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         Space Projects & Technology:     more books (100)
  1. Progress update of NASA's Free-Piston Stirling Space Power Converter Technology Project (SuDoc NAS 1.15:105748) by James E. Dudenhofer, 1992
  2. 101 Outer Space Projects for the Evil Genius by Dave Prochnow, 2007-04-20
  3. Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun and Other Working Space Age Projects by Robert E. Iannini, Robert Iannini, 1983-11-01
  4. The Superconducting Super Collider Project: Hearing before the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, first session, May 26, 1993 by United States, 1993
  5. Science Around the World: Travel through Time and Space with Fun Experiments and Projects by Shar Levine, Leslie Johnstone, 1996-03
  6. Project Constellation Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Tim McElyea, 2007-02-15
  7. Russia's woes continue to plague space station project.: An article from: Issues in Science and Technology
  8. Space Exploration Projects for Young Scientists by Gregory Vogt, 1995-12
  9. Project Mercury Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Steve Whitfield, 2007-04-01
  10. Project Gemini Pocket Space Guide (Pocket Space Guides) by Steve Whitfield, 2007-04-01
  11. Projects in Space Science by Robert Gardner, 1988-08
  12. Space Station Science by Marianne J. Dyson, 2004-04
  13. Voyages Through Space and Time: Projects for Voyager II The Dynamic Sky Simulator for Macintosh by Jon K. Wooley, 1994-08-31
  14. Science Fair Projects: Flight, Space & Astronomy (Science Fair Projects) by Robert L. Bonnet, Dan Keen, 1998-03

1. The Political Economy Of Very Large Space Projects By John Hickman, Ph.D.
enthusiasts have given the political economy of their very large space projects serious thought remains that the technology and personnel for very large space projects are less in
The Political Economy of Very Large Space Projects John Hickman, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Government
Department of Government and International Relations
Berry College
Mount Berry. GA 30149-5010

Reading the popular science literature reveals that remarkably few space development enthusiasts have given the political economy of their very large space projects serious thought. Instead, they have chosen to describe the exciting science and engineering possibilities while promising the moon and stars to those who would dare to exploit them. Performing this public relations role is certainly crucial if any very large space project is ever to be realized. Both elite and mass public opinion will be to be inspired if the kind of resources necessary for development are to be mobilized. But something much more fundamental is missing. What needs explaining are the rational motivations for investors to risk their capital in opening a very distant, completely uninhabited frontier that is subject to extreme environmental conditions. Why should investors risk the enormous sums necessary to realize these dreams? Unfortunately, space development enthusiasts typically respond to this question, not by answering it directly, but by itemizing the likely economic benefits derived from space

2. The Learning Space Online Teacher Network
and share effective uses of technology to improve student learning. Register now, space is limited. Workshop is May 15th in Renton, Washington Featured projects. Where in Washington?
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Providing educators with opportunities and tools to develop, implement
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3. Space Technology - Industry Projects
Information on current projects and developments for the space Industry Globalstar Communication Satellite, International. Herschel space Observatory, Europe Johnson space Center Mission Control, USA. Kennedy space Center space Station Processing Facility

Artemis Telecommunications Satellite, Europe
Boeing 702 Satellite, USA Globalstar Communication Satellite, International Herschel Space Observatory, Europe
Artemis Telecommunications Satellite, Europe
Boeing 702 Satellite, USA Globalstar Communication Satellite, International Herschel Space Observatory, Europe ... Terms and Conditions

4. Space Plasma Physics - Alfvén Laboratory
Science projects Investigations of the auroral phenomenon, magnetic fields and electrodynamics of dense interstellar plasma clouds. Based at the Alfv©n Laboratory, Royal Institute of technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Home Page Search Internal pages
Research Electrophysics Fusion Lab Plasma Space Plasma Education Undergraduate Thesis (exjobb) Graduate Organization Divisions Electrophysics Electromagnetics Fusion ... Email Webmaster Space Plasma Physics Group leader: Prof. Göran Marklund The research programme is characterized by an intense international collaboration and by a fruitful interaction between space experiments and theoretical research. Space experiments, with instruments developed for in situ measurements of electric fields, magnetic fields, density and temperature, are carried out through participation on rocket and satellite missions within the NASA and ESA programmes, and within the Swedish national programme. To date the group has participated on more than 25 sounding rocket experiments and half a dozen satellite missions such as the successful Swedish Viking, Freja and Astrid-2 satellites. The current space instrumentation and research programme includes participation on the three ESA missions Cluster, Rosetta, and SMART-1. Future projects where we have an interest to participate include MMS, BepiColombo, and Solar Orbiter.
Current conditions in geospace
Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field:

5. Tekes » Interests,
Overview of Finnish space activities, updated status of space projects and government participation in the European space Agency's programs.

6. Spacelink - Aerospace Technology
I? NASA spacelink Home The Library NASA projects Aerospace technology Aerospace technology. quieter,and faster air travel and routine space transportation and
Library Contents:
Other Features:
Where am I? NASA Spacelink Home The Library NASA Projects Aerospace Technology
Aerospace Technology
This NASA Enterprise conducts research to make possible safer, cleaner, quieter, and faster air travel and routine space transportation and develops and commercializes innovative technologies.
[Some of these links will take you out of NASA Spacelink. To return, use the Back button on your browser or bookmark this page for later reference.] Aerospace Technology Enterprise - One of NASA's strategic enterprises, Aerospace Technology serves as a center of science and technology for air and space transportation research. The Aerospace Technology Enterprise has established goals and technology objectives that aggressively address the critical aerospace needs of our Nation. Commercialize Technology - Technology developed in aerospace research can benefit other areas of our lives such as the environment, surface transportation, and medicine. Advanced Space Transportation - Advanced Space Transportation is working to bring about accessibility to space with more efficient technology, which will spread the boundaries of space for everyone.

7. Welcome To Space Technology
space technology products, alongside international coverage of industry projects. AZ listing of space industry contractors and suppliers.
International coverage of space technology projects both in production and under development A comprehensive space industry catalogue indexed by product or service Alphabetical listing of space contractors and suppliers, with links to their equipment and services profiles The latest Space Technology product news and press releases Add your company to this site A complete calendar of space industry conferences, exhibitions and events Sign-up for our free monthly Space Technology Newsletter Click here to see the latest content added to Space Technology

8. NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics & Space Resource For Education
An Aeronautics and space Resource for Education. NASA spacelink is a service of the Education Division of the National Aeronautics and space Administration (NASA). projects and missions. Earth Crew members meet NASA astronauts and employees, learn what astronauts do, what it's like to live in space NASA science, technology, and education are
An Aeronautics and Space Resource for Education Since 1988 A B C D ... he Library is the heart of NASA Spacelink and the official home to the NASA Education Division's electronic publications and NASA Television's education schedule . The Library is also your guide to NASA's Internet resources with hundreds of subject oriented pages and the capability to search all of NASA
B e first! Join the Spacelink EXPRESS mailing list and receive e-mail announcements of new educational materials produced by the NASA Education Division. J oin the Earth Crew! - You can be part of NASA's activities here on the ground by joining a virtual NASA team. Each Earth Crew team is made up of students, and one or more teachers or parents who use NASA's Edspace Web site to plan and conduct exploration-related activities! Earth Crew team leaders receive e-mail about new Earth Crew projects. H eard something about NASA in the news? Hot Topics is one of our more popular areas in which current events related to NASA science, technology, and education are highlighted. C heck out this collection of Cool Picks containing intriguing and educational NASA materials and sites.

9. LookSmart - Directory - Space Tourism Projects And Technology Research
space Tourism projects and technology Research Explore a selection ofsites detailing ongoing space tourism projects and research programs.
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IN the directory this category
YOU ARE HERE Home Sciences Space Exploration Space Tourism
Space Tourism Projects and Technology Research - Explore a selection of sites detailing ongoing space tourism projects and research programs.
Directory Listings About
  • Artemis Project, The
    Group details its desire to put a manned tourist base on the moon. Take a tour of the proposed colony, find out about costs, or join the Artemis Society.
    ATLAS Aerospace - "Odyssey" project

    Find out about the space exploration project which goal is a 7-day "Earth-Moon-Earth" space mission.
    Brian Walker... Rocket Guy

    Official site of the toy maker from Oregon who plans to man a rocket of his own design. Find news about Project R.U.S.H. and see his toy designs.
    L5 - The First City in Space

    Using computer generated imagery this site presents the L5 Space Colony concept in storyboard form.
    Lunar Institute of Technology - Starship Design Project
    Group hopes to design an interstellar craft that will fly by the middle of the 21st century. See progress reports and archived newsletters. LunarSat Research project offers simulations and illustrations of its plans to study the prospects of building an extraterrestrial outpost on the moon.
  • 10. Computational Physics, Inc. - Home
    Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) was founded to perform advanced scientific research and technology development in atmospheric and space physics. Products and projects, news, press releases, jobs, publications, related links.
    Welcome to the Computational Physics, Inc. Web Site. Welcome to the Computational Physics, Inc. Web Site.

    11. Liquidmetal Technologies Applications
    space projects. and Liquidmetal ® Technologies have been working together on numerousshuttle missions for NASA scientists to study its technology in space

    Industrial Coatings
    Defense Applications Electronic Casings Fine Jewelry ... vs. Titanium
    Pure Energy Transfer TM Demo
    SPACE PROJECTS Given Liquidmetal alloy's extraordinary performance characteristics, NASA and Liquidmetal Technologies have been working together on numerous shuttle missions for NASA scientists to study its technology in space first hand. It has already been aboard four space shuttle missions, with scientists testing effects on the alloy in micro-gravity conditions. Because of its extraordinary performance characteristics, Liquidmetal alloy is also being considered for several upcoming aerospace applications.
    Currently, NASA's Genesis spacecraft, the first mission to collect and return samples of solar wind, is continuing its trek toward the sun. Liquidmetal alloy based solar wind collector tiles, about the size of a coffee cup lid, will play a key role in the collection process. The mission is designed to measure the composition of isotopes in solar matter. The spacecraft, with its onboard experiments, is scheduled to return to earth in 2004.
    Contact Us :

    12. Lan And Computer Furniture - Space Design Technology
    LAN racks and enclosures, and other technology organizing furniture. Includes installation projects and product literature.
    LAN and Computer Furniture
    Make the most of your space with LANSpace Enclosures, LAN Racks , Technical Furniture, and Computer Furniture. Trying to reclaim valuable floor space and store more equipment in less space? Is your workspace cluttered with equipment? Are you tired of working around a nest of cables; afraid of costly downtime if a cable is disconnected? Improve productivity and avoid inefficiency by using Space Design Technology LAN Furniture, Enclosures, and Computer Furniture to better organize and store your servers and network equipment. LANSpace LAN Racks, Enclosures, and Computer Furniture is the ideal solution to make the most of your space. Enclosures LAN Racks Computer Carts FAQ's ... Home Space Design Technology
    21000 E 32nd Parkway
    Aurora, CO 80011
    Phone: 303-790-9200 Toll Free: 800-458-2792
    Fax 303-790-9202
    Web Site Design and Marketing by Webolutions, Inc.

    13. Electroland - Urban Spectacle
    Electroland creates experimental projects that celebrate public space through image culture, spectacle, technology and architecture.
    Please visit for a new Flash player. p_11flower.php



    14. The Learning Space Connection Projects
    responsibility regarding his/her use of technology, media and WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLESOF GLOBAL projects? The Learning space Privacy Policy © 1996 2002 by
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    Join The Mailing List Connection Projects Global Projects
    Why Do Global Projects?
    You can read some testimonials from students who participated in global projects.
    Here are Seven Essential Academic Learning Goals from the Washington State Technology Plan for K-12 Common Schools. All of them can be accomplished when students participate in Global Projects.
  • The student as Information navigator.
    The student recognizes and values the breadth of information sources, browses those sources, differentiates and selectively chooses sources, and retrieves appropriate information/data using all forms of media, technology and telecommunications.
    The student as critical thinker and analyzer using technology.
    The student reviews data from a variety of sources, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating data to transform it into useful information and knowledge to solve problems.
    The student as creator of knowledge using technology, media and telecommunications.
    The student constructs new meaning and knowledge by combining and synthesizing different types of information through technology, telecommunications and computer modeling/simulations.
  • 15. ASRI Website .... Loading
    Nonprofit organization devoted to space technology in Australia. Includes overview of its main research projects and Australia's space activities in general.

    16. Human Interface Technology Lab - Shared Space
    of this page describes the Sharedspace project from an The Human Interface TechnologyLaboratory (HITLab) at Shared space Collaborative Augmented Reality is a
    home projects people publications ... papers
    Shared Space
    The SharedSpace project has culminated in two related technologies, the ARToolKit and the Magic Book . Each of these technologies has its own web page, and the ARToolKit has an associated mailing list The rest of this page describes the SharedSpace project from an earlier perspective. Shared Space: Collaborative Augmented Reality is a featured demo at the SIGGRAPH 99 Emerging Technologies Exhibition.
    New Siggraph 2000 "Magic Book"

    Download: The HIT Lab is making available the Augmented Reality tracking libraries used as the basis for the Shared Space project and SIGGRAPH demo. The libraries use computer vision techniques to precisely calculate a camera position and orientation relative to a tracking marker. The programmer can then use this information to draw 3D virtual objects that are exactly aligned with a real object. The libraries are available here for the SGI IRIX and Windows (95,98,NT) platforms a nd come with sample source code, documentation and several simple applications.
    Billinghurst, M. and Kato, H. (1999). Collaborative Mixed Reality. In Proceedings of International Symposium on Mixed Reality (ISMR '99). Mixed RealityMerging Real and Virtual Worlds, pp. 261-284.

    17. ESA Telecommunications
    Comprehensive overview of ESA's projects and technology research in space telecommunication systems. Includes tendering information and updated project status.

    18. NASA Space Instrument And Sensing Technology
    NASA space technology. Instrument and Sensing technology Research projects Agency ( DARPA). Advisory Group on Electron Devices Home Page. space Instrument technology Reference
    NASA Space Technology
    Instrument and Sensing Technology
    On this page:
    Welcome to the NASA 's Instrument and Sensing Technology Information Page. This page contains information on NASA's Instrument and Sensing Technology development programs. Note: As part of the continued restructuring of NASA headquarters, the former Spacecraft Systems Division has merged into the Advanced Technology and Mission Studies Division of the Office of Space Science . This page still includes links, information, and references to the Commercial Remote Sensing program , now the responsibility of the Office of Mission to Planet Earth The Instrument and Sensing Technology program addresses the goals of the Space Technology Enterprise (of the NASA Strategic Plan , Feb. '96 edition) by seeking to:
    • Reduce the size, mass, cost, and complexity of scientific and commercial spacecraft instrument payloads, as a step toward reducing the cost of access to space for these missions.
    • Provide innovative instrument technologies to enable ambitious, future space missions.

    19. Space Elevator Upstarts Settle Down To Business
    Visit to explore a new technology feature each Wednesday. space ElevatorNext Stop, Earth Orbit. Advanced projects Map Future of spaceflight.
    Space Elevator Upstarts Settle Down To Business
    By Leonard David

    Senior Space Writer
    posted: 07:00 am ET
    20 November 2002
    Constructing a vertical railroad stretching into space is no longer wistful fantasy carried in science fiction novels. Just ask the folks at HighLift Systems in Seattle, Washington. Selling the idea of a space elevator, however, takes a lot of ground floor shoe leather and handshakes. For the last few months, officials at HighLift Systems have been talking it up with an alphabet soup of government agencies, like NASA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Meanwhile, testing of prototype space elevator equipment is near at hand. And by far the strongest link that keeps the concept on the straight and narrow is worldwide work now underway by the carbon nanotube research community. Overall, progress is being made in attaining the lofty goal of operating a 21 st century elevator to space.

    20. Centre For AstroPhysics And Space Science
    Summary of related research projects at Chalmers University of technology in Sweden.
    Master of Science Thesis Projects in:
    Satellite Navigation and Space Geodesy Using Radio Techniques
    We are carrying out several research contracts satellite navigation, space geodesy, remote sensing of the atmosphere, and related areas at the Department of Radio and Space Science. We can define Master of Science thesis projects which are related to this research, for example construction of microwave equipment, development of software for data acquisition and data analysis, and different kinds of system test measurements.
    Most of the projects listed below are thought to be for one person only. If two persons would like to work together it should be possible to redefine the work by adding some extra tasks. Our computer environment consists mainly of work stations running HPUX 10 but we also have a few Macs and PCs (LinuX and Windows). Transportation to and from the observatory is provided for students working at the observatory, leaving from Chalmers every morning and returning in the afternoon.
    For more information contact:
    Gunnar Elgered e-mail:

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