of the Spanish-American War, Embracing a Complete Review of Our Relations with Spain by Henry Watterson, 1898
  4. World History Series - The Spanish-American War (World History Series) by John F. Wukovits, 2001-08-31
  6. A History Of The Spanish-American War Of 1898 (1900) by Richard H. Titherington, 2007-10-17
  7. History Of The Spanish-American War: Embracing A Complete Review Of Our Relations With Spain by Henry Watterson, 2007-06-01
  8. Leslie's Official History of the Spanish-American War:A Pictorial and Descriptive Record of the Cuban Rebellion, the Causes That Involved the United States, and a Complete Narrative of Our Conflict with Spain on Land and Sea by [Spanish American War], 1899
  9. Blue jackets of '98: History of the Spanish American war by Willis J Abbot, 1899
  10. THE AMERICAN-SPANISH WAR: A History by The War Leaders. by [Spanish-American War]., 1899
  11. Leslie's Official History of the Spanish - American War by Frank Leslie, 1899
  12. Photographic History of the Spanish-American War by (SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR)., 1898
  13. The American-Spanish War: A History By The War Leaders by Various Authors, 2007-07-25

1. Spanish American War History Resources
Comprehensive SpanishAmerican War History Resources Last updated 04/02/02. Spanish-American War. Action Reports and First Hand Accounts Documentary Videos Online. History Channel's Online
Last updated: 04/02/02
Spanish-American War
Action Reports and First Hand Accounts American Ships in the Spanish-American War The Battle of Santiago The Commander's Book Review Page ... Spainish American War in Motion Pictures
Library of Congress Teddy Roosevelts's First Hand Accounts Theodore Roosevelt Page United States Imperialism and the Philippines Working Bibliography of the Spanish American War ... The World of 1898: The Spainish American War
Library of Congress, Hispanic Division Yellow Fever and The Spanish American War Need to read more about The Spanish American War?
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Primary Source History Bookstore
Documentary Videos Online ... History Channel's Online Store

2. The Spanish American War: History Wiz Latin America
The Spanish American War. Featured in Macworld one of the best history sites on the web.
The Spanish American War
Featured in Macworld - one of the
best history sites on the web
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Remington, Charge Up San Juan Hill more information
The special interest in Latin America that the Monroe Doctrine proclaimed brought major changes to the United States in 1898. The United States declared war against Spain in what was called the Spanish American war - John Hay called it that "splendid little war". When Spain surrendered its remaining possessions in the Western hemisphere to the United States, the young nation joined the European powers as an imperialist nation. It acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippine Islands, and the Carolina, Marshall, and Mariana Islands (including Guam) in Micronesia. It began with Cuba.

3. History Of Cuba: After The Spanish American War
History of Cuba After the Spanish American war. General Wood wasappointed Governor General at the close of 1899. General Wood s
History of Cuba: After the Spanish American war
General Wood was appointed Governor General at the close of 1899. General Wood's Cabinet consisted of the following Cubans: Secretary of State, Diego Tamayo; Secretary of Justice, Luis Estevoz; Secretary of Education, Juan B. Hernandez; Secretary of Finance, Enrique Varona; Secretary of Public Works, Jose R. Villalon, and Secretary of Agriculture, etc., Ruis Rivera.
A number of radical reforms were instituted. The prisons were overhauled and put into a sanitary condition. Many prisoners were released or had their terms shortened in proportion to the venial nature of their offences. A joint commission was appointed, consisting of American and Cuban lawyers, charged with the task of codifying the laws and insuring prompt trials. Inefficient public officials were removed and a working scheme devised by which civil and military authorities could live in harmony. A census was taken, showing a total poulation of 1,572,797.
The area of Cuba is approximately 44,000 square miles and the average number of inhabitants per square mile 35.7, about the same as the State of Iowa. The areas of the six provinces and the average density of population in each are as follows:
Area Pop. per Province. Sq. miles. sq. m. Havana.. 2,772 153 Matanzas.. 3,700 55 Pinar del Rio.. 5,000 35 Puerto Principe.. 10,500 8 Santa Clara.. 9,560 37 Santiago.. 12,468 26

4. Links About Spanish American War History | Teacher's Guide
spanish american war history Convenient page of the best websitesand links related to spanish american war history .. Quickly American War History

5. - Spanish American War Resources
spanish american war history Resources National Archives and Records Administration(NARA) Nail Database There are images of military service records for some
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Spanish American War Resources Spanish American War Resources 103 years ago today, the U.S. declared war on Spain. For those who had ancestors that fought in that war, here is a selection of online resources: The World of 1898 (Library of Congress)
Chronology of Spain in the Spanish American War

Spanish American War Medal of Honor Recipients

Spanish American Family History Guide
( subscriber database) The U.S. Army in the War with Spain (U.S. Army Center for Military History) Spanish American War Centennial Web Site Spanish American War History Resources National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Nail Database There are images of military service records for some Spanish American War veterans as well as other scanned documents relating to the war. Try searches for "rough riders" or "Spanish American War"

6. Centennial Of The Spanish-American War - 1898-1998
An updated and revised short history of the causes and effects of the spanishamerican war. started the Philippine-american war, a vicious and ugly chapter in U.S. history that lasted until 1914
Text and graphic research by Lincoln Cushing.
This is a work in progress dedicated to better understanding a crucial period in United States history.
The virtual annihilation of indigenous peoples within the continental United States by the early 1900's allowed national attention to turn outward. Interest in developing markets in China and plans for a canal through Central America set the stage for a new level of expansionist strategizing. The Caribbean was a region with a strong economic relationship to the U.S., and had long been regarded by many as a natural extension of our republic. By the late 1890's American citizens owned about 50 million dollars' worth of Cuban property, primarily in the sugar, tobacco, and iron industries. Under Spanish rule in Cuba had become progressively harsh and revolution broke out in 1895. President William McKinley was under tremendous public pressure to defend U.S. interests on the island. "The media", at this point in history represented by the newspaper chains of Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst, had a field day stirring up outrage against the Spanish colonial government's many atrocities. As rebel forces gained popular support, the military resorted to moving entire villages into "reconcentration" sites and erecting massive cleared and fenced demilitarized zones.

7. Online Bookshelves: War With Spain
Pershing's Experience in the spanish american war an extract from american Military history) Art Images
A Declaration of War Troop B in the Porto Rico Campaign [Puerto Rico]
The Temporary Increase of the Military Establishment of the United States in Time of War
Annual Report of Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, Commanding Seventh Army Corps
(Extracted from the Annual Report of the Secretary of War for 1898, 2:218-223)
The Rough Riders

Black Jack in Cuba: General John J. Pershing's Experience in the Spanish American War

(Extracted from On Point the Newsletter of The Army Historical Foundation The Impact of the 'Disaster' of 1898 on the Spanish Army
Gatlings to the Assault
U.S. Army Campaigns in the War with Spain ... Emergency to World Power, 1898-1902
an extract from American Military History
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Last updated 3 October 2003

8. Crucible Of Empire - PBS Online
Crucible of Empire The spanishamerican war website examines the history of this 100 year old war and discusses issues raised in the PBS documentary film Crucible of Empire. turning point in american history. To understand more about the spanish-american war and the film visitor knowledge about the war and this colorful moment in american history
Teddy Roosevelt charging up the San Juan Heights, the Rough Riders and the sinking of the battleship, the U.S.S. Maine-these are what people commonly know about the United States' war with Spain in 1898. What they may not remember is that this was the war that steered the United States to center stage as a world power. Victorious over Spain in Cuba and the Philippines, the United States, a nation founded in opposition to imperialism, grappled with its new role as an imperial power. More recent events in Vietnam, Somalia, and Yugoslavia bear striking parallels to those of 1898. Even in its own time, the war with Spain was understood as a turning point in American history. To understand more about the Spanish-American War and the film , "Crucible of Empire", this site offers a timeline of the major events before, during, and after the war; original 1890s sheet music popular during the War; photographs of the major figures involved; newspaper articles and headlines from 1890s newspapers; classroom activities for teachers and students historical resources , including recent scholarship concerning the war, bibliographies , and links to other web sites; and a

9. New York Public Library Online Exhibition Of The Spanish American War
. A war in Perspective is part of 1898–1998 A war Becomes history, . Generalof Spain in New Yorkto mark the centenary of the spanishamerican war.
The New York Public Library
Center for the Humanities
Fifth Avenue and 42 nd Street
The Edna Barnes Salomon Room
(closed Saturday, May 23; Monday, May 25;
and Saturday, July 4)
Closed Sundays This exhibition has been made possible by Pinewood Foundation
Special thanks to the Consulate General of Spain in New York for financial assistance with research and planning for this exhibition.
A War in Perspective was curated by Professor Alfonso W. Quiroz, Department of History, Baruch College and the Graduate School and University Center,
City University of New York. " A War in Perspective " is part of " ," a series of exhibitions and programs at eight cultural and academic institutions in the metropolitan New York area, organizedwith the endorsement of the Consulate General of Spain in New Yorkto mark the centenary of the Spanish-American War. Introduction Chronology Part I: Antecedents 1895-1898 Part II: Public Appeals, 1898

10. Spanish-American War
203745060. spanish-american war 1898. Rico. America emerged from thespanish-american war as a major naval power. 4 Bronze stars. 1
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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060
Spanish-American War 1898
On the night of 15 February l898 the battleship USS Maine was shattered by an explosion which sent the ship and two-thirds of her crew to the bottom of Havana harbor. Bolstered by wide-spread sympathy for those who were seeking Cuban independence from Spain's colonial rule, the emotion-charged Maine tragedy forced the already strained Spanish-American relations to the breaking point, precipitating a short war rapidly decided by two naval engagements.
On 1 May the U.S. Pacific Squadron under Commodore George Dewey steamed into Manila Bay, Philippine Islands, and destroyed the Spanish fleet. Two months later, Admiral William Sampson repeated with an annihilating victory over the Spanish in a running battle off Santiago, Cuba.
In addition to Sampson and Dewey's crushing victories, naval operations included blockade of the Cuban coast, bombardment of Spanish fortifications at San Juan, Puerto Rico by battleship USS Iowa ., armored cruiser USS

11. Events -- Spanish-American War
US Navy officers, and marked the beginning of an extremely dynamic period in theNavy s history. Subjects Covered in the spanishamerican war Picture Collection
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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060
Online Library of Selected Images:
EVENTS Spanish-American War
Related Resources: Secretary of Navy's 1898 Report The Spanish-American War (April-July 1898) was a brief, intense conflict that effectively ended Spain's worldwide empire and gained the United States several new possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Preceded by a naval tragedy, the destruction of USS Maine at Havana, Cuba, the Spanish-American War featured two major naval battles, one in the Philippines and the other off Cuba, plus several smaller naval clashes. The Navy also provided essential support for U.S. Army and Marine Corps forces ashore. The war made public heroes of a number of U.S. Navy officers, and marked the beginning of an extremely dynamic period in the Navy's history.
Subjects Covered in the Spanish-American War Picture Collection:

12. The Spanish-American War In Florida
The spanishamerican war Over one hundred years ago, Cubans foughtfor independence from Spain, and americans sought world power.
Site Map Events Exhibits ... History The Spanish-American War O ver one hundred years ago, Cubans fought for independence from Spain, and Americans sought world power. Florida, the closest state to the Caribbean and, even then, with a large Cuban immigrant population, became the setting for much of the action before, during and after the Spanish-American War. Find out more in these tales from various museum publications.
Miami and the Spanish-American War
Cuba Libre The Resinking of the Maine The Spanish War H ISTORICAL MUSEU M

13. Miami And The Spanish-American War
The war represented a watershed in american foreign policy. in Bartow, a small communityin centralwest Florida, when the spanish-America war erupted.
Site Map Events Exhibits ... Spanish-American War
Miami and the Spanish-American War
The story of the Magic City during a Splendid Little War
Paul S. George
M iami was less than two years of age when, in April 1898, the United States went to war with the aging empire of Spain over the issue of Cuban independence. A picturesque island with a lively, cosmopolitan capital in Havana, Cuba had represented, since its establishment in the sixteenth century, one of Spain’s most important New World possessions. But the fitful colony had been in a state of rebellion with Spain for several decades prior to this war of independence. In the years immediately prior to the Spanish-American War, Spain and Cuba were engaged in a savage guerrilla war. A series of events and controversies pitting Spain and the United States on opposite sides, exacerbated by an inflammatory American press, placed the two nations on a collision course that ultimately led to war. The "Splendid Little War," as it was characterized by John Hay, the American Secretary of State, lasted but three months, resulting in a decisive victory for the United States over an opponent whose fortunes and power had declined precipitously since it had amassed a vast empire in the New World three centuries earlier. The war represented a watershed in American foreign policy. The war, along with the ensuing peace treaty, marked the emergence of the U.S. as the world’s foremost industrial nation, and as an imperial power with possessions and influence that now extended across the globe.

14. Spanish Ships In The Spanish-American War
Photographic history of spanishamerican war , p. 86. Photographic historyof spanish-american war , p. 265 (left) and p. 269 (right).
Spanish Ships in the Spanish-American War
Click on an image to see the enlarged version.
Alfonso XIII
Alfonso XIII was a protected cruiser with a 276-member crew. Photographic History of Spanish-American War , p. 86.
Download an uncompressed TIFF (.tif) version of this image.
Emperador Carlos V
Larger and more powerful than the , this armored cruiser was one of a few Spanish ships to escape destruction of the U.S. Navy Photographic History of the Spanish-American War , p. 88.
Download an uncompressed TIFF (.tif) version of this image.
Reina Christina
The Reina Christina saw action at the Battle of Manila. Neil , p. 306.
Download an uncompressed TIFF (.tif) version of this image.
Marques de Ensenada
This light-armor protected warship/cruiser was with Admiral Montojo's fleet at Manila when it was destroyed by Admiral Dewey 's squadron. Photographic History of the Spanish-American War , p. 106.
Download an uncompressed TIFF (.tif) version of this image.
The Havana was the most recently constructed vessel in the Spanish Navy; it was previously the Carlo Alberto of Italy. This photograph was taken at Spezia just as the ship left the dock after the launching ceremony.

15. Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives - Home Page
A nonprofit organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the North american role in the spanish Civil war (1936-1939). Collections held at New York University's Tamiment Library
............ Join us at the CFLB-ALBA special event, "Fighting The Good Fight: Chicagoans and the Spanish Civil War" on June 3rd <EVENTS> .... Support ALBA - make a donation online with a credit card via our new secure donation form <Contribute/Support ALBA> ...
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16. American History Multimedia CD Something For Everyone
Offers CD's for education, research, entertainment including Early americana, World war art posters, Vietnam, american Presidents from 1900 1975, military conflicts, Theodore Roosevelt and the spanish american war.
American History CD is pleased to present our newest CDs. Each CD is priced at $12.99 including shipping. This price covers the cost of materials, time, and further research. The free exchange of knowledge is very important and we believe creativity should be encouraged always and everywhere! We also believe in the easy circulation of information accessibility is everything when a curious mind wants to learn. We derive a great deal of satisfaction from organizing historical information in all its various forms and compiling it into an easily accessible and entertaining format. We invite you to explore America's history with us and hope you find it as compelling as we do! Please visit our eBay auctions for specials and money-saving offers! NOW AVAILABLE! Check out our latest addition:
The American History Magazine:
A collection of reviews, opinions and information meant to entertain, inform and stimulate. Explore the worlds of Art, Music, Movies, Mythology, Photographs and Books everything that is "America" can be found in the pages of our magazine. We delve into the mythology of the Wild West, the seemingly endless search for the truth of the Kennedy assassination, the creation of the machines of war, and so much more.

17. America's Wars - A Complete History
The spanishamerican war America became a world power with its victory over thespanish in this war. Learn about the major events in this war in the section.
'); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); document.write(''); // > Visit The American Revolution
From 1775- Until 1782 the Americans faced off against the largest empire in the world. Led by General Washington they won. Learn about the causes of the war, and follow each battle in this section. The War of 1812
Some call it the Second War of Independence, for when it ended and the US had fought Great Britain to a stalemate, Americas independence was assured. Each of the major events in this war are covered. Mexican-American War
Learn how the dispute over Texas joining the Union resulted in US conquest of California and the balance of the Southwest The Civil War
It was Americas bloodiest war as brother fought brother. Learn about the battles read first hand accounts, and even watch a multimedia presentation. The Spanish-American War
America became a world power with its victory over the Spanish in this war. Learn about the major events in this war in the section. World War I
Millions died in the fields of Europe sometimes while fighting over a few disputed yards. Learn about the major battles and events in this the first major war of the century.

18. Library Of Congress/Spanish American War Introduction
Introduction. The Battleship Maine. Photographic history of the spanish american war, p. 36. On April 25, 1898 the United States declared war on Spain following the sinking of the Battleship Maine in
The Battleship Maine
Photographic History of the Spanish American War
, p. 36. On April 25, 1898 the United States declared war on Spain following the sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris on December 10, 1898. As a result Spain lost its control over the remains of its overseas empire Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippine islands, Guam, and other islands.
Beginning in 1492, Spain was the first European nation to sail westward across the Atlantic Ocean, explore, and colonize the Amerindian nations of the Western Hemisphere. At its greatest extent, the empire that resulted from this exploration extended from Virginia on the eastern coast of the United States south to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America excluding Brazil and westward to California and Alaska. Across the Pacific, it included the Philippines and other island groups. By 1825 much of this empire had fallen into other hands and in that year, Spain acknowledged the independence of its possessions in the present-day United States (then under Mexican control) and south to the tip of South America. The only remnants that remained in the empire in the Western Hemisphere were Cuba and Puerto Rico and across the Pacific in Philippine Islands, and the Carolina, Marshall, and Mariana Islands (including Guam) in Micronesia.
Following the liberation from Spain of mainland Latin America, Cuba was the first to initiate its own struggle for independence. During the years from 1868-1878, Cubans personified by guerrilla fighters known as

19. The History Guy:Spanish-American War Links (1898)
Kansas Volunteers in the spanishamerican war - including a short history, rosters,and Medal of Honor recipients. Memorium for spanish american war Veterans.
The History Guy: Spanish-American War Links (1898) Home Military History Historical Personalities Email ... About Us In the (hopefully), near future, this page will expand into a full-content resource with more information on the Spanish-American War. For now, use this links page in your research. If you encounter any bad links, or if you can suggest a site to add, please email Page Menu Click on the menu bar below to navigate this page. The Conflict U.S.S Maine President William McKinley Theodore Roosevelt ... Yellow Journalism and the War The Conflict 1898-1998 Centennial of the Spanish-American War Birth of U.S. Imperialism: An Introduction to the Spanish American War - overview of how and why U.S. imperialism emerged at the end of the nineteenth century. Centennial of the War of 1898 - contains an bibliography, timeline, and calendar of events. In English and Spanish. Changing Empires: Reflections at the Centennial of 1898. - Conference, lectures, round-tables, and film festival at Rutgers University-New Brunswick apropos of the Centennial of the Spanish American War of 1898. Civilize Them with a Krag - at the conclusion of the Spanish-American War, America was confronted with a grave crisis in the Philippines.

20. The Era Of William McKinley
Biographical information, political cartoons, and photographs. Includes details on McKinley's years in state government as well as his role in the spanishamerican war.

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