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1. Apolyton CS Forums > Miscellaneous > Civilization Games General/Future > {The Li
Hittite. South/southeast asia (6) India for each civ during the ancient Age, the civ specific one very civs and asian civs - in general, more non-Western civs
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Author Thread Pages (5): DarkCloud
Civ3 Stories Editor of Lists
Jul 2000
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FILL IN note this is just a collection of the ideas I found lying about in old threads- this is NOT YET a collection of ideas from the old list or from Asmodean's list thread)
Thanks! -List Threadmaster DarkCloud[/b]
NOTE TO SELF- EDITED UP TO SKYWALKER 03-Jan-2003 19:30 NOTE TO SELF: Related Threads: Nuclear Master (LOGGED THRU SANDMAN 03-01-2004 20:47) civilleader (LOGGED THRU NUCLEAR MASTER 03-01-2004 18:39) The Ideas 1.0.0 Types of Civs 1.0.1 Growth-Oriented Civs *Growth Oriented civs, with following bonuses : Extra food in town / city / metropolis. Growth oriented improvements twice cheaper. [i]-Spiffor
1.0.2 Proto-Civs

2. The University Of Akron General Education Guide
Akron Ursuline College general Education Equivalency Guide The general 3400387 World civ. southeast asia (2) 3400 388 World civ 3200189 Myth. ancient Greece (3) - 3200220 Intro

3. ASU - DUAS - Fall 2000 ASU Main / ASU East General Studies Courses
223 BURIED civAMERICAS HU H BCH 467 general BIOCHEM LAB L southeast asia SB G H. M HIS 312 INTERPRETING CHINA'S CLASSICS L HU H. M HIS 320 ancient
Index Directory Calendar Contact ASU ... For Faculty and Staff at ASU West ASU Main / ASU East General Studies Courses - FALL 2000 The following is a list of approved General Studies courses at ASU Main and ASU East for fall semester 2000. The list of courses offered each semester varies; for information on courses offered, see the online Schedule of Classes. Key to General Studies Credit Abbreviations Code Description L Literacy and critical inquiry core courses MA Mathematics core courses CS Computer/statistics/quantitative applications core courses HU Humanities and fine arts core courses SB Social and behavioral sciences core courses SQ Natural sciences-quantitative core courses SG Natural sciences-general core courses C Cultural diversity in the United States courses G Global awareness courses H Historical awareness courses or and Fall 2000 General Studies Courses

4. General Education - Culture
CLAS 343, WOMEN IN THE ancient MED, Classics and World Religion, 30, ENG 321T, AMLIT TO civ WAR, English, 0, Enriched. GEOG 338, southeast asia, Geography, 20, Enriched.
Ohio University - New General Education Program
Results of Rough Draft Course Data Collection
Perspectives: Culture Course Name Department Seats(year) A H 211 HISTORY OF ART Art Enriched A H 212 HISTORY OF ART Art Enriched A H 213 HISTORY OF ART Art Enriched A H 214 NON-WESTERN ART Art Enriched A H 330 ARTS OF THE ORIENT Art Enriched A H 330X ARTS OF THE ORIENT Art Enriched A H 331 PRE-COLUMBIAN ART Art Enriched A H 332 WEST AFRICAN ART Art Enriched A H 334 ANCIENT NEAR EASTERN ART Art Enriched A H 341 HISTORY OF CHINESE ART Art Enriched A H 342 ART OF 20TH CENTURY CHINA Art Enriched A H 343 HISTORY OF JAPANESE ART Art Enriched A H 440 SELECTED TOPICS IN A H Art Enriched A H 440X SELECTED TOPICS IN A H Art Enriched ART 110 SEEING-KNOWING VISUAL ART Art Enriched ART 393A AUTOPSICAL ART Art Enriched ART 491A ART IN YOUR LIFE Art Enriched BIOS 109 READINGS IN BIOLOGY Biological Sciences Dedicated BIOLOGY THRU BIOGRAPHY Biological Sciences Enriched CLAR 352X ANCIENT ROM ON SITE Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR 361 Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR 362 ROMAN CITIES Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR 363 AEGEAN ARCHAEOLOGY Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR 490 INDEPENDENT STUDY Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR new CLWR 311 Islam Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR new CLWR 321 Hinduism Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR new CLWR 331 Buddhism Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAR new CLWR 341 Taoism Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAS 234 CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY Classics and World Religion Enriched CLAS 252 CLASSICAL ATHENS Classics and World Religion

5. General Education Non-Western Culture Courses
UniversityWide. general Education. Approved Course List 3893 Maya, Aztec and Inca High Civilizations of ancient America HIST 3893 History of southeast asia. HIST 3903 Contemporary
OU Home Housing Prospective Students Scholarships and Financial Aid ... Site Map ADMISSIONS Admission Information Residency Advanced Standing Military Experience ... Academic Common Market RECORDS Records Information OU Transcripts Enrollment Verification Student Services REGISTRATION Class Schedules Final Exams Enrollment Information Online Enrollment ... Veterans Office PUBLICATIONS General Catalog Course Descriptions Degree Requirements OTHER LINKS Academic Calendars Colleges/Departments Enrollment Statistics CICS Instructions ... Students Called to Active Duty
General Education
Approved Course List
February 2004
General Education Core Areas
(3 hours required; 1 course)

6. Ancient Southeast Asian Civilizations
This exhibit of ancient Indochinese art covers preAngkor to post general Resources. Thesetraditional drums originated in southeast asia and were used mostly southeast asian civilizations.htm
South East Asia - Home Cambodia General Resources Korea ... Viet Nam Other Ancient Civilizations Ancient Africa Aztec ByzantineEmpire Cambodia ... Viet Nam The Etruscan section which was found on this page as a "tag on" beneath south East Asia sections, where it didn't really belong, has been moved to a page of its own. Etruscan Civilization Cambodia Ancient Khmers Good general overview of Khmer civilization. - photos, history - From Pacific University - Angkor An excellent online guide to the Angkor monuments. History and illustrations of many of them. - From A Guide to the Angkor Monuments - Angkor Temples A brief overview of the Angkor temples with click-to-enlarge graphics. - illustrated - Jason's Domicile - Asian Architecture: Cambodia Illustrated online tour of the Angkor monuments. Click on the links found on the interactive map of the temple to view details. English or Japanese - From Waseda University -

HSTAS 201 ancient Indian Civilization (5) I S history majors, to the general sweep of Chinese history 221 History of southeast asia (5) I S. Surveys southeast asian civilizations
Search Directories Reference Tools UW Home ... Student Guide Course Catalog Glossary Search Course Catalog UW Bothell Course Catalog UW Tacoma Course Catalog

Detailed course offerings (Time Schedule) are available for To see the detailed Instructor Class Description, click on the underlined instructor name following the course description. HSTAS 200
Explores history of the modern nations of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and the Maldives from pre-history to the present. Addresses development of religious systems, arrival of Islam, relations between religious and ethnic communities, and creation of states and empires in South Asia.
Instructor Course Description: Vahid Jalil Fozdar Lisa A. Mitchell HSTAS 201
Religions, literature, philosophy, politics, arts, and history of India from earliest times to the Mughal empire
Instructor Course Description: Frank F Conlon HSTAS 202
The Islamic impact, British conquest, and contemporary India. Emphasis on the rise of nationalism, social organization, and contemporary life and history
Instructor Course Description: Frank F Conlon Rashmi B. Chilka

8. General Ancient History
general ancient HISTORY LINKS PREHISTORY ***** NM s Creative Impulse The Americas,Africa, southeast asia and Oceania A Back in Time ancient History Internet
Updated 6/2/04 Prehistoric cave painting at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc in the Ardèche region of France.
The Chauvet Cave

Archeology and Ethnography Program Home, NPS

Outline of Prehistory and History, Southeast Archaeological Center

Geologic Time Chart
FORVM ANTIQVVM: Roman Art and Archaeology
- more on my Ancient Rome page.
Exploring Gender Through Archaeology - Table of Contents

Gender in Archaeology

Genetics and Human Migration Patterns

American Museum of Natural History

For info on Dinosaurs, check out my Other Subjects page under the Science section. GENERAL ANCIENT HISTORY LINKS PREHISTORY NM's Creative Impulse..Prehistory is a SUPER site!!! Warm-up Activity - Is That A Fact? - Human - Dinosaur Co-existence? A Science Odyssey: You Try It: Human Evolution A Science Odyssey: You Try It: Human Evolution: Lucy "Lucy" ... DISPELLING DINOSAUR MYTHS - more on Dinosaurs on my Other Subjects page. Introduction to the Cenozoic Life of the Cenozoic The Pleistocene Ice Ages ... ROOTS OF HUMAN FOSSIL TREE DEEPEN COMPREHENSIVE SITES (Includes links to many cultures) The Amazing Ancient World - Premier Ancient Civilization Internet Book - a FABULOUS site! If you don't find here, you won't find it anywhere!

9. Ancient Civilizations
World History Archives southeast asia, Australasia. Return to the top of thepage. ancient Civilizations (general). The ancient World Web, History for Kids.
A proud part of the
Belleville, Ontario Webmaster Focus on:
Ancient Italy (Roman/Etruscan))
Ancient Egypt Ancients in Greece and surrounding area Northern Europe ... Ancient Civilizations of Asia
(China, Japan, Korea, India, Mesopotamia, SE Asia) Australasia Ancient Civilizations (General) Click here for the "Time Traveler" WebQuest Unguided Tour of Pompeii ... LacusCurtius Home Page Return to the top of the page Ancient Egypt Pyramids - The Inside Story Djoser Complex Ancient Egypt Table of Contents The Palace of Rameses III ... Return to the top of the page Ancients in Greece and area Greece Ancient Greece Table of Contents The Ancient City of Athens 19th Century Photos of Ancient Greece Parthenon Crete The Minoans The Architecture of Ancient Crete Northern Europe The Vikings The ULTIMATE Barbarian Page! Viking Explorers More Vikings Links Ancient People of Great Britain Celtic People The Celts Celtic Mythology: Afterlife Clothing of the Ancient Celts Freumh nan Ceilteach - The Celtic Roots of Europe ... The Society and Culture of the Celts Ireland Early Age Ireland Return to the top of the page Middle American Ancient Peoples Aztecs Aztec Calendar Excavations at Aztec Peasant Sites The Aztec Calendar The Mexica Aztecs Maya

10. MSN Encarta - Further Reading - Cambodia
Allen Unwin, 1998. general survey presents the region as a coherent whole. Westview,1997. southeast asia from ancient to modern times.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Further Reading from Encarta Further Reading offers additional information about your topics. Cambodia Art and architecture of Southeast Asia Cambodia For younger readers Southeast Asia: History and Culture Also on Encarta Encarta guide: The Reagan legacy Compare top online degrees Proud papas: Famous dads with famous kids Art and architecture of Southeast Asia Dumarcay, Jacques. Trans. Michael Smithies. The Palaces of South-East Asia: Architecture and Customs. Oxford University Press, 1991. Extensive history of the royal architecture of Southeast Asia. Girard-Geslan, Maud, ed. Trans. J. A. Underwood. Art of Southeast Asia. Abrams, 1998. Scholarly essays cover all regions; copiously illustrated. Jessup, Helen Ibbitson, and Thierry Zephir, eds. Millennium of Glory: Sculpture of Angkor and Ancient Cambodia. Lee, Sherman E. A History of Far Eastern Art. Abrams, 1994. Standard survey of Asian art. Rawson, Philip.

11. Major In History
Vide the details in general subjects, Major in Buddhism, Faculty ofBuddhism. 303 409, History of ancient southeast asia, 2. (20-4).
Curriculum of Bachelor of Arts in Buddhism
Faculty of Humanities
Major in History 1. Title of Degree

Full Title : Bachelor of Arts (History) Abbreviated Title : B.A. (History)
2. Department Responsible Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University.
3. Objectives To enable students to explain the historical process reasonably. To enable students to analyse the educational, political, social and economic problems reasonably. To enable students to understand how to conserve arts and culture. To enable students to understand how to apply the historical process and events for the benefit of spreading Buddhism.
4. Structure of Corriculum General Subjects not fewer than Credits Core Subjects in Buddhism not fewer than Credits Major Subjects not fewer than Credits 4.3.1 Required Subjects Credits 4.3.2 Elective Subjects Credits Free Elective Subjects not fewer than Credits Total not fewer than Credits
Subjects in Curriculum General Subjects Credits Vide the details in general subjects, Major in Buddhism, Faculty of Buddhism.

12. CDbox, Il Sito Musicale Dove Ascoltare E Acquistare Cd Online
Greece ancient Rome asia - Central asia asia - China asia - general asia- India South asia asia - Japan asia - Korea asia - southeast asia

general EDUCATION COURSE LISTING. The following general Education courses are Studies G ANTHRO 150 ancient Civilizatns U ANTHRO 369 N G GEOSCI 332 southeast asia GEO-SCI 362 Land

14. History (General) (Select Books - Southeast Asia Specialist)
123, The Indianized States of southeast asia Vella, Walter F Heritage Series Vol1 ancient History Miksic
Show only titles for: All Regions Asia/Pacific Brunei Cambodia China East Timor Others/General India Indonesia Japan Korea Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines South Asia Southeast Asia/Asean Singapore Tibet Thailand Taiwan Vietnam
1421: The Year China Discovered America

Menzies, Gavin /Hardcover /2002 (SB 033969)
Price: US$22.77
1421: The Year China Discovered the World

Menzies, Gavin /Paperback /2003 (SB 034587)
Price: US$12.57
150 Years of the Anglican Church in Borneo 1848 - 1998

Kedit, Peter M. ; Aeries Jingan;, et al /Paperback /1998 (SB 034563)
Price: US$18.94
1947 Constitution and the Nationalities, The. Volume 1
Paperback /1999 (SB 030508) Price: US$19.16 1947 Constitution and the Nationalities, The. Volume 2 Paperback /1999 (SB 031297) Price: US$19.16 Acheh's Case: A Historical Study of the National Movement for the Independence of Acheh-Sumatra Thaib, Lukman /Paperback /2002 (SB 032975) Price: US$21.16 Afghanistan: A New History (Revised) Ewans, Martin /Hardcover /2002 (SB 032130) Price: US$31.14

15. Special Selections Listing (Select Books - Southeast Asia Specialist)
may well be enjoyed by the general readers as the heroes of America s misadventuresin southeast asia; and their at different periods and of ancient and more
on SEAsia, vol 65
Sort this list by country

Selections Catalog Menu
Selections on SEAsia, vol:
Chinese in SEAsia
Art Business Law ... Travel Architecture Angkor: A Tour of the Monuments
by Zephir, Thierry
This attractively-presented and well-iliustrated account of the complex of buildings and monuments at Angkor is made up of 140 outstanding recent colour photographs with a scholarly but accessible introduction and commentary. It will be an illuminating and lasting companion for anyone interested in these breathtaking edifices. With maps and bibliography. Art China's New Art, Post-1989
by Doran, Valerie C. (Catalogue (Editor)
This substantial volume showcases works at the exhibition of the same name, using 1989 as the year marking major changes in China's cultural scene. As the Introduction notes: "Drastic changes in the social and economic order followed in the aftermath of the student movement that year....Since 1989, new art in China has gone through a significant transformation...The keen interest in exploratory experimentation has now settled down to pursuits of themes and issues closer to home and to heart." Larasati - Glerum: Pictures of Southeast Asian Fine Art Auction, Singapore 3 April 2004

16. ASU - DUAS - Fall 1998 ASU Main / ASU East General Studies Courses
Index Directory Calendar Contact ASU ... For Faculty and Staff at ASU West ASU Main / ASU East General Studies Courses - Fall 1998 The following is a list of approved General Studies courses at ASU Main and ASU East for Fall 1998. For information on courses offered, see the online Schedule of Classes. Contact Us

17. Grade 6 Social Studies
general Resources. India and the Himalayas, Chinese History, China, southeast asia,and Japan ancient World, Biographies, US History, World History, War and
East Asia
General Resources Latin America South Asia
East Asia
Ancient China Index ... links to a variety of topics
Ask Asia: A K-12 Resource ... Asia Today, Asia Profiles, Asia Reference, Asia Experts, Asia Links, and other gateways to teacher resources and student activities
China Today Webquest ... conduct research to plan a trip to China
Daily Life in Ancient China ... 11,000 years of ancient Chinese history
Discovery Channel: Secrets of the Great Wall
Great Websites for East Asia ... links for various East Asian countries from the BCPS East Asia Research Module
Six Paths to China ... teacher resources: China on the Net, Exploring China, Treasures of China ... also, Searching for China Webquest
Teaching and Learning About Japan ... links to information on Japanese history, culture, food, art, religion, gardens, and more
Latin America
The Ancient Aztecs ThinkQuest ... sections include: Timeline, Aztec Life, Rulers, Religious Beliefs, Technology, Culture, Spanish Conquest
Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall? (Annenberg/CPB Exhibit) ... explore the collapse of Mayan civilization
The Incas Art and Culture ... includes a timeline and links

18. Untitled Document
southeast asia. PAST AND PRESENT. . AND . INDIA AS MAGIC AND LOGIC. ancient CAMBODIA AND. MEDIEVAL LAN NA. Two Separate Books in One Volume. A Collection of Readings. for History 190. by. David K. Wyatt. ©. 1989, 1990, 1997 David K. Wyatt ancient Cambodia. Modern Cambodia is tucked into a small corner of mainland southeast asia, squeezed on affairs to his great general, Fanman varman
SOUTHEAST ASIA PAST AND PRESENT INDIA AS MAGIC AND LOGIC ANCIENT CAMBODIA AND MEDIEVAL LAN NA Two Separate Books in One Volume A Collection of Readings for History 190 by David K. Wyatt This is a very rough, preliminary edition. Virtually everything in it has had to be written, compiled, translated, and edited from scratch. I beg your indulgence for inelegant translations, awkward phrases, and unexplained details. Readers' comments will be useful to me as I prepare future revisions. I am indebted to Jackie Hubble for much typing on this manuscript. Revised, December 1989, March 1990. March 1997, February 2001. INDIA AS MAGIC Ancient Cambodia Modern Cambodia is tucked into a small corner of mainland Southeast Asia, squeezed on the west and north by Thailand and on the east by Viet Nam. Its heart is the cul de sac of the great Mekong River, whose waters þowing from the north at some times of the year are so great in volume that the channels of the Mekong Delta cannot handle the þow, and the waters "back up" to the northwest into the Tonle Sap, the "Great Lake" in the center of the modern state. Considered historically, however, what their kings sometimes called "Kambuja" (from which the modern name is derived) was the whole region of the middle and lower Mekong River, from the delta northwest across Northeast Thailand to the Vientiane Plain of Laos. In ancient times, this region was inhabited by people speaking an ancestor of the modern Cambodian language. We refer to those people and their language as Khmer.

19. Din Resgestae: General
Top general. A Modest Proposal Essays covering the Russian Revolution, post WWIIIndonesian nationalism, southeast asia ancient power structure, ancient
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Internet History Sourcebooks Project new An extensive set of collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, maps, and articles on a wide variety of historical areas and subjects.

20. Asian Studies Program: General Scope
teaching East asian Studies, South asian Studies, and southeast asian Studies justEast asia (the Far East) and South asia but also the ancient Near East
What is Asian Studies?
General Scope
Asian Studies explores diverse topics and themes on the literary, cultural, philosophic-religious, aesthetic, social, institutional-political, educational and other related spheres of Asian people and civilization. It also endeavours to explain the complex interactions between them in terms of both tradition and transformation. Some emphasis is placed not only on the cultural diversity, unity and achievements of Asian countries but also on the comparative and interdisciplinary ways of promoting a broader and deeper understanding of the East. This may shed new light on Western civilizations, histories, traditions, cultures and modern changes. Asian Studies at many major universities in the West (including Canada) offers programs of study that lead to the degrees of B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. It is a popular and rewarding major programme, for the growing importance of Asia in the world scene means more career opportunities in business, trade, law, journalism, government, education, social work, art, etc. for students who choose Asian Studies. In particular, it covers the geographical and cultural areas of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.), and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.) offering various courses in most of the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. Asian Studies courses, on the undergraduate level, attract students with divergent academic interests and career goals. Many of these courses are usually credited toward majors in regular degree programmes.

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