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         Social Studies General Teach:     more books (65)
  1. Using the Newspaper to Teach Social Studies (Newsschool: Using the Newspaper to Teach) by M. Olson, 1985-06
  2. The Lies We Teach our Kids by Stephen Jennison-Smith, 2007-06-25
  3. Danish (Teach Yourself) by Hans Anton Koefoed, 2001-01-01
  4. The Social Studies Wars: What Should We Teach the Children? by Ronald W. Evans, 2004-01
  5. Social Studies for Secondary Schools: Teaching To Learn, Learning To Teach by Alan J. Singer, and the Hofstra , 2003-03-01
  6. Social Studies Activities Kids Can't Resist: 40 Sensational Activities for the Topics You Teach by Dee Benscoter, Geri Harris, 2002-10-01
  7. Listen to Learn : Using American Music to Teach Language Arts and Social Studies (Grades 5-8) with CD by Teri Tibbett, 2004-08-24
  8. Acting Cool: Using Reader's Theater to Teach Language Arts and Social Studies in Your Classroom (Linw Orth Learning Ser) (Linw Orth Learning Ser) by Chris Gustafson, 2003-12-01
  9. Using the Power of Poetry to Teach Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and More (Grades 3-6) by K Holderith, 2003-03
  10. 25 Easy Nonfiction Mini-Books: Easy-to-Read Reproducible Mini-Books That Build Vocabulary and Fluency-and Support the Social Studies and Science Topics You Teach by Judy Nayer, 2005-12-01
  11. A people's school. (Taking Action).(a program to teach relationship between God's word and social action)(Brief Article): An article from: Sojourners by Joyce Hollyday, 2002-09-01
  12. 25 Easy Bilingual Nonfiction Mini-Books: Easy-to-Read Reproducible Mini-Books in English and Spanish That Build Vocabulary and Fluency-and Support the Social Studies and Science Topics You Teach by Judy Nayer, 2005-12-01
  13. Teach Freedom: Education for Liberation in the African-American Tradition (Teaching for Social Justice) by Charles Payne, Carol Strickland, 2008-03-21
  14. Women's Studies (Teach Yourself (Teach Yourself)) by Joy Magezis, 1997-02

1. Lesson Plans
the Bank Street College of Education to help teach children the activities for geography, history, citizenship, economics, cultures and general social studies.
Lesson Plans
Teaching Strategies
Lesson Plans
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange Elementary School (K-5). 50 lesson plans for primary grade students.
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange Intermediate School (6-8). 80 lesson plans appropriate for grades 6-8.
Academy Social Studies Curriculum Exchange High School (9-12). 95 lesson plans suitable for the high school level.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange Elementary School (K-5). 36 miscellaneous lesson plans for students in grades k-5.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange Intermediate School (6-8). 25 miscellaneous lesson plans for the middle school.
Academy Miscellaneous Curriculum Exchange High School (9-12). 14 miscellaneous lesson plans for the 9-12 grades.
Afghanistan:Land in Crisis. Afghanistan: Land in Crisis, presented by National Geograpic.Com., features news, background, online activities, teachers' guides, lesson plans, a regularly updated interactive map, photos, and a message board.
Africa. Based on a PBS broadcast, the site includes: Africa for Kids where Fimi, a youngster from Nigeria serves as the guide to a variety of fun activities for elementary level students; Photoscope where older students can look at contemporary Africa in five photo essays; and Africa Challenge where students can show how much they know by playing a game. Also featured is Teacher Tools with four units on Africa.

2. College Of General Studies -
The College of general studies at the University of Pennsylvania is the oldest lifelong learning program in the Ivy League. Penn's College of general studies offers flexible part teach courses at the College of general studies. In addition, students have access to the rich academic and social
@import ""; Penn Home Penn Directories SAS Home Penn Library ... Course Guides CGS is a Division of the
Undergraduate Programs

Post-Baccalaureate Programs

Graduate Programs

Non-Profit Certificate Programs
Learn More About Penn's GIS Symposium on Public Health
NOTE: We have recently redesigned this Web site to provide a better experience for you. It is sleeker, faster loading, and more informative, but you must use a standards compliant Web browser to fully experience the new College of General Studies site.
We've done our best to accommodate your older browser by making all of our content available to view, but the formatting isn't always pretty. To remedy this situation and improve your experience on the CGS site, and the rest of the Internet, read more info, and use the links to access newer browsers
College of General Studies
Penn's College of General Studies offers flexible part-time day and evening programs for adult students. Over 7,000 students come to Penn from the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas including the suburban communities, New Jersey and Delaware to study in Penn's rigorous and dynamic environment. In addition, many international students take part in English Language Programs . The College of General Studies also administers the University's Summer Sessions and provides innovative programs for high school students, Penn

3. Social Studies For Kids
social studies for Kids gives you articles, fun facts, glossaries, and tons of links for all subjects of social studies, with a focus on what kids and their teachers/parents are learning. This book takes a more general approach and covers women serving in the armed on this site. social studies. for Kids. copyright 20024 Sites for teachers.
Memorial Day: A Time of Reflection
Yes, Americans remember the men and women who died in wars. But this holiday is also a time to remember the veterans still living, who also fought in those wars. More on Memorial Day Book Review: Remember D-Day
National Geographic, as always, has come out with another excellent book, this one on the World War II Allied invasion of Normandy known as D-Day. Author Ronald J. Drez has filled his book with rare photographs and familiar maps, illustrating the harrowing and horrific challenges faced by the Allied soldiers and commanders in finding a way to pierce Germany's Fortress Europe and turn back the tide of Hitler's Nazi expansion. Book Review: On This Spot
THIS WEEK IN HISTORY The Dunkirk Evacuation
On June 4, 1940, the German army seized the French port of Dunkirk, ending the evacuation that had begun nine days earlier and had saved 338,000 Allied troops. Site search
Web search
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on this site
Social Studies
for Kids
David White Sites for Teachers

4. Other Resources
1) factual Web pages by students to teach about Life in the features resources for these topics Cultural Perspectives, general social studies, Government
Boards and Departments of Education Government Resources History-Social Studies References Latino Resources ... Museums and Exhibits Online
Boards and Departments of Education
California Department of Education. Information on all facets of K-12 state education programs with links to a variety of resources on the Internet.
Los Angeles County Board of Education. LACOE provides over 400 programs and servicesranging from Educational Programs and Educational Services, to Business Services and Technology. Use their PowerSearch engine to find exactly what you're looking for.
Los Angeles Unified School District. School district resources which include classroom management tips, success strategies, and helpful hints.
State Departments of Education. This site provides links to the 50 state departments of education in the United States.
U.S. Department of Education. Contains a Teacher's Guide to resources offered by the Department as well as programs and services, additional publications and products, news releases, and links to other sites of interest to teachers. You can also search the Department's document collection by entering key words.
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Government Resources
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids.

5. Education World® - *Social Sciences : General Resources
teacher Resources. Anthropology. Area studies. Communications / Mass Media. Cultural studies. Economics. Business. Geography experience designed to teach social studies, local history, and

6. | Teacher Standards - Volume 1
they should possess in order to teach social studies to students appropriately, and (2) Pedagogical Standards, which outline in very general ways the
This search box only searches the site. About NCSS Affiliated Councils Annual Conference Associated Groups ... NCSS Teaching Resources
What is DataBank?
NCSS DataBank is a repository of user-submitted resources and professional development opportunities, searchable by content or by standards theme. Type your search request above then press Enter, or click on one of the topics below to browse. Submit an item to the DataBank Calendar Calls for Participation Career Center ... NCSS Position Statements
National Standards for
Social Studies Teachers
Prepared by
National Council for the Social Studies
Task Force on Social Studies Teacher Education Standards Charles B. Myers, co-chair
Susan Adler, co-chair
Allan Brandhorst, co-chair
Alberta Macke Dougan
Wayne Dumas
Lewis Huffman Pat Rossman Donald O. Schneider Robert J. Stahl The National Standards for Social Studies Teachers were developed by a task force of National Council for the Social Studies and approved by the NCSS Board of Directors in April, 1997. The NCSS National Standards for Social Studies Teachers document, which is an official publication of National Council for the Social Studies, describes and explains the council's national standards for social studies teachers that were approved by the NCSS Board of Directors on April 27, 1997. The publication consists of two general sections: (1) an introduction, which contains information about the background and contexts in which the standards were developed, and a description of the audience to which the standards are addressed; and (2) the standards themselves. The standards are of two types (1) Subject Matter Standards, which outline in some detail the social studies content that social studies teachers should know and the skills and dispositions they should possess in order to teach social studies to students appropriately, and (2) Pedagogical Standards, which outline in very general ways the pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed for general teacher effectiveness.

7. Social Studies Development Center
general social studies. Academy One social studies Curriculum Exchange This site contains the full text teach With Movies This site, intended for parents and teachers, lists movies
General Social Studies Academy One Social Studies Curriculum Exchange This site contains the full text of dozens of lesson plans. The original group of 700 lesson plans were developed in the Columbia Education Center's Summer Workshops by a consortium of teachers from 14 states dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural, western, United States, particularly the quality of math and science education. These lesson plans are available with permission from Big Sky Telegraph, which distributed these lesson plans. Alberta Social Studies Council: One World Web Site Features council news, links, a discussion forum, and a social studies events calendar. CUBE (The Center for Understanding Our Built Environment) Educational "architivities," workshops, and publications. CSS (Computers in the Social Studies) Journal According to its website, this electronic educational journal is "dedicated to the promotion of computers and related technology in social studies classrooms, at all levels." "Connections+" from the Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) Connections+ consists of Internet resourceslesson plans, activities, curriculum resourceslinked with corresponding subject-area content standards in the arts, behavioral/social sciences, civics, economics, foreign language, geography, health/PE, history, language arts, math, and science, as well as multi/inter-disciplinary lesson plans.

8. | Teacher Standards - Volume 1
licensure (or certification) to teach social studies or any as described above in the general introduction to should be required of social studies teachers and
This search box only searches the site. About NCSS Affiliated Councils Annual Conference Associated Groups ... NCSS Teaching Resources
What is DataBank?
NCSS DataBank is a repository of user-submitted resources and professional development opportunities, searchable by content or by standards theme. Type your search request above then press Enter, or click on one of the topics below to browse. Submit an item to the DataBank Calendar Calls for Participation Career Center ... NCSS Position Statements
The subject matter standards itemized below are intended to assure that (1) social studies teachers possess the knowledge, capabilities, and dispositions associated with the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines that make up the social studies and (2) that they are able to create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for learners. The subject matter standards are of three types: thematic standards, disciplinary standards, and programmatic standards for initial licensure. Both the thematic and the disciplinary standards are expected to be used in four ways: (1) to assess the knowledge and competence of individuals seeking licensure (or certification) to teach social studies or any of the disciplines within social studies, (2) to assess the quality of teacher education programs that prepare these individuals for initial licensure (or certification), (3) to determine the appropriateness of state standards and procedures that are used to evaluate teacher preparation programs that would be designated nationally approved by NCSS, and (4) to guide those establishing criteria and procedures to be used for advanced certification of social studies teachers, such as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

9. Education World® - *Social Sciences : Cultural Studies : General Resources
RECENT STORIES. Archives. Administrators. Books in Ed. Curriculum. Great Sites. Lesson Planning. School Issues. Site Reviews. Special Themes. teacher Lessons. Tech In Classroom. The Arts. Foreign Languages Indigenous Peoples. Judaic studies. Latin American. Multicultural studies a convenient CD to teach children about 44 countries

46621 Science May teach any science for grades 1-8. May teach general science for grade 9 27-635 Earth/Space Science May teach any Earth or social studies.
What Can I Teach with my License? Assignment Explanations
Listed below are the most common areas for which we receive inquiries from license holders about what teaching assignments are allowable. Explanations are provided for a number of position/subject codes. You can look up the position and subject codes of your Wisconsin educator license, if necessary, using our On-line License Database Search function. Also see the complete list of license, subject and position codes Computer Science Music Reading ... Social Studies
  • A computer science (405) license is required to teach advanced computer courses which contain more than 25% programming content.
  • Introductory computer literacy courses containing less than 25% programming content may be taught by any teacher licensed at the grade level of the course.
  • Computer application courses within specific disciplines may be taught by any teacher licensed in that discipline.
  • Any licensed elementary teacher may teach computer science at the grade levels of their elementary education license. Computer graphics:
  • If the class is for generic credit, a computer science (405) license is required.
  • 11. Methods For Social Studies: How Do I Keep My Ideals And Still Teach?
    Methods for social studies. How Do I Keep My Ideals and Still teach? ©Rich Gibson 2000 Renaissance Community Press. http// ( If you are an educator reading this, and planning to loot the material here, good for you! How about sexism, or inequality in general? * Why have government
    Methods for Social Studies
    How Do I Keep My Ideals and Still Teach?
    Rich Gibson 2000 Renaissance Community Press (If you are an educator reading this, and planning to loot the material here, good for you! All I ask in return, if you have time, is that you email me a tactic that you have developed so I can show it to my students, and, should you have time to remember, please cite this www page.) Table of Contents Imagine yourself as a literacy educator. Your task is to teach adults how to teach other people how to read. A young man, twentyish, comes to you and asks that you assist him in learning some methods of reading instruction. You ask, "Why do you care if others can read?" "Well, it seems like a good thing, to read you know, and I do need a job." "Fair enough. A job is important. But why should it be this job? Why care if people can read?" "Well, if people can read, they can learn." "But what will they learn?" "To get a job." "So your job will be to teach people to read to get a job?" "Yes, but there is more of course. They will be smarter. They will be able to understand and enjoy more."

    12. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas Social Studies
    teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas social studies History 2190856-2316 Economics ./index.cfm?ID=19-2190-856-2321 general social studies Connections ./index

    13. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas Social Studies
    OH! teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas social studies History general social studies Connections American Memory http//memory

    14. Elementary Education Resources-Social Studies-General Resources
    general social studies Resources 1stHeadlinesNewsCurrent headlines teachers, students, and general history enthusiasts activities that teach about Congress
    Elementary Education Resources-Social Studies-General Resources List of Contents (click on topic name for more links) General Social Studies Resources

    A to Z Teacher Stuff
    access to sites featuring lesson plans, word puzzles, songs, craft ideas, and other activities
    Ben's Guide
    This website is for teaching government to children.
    Best of History Web Sites
    is an award-winning portal created for history teachers, students, and general history enthusiasts. Included are links to K-12 history lesson plans, teacher guides, activities, games, quizzes, and more.
    Census 2000 data
    Available Now!
    CIA World Fact Book
    facts and statistics on countries provided by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    Congress For Kids
    Links students of all ages to Internet-based, interactive activities that "teach" about Congress, the federal government, and civic duty.
    Daylight Daving Time: History, Rationale, Laws and Dates
    Daylight Saving Time begins for most of the United States at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday of April. Time reverts to standard time at 2 a.m. on the last Sunday of October. In the U.S., each time zone switches at a different time. In the European Union, Summer Time begins and ends at 1 am Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time). It starts the last Sunday in March, and ends the last Sunday in October. In the EU, all time zones change at the same moment. The main purpose of Daylight Saving Time (called "Summer Time" many places in the world) is to make better use of daylight. We change our clocks during the summer months to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening. Countries have different change dates.

    15. H-High S Discussion Network
    general Information. Subscribe! Manage Subscription Related Lists. Hteach. H-HistoryDay. H-Survey. H-World. H-W-Civ involved in teaching history, social studies, and related subjects in
    home news about search ... contact us
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    Social Sciences Online Send comments and questions to H-High-S Editors
  • 16. Louisiana
    area(s) in which they intend to teach. Science, 10070, Chemistry, Physics, general Science, 530. Middle School social studies, 20089, Middle School social studies,
    @import "../rsc_corp/css/default.css"; @import "rsc/praxis.css"; @import "../rsc_corp/css/program.css"; @import "../rsc_corp/css/twocolumns.css"; @import "../rsc_corp/css/rightcontent.css"; @import "../rsc_corp/css/leftcontent.css"; @import "../rsc_corp/css/print.css" print;
    Supplement to: The Praxis Series 2003-2004 Registration Bulletin
    New Practitioner Teacher Program
    The state offers a new fast-track approach to alternate certification for non-education degreed persons who desire to become teachers. Initial implementation of the Practitioner Teacher Program began in summer 2001.
    • Candidates for Grades 1-6 (regular and special education) must pass the Elementary Education: Content Knowledge test (0014).
      Candidates for Grades 7-12 (regular and special education) must pass the content specialty test (e.g., English, Mathematics, etc.) in the content area(s) in which they intend to teach.
    Tests Requirements
    The first digit of the "Session/Test Code" indicates the session during which the test is offered in the 2003-2004 testing year. There are no session numbers for the CBT tests, which are given by appointment. You may take each Computerized PPST once per calendar month up to six times in a 12-month period. The 12-month period begins with the first test taken after July 1, 2003. If you violate this restriction, the scores from your retest will not be reported and your test fees will not be refunded. This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. Visit

    17. Sites To Use With Students- Homework Help
    Online has computer help, general homework help guides for English, mathematics, social studies, science, global on Good Study Habits Personal study tips that
    Best Sites

    Daily History

    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Teacher Resources Educational Technology The Internet In the Classroom ... Activities for Online Learning for Kids - Includes activities, games, and quizzes related to a variety of subjects.
  • Andy's Homework Help Page - Useful pointers and links to other helpful sites.
  • College Prep Quiz - Interactive site tests knowledge of a variety of subjects.
  • CollegePilot - On-line SAT test prep site. Requires registration.
  • Cook With Lyle - Interactive games and educational activities to help kids improve math and reading skills. Requires Flash and Shockwave plug-ins.
  • Educating Jane - Includes information and links selected especially for girls.
  • Education by Design Kids Activities - Online activities for kids including a Pokemon scrambler, maths games, and a place to publish stories, jokes and poems.
  • Education for Kids - Free drill games related to math, language, social studies, and science.
  • 18. Lesson Plan, Lesson Plans Collection For K-12 Teachers
    social studies. Literature. Authors, general Elementary Books,. teachnology - The Art and Science of teaching with Technology is a registered trademark.
    Best Sites

    Daily History

    ... Professional Development Enter your email address for
    FREE weekly teaching tips! Home Lesson Plan Center Teachnology Toolbar Free Catalog Our Weekly Poll In our lesson plans center you will find your way to well over 27,234 lesson plans. You may want to consider signing up for our FREE newsletter which highlights this weekly feature, along with other great teacher specific content. You may use the search tool below to search for specific types of lesson plans or worksheet. The search tool also has the ability to search our " Teaching Ideas " and " Teacher Tools " Areas. We also have over 5,812+ FREE printable worksheets in our worksheet area . Choose the subject that interests you below to begin or use our search tool. If you need help finding a specific lesson, why not ask our experts in our FREE message board area . Experts as well as members answer questions and share their teaching experiences daily. Search over lesson plans, teaching ideas, and worksheets:

    19. Teachers-preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, And Secondary
    number of qualified teachers include general elementary education, physical education, and social studies. teachers and for those who teach English as
    Skip Navigation Links Latest Numbers U.S. Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook OOH Search/A-Z Index BLS Home Get Detailed Statistics ... Find It! In DOL Printer-friendly version ( HTML PDF
    Nature of the Work
    Working Conditions ... Sources of Additional Information
    Significant Points
    • Public school teachers must have at least a bachelor’s degree, complete an approved teacher education program, and be licensed.
    • Many States offer alternative licensing programs to attract people into teaching, especially for hard-to-fill positions.
    • Excellent job opportunities are expected as a large number of teachers retire over the next 10 years, particularly at the secondary school level; opportunities will vary somewhat by geographic area and subject taught.
    Nature of the Work About this section Back to Top Teachers act as facilitators or coaches, using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects such as science, mathematics, or English. They utilize “props” or “manipulatives” to help children understand abstract concepts, solve problems, and develop critical thought processes. For example, they teach the concepts of numbers or of addition and subtraction by playing board games. As the children get older, the teachers use more sophisticated materials, such as science apparatus, cameras, or computers. To encourage collaboration in solving problems, students are increasingly working in groups to discuss and solve problems together. Preparing students for the future workforce is the major stimulus generating the changes in education. To be prepared, students must be able to interact with others, adapt to new technology, and think through problems logically. Teachers provide the tools and the environment for their students to develop these skills.

    20. Women's Studies: General Or Mixed
    Categories general, Art, Feminist Theory Criticism skills courses that specifically teach and train critical thinking, women s studies, social and political

    Activism Art Communication/Media ... AS@UVA Yellow Pages: Gender Studies
    Selective, timely links to resources relating to Gender in America; general resources plus editors' selections of the most useful sites. Topics: Women's Studies Resoures, Family Studies Resources, Queer Studies Resources, Men's Studies Resources
    "A website for Asian women that's beyond stereotypes." A great resource jam-packed with news.
    Border Crossings
    An experiment in hypertextual relationships by Karla Tonella of the University of Iowa that explores the common ground between Cyorgs, Gender, LesBiGay, Dispora, La Frontera, Border Incidents and Other Borders.
    Chicana Feminist Homepage - Making Face, Making Soul
    Created by Susana Gallardo, a doctoral candidate in the department of Religious Studies at Stanford University. A deserving winner of the "Lycos Top 5% of the Web" award. Chock full of substantive content and valuable resources. This site keeps its eye on other online news and magazine sites for stories on Chicanas from basketball players to an index of professors. That's the front page. Inside you will find poetry, literature, biographies and many more links to resources and other Chicana sites.
    Exoticize My Fist (Asian-American Feminist Resources) Gender and the Law
    The menu is based on Katharine T. Bartlett

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